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  1. 16 hours ago, Morpheus said:

    I'm sorry if it disappoints you or you get annoyed that I say these things, but it's a big club and we ain't in it. Simple as that. He isn't doing anything for us, he's furthering the agenda. 


    Brown I will take my hat off to, however, he's equally part of the machine but he does seem to know and accept that. He is speaking against the machine so I'm not convinced he's onboard with their agenda and he's been very vocal. Plus I like his music. 😁


    But these celebs cannot be trusted, just another false hero (not Brown per se) to stir your emotions and steer you away from actually doing something by taking action. That last part is what is making me suspicious of many people. 

    I totally respect your point of view and you will be far more informed than me, so I'm absolutely not upset. I take more than I give to this forum but I at least hope my support helps boost numbers. Me asking that question us just a "can we trust anyone at all?". Part of me knows we can't really trust anyone but we've got to hope a bit. Apart from Brown the others provide a snippet of sabotage to the garbage. I suppose I see their input as maybe making a few sheep questions things. As we have witnessed, a lot of the sheep will only do what someone in the public eye tells them. The real problem is only us knew it was crap from the start and it is very annoying when someone who helped it carry on now decides it's crap - it's too late! My husband said someone at the pub quiz who in the first lockdown swerved around us at Tesco has been preaching about Sam White and I said "not interested!". But I did think 'oh he's changed his tune!'.

    I'm a 62 year old ordinary woman so not your usual mutineer. 😂 I like 'Love Spreads' best.

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  2. 19 minutes ago, Morpheus said:

    They wouldn't, that's why he's a shill. In addition to the fact that he went through the WEF young leaders course equally makes him a big fuckin shill. 

    Who is ok though? I've personally been grateful for small mercies in all of this and glad when anyone in the public eye goes against the fairy stories in even a slight way I think "yes!". I'm impressed with Neil Oliver, Right Said Fred and Ian Brown makes me cry he's shown himself to be so filled with good substance. There are a few others who've impressed me too. Obviously people on here and people in videos posted on here - they've all helped me not crack. 

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  3. 3 minutes ago, Nemo said:

    A Carl Marx rightly said. 'Man is incapable of seeing past his own self interests'.


    Yet the worst people are those who claim to be selfless and in the service of others, these doogooders usually the rich who don't have to work, setting their minds on the masses of the working class with ever stupid and terrible belief that they can 'make people better'.


    Most terrible, for those who can't see past their own self interest yet believe they can, then move to change humanity as they see, never understanding that although poor boy all people will ever agree.

    So true. One of my mum's carers gets the rough end of the stick from the others. Things like ending up with the crap holidays because the others are good at putting their case over. People's attitude is that if someone is softer hearted, it is fine to walk all over them. They don't consider their own responsibility in it. She's the nicest with my mum.....funny that.

  4. In the queue at the till today, I overheard the cashier say "oh yeh, we get them lickin their money and all sorts!", then another staff member collecting baskets joined in and said " On Tuesday I got called a stupid cow cos I told a woman she mustn't lick things". Apparently the customer had said the staff member was making a show of her (Absolutely was!). I was thinking 'I bet you'll lick anything when you've been on the flavoured Gin you thick s*ut'. They really got on my nerves saying things loudly and looking at me with no mask. So righteous in their own heads but really willing to project their inner loathing on others like the hysterics in Arthur Miller's The Crucible. It's probably all over Facebook!

  5. 7 hours ago, Macnamara said:


    waking up requires understanding just how deep this goes

    I agree for some but for me most things are a hunch. My intuition is not water tight, thinking it is would be arrogant and also leave me vulnerable but I can rely on it for most things. When this Convid was first announced on the news my gut said "no,no,no,no,no!" like Bohemian Rhapsody.

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  6. It will all be fine though. For the Jubilee, us dumb f*cks can take part in a pudding competition to be judged by royal arse licker Mary Berry! I'm so excited because I would have never thought that I could make a cake until Mary and podgy, mascara daubed, fake tanned Paul gave me that eureka moment on the bake off. A pudding wow! I'm jumping up and down! 

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  7. 2 hours ago, greatdayforfreedom said:


    Why have they got erections?  





    Whatever people think of the Novak situation, it didn't take his best pals long to bloody turn on him! Whenever Wimbledon has been on these shits and Andy Murray have been good pals with Novak, joking about with him and giving the impression they all really like each other. Now they are saying he's weird! They make Judas look a lightweight traitor.

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  8. A random thought that doesn't necessarily help our cause but one that has just pinged into my head (that's often what happens with me): There must be quite a lot of people who have enjoyed the masks because of their negative self image. Our society has hideous perceptions on how people should look so for example, people with a beautiful and individual facial difference could have well enjoyed the rest from people's rude eyes training on them like a sniper. However beautiful people are, there's always some ignorant pig who's going to psychologically punch them in the face. However, that rest from stares will only go towards enhancing the stares again when the masks totally go. 

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  9. They have been saying on the utterly corrupt news how he is still popular with people 🙄 so I wouldn't be surprised if he comes out of the barrel of **** smelling of roses because everyone is totally crazy! There is a lady in my neighbourhood who is posting on Facebook how her mother died alone on that day in a care home. That same woman was snitching on two local teenagers and posting pictures of them for sitting on a bench all over Facebook during the first lockdown. As dreadful as all these experiences are for people, they have helped it happen by believing all this crap and they have made our lives hell!

  10. I think this Long Covid appears to have some terrible symptoms:




    Attention seeking

    Loss of moral fibre




    Whinging & whining 

    Factitious Disorder


    Becoming a Facebook whore

    Following the herd



    Dodging responsibility 

    Stockholm syndrome


    Emotional retardation



    A massive pain in the A


    It must be awful for the poor souls!

  11. 7 hours ago, Truthspoon said:
    Recent News
    Pregnant women urged to get Covid jab to reduce risk to babies
    Government data shows that 96.3% of pregnant women admitted to hospital with Covid-19 symptoms between May and October were u…
    www.nottinghampost.com.icoNottingham Post1h

    My daughter-in-law is pregnant and we feel very lucky that her assigned midwife is not a zombie. She actually said to her "if you are going to have any vaccines, wait until after the babies born, but I've not said that". When her and my son told us she was pregnant instead of feeling the joy of it, it was overshadowed with the fear of the child being born into all this sh*t. I even asked them not to rush into having a baby when all this kicked off but I guess life events don't happen like that. 

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  12. A family I know in the town near shat themselves when they saw us coming toward them on a walk during the first lockdown. They walked into the main road to pass us and I thought......well you know what I thought. 😂

    They are now rebelling and questioning, which is good but I could punch them all in the face for taking two years!

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