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  1. Israel is like when I was a teenager getting a ticking off for swearing and saying to my mum "you do it!" and her reply would be "never you mind about me, I am talking about your behaviour!" which left me mumbling "oh F off!" under my breath.
  2. I really liked him and he made me laugh so much, which is so important at the present. I noticed in some episodes of countdown that he was thin and had a hoarse voice and I did think of cancer but then thought I was wrong after seeing him ok looking. He could just come out with anything and make it funny and he didn't appear to bow to the offended culture. I like Henning Wehn for the same reasons. They just start of with "well..............." and you know you are in for a good tale.
  3. I tend to walk around all assertive looking when I've got no mask on in a shop. I'm using the strategies of walking alone along a dark path by having the don't mess with me body language. I probably look very affected or high on something because arrogance doesn't come easy to me!
  4. Sorry it's me again. I Heard a woman mumble to her husband that I wasn't wearing a mask today in the shop. I said "no I never have and I'm fat and 60 odd so go home and wonder how I'm still alive and better mannered than you!". She went red and her husband smirked as if she asked for it. First time that's happened.
  5. I agree. Kind of the "terrorists" to give us a nice break whilst we were suffering with the lurgy.
  6. A man I know who is in their mid thirties, hetrosexual, single and always has been laughed their head off at INCEL when I said what it was. This person lives a very happy and fulfilling life, has their head screwed on and is happy in their skin. He couldn't believe there are groups like that and said "trust the media to be blowing this crap up"! He also said " so people think I'm like a guinea pig on heat and think women should just let me sh*g them and if they don't it's their fault?!". He ended with "what's wrong with looking for a soul mate?". I just said that everyone's gone mental.
  7. There's another thread on informed consent regarding the needle but I just thought of adding here, my elderly parent has a favourite in the family which often happens and can be ok if that person has the person's best interests at heart. The thing with mine is they don't! They are fully into Convid and do tests on parent, deal with their money without feeling the need to consult legalities and other family and loved ones and generally get a free reign on said parent. I've tried my utmost to get help on this but the lockdown etc. has been the greatest thing for these people riding roughshod! I've talked to my parent and tried to make them see it's all wrong but end up making my parent hostile. My parent has money that should be used to make their life luxurious and comfortable but instead of that, the favourite is investing and all sorts with it! Because of Convid, my parent doesn't matter to anyone and it is like banging my head against a brick wall. I am advised that because my parent wants this coercive person to act for them, there is nothing anyone can do. They don't even have POA and should not be using bank. I just don't want to do something that will make my parents life worse, like being taken by social services in a home and isolated. Informed consent and human rights for them doesn't exist and they are being treated like a two year old.
  8. There's only ever one story at a time in the MSM and one always takes over where another left off.
  9. This spine chilling monster brings out the same feelings in me as that parasite that lives in the mouth of a fish. The depths of depravity. Shudder!
  10. I just put '2017 surgical masks harmful' into G and got all sorts up about them being a bad idea.
  11. What a dreadful tragedy for all involved, and how bad for those who saw any of it too. Isn't it terrible that he could go to the trouble of getting a gun but couldn't get help from services. How can someone just get a gun, for goodness sake?! How could the police let him have it back after the assault accusations? I suppose it would have been a knife though if he didn't have the gun. Young people have to fit in all these boxes and if they don't they can't live with being an individual and feel content about it. Is contentment with your warts and all self only attained when you get older? The only way of being acceptably different now is claiming you are not the right gender. A lot of young people need indoctrinating into accepting themselves and I wish the PTB would put the effort in to do this. All those overpaid moronic celebs could do it instead of telling us to get jabbed, or emptily typing 'be kind' .
  12. Very nice of you. We are getting along fine and as far as this scamdemic goes I'm not worse than anyone else. There are people going through all sorts in many different ways. I feel for people with children in High rise flats - things like that.
  13. I don't but I don't judge smoking. My 92yr old parent has smoked like a kipper factory - forever!
  14. Oh another thing I've just thought of that was beautiful. My friend brought her two and one year old to visit and whilst they were tottering around, the one year old stumbled a little. So the two year old instantly reached out to stop the fall. I thought that was a beautiful selfless thing in someone so young! really pure.
  15. Now that I'm an old bat I've got quite chunky so if we have to eat each other I could feed a family of 6 for a week. But I don't half have a high kick. It's my party piece like Jean-Claude Van Damme! I could dislocate a jaw with my projectile Croc.
  16. Thank you for opening up. I feel much the same only my OH has had both, so that horse has bolted! I've had to accept it but I think you can guess how I feel about that. It causes arguments like we've never had before and I worry for him. I try not to let it mess up the great relationship we have had and what a lovely man he is. He brought up my first two children from another marriage like his own and we have had a trusting and truthful life together. I'm not going to let this cult beat us. It has been harder for him because he has always conformed and his upbringing did this. I've always been like Holden Caulfield in The Catcher in the Rye - I think everyone is phoney and I question everything. He also has to have cancer treatment and has to visit hospitals a lot (he's doing good by the way!) so he's more prone to being sucked in than me. I'm mad at TPTB more than him because in some ways he's been pushed into a corner. I have hope for us all and I think some force must protect us in the end. We've not led our lives as decent people to be trampled on. By that I mean people on here who seek truth. I hope OH had the placebo because he's fine! Love to all!
  17. One of my siblings has started testing my very elderly parent. Depressing. I feel I'm on a loser because everyone else thinks its just fine. Of course they do - they're now in the Manson family.
  18. There's a website called 'Rapture Ready' and I don't wish to offend but I can't get past the subtitle that says "Behold, I come quickly" Sometimes I'm still a cackling teenager at the back of the bus.
  19. I've read that home food intolerence tests are a waste of money because they test for the presence of Immunoglobulin G and that you get unreliable results because all healthy humans have this, and tests results will vary with what you have eaten during the day. Yet, this Immunoglobulin G is what they look for in the convid nnnn19 immunity test. So how does it become so reliable for this test? Amazing!
  20. Who's gonna make my favourite Aldi cherry custard tart?
  21. Maybe I'm different because viruses have manifested in all sorts of ways with me over the years. I used to commute on the train and I'd get 24hr things. Feeling achy, distant, sneezy, a rash. You name it. I've had proper flu, pneumonia and even tracheitis a couple of years ago too - these nasty ones always followed a bad event in my life. My OH always says only you can get all these illnesses! None of the Convid symptoms they come up with are any different to me. It's a wonder I've not had a virus with all this turmoil we are in! I can only put it down to the fact that I have never been as sure about things as I am over all this and searching for truth and goodness is keeping me strong.
  22. Glad you are feeling better. I'd say to myself what if it was 2018 now, what would I think I had?
  23. Just read a story about a child having long Covid on the vile Sky News (keep your enemies closer). I don't want to add a link as I feel her mother as exploited her enough. I think the mother is caught up in all this cult so therefore can't see the wood for the trees but a couple of years ago this would have read as Munchausen's by proxy. The dangerous abuse of our kids and parenthood is evil and heart breaking. Parenthood to me is a lot of love and intuition with some knowledge of child development thrown in. Now its about your role being stripped away.
  24. They made a Useyournous Barbie too.
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