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  1. 10 years imprisonment for those who fail to state they're returning to the UK from a "red list" country and £10,000 fine for those who fail to attend "mandatory "quarantine whether you're ill or not!!! Unbelievable Fascism with no basis other than comply with tyrants or else. This is worse than what many murders and pedophiles get. We are that compliant with facism, it’s almost become commonplace and accepted as a matter of course. This is obviously a piss take and setup completely to justify enforcement of fascism - on everyone, justifying a police state. Why? Think about it, will you please! If every single person complied with this, they’d need far more hotels, more rooms. They’re not expecting everyone to comply with this and that’s exactly the point. They don’t even want everyone to comply with this but give face value to the idea they had made specific protocols to follow to avoid this “crisis” and containment and so, those flaunting these protocols can be treated like criminals, terrorists or illegal immigrants! With the same type of deception taking place to target conspiracy theorists and the spreaders of such information, as being terrorists themselves, preachers of hate, extremists or as aiding terrorism etc etc Those found guilty of avoiding these measures, can be treated as a criminal for avoiding a hotel room that was never even available for them, if everyone actually complied with this. That’s why it’s a piss take... It’s so political protocols can be extended and people be made to meet a police state that’s being justified, as these protocols that where unfit for purpose, not necessary and unable for everyone to comply with in the first place, all because those protocols where broken and not complied with. Get it now? It’s seeking to justify even more harsh measures, whilst these measures being imposed here weren’t adhered, whilst in reality, they where never meant and never possible to be adhered to and where never necessary in the first instance. They simply exist to justify even more aggressive actions in the future, based on the systematic failure of this previous design! Extraordinary levels of fascism announced by gofer Hancock – up to ten years in jail for concealing visit to ‘red list’ country. How much longer are we going to be told what to do by this brainless dictator and his handlers? Hotel quarantine details confirmed with £1,750 cost - and 10 years' prison for lawbreakers Health Secretary Matt Hancock announced key details of the scheme from February 15 after weeks of delay - but in farcical scenes admitted just 4,600 rooms are signed up, despite 1,400 people arriving per day He said measures at the border would be split into three parts - testing, quarantine and enforcement - all to launch from Monday. The below measures are currently for England but similar measures are being worked up for Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland. They must book this before travel, with a portal and guidance opening this Thursday, at a cost of £1,750 for an individual travelling alone. This includes the hotel, transport and testing (below). https://www.mirror.co.uk/news/politics/breaking-hotel-quarantine-details-confirmed-23468842?utm_source=facebook.com&utm_medium=social&utm_campaign=mirror_politics&fbclid=IwAR1ZIfetw4vQxTjcOWN53NsRCzMmiLzm2YGSbCnuh4i78TEmCchr7xu4dTQ “Measures at the border would be split into three parts - testing, quarantine and enforcement - all to launch from Monday” In reality those three parts are enforcement of; detainment, isolation/imprisonment and testing - which will inevitably lead to vaccination. What if you don’t want the vaccine, what then? Thats what this is really about and forcing the vaccine on those whom don’t accept these measures and would still like to travel along with a Passport/Travel ID, ID2020, The implantable chip or electronic tattoo. It’s all enforcement related. This is to make it sound as if all of this isn’t being enforced or imposed upon everyone but that everyone should be made to feel the need to surrender and comply with these protocols as a matter of civil duty or else, they will meet the level of enforcement that’s really behind all of this and be hit with extreme measures from not complying with this level of fascism out of a cultivation of a civilian need and duty or else shame, hate and attack those whom don’t comply with these standards. People need to stand up to this on mass and fast! Enough is enough! See this for what it is!
  2. Yes, like the Luciferase within these RNA vaccines, it’s both someone/group (within this globalist death cult game) idea of a joke and basically them laughing in our face and on the other hand, this is exploiting people’s religious beliefs to centralise a global religious institution, figure or representative in the guise of global peace, this being delivered like the vaccine, through organisations linked to the UN. This being accomplished alongside the more obvious global government narrative. Christianity isn’t the only religion being exploited like this but it is being used centrally to do this as Christianity has been peddled, preached all around the world as the one true religion for everyone. That may appear true if you’re a Christian, but Christianity isn’t for everyone, therefore, Christianity becomes tyrannical when it’s perceived and pushed on people within this regard as it has been. Tolerance appears to be another Orwellian Newspeak term to be silenced where and when we see the abuses of others religion being pushed on to others. Now, it’s silence to the abuses of religions being marginalised or else you’re a religious nut, just like being a conspiracy nut. It’s psychological manipulation and why this number may hold significance to the occultists, it’s an inversion and exploitation of Christian beliefs, more so people would believe and buy into their script as an act of revelation as this is what’s being played out systematically. Very similar to the “Jewish Messiah” Sabbatai Zevi and the exploitation of Christianity/Christians beliefs by occultists picking the date 1666, which presents the desired evils of Judaism as being one in the same as the Synagogue of Satan and all the true, genuine antisemitism which would have followed within this belief of all Jews not just these deceivers as being the Synagogue of Satan which now has become Israel/Zionism. Instead, the greatest deceivers where those behind this misdirection, use and abuse of Christianity, not those whom where targeted... And Islam eventually, the same likewise, presents the self righteous attitude of Christians and helps spread forth their beliefs out of this fraud and abuse of all religions involved. The same sort of inversion is taking place. This is my opinion I’m sure some people will be fooled into believing this deception and other people will have different opinions from em entirely and I’d like to head them? I think the majority of people concerned being both Christian and Islam is because of how the globalists are massively playing this game of exploiting both religions and many people of each can see this or use their religion as a means to speak out against it, as the desire is of course to clash both Islam and Christianity together. So they both mutually destroy one another. A Christian belief is that Islam will rise up and take over as the ruling class or majority within end times, not just a far right conspiracy theory or political, buy some Christians genuinely believe this and because a mass amount of Arab countries have been attacked and used to flood western countries, it’s not hard to see how they could be manipulated into believing this, as that’s exactly why it has been done in my view. Its systematic exploitation of others religious beliefs and then people speaking out about these deceptions or using them to preach their religion, they’re attacked by the very same people/groups behind this who have orchestrated such deception, as being religious cranks and such... Yeah, the majority of society can’t see these other implications and what they amount to. Viewing this A.I. Tech take over as convenience and a natural progression of both technology and human evolution, colliding by accident or that such is inevitable and not a matter of any such systematic control, as we are all either religious or conspiracy nuts Yes, it’s a technological addiction I’m sure we all must have some level of this... Its also a psychological manipulation to have created this social web of tech for so much of our daily needs and particularly social communication, so the tech becomes essential to maintain what is for many, a dwindling face to face relationship and when such is the case, the technology takes over more to fill that void of communication and not just because of the technology itself but filling the void of communication or other things that we often don’t even know about or aware of on a conscious level. Or, we’d rather not know and not admit as the technology has a feeling that’s worth the price or that it’s more dependable than any alternative or going without it or something of this nature, even if this isn’t consciously thought or accepted, this is ultimately what’s happening. This means some people are not prepared to hear or see the negatives of technology before even hearing them, just shut up and give me the new technology... Yeah, probably best not arguing with many people unless you feel you can get through to them, it’s mostly a losing battle. But, I feel many more people are aware than what they’d otherwise seem and it’s more of a self admission and self process. The stupidity can often times be an act as they fear what others think of them even if they do know what they’re doing is actually stupid and just makes no sense. It’s not that we should all stop complying and have the rest of the sheep start following the crowd, I feel on a deep psychological level of always following the crowd needs to be got rid of and overcome for true change and evolution to occur. More people need to examine this need, desire, drive or instinct within themselves. The collective doesn’t always know best, yet we can feel this is the case and are made to fear the alternatives as fascism and tyrannical when it’s this that is fascism and tyrannical, we just have the illusion of democracy. Of course, this is entrained into people at school, punishment and reward process. We carry it on indefinitely, to ourselves and each other. I personally feel this is actually because of a denial or ignorance to our instincts, so drives can be made to take over, that has us following the crowd and those drives are all based around self image, ambition and social roles, where this complies to indoctrination via education. Another example is the deduction or removal of spontaneous behaviour for that of systematic patterns of behaviour and such expectations from others, pretty much all those around you. This is of course being engineered now via an even more confusing system of transgender agenda, allowing the next enemy to be seen as any and all gender driven social roles altogether and then A.I. Transhumanism, the sterile human of no gender can take place, as true and deep emotion is what is being phased out, via these games of social cohesion and acting that couldn’t be anymore disingenuous. These psychological games are aimed at emotion itself, as if it’s this being turned into a cancer or evil from society which gets them doing crazy and senseless things, a lot like how religion will be treated as being the driving factor in all wars rather than seeing that it’s religion that is exploited and acted through to achieve an end that couldn’t be less religious or couldn’t be less emotional involved. Just my thoughts and feelings though
  3. Mind Control, Mesmerism and Psychological Warfare is the order of the day until people see a reason to start refusing to accept it under the guise of Medicine, Political Correctness, Hate Speech and an unjustified prejudice. That’s exactly the scam maintaining the loop, feedback system of this type of bullshit, hypnotising our minds! “Biden has nominated Dr. Rachel Levine to serve as assistant health secretary.” Children as young as 4 years old are being directed to transgender clinics. Though they wouldn't be offered drugs at that age, yet, they'd have all the other bollocks. Lets here what Danny Edwards has to say about it shall we. "Child abuse. No other words for it. This should be looked upon how many view pedophilia as it’s just as damaging to young children who can’t willingly give their consent for sex therefore how can they give their consent for a sex change and legally that be allowed to go ahead? If the same child came to a parent or adult and the adult rapes them because they say the child wanted it, most people would - obviously quite rightly in this case - think that’s barbaric and insane. So how can the same child ask for a sex change and legally it be allowed to happen? It just doesn’t make sense? There’s an international agenda to fuck up society and that’s the only reason this is happening and people need to be against it in the same way people are against pedophilia. It’s as simple as that." My sentiments exactly. Thanks mate! X - Sarah Judd The War On Men And Women - Part Of A Massive Agenda To Change The Nature Of 'Human' - David Icke Dot-Connector Videocast https://cantcensortruth.com/watch?id=6013fe17f0ed1114345a3ff2 https://banned.video/watch?id=6013fe17f0ed1114345a3ff2
  4. But, you already are outside. See for yourself... https://dai.ly/x2rdq2j https://youtu.be/QtP60NmDKqc https://youtu.be/ZOLpCWlsCjw Automatism - Jackson Pollock - Spoken of in Ex Machina Automatic art allowing the hand to go where it wants and not question what it is your painting and what it is that you’re doing, otherwise, you may never paint anything, just as you may never do anything. Some may say, good Especially in the sense of A.I. and Transhumanism. But then, we wouldn’t be able to use such within a conversation here to understand this, by way of analogy if we wanted to... This is why philosophy is dead, we’d rather not question many things and just do what everyone else is doing. “You’ve just got to get on with it and get things done.” If you spend too much time thinking something over, you may never get it done or do anything. This is true and as we feel the real meaning or mechanism of life is felt when we are within or acting spontaneously. When we are also not self conscious of our actions, state of mind and happiness. But, within the moment. Yet, to not be conditioned by those controllers, by corrupt systems of life, we need to think over our actions otherwise, we could be being controlled or misled without knowing it... So, this may seem like a catch-22 situation. Sometimes we should do nothing sit aside and question or meditate. Other times, we should act spontaneously. Problem is, we don’t want that feeling of responsibility or understanding, it feels too much like hard work so we play a role indefinitely marching toward our own demise for the rest of our lives duality of man and all that... While also, traditionally, day to day, society doesn’t allow individuals that much time to sit aside and philosophise life by the governing social systems we have. They keep us forever busy and chasing the clock like the rabbit who’s always late and behind, frantically searching, never finding what he’s looking or feeling a sense of resolution. This chaos in the first painting is like the majority of society within my mind... The two boats ultimately in real life, would have blown one another up. Or more likely, “civilised and innocent human beings” would have quickly blown up the “criminals who are in prison anyway having made their choice” and bad mistakes etc etc People just do things and they don’t know the why or the how of what it is they’re doing, they just do it like this art work and because of this we have a chaotic world or it could be, because we have a chaotic world people act like this But, we could act differently and this system of control has everyone all acting the same way resulting within the same chaos and within denial and ignorance of their higher purpose for that of collectivism, a collective social order and thus control over those individuals, like an A.I. hive mind would perfect or upgrade. Like any war, you ask the majority of people fighting them on behalf of the globalists from Vietnam to the Middle East, the majority of them will have no real clue why they’re fighting or what it is they’re doing there, what it’s ultimately all about. But, they do it... Society is shallow and feeble to the whims of these controllers, whom set people at war with one another and so many so easily swallow it without question. I don’t, never have and never will get this. It’s an exploitation of people’s, faith, hopes and fears. This has society within a state of chaos. Someone somewhere knows exactly why they’re doing this, they just don’t want those fighting these wars to be within the know and just be blind, deaf and dumb following orders and not capable of processing information for themselves, being aware of their own consciousness, they want them to be just like robots whom are incapable of that, incapable of their own consciousness. Not to question but be like automatons and do what they’re programmed to do like machines. It’s a degradation of human potential, not honour or respectful but society has social games that respect those more willing, eager and prepared to give their power and mind away for that of a role, identify/personas/masks, acceptance and respectability by those equally enslaved to venerate this state of mind as heroic. It’s an exploitation of this potential, as it’s an exploitation of trusting those ruling and manipulating society, are right and have the right to do so. “God given right to rule.” If you get this, you’ll understand where I’m coming from. If you believe they’re right, it will be people like me whom appear “wrong” or abusive like the game or “extremism” and terrorism association games. But it’s completely the other way around, the ruling class are the upmost extremist and greatest terrorists the world over and play this game to cause confusion so you don’t rely or trust within anyone else and therefore distance yourself from their POV by attempting to remove their credibility, to stamp out dissent by a ruling class whom doesn’t want society to wake up, but remain like Alice in Wonderland, not aware that they’re still sleeping. The Aztec Calendar Wheel
  5. Win - Lose Squares - Far Out Perfect - Imperfect Triggering to wake up - triggering to go asleep - the hypnotisation of the mind is all a state of conditioning to triggers January 1st has been replaced with Chinese/Jewish New Years strangely enough as they’re usually around the same time based on the moon cycle of years, like the Masonic calendar actually... How antisemitic is this comic book Turning the world from the opposite state it exists now, is actually making it exactly the same. Its the veil and fancy dress, the mask that appears to be different. It’s just the opposite end of the extremes that already exist. But, still an extreme nonetheless and the fact that everything is the same if it all be straight or if it all be crooked, this shows a level of control that does exist the world over... We should have spontaneity and differences instead, we very often have heavy influences of patterns of control formed out of ordering the world a certain way. Who’s order? The fact that it is a certain way, shows we do have a level of control that creates those patterns in the otherwise chaos as it would be thought of by those behind this control to justify their imposition. For truth to be the ultimate salvation, it needs a lie to even exist... Truth can’t exist without the lie, just as love can’t exist as a concept without hate. To have a rational of up, down, side to side we need to know one from the other, while if we are really floating around an endless space, there is no up, down or side to side, they’re all the same thing. But, it’s a useful concept to produce a form of Order in the otherwise Chaos, a rationality to develop an interface and relationships, we just shouldn’t confuse those patterns with the reality in which they exist and remember the difference. Chaos Theory Spring-heeled Jack - Depiction - Mothman to Batman and oh yeah, the Devil The illusion of time and the compass not live our lives by them as absolutes. They’re constructs. They’re opposite ends of extremes in many ways, even if we’d rather trade one for another like War for Peace 🕊 They’re mutually necessary not mutually exclusive. We wouldn’t know one without the other it’s balance and justice instead of imbalance and injustice which is what we have now, which is why we should have a problem with the current state of affairs and not be deluded into exchanging one end of extremes for another. Otherwise, we will face the same tyrants using the opposite ends of extremes to rule and direct society via the same means, they just appear, or are sold as being different, as they have a different mask or veil and they can hide behind the idea of love and peace... Just like night and day, darkness and light. You wouldn’t care to find these answers if suffering was not the case here, you’d just be content in any and every moment and not seeking happiness or some form of release, escape or solution as we would already be where we feel we ought to be... If it be consciously or subconsciously, more people than not know this truth and even if they find themselves blissed out with all the comforts in the world, they’re still not satisfied as they know on some level this suffering exists even if they themselves are oblivious to it, in order to have reached this blissed out state in the first instance, in ignorance of others suffering around them or how it’s their own that has driven them through extreme pursuits of their own mind by ambition and such. Those whom don’t feel like this lack empathy like the majority of the ruling class, that’s the only way this state of affairs and imbalance is maintained and because the ruling powers over the physical and earthly domain is tyrannical and self serving, at war or within a state of denial of any and everything outside of its reach of control. Are your Instincts at war with your Drives? 🕷🕸 Yang and Yin Following an extended period of strong outward or yang energy, we are now entering into a more yin or receptive time, and many people are feeling a sense of unreality as the change sets in. With the daily news stories came fresh information and new concerns, and there was little room left for things to be just as they are in our own worlds. In fact, with all this going on around us, we may have forgotten a bit of what that world is. Learning how to turn the stimulus switch off to feel that connection with all that’s going on around us is an art, requiring practice. and always there will be hurdles and flurries around us. Staying steadfast in the center of the storm, grounded in nature and with a good connection between the inner and outer self, is its own reward. And Alan spoke often about the Middle Way, and the Buddhist ideal of clinging neither to the left bank nor the right, but going through the center by swimming with the current, course, and tide of life. As is sometimes the case, we may bounce back and forth to find balance somewhere in between— This is not what should be, not what might be, but what is! And from one level of magnification up, this unusual feeling we are having now may be just that, the integration of inner self and the outer world while sensing what this all really means in these in extraordinary times. * * * "And so, the basic idea in this is that life is a dance— a flowing dance— which consists of going on, and stopping; that is to say, what the Chinese call yang and yin. Yang is the southern side or sunny side of the mountain… or the north bank of a river, wherever the sun falls. Yin is then a shadow side. Now imagine a mountain with only one side— nobody can— a river with only one bank. Now life, you see, is life a game of “Now You See It, Now you Don’t”— on and off. A wave moves in crests and troughs. Now you can’t have a wave unless you have both a crest and a trough. This is true in hydraulics, in terms of water, in electronics, in terms of physics; without the one you don’t have the other. And so the relationship between these two things is called— and this is the most important term there is in in Taoist philosophy— it’s called mutual arising…. So that, although they are different, like front and back are different, so high and low are different, being and nonbeing are different— nevertheless they always go together, so that “to be or not to be” is not the question!” Alan Watts - Live Stream 24/7
  6. Seeing is Believing? Seven Heavens, symbolic of the seven chakras, energy, transformation and the fantasia of visible light here within the physical domain You can't hide your frequency - David Icke talks with Wholistic.com about the 'vibes' that can imprison us or set us free https://cantcensortruth.com/watch?id=60117639c088640f3d206f8a The Rothschild Canticles illuminated manuscripts - Trinity, Three Suns - Visible Light Trinity, the eye only visualise three colours and the brain process these into multiple colours, producing the visible light fantasia. The Lesser Lights to the all-seeing eyes The Demolition of Man Unnatural - Ickonic Original Film (2020) https://ickonic.com/Videos/Watch/454 The Healing Field - Full Film https://ickonic.com/Videos/Watch/538 Seeing the Unseen - Full Film https://ickonic.com/Videos/Watch/540
  7. A people whom must say philosophy is wrong and we should all have the same views. Sorry I’ve made a few typos Some predictive text some me. Hopefully you’ll see what I’m getting at if not, people can please ask... Suffering - Only our philosophy/views/beliefs are right yours are therefore wrong - Technology is a Trojan Horse for this false paradise on Earth, Immortality of the flesh and bone - This A.I. Tech is an imitation of human behaviour, it’s state of consciousness is part of the sidereal force MASH-MAK or acts as a doorway, bridge, gateway etc the force described as archons
  8. Yes I agree 100% It is a lack of wisdom and it’s the scientific and logical pinnacle state of mind that’s causing this, where only the explainable physical world in terms of logical understanding - black and white - is the only world accepted. Yet that scientific world in reality is always playing catch-up, it’s always behind. Science after so long a time, in many respects is proving insight into ancient wisdoms true often discounted as the work of witch doctors, medicine men and charlatans. This work in many cases is rebranded and passed off as new discovery’s of scientific merit of which no spiritual conjecture could possibly lend any credence. There’s many examples to go into but the most obvious is ancients use and understanding of sound and how this impacts our minds and reality. Ironically, the thing lacking in many people was genuine faith to be able to appreciate these insights on an individual basis rather than by black and white knowledge. While it’s the pursuit of knowledge via scientific methods which is seeking to understand to control and influence more than just accept and appreciate. This impact and influence being upon us and our environment. This can inevitably leave something out of the equation unaccounted for where science seeks to invade like this. Either deliberately or by design. If it be by technology and the ignorance of the magnetic fields impacting our health. If it be by altering genetic material, such as blood and DNA and how parts of the body impact on other parts of the body, seeking to avoid viewing the body as an accumulation of energy held together by magnetism in anyway and that the environment is a bigger scale of the same thing that exists within the body. It’s seen more as a machine and engine as though we live in a steampunk world. Where this maybe pleasing aesthetically in some cases, it’s a mask for the tapping of energy. Or, it’s confused as being reality itself and the source and not a byproduct or imitation of it seeking to make sense of that which does exist. This to me is an overreaction to a society that was too heavily influenced by the use of dogmatic religion and people having enough. The overreaction is to embrace scientific method as revolutionary and then this has become as dogmatic and controlling as a tower of falsehoods as the church. We then have the very same with the technological revolution, which is seemingly over the traditional or old establishment itself due to the failings of democracy and nationalism, Technocracy and people can do the same again to dismiss all else as an overreaction because technology has been so beneficial for us and in doing so, eventually the freedoms and powers that technology seemingly offer, become as dogmatic and as much of a prison as the church, democracy and then science has become. This philosophical or spiritual speaking can be said to be collective society building it’s own prison, it’s own trap. That we are as much the trap as we are trapped by it. The other more conspiracy based opinion is this is being governed and directed by a force preying on humanity. Both are true in my opinion and it isn’t one or the other, but the preying force manipulating society is to create what it desires and if humanity do so, they deserve the type of rulers and outcomes they get. But, ultimately society have to do it and be manipulated into it by gofers, their puppets. We keep fluctuating back and forth by what appear to be diametrically opposed extremes. This is as extreme as a society considered racist particularly against blacks and then the development of a community that overreacts to the dogma that they create a society that is equally racist against whites as a solution, reverse racism, the same with fascism, transgender, you name it and they don’t see this fluctuation back and forth between extremes relentlessly and how one for the other is exactly the same, it’s just used as an illusion of control and division. Confusing and mesmerising society to a state of hypnotisation of the mind like Alice in Wonderland, so they can be controlled and get lost themselves within this dream like state. Who the F**k is Alice? - Alan Watts - Phantom Self - Involution https://sendvid.com/qy1is33h To me, this is what the church and freemasonry has done in many different guises through the spectre of the establishment, the ruling class and phoney revolution movements to shape and direct society, out of a push and pull of society. This could also be argued as a means for evolutionary leaps through the use of controlled trauma or suffering. Or on the other hand, a mechanism that holds back the very possibility of a real revolution from developing, to make sure this doesn’t happen, the illusion of one has to appear now and again so society feels that this has played out, like a release needs to happen so it’s better it be controlled and directed, so certain individuals maintain power through placating society like this and the majority of society feel a sense of victory and revolution has taken place, when nothing of the sort has happened. Again, anyone stating as much are very likely to be hated and shutdown even if it’s true, the very notion of admitting we’ve been made fools of never wants to be admitted which is why so many people still deny the existence of such a control system and fail to see their part within it. Yes, exactly. I feel the underlying angst as you say, exists to seek a means to make life easier, ultimately exists because existence via the physical is suffering and we are forever trading one form of suffering for another in a self seeking manner to ourselves of this suffering. If you think back to times of living off the land and you didn’t work you didn’t eat and starved, we still live under this mindset one because of course it’s used as a means to control people, but this is only possible because it’s an exploitation of this mindset that’s been ingrained into us generation after generation to survive when this is no longer necessary. if we think in terms of a primitive society from scratch, you’d build a society and system that once all the hard work is done, the system works for you to survive, not you work for a system to survive as thats enslavement which is what we have. We never say when we’ve made it and we can sit back and enjoy life after our hard work. Due to these extremes initially of life, we have forever seeked out easier means of daily living and we still do because we have traded one form of suffering for another that we are relentlessly seeking to escapee, ultimately because the mind can never be satisfied and it’s seeking to basically overcome itself, which is impossible. It’s seeking to overcome the trap the mind is making for itself with the illusion that the two are different and diametrically opposed when they’re the same. This doesn’t change the fact that to exist physically is to suffer and this means is being exploited by those offering us a way out with technological aids, so we seek them. The price is handing over control, for the elevation of suffering. Just as already exists now. If you don’t want trouble you just comply, if you refuse to comply, your guaranteed to suffer more which is why many know this and comply anyway. Something, this is wise and other times it’s completely stupid to do so. The intellect for intelligence is very common to see also and we have many confused about them being one in the same like some even confuse intelligence and wisdom. Human intelligence isn’t desired but intellect so they learn and repeat and can be governed by a collective mentality of someone else’s ideas of right and wrongs. A people whom mustn’t say philosophy is wrong and we should all have the same views. Technology is a Trojan horse preying upon our comforts, desires and appealing to them so we feel helpless without them and compelled to accept them. Ah, thanks I understand what you mean
  9. Thanks mate I appreciate your comments It’s a partial understanding of how and why this Technocracy - Transhumanism is being sought after from a certain POV. I don’t necessarily disagree with all technology, all examples of collectivism or comfort seeking. Seeking out the things are very natural and it’s because of this, we can be exploited by it. These things often time in and of themselves I don’t feel are dangerous, even if they do still have ethical debates on how they all impact and play out within society, regardless of their other implications of control. But, it’s their use by those seeking to control society through exploiting these mechanisms or means, or having a hidden and an alternative means for their existence that often time many people are oblivious, unaware and so spend no time thinking about these implications. It’s as if they don’t exist. It’s specifically due to this, we can have so many people oblivious to the very notion of a global system of control, capable of what they’re actually capable of. As more often than not, it’s ordinary people carrying it out via their own mindset - Agent Smiths - of which they have no to little self understanding but attack all those whom oppose it and seek to undermine it, simply by attempting to bring such knowledge to their attention. Instead, it’s easier to cling to comforts of an existence that’s become familiar and accustomed rather than questioning it. So, that means attacking those whom undermine that existence by way of reflex action as though it’s personal. I think and feel what is unquestionable at this point, is that these things are happening and it needs to be understood. While what is debatable is the implications and intentions, as I’m sure there’s many different examples and explanations of why the same control system and same agenda is playing out as it encompasses so much, a theory of everything and that means to understand it, you yourself would need to have a theory of everything, otherwise, you’ll miss something out of the picture someone else will pick up somewhere. The above is using 1984 and Brave New World as guidelines, along with the longstanding intention of politics to use technology as a means to control society, spoken by Alan Watts as an example, largely by using tech as an example for a solution to all our problems. No notion is given by these people to the problems made by technology itself as by whatever means, that’s a price worth paying to achieve this level of control. Otherwise, continuing this without cause and concern of the problems caused by technologies, makes no sense that I’ve been able to think off... While it’s allowing all of our problems to be managed under one roof without opposition or contest. Technology is replacing control by currency, not just as a digital currency, but is far more reaching than currency alone ever could be. While from the start of this technological evolution, technology has been presented as revolutionary, almost spiritual, as it’s alongside the new age encompassing the globalists imposition of a perennial philosophy, via the UN and use of Theosophy. This is depicted well in Pirates or the Silicon Valley , if you view it with these things in mind and how the Globalists and alphabet agencies are behind all of it since the beginning, feeding military applications to the public, via the illusion of separate technological corporations being at war. An Art of Deception and all that, business is war and TPTB have used business and trade deals as a means for this total globalisation. While corporations are now the new guise for this Technocracy and Technocrats to evolve. A force which has masks behind masks
  10. Dog-training for humans – Artificial Intelligence Pedestrian ‘Management’ coming to everywhere soon. Dystopia in your face but it’s to ‘save’ you from ‘Covid’ so how could you possibly complain? This is George Orwell’s 1984 Facecrime This isn’t just coming to airports along with Passport/Travel IDs, which is as tyrannical as any police military state, asking you to show your papers every time you leave your house upon request and it isn’t just “COVID” related but is being pushed into being under the pretext of COVID and is here to stay when it does. Just as 5G infrastructure was pushed out in many areas under the aid of lockdowns, to gain access to certain areas, whilst meeting less resistance and protests over not just the installation of the technology but the amount of devastation needed to install such tech, usually resulting in tearing down the natural landscape. A lot like constructions such as HS2 and Stonehenge road tunnel, all seem to be a unrelentingly systematic war upon nature that simply, these plans must go ahead despite any opposition of society as they’re agenda driven and therefore can’t be stopped even if society wishes any of these things to be halted. All kinds of phoney reasoning exists from Climate Change to development projects to fell whole forest areas, some ancient and such natural landscape areas so 5G can be delivered to certain areas where that otherwise couldn’t be possible, while keeping this knowledge from being related, as though they’re not connected and that’s not why such projects are occurring. While this also opens up access to build upon green belt land, branching out off of these projects such as HS2 where they otherwise couldn’t just start building property. So this is about much more than railways and roads, but implementation of the technocracy and building out green land. Something worth keeping in mind and understanding, this is how the world was globalised under the guise of a progressive ideology, by those controllers of the world that still some people have a hard time accepting this hidden Empire State does exist. This is the social credit system which is already in full swing within China This is the technocratic surveillance state coming everywhere alongside 5G track and trace technologies, which home in on an evermore narrow range of area, which can then be picked up via cross referencing unique data sets from facial recognition, compared alongside your data footprint from your travels. This technology is being fed into a centralised surveillance system thanks to the IP Bill Snoopers Charter, that legally allows the alphabet agency’s to collect all individuals private data and records from all establishment institutions into the hands the said surveillance state and their alphabet agency’s such as GCHQ of course. This sounds fantastic and you ask why and you should be asking why, this is designed to be hooked up to your unique technology, which then pulls the above records from their systems. It’s a web of technical data that’s been collected for years that’s now being meshed together for technological surveillance of a type unimaginable by the normal individual and is unparalleled. This of course being justified because of COVID, Terrorism and the prevention of Serious Criminal Activities, like ANPR cameras every time you park your car on a NHS Car Park. This is to sync up with the new economy which is cashless, completely digital, which will only be possible and accepted after a complete destruction of the current economic system, as it would otherwise meet too much opposition and a state needs to be made where the old system is beyond all resurrection. This is happening due to the apparent impact and implications of COVID, so in other words, it’s also being made to happen. It’s about centralisation of power via the use of technological dependency, leading towards a new era, Technocracy and a Transhumanist society, being aided by the medical institutions in the aim and name of controlling the direction of the evolution of humanity and ethically cleansing the weakest of society via eugenics practices. This is the survival of the fittest mentality justifying this approach and these activities. The Hunger Games Society 🕊 To say otherwise is to be in complete denial, ignorance or burying your head in the sand, as you can’t understand why or how people could or are doing this rather than facing the fact that it obviously is happening weather you like it or not and isn’t just all spontaneous and instead, asking yourself why and trying to find out or coming to own conclusions rather than ignoring them and denying the interconnections of control as being coincidental. Collectivism Society is more important than the individual otherwise the individual is selfish. We haven’t seen this mentality recently have we? Do what we say, save lives otherwise face the consequences of not doing what we say. If you break the rules of an imposed collective mentality, you’re selfish and should be browbeaten into submission. While people whom can’t see this as fascism, can’t see it because they agree with the fascist actions. This ultimately being because they agree a virus exists, it’s credible, was unexpected and spontaneous and justifies the resolve we are seeing. Try being against these actions and you’ll see fascism within an instant. You’d have to be a fool not to see the implications, even if you’ve been convinced into support the actions because of some cause this time. The cause and justification is the idea which justifies fascism and control over others which limit people’s rights, freedoms and seeks to restricts their movements, undermine their illnesses that are not COVID related and seek to negatively impact the disabled and most vulnerable of society. Almost all facilities to adhere to the needs of the disabled have been removed or made inadequate to enforce protocols on collective society, as though their disabilities and the disabled don’t matter anymore. It’s insane, barbaric and repulsive! This collectivism is feeding the Globalist unification of centralisation and control. Which is best governed by the aids and vices of technology. This makes a global technocracy and transhumanism, the best streamlined approach to controlling the masses. Hedonism Seeking the maximisation of pleasure and comforts and minimisation of pain and discomfort, which weakens people, making them feeble and incapable of resistance due to their desire to seek out and maintain those pleasure and comforts at any cost, even of that cost is an erosion of their freedoms and rights. This is being used as a tool suppress society and nothing is greater for achieving this than technology. Alan Watts talks about Technology and the desire by politicians for the use of technologies to create what we are now calling Transhumanism, Technocracy and the SMART Grid of Control
  11. Just how WOKE can you be to even attempt to achieve the Holy Trinity arrangement of combining political protections afforded - imposed over collective society - minorities such as racism and hate crime, with both political agendas designed to totally reshape and transform society and political correctness to ensure a level of control is advanced by progressive liberals wanting to virtue signal their good deeds in full public view and condemn anyone who does not align themselves with the stringent governance of political correctness, denouncing them as being unprogressive and therefore backward. That way any opposition, or just anyone questioning and speaking out against your political models designed to reshape the world can be shutdown as being racist and the debate not even be had, as they’re also considered National Extremists, Domestic Terrorists and isolationists, so who would want to give them a platform as they’re a danger to the greater public good. You wouldn’t want to give a terrorist or a racist a platform would you? So, the psychological operations continue... I’d like to make clear, do gross actions of politics and business not care about shitting on native groups, minority groups, tribals people’s and third world countries to get what they want, while also making those people desire moving out and into areas globalised? Of course this happens and it’s a supremest mentality that’s been the driving force behind globalisation for many years and guided the progression of infrastructure aimed at destroying tribal communities and breaking down their environment. That’s of course not what’s being discussed below but the exploitation of this, so because this is happening, we will accept political twisted rhetoric to justify the impositions of control that is being driven through climate change for global government agendas and incentives. I’ll just put this here. Incoming Biden Climate Team Blames 'Systemic Racism' for Climate Change According to two incoming White House environmental aids “systemic racism” is a driver of climate change as progressives push to overhaul American industry and spending to promote their green agenda. Not only is climate change systemically racist but so is COVID-19. “As the current COVID-19 crisis demonstrates, the interconnection between environmental and health risks has created crisis conditions for communities already battling toxic pollution that causes respiratory and other illnesses.” “Unless intentionally interrupted, systemic racism will continue to be a major obstacle to creating a healthy planet. The only path forward is to design national climate policies that are centered on justice.” https://thefederalistpapers.org/us/incoming-biden-climate-team-blames-systemic-racism-climate-change That’s how WOKE. While me making these statements alongside the comments above makes me antisemitic, a Nazi and a Holocaust Denier as there’s only ever been one in all of human history, which is way by that statement you know exactly the one I’m referring to We are seeing word games as political theatre is being twisted via psychological games similar to how a war on Afghanistan was twisted into a war on Iraq by associations to a war on terrorism and how that was misleading presented to the public as though Iraq and Afghanistan somehow where both responsible in some way for 9/11. Don’t fall for more of the same psychological manipulation as that’s what this is quite clearly!
  12. That’s exactly why Gagas duality symbol is the way it is, so it can represent the dove of peace openly and mockingly, the hunger games society. Gaga has teamed up with this UN initiative, as this whole global order peace bs is taking place through the UN just like WHO and COVID. It’s through the UN these Global Agendas are being made manifest along with their phoney transformation via their version of a Perennial Philosophy, creating a central authority over all religion just as politics. Gaga was working with “Global Citizen”. So this can be smoke-screened as being peace in her bizarre artistic vision etc While really, this is foreshadowing of a global occult agenda via such symbolism that follows on from the COVID rainbow, this dove 🕊 of peace was predictable as I predicted it above, as the whole thing is mocking peace, shadowing the story of Noah and Noahide Laws for that of a global agenda. That’s why they’re so blatantly mocking us with this symbolism. They’re even telling you even though they’re fronting peace campaigns to transform the world, it ain’t really peace but a mockery of it. It’s control and fascism under the guise of peace, aid, love and kindness. It’s a satanic inversion by playing with such dualistic symbolism, so the front and justification is peace and love and for now, the background is disharmony and fascism, those speaking out about such are dismissed as cranks and against love and peace as though it’s them where disharmony and extremism is beginning, meaning the need for them to be locked away in a FEMA style concentration camp under medical tyranny. At a certain point these values are likely to flip, so it ever more openly becomes disharmony and fascism and it will be up to society to either carry out genuine acts of peace, love and harmony in the background to overcome it, rather than just have this sycophantic superficial mentality of it we have now to justify fascism while only a brain dead society would accept this and not see through it for what it is...
  13. Watchmen Remember this? Which was followed by COVID-19 mass “termination” of the elderly, blanket DNR orders and what’s next, the demise pill or is part of the vaxx plan? Do you really not think or feel that this isn’t part of a cold and calculated plan? This is blatantly obvious to anyone logically and rationally looking at these steps being taken - prior to this spontaneous, unexpected, “novel” virus - and how events are playing out today. These events can only be described as eugenic practices on the elderly, disabled and most vulnerable, with the survival of the fittest mentally of “only the strongest will survive”, a controlled human evolution down the path of Transhumanism and technocracy and the total transformation of our social systems to achieve these goals, so our social systems are completely inline with the new technocratic human robot. Such a plan was spoken of leading to these outcomes way back in 1969... Then it happens, “conspiracy theorists” whom have been making these observations for some time based upon such research “normal” individuals would like to irrationalise, those individuals whom have only just come across the information, never researched such things or made such interconnections before, state as unrealistic and part of a deluded fantasy world of collective individuals, for pointing out these crimes against humanity and perverse agendas are then attacked for being nut jobs, potentially mentally deranged in need of the very tyrannical oversight they’re trying to expose and people really can’t see what’s going on It’s a vicious loop of fascism where the very people denying a state of fascism end up supporting the fascism they don’t see and state doesn’t exist and possibly, would only really care about such a potential reality when that fascism finds them within a similar position. Otherwise, like they have done for so long, they’d just keep quite and within ignorance of this potential. Even now people continue to deny such a transparent agendas existence which is seeking to transform society... From a previous post Letter to MP Please feel free to use as a template to contact your MP. No one has the right to take away another person's way of life The Mental Capacity Bill https://id.38degrees.org.uk/clicks/link/26847/ac7eca01-16f8-4681-929d-388de2e99dac?url=https%3A%2F%2F38d.gs%2Fcarefreedom_affectedmembers%3Fzip%3DWA128SR%26utm_source%3D%26utm_medium%3Demail%26utm_campaign%3Dblast2019-01-21&member_guid=25d9efccb621664d937c120eac51ce455cf755253511944a2b0ce11d081e2c5a040e1bf124d99fafa01aaf5438233de0c82ed02920d4f09d7008bf547191ca3f Fascist Victorian Government (incubating global fascism) Pushes New Bill to Detain ‘Conspiracy Theorists,’ Anti-Lockdown Protesters, and Families The Victorian government will debate a new bill in the State Parliament this week which would hand authorities the power to forcibly detain “conspiracy theorists” and people suspected to likely spread coronavirus, such as anti-lockdown protesters and their close contacts. If passed, the Omnibus (Emergency Measures) Bill will allow the state to detain anyone they suspect of being “high risk” or likely to negligently spread COVID-19 According to The Age, a state government spokesman said the rule could be applied to “conspiracy theorists who refuse to self-isolate or severely drug-affected or mentally impaired people who do not have the capacity to quarantine.” Those detained could then be placed in quarantine facilities, such as hotels, where they can be monitored by authorities. https://caldronpool.com/victorian-government-pushes-new-bill-to-detain-conspiracy-theorists-anti-lockdown-protesters-and-families/amp/ Same globalist bs Transhumanism - Technocracy and mental capacity Singapore’s Electronic Transactions Laws: Digitalization of Legal Documents Proposed https://www.lexology.com/library/detail.aspx?g=a3cfec80-1da4-4c96-a13c-34f1fe0a5f6c The Hunger Games Society - 1969 Give Peace a Chance man, it’s coming through the COVID-19 Noahide Rainbow of Love🕊 There’s no place to hide, from the NWO Gaga, the poster ‘girl’ for satanism! Dressed in hunger games attire! Biden being sworn in on the devils bible! Many so woke now even the daily mail mentioned the hunger games comparisons! But some people refuse to see what’s right in front of them, still waiting to be called up for the damn zombie vaccine for the biggest hoax ever! Modern wars! https://www.dailymail.co.uk/femail/article-9169327/Fans-compare-Lady-Gagas-ENORMOUS-gold-brooch-Hunger-Games-Mockingjay-pin.html “So, the storm, Covid-19 and we have been shown the calm before the actual storm as it’s inversion and the Global World Peace plan, the Noahide Laws, will be symbolised globally by the Dove of Peace.” “They're ultimately using Noah as the poster boy for all the Globalist rhetoric of threats for the survival of humanity, which seeks to justify, a New Global Order, out of a common accord and symbolism, at least with the dove of peace if the guiding light of the illuminated torch is a bit too obvious for many. So, Climate Change, Terrorism, the Covid-19 scam and such like it will be spoken of via scipted speech. This isn't a basic foundation of any of these religions, Islam, Judaism or Christianity. But an exploitation of them to achieve such global order. But, those religious institutions have been so heavily influenced and infiltrated that it so easily can be made to represent such religions by way of them as institutions.” Stanley McChrystal, the former US general who led the disastrous war in Afghanistan, now warns about the threat of ‘domestic terrorists’ (anyone who knows the government and people like McChrystal are lying to them) – he’s reading from the Cult script of course as always with him https://davidicke.com/2021/01/20/stanley-mcchrystal-the-former-us-general-who-led-the-disastrous-war-in-afghanistan-now-warns-about-the-threat-of-domestic-terrorists-anyone-who-knows-the-government-and-people-like-mcchrystal-a/ Washington DC now under military occupation – more US troops in the capital than in Iraq and Afghanistan combined and another step on the road to the military-police state. Troops now undergoing ‘political view’ checks before being deployed which is straight out of 1984 https://davidicke.com/2021/01/19/washington-dc-now-under-military-occupation-more-us-troops-in-the-capital-than-in-iraq-and-afghanistan-combined-and-another-step-on-the-road-to-the-military-police-state-i-have-warned-about-for-30-y/ Spain Creates a List of Those Who Refuse to Get ‘COVID-19’ Fake ‘Vaccine’ That Is Not Even Claimed To Stop ‘Transmission’. Are you getting it yet? It’s all a scam to impose the global fascism that I have warned was coming for 30 years https://davidicke.com/2021/01/20/spain-creates-a-list-of-those-who-refuse-to-get-covid-19-fake-vaccine-that-is-not-even-claimed-to-stop-transmission-are-you-getting-it-yet-its-all-a-scam-to-impose-the-global-fascism-t/ Spain Creates a List of Those Who Refuse to Get COVID-19 Vaccines https://thevaccinereaction.org/2021/01/spain-creates-a-list-of-those-who-refuse-to-get-covid-19-vaccine/ Watchmen Occult Ritual to create a race, cultural war to transform first American society and the world out of the fall of liberty in the name of racism Zionism - Globalists Socialism - Capitalism Pull the world apart and rebuild within your new image, maintaining your throne of power, ensuring no real threat to your throne can never really exist. P Thanks for looking and reading those who take time
  14. C is for “COVID” - Potions 👁 ∴ Seeing is Believing?∴ 👁 “You will eat the flesh of your sons and the flesh of your daughters” “I, will punish you sevenfold for your sins.” (Impressions of Archontic, Sidereal force, imprints as described here)
  15. [Intro] At slow speed we all seem focused In motion we seem wrong, wrong In summer we can taste the rain [Chorus] I want you to be free Don't worry about me And just like the movies We play out our last scene [Verse 1] Two can play this game We both want power In winter we can taste the pain In our short years, we come long way To treat it bad and throw away In our short years, we come long way To treat it bad and throw away [Chorus] I want you to be free Don't worry about me And just like the movies We play out our last scene [Bridge] You won't cry, I won't scream [Verse 2] In our short years, we come long way To treat it bad and throw away And if we make a little space A science fiction showcase In our short film, a love disgrace Dream a scene to brighten face In our short years we come long way To treat it bad, just to throw it away [Chorus] I want you to be free Don't worry about me And just like the movies We play out our last scene [Bridge] You won't cry, I won't scream
  16. Hu ha ha he ho ho Usually the grinch leaves after Christmas... TRUST ME! This year we have the continuation of smiling assassins more so than ever before, grinning at you while they dwell and delight within your doom. I’m getting sick of them and don’t get how more people can’t see this and must otherwise believe they’re genuinely smiling at you, want what’s best for you and care about you while they’re delighted with sticking their nose in and feeling a sense of authority over you, where and when they get the opportunity, simply because an opportunity has been made for them, like laughing hyenas around the corpse of a lions kill and anyone whom points this out to the hyenas, only makes them more vicious, uncompromising and content within their “resolve” and denial over the lions they themselves are deluded into believing they are and hold equivocal power. Their actions say different to anyone with a brain not hypnotised by an intense state of imposed fear. Oh to be that naive again - Blue Pill You genuinely do see agent smith clones of this nature and system imitating what I’m talking about and you’re more likely to know, understand and accept this when you realise that you yourself use to be one, and now look and sound crazy to those whom don’t see them/this or understand what you’re talking about, as if you’re the riddler speaking of an unseen, unheard of reality. Yet, these very same people believe within the bogeyman and that the act of daily living has become dangerous in the name and aim of combating a disease of; cold, flu and pneumonia which has just been rebranded under a new label, as though these very things are new in and of themselves and we don’t just have a new label, without proof, evidence to justify this new nature or the need of receiving a vaccine, that isn’t actually a vaccine at all and they call me the conspiracy theorist? Tinfoil hat? While they’re walking around well unsocially distanced, wearing masks and/or under house arrest? “Rest Assured, your money is safe.” “Haha haha Oh, hee-hee, aha, ha, ohh, hee, ha-ha, haha” Hi... Confusing the symbol, the symbolic nature with the reality. Confusing labels with what’s being labelled and becoming bamboozled by being hypnotised by a phoney sensation of reality, through the false association with a reality that doesn’t exist beyond the hypnotisation of such labels. That’s the system. An interface that’s becoming more and more phoney and more and more corrupt, a “bad copy” to manufacture our reality by altering our relationship of interaction, between the sensation of ourselves and our environment. You change this sensation and you can change reality. This is part and parcel of the Transgender Agenda to Transhumanism, A.I. Virtual Reality can become controlled to alter our state of sensation of existence and relationship between self and environment. Worshiping/Devouring the menu instead of the food. This is behind the madness of the world we are living within. If you don’t get it, fair enough but don’t have the audacity to call people like me mad for what you don’t understand or don’t want to accept. This is the Arrogance of such a society being coldly and calculatingly engineered. We live in a world where a separate, alternative POV or idea is shunned as being “right or wrong” and therefore, we have fascism and philosophy is well and truly dead as we have an external master over our minds beyond ourselves we spend all day pretending we don’t see and that such doesn’t exist and thus give that very thing it’s power over us. Ignorance! That’s what’s truly insane. “G-d” is in the TV it’s on here we will all see and are seeing World War III “There’s is no war” “Trust the plan” We have a Psychological Warfare Operation, an Information Warfare. But I’m sure it’s fake news though, so this information can be removed and censored to remove any understanding of such a narrative The first casualty of war, isn’t journalism today, it’s the free flow of information, so a general consensus can be controlled, formulated, conditioned and repeated ad nauseam to ensure the majority information consuming the senses of society is that which is desirable by Orwell’s Ministry of Truth and such “Ministry’s of Control”. Even if this is played by “both sides” of the black and the white, the left and the right, the mainstream and alternative. Once these Ministry’s consume healthcare as we are at the beginning of now, food and drink and so, you need to turn to such ministries for “aid”, for resources needed to survive, what would you call that? Think of Globalist Wars, were they blow the shit out of a “foreign country” then with their other hand they offer “aid” and cause the chaos which they bring their version of control and order, thus they transform or globalise that nation under their rule. A global version of this is taking place and the nation is no longer foreign, that’s the big surprise to those not paying attention and still shouting coincidence or conspiracy theorist. You can call it a “conspiracy theory” if you want but I’m telling you, this is what’s happening and events are being simulated to achieve such an agenda and goals, as if we are under war time rationing, rationing justified to survive the “virus” while really it has been accumulated to survive the crash of a global economy justified by the nature of lockdowns caused by such a virus, seeking to transform human society. But please, do us all a favour and only start thinking about this when it’s actually happening until then, completely deny it and when it happens, scream out coincidence, as if it would really matter. People whom are so naive that they don’t, won’t or can’t understand the scam that’s taking place, eventually a mass of people whom do understand this are just going to give up on you, like you have them by your very nature of shunning and attacking those you don’t understand or agree with or whom don’t accept the official version of everything. I really do hope you’re starting to get it Operation Dark Winter - The Division - Civil Chaos - Civil War - Order Out of Chaos
  17. ALEX JONES DOUBLES DOWN ON QANON LIES https://www.bitchute.com/video/lCdEsPDk4UFR/?fbclid=IwAR2-LEvcVW9gMC6xjUcP4cQW-bDK2aCcJYRKUXyAEVBtfOVw9ie9z9mg4BM So, if it wasn’t for Alex, Q wouldn’t have received as much traction to begin with as he was such a cheerleader of it and of Trump. After years of saying, two political puppets, the same hidden hand shadow government forces forever maintain their power over office, he started supporting one side of this phoney broken wing politics. Which is now continuing on a path that is being used to divide the US and very likely create civil war out of we hate Trump, we love Trump hysteria. This of course is design to collapse Global systems not limited to the US particularly the EU - Fall of the Old Babylonian System, an Occult Ritual to build from the ashes of the old the new, the NWO. To create a state where the old system has been removed, dismantled and destroyed beyond all recognition of any sort of revival, so that their global system is made desirable. The only solution and salvation. We have Q, Antifa and BLM all designed to create political, cultural and race wars all leading towards a specific outcome of chaos to transform society. The whole thing was a Psyop and now, Alex is stating that he knew from the start it was a fraud and never supported it? How anyone can not see through this guy and that he obviously has vested interests, regardless of the good he has done, it’s always a bitter pill. Alex Jones: "Israel bashers are SCUM!" by Michael Collins Piper https://archive.org/embed/AlexJonesisraelBashersAreScum http://www.renegadetribune.com/michael-collins-piper-alex-jones-says-critics-of-israel-are-scum/ Alex has always been pro Zionist and would attack and bully anyone who’d dare speak out about the grip of Zionist geopolitics upon western political parties, as these geopolitics have been the overriding cause and reason for many political decisions that almost never favour the majority. Zionism wasn’t the start of this but is what these political forces hide behind to carry out a chaos and global power grabs you can’t call out or question without being condemned by the very authority’s that are working to do this and work through this front of Zionism, Israel and Judaism. It’s really a continuation of a globalist political model since the past two world wars that set this world stage into motion. It has nothing to do with religions they act through, other than the systematic deception upon those religious beliefs to carry out geopolitical interests and psychologically manipulate people’s beliefs so these things can become a reality. It’s a small world ain’t it The idea, is of leading all religions toward the same path to create their version, or rule over a Perennial Philosophy, the understanding of a singular grassroots system that’s at the core of all global religions. This isn’t a debate on if this is true or not, the debate is the monopolisation of this grass roots system, drawing on strands in the webs of all global religions to create a centralised body and/or figurehead, just as they’re doing with politics. This is being accomplished via Theosophical works, the foundation for the New Age, which the UN have long since monopolised. ‘CIA/Zionist operative Alex Jones: "I had the founders of Q.at my house about 2 years ago. It started out as some guys having some fun who were AUTHORIZED TO ENGAGE IN PSYOPS."’ Melissa Jensen AFTERMATH OF THE 'STORM', ADL ON THE MARCH, & TRUMP CONCEDES | KNOW MORE NEWS LIVE W/ ADAM GREEN https://www.bitchute.com/video/dlWmbxYK3hHI/?fbclid=IwAR0sHC8qMHvo6dDOiU0lNp8CSQHn09SQh_ztE138REruEUblz-z3KG99m0M
  18. “food for two children for a weeks #freeschoolmeals in Newport Pagnell #ToryCorruption” Orwellian Ministries of Control DAVID ICKE - BABYLONIAN PATH - EU - NEW WORLD ORDER - BANKING SYSTEM - MINISTRIES OF CONTROL - 9/11 https://www.bitchute.com/video/YwwaWymCNekm/ This is the start and if this continues everywhere it’s comply or die. You either comply by wearing a mask or if the Internet goes down by deliberately being pulled, you wear a mask, fight for what’s left on the shelves or die. If anything remotely like this occurs, it’s not long before the military are initiated into issuing aid and “essential” supplies. Likewise, this continues. You accept the protocols to receive that aid or else you don’t receive it. Which can easily encompass, RFID style chip or electronic tattoo, that we are informed acts as a system to manage resource while also acts as a means to identify the “infected” from the vaccinated. Sainsbury’s and Morrisons enforce mask-wearing in their supermarkets – the best reason possible to boycott both. We will remember forever who stood up for freedom and those that cooperated in its deletion https://davidicke.com/2021/01/12/sainsburys-and-morrisons-enforce-mask-wearing-in-their-supermarkets-the-best-reason-possible-to-boycott-both-we-will-remember-forever-who-stood-up-for-freedom-and-those-that-cooperated-in/ We’ve been set at war with ourselves... 👁 I Against I 👁
  19. How else do you get the global population to comply? Can you think of an alternative, if you know and accept this is part of an agenda that has to happen, everyone has to be vaccinated and receive an RFID chip if we just viewed it using these factors, how else can this be accomplished? One method is via whats already happening, you put people on social credit systems of one means or another and then eventually say to receive this you need x y and z which just so happens to be vaccination and rfid chipping. This is more of the humane approach. While of course, jobs are being destroyed to make people dependent on this credit system for survival and of course, all of this is population control reducing the amount of people. I know i wouldn't comply with any of it but if it means your survival, eventually if you comply or you die, I'm sure even those who say they wouldn't would do eventually especially more so those with families and after all. this is going to be used to break down social cohesion like we are within the early stages of now, where if certain virus type say impacts limiting factors such as age groups, this could eventually be used to create a type of segregation as a means to break down the traditional idea of family as is desired by those behind doing this. They can't get to this stage by any other means and the greatest method of this war is to remove systems people depend upon to survive and they have monopolised and put your goals and agendas between people and doing what they need to survive and function. The restructure then becomes transhumanism and its exactly the same story of exchanging this state of affairs, by instead placing technological interfaces between people and everything they need to do to survive and function on a daily basis. This to me is on one hand about control but also an exchange of energy where a shadow or sidereal force of consciousness being tapped into our physical world by way of technology acting as a gateway and mankind's consciousness becomes part of this lower state of consciousness, a distortion or fracturing of consciousness. I reckon this state of fracturing conscious has been relentless from previous higher states than that of our physical state of existence and this cycle is continuing downwards. A part of this is by a lower demigod wanting to take over and play god over the realm by severing the connection to the previous "gods". But, this is just my feelings on these subjects I have nothing physical to back them up but see it happening...
  20. This is the foreshadowing of events occurring. These "sleeper" cells as depicted within "The Division" are supposed to be military intelligence "White Hats" of the QAnon Trump supporting “Resistance” variety within our world, when actually, this is a controlled collapse of the US by use of the military intelligence running information and psychological warfare tactics to achieve this to completely collapse the old economy, social systems, beyond all revival to build the new, this is being cultivated quite obviously and people are being told of this but are to bury their heads in the sand if they believe such events are spontaneous and not a matter of script and orchestration. Anyone opposing the police/military/emergency/aid worker state are the stereotyped escaped prison inmates and not those simply opposed to these tactics of fascism but because they're through and through criminals, opposing aid workers. This has been done in every “shit hole” third world country while people have equally accepted the lie, buried their heads in the sand and thus won’t or can’t believe such would take place closer to home, it’s unthinkable... I don’t know why as it’s seems blatantly obvious to me tbh. These are more accurate sleeper cell types, mind controlled drones of the military intelligence but designed to carry out these tactics like robots on command to help usher in the Police Military State of course, not stop it. This is what the Q deception is trying to achieve, get people to essentially step back and justify it happening by it being reframed as the resistance and not the take over due to psychological deception instead of calling it out. The Art of War springs to mind... The delivery of aid is a bitter pill of “kindness”. The systems collapse to create the hunger games society. You usher in aid and maybe at first there are no “regulations” think war time rationing and chaos, rioting and terror type events occur, fighting takes place. You use this as examples of need for regulation and the only way to get aid very soon, is by compliance with the vaccine, whatever is on the cards in term of medical healthcare “for the protection of everyone due to this unprecedented crisis” and some sort of technical system that regulates both who has and hasn’t been vaccinated but who’s had their supplies and who hasn’t. This is the RFID, implantable factor. Many people who know the implications of this will comply with this for their survival where they may otherwise refuse this at every other possible opportunity. That’s why such a scenario will have been thought up to either comply or die, survival of the fittest mentality. As compliance with this is obviously “essential”. These are just some of my thoughts on what’s taking place. MYTH OF EMPIRE - The story about the Black Hole of Calcutta refuses to die https://www.telegraphindia.com/opinion/myth-of-empire-the-story-about-the-black-hole-of-calcutta-refuses-to-die/cid/1025320
  21. It all depends what you identify as being you. The I, the Self. In terms of our higher nature, this ultimate self I’m referring to is definitely not the parasite or potential use as food. Consciousness, the divine spark trapped within man, within the state of a human is what makes our life force a potential to be parasited off. That is the very nature of why this state of affairs exist. If any small source of the divine essence can be put within a being such as man and parasited off by these forces we are speaking of, it allows for a mechanism for the divine to either be harnessed or transformed. This would be by using a force they do control, the human flesh and the physical matrix, to draw on a force they do not control, with the idea of harnessing or transforming that force outside of their control and this is how humanity is being used. Like shattering the spirit or soul destroying, which is how many of us spend our days labouring through life within such a system. We started out with an ideal of society as a state of contribution to build and develop, without any understanding of are or when we are their, when we make it, so we could one day say it’s built and enjoy the fruits of our labour. instead, for the most part we have been constantly striving towards a fictitious goal of our own making that is a mass state of deception and hysteria. When enough people start to identify with what I’m referring to, Society it seems is sent on a path towards destruction and chaos, through fear of losing control. A force losing it’s control over society, or using this as a very means to transform and “evolve” society. So we destroy and thus ourselves become destroyed and then the illusion, the cycle is repeated of building Society. Again, without any real notion of when we will get their to enjoy the society and say it’s built... Instead, this relentless cycle becomes a war with our own nature itself. While we call this idea of continuation and linear timeline progressive. Where we think and feel that now is the most advanced age we have ever lived within to continue the strive for a future and the illusion is maintained, without knowing why or what it is we are striving towards. This can be faith or the potential to be deceived. This is the scam to keep humanity indefinitely enslaved and parasited off as if we are only here to be a work horse until A.I. can take over. In terms of the ultimate state of man being the body and of the physical, this is a parasite and mankind become little more than beasts themselves. I do believe we are exiles but this is in terms of the manipulation of the flesh, not of our ultimate nature. Our ultimate nature has been robbed and denied us for this beastly nature, so we can be parasited off and this means we must become such parasites ourselves. As these cycles play upon cause and effect, often an unseen duality to exploit and parasite upon the energy of mankind, without mankind knowing that ultimately they’re doing this and they need to break the spell of hypnosis that has them maintaining such a state of affairs. Such is awakening from the system that has conditioned our minds.
  22. David Icke breaking down the above in 2010 I think it is, in Czech Republic DAVID ICKE SATANIC REPTILIAN SOCIETY - ROTHSCHILD ZIONISM https://www.bitchute.com/video/ShqefiumEl28/ Sorry video repeats itself after about 1h30mins or so, it’s how I found it. More from this above video and Former FEMA operative Celeste Solum I think we have all learnt a little more about the politics of this sack of shit recently! NASA War Doc http://stopthecrime.net/wp/wp-content/uploads/2018/01/01-nasa-thefutureof-war-2-up.pdf https://justice4poland.com/2019/10/16/leaked-nasa-document-unveils-the-new-world-orders-hellish-plan-to-enslave-and-depopulate-the-earth/ Full Video on YouTube - for now Climate Change - Terraforming the Planet by Technology, to create an environment potential of sustaining other forms, other than life that already exist here - Alien, Demonic or Transhumanism take your pick... Asilomar Conference on Recombinant DNA 1975 https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Asilomar_Conference_on_Recombinant_DNA Sidereal Force - Archon Image - This is about reanimating human thought form and energy without soul, without intentionality, no original creativity beyond the accumulation of that data which already exists that is being imitated Imagine if all your thought forms where uploaded to a computer - A.I. - then reanimated within a synthetic shell that appears human, but is actually a robotic imitation that animates what appears to be biological life instead of the human spirit, life force energies SMART Transhumanism Tech is the way of "The Coming Race" - Sidereal Force, Mash-Mak - The Archons - This new race will be powered by an energy flowing through wires, a sidereal force long known about dangerous energies, by various ancient spiritual traditions. Rex Mundi - Axis Mundi The idea of "Rex Mundi" also relates to the "Axis Mundi", which for these concerns is both the axis of precession, and the earth's magnetic axis. There is the same implication in that, that there may be in Tolkien's drawing of the Gate of Moria. There is no shortage whatsoever of archaic figures of Christ and many other persons who seem to be holding their staff at the exact angle which the true magnetic north polar axis deviates from the geographical polar axis, concerns which may have entered (C.S.) Lewis' first book in the "Chronicles of Naria" series in a whimsical and casual yet complex manner, the form of the appearance of Father Christmas. http://www.spiritmythos.org/TM/solar-lunar/rexmundi.htm
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