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  1. I think olive oil and good honey have pretty magical properties. There was an experiment on cholesterol where half of a group of people were told to have 1 dessertspoon of uncooked olive oil per day - any olive oil not just cold pressed virgin! The other half had the same of rapeseed oil, which is molecularly identical to olive. After a few months the olive oilers did far better and lowered their cholesterol significantly. Hence, I have since chucked dow a spoonful of the stuff each day and have good cholesterol levels.

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  2. When my son was 7, in the days it was normal for kids to play outside, he was playing out in our back garden for a few minutes whilst I watched him and did the washing-up. after a small distraction I looked out to see the gate swinging open and him gone. I was so filled with fear, anxiety and nearly passing out, I actually wet myself and was screaming like a nutcase. I was unable to rationalise and predict what he may have done but if I had, I would have realised he'd gone to his friends a few doors away!


    What I'm saying is, people who deal with a tragedy involving someone close by calmly talking to the press and public, instantly starting fundraising, then turn the attention on themselves and get aggressive with the public who they are cadging funds from just seem like aliens from another planet to me. What happened to raw emotions? Even if the missing person is a distant neighbour it would be traumatising wondering what the hell has happened to them! I doubt attention and money would have helped me if my worst fears had happened when my child wasn't at his friends.

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  3. I used to get unsolicited advice off people at work as they passed my desk who could not stop themselves saying that stuff is really bad, as they crunched their kale! It was (Crapsi Max - Lidl's own P Max. I just used to say " I Knooow, I should go on that 3 bottles of £2 wine you have after your jog". I know cola is sh*t but so are sulphides and antifreeze.

  4. This trend for posting yourself all over the internet and misting your flaws out doing selfies, walking around lonely places with sensory deprivating earplugs in, Letting every nutter know your on your own in the bushes, indulging in serious illnesses like the 'menopause' and 'mental health issues' getting unprecedented attention, then kicking off about it. What happened to dropping the kids off, bitching about Barbara with the other nice mummies, doing the hoovering, spraying pledge into the room so he thinks you've done a spring clean, then going to Asda for the kids nuggets and smiley faces for their tea? 

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  5. Why do they call the river Wyre path 'the towpath'? I thought towpaths were for the horses who pulled barges along canals and navigated parts of rivers. If you tried to pull anything along there with a horse, it would be very silly.

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  6. I'm a bit annoyed by the criticisms of the person who found Nicola's body. He's been called a 'charlatan psychic' (and I'm very sceptical about psychics) but that slur doesn't make sense does it, because in this case he could possibly have got vibes through the ether? If he says he got led to her, it's pretty hard to say he's wrong when he's clearly found her. Lancashire Police didn't and Troy Tempest with his magic sonar. I think the poor fella did a better job that the filth and no matter how he found her, he found her and should be thanked.


    And the disgust at the public crawling all over the village - They are lucky to have had all the fuss because most go missing and nobody cares!

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  7. I'm sick to the back teeth of 'menopause' being the new serious illness! I lived through it and it's just like puberty and I don't believe it causes suicide. Heavy unpredictable periods, bad hair days, moods, migraines, podge, screaming matches. Stop being hysterical over flamin menopause! What about disfigured, terminally ill or people really suffering in other ways. Stop moaning cos your tits are sagging and just let them sag. 

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  8. A neighbour of mine is 30 and has just had a baby. Apparently she was made to feel she had to have the vaccine during pregnancy and is now being treated for myocarditis. She chats on phone to her friend who has also developed it and doctors are saying it happened because of being pregnant. I can't recall this being rife when I had my children. FGS!

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  9. The royals are all as horrible as one another, with Meghan as the wooden spoon. All of them are spoilt brats who swan around in ridiculously expensive clothes paid for by us who have to shop at Matalan - if we're lucky. Must be costing a fortune for Kate's botox, rib removal and hip bone shaving. She's beginning to look like Carol Vorderman! Let them all cave in on themselves!

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  10. Apologies if this is in the wrong place and I won't be offended if it is removed.


    I'm restoring (fingers crossed) my doll from the 1960s so that I can show it to my granddaughter - at the moment it looks like Regan from The Exorcist so I don't really want to mark her for life. I've never done it before but have nothing to lose! The eyes are the closing, opening type and look like they have been eaten away so I've sent for new ones and manually removed the old ones! They are a metal, round capsule with plastic eye front bits that I got out by heating her head then flicking them out with a spoon. They are in a round chamber in the head very much like our eyes........this all sounds so macabre! The eye opening is 2cm that opens into a 2 and a half cm spherical chamber. I could always pop a Lindor in each one!


    I've viewed videos of the process from very kind, talented people but I know I'll break them!


    I need a four-pronged instrument that will dilate the eye so that I can place them back in. Now then - I have put various phrases into search engines and basically come up with unimaginable implements for dilating bodily orifices, an education I cannot turn back from! .........oh lord, why?! The thing is, they would be just the thing I need to do the job. I am not buying something like that from Ebay! 


    My question: Since people on here have healthy brain cogs - can any of you think of an instrument to dilate a 2cm vinyl eye?



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