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  1. A neighbour of mine is 30 and has just had a baby. Apparently she was made to feel she had to have the vaccine during pregnancy and is now being treated for myocarditis. She chats on phone to her friend who has also developed it and doctors are saying it happened because of being pregnant. I can't recall this being rife when I had my children. FGS!

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  2. The royals are all as horrible as one another, with Meghan as the wooden spoon. All of them are spoilt brats who swan around in ridiculously expensive clothes paid for by us who have to shop at Matalan - if we're lucky. Must be costing a fortune for Kate's botox, rib removal and hip bone shaving. She's beginning to look like Carol Vorderman! Let them all cave in on themselves!

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  3. Apologies if this is in the wrong place and I won't be offended if it is removed.


    I'm restoring (fingers crossed) my doll from the 1960s so that I can show it to my granddaughter - at the moment it looks like Regan from The Exorcist so I don't really want to mark her for life. I've never done it before but have nothing to lose! The eyes are the closing, opening type and look like they have been eaten away so I've sent for new ones and manually removed the old ones! They are a metal, round capsule with plastic eye front bits that I got out by heating her head then flicking them out with a spoon. They are in a round chamber in the head very much like our eyes........this all sounds so macabre! The eye opening is 2cm that opens into a 2 and a half cm spherical chamber. I could always pop a Lindor in each one!


    I've viewed videos of the process from very kind, talented people but I know I'll break them!


    I need a four-pronged instrument that will dilate the eye so that I can place them back in. Now then - I have put various phrases into search engines and basically come up with unimaginable implements for dilating bodily orifices, an education I cannot turn back from! .........oh lord, why?! The thing is, they would be just the thing I need to do the job. I am not buying something like that from Ebay! 


    My question: Since people on here have healthy brain cogs - can any of you think of an instrument to dilate a 2cm vinyl eye?



  4. Why are they so bothered about what these people say? We've always had Hyde Park Corner and indeed. people in nearly every town either ranting about the bible or whatever and everyone walks past giggling. The fact that they are trying to dismantle people means they are too close to truth for comfort. My brother used to put his hand over my mouth when I told my mum he'd scraped some cream out of the cake in the fridge and this is how she knew he had!

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  5. I read about this one in Lancashire.

    Touching tributes to well-loved dad and school governor who died suddenly in his sleep - LancsLive  I read a few articles about his death and he was very worried about convid and getting loooong convid so he started a rigorous fitness regime. Plus, he had been in hospital for a month because his mental health was suffering and that's where he died! He was a pharmacist so he may have given himself a few more jabs? Scared of dying but then ends up dying because he is scared of dying! 😟


  6. Remember the days when you could watch a good documentary, satirical and rebellious comedy, films and good plays/dramas? Now I flick through the channels with my mouth agape, going "what the?!!!" and most the above hardened criminals are in them. There is a choice of The Masked Cretin, Show Your Genitals on TV, Lying News, Women Talking Shit, Men Talking Shit, Phone-ins making a meal of the boring menopause.......oh shut up!, The Cat's Voice, Killing, Ghosts, Awful noisy films with wooden acting, Caricatures sat on their bums watching trash TV and swearing about it, Psychopaths, Cyst popping, Rich housewives spitting venom, Animals killing each other, Freak Shows, Surgery, Autopsies, North Korean style brain washing pageantry, Nazis and crazy ideas with bunches of hideous celebrities being wincingly embarrassing. Have I missed out anything? 😂 I'm so desperate, I watch the E-bikes on the shopping channel!


    Wish they would all slither off back to hell!

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  7. 2 minutes ago, Tinfoil Hat said:

    And Bruce Springsteen and Dave Grohl (they might have been named & shamed already so sorry if it's repetition).


    And Andrew Lloyd Weber, the living Spitting Image physog.


    And that arse, Dermot O'Leary & the other gonk who bullied & shouted down a co-presenter on air when she was questioning the narrative.


    Shame & humiliation on them all, whether it was ignorant, bombastic arrogance they were indulging in or knowing deceit. I hope every last one of them reaps consequences. 


    I can't stand Dermot O'Leary, he seems to ride on top of being an actual person. Very synthetic.

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  8. My ancient mum's neighbour Nelly was shouting across the road to me this morning "how you doing, I hope you've had your flu jab and booster, I had both at once!" And I said "mm yeah right uw mmm yeah oh mmm" Thinking 'go in you annoying, crazy old bitch!'. My mum said "she's lovely Nelly isn't she?". I thought 'don't get too attached, she'll be gone tomorrow! 😂

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  9. Such lovely things people can do! The best therapy - make things and never think you can't. Even if it's just a cake, have a go and make sure you add your own touch - important!

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