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  1. Every health advisory is about flamin sex isn't it. Never mind monkey pox, they are brainwashing us into behaving like monkeys! My husband has had a few booklets after leaving hospital for a few things over the last few years and all the leaflets explain how to sort out shagging! If you have a condition or illness aren't you focused on other priorities than thinking of depraved sex games?! Never mind your chemo, how about shagging?
  2. Knackered old pop stars who look like prunes after they've been soaked in boiling water and sound like a Christmas dinner fart.
  3. William doing his fake impassioned talk about the environment - they know how to whip up our nation of fantasist sheep who live their lives by proxy, adoring celebs instead of doings things for themselves. All ignoring the fact that London is now strewn with mountains of litter left by them.
  4. Saw this on here late last night and thought I'd take a look this morning but then I forgot and started waxing lyrical about my blinkin bike ride. You people miss nothing! Brilliant investigators. This is so odd isn't it?!
  5. I've been on a couple of long bike rides to escape the jubilee. I go for comfort and drinking in the countryside, not Lycra, aggression and self-harming. The seat on my bike is as big as a footstool and I wear my joggers tucked into my socks and a baggy t shirt. I have a basket on the front where I can put my cool bag and other necessities and off I go at a slow pace escaping the norms. If I stop for a drink people say "are you ok?" because to them I look abnormal without all the expensive gear and they think I'm lost and demented because I'm not going hell for leather! I don't need a garmin to monitor me because I know the way, how far it is and I know I'm moving. I am actually burning the same calories as them but I just take longer and actually relax. I do it because I like it so the calories burnt are an extra. A bit off topic but I recommend it to get away from the mainstream torture now and again.
  6. Just had a drive around after shopping to see where all the noise will be coming from and there were surprisingly few houses with garbage festooned all over them. I might put a picture of Prince Andrew in my window to confuse the masses.
  7. When you turn in to a 62 year old pudding like me you get a little nostalgic about sexual staring. I used to go mad about it! Now I go mad about my skin apron!
  8. I've noticed quite a few Ukraine flags flying on farms in the back of beyond but don't see any Palestinian ones! I loathe flags.
  9. Really hope it scares some of my neighbours into not behaving like monkeys in their gardens for jubilee, like they did for VE day celebrations. It was like Twycross Zoo around here!
  10. How about I just avoid people and make my life easier?
  11. My goodness! Why not a singular pronoun if it is one person, It, that, this? So if the fruit of your womb is washing up (well no realistically mine won't be, but let's pretend) and granny asks where Lesley is and you say "they are washing up". She'll say "what Lesley and Jimmy?" and then you'll say "no, just Lesley". And granny will be more demented than she already is. If it and that are insulting then so is they! It would have been better to create a new word like all the nice new covidisms that we know and love.
  12. They way many women dress, even I stare! I think what the hell are you doing walking around like that, have you no dignity?! I recently encountered a receptionist at a children's hospital who's scooped neckline overflowed onto the desk as she leaned over and spoke to a child. Why? why? why? What happened to buttons?
  13. Yeah, don't worry about kids, responsible adults should do their best to exploit them at any opportunity. Been wondering what to do with my new granddaughter that will be good for her development.................I may dress her as a Ukraine flag and make her pose for a facebook post.
  14. The unvaccinated in every town are rounded up and deposited into the wicker man because they are using their evil powers to avoid Covid. I quite like baskety things so don't care.
  15. By age and appearance I should have grown into a right Karen but I'm beginning to think I'm some kind of mutant or one of the cuckoo kids from Village of the Dambed. It's like I was planted on earth to appear as one thing but really be the other! Beware sheep!
  16. Those fines are really going to pinch with Lidl thick sliced and baked beans going up. They will have to put the gas fire on when they really need to and just wear extra cardigans.
  17. How much? They are the label of a thoroughly wholesome person.
  18. Slebs and their followers are always 'in 'love', getting engaged, married, divorced and changing gender. They are bored and need to go for a nice walk.
  19. It has always amazed me how people just believe things without question. I remember at a young age sussing people out even when I was persuaded otherwise, inside I knew. I went to a Catholic School and the teachers and their families lived locally and I was aware they were treated better than us. All the teachers kids were in the A class and I used to think it weird, seeing as some of them weren't even clever. This is the problem with Covid, Ukraine etc. People instantly believe and show unflinching loyalty to the crap and they never learn otherwise. Look at all the paedophilia revelations over the recent past. We have learned that people in nice suits or in high positions of power can be evil. We have learned how they operate under the guise of being an upright citizen and we've consequently learned about psychopaths and killers (nearly every programme on TV is about this! Either this or parading naked people like cattle) but it's like people can't deal with the truth and prefer to pretend......la la la la...don't tell me......don't tell me. Ordinary folk who do this scare me more than anything because there are so many of them and they are dangerous as hell and so threatening!
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