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  1. Got any clue as to who the guy that's speaking is?
  2. I recall they've been moaning about this so called membership decline since early 2010's. Personally I think it's bunk, and that's it's just a ploy to get young people to join.
  3. Today, I had a face to face recruiter trying to get me to become a frequent donator to "Doctors Without Borders". The girl attempted to sell the pitch by appealing to the "poor countries" not receiving enough of the convid vaccine and something about the vindaloo variant in India. Didn't take too long to get her to quit her attempt. All it took was to say that there's no sense of proportion to the "reported deaths" in India, and the final stroke was to say that without the media circus there would be no virus. She practically backpedaled herself, and I didn't even have to outright say I wouldn't take the deal.
  4. Damn these ritualistic idiots. Had a sales clerk demand me to place my cash on a paper dish when I was paying, while she was wearing both gloves and a mask...they really can't see the contradictions, can they? Sorry, had to vent a little.
  5. Thanks for pointing the channel out. Maybe you could point out which video contains that information?
  6. Could someone please link to the article about how tens of thousands have died due to lack of having access to medical intervention due to the lockdowns? I can't seemingly find it and I'm having discussion with a covid believer...
  7. You've got a good point. Communism is, and always was a Jewish construct.
  8. I wouldn't be surprised if that was the case. I mean, NATO has centers around Europe that have essentially the same type of immunity.
  9. Some ways I can think of: Try to limit the exposure to all the media BS that is spouted 24/7. Focus on ones own mental and physical health. Maybe try bodybuilding, helps you take your mind off things or try having a walk in nature. Learning new skills might be another option. Good music can inspire too. And remember, there are good people that can see through what's going, even though they seem to be far and few between. And while seeing all the maskers while visiting a supermarket can be discouraging, it's those good people that keep giving me faith that not all is lost.
  10. I've got more information about the case of the Finnish woman I mentioned earlier. This time it's in full English, it's a petition to release said woman, Merike Sirelpuu from her forced detainment. I ask other members to read, as it's further proof of the Soviet tactics used: Facebook
  11. Pigs will be pigs. Latest from Finland, a woman has been detained for suspected of coronavirus infection, without any test or any other proof. Cops barged into her home while she was there with her daughter, and was cuffed and forcibly transferred to hospital where she was strapped to bed for full 24 hours. She's currently waiting for her lawyer to get in touch. (sry, the article is in Finnish but you can use G translate to get the gist of it) Poliisi vei "koronaepäillyn" naisen väkisin kodistaan Iisalmessa - Järkyttävä video ja ääninauha viranomaisten toiminnasta! - Uusi MV-LehtiUusi MV-Lehti Friendly reminder that pigs will be pigs, and that all corrupt psychiatrists should be put down like the rabid, demonically infested animals they are.
  12. Sounds like a textbook example of a narc. And it's good to hear that you survived. Keep doing that. That type of "humans" would literally get kicks out of itand laugh out loud about it when alone if you offed yourself. And yeah, sucking up to them, and being meek or making yourself out be lesser than them, does seem to work. How much it's worth though...
  13. Sorry to hear that. The amount of people of that type sure seem to be on the rise in this world. You don't get much of anywhere from challenging a psychopath or a narcissist head-on. They love the control, the feel of having everything work out exactly how they want and when they want . And what's worse, is the possibility of the backlash with narcissistic rage. If their perceived reputation or their flawless image of(just a facade, of course) gets dinged, there's a chance they seek to ruin you, or even drive you to desolation and suicide. Your best bet could be to simply focus on your work, and you could try avoiding needless contact with the said person. And maybe try to soothe your mind with music while you are off work or something, or hit the gym. Dietary aids might be another crutch you might be interested in looking into while looking for work. Apologies that I'm not that much of help here.
  14. There's been some topic starters about organized stalking here. Now it has been revealed that cops indeed have a system that they abuse. They even have a scoring system based on the target, their supposed crimes even if there hasn't been a guilty verdict given, and their range of friends. Here's the article: Pasco’s sheriff created a futuristic program to stop crime before it happens. It monitors and harasses families. | Investigations | Tampa Bay Times Your thoughts please.
  15. Finland here. The vaccinations began at the start of the year, but for now it's only for the medical personnel. I myself am in local bracket 4 or 5, meaning the ones getting the vaccine after the medical personnel, and the elderly. It's estimated that people under 60 years old get theirs only at the late spring of 2021. Though that might change depending how the narrative pans out. The powers that be are obviously cautious after the Pandemrix scandal and it's involved narcolepsy debacle during the early 2010s.
  16. So how does Israel's going-ons fit into this? Supposedly they've already vaccinated over a million of their own. Do they have a special vax for the chosen ones? Or is it just a made up media blitz?
  17. And probably as much as bs as the atomic bomb. And from the same people who invented the said thing, by the looks of it.
  18. Well, screw my skim reading abilities. The actual number of minks cited for culling is estimated at 17 million, not 67 million. Still a lot, though. Also, the proper hyperlink to the article: NBC News
  19. I'm not much of a fan of the fur industry, but this is just another thing slapped onto the Corona hoax that is just insane, that I recently came across. Apparently in Denmark, there have been signs of minks infected with a mutated strain of the corona virus, and because those who've been in contact with them will have lower effectiveness with the vaccine when it is is introduced...so they are planning to destroy all 67 million minks that there currently exist in Denmark. It's bye-bye for an industry that's worth over 500 million euros. Now what was that Great Reset about? Oh, right, that the proles won't have any possibility maintain their own ways of getting income outside of the state. Also also aligns with Hunger Games Agenda 21 and the likes. https://www.cnbc.com/2020/11/04/denmark-to-cull-entire-mink-population-after-coronavirus-mutation-spreads-to-humans.html
  20. Now even bread producers are joining the insanity. Fresh from Finland:
  21. What's the deal with raidforums.com? Depending on the browser I use when accessing Brandnewtube, I keep getting a message saying either "Stop trying LOLOLO", or "Why are you still trying? 6 hours and still not fixed. Incompetent retards!"
  22. It's all about how you make yourself come across. Stick to the facts at hand. Avoid bringing in the concept of 5G, as many will instantly go on a defensive mode if you mention it with the connection to the corona virus. Try humor, or laughing about how ridiculous some of the stuff is, or how things don't make any sense. Follow how others react, and if the response is aggressive, keep your head cool and don't get agitated, discouraged or pushy. Try small, gentle steps. You can also try downplaying your real knowledge, as in "I might not know everything about current situation, but even I can see there's something seriously wrong with this picture".
  23. O positive here. I know my blood group mainly because my mom is a B-negative, and my dad is an A-positive, and because I used to be a regular blood donor. Curiously, when I was tested for blood as around the time I was born, my blood type was shown to be O negative, but on later checks it turned out to be O positive.
  24. Anyone else had arguments or fighting among their family due to this corona situation? I've been kinda worried about the impending 2nd wave, that's most likely coming sometime in next October or November, so I've made a a plan to stock up a bit of dry and tinned goods, the basics. Stuff like tinned chicken, mushrooms, rice, beans, and fruit. Just in case there happens to come problems with food supply. I'm talking about few small boxes worth of maybe 1 or 2 weeks of food at max. I'm still doing it, adding a bit into every once a while I come out of a convenience store. When my mom found out about it and asked about it, she almost flipped out. Going on about about how in this country there absolutely won't be any seizures in the food production or the likes. That it's impossible. Heck, when I tried to dress my worries into words, she almost got to tears for me reading some "conspiracy theories" on the internet. I wasn't all that fazed about this, but we didn't talk any more that night. Has anyone else had anything similar?
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