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  1. He's upset Kerry Catona now. That's bad because he's forced her to be a gobshite and ruined her integrity.
  2. I loved Kim on Big Brother and watched just to see her. She was calling everyone out for what they were and I loved it! She was then however bullied mercilessly after it and I think had a breakdown. Philip Shitfield was the ringleader.
  3. I watched Eamon's interview and thought "wow he's really going for it calling Philip Schofield a toxic narcissist" but he spoiled it a little by saying how great he was at everything! My sons are saying I'm a bad parent because I took them to Father Christmas one year and Philip Schofield was giving them the presents! Aaaah they're tainted! I can remember him being very arrogant and my OH didn't like him.
  4. Can you catch it off quorn chicken pieces?
  5. Kate's torso is odd. She's so thin but with no hip bones, tummy, ribs or anything showing, like our good friend Barbie. She must live on sips of diluted honey because she's had her gastric organs removed.
  6. Just seen Lionel Richie's face, it's like a drawstring bag full of tennis, squash and snooker balls!
  7. Just to say: Here we all are! We've resisted all the pressure, persuasion, bullying, mental torture, scaring, victimising, singling out, hatred, scapegoating, degradation, emotional blackmail, gaslighting... and so on. And we are here with no deathly Covid.
  8. As long as they pronounce 'one' like 'wan' they'll do fine.
  9. I'll get my Hungarian neighbour to shout "There's only one king!".
  10. Aw I loved Johnny 5, cried my eyes out over him disassembling.
  11. Paddington is hosting the coronation concert. Hasn't that ship sailed, even for the turnips for brains?! Will he have a marmalade sandwich hahahahahahahahaar!
  12. Also, why is the holocaust the 'go to' crime against humanity when an example is needed? There's plenty of others - Oh I forgot, they mustn't be spoken of if the chosen ones might have done naughty things. When you are Gods chosen, you can work for the devil.
  13. There's a vaccine bus parked on our supermarket issuing the venom and the queue is approx 100m long! The sanctified topping up on their sanctification. It's very peculiar to see. So religious and selfish, makes me shudder!
  14. I forgot all about it on the day and heard a faint noise from my son's phone and said "what's was that?" and he just said "mum, you're mental!".
  15. My phone has an alarm for when I'm running low on cakes and chocolate so I'll just buy more if it goes off cos I'm demented.
  16. Putin is getting really close to looking like Carol Vorderman with his puffed up face, he should be more concerned about that and stop being a silly Billy with the expanding foam.
  17. It makes me feel all fuzzy inside with all the scrumptious pop stars, royals and politicians glowing with nutritious morality.
  18. I think olive oil and good honey have pretty magical properties. There was an experiment on cholesterol where half of a group of people were told to have 1 dessertspoon of uncooked olive oil per day - any olive oil not just cold pressed virgin! The other half had the same of rapeseed oil, which is molecularly identical to olive. After a few months the olive oilers did far better and lowered their cholesterol significantly. Hence, I have since chucked dow a spoonful of the stuff each day and have good cholesterol levels.
  19. But is it turnips or swedes we should eat cos they both identified as turnips. Notice I call them they, which is very trendy of me.
  20. Another weird story. I wonder (hope) the baby is safely hidden with someone.
  21. When my son was 7, in the days it was normal for kids to play outside, he was playing out in our back garden for a few minutes whilst I watched him and did the washing-up. after a small distraction I looked out to see the gate swinging open and him gone. I was so filled with fear, anxiety and nearly passing out, I actually wet myself and was screaming like a nutcase. I was unable to rationalise and predict what he may have done but if I had, I would have realised he'd gone to his friends a few doors away! What I'm saying is, people who deal with a tragedy involving someone close by calmly talking to the press and public, instantly starting fundraising, then turn the attention on themselves and get aggressive with the public who they are cadging funds from just seem like aliens from another planet to me. What happened to raw emotions? Even if the missing person is a distant neighbour it would be traumatising wondering what the hell has happened to them! I doubt attention and money would have helped me if my worst fears had happened when my child wasn't at his friends.
  22. Absolutely! Those of us who can be trusted to look after your baby are now snowflakes.
  23. I don't have sex any more and it doesn't bother me either.
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