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  1. Saw a very elderly woman with shopping trolley today so said to her that I only live around the corner and would she like me to get her shopping. She had a mask and steamed up visor on! I thought she'll get knocked down cos she can't see! She cuttingly said "I'm perfectly capable of getting my own shopping thank you!" So that was me told. 🤣

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  2. I started getting a bit of a cold and a couple of days ago which two years ago I would have enjoyed moaning about and indulging in! I've just kept quiet about it due to the current sh storm and it is going away now! 😂 Maybe if we had mentally rejected colds and flu before, they would go away.

  3. 13 hours ago, Ziggy Sawdust said:


    "So God created man in his own image, in the image of God he created him; male and female he created them"


    You reckon God looks like this?




    If there is God, perhaps it is not classically good looking. It might even be a hideous as Piers Morgan or Lorraine!

  4. Before all this I was in a 30 year great relationship with a good man and three great grown up kids (unjabbed ones), Then he got cancer in 2016. We road through all that storm and then this evil plan appeared wrecking everyone's lives, not just ours. If we don't discuss convid we are the same as ever and luckily he doesn't appear to have any bad affects from the jabs. I hope he had saline! He's not having a booster because he's more frightened of how I'll react! The evil has won if I allow it to divide us.

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  5. It is very difficult to respect their decisions when you strongly believe they are putting themselves in harms way. It's a bit like standing chatting to your mate whilst he goes about jumping off a bridge. I've said before that my other half has had two jabs and I try to get along as normal but sometimes I am raging mad about it and think you stupid man! He said the other day that his (hypochondriac) friend has no taste or smell so a massive argument broke out and I nearly banged the door off the hinges.

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  6. Puzzling for me is: A family who are part of my extended family thrice removed, who are all rotten to the core and made up of big fat unhealthy lumps of lard are all pumped up with these so-called vaccines, are all still going about their daily evil dealings. They are really into it all and do the tests and all the lot! They pushed in first for any needles and their father who is 95 is still going strong - as are they!

  7. I've been out getting bits of shopping this morning (sorry can't say what area) but I'd say about half of the people were wearing the ridiculous masks. I nipped in the garden centre too, which is a large modern one and not many had them on and no greeters or security anywhere. 


    Just realised I posted in wrong thread - sorry!

  8. 8 minutes ago, Useyournous said:

    Aldi should have added, employees who:

    shag and wank off in the toilets

    pick their noses

    Bum in their dinner hour

    scratch their arses

    have nits

    have crabs

    have chlamydia etc. etc. etc.

    Are just fine to sell our food to us.

    Sorry to confuse. I am referring to how crazy it is for the un-needled to be considered unclean when there are so many ways people can be covertly unclean but work everywhere. It is just so ridiculous to think we are a health hazard like we are riddled with covid when we are really healthy. Hope this goes some way to lessen the confusion I've caused.

  9. My neice lives near St Helens rugby stadium and she said the air ambulance landed there yesterday because someone had a medical emergency. It is a vaccine centre so word is out it was post shot. However, she said the local rag is saying the person was on the way for their shot.

  10. 1 hour ago, Morpheus said:

    Like this fuckin psycho.



    I like to use labels as well Allyn, or was it Lyn at one point? 🤷


    However, I'm not as mindful as you are Lyn, and I'm not bothered whether they like being called that label or not. Like, I dunno know, a fuckin filthy dirty paedo! 


    What say you Allyn? 

    Oh god, hideous!

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  11. Positive covid tests probably detect any virus or bacteria in your nose/throat. In my lifetime I've had two bouts of real influenza which made me delirious, sick, weak, temperature all over place - sweating then teeth chattering freezing, rashy because of hot temp, bones feeling like I'd been kicked all over, headache especially on trying to stand up and sinusitis with no taste and smell. It made me bed ridden for about two weeks and unable to eat or wash. I really think people need to get a clear understanding of flu because it really matters in understanding what bullshit Covid is. 


    I've also had viral illnesses that haven't lasted long and I didn't know what they were. I don't want to ramble but I've had all the stuff like tonsillitis, laryngitis, tracheitis, bronchitis and pneumonia. On many occasions I have either lost taste and smell or got a funny smell or taste when I've been ill. Losing taste or smell has always been common cold symptoms and definitely sinusitis! I also think we (myself included) feel a comfort in saying "I'm ill" as it kind of takes some of our responsibility away. I strongly feel we need to now avoid this at all costs and refuse to be ill!

    Eating well, supplements and vitamins are fine but for me I feel it is the strength from not believing and forming a psychological shield that keeps me well.   


    I categorically do not believe this "Covid" exists as this deadly, stand out virus and we would do ourselves a favour to remember there have always been germs and viruses. I believe people were dying pre-needle because of poor health that would kill them anyway, mass hysteria, broken spirit, neglect of certain people, Stockholm syndrome, cock ups in medical diagnosis and treatment, brain washing and many other complex psychological issues that us humans are prone too.  Now that we have this "needle", I think it is killing people too. If people start believing they have a weird new illness, then they've been got at a bit - in my humble opinion.

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  12. On 10/29/2021 at 2:27 PM, NoVaccinePassportsAnywhere said:

    Personally I think they've just been brainwashed by what they've seen on the bbc and read in the newspapers, I think they believe everything they've been told and now are just living in fear.  I find that they repeat stuff they've heard like it's a fact, telling me it's not for ourselves we get the jab, but our duty to get to protect everyone. I'm shocked how easily they've been brainwashed like this, scary times.

    I agree and I'm shocked too. How come I can watch mainstream news and any rubbish thrown at us on TV, listen to politicians, so called experts, professors and whoever wants to convince me and still know it's all lies and bull? I feel like an alien and don't know how I see what I see.

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  13. 16 hours ago, whatthefoxhat said:

    Keir starmer now has covid


    Please let the next headline concerning him contain the following words 'After a short illness'



    New symptom then - makes your voice sound like you are playing the comb and paper.

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