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  1. Finland has been building up towards joining NATO for quite while, actually. Ever since the current and back then president Niinistö, signed the NATO joint operations treaty back in 2014. Without the knowledge and approval of the people, of course. Quite a common thing here, actually. We had one poll done by a single global market research company about joining, and that was basically it. And it came with the usual drum rolling and media blitz as to how joining would make Finland so, so much safer, when arguably, it would have been better to remain as a neutral zone.
  2. Have people been keeping up to date with this? It seems the guy in charge got reprimanded by a higher entity about the whole "God might actually lose" scenario. Plenty of other updates too.
  3. It looks like there actually were allegations of sabotage. https://www.dailystar.co.uk/news/latest-news/hindenburg-sabotage-conspiracy-theory-fbi-17021268
  4. Well, it should be fairly obvious that medical profession doesn't hold the health of people as a top priority. It can be traced all back to the Rockefeller funded Flexner report, which was at it's time used to destroy that which represented an alternative to Big Oil promoted allopathic medicine. And the situation hasn't really changed, the people are more medicated, more ill than they were a century or so ago, , yet modern medicine is still touted as a solution to people's ills.
  5. It gives off similar vibes as to what long-gone Harold Rosenthal described in the seventies, about a world governed by noahide laws, and how, per his words, "the UN is just a backdrop to our upcoming, worldwide concentration camp" or something to that vein.
  6. That's actually an interesting theory. I've been thinking about the whole perception thing, processing real world into 2D form, and now that you mention how mind could process 2D moving image into 3D...
  7. Imagine if someone had masking tape and taped over all the "nots" and "uns" and references to actual harassment
  8. Nice post. I'd be interested in hearing more about the forth point, even if it might sound dubious. You could PM me in case you don't wanna put it out here.
  9. From the eyewitness accounts you'd think that they were firebombed extensively instead of being nuked. The type of damage indicated that too, also the speed of how fast they started rebuilding.
  10. L-theanine with or without GABA. Should be widely available. Another thing is, if you find yourself at the computer late at night, is to install f.lux to ease you into pre-sleep mode.
  11. It reads out like a narcissist's handbook.
  12. Seeing that despite everything they do, organized Jewry, which Freud belonged to, they still don't necessarily take heed from history. So yeah, so considering that psychiatry is at best a pseudoscience, passing his work to a fellow tribesman would have had a lot bigger chance of it simply crumbling to oblivion.
  13. There should be a rage emoji for this kind of thing.
  14. Well, we know that pretty much all of these celebrity persons are into occult in one way or another. The first thing that popped into my mind was that the ring might have something to with kabbalah, mainly due to the color red. The stone itself appears to be either jasper or agate. I guess it could also be red tourmaline, but maybe not. Wiccans are also known to use stones, and jasper and agate are used for protective purposes. That's all I could gather in such a short notice. Maybe making a stand alone thread could work better, as this thread gets so many replies anyhow, as to not get buried?
  15. Anyone else reached a point in where you are literally asking inside your own head, "hey God, where the f*ck is that meteor already?" 'Cause I'm starting to.
  16. Indeed. I'm pretty sure NAC is not banned in the US. The FDA tried to something about that, and some NAC providers got on their toes about it, which is why it can be somewhat difficult to find in the US. But I think it's still available.
  17. From Turkish TV: “Babies could be born with tails and animal hair!” say Turkish doctors (rumble.com)
  18. Psychiatry is a lie. It's literally nothing but a form of witchcraft, something that should have died and perished at the same time when Freud took his last, cocaine fume filled breath. Shame he passed his work to Jung, instead of one of his tribesmen. It would have probably crumbled away if he did that instead.
  19. Or better yet, swap to hydroxyapatite toothpaste. Japan always seems to be in the lead when it comes to health.
  20. Some rather curious information I happened to come across, about the trypopanoma cruzi parasite that's said to have to be kept in -70 celsius when transporting it(you know, the same temperature as the Pfizer vaccine). From CDC, CDC - Chagas Disease - Disease
  21. Aw, and that was a wasted opportunity at photoshopping.
  22. Now Reddit is starting to bombard users starting new threads(possibly everyone?) with a note that you should take the vax even if it's not effective...
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