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  1. My goodness! Why not a singular pronoun if it is one person, It, that, this? So if the fruit of your womb is washing up (well no realistically mine won't be, but let's pretend) and granny asks where Lesley is and you say "they are washing up". She'll say "what Lesley and Jimmy?" and then you'll say "no, just Lesley". And granny will be more demented than she already is. If it and that are insulting then so is they! It would have been better to create a new word like all the nice new covidisms that we know and love. 

  2. 7 hours ago, Mikhail Liebestein said:


    I agree.

    I remember going for a walk with the kids or a run, and it was mainly baby-boomers who got abusive or jumped into hedges if you went near them. The pre-1945 types 74+ age group were rather more stoic.


    That said, those out then were likely the "braver" ones as many just locked themselves up.


    PS- I put "braver" in quotes as I really mean the gullible conquering their own delusional fears in a limited fashion.


    I think the English language lacks such a word - any suggestions?


    It really does require its own word - it is like the sheeple that will stray very slightly outside the paddock, before returning to the flock.




    By age and appearance I should have grown into a right Karen but I'm beginning to think I'm some kind of mutant or one of the cuckoo kids from Village of the Dambed. It's like I was planted on earth to appear as one thing but really be the other! Beware sheep!

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  3. It has always amazed me how people just believe things without question. I remember at a young age sussing people out even when I was persuaded otherwise, inside I knew. I went to a Catholic School and the teachers and their families lived locally and I was aware they were treated better than us. All the teachers kids were in the A class and I used to think it weird, seeing as some of them weren't even clever. 


    This is the problem with Covid, Ukraine etc. People instantly believe and show unflinching loyalty to the crap and they never learn otherwise. Look at all the paedophilia revelations over the recent past. We have learned that people in nice suits or in high positions of power can be evil. We have learned how they operate under the guise of being an upright citizen and we've consequently learned about psychopaths and killers (nearly every programme on TV is about this! Either this or parading naked people like cattle) but it's like people can't deal with the truth and prefer to pretend......la la la la...don't tell me......don't tell me. Ordinary folk who do this scare me more than anything because there are so many of them and they are dangerous as hell and so threatening!

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  4. 3 hours ago, Mr H said:

    Just judging by the posts on here from the MSM, and another today I found in GB news - it would seem like the Covid narrative is back in play. I would be quite surprised if folks fool for this one, coming into Spring and then summer............but nothing surprises me.



    Yes, I've noticed a marked uptake of shoppers rubbing Satan's semen on their hands and trolleys, holding me up getting into the damn shop! I feel like kicking them up the behind.

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  5. One of our local councillors - the worst of two evils who is so thick it hurts his head, organised a walk for Ukraine Awareness for all the local virtue signallers who used to bully everyone at school but now feel great on Facebook!.........And half of them got lost! 😂 In their own area! I think they needed Lassie to round em up - with em being sheep an all.


    Here is an example of how thick he is: A local man who went for a stroll a couple of years ago had the misfortune to nearly drown and needed rescuing by the Air Ambulance etc. Our councillor calls him a hero - a hero for falling in a lagoon and needing rescuing! Losing your marbles should be on that comprehensive Covid symptoms list. I am sure Ukrainians are happy now that our local sheep are aware of them.

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  6. Was in an Express shop today and a boy was in the queue in front of me (Must have been around age 8-10) with a pack of kids drinks and a large bag of sweets. As he was waiting, he picked up a bunch of carnations from the display. Then when the cashier told him how much, he asked could he put the sweets back. My heart was bursting because he must have got those flowers for his mum. I can't get over it! That was pure beauty..........and when you think of all the ugly adults virtue signalling everywhere!

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  7. I reckon Dave Grohl needs to be more cautious with his activities on stage because every Foo Fighters song ends with him screaming and head banging. I remember hearing the song "Come Alive" and thinking it sounded nice but it just deteriorated into a din. Why does he love bloody screaming?! - watch those blood vessels David!

  8. 11 hours ago, sock muppet said:


    But unfortunately this was in a face to face setting and there are plenty of video's, web sites and documentation on the web for self help, it's one thing to speak your mind to people you meet about how the MSM/Government has been lying and deceiving people and think twice before being injected, but that phase is done, what will happen increasingly is those moments that @Useyournous and myself have witnessed, and YOU KNOW the cause but they DON'T, how do you express to someone compassionately, if only to take away the unknowing, just how do you do that face to face with a distressed stranger, HOW?

    Exactly. Living in a small community where as far as you are aware most of them are absolutely loyal to the BBC and what they tell them is absolutely never up for question. What do you do? You begin to risk yourself being targeted by the majority because most people think the majority is always right. The neighbour I spoke of with the marks on her arm is impenetrable! She once started telling me about how people drive and that she has been known to fly out of the car at them for their bad driving, then she carried on to tell me she has been done for speeding five times! A lot of people just never analyse anything or even want to think what they do wrong - they cannot face the truth. I tried to talk to her about everything that is going on and I never got through.


    I have bird boxes with cameras and feed hedgehogs etc. and I can tell she finds this amusing as if I am an eccentric who needs to get a life and enjoy wearing designer clothes. I know I will never be right to her because I am not a drone and she finds me puzzling. We may feel very panicky about people having the vaccine but they don't care about us and they feel they are right so we can do nothing but do the best for ourselves and family whilst we live alongside them. 


    It's the same with this Ukraine stuff, we've only been fed it for a few weeks so we don't really know what the hell is going on but people like my blotchy neighbour are already wanting Putin hanged! You can't beat a good lynching to help them feel warm inside. I am very cautious with people like that because they cause genocide and have blood on their hands.

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  9. One of my neighbours came over when I was mowing the lawn this morning and said "Oh look at my arms, what do you think of this?!". Looking at the purple blotches of Convid vaccine related purpura, I just gormlessly mumbled "Ooow I don't know", whilst thinking "They are the marks of a moron love!".

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  10. The amount of people who I know of a similar age (62) who are telling me they have heart rhythm problems, or gone on statins, or have new health problems is getting out of hand. A couple I know who are approx 70 and have done serious hiking and wild camping for most of their adult lives have aged 15 years in the last 2! He was always saying "use it or lose it" and it's very gloomy to see. The vaccine is the slow poison but the broken spirit is really sickening, like a kamado dragon attack. Sorry to be so negative. I don't have broken spirit and hope none of you let it consume you. Fighting spirit all the way!

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