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  1. Mystery material found from the Moderna mystery juice, Japan withdraws 1.6 million doses. And metal, they say? 1.6m Moderna doses withdrawn in Japan over contamination - Nikkei Asia
  2. Haven't talked about it a lot with people. There has been a report that whole class full of kids have been carried to ER as a result of getting the jab. But details haven't been confirmed for whatever reasons. From whom I've spoken with, they seem okay with the kids getting the jab, although a part of me hopes it's just to act with the show, and not actually being in support of it. I'd think kids would be the literal breakwater with when it comes to parents... And there's also been word about kids getting herded into the vaccinations and getting scared by their teachers, that if they don't get the jab now they might not get any.
  3. The same plan has been introduced here in Finland with age groups 12-15, around 2 weeks ago.
  4. Okay, could someone help me out a here. Where on the EUDRAVIGILANCE can I find the side effect count for the deaths on the vaccines?
  5. Bunch of crock. Hopefully they'll get proper response for this. Verbal ass-whooping, that is.
  6. You know that polio wasn't really a virus, right? And have you heard of the man behind the polio vaccine?
  7. That was one of the first things that popped into my mind. UV flashlights are cheap, it could be an easy way to try things out, provided the checking could be conducted under the veil of a joke.
  8. Anyone tried pointing a black light torch into their friends arms who've had the jab? Veins light up under it according to this video. I don't know about the legitimacy about this, but it seems the video has been a subject of censorship. Skip to 2:19 part for the relevant portion. Black Lights Are Now In Street Lights In Some Cities The Veins Of The Vexed Glow Under Black Light... (rense.com)
  9. Well, maybe not. The old adage from the New Testament about children and millstones keeps popping in my mind at times. We know what's going on, and we know they are targeting kids. All things considered, yours wasn't all that of an extreme example, though it is something one might be wise not to lay on people during a coffee break at work.
  10. They've probably been removing any threats for the past 20 to 30 years, so that every meaningful position is either filled with obedient yes men or people from the lodge, or members from a certain tribe.
  11. Strange, I didn't get a notification of this. But thanks for the recommendation, I'll see if I can track down a copy.
  12. Hi, does anyone know good books on the subjects of brainwashing and mental manipulation? I'm trying to find books that explain them in good detail, like how double-bind and NLP works and similar things. I'm already considering buying Manufactured Consent, but what other similar books are there? Thanks in advance.
  13. I don't really like laying out that type of judgment, but it's starting to look like something justified. Trying to be good citizens by offering their kids as test subjects for experimentation? You could debate about their intentions, but no matter how you look at it, it's demented and evil.
  14. This is so fucking sad. They are herding kids into these vaccinations like livestock, and the parents are either in the dark(no blame on those), or just don't care, or think it's actually a good thing...I've not given up yet, but trying to reason with people about it...can be aggravating when they are lining up every false reason pumped out by the media to justify them.
  15. Could someone help me with this? I have trouble wading through the whole of the mega-thread. Thanks in advance.
  16. I'm feeling for you. I've been trying to sort of nudge people towards the truth, because, you know, the health authorities have started vaccinating 12 to 15 year olds here where I live this week. Hell, they are even doing this by making underage kids sign some form of non-liability document, and no one under 15 can even legally sign that(because the Finnish law states only ages 15 and above are liable in court), yet they do. Apparently to many, this is not problem. Not even the facts that the vaccine doesn't prevent transmission, and that kids aren't even affected by the virus. A clown world if it ever was...
  17. And it's been passed. Paving literal road to hell. Chatcontrol: European Parliament approves mass surveillance of private communications – Patrick Breyer (patrick-breyer.de)
  18. Where's the news coverage on this, I wonder. This looks like a hellish intertwinement of corporation and goverment power. A legitimately scary development. Messaging and Chat Control – Patrick Breyer (patrick-breyer.de)
  19. I'm sorry to hear this. My suggestion would be to look into nootropics, like acetyl l-carnitine, alpha-lipoic and r-lipoic acid(a more potent version of AL), l-glutamine and pharma-GABA. Also I'd suggest you visit Reddit for more information.
  20. So how docile are the people of Denmark in comparison to other Scandinavians? Denmark's goverment has just ordered Danish ISP's to block BitChute due to hate speech: https://truthbits.blog/2021/06/01/bitchute-goes-down-the-chute-with-new-terms-of-service/
  21. Not a doctor here, but having suffered from quite a many effects caused by the pills pushed by the medical complex...L-Glutamine, high quality probiotics(like Jarrow), and especially GABA(Thorne) might be able to take some pain off or aid in functioning of the body. Slow release/enterocoated SAM-e paired with a vitamin B complex might also be of some help.
  22. Unfortunately there's not much you can do. I tried to dissuade my father from getting it, warning him multiple times before and after he got either of the shots. Sad as it is, going with the manufactured reality meant more to him than concerns about the establishment lies and the potential long term health implications...
  23. Long have gone the days when Lordi and Hard Rock Hallelujah won the Eurovision...and it was still miles better than this "modern" dreg. Lordi - Hard Rock Hallelujah (Finland) 2006 Eurovision Song Contest Winner - YouTube
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