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  1. 9 hours ago, EnigmaticWorld said:


    Well if I wasn't at risk of going before the firing squad I'd think this was all an eye for an eye new holocaust! But of course I'm more rational and sensible than that.

  2. This may be the longest post I've ever written, sorry.


    I worked with children with autism when I was younger and my conclusion from that is most of the traits they are labelled with are the same as anyone, apart from the people who were profoundly affected and locked in their own bubble and needing high quality care. I would say the only stand out trait was a very nice one and that was the inability to plot and scheme. The rest were just handled badly. Of all the strategies, staff and 'experts' involved in their care, the low key and genuinely caring ordinary things worked. There was a handyman there who used to be very grandad like and ordinary with the children who was better with them than anyone. Just like the rest of us, they knew who was genuine. There were all these interventions and regimented behaviour management techniques but the handyman would say "now then Sam, pack that in!" and of course Sam would stop. He would also say of Sam's special interest in motorbike mirrors "what's new on the motorbike front Sam?" and have genuine interest in Sam's information. Brilliant! Just like anyone, they know what's what.


    I'd like to tie this in with 'mental health' which I feel is an umbrella that is too big to be practical. Out of respect for people who suffer terribly with many mental health illnesses like schizophrenia, bi polar, psychosis, psychosis after childbirth, clinical depression. OCD, agoraphobia.....well there are so many and I am not too well up on them but I know all of them are hideous for a person to suffer. What I'm not comfortable with, I think some psychopaths get themselves labelled with bi polar or Asperger syndrome because its a better label. Also a friend's daughter has reached puberty and they are labelling her with mental health issues, where as I think hold your horses there, hasn't she got teenage angst?! I was like Linda Blare in the exorcist when I was 13! Now whether I turned out normal I am unsure but I don't harm anyone haha! Stephen Fry is mentioned in the mega thread and he apparently has bi polar. One of my neighbours is also supposed to have it but to me she has borderline personality disorder from what she demonstrates.


    What I'm saying is let people be individuals and all the real weirdos who have actually got harmful personality disorders be under their own umbrella. They should not be grouped with people who are innocent and sometimes very poorly with it who need care and respect! I really hope this doesn't offend anyone decent. I just want to stick up for certain people who get negative labels unfairly.

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  3. 3 minutes ago, Velma said:

    Absolue garbage, they just wanted to use the word 'pussy' on the front page - makes a change from prick, dick, tits and bollox.

    I thought that too. Trouble is, you've made me laugh my head off with what you've typed so I'm as bad as them! 😂 Sorry. 😳

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  4. 12 hours ago, EnigmaticWorld said:

    Stephen Fry is starting to act like his subversive role in the movie with his recent actions, and that's pretty alarming, I can't lie.

    Went off him when I read in his biography years ago that he stole the headmasters credit card and went on a spending spree then put it back. That was one hard faced, sneaky, calculating, brazen little so and so to do that! That is massive to me. A normal kid would be that bit scared of the headmaster.

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  5. 12 hours ago, BossCrow said:


    Just look how easily the police turn into SS officers! This footage and the German police kneeing the man in the face. My conclusion long ago was that unfortunately, a great deal of people are psychopaths and anyone not is quite a rarity. Another reason why this forum feels like such a haven to me because as well as all the selfless researching and sharing members do you all have your humanity fully intact.

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  6. 11 hours ago, shadowmoon said:

    There's always a hand in front of the needle in thse pics.

    Did you ever notice that. 


    It's certainly sorting the wheat from the chaff this needle of death. I can't wait to copy this woman of substance. Have we not had Kim Kardashian yet with her big ar*e to influence us?

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  7. I am not able to choose any religion because I know right from wrong without it. I feel we have the force of good in us and if there is a God why is it so narcissistic (praise me) and just leaves us arguing and guessing everything? Goodness should involve selfless, pure acts but many people who find God do it so they get to heaven even if they are nasty. I won't go into the causing wars bit. I'm sure if we just ignored religions but behaved ourselves any good entity would understand if we didn't go to church and adore it. I feel we can take good into our own hands because we do not need religion to do that.


    I'm sorry to offend nice people with a religion but I'm not bothered if you are not nice. 🙂

  8. I think a lot of people will allow it because they are happy not to take any responsibility for their own children in any way. I've known people in all walks of life who just don't do the character building and nurturing stuff with their children. Don't think of equipping them, talking and discussing things with them and just hand responsibility over to teachers, social workers, health visitors GPs etc. - and we all know how good some of them are! Only yesterday someone told me proudly that their teenage grandson is suffering with his mental health and is getting counselling. I don't wish to criticise genuine cases but is it not possible this kid is just going through teenage angst and needs family support? They have to have a label and parents love telling everyone what a martyr they are. People are happy to hand their kids over! You can have a very enlightening discussion with a three year old on right and wrong and its amazing how sensible they are. Saw a womans A**sebook post saying "my kid has autism, what's your superpower?". Poor kid should be treated like everyone else. I think people will be seeking acclaim on social media for getting their kid needled. It's terrifying!

  9. The trouble with your average awful person who worships the MSM is they think anyone with dark brown skin, black hair and a good frizzy beard is an Islamic terrorist. they have no idea that these people could be from any country, culture or religion. ISIS, Taliban, Al-Qaeda all scary bogey men who chop your limbs off. I don't believe anything in the mainstream any more. All too well timed and orchestrated for me.

  10. Ref the cardboard box tweet: That brought tears to my eyes because when I was in a shop when my kids were little I would eyeball any big cardboard box and ask for it for my them. It would then become a ship, spaceship, castle etc. So it's now normal to say "it can be a bed or double up as a coffin". Horrible!

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  11. My goods news is I've not got pythons in the garden! 🤣

    I have got a hedgehog feeding station (upturned plastic storage box with doorway cut out) with birdbox camera and I feed all the other creatures that appear in my garden too. Great therapy.

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  12. Israel is like when I was a teenager getting a ticking off for swearing and saying to my mum "you do it!" and her reply would be "never you mind about me, I am talking about your behaviour!" which left me mumbling "oh F off!" under my breath.

  13. I really liked him and he made me laugh so much, which is so important at the present. I noticed in some episodes of countdown that he was thin and had a hoarse voice and I did think of cancer but then thought I was wrong after seeing him ok looking. He could just come out with anything and make it funny and he didn't appear to bow to the offended culture. I like Henning Wehn for the same reasons. They just start of with "well..............." and you know you are in for a good tale. 

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  14. Sorry it's me again.


    I Heard a woman mumble to her husband that I wasn't wearing a mask today in the shop. I said "no I never have and I'm fat and 60 odd so go home and wonder how I'm still alive and better mannered than you!". She went red and her husband smirked as if she asked for it. First time that's happened.

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  15. 43 minutes ago, screamingeagle said:

    i don't ,this is all to do with resurrection of "taliban the terorist" 


    i don't watch the news,but i'll bet you they will or they already did say 

    "the taliban regime means there will increased danger of international terrorism", or something in that context


    it is the same script played over and over again

    I agree. Kind of the "terrorists" to give us a nice break whilst we were suffering with the lurgy. 

  16. A man I know who is in their mid thirties, hetrosexual, single and always has been laughed their head off at INCEL when I said what it was. This person lives a very happy and fulfilling life, has their head screwed on and is happy in their skin. He couldn't believe there are groups like that and said "trust the media to be blowing this crap up"! 

    He also said " so people think I'm like a guinea pig on heat and think women should just let me sh*g them and if they don't it's their fault?!". He ended with "what's wrong with looking for a soul mate?". I just said that everyone's gone mental.

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  17. There's another thread on informed consent regarding the needle but I just thought of adding here, my elderly parent has a favourite in the family which often happens and can be ok if that person has the person's best interests at heart. The thing with mine is they don't! They are fully into Convid and do tests on parent, deal with their money without feeling the need to consult legalities and other family and loved ones and generally get a free reign on said parent. I've tried my utmost to get help on this but the lockdown etc. has been the greatest thing for these people riding roughshod! I've talked to my parent and tried to make them see it's all wrong but end up making my parent hostile. My parent has money that should be used to make their life luxurious and comfortable but instead of that, the favourite is investing and all sorts with it! Because of Convid, my parent doesn't matter to anyone and it is like banging my head against a brick wall. I am advised that because my parent wants this coercive person to act for them, there is nothing anyone can do. They don't even have POA and should not be using bank. I just don't want to do something that will make my parents life worse, like being taken by social services in a home and isolated. Informed consent and human rights for them doesn't exist and they are being treated like a two year old.

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