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  1. And probably as much as bs as the atomic bomb. And from the same people who invented the said thing, by the looks of it.
  2. Well, screw my skim reading abilities. The actual number of minks cited for culling is estimated at 17 million, not 67 million. Still a lot, though. Also, the proper hyperlink to the article: NBC News
  3. I'm not much of a fan of the fur industry, but this is just another thing slapped onto the Corona hoax that is just insane, that I recently came across. Apparently in Denmark, there have been signs of minks infected with a mutated strain of the corona virus, and because those who've been in contact with them will have lower effectiveness with the vaccine when it is is introduced...so they are planning to destroy all 67 million minks that there currently exist in Denmark. It's bye-bye for an industry that's worth over 500 million euros. Now what was that Great Reset about? Oh, right, that the p
  4. Now even bread producers are joining the insanity. Fresh from Finland:
  5. What's the deal with raidforums.com? Depending on the browser I use when accessing Brandnewtube, I keep getting a message saying either "Stop trying LOLOLO", or "Why are you still trying? 6 hours and still not fixed. Incompetent retards!"
  6. It's all about how you make yourself come across. Stick to the facts at hand. Avoid bringing in the concept of 5G, as many will instantly go on a defensive mode if you mention it with the connection to the corona virus. Try humor, or laughing about how ridiculous some of the stuff is, or how things don't make any sense. Follow how others react, and if the response is aggressive, keep your head cool and don't get agitated, discouraged or pushy. Try small, gentle steps. You can also try downplaying your real knowledge, as in "I might not know everything about current situation, but even I can se
  7. O positive here. I know my blood group mainly because my mom is a B-negative, and my dad is an A-positive, and because I used to be a regular blood donor. Curiously, when I was tested for blood as around the time I was born, my blood type was shown to be O negative, but on later checks it turned out to be O positive.
  8. Anyone else had arguments or fighting among their family due to this corona situation? I've been kinda worried about the impending 2nd wave, that's most likely coming sometime in next October or November, so I've made a a plan to stock up a bit of dry and tinned goods, the basics. Stuff like tinned chicken, mushrooms, rice, beans, and fruit. Just in case there happens to come problems with food supply. I'm talking about few small boxes worth of maybe 1 or 2 weeks of food at max. I'm still doing it, adding a bit into every once a while I come out of a convenience store. When my mom found out ab
  9. Damn, removed already. Glad I managed to snag a copy in the early hours today. Is this already up on BitChute or should I upload it there? Got a slightly lower quality 720p version.
  10. The thing is, I read about this from somewhere, and then kinda rolled with it on several different forums, telling people that the media is attacking Lukaschenko because he refused the said COVID support package. Now I seem to have the lost the source of that claim, and can't relocate or find it. Does anyone have info on the validity of the claim, or link to the source? I simply went with it because it seemed logical... Any help would be appreciated.
  11. I feel like venting but I also feel that the stuff I have in my mind might not be entirely fitting to the general board. Would it be possible to get a members only vent sub-board or something like it?
  12. If it came to that eventuality, definately not a bad idea. They've got a lot more surface area than the dumb paper masks. And if you could order ones embroidered with a proper message, like f*ck Bill Gates, or f*ck the plandemic, all the better.
  13. Sorry to say, but not only has the oath itself been butchered, but it's no longer required of doctor graduates, and many won't even take the whole oath.
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