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  1. The signs have been there for awhile. Pushing cashless options, encouraging people to do their postal preparations on the internet, and doing their taxes and even charging their bus cards on the internet, as of recently. The face to face services worsen, yet the prices still rise. Last I visited a local movie theater, they had removed the option to pay with anything else other than vouchers and credit cards. Had the movie I saw was not so good and uplifting, I might have actually asked the woman behind the till afterwards, whether she knew who made the decisions, and if so, to kindly tell them such regards, as to "take your privacy invading, cashless, technocratic BS put in place due to lies, and to shove it where the sun doesn't shine".
  2. Let's hope there's a very special place in hell for all the psychologists and especially psychiatrists. Fuck the lot of 'em. Fuck them all. The latter is an especially wicked and evil profession. No other industry has such protections in place, that yet causes so massive humane suffering and death. The world would be infinitely better place if psychiatry just self-destructed.
  3. https://www.madinamerica.com/ http://www.ravnskov.nu/cholesterol/ https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9l8LJjy5B2g
  4. Hi, I decided to make this due to the fact that pretty much all aspects of human life have been medicalized. That if we feel sad, or angry or have difficulty focusing, we need to be prescribed a mind and/or body killing drug for it. Like antidepressants or antipsychotics, of if you have teensy bit high cholesterol, have muscle destroying statins(cholesterol being the cause of malaise is myth anyhow). Feel free to give your thoughts or experiences. I'll be leaving a few links here.
  5. Don't know. Could it be something to with the neuralink business? We all know that space flights are bunk. But I recall seeing a lot of flashing satellites and other flying objects in the sky during late summer and rest of the summer nights back in 2011. Did some of these lights suddenly grow in intensity, only for them to grow dimmer few moments later? I believe the term for the phenomenon is Iridium flare, but it kinda begs the question, where do they reflect the light during middle of the night?
  6. Why not give us the relevant info here? Not all of us are Facebook users.
  7. In my opinion, anyone participating in this experimentation against other, usually completely innocent people deserves an instant 9mm lead candy through their puny grey matter.
  8. Used to have a lot of these, on and off. Started noticing, and getting them in increasing amounts after 2011.
  9. Used to experience this otherworldly presence when I was a kid. Had a strange habit of unconsciously undressing myself during sleep, which stopped after I got to age 8 or 9 year old. Towards adulthood I started experiencing occasional sleep paralysis. Few times outright demonic. Had some sort of energetic awakening back in late 2009 and early 2010. Could use my energy in such a way I could focus it to my lower spinal chakra. Felt this weird, but nice, warm and fuzzy sensation. Used to do that quite often in places where I could remain stationary, for longer periods of time, like during a bus trip. For some reason, during this activation, some people would glance over to look at me. Didn't bother me though. I did see some UFO orbs and a triangle formation floating in the sky back in 2011, right after having a weird premonition and visual imagery of reptilians.
  10. Somehow I get the feeling Nintendo wouldn't have joined in this BLM rubbish if Satoru Iwata was still in the helm...
  11. Oh well, it looks it all came through in single batch. Hope you peeps don't mind.
  12. That's absolutely disgusting. Psychiatry should be completely and utterly dismantled and destroyed, as pseudo-scientific bullshit industry it is, and the leading psychiatrists hung from the gallows. Their meds are nothing but poison.
  13. I've come to a conclusion that the whole point of psyche medications is to either subdue or outright destroy these spiritual qualities that certain individuals possess.
  14. Anyone here familiar with a book called Chasing Phantoms? It's by the same author as the person behind the website "inbetween-2-worlds.
  15. Of course there's the possibility for those you first mentioned, however I'm fairly certain they are in the minority in the LGBT sphere. When the gay marriage was legalized where I live, there were people in the media touting it as something fun and normal. I even recall one article where a married father of two ran away from his family because he wanted have sex with his boyfriend/s. It was freaking pathetic. And yes, a lot of it mental and psychological issues.
  16. The homosexual lifestyle tends to disagree with the notion "love is love". The correct phrase would be "lust is lust". Also, disturbing to see that this stuff is once again pushed onto kids.
  17. A question if you don't mind. Did the forum in question have how much information and how many active members?
  18. They really want this atrocious crime to be hidden forever. The people and entities behind it are nothing more than demons straight from hell. Trying to purge any notion that this phenomena exists.
  19. I've made up my mind on the matter. What's really sh!tty though, is that where I live, this thing has been written in law for a decade, and there's no opt out form, nowhere to call, nowhere to send mail to do it. It's supposedly decided by the person's stance when living, but where do you find that, especially if the dead person has no relatives, no record for their stance, or if their relatives flat out don't know the person's stance? I can imagine some ghoulish, greedy doctors rubbing their hands together already...
  20. With me, it's both. And the fact that they are harvested from living beings makes it all the more disturbing.
  21. As a matter of fact, I do. Not as something that can have it's organs plucked out just to satisfy some rich prick's wallet.
  22. Why are you so supporting of this practice? It's just another piece in the PTB's plan, that everything is able to be turned into cash, that nothing is regarded as sacred anymore.
  23. Doesn't matter. What they matter for is for the person the docs want on the operating table. Why are you shilling for the profits of the medical complex?
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