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  1. Happy new year friends and foes alike xx

    1. Certified Green of Heart

      Certified Green of Heart

      Folicles includes the word Foes... So Happy Folicles everyone!


      and for the truly good people, an even happier new year!....


  2. Absolute fucking joke 'Covid pandemic blamed for increase in heart deaths' https://www.thetimes.co.uk/article/621b598e-8887-11ed-bb21-8f4d97ec7b02?shareToken=3356f4079e10589d10f76d63ead5e851
  3. Absolutely disgraceful ruling today https://nltimes.nl/2022/12/19/dutch-court-upholds-2-year-entry-ban-conspiracy-theorist-david-icke
  4. Personally these are my reasons for being quiet lately 1) family death and a lot of death admin 2) Christmas shopping 3) visiting people I love as I realise life is short following 1.
  5. DNA hadn't been discovered in Steiner's time. If people you know are contemplating suicide please encourage them to see a GP or ring one of the charity helplines such as the samaritans.
  6. You've cheered me up x I'm properly sad at removing my subscription. I like The Times, I do read a lot of papers guardian etc however I do especially chill out to a review of a sausage restaurant by Giles Coren or enjoy a Janice Turner pro woman rant. Sad I know, there you have it, The Times was my guilty pleasure. But enough is enough.
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