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  1. What the heck is going on with missing Kate? She was becoming far too thin when she was last seen so is it that her eating disorder has made it shameful for her to be seen in public? Having cancer would be a good cover story for this because if and when she does appear they can just say the chemo has wasted her. Is she in rehab with intravenous clotted cream, sugar and flour being pumped in?


  2. Won't be long before Fusty Fergie spills the beans for a few bob. Maybe that's why her and her lovely ex husband are walking around shaking the hands of the brainless along with the other lizards "please don't tell Andy n Ferg and we'll let you play kings and queens with us".

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  3. Rumour has it her cosmetic surgeon has advised her to let the swelling go down post surgery before getting poshed up again and smiling. I don't agree with cosmetic surgery but I have to say she does look younger and I've got a tinge of jealousy going on that I feel ashamed about. One of her servants leaked this.....naughty, naughty.

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  4. My husband has advanced prostate cancer but the good news is the treatment is great and keeps him going as he's had it 8 years! He is fine and gets on with things and the family do the same and he certainly doesn't like decorating it with pathos - babies/kids get it for goodness sake - bloody brain tumors and such! It does however sting a bit when someone in the public eye gets it or says they've got it and there's a glut in tissue manufacturing. Cancers vary so much in treatability and severity but they all go under one umbrella when its a national treasure. Any royal with it will get better treatment than Brenda from the corner shop, that's for sure!

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  5. What's up with her left eye?

    Why's William not sat with her?

    Why did the Royal machine let all that stuff about fiddled photos lie with Kate?

    Why not say it earlier on?

    Why's she all done up with the light carefully behind her to not cast shadow?

    Why is nobody sat with her, there's enough of em?!

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  6. The only people I trust are my children so I spend time watching what I'm saying to people. I can cope well on my own and apart from close family I prefer it. Luckily I can make things and it always gets me out of feeling negative. I mastered sewing a zip recently and sewing PVC fabric so I've got so many soap bags I don't know what to do with them.! Anyone need a zip bag? I enjoy doing very simple things like feeding wildlife. Everything outside of my cocoon is very bizarre and evil and I can't stand how people police each other whilst acting oh so virtuous. Does anyone really feel anything anymore? I suppose there's always the possibility I am the insane one but I analyse and check myself for empathy, common sense, being able to do something kind without putting it on social media, intuition, lie detecting, avoiding group think, trying to keep dignity for me and others, applying logic and keeping my feet on the ground so I assume I'm ok?! This is very me, me, me sorry but you did ask and thank you for such a good question. Conclusion: my life is better in some ways but worse in others.

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  7. On 1/2/2024 at 8:01 PM, Grumpy Owl said:


    As I said earlier in this thread, I am pretty sure there are plenty of good honest people who choose to work for these food delivery companies. And yes, I think it pretty much does depend on where you live - I guess here in Birmingham you are probably more likely to get some driver who can barely speak English and just wants to give you your food so they can race off and collect the next order.


    I never said I saw them as 'a threat' though, quite the opposite in fact, it appals me that these people are being exploited and abused, being used as 'subcontractors' to do a job that probably doesn't pay that well to start with. What concerns me is that there is a new 'under-class' of modern slavery that is going on under peoples' noses, and they don't even realise it is happening.

    No Grumpy Owl, I didn't think you did. 

  8. Not dismissing people's opinions and worries and I really think it depends where we live to understand what's going on. However where I live the delivery drivers are all polite and go the extra mile so it is hard to feel any of them are a threat. Our postman is a local but has a face like a yard of tripe and can't be bothered looking at me. He even asked me if I'd complained about him once and I was flabbergasted because I wouldn't have dreamt of doing such a thing but I could tell he thought I had! Now if any of those delivery drivers dares to poo in my shrubs I will rapidly change my mind.

  9. On 10/8/2023 at 10:53 PM, k_j_evans said:

    Just use a household flea spray if you are actually worried. All the ones I've had say they kill bedbugs. Yawn.

    I agree. The one with front in it's name is powerful. I sprayed a tiny bit in the hedgehog cafe in summer cos it was flea-ey, when the hedgehogs had gone to bed elsewhere for the day and when they visited at night the ticks fell off them and died in the cafe! I was worried about the hedgehogs in case I'd murdered them but thankfully they were fine and hopefully appreciative. 😳

  10. In the images available it doesn't look like the same person because he has a young Prince Charles type awful comb over curly quiff on one. But on the other he looks older with cut hair with no quiff! Sorry I'm rubbish at adding pictures.


    WATCH: Update on Maine mass shooting that killed 18; gunman still at largePolice are hunting a gunman in Maine

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