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  1. Piers Morgan - He represents all the covert criminals in this country who steal from their aging parents, claim what they shouldn't, judge everyone else, think they work hard because they con people on their doorsteps, push their way into and feel entitled to do jobs they are really sh*t at, pay too much attention to designer clothes and think they are great with their bad manners and selfishness. Polished t*rds. They like ranting about anti-vaxxers to project their inner self loathing. Forgot to say - self appoint themselves as boss of the Faceache neighbourhood watch group who all copy each other and woe betide those who don't copy.
  2. The more it gets bad, the more I dig my heels in. I really don't know how far I'll go either. I still have hope.....I think.
  3. Empathy with all of you. I'm repeating myself here because I rambled a bit in the elderly during lockdown thread. My three grown up children and me think for ourselves but I am retired and don't have the same pressures for earning a living as them so I'm constantly worried. My other half is sucked in! We have had such a great relationship as opposites. In the past it has resulted in healthy discussions, arguments and laughter. Well now, it is not funny at all and has caused a lot of unhealthy arguments. We still enjoy our lives by keeping busy with our interests but sometimes I could throttle him! He's always been a conformist and was head boy at school! Then there's me who questions everything and was thought of as a naughty girl at school. I think it is very difficult for people to not trust the BBC.
  4. To follow my above post, nobody seems to associate the deaths with the vaccines! At the beginning of all this, another of her neighbour's mother died in a home and when I spoke to him I asked what had happened. I knew she had suffered a stroke and her physical health suffered but she was perfectly fine otherwise. He said he had visited her and she was fine but three hours later got a call to say she had passed away! When I asked how he just acceptingly said she caught Covid. The acceptance of that astounded me. This is how evil all this is and what we are up against. In my family there is me, my three grown up children and a few of their friends who don't buy it all. My partner, other family members, friends and anyone I know in the town are all fully sucked in. It was like the village of the damned here during lockdown, all doing the local walks with dead eyes.
  5. Kids should be playing with Lego and not thinking about their gender. If people truly feel this way, decide when you are fully able. I didn't care what sex I was and was climbing trees and playing with Barbie until I was about 15! I feel there has been a long, long plan to degrade us and take away our individuality, creativity, principles and dignity. You only need to look at TV and what is acceptable - cattle market tv shows where you choose someone by the look of their sex organs! Trends in Dan Dare eyebrows and tacky false nails - crikey my nails look like a farmer's because I do things with them. Women my age encouraged to show cleavage and look like a mutton dressed as lamb. Surgery and selfies just all have an effect on dumbing your brain. Look at Carol Vorderman, she's supposed to be clever! By making all this stuff mainstream it is reducing us to the cattle they want us to be. I'm convinced that lots hobbies, interests and just trying new things keeps us sane. Don't ever think you are rubbish and something, just have a go and do it. I recently told a neighbour how I have made a hedgehog feeding station and I have a birdbox camera in it. She tried to approve but she looked at me as if I needed sectioning.
  6. An ex colleague is in a relationship with a t*t surgeon. He is always sprouting on Tw*tter because everyone wants to hear what he's got to say (in his massive head!) . He recently posted that people who won't have the nasty needle should not be able to use health services! I was so enraged! So it's fine for the most evil people in society to use the health services in his eyes if they're needled?! Never minds operating on t*ts, he is one. Can you believe these idiots who are president of this and that and get regular awards for making women feel they need better boobs? I was happy to see that nobody answered him.
  7. The blue envelopes look pretty when they are shredded and added to hamster bedding.
  8. For me - no virus apart from the ones around all the time that get you if your below par, no test unless it just picks up any virus that may be there, no working needle medicine. I can't even say all the boring buzz words! I'm off now for a big scream across the field.
  9. My mother hasn't been a good one to me but I now see her as a vulnerable person who needs me and I cannot stop myself from caring about her. She lives alone and has carers who have been brilliant throughout this and have never let her down. I've been going throughout and had her outside walking at any opportunity. She has not had any illness and neither have I. She has now had both vaccines due to me being outnumbered by siblings and my mother being as brainwashed as everyone else with the media. I just gave up on it because I can't fix everything. I think her dementia has progressed from then and she's generally less perky. Three neighbours have dropped dead in her small avenue in the past few weeks! mmm
  10. You only need to look at Faceache (difficult I know) to see how unimaginative and boring people can be. There is no measure of intelligence and some people love all being the same and take comfort from it. This "virus" has also been a chance for people who have spent their lives being sly and shifty to come out and shine as righteous and moral. A lot of them are happy to cop out of everything and just live for telly, gin and the news. We are not allowed this, we are not allowed that FGS be a master of your own destiny! I've worked with some people in high jobs and they are the worst for being thick, especially when it comes to empathy and thinking outside the box. The British education system is just copy, copy, copy and achieve like a good narcissist should. No intuition or humanity. Thank goodness there are some gems amongst us.
  11. Hello, I want to thank everyone on here for helping to retain my sanity over this bizarre and evil tyrrany we are going through. As a covert regimaphobe I have really benefitted from your knowledge, research, discussions, debates, passion and substance. It is a hard to find people who are made of good stuff at the moment so I really appreciate it. I am a 62 yr old boomer Karen by appearances. But I'm really an individual who is passionate about the power of good and holding on to the things that make us unique. One of the things gnawing at me at the moment is that after living a life as a decent citizen and bringing up my children to be, I could potentially be seen as worse than a vaccinated sex offender! This is like a vortex of evil! I love you all for your truth searching, especially Ziggy who I would like as my big brother.
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