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  1. 39 minutes ago, awake said:


    True. Also consider that people desire others, whether for just a companion or for lifestyle security, or both, and the ratio of males vs females is not 50/50. That leads to people taking the alternative route, especially if their appearance is lacking in gender quality. It's mostly psychological and some just have mental issues


    Of course there's the possibility for those you first mentioned, however I'm fairly certain they are in the minority in the LGBT sphere. When the gay marriage was legalized where I live, there were people in the media touting it as something fun and normal. I even recall one article where a married father of two ran away from his family because he wanted have sex with his boyfriend/s. It was freaking pathetic.


    And yes, a lot of it mental and psychological issues.

  2. 5 minutes ago, Yasmina said:

    Yeah, I can't make up my mind either, both sound pretty shit 

    I've made up my mind on the matter. What's really sh!tty though, is that where I live, this thing has been written in law for a decade, and there's no opt out form, nowhere to call, nowhere to send mail to do it. It's supposedly decided by the person's stance when living, but where do you find that, especially if the dead person has no relatives, no record for their stance, or if their relatives flat out don't know the person's stance? I can imagine some ghoulish, greedy doctors rubbing their hands together already...

  3. 1 minute ago, Asmallperson said:

    So what use are your organs when you are dead? does your spirit still need them to exist?


    The point of organ donation is saving lives. People do get rich from it, but they do in so many ways. 


    Its one thing to opt out because of some religious belief but I think saying no just because somebody might make cash out of it is bogus.


    With me, it's both. And the fact that they are harvested from living beings makes it all the more disturbing.

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  4. 19 minutes ago, Asmallperson said:

    I think its every persons right to make that choice. I dont base my thinking on some persistent theme of thinking that bad guys are trying to force me into something I dont want to do.


    Do you consider the dead body sacred? some cultures have used sky burial, which they consider sacred. What people think of as sacred depends on your viewpoint.


    As a matter of fact, I do. Not as something that can have it's organs plucked out just to satisfy some rich prick's wallet.

  5. 10 minutes ago, Asmallperson said:

    Its not if they have the choice. You just want to make out that it worse than it is


    Why are you so supporting of this practice? It's just another piece in the PTB's plan, that everything is able to be turned into cash, that nothing is regarded as sacred anymore.

  6. 7 minutes ago, Asmallperson said:

    What tosh. The medical world wont accept things to do with spiritual concepts officially, so why are they going to leave a body for long enough for the organs to be useless to another person?


    Doesn't matter. What they matter for is for the person the docs want on the operating table.


    Why are you shilling for the profits of the medical complex?

  7. 4 minutes ago, Bob dobalina said:

    The police can't cope with a couple of people going to the park, i think it's time for VIVA LA REVOLUTION! 

    They are so frightened of the truth coming out on youtube, i had a comment deleted for saying 'jew'. So, I wrote it again but put 'the J word', that got deleted as well. I then wrote 'Hebrews', deleted. I'm with the people on here that say it's a good thing, people only go far out to protect themselves when they are about to be found out. The American woman who killed the guy on the bike and Prince Andrew have caused a big problem, common sense is swap but they can't. What's Andy frightened of, surly the yanks will just take him to dinner and then send him home saying they are satisfied. It's what's not happening that's interesting. 


    I'm not sure if this is specific to my YT account, but I can't even get a comment through if it includes the J-word in any correct form.

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