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  1. Ah, alright. I'll just leave this here. 16 Foods Rich in Minerals (healthline.com)
  2. I'm afraid I didn't fully catch that. Surely you can get magnesium, copper, zinc and such from right foods?
  3. Maybe get them from food? Or mineral supplements?
  4. How about simply buying a water distiller? Shouldn't be all that expensive if you know where to look.
  5. Hi, I'm compiling information and am in need of some assistance. Does anyone have the document that has charts on covid vaccine's hidden trademark ingredients? Also, I've been unsuccessful in translating EUDRAVIGILANCE's covid vax side effect statistics into death statistics, despite death statistics being on full display on sites like healthimpactnews. Has anyone figured how to do that? Because that data is sorely needed right now. Thanks.
  6. Meanwhile in Tokyo Japan Olympics Concentration Camp. Disinfectant spots and plastic barriers everywhere, no freedom of movement, constant monitoring of health and movement by the Japanese goverment, no contact with other teams etc. https://static.mvlehti.net/uploads/2021/07/Tokio-Olympialaiset.mp4
  7. Have people taken note that most of the Western covid vaccines have been renamed? Most likely to add further confusion for ordinary people. Moderna= Spikevax Pfizer= Comirnaty Astrazeneca=Vaxzevria
  8. Programming kids to bow down to the goverment rule...always was disgusting, always will be. Where's this school assignment from?
  9. I've had my posts memory holed elsewhere before, but this was indeed my first time to get a ban, even though it was only a sub-reddit. Also, I've been replaying old videos, and hopefully they haven't gotten to 153news, seeing that the site has started asking for login credentials, as in this video https://153news.net/watch_video.php?v=3G8UY988AYRB
  10. So how many of you have gotten banned from Reddit or one of it's subreddits? I just received my first permaban.
  11. You can read it here: V for Vendetta comic | Read V for Vendetta comic online in high quality (readcomiconline.li)
  12. The Wachowskis messed up the transfer of the graphic novel's plot to silver screen. In the graphic novel V was more of an anti-hero, and the story had a whole lot to do with individuals themselves taking action against the dictatorial regiment, an aspect which was mostly lacking from the movie. It was entertaining to watch though.
  13. Simply "harmless stainless steel" in the Moderna batches in Japan? Really now? Moderna to recall Covid-19 doses in Japan after stainless steel contaminants found, East Asia News & Top Stories - The Straits Times
  14. Okay, so, supposedly it's not a common sign. Apparently it's from a red light district in Hamburg, though a poster version of it is available here: Bitte Mund und Nase bedecken - A1 Plakat (sankt-pauli.shop) The reddit thread:
  15. Surely you've seen the vaccine damages thread here?
  16. Mystery material found from the Moderna mystery juice, Japan withdraws 1.6 million doses. And metal, they say? 1.6m Moderna doses withdrawn in Japan over contamination - Nikkei Asia
  17. Haven't talked about it a lot with people. There has been a report that whole class full of kids have been carried to ER as a result of getting the jab. But details haven't been confirmed for whatever reasons. From whom I've spoken with, they seem okay with the kids getting the jab, although a part of me hopes it's just to act with the show, and not actually being in support of it. I'd think kids would be the literal breakwater with when it comes to parents... And there's also been word about kids getting herded into the vaccinations and getting scared by their teachers, that if they don't get the jab now they might not get any.
  18. The same plan has been introduced here in Finland with age groups 12-15, around 2 weeks ago.
  19. Okay, could someone help me out a here. Where on the EUDRAVIGILANCE can I find the side effect count for the deaths on the vaccines?
  20. Bunch of crock. Hopefully they'll get proper response for this. Verbal ass-whooping, that is.
  21. You know that polio wasn't really a virus, right? And have you heard of the man behind the polio vaccine?
  22. That was one of the first things that popped into my mind. UV flashlights are cheap, it could be an easy way to try things out, provided the checking could be conducted under the veil of a joke.
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