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  1. No longer active.

    1. Given To Fly

      Given To Fly

      your contribution is needed.


      that was a disgusting mad thread but hopefully you'll reverse your decision. please.

  2. Rest of forum GrayWeightyIndianrhinoceros-mobile.mp4
  3. Seems ok again now.will flag if starts again.
  4. Same. It's intermittent though
  5. Yes I'm UK too. Everything very sluggish I'm staying signed in now just in case.
  6. If you log out then try and get back it is very intermittent. Also losing main David Icke page.
  7. Am struggling to connect everything sluggish and getting browser errors again.
  8. Good globe model there god
  9. This from current front page of David Icke news. "Fake Tests = Fake Cases = Fake Reasons For Lockdowns – Mass Murder Of The Elderly" Go David. We are proud of you ! X #tellingithowitis What are your favourite David Icke taglines ?
  10. I do think we can do a lot of this for ourselves. A deep meditation, picture solid roots from your feet into the earth's core for grounding. Purple wraps around you for protection. Tell any attachments they are not welcome on your body. They have to leave. I'm not a fan of letting other people with who knows what going on in their lives come near me. This all sounds mad but it does clear your mind and you definitely feel a difference. I'm pretty sure all these shamens do is get you to invoke your own power anyway. They are not special. They might have knowledge which you need to learn but I don't believe they are more magical or spiritual than our own selves . Just a personal view.
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