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  1. Oh I loathe them all! My brother says "stay safe" when he says bye on the phone and its like I'm chewing cotton wool. Thanks bro cos you've just intercepted me putting myself in grave danger! Lets try some synonyms "retain protection" and "maulers, mug, area". I find it very difficult to call the needle a V*****e.

  2. Speaking as a complete idiot on such matters, I feel my contribution to this thread is important because most of humanity appear to have turned into idiots. Could I point out that when we had the very impressive TV press conferences with the sinister Dr June Raine and cronies giving us the jargon on the needles being available and that it was a giant step for mankind (that woman scared me to death), wouldn't we have had a similar extravaganza on isolation?

  3. Sorry if this is in the wrong place cos I can't see where to write it. Please move if need be.


    Our relationship with illness is complex. We learn at an early age that we get special attention from a parent when ill and it cops us out of everything and we kind of like it and it doesn't help with all that's going on at the moment. Our psychology can cause a plethora of reactions in us. I remember my brother picking up a tic from another kid at school. He used to do the sharp grimace the same as the other kid and it was really hard to get him to stop. It is so easy to convince yourself you are ill. Look at symptoms of most illnesses - Do you feel tired, achy, bloated, itchy - Yes, all the time!


    So we have hypochondria, Munchausen's, Stockholm, hysteria, Factitious disorders, Panic attacks, Anxiety and many other complex issues that feed this malevolent experience. So I suppose I am saying - those who have the "virus" can easy convince themselves of it.

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  4. 37 minutes ago, Dazzer said:

    So just to get this straight... They're saying that older people with covid are at greater risk of dying because they're... old? 

    The same people that were screaming at us 'Don't kill my granny' one year ago are now saying 'Yeah granny was old and had health problems' 

    Thank you for info.

    And this from 2017 https://www.ageing.ox.ac.uk/blog/living too long-leeson The problem of people living too long and draining services. Sorry if my linking is bad.

  5. 40 minutes ago, SimonTV said:

    Let us face it, these people that took the covid vaccine were selfish. They ignored all the negative effects that it could have when shedding on to their children and grand children and put their selfish needs to travel and go on holiday before the welfare of their children and grand children. When it is suggested to these selfish people that took the covid vaccine that they could be infertile, they say they don't care because they already had children. Yea but did they think that they could be spreading their infertility through shedding on to their family? no they didn't give one shit about them the selfish cunts. 

    Out of likes.

    Totally agree. Grab, grab, grab like free pens they don't need. Everyone I know who had it said "well I'm getting mine booked!" to get in there before anyone. 

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  6. Volunteers are going to be coming door to door with tests in my town. A great opportunity for the scum of the earth to feel all yummy and glowing inside knowing that they are now efficient, superior citizens who get things done and get their photo in the local rag. They can forget bullying that kid at school, Knocking off with their friends husband and nearly knocking down that old man driving back from the pub. A HOLES!!! 😡 I'm going to start breeding a nice writhing pot of maggots near my front door.

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  7. Seen a site called 'Dapper Cadaver'?! They sell fake arms. Could go to a St Johns Ambulance tent for bite of the cobra where the jabbers will be thick as PS and will be too busy patting themselves on the back for their virtue to notice.

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  8. I think beauty lies in simplicity like when there is an impatient long queue at the supermarket till only to find at the front of it is an elderly man buying some bacon, counting out his change and telling the cashier about cooking his breakfast. He has all the time in the world and I love that. 🙂

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  9. I like the Sun Tzu, Mark Twain , John Donne and Oscar Wilde ones but this one seems apt for people on here.


    Mind the light of God in your consciences,
    which will show you all deceit;
    dwelling in it, guides out of the many things into one spirit,
    which cannot lie, nor deceive.
    Those who are guided by it, are one.
    ~ George Fox, 1624-1691


    And regarding the nasty needle:


    Fools rush in where angels fear to tread

    — Alexander Pope, An Essay on Criticism, lines 612-615, 620-625



  10. 15 hours ago, oddsnsods said:


    I love how he is speaking up and he has a good soul. I do worry for him though with all the snarky comments and ganging up like pack animals. None of the negative comments make a valid point but instead come across as sadistic bullying because they know they've been sucked in and can't handle being a stupid idiot.


    I watched the David Icke Wogan interview when I was younger and all I felt was how ugly everyone was enjoying ridiculing and humiliating a fellow human. It was like a 'kick him when he's down' fest. How hideous people can be. 

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  11. Piers Morgan - He represents all the covert criminals in this country who steal from their aging parents, claim what they shouldn't, judge everyone else, think they work hard because they con people on their doorsteps, push their way into and feel entitled to do jobs they are really sh*t at, pay too much attention to designer clothes and think they are great with their bad manners and selfishness. Polished t*rds. They like ranting about anti-vaxxers to project their inner self loathing.


    Forgot to say - self appoint themselves as boss of the Faceache neighbourhood watch group who all copy each other and woe betide those who don't copy.

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  12. Empathy with all of you. I'm repeating myself here because I rambled a bit in the elderly during lockdown thread. My three grown up children and me think for ourselves but I am retired and don't have the same pressures for earning a living as them so I'm constantly worried. My other half is sucked in! We have had such a great relationship as opposites. In the past it has resulted in healthy discussions, arguments and laughter. Well now, it is not funny at all and has caused a lot of unhealthy arguments. We still enjoy our lives by keeping busy with our interests but sometimes I could throttle him! He's always been a conformist and was head boy at school! 😂 Then there's me who questions everything and was thought of as a naughty girl at school. I think it is very difficult for people to not trust the BBC.

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  13. To follow my above post, nobody seems to associate the deaths with the vaccines! At the beginning of all this, another of her neighbour's mother died in a home and when I spoke to him I asked what had happened. I knew she had suffered a stroke and her physical health suffered but she was perfectly fine otherwise. He said he had visited her and she was fine but three hours later got a call to say she had passed away! When I asked how he just acceptingly said she caught Covid. The acceptance of that astounded me. This is how evil all this is and what we are up against. In my family there is me, my three grown up children and a few of their friends who don't buy it all. My partner, other family members, friends and anyone I know in the town are all fully sucked in. It was like the village of the damned here during lockdown, all doing the local walks with dead eyes.

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  14. Kids should be playing with Lego and not thinking about their gender. If people truly feel this way, decide when you are fully able. I didn't care what sex I was and was climbing trees and playing with Barbie until I was about 15! I feel there has been a long, long plan to degrade us and take away our individuality, creativity, principles and dignity. You only need to look at TV and what is acceptable - cattle market tv shows where you choose someone by the look of their sex organs! Trends in Dan Dare eyebrows and tacky false nails - crikey my nails look like a farmer's because I do things with them. Women my age encouraged to show cleavage and look like a mutton dressed as lamb. Surgery and selfies just all have an effect on dumbing your brain. Look at Carol Vorderman, she's supposed to be clever! By making all this stuff mainstream it is reducing us to the cattle they want us to be. I'm convinced that lots hobbies, interests and just trying new things keeps us sane. Don't ever think you are rubbish and something, just have a go and do it. I recently told a neighbour how I have made a hedgehog feeding station and I have a birdbox camera in it. She tried to approve but she looked at me as if I needed sectioning.

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  15. An ex colleague is in a relationship with a t*t surgeon. He is always sprouting on Tw*tter because everyone wants to hear what he's got to say (in his massive head!) 🙄. He recently posted that people who won't have the nasty needle should not be able to use health services! I was so enraged! So it's fine for the most evil people in society to use the health services in his eyes if they're needled?! Never minds operating on t*ts, he is one. Can you believe these idiots who are president of this and that and get regular awards for making women feel they need better boobs? I was happy to see that nobody answered him. 🙂

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