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  1. I read about this one in Lancashire. Touching tributes to well-loved dad and school governor who died suddenly in his sleep - LancsLive I read a few articles about his death and he was very worried about convid and getting loooong convid so he started a rigorous fitness regime. Plus, he had been in hospital for a month because his mental health was suffering and that's where he died! He was a pharmacist so he may have given himself a few more jabs? Scared of dying but then ends up dying because he is scared of dying!
  2. I feel assaulted with tedium. Now where are my madeira, plum and marzipan discs from Lidl?
  3. The pilot whales have probably bitten through the Faroe wires!
  4. Remember the days when you could watch a good documentary, satirical and rebellious comedy, films and good plays/dramas? Now I flick through the channels with my mouth agape, going "what the?!!!" and most the above hardened criminals are in them. There is a choice of The Masked Cretin, Show Your Genitals on TV, Lying News, Women Talking Shit, Men Talking Shit, Phone-ins making a meal of the boring menopause.......oh shut up!, The Cat's Voice, Killing, Ghosts, Awful noisy films with wooden acting, Caricatures sat on their bums watching trash TV and swearing about it, Psychopaths, Cyst popping, Rich housewives spitting venom, Animals killing each other, Freak Shows, Surgery, Autopsies, North Korean style brain washing pageantry, Nazis and crazy ideas with bunches of hideous celebrities being wincingly embarrassing. Have I missed out anything? I'm so desperate, I watch the E-bikes on the shopping channel! Wish they would all slither off back to hell!
  5. I can't even stand to observe what is happening with the "government" or the "royals". It is just surreal what we are putting up with. It's like a foreboding Sci-Fi film. It's almost as bad as watching Loose Women!
  6. I can't stand Dermot O'Leary, he seems to ride on top of being an actual person. Very synthetic.
  7. My ancient mum's neighbour Nelly was shouting across the road to me this morning "how you doing, I hope you've had your flu jab and booster, I had both at once!" And I said "mm yeah right uw mmm yeah oh mmm" Thinking 'go in you annoying, crazy old bitch!'. My mum said "she's lovely Nelly isn't she?". I thought 'don't get too attached, she'll be gone tomorrow!
  8. Such lovely things people can do! The best therapy - make things and never think you can't. Even if it's just a cake, have a go and make sure you add your own touch - important!
  9. Wholeheartedly agree! Many of these lowlifes do those daytime adverts aimed at the gullible about funeral plans, dogs and donkeys too! They disgust me!
  10. Well sadly, I can't see any nonsense written there!
  11. It must stink like cat pee sprayed up the bin.
  12. It is getting interesting because the prosecution have got a retired in 2009 (expert) who mostly worked in the 90s giving his hands-on experience of what should and should not be practice in caring for these babies. Equipment, medicines and practice change so rapidly that I expect the defence to ask, "what is a ......for?", "what do you do when.... occurs?" etc. Demonstrating how out of touch he is. He will have got a massive sum for his reports! At this stage I'm on the fence about her guilt after admittedly falling for the ambush from the prosecution. The babies' parents and her parents have gone through years of this - terrible. And maybe her if she's not done it?
  13. I think we make ourselves vulnerable by blindly believing people in these professions and volunteers do it for the love of people, but a sick pattern is emerging showing that these professionals do it for the status, attention, adrenalin rush and glory and there will sadly be the odd person amongst them who actually has a heart. A stark reality check. Nothing is a vocation anymore, it's all climb, climb, climb. The nice professionals will be the ones who get no attention whatsoever. If she did this, she is a demon.
  14. What they on about Turkeys for? Thought we could only afford beans on toast now?
  15. Putin infected all the pangolins with Covid then set them free to infect us all with the hideous pandemic, then road of on his bear laughing heartily.
  16. I've got to 62 and realised how deluded I've been for much of my life, thinking that because humans have feelings, they generally use them for the good. The truth is, humans are evil monsters with rare, odd bods dotted amongst them who have that curious weird thing called empathy who blindly battle for everything to be just. What can all this mean? What a shit tip of a planet!
  17. Most of us on here don't believe a word the MSM say or print so why be selective when it comes to immigration?
  18. It's a simple case of "They who shout loudest....". Zelenskyy has a big gob and a hysterical, pointy finger .
  19. It will be the day GPs are given the ability to see people, empathy, a sense of duty, a hardworking ethic, common sense, a bank of medical knowledge, a drive to go the extra mile and a willingness to accept reasonable pay - by an alien spacecraft of pure love zapping them all....at the same moment of midnight 24th September!
  20. They'll believe it alright! The thing for me is the senseless testing and detecting of any kind. If there's flu about and they come up with something that detects it manifesting in you, what then? You can't stop it because its already there! You just have to ride it out until you're better or it kills you! My mother recently had a bad stomach and there's my sister in there with the testing for Convid. Erm......what about helping her and treating her bad stomach? I've no time for almost everyone, close family, the odd sane person and present forum company excepted.
  21. Kay Burley does plummy, even though she's not really plummy cuz she's frum Wigun. Could it have picked her up on about Camilla?
  22. Everyone is crying for themselves. The masses can't conjure up true feelings because they are so fkd in the head through virtue signalling so much. They can only cry at football games, be outraged about the fake news and hideous TV programmes and celebs or do religious penance over pomp. They probably don't even love their kids because they didn't simply treasure love over anything else. Selfish crying in the darkness of lost soul kingdom. Not one of them has a selfless, kind cell.
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