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  1. I know when I was younger everything my parents told me not to do I done anyway regardless. I noticed at the protest the other day, when protesters engaged with some of the teenagers they quite clearly said because your telling me not to do it I will now take in response to it. Its worth thinking about, its a psychological war so their must be some better way to wake people up to this tyranny we all face
  2. reading the tv red button and found a doublespeak message from the bbc hiding in there. So is that the double jabbed now have impaired immune system because of the vaccine. https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/health-58317261
  3. sometimes I get feelings from nowhere about things, probably mental but is David okay, well? I got a feeling something is about to happen and feel davids a part of it. I hope im wrong
  4. Hello so I have a query as too whats happening to me, it has been ongoing for around 3 years now. I even went to a doctor whom asked for a brain scan, that returned nothing medical being the cause. What's happening is I keep seeing sparkle outlines of beings walking past me. Too see it looks like a busy street pf people walking up and down, its not like floaters in the eyes more like a cloaked predator doing his things. The doctor presumed it would be because of damage to pre frontal cortex but it wasn't. and another strange thing that happens is I start seeing dark boxes appear on the ceiling or walls, and after the first time I see it daily these shapes manifest into some rather odd shaped patterns. It could be three lines a small triangle inside a shadowy cube, as a example but its always different. its like weird Chinese symbols, it decently feels like a language or a form of communication, im just too stupid to decode the meaning, but it keeps happening. It does feel like a presence around me, does anyone have any experience of seeing sparkly beings, or these morphing shadow boxes. My brain scan shows no disease or trauma within the brain, although around the same time this started I did develope sleep apnea, and from my experiences of that, I sometimes have a full out of body trip and seen some very odd looking places and scenes, it is very scary as you feel like your dead and have to claw your way back into the your body and get your heart pumping and your first breath. I should share this with you that one episode during a sleep apnea attack I found myself in a pure white room/computer terminal with red and white text in a language that looked like summarian type writing. so to describe what it looked like more a white background with redredredredtext blackblackblacktext rea red etc black black etc, lines upon lines of it.
  5. uk column have a different view, they propose that the test is a reason to get everyones dna, after looking at the steps on how a pcr test is done. I kinda agree with them and you. positives are fake, but the science is done for mapping you're dna. lets see what results come in. https://www.ukcolumn.org/video/pcr-testing-and-the-genome-beast
  6. Thats a genome sequence, not endless pages of scientific language expressing a biased view towards articulating a need for most people to hire a linguistics expert. Just to help you understand that they are actually taken the piss out of you.
  7. Ive heard of it but not found a link. I think it comes down to imagination what could or could not give a false positive.
  8. So what gives false positive results too their pcr test? I feel a experiment coming on..
  9. unfortunately she is a trio of recent organisations not willing to even listen to my complaints, the council and my local mp seem to think im going away quietly. I doubt im the only one complaining, I just hope im the only one being ignored.
  10. Okay so I ad a random text message inviting me in for a appointment today, half anticipating this was going to be a covid vaccine talk I prepared my statements as too why I would be refusing and half hoping to educate and awaken the doctor. Too my disappointment no request for me to risk my own health was even put forward, In fact after our routine chat and me pressing my opinion of the mass use of pregnant women and against the ethics and practices of the medical community since their use of thalidomide. Her only response or acknowledgment of any debate about covid hoax was "perhaps they think they are doing the right thing." and a clear desire too not chat any more about the subject. perhaps they think they are doing the right thing, what do you suppose she meant? the right thing for whom?
  11. hello I'm shaun, ive sent nothing but factual papers links and videos to an old family friend that I regularly fish with trying to wake his ass up!! and last week his most academic argument for me to have this vaccine was a nhs meme calling for covid deniers to work in the wards without ppe etc.. what an idiot As I said and I will to anyone else come at me like that again I will take the covid challenge and go kiss every single person on the lips in all the wards to prove there is no virus. The best of a 60year old life can intellectually come up with to gamble someone else's health.. crazy world and times
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