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  1. One of our local councillors - the worst of two evils who is so thick it hurts his head, organised a walk for Ukraine Awareness for all the local virtue signallers who used to bully everyone at school but now feel great on Facebook!.........And half of them got lost! In their own area! I think they needed Lassie to round em up - with em being sheep an all. Here is an example of how thick he is: A local man who went for a stroll a couple of years ago had the misfortune to nearly drown and needed rescuing by the Air Ambulance etc. Our councillor calls him a hero - a hero for falling in a lagoon and needing rescuing! Losing your marbles should be on that comprehensive Covid symptoms list. I am sure Ukrainians are happy now that our local sheep are aware of them.
  2. Yeah, lots of weapons and violence to bring peace and save the environment for our kids!
  3. To me it looked staged like the time Sack of shit Baron Cohen did that Bruno stunt. How come nobody punched Ricky Gervais when he was ribbing them about their paedophilia hobbies? But then again, I think everything's staged so I'm not the best to comment.
  4. Just be thankful you don't own it.
  5. What a disgusting, wrinkly old creep!
  6. Was in an Express shop today and a boy was in the queue in front of me (Must have been around age 8-10) with a pack of kids drinks and a large bag of sweets. As he was waiting, he picked up a bunch of carnations from the display. Then when the cashier told him how much, he asked could he put the sweets back. My heart was bursting because he must have got those flowers for his mum. I can't get over it! That was pure beauty..........and when you think of all the ugly adults virtue signalling everywhere!
  7. I reckon Dave Grohl needs to be more cautious with his activities on stage because every Foo Fighters song ends with him screaming and head banging. I remember hearing the song "Come Alive" and thinking it sounded nice but it just deteriorated into a din. Why does he love bloody screaming?! - watch those blood vessels David!
  8. Exactly. Living in a small community where as far as you are aware most of them are absolutely loyal to the BBC and what they tell them is absolutely never up for question. What do you do? You begin to risk yourself being targeted by the majority because most people think the majority is always right. The neighbour I spoke of with the marks on her arm is impenetrable! She once started telling me about how people drive and that she has been known to fly out of the car at them for their bad driving, then she carried on to tell me she has been done for speeding five times! A lot of people just never analyse anything or even want to think what they do wrong - they cannot face the truth. I tried to talk to her about everything that is going on and I never got through. I have bird boxes with cameras and feed hedgehogs etc. and I can tell she finds this amusing as if I am an eccentric who needs to get a life and enjoy wearing designer clothes. I know I will never be right to her because I am not a drone and she finds me puzzling. We may feel very panicky about people having the vaccine but they don't care about us and they feel they are right so we can do nothing but do the best for ourselves and family whilst we live alongside them. It's the same with this Ukraine stuff, we've only been fed it for a few weeks so we don't really know what the hell is going on but people like my blotchy neighbour are already wanting Putin hanged! You can't beat a good lynching to help them feel warm inside. I am very cautious with people like that because they cause genocide and have blood on their hands.
  9. One of my neighbours came over when I was mowing the lawn this morning and said "Oh look at my arms, what do you think of this?!". Looking at the purple blotches of Convid vaccine related purpura, I just gormlessly mumbled "Ooow I don't know", whilst thinking "They are the marks of a moron love!".
  10. The amount of people who I know of a similar age (62) who are telling me they have heart rhythm problems, or gone on statins, or have new health problems is getting out of hand. A couple I know who are approx 70 and have done serious hiking and wild camping for most of their adult lives have aged 15 years in the last 2! He was always saying "use it or lose it" and it's very gloomy to see. The vaccine is the slow poison but the broken spirit is really sickening, like a kamado dragon attack. Sorry to be so negative. I don't have broken spirit and hope none of you let it consume you. Fighting spirit all the way!
  11. A fellow in my village who rides his bike gathering items out of skips and taking them home to stack his garage to the roof often talks to me and I like to listen to him because he comes out with some real knowledge and I hate how people walk off from him - though it is trying when he's telling me about internal combustion engines when I need to get home with my frozen fish. Well the other day he starting telling me how Covid is boll*cks and ranting about who is behind it all (everything said on here). I naturally joined in and got quite animated myself but was aware we were stood in front of some terraced cottages with moving curtains. I was quite thrilled when an elderly lady who I've always considered stuffy came out joining in enthusiastically too and she said there are more people than we realise who are not fooled by all this because she has many family and friends who won't be jabbed. It was a positive experience though she was kind of ignoring Mr Bike and he was pacing. I remember thinking "if he ever goes crackers round the village with something in his hand, will there just be me and him left?".
  12. I expect the saints and martyrs with flags and hearts on their Fakebook will be giving up vodka and gin for the foreseeable future - gin being vodka with juniper added. Oh dear, that could start a war in itself! Think of the botanics!
  13. I just made myself watch a bit of BBC news.........I know!...ducks the rotten tomatoes! They were showing a group who do Ukrainian embroidery. If I was in that group I would have said "nobody gave a sh*t about our embroidery before!". When you think of families in our communities who may be Russian with young kids. All this blatant division of ordinary folk.
  14. I feel disgust with those people more than anyone. I feel they are ruining down to earth normality and selfless acts with all their synthetic "caring". They are everywhere and it's totally hideous. Most of them are hiding what little A holes they have been in their life by projection. They always have to tell you how heroic they think they are - God they are horrible!
  15. Apologies if this has been posted, I've not had my coffee yet but I am reading RT news have been blocked in the UK because they are not impartial! Aaaw thank goodness for our BBC.
  16. We are so accustomed to getting a barrage of lies that we want truth before we invest our soul into it. I've been avoiding it on MSM.
  17. Whatever is going on in Ukraine, all us ordinary folk can do is worry ourselves to death and be burdened with the responsibility of it like we do whatever the MSN is throwing at us. Very, very old people like my mum have just been released from being worried to death about Covid only to now be bombarded with this. And that is in between seeing the carefully placed sponsor a starving child, starving donkey, starving dog, arrange your funeral adverts that she has to put up with on the TV which should be there to provide company and stimulation when she's on her own. And when she turns the TV off she gets phone calls to arrange direct debit to the local hospice. She is just an example of what people are having to put up with. It is very odd how one big story ends and another starts. Therefore: I just took that Danny meant someone else is gonna get you now, like 'The Argies will get ya".....'The Gerry's will get ya!' Sorry to be un-PC but that's what I thought you meant Danny, so I took it as amusing. A 'run for the hills again' joke. Maybe I'm simple?
  18. My daughter-in-law made me laugh when she said "I'm over Kate & Derek!".
  19. Rub the magical hand gel all over your bodies. That'll repel em.
  20. My goodness, that woman's eyes! When I make a soft toy for the baby I have to be careful when making the face because it is really difficult to get the features balanced and make the toy sweet and kind looking. One false move when sewing on the eyes and the baby cries with fright when they see your artisan work! I would stake a bet on a baby crying if they see her face.
  21. I totally respect your point of view and you will be far more informed than me, so I'm absolutely not upset. I take more than I give to this forum but I at least hope my support helps boost numbers. Me asking that question us just a "can we trust anyone at all?". Part of me knows we can't really trust anyone but we've got to hope a bit. Apart from Brown the others provide a snippet of sabotage to the garbage. I suppose I see their input as maybe making a few sheep questions things. As we have witnessed, a lot of the sheep will only do what someone in the public eye tells them. The real problem is only us knew it was crap from the start and it is very annoying when someone who helped it carry on now decides it's crap - it's too late! My husband said someone at the pub quiz who in the first lockdown swerved around us at Tesco has been preaching about Sam White and I said "not interested!". But I did think 'oh he's changed his tune!'. I'm a 62 year old ordinary woman so not your usual mutineer. I like 'Love Spreads' best.
  22. Who is ok though? I've personally been grateful for small mercies in all of this and glad when anyone in the public eye goes against the fairy stories in even a slight way I think "yes!". I'm impressed with Neil Oliver, Right Said Fred and Ian Brown makes me cry he's shown himself to be so filled with good substance. There are a few others who've impressed me too. Obviously people on here and people in videos posted on here - they've all helped me not crack.
  23. What a beautiful man. Thanks for posting.
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