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  1. It seems that the approval is a hoax. Robert Barnes was on Alex Jones. Robert Barnes: FDA Approval of COVID-19 Vaccine Is A Scam (banned.video)
  2. Apparently the divergence in reactions is because a lot of people have been give saline injections (it was mentioned during an interview - Stew Peters and Jane Ruby). Further, this shots weren't designed to kill immediately. But since everyone's body is different some people suffer a reaction quicker than others.
  3. Thank goodness they've used a model. At first I thought they were making everything up.
  4. The argument is that the Kung Flu shots are experimental. They have not gone through a rigorous testing process. The fact that some tyrant may have approved them for use on an uninformed public does not undermine that argument.
  5. Long time researcher and enemy of the state. As far as the Kung Flu. Total hoax. I am still undecided as to whether or not there was ever a virus. Though David does make a compelling case. Ultimately it probably doesn't matter whether there is, was or isn't. The response, the current narrative and the power grab are the hoax.
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