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  1. I've read a few things where people suspect DV but I've wondered is it her who did something to herself and went berserk. She seemed very narcissistic yesterday.
  2. Maybe the corgis have all gone quite mad in the head because they live with Fusty Fergie and Mucky Uncle Andy who are tight with the venison so one bit Aunty Kate's face because they thought she was a red deer hind?
  3. Image copied from the chatroom that sounds like rabbit. That scar on her left eye is new and from an injury, cosmetic surgery does not leave scars like that. I reckon her face has been in a mess and therefore she's had to be kept hidden, especially if the scar was obtained by something best kept quiet. The comparison photo is not that great but if you Google her at the coronation there are images of a similar angle.
  4. She now has a very symmetrical new face! I've not heard of that before, getting a new face whilst you are on chemo! For me she's been out of the picture for a while because she made an attempt to harm herself, had a breakdown, someone else harmed her, had a stroke or her eating disorder made her look too thin for Royal photos. She certainly looks thin. I don't buy the cancer and chemo. When you consider what they want us to believe it is sad that people battle cancer in all walks of life and have to be seen in public, work and get on with it but she gets angelic hero status. If it was cancer, hiding away says it is a shameful thing yet her, William and Harry did a big drive on mental illness to take away the taboos - hypocritical vain toads!
  5. Lady Gabriella is very horsey and so is William, in fact they look like twins. Thomas and Kate look far better matched so I think things can be as simple as nice looking people shagging. None of them will be deep thinking moral people so they'll all behave like baboons and just shag who they want.
  6. His mind could have started playing tricks with him much earlier on the walk. Maybe feeling euphoric so attempted difficult route?
  7. Very sad outcome but why do that? And why did his wife and the friends let him go off on his own?! I'd have gone mad at anyone with me who was going to walk off in boiling Greece! So close to help too - crazy! I think he must have been in a huff and they thought "oh sod off then!!". Not a crime.
  8. I used to watch anything he was on and hung on his every word until he started telling me to not eat for two days a week - impossible! Then when he started pushing the nasty needles, that's when I properly fell out with him. Perhaps he was doing his fasting days and wobbled off the rugged terrain?
  9. What the heck is going on with missing Kate? She was becoming far too thin when she was last seen so is it that her eating disorder has made it shameful for her to be seen in public? Having cancer would be a good cover story for this because if and when she does appear they can just say the chemo has wasted her. Is she in rehab with intravenous clotted cream, sugar and flour being pumped in?
  10. Won't be long before Fusty Fergie spills the beans for a few bob. Maybe that's why her and her lovely ex husband are walking around shaking the hands of the brainless along with the other lizards "please don't tell Andy n Ferg and we'll let you play kings and queens with us".
  11. There's 70 year old D head who dresses up on St George's day and I said to him "I don't know enough about St George, can you tell me about him?" and he replied "Well, he's British in ee and that's enough!".
  12. It has become normal where I live to hear about heart trouble, blood trouble, illnesses and dying in people who you wouldn't expect pre-trickery.
  13. Rumour has it her cosmetic surgeon has advised her to let the swelling go down post surgery before getting poshed up again and smiling. I don't agree with cosmetic surgery but I have to say she does look younger and I've got a tinge of jealousy going on that I feel ashamed about. One of her servants leaked this.....naughty, naughty.
  14. All this slurry of sympathy is what people who live with illness avoid at all costs! She's the new St Bernadette and everyone needs to keep smacking themselves in the face and pay penance - I need to take a Kwell.
  15. She must wish she'd enjoyed a few pie and chips meals with thick bread and real butter before all this instead of Kale and spinach floating in hot water in a ramekin.
  16. My husband has advanced prostate cancer but the good news is the treatment is great and keeps him going as he's had it 8 years! He is fine and gets on with things and the family do the same and he certainly doesn't like decorating it with pathos - babies/kids get it for goodness sake - bloody brain tumors and such! It does however sting a bit when someone in the public eye gets it or says they've got it and there's a glut in tissue manufacturing. Cancers vary so much in treatability and severity but they all go under one umbrella when its a national treasure. Any royal with it will get better treatment than Brenda from the corner shop, that's for sure!
  17. What's up with her left eye? Why's William not sat with her? Why did the Royal machine let all that stuff about fiddled photos lie with Kate? Why not say it earlier on? Why's she all done up with the light carefully behind her to not cast shadow? Why is nobody sat with her, there's enough of em?!
  18. Kate has cancer? Well William went to the Baftas havin a laugh, Camilla has just been on hols, Harry nipped over for half an hour then went back and close knit Pippa was also having a good laugh on hols - they're all devastated.
  19. Edward's disappeared too. Meanwhile we've been blessed with Fusty Fergie walking around like Dick Emery in her high heels and jackets that she's had to lie down to fasten, waving at us.
  20. The only people I trust are my children so I spend time watching what I'm saying to people. I can cope well on my own and apart from close family I prefer it. Luckily I can make things and it always gets me out of feeling negative. I mastered sewing a zip recently and sewing PVC fabric so I've got so many soap bags I don't know what to do with them.! Anyone need a zip bag? I enjoy doing very simple things like feeding wildlife. Everything outside of my cocoon is very bizarre and evil and I can't stand how people police each other whilst acting oh so virtuous. Does anyone really feel anything anymore? I suppose there's always the possibility I am the insane one but I analyse and check myself for empathy, common sense, being able to do something kind without putting it on social media, intuition, lie detecting, avoiding group think, trying to keep dignity for me and others, applying logic and keeping my feet on the ground so I assume I'm ok?! This is very me, me, me sorry but you did ask and thank you for such a good question. Conclusion: my life is better in some ways but worse in others.
  21. To think I used to tell my children if they lost me outside they must go to a lady with a pram or a police man. How times have changed or how bloody thick I was!
  22. My father was hit by a car but it was partly due to his elderly over confidence that he could be seen and cars would stop for him. It was a terrible thing for him, us and the driver.
  23. I didn't realise they sold cough syrup with that in! I've thought for years that all cough syrups are rubbish, just liquid Haribo. I used to love a good slug of buttercup syrup though when I was a child - Christmas cake in a bottle, yummy.
  24. I'm now suspecting Kate has had a mental breakdown or has been admitted with anorexia nervosa.
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