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  1. It was his brother who was a backstreet boy. Arron was Arron Carter when he sang
  2. From what I've come to understand the earth is going through is what the illuminati or whoever "they" are that started all of this nonsense do every 2000 years create order out of chaos. They want to be seen and known as gods. Out of the chaos will come new rules and new world with new religions too. Alot of people on earth in the present time wouldn't believe the narrative that some people are born as gods with a divine right to rule so they are dismantling the system to restart. They do it every 2000 years. This time feels different though because they've got more control with technology to create havoc so they might pull it off and rule the world. When you're asking yourself why the world works the way it does or it's not making sense why it worked out the way it did the illuminati promote disfunction to create chaos it's ok you can be 20 genders or put a mask on its for your health or don't forget to get your boosters all they want is to control. They want us to pass this down generation after generation till times changed. They fucked up in the past because they've done a reset every 2000 years for at least 6000 years the first four 2000yr resets didn't work because maybe they couldn't reach every human to spread their bullshit drama chaos. They are trying again now and it will be a cold day in hell before I'm ok with living in this now and being ok with eating no meat because the new religion says it's a sin but for the elite divine gods oh they are exceptional they can sin and eat whatever they want but me the slave I am no one I'm happy with the rules and praise my gods the elite. They are above us and can do whatever they want. That's what they want and they know that shit won't fly in the now so they are going with something new. That's my thoughts on that.
  3. The 82-year-old had spent six decades trying to reach space. But she still sounded unimpressed by her maiden voyage: I posted this on another form but it makes me scratch my head if these people who are now getting to go to space through other means then NASA. Just a thought but couldn't they see earth as or maybe it's to fast or they didn't reach outer space far enough. Anyways Wally didn't sound like she was thrilled by the view......
  4. Wally funk has spent decades trying to get to space and here is what she had to say about the flight with Branson The 82-year-old had spent six decades trying to reach space. But she still sounded unimpressed by her maiden voyage:
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