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  1. A random thought that doesn't necessarily help our cause but one that has just pinged into my head (that's often what happens with me): There must be quite a lot of people who have enjoyed the masks because of their negative self image. Our society has hideous perceptions on how people should look so for example, people with a beautiful and individual facial difference could have well enjoyed the rest from people's rude eyes training on them like a sniper. However beautiful people are, there's always some ignorant pig who's going to psychologically punch them in the face. However, that rest from stares will only go towards enhancing the stares again when the masks totally go.
  2. I had a hopeful feeling last spring that things were dying down but I was totally wrong so I dare not let my guard down.
  3. They have been saying on the utterly corrupt news how he is still popular with people so I wouldn't be surprised if he comes out of the barrel of **** smelling of roses because everyone is totally crazy! There is a lady in my neighbourhood who is posting on Facebook how her mother died alone on that day in a care home. That same woman was snitching on two local teenagers and posting pictures of them for sitting on a bench all over Facebook during the first lockdown. As dreadful as all these experiences are for people, they have helped it happen by believing all this crap and they have made our lives hell!
  4. I think this Long Covid appears to have some terrible symptoms: Malingering Laziness Attention seeking Loss of moral fibre Hysteria Betrayal Accusing Whinging & whining Factitious Disorder Denial Becoming a Facebook whore Following the herd Hypocrisy Hypochondriasis Dodging responsibility Stockholm syndrome idiocy Emotional retardation Narcissism Lying A massive pain in the A It must be awful for the poor souls!
  5. My daughter-in-law is pregnant and we feel very lucky that her assigned midwife is not a zombie. She actually said to her "if you are going to have any vaccines, wait until after the babies born, but I've not said that". When her and my son told us she was pregnant instead of feeling the joy of it, it was overshadowed with the fear of the child being born into all this sh*t. I even asked them not to rush into having a baby when all this kicked off but I guess life events don't happen like that.
  6. A family I know in the town near shat themselves when they saw us coming toward them on a walk during the first lockdown. They walked into the main road to pass us and I thought......well you know what I thought. They are now rebelling and questioning, which is good but I could punch them all in the face for taking two years!
  7. His joyless mush is still joyless though. It must be boring being a psychopath.
  8. I'm in a loving state of consciousness when I'm eating a piece of apricot and almond tart with a dollop of Greek yogurt on top. Do you think it will work as well?
  9. May all your truth and goodness create a contagion to turn all the grotesques into normal loving humans. xx
  10. There are people everywhere doing things for other people and just because they feel they should. Men who say "I'm just going to fix Margaret's gate latch for her" or women who say "I'm just going to give Alf next door some of this pie". You see children keeping a watchful eye on their younger siblings or stroking the local cat. Reflex kind acts that go on everywhere, then all these A holes get knighted!! Imagine what our true history must be? Ordinary folk making the world go around. Arise Sir A hole!
  11. Happy New Year - we must believe good will prevail! I expect I will find everything preposterous again. So my resolution will be to try and do nice activities in between being flabbergasted until good prevails. Nice is a very underrated word actually. xxx
  12. Well, here I am un-needled with a streaming cold. Not ill and not ar*ed. My un-needled sons also have it and my twice needled husband - we all have the same symptoms. The only boring bit, as with any time I get a cold is the blocked but tickly, runny nose which felt like it had a vacuum in it last night in bed! We've all been in the company of my very old mum too and she's fine. What a load of b*llocks Omicron is, the evil orchestrators!
  13. Spot the psychopath with the shoulder bag!
  14. Just feel sorry for the vet who has to file down her teeth with a rasp.
  15. When the vaxxed criticise the unvaxxed, do they ever wonder how we are still here?
  16. Just a touch more about Brian May: That hair looks like a germ and virus microclimate. You wouldn't leave a Brillo hanging around the sink indefinitely so I'd advise Brian to get that lot shaved off, prompt! Apologies to anyone on here with frizzy hair. If you are on here, your frizzy hair is beautiful.
  17. Saw a very elderly woman with shopping trolley today so said to her that I only live around the corner and would she like me to get her shopping. She had a mask and steamed up visor on! I thought she'll get knocked down cos she can't see! She cuttingly said "I'm perfectly capable of getting my own shopping thank you!" So that was me told.
  18. When the cop starts lashing out the one next to him appears to think 'oh sh*t!' and tries to stop him.
  19. I started getting a bit of a cold and a couple of days ago which two years ago I would have enjoyed moaning about and indulging in! I've just kept quiet about it due to the current sh storm and it is going away now! Maybe if we had mentally rejected colds and flu before, they would go away.
  20. If there is God, perhaps it is not classically good looking. It might even be a hideous as Piers Morgan or Lorraine!
  21. Chris Sh*tty with his dead face is actually making me laugh on that crap podium. Look at the pathetic, red alert writing with that 'O' emphasized. It's like a bad attempt at a jumble sale poster done on Word Art!
  22. Before all this I was in a 30 year great relationship with a good man and three great grown up kids (unjabbed ones), Then he got cancer in 2016. We road through all that storm and then this evil plan appeared wrecking everyone's lives, not just ours. If we don't discuss convid we are the same as ever and luckily he doesn't appear to have any bad affects from the jabs. I hope he had saline! He's not having a booster because he's more frightened of how I'll react! The evil has won if I allow it to divide us.
  23. It is very difficult to respect their decisions when you strongly believe they are putting themselves in harms way. It's a bit like standing chatting to your mate whilst he goes about jumping off a bridge. I've said before that my other half has had two jabs and I try to get along as normal but sometimes I am raging mad about it and think you stupid man! He said the other day that his (hypochondriac) friend has no taste or smell so a massive argument broke out and I nearly banged the door off the hinges.
  24. Puzzling for me is: A family who are part of my extended family thrice removed, who are all rotten to the core and made up of big fat unhealthy lumps of lard are all pumped up with these so-called vaccines, are all still going about their daily evil dealings. They are really into it all and do the tests and all the lot! They pushed in first for any needles and their father who is 95 is still going strong - as are they!
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