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  1. Some rather curious information I happened to come across, about the trypopanoma cruzi parasite that's said to have to be kept in -70 celsius when transporting it(you know, the same temperature as the Pfizer vaccine). From CDC, CDC - Chagas Disease - Disease
  2. Aw, and that was a wasted opportunity at photoshopping.
  3. Now Reddit is starting to bombard users starting new threads(possibly everyone?) with a note that you should take the vax even if it's not effective...
  4. Ah, alright. I'll just leave this here. 16 Foods Rich in Minerals (healthline.com)
  5. I'm afraid I didn't fully catch that. Surely you can get magnesium, copper, zinc and such from right foods?
  6. Maybe get them from food? Or mineral supplements?
  7. How about simply buying a water distiller? Shouldn't be all that expensive if you know where to look.
  8. Wasn't there any chance of using this?
  9. Hi, I'm compiling information and am in need of some assistance. Does anyone have the document that has charts on covid vaccine's hidden trademark ingredients? Also, I've been unsuccessful in translating EUDRAVIGILANCE's covid vax side effect statistics into death statistics, despite death statistics being on full display on sites like healthimpactnews. Has anyone figured how to do that? Because that data is sorely needed right now. Thanks.
  10. Meanwhile in Tokyo Japan Olympics Concentration Camp. Disinfectant spots and plastic barriers everywhere, no freedom of movement, constant monitoring of health and movement by the Japanese goverment, no contact with other teams etc. https://static.mvlehti.net/uploads/2021/07/Tokio-Olympialaiset.mp4
  11. Have people taken note that most of the Western covid vaccines have been renamed? Most likely to add further confusion for ordinary people. Moderna= Spikevax Pfizer= Comirnaty Astrazeneca=Vaxzevria
  12. Programming kids to bow down to the goverment rule...always was disgusting, always will be. Where's this school assignment from?
  13. I've had my posts memory holed elsewhere before, but this was indeed my first time to get a ban, even though it was only a sub-reddit. Also, I've been replaying old videos, and hopefully they haven't gotten to 153news, seeing that the site has started asking for login credentials, as in this video https://153news.net/watch_video.php?v=3G8UY988AYRB
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