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  1. Well nobody said anything before when he was going on about his sex addiction. I think he did a documentary about it! When he was in disgrace with J Ross after their tasteless Andrew Sachs prank, all the victims could have pounced then. He's somewhat annoying with his Thesaurus vocab and I'm never quite sure of him but I trust the MSM far less so they may be after him.
  2. Couldn't agree more. Shipman was able to get away with what he did because of the patients idolising him. In the times when we saw GPs I would come out and say "he was lovely" as if I was relieved because they are a bit scary like our old headteacher and it's a relief they didn't scold me. I didn't come out saying "He diagnosed me and I think he got it right". The way medical staff are put on pedestals, especially after Convid you would think they were saving lives and not getting paid for it! Surgeons are a glorified car mechanic but psychopath enough to cut people's body open. It's just as difficult to fix a car correctly. Yet, as you point out, we are all moaning about them being callous and abrupt when we get home. Just to add a bit about the need for justice for the parents. They are between a rock and a hard place becuase which is better, knowing your child was murdered by a nurse or knowing they died due to sh*t care? I think I would have wanted to be left to think the baby was too ill but they did what they could. It's a massive can of worms.
  3. Just to add a bit on LLs reported 'poor bedside manner', during my husbands illness there have been about two members of medical staff who have not put their foot in it or been downright blunt! One a nurse and another a registrar - the rest have been awful!
  4. In my opinion the medical expert they used would know or be aware of the 'gang of four' involved because working through the medical ranks and specialising in premature babies would result in being well known to each other, with the numbers in that expert field becoming smaller as they 'climb'. They would attend numerous conferences (jolly time), training, research, adding names to written papers and pioneering surgical methods. In other words - they have a pact to keep quiet because they will also know the naughty things about each other so if one goes down they all do and it's b*llocks that he was neutral. Also he knew the police wanted a conviction - they are not going to do years of investigating for him to say "no, they died due to inadequate care". And then his stoic loyalty to the NHS? Maybe this pact and loyalty was the reason there didn't appear to be experts for the defence? I also think the lack of anyone sticking up for Lucy would be down to the fear involved in this. There's a lot at stake if you speak up! Oh and this from another case. Lucy Letby trial: Judge described expert witness report as 'worthless' | Chester and District Standard (chesterstandard.co.uk)
  5. I'm a nosey b*tch for looking on Faceache. I'm a voyeur really because I never post anything. I generally look at what people post and think 'I can't believe you are putting that into the public domain!' and I want to tell them not to. It astounds me what people post and then they moan that people are noseying at it. You may as well get undressed with light on and curtains open.
  6. The post it note is thought to be a confession and then again as Macnamara said it could have been planted. Or could it have been written when sh*tstorm began and they redeployed her (redeployed a potential baby murderer!!!) because if innocent she would have started thinking were the collapses something to do with her care? And then further along, dawning on her that they think she might have killed them and on purpose! She didn't hide anything from Police! She had hundreds of handover sheets under her bed of those babies and all the others too. Yes, confidentiality breach through the roof but you are not telling me that other medics or people in other professions have not taken stuff home, both to write up and for nosey reasons. She was probably extremely disorganised at home if she was always at work. My son's house looks like a den of iniquity because he's a workaholic - toilet roll middles all in bathroom before he would be bothered to carry them to recycling bin. The Facebook searches again weren't only said parents, it was anyone. She could have been looking thinking ' if you are grieving, why do you want to post on Facebook?' Many of the character judgements on her do not make her a serial killer. Again, just my doubts and I could be completely wrong.
  7. we did it because we were stupid when we were young. I just wanted to look like cloud.
  8. Either one person not agreeing or is it possible it could have been different people on different ones?
  9. Interesting. Yes, bruising too. Consultants - like the one my husband has for his prostate cancer (he's doing great with it) who patronised us telling us about his blockage in his tube from his kidney, which we are well aware of and drew the blockage near his prostate instead of in the ureter! Best wishes to your lady x
  10. Copied and pasted from Chester Standard Newspaper site. Am I allowed to do this? Please remove if not. The 22 charges and the jury's decision: Count 1 - murder of Child A, a baby boy, on June 8, 2015: GUILTY 10-1 MAJORITY Count 2 - attempted murder of Child B (twin of Child A), a baby girl, between June 8-11, 2015: GUILTY 10-1 MAJORITY Count 3 - murder of Child C, a baby boy, on June 14, 2015: GUILTY 10-1 MAJORITY Count 4 - murder of Child D, a baby girl, on June 22, 2015: GUILTY 10-1 MAJORITY Count 5 - murder of Child E, a baby boy, on August 4, 2015: GUILTY 10-1 MAJORITY Count 6 - attempted murder of Child F (twin of Child E), a baby boy, on August 5, 2015: GUILTY UNANIMOUSLY Count 7 - attempted murder of Child G, a baby girl, on September 7, 2015: GUILTY 10-1 MAJORITY Count 8 - attempted murder of Child G on September 21, 2015 at about 10.15am: GUILTY 10-1 MAJORITY Count 9 - attempted murder of Child G on September 21, 2015 at about 3.30pm: NOT GUILTY Count 10 - attempted murder of Child H, a baby girl, on September 26, 2015: NOT GUILTY Count 11 - attempted murder of Child H on September 27, 2015: NO VERDICT Count 12 - murder of Child I, a baby girl, on October 23, 2015: GUILTY 10-1 MAJORITY Count 13 - attempted murder of Child J, a baby girl, on November 27, 2015: NO VERDICT Count 14 - attempted murder of Child K, a baby girl, on February 17, 2016: NO VERDICT Count 15 - attempted murder of Child L, a baby boy, on April 9, 2016: GUILTY UNANIMOUSLY Count 16 - attempted murder of Child M (twin of Child L), a baby boy, on April 9, 2016: GUILTY 10-1 MAJORITY Count 17 - attempted murder of Child N, a baby boy, on June 3, 2016: GUILTY 10-1 MAJORITY Count 18 - attempted murder of Child N on June 15, 2016, at about 7.15am-7.30am: NO VERDICT Count 19 - attempted murder of Child N on June 15, 2016, at about 3pm: NO VERDICT Count 20 - murder of Child O, a baby boy, on June 23, 2016: GUILTY UNANIMOUSLY Count 21 - murder of Child P (triplet brother of Child O), a baby boy, on June 24, 2016: GUILTY 10-1 MAJORITY Count 22 - attempted murder of Child Q, a baby boy, on June 25, 2016: NO VERDICT
  11. warning: this may be boring. My RF is high and climbing but every other test fine (can't believe an actual GP saw me! I think she was dragged in so that the spineless GPs can still hide) I'm waiting for a letter from rheumatology because she referred me! I have weird joint occurrences in both hands - my finger will suddenly go really sore and red as if I've just opened a difficult jam jar or peeled spuds, but I haven't at the time Recently the knee of my thumb did it and a nodule appeared over a couple of days and is still there after a month and at the time I felt feverish and slept like a drunk I've always got rashes in the sun and had cold sores, uveitis in me eye - you name it I generally ignore everything because I don't want it! p*ss off! These symptoms come and go I don't eat meat (apart from fish), smoke, drink, have sex or be naughty but I do swear and curse a lot, eat chocolate and cream cakes and get flabbergasted and on my high horse. Does it sound like RA
  12. What's next in this bilious story? Ironside get's up and walks then holds hands with Kate and skips away. Yes, p*ss off both of you!
  13. I still see quite a few in masks in the shops here in Sh*t Creek and I just think "well at least I don't have to look at your puffed up lips that have been injected by dirty hands with glittery purple nails surrounded by mucky glue. And you've just been in the dirty public toilets and pood then not washed your hands properly because you're like Edward Scissor Hands with your scary pointy stuck on claws".
  14. It goes without saying that it is the most heart wrenching thing for a tiny baby to suffer or come to harm and my heart goes out to the parents but I remember my fragility after having my children and I was pretty nuts at times. It's like I needed a reboot to live this new life. With that in mind I'm unsure of the testimony of the mother who said she heard her baby screaming a scream that she had never heard before or wants to hear again. Together with her fragility and being told her baby had possibly been killed! Her mind would have gone wild! It was always a thing with sick children, for example signs of meningitis, that it was a weak whimper that a poorly child/baby would do and not a scream because a screaming baby is a healthy baby. The same with injured adults, it's the quiet ones that you worry about. These babies would also likely have had sticky lungs if the were born pre-term. I'm sure it got planted in the poor mother's brain and grew roots! A nurse friend said that pre-term babies don't cry much - I don't know. Also the testimony from the Dr who was at the nurses station and he got a feeling when he saw LL hovering over a cot but did nothing only gossip and sh*t stir to certain colleagues! Hovering?! Was she levitating like the exorcist? Would a nurse not ever be looking over a cot? I don't know how that ever got listened to in a factual court. Could it be a witch hunt because they were generally pretty sh*t on that ward - does happen, Mixed in with projection, jealousy, hysteria, back stabbing and gossip? The investigation and trial haven't got to the bottom of it at all. It makes my stomach churn to think of all the parents in this, including hers in this hurricane of slurry. Those vaccines have turned sheep into monsters. I have to point to my initial post in this thread where my instant reaction was thinking she had killed them but then I followed the trial as much as you can without being there and the doubts started. As Thelma pointed out, the media are there to whip up the sheep. She could well be guilty but there are doubts and thank goodness for fair and level heads on here who will discuss it without fake moral outrage.
  15. I now think that Miffy the Bunny is a sinister little barsteward.
  16. I see what you are saying. For me there was an alternative explanation for all the things she did and all the awful outcomes for the babies. The flaws or weirdness in anything she did made her a murderer? When you think of some of the things "respectable" people get up to it is mind boggling so for me none of the character assassinations made her guilty of murder, even the lying and the "I can't answer that" didn't do it for me. It made me think she had possibly taken the stand innocent and thought "what can go wrong?". She appears to have a cleaner life than some people I have met in my time! I can't help but think of the covert bullying, jealousy, ganging up and how most people will side with the one's with more power. Not one person stuck up for her and that's because they scurried under the mat, in my opinion. I've witnessed people being pretty brutal at work with conscientious workers and I've also see people in very highly trained positions who were mature, intelligent and respected for integrity behave like savage baboons with no mercy. I think the masses love a good stoning!
  17. Consultants now making it all about them! "Oh I've suffered!". Well maybe if you'd gone straight to the police? Someone on a main forum said they didn't go because they would lose their jobs because they were told by management to not go to police. So jobs more important than stopping murder or serious harm to neonates? Oh right.
  18. Maybe the consultants didn't want the police in because they would all be under scrutiny. I once heard through a friend ( this sounds unreliable but it was a good source or I wouldn't have taken notice) that a surgeon went to another hospital to help a well-known and respected children's a surgeon with his long surgery list, and they did one of the operations together. The helping surgeon had a shock at how bad the well-known one was, cutting corners and rushing. The helping one was good, eager and on the ball but that day was when they crossed the line into corruption because they all watch each other's backs and keep quiet. They are not whiter than white but a lot of people seem to put them on a pedestal and if they mend people for free! They get ridiculous money and spend the time on the computer booking holidays when they have no clinics or surgery.
  19. Very disturbing, all of it. If she is guilty it's terrible and if she's not it's terrible. Imagine being her parents?! The doctor and his colleagues who say they had suspicions and complained should have contacted the police to investigate. They could have done undercover surveillance!! They are being treated like angelic beings now but I've seen some Twotter and Faceache posts from one of them and he's far from angelic - comes across like an immature rough head.
  20. When I first heard of this my reaction was "not another murdering evil nurse/doctor!" but as I followed the case, I think she just may be innocent. I think this based on there being no hard evidence or "smoking gun", knowing the way people behave and there being little dirt dug up about her or weird internet searches, as far as I know. I have seen people on forums saying the parents need justice but I don't think that finding out your baby died at the hands of a murdering nurse is any better than the babies dying due to their fragile health or medical negligence - there's no winners because its just a can of worms. I am also very aware that only her and the people in the court room can follow the case properly and that whatever we get to know will be from the unreliable press. I can expand on my thoughts but I don't want to bore anyone.
  21. I think there's only me in the world who can't stand Lurpak butter. I've been saying it has a weird taste for years (a bit like honey) and when I read about it, they ripen the milk before churning. Ripen?!.....RIPEN?! Why not just make the butter with the fresh cream? Those Norsemen love a good fermentation process don't they? I like normal unsalted or lightly salted butter but Lurpak eeeew it's orrible. Thought I'd express myself a bit.
  22. If they want to come and impregnate us, they are going to be confused about who has a womb and who doesn't with all the sh*t show around gender. They'll get mental health issues instead and go home.
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