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  1. Do you know how a gun works? No electric Tec can prevent a gun from shooting.
  2. Years ago, maybe 20-25 years ago, my mother worked as a nurse at an old peoples home and she told me that WHO had decided that, when there is a pandemic, all flu is to be counted as what ever the pandemic is. Back then it was bird flu or swine flu if I remember correctly. The last 2-3 years I have been asking around the web to see if anyone else remembers this, but I have yet to find a single person who can remember this. It would make sense and it would explain the numbers, but I don't understand why no one remembers this.
  3. Ah yes I have also been stocking up on things like DC earth. Zeolite. Mms and other things that keep me healthy.
  4. I have been planting a few hundred trees the last few years. Almost any fruit and nut i could find and fast growing Trees for firewood and shade. Kitchen garden And I am collecting rain water. Ducks and chickens, and maybe some goats soon and I should be good.
  5. Hi. I think or hope that in the first article they are using unvaccinated as code for big pharma fauchi and others who knew from day one. At least I hope this is the case otherwise it's totally ridiculous
  6. 10+ years later and deca is still talking about this bs. And still being rude and angry towards everyone. Keep up the good work lol
  7. So he is complaining that he has to take care of himself? Lol ok yes that's a strange and odd thing to have to do. Imagine that. Taking responsibility for one self. Mind-blowing
  8. What disgusting behaviour from the police in Australia. They should be ashamed of themselves. How can people behave like this? It's disgraceful. Fascism. Anyone who think this is ok or justified is a crazy and dangerous idiot. How are these cops going to live with themselves and other people after this
  9. Its literally impossible for it to contain AIDS
  10. Nathan Oakley. The master of false logic
  11. That right there does not surprise me. James is an odd guy with a really strange vibe.
  12. The blood in the picture expired July 2017. So it can't have anything to do with covid Not sure if I am missing something here
  13. I saw a woman claim something very similar if not exactly the same in the comment section on a YouTube video. I can't remember but it might actually have been the same person. I called her a liar and she stopped replying. It just seemed so over the top. Almost religious. She said stuff like these dying people said to her they wish they had believed in the covid.
  14. I don't know who this Adam is. But I have had lots of odd dreams the last two years, involving aliens. Usually ships in the sky and lots of chaos. I don't know if this is down to the stress about this whole covid coup or if I am tapping into something. But in these dreams I am always part of resistance groups fighting and hiding and it made me get back into shape, because I have a feeling it's going to get real. I was in the army 10 years as a Sergeant and whenever I have this dream I always think about how I am to old for all this bs. Well anyway maybe it's just my subconscious telling me to get in shape
  15. The crazy part is she would be banned from almost all platforms for talking about this. If she made a video and put it on YouTube it would get deleted and she would get a warning for spreading dangerous medical misinformation
  16. Quit your job. We ( the non compliant) have lost. Tptb are clearly experts in propaganda and manipulation and they have fooled the majority of people. A huge majority. I fear things will get really ugly soon. Maybe even just posting on a site like this could become dangerous
  17. That sounds great. Is land affordable there? I feel like I need to run and hide soon. No way I can take part of this totalitarian nightmare going on right now. I just want a plot of land some animals and grow food.
  18. It will change absolutely nothing. The feeling I get at the moment is that we have lost. Majority of people getting the jab. Censorship is being upped. It's too bad but they managed to fool most people. Fear mongering 24 7 and just keep lying is the key
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