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  1. I never read the satanic verses because at the time I was too afraid to even purchase it let alone read it!
  2. If you write an inflammatory book about a religion, ethnicity, culture or group of people you have to realise you are making yourself a target, especially when you can't take criticism of your own religion, ethnicity, culture or group of people. It's pretty simple to understand that there are always fanatics amongst the offended.
  3. Nice and terrifying to cheer the kiddies up after lockstep.
  4. There are some wise folk on here so I think we should make up some new ones.
  5. I had one like him and I used to get "he needs his arse tanning!" from pensioners in bus stops but when they are royal, they are dead cute!
  6. My son has a baby girl and I had a look on the NHS at the vaccines she will have and I wish I hadn't! It is not the same as the baby being your daughters so I can't interfere too much. I've kind of had to take the attitude of 'what will be will be' and hope my son is forceful about it because it will kill me off if I get too worked up. The list of vaccines for babies is appalling!
  7. All these diagnoses everyone's getting I do not mean people with genuine illnesses and conditions but there is a trend in getting a label so that you can justify why you are a nasty, selfish, scheming, narcissistic psychopath - "I have bipolar"....."I have ADHD" so you all need to pussyfoot around me. Someone I know has PTSD......."aaaw so that's why she tries to get off with your husband when you go and put the kettle on, it's a shame". It is a massive insult to people with genuine problems and means that those who get on with their crap quietly, don't have any problems at all.
  8. My sister-in-law was full to capacity with evil demons so there would be no room really.
  9. Looks like God is a nasty piece of work who loved a bit of punishing and torment! Good only happened when Jesus came with all his kindness, equality, morals, common sense, empathy and wisdom. Jesus or the other profits from other religions that is.
  10. If old testament says don't eat cockies and prawn cocktail, they'll shove it at us to make us dirty. Oh look those filthy peasants love insects not like us chosen ones.
  11. Had a good laugh this morning because I got a text from a ghost called my GP! it read: there has been unprecedented incidents of aggressive behaviour at this practice and it won't be tolerated. Good on the patients who actually got near the GP to go for him! It should have read: there has been unprecedented incidents of crimes against humanity at this practice and by us - and we get paid for it.
  12. As well as all the great advice above, I'd say get your mind positive about being well. Our belief in feeling well has been proven to be so powerful so don't let your spirit be broken just like we've done when resisting all the bullshit and don't keep looking for those aches and pains. I'm not saying you are looking for them but some of the symptoms may not be vaccine related.
  13. Never got the Brad Pitt stuff. He's goofy looking and so is his skirt.
  14. I feel in my soul that if you are praying for good things, whoever/whatever is the essence of good will be listening and a malevolent force can't intervene. If it could you wouldn't be able to pray freely.
  15. I was just left to the mercies of the world.
  16. They'll strike for more greedy pay but not because of global mass poisoning.
  17. Yes, he addressed "us" in a very disgruntled and arrogant way as if he was a parent saying "how many times have I told you to pick that towel up off your bedroom floor?". He doesn't contribute to this climate change crap then? Lazy narcissistic parasite!
  18. Did he have egg on his chin when he entered the interview room?
  19. I reckon he should become gender fluid to up the attention.
  20. My son tried to explain quantum physics to me and parallel universes but lost me quite quickly so I said " I didn't buy you all those Usborne books and Science kits when you were little so that you could grow up to ridicule me!".
  21. I went to buy a fan today for my ancient mother, who was sat in an Arran sweater telling me about the coming heatwave and a nutty believer lady was vigorously rubbing the satan's semen on her hands when I was trying to reach a shopping basket from the stack so I dragged the basket over her and nearly scalped her. I did say sorry - but that was a love lie.
  22. My husbands friend monitors his heart rhythm all day long, even though he has no need to. So he's gonna love the cough at your phone app. Happy days monitoring all the signs we may kick it at any moment!
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