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  1. 5 minutes ago, Mitochondrial Eve said:


    Thanks for clearing this up for me GR - I knew I knew Fiona's face and even looked back on my old post below but dismissed her as being the same Fiona because of the different surname. I didn't click back on Katie Hopkins' article to look at the photo...

    I have seen Fiona's video too where she has a go at Geza. I think he had raised some questions about why she was so quick to the police station to support Dr Schoening, when she wasn't even at the event on the 26th Sept, with a suggestion that she was trying to poach him for Kate Shemirani's doctor's crowd (19th Sept). To be honest, I had wondered the same thing... She then criticises Save Our Rights for not sending anyone but it seems to me that she was she was keen to be first in there.


    I am in various FB and Telegram groups of the different protest groups. But I am not on Twitter. The only criticism I see, from one group to another, is Kate and Fiona towards Save Our Rights and now Piers. I have not witnessed Louise, Vincent or Piers publicly criticising Kate and/or Fiona, but I certainly don't have full coverage of what is going on. StandUpX seem to be caught in the middle...


    Somebody I know has been to more rallies than me and knows Piers well enough now to say that he trusts him. He does not, however, trust Mark Steele who seems to give off bad vibes.


    I completely agree that differences should be put to one side. If people cannot do that, you really have to doubt their sincerity towards the cause. My gut has been, and still is, more with the organisers of the 26th Sept rather than the 19th Sept.

    So are these peopke organising this not the sane as the 26th September?

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