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  1. It will be the day GPs are given the ability to see people, empathy, a sense of duty, a hardworking ethic, common sense, a bank of medical knowledge, a drive to go the extra mile and a willingness to accept reasonable pay - by an alien spacecraft of pure love zapping them all....at the same moment of midnight 24th September!

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  2. They'll believe it alright!

    The thing for me is the senseless testing and detecting of any kind. If there's flu about and they come up with something that detects it manifesting in you, what then? You can't stop it because its already there! You just have to ride it out until you're better or it kills you! My mother recently had a bad stomach and there's my sister in there with the testing for Convid. Erm......what about helping her and treating her bad stomach? I've no time for almost everyone, close family, the odd sane person and present forum company excepted.

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  3. Everyone is crying for themselves. The masses can't conjure up true feelings because they are so fkd in the head through virtue signalling so much. They can only cry at football games, be outraged about the fake news and hideous TV programmes and celebs or do religious penance over pomp. They probably don't even love their kids because they didn't simply treasure love over anything else. Selfish crying in the darkness of lost soul kingdom. Not one of them has a selfless, kind cell.

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  4. My ancient mother who normally talks fondly of the queen as if she was her best friend said "what a bloody spectacle all this is and that bloody paedophile son of hers walking around proudly. And that Charles is a bloody big soft bugger, who wants him as king?". She also said, "That poor lad who shouted after Andrew got arrested but that bloody pervert can walk with his head up!". Words of wisdom. 😂

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  5. It's all too much! Andrew glancing down Lady Louise's dress as she bends to look at flowers, then stroking a bum he really shouldn't, Charles and Camilla naked, Charles acting like he's won the X Factor, the corpse paraded around the nation like the Olympic torch (must be getting smelly by now) and all the strange folk loving crying and grovelling. I'm in utter turmoil! I keep thinking they're going to drop the coffin too, cos those cannon fodder look in agony lifting it!

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  6. My son and I are both told we stare and for me it is an in-built protective mechanism because I am deciding who's a wrong-en, especially if I'm on a train or in a crowd. My son says the same. He can predict who's going to kick off in a club and gets himself away from it. We have eyes FFS! It is a valuable human protective tool so those told in vests will be lectured on such.

  7. 1 hour ago, Useyournous said:

    If you write an inflammatory book about a religion, ethnicity, culture or group of people you have to realise you are making yourself a target, especially when you can't take criticism of your own religion, ethnicity, culture or group of people. It's pretty simple to understand that there are always fanatics amongst the offended.

    If they are telling us the truth that is.

  8. On 8/6/2022 at 10:31 PM, Golden Retriever said:

    Gareth Icke retweeted this. It's not really minor news.


    The Courts and medical establishment can decide in the UK whether your child may live or die.


    It breaks my heart, this young boy and his family were not allowed to be moved to a Hospice for his final hours.






    Yet we keep the worst monsters alive in Prisons? 

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