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  1. And it's been passed. Paving literal road to hell. Chatcontrol: European Parliament approves mass surveillance of private communications – Patrick Breyer (patrick-breyer.de)
  2. Where's the news coverage on this, I wonder. This looks like a hellish intertwinement of corporation and goverment power. A legitimately scary development. Messaging and Chat Control – Patrick Breyer (patrick-breyer.de)
  3. I'm sorry to hear this. My suggestion would be to look into nootropics, like acetyl l-carnitine, alpha-lipoic and r-lipoic acid(a more potent version of AL), l-glutamine and pharma-GABA. Also I'd suggest you visit Reddit for more information.
  4. So how docile are the people of Denmark in comparison to other Scandinavians? Denmark's goverment has just ordered Danish ISP's to block BitChute due to hate speech: https://truthbits.blog/2021/06/01/bitchute-goes-down-the-chute-with-new-terms-of-service/
  5. Not a doctor here, but having suffered from quite a many effects caused by the pills pushed by the medical complex...L-Glutamine, high quality probiotics(like Jarrow), and especially GABA(Thorne) might be able to take some pain off or aid in functioning of the body. Slow release/enterocoated SAM-e paired with a vitamin B complex might also be of some help.
  6. Unfortunately there's not much you can do. I tried to dissuade my father from getting it, warning him multiple times before and after he got either of the shots. Sad as it is, going with the manufactured reality meant more to him than concerns about the establishment lies and the potential long term health implications...
  7. Long have gone the days when Lordi and Hard Rock Hallelujah won the Eurovision...and it was still miles better than this "modern" dreg. Lordi - Hard Rock Hallelujah (Finland) 2006 Eurovision Song Contest Winner - YouTube
  8. Got any clue as to who the guy that's speaking is?
  9. I recall they've been moaning about this so called membership decline since early 2010's. Personally I think it's bunk, and that's it's just a ploy to get young people to join.
  10. Today, I had a face to face recruiter trying to get me to become a frequent donator to "Doctors Without Borders". The girl attempted to sell the pitch by appealing to the "poor countries" not receiving enough of the convid vaccine and something about the vindaloo variant in India. Didn't take too long to get her to quit her attempt. All it took was to say that there's no sense of proportion to the "reported deaths" in India, and the final stroke was to say that without the media circus there would be no virus. She practically backpedaled herself, and I didn't even have to outright say I wouldn't take the deal.
  11. Damn these ritualistic idiots. Had a sales clerk demand me to place my cash on a paper dish when I was paying, while she was wearing both gloves and a mask...they really can't see the contradictions, can they? Sorry, had to vent a little.
  12. Thanks for pointing the channel out. Maybe you could point out which video contains that information?
  13. Could someone please link to the article about how tens of thousands have died due to lack of having access to medical intervention due to the lockdowns? I can't seemingly find it and I'm having discussion with a covid believer...
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