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  1. The only people I trust are my children so I spend time watching what I'm saying to people. I can cope well on my own and apart from close family I prefer it. Luckily I can make things and it always gets me out of feeling negative. I mastered sewing a zip recently and sewing PVC fabric so I've got so many soap bags I don't know what to do with them.! Anyone need a zip bag? I enjoy doing very simple things like feeding wildlife. Everything outside of my cocoon is very bizarre and evil and I can't stand how people police each other whilst acting oh so virtuous. Does anyone really feel anything anymore? I suppose there's always the possibility I am the insane one but I analyse and check myself for empathy, common sense, being able to do something kind without putting it on social media, intuition, lie detecting, avoiding group think, trying to keep dignity for me and others, applying logic and keeping my feet on the ground so I assume I'm ok?! This is very me, me, me sorry but you did ask and thank you for such a good question. Conclusion: my life is better in some ways but worse in others.
  2. To think I used to tell my children if they lost me outside they must go to a lady with a pram or a police man. How times have changed or how bloody thick I was!
  3. My father was hit by a car but it was partly due to his elderly over confidence that he could be seen and cars would stop for him. It was a terrible thing for him, us and the driver.
  4. I didn't realise they sold cough syrup with that in! I've thought for years that all cough syrups are rubbish, just liquid Haribo. I used to love a good slug of buttercup syrup though when I was a child - Christmas cake in a bottle, yummy.
  5. I'm now suspecting Kate has had a mental breakdown or has been admitted with anorexia nervosa.
  6. Perhaps Kate has had even more hip blade and ribs removed plus a major tummy tuck and lipo because she needs it. I hope she's not used Sophie's facial surgeon because she now resembles the man who turned himself into a lion - like you do.
  7. Not dismissing people's opinions and worries and I really think it depends where we live to understand what's going on. However where I live the delivery drivers are all polite and go the extra mile so it is hard to feel any of them are a threat. Our postman is a local but has a face like a yard of tripe and can't be bothered looking at me. He even asked me if I'd complained about him once and I was flabbergasted because I wouldn't have dreamt of doing such a thing but I could tell he thought I had! Now if any of those delivery drivers dares to poo in my shrubs I will rapidly change my mind.
  8. I agree. The one with front in it's name is powerful. I sprayed a tiny bit in the hedgehog cafe in summer cos it was flea-ey, when the hedgehogs had gone to bed elsewhere for the day and when they visited at night the ticks fell off them and died in the cafe! I was worried about the hedgehogs in case I'd murdered them but thankfully they were fine and hopefully appreciative.
  9. There's sour milk and there's sour milk. When you have purposely soured it or bought a soured/fermented product ok but to go and get the milk for your tea and taste that it has turned into gorgonzola - no thank you!
  10. When you have two of my neighbours photographing the small pile of litter they have picked up on a walk for the "neighbour group" on A*rsebook, whilst they don't secure their recycling bags on collection day and it all blows into the field. And they are proper chuffed with themselves. "Please Miss, look how clever I am?!" Just shows what we are up against.
  11. In the images available it doesn't look like the same person because he has a young Prince Charles type awful comb over curly quiff on one. But on the other he looks older with cut hair with no quiff! Sorry I'm rubbish at adding pictures.
  12. They need to work for the NHS to deal with complaints.
  13. I thought 'why is there a thread on Fri 13th?' and it took me a little while to realise it is that date today! I've been with my tot grandchild and it's only when she goes home that the real world hits again, when I'm not playing dollies.
  14. All these visions and messages you get are giving you strength to do good acts. Whether they are positive or negative, you are very strong and must remain so. Don't ever let them bully you or use strong powers of persuasion to doing harm to you or anyone else. I think you have a strong resistance to negativity so be very aware they may send destructive vibes. Stand strong!
  15. Yitzhak Rabin got them all so close to peace and compromise but peace wasn't the solution. Wiping out the Palestinians was - lovely.
  16. There's an opportunity for an enterprise! Done in a similar way to slimming classes where the nice fluffy sheep pay money to be demoralised and thoroughly humiliated in front of everyone and have it reinforced that they need expensive classes to achieve their miserable goals only to never succeed. " you've gained again my love" It just needs a ridiculous name like " nofags4us". Oh hang on....
  17. We were in Wales last week and it was like being in an episode of Postman Pat with everyone going along so slowly. They had a speed camera van in one of the villages and a local harridan stood in the street doing slow down hand signals at us nasty English scum! The local farmers were tear arsing in tractors but that's all good. I'm not going to Wales any more, they can buy their own thickly buttered bara brith!
  18. Some very interesting contributions coming from all angles. Just shows what perilous times we live in where those with influence dominate and deceive to a degree where your intuition and common sense are messed with - and I've always relied on those things. I say this still unsure whether he is the predator or the the victim of predators and I guess we will have to watch and wait. It is true that some women are attracted to a-holes and happily walk into the lion's den and it always amazes me what sexual practices people get up to. Someone I know was a sexual predator who left her husband high and dry to pursue her hobby, only for him to take her back after her spree of devastation and live a fake moral high horse life constantly cadging money from his mother to keep up their lifestyle - so she wouldn't b*gger off again, I expect . Her motives were unclear apart from it seemed she liked to wreck happy relationships. She chose husbands and boyfriends of colleagues, family and friends to lure into her trap. She claimed it was the man when caught out but there were too many for it to always be them! She is now a judgemental, moralising pillar of the community and very political. It is never talked about because of her husband children and it is all under that cluttered carpet of hers. There is a psychopathic element for me and I think about it when men get accused of rape. I clearly don't take away from true accounts of predation but it does make me think there are women getting away with these things too and it won't be all over the tabloids.
  19. What about Vic Reeves rubbing his thighs near the girls, is he next?
  20. I watched it and it played out as a fake documentary like 'The Life of Rock with Brian Pern'. How come all these women have suddenly outed him? Where are the police and lawyers? One of the woman was using the very basic language for sex acts (he effed me) and I would have thought that feeling so soiled you would up the self-respect and decency. He will have got up to all kinds but probably no different to most others who suddenly get everything handed on a platter with fame. Some of the things he said in his stage routine were supposedly said to his "victims" and even though I found the stage act unpleasant, it seemed pretty convenient to be able to connect phrases for evidence. I'm amazed how filthy many of our jolly comedians are on stage but I expect it is what the intoxicated punters want. A detail I noticed but maybe shouldn't was he doesn't appear to have a lot in the male department so it didn't fit the descriptive context - no smoking gun.....literally! I wasn't convinced.
  21. It's all horrible whether it's true or not. My dad used to call the TV the magic lantern but he should have called it the black magic lantern.
  22. Well I know what I'll be watching tonight whilst nibbling my mini chocolate rice cakes stash in the bedside drawer.
  23. He's got the Ted Bundy eyes but so has my mother - she looks like Charles Manson with a white bob.
  24. Well nobody said anything before when he was going on about his sex addiction. I think he did a documentary about it! When he was in disgrace with J Ross after their tasteless Andrew Sachs prank, all the victims could have pounced then. He's somewhat annoying with his Thesaurus vocab and I'm never quite sure of him but I trust the MSM far less so they may be after him.
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