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  1. Couldn't agree more. They are warriors for truth and liberty.
  2. She's as thick as two short planks so that will be a factor. We just saw some pheasants over the fence and she said "look, there's them hen things again!". Maybe she had a lead cup as a child?
  3. Just spoke to my neighbour here in UK and I asked had she heard about what is going on in Australia because her son-in-law is from there and she said "I know! There's not enough vaccines and they are all kicking off because they want vaccines". ??!!
  4. I could happily bang them around the head with a plank! God that's harrowing! Good on that feisty child for protesting.
  5. Haha! You can still see eyes and face muscles lifting up in the usual face sanitary towels.
  6. It's astounding that people of all intelligence levels haven't noticed we are not dying in large numbers! We are alive and so are our families, neighbours etc. Absolute mass hysteria! I'm fed up with everyone today - apart from the true human beings on here.
  7. Everything in there is made from fat, sugar and flour - How many types of pie and pasty does one need?!
  8. I can see how some of these morons have bought into this. There is a coldness with some modern parents that has disturbed me long before this. You only need look at the McCann sympathizers to see this. My OH and I have always spontaneously and naturally smiled at cute babies and children with normal human warmth that people should have. We have had to almost stop ourselves reacting in this way due to getting glares as if we are paedophiles by some people - so heart breaking. My dad would roll in his grave at this lack of humane warmth. Society really has gone mad!
  9. Scenes from that revolting and sick movie 'Midsommar'.
  10. Anthony Raine - nephrologist was her husband. Anthony Evan Gerald Raine | The UK Kidney Association I get sinister vibes from this woman. She reminds me of an intimidating headmistress who can calmly give kids the eye.
  11. For the needled, I might borrow my neighbours naughty kid with his super soaker.
  12. pharmaceutical industries predating those who are looking for help and answers, whilst also getting negative labels. What about no drugs and a positive label? Imagine a Dr saying you are just fine my good man, its the others who are bloody crackers!
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