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  1. Thanks Yasmina I appreciate your comments. These are just some of my surmises and of course open to interpretation as they’re more of the spiritual and I don’t profess I know everything but these are just my understandings. These problems can only be truly understood from a spiritual POV and a spiritual transformation, otherwise that’s part of the physical construct problem. You may even describe this as upon a deep psychological aspect of seeing and perceiving this by simply the desire and will to understand rather than ignore. Or we will be focused on the idea of a game of musical chairs will solve our problems and not see that what we see as problems and solutions can be part of the same cycle of relentlessly becoming our own problem indefinitely. Which is inevitably why we know this on some level and would like to just leave it to someone else and how those whom have manipulated us have managed to do so by the feeling of helplessness to do anything about this state of affairs, it’s better leaving it someone else and pretty much everyone other than those behind this control system have been psychologically conditioned to feel like this. Why certain ideas of spiritual are at odds with other spiritual concepts or scoffed at as having your head in the clouds. Logic doesn’t comprehend the spiritual and devalues it. But both are states of mind and what we call logic is built around illusive fraudulent concepts and labels that don’t truly exist in and of themselves beyond the illusory labels we give them and so we can become stuck, fixated within label consciousness logic and so never perceive this, as we can’t see past the limitation of label consciousness, which is ultimately what needs to be identified with every individual. Labels are guidance Spirit is the law. We have confused the issue. The majority of our problems, suffering, comes from trying to control or change things beyond our control and allowing others to impose this state of affairs over us and complying with it, therefore giving those doing this a sense of control which is really an illusion, as that control only exists if we are asleep to this state of affairs and we should develop the will and insight to not comply with our own demise, then they have no control. Only if we remain under their form of order do they have the illusion of “control”. More people need to understand this for change within the physical but it’s much deeper and exists upon a spiritual level. Feeling helpless about stopping it as everyone else are conforming with this state of affairs and we each individually don’t want to be the nail that stands out and get hammered. But, what if we all feel like that? Thats really what is selfish or self-centredness or what we may say is self preservation and our survival instincts are exploited to stop us from going here as if we really do live within the wild and are afraid of a predator even if we can’t see it we are aware it’s around us. I’d say that’s the biggest problem many of us do feel like this. Especially where that compliance perpetuates more suffering, as it always does as far as this control system is concerned. Hell Well, I feel some of that’s because we are essentially within hell, we are at the cusp of a worse hell state in my mind, from within this reality we are in. Not just because of COVID, COVID is an example or expression of this, perhaps an opportunity for people to relate with and see this and the people, groups trying to always control the world. A world preyed over by a demonic force some people worship as God, as it is God over this limited realm of reality, but isn’t the original source, it’s a middleman that’s hijacked something which already existed and has produced a limitation or imitation of the whole, which we then experience as this reality and can become trapped and confused that this is the totality of existence and ignorant to anyone trying to identify this and speak of it, as we are fixated with a Fantasia of life that for the many has absolutely no meaning or purpose but we put on the facade we know our purpose and meaning behind our actions and ultimately don’t want to confront our own state of denial, our own psychological trappings we have built up within our own minds, until if we are lucky we have a midlife crisis and discover not everything is how we thought it was or, we go deeper with putting our heads up our own arse buying more into the reality we’ve traditionally become accustomed, which our spirit wants to wake up from but instead we cling to the familiar. People who point out our lack of understanding for the meaning and purpose to life and our actions we put down as being too serious so we can put down the questions within ourselves and maintain the Fantasia. It’s childish as many people really are only educated to an infantile level of programmed intelligence and stay their. This reality being a limitation of the whole, as this force has limited down the physical realm to forces that can be controlled by this demigod, while removing that which it can’t control. Making this physical reality a sort of prison of this force. This type of reality could be replicated any number of times with reality’s within realities, or realms within realms, layers of reality operating at different frequencies placed on top of one another and the masters of them are effectively irrelevant in the grand scheme of things as they’re illusions but such a realm is operating at the frequency of your spirit energy and this is the realm which you find yourself within. So, you could relentlessly find yourself here within this physical realm of existence, which is what must happen to many people so accustomed to it and within a deep state of denial to the state of suffering all around them so they can be happy here and not see that something’s wrong, something doesn’t add up... If you don’t think so, you’d never question these things and be happy with the level of logic that society currently operates upon, content with continuing it and never questioning, just accepting what we’re told. At the same time this has been done to trap the energy of “spirit” while our purpose for/too this force behind this is to transform the energy of spirit into something this force can harness, this being by ways of counter-spirit. Here are crude examples The Matrix and the Machine world is one of the most obvious of harvesting human energy. Here are some others... Lifeforce - This movie shows the Moon harvesting human spirit energy but crudely uses a satellite as a collector while its tongue in cheek referring to the moon or Saturn-Moon Matrix. 1. https://sendvid.com/4a0nyftq 2. https://sendvid.com/lovbwdeu 3. https://sendvid.com/t9q6ycg6 Dark Crystal Spirit - sometimes I’d say mistakenly referred to as soul. Soul to me is my ego or personality that doesn’t really exist beyond an image or a front, such as the front of label consciousness, which if it does transcend this life, it does so by impressions left upon the spirit, but it is not of spirit. Your soul could be recorded upon a computer for purposes of imitation of any individual, but it’s has no essence of spirit, it’s just impressions left upon a machine that mimics human emotion, as does this lower realm, sidereal force of consciousness, it can mimic human behaviour and I’d say it does through individuals we believe to be human and are not but are of these lower realm beings, they’re essentially the living dead or another example are the type of messages translated through mediums etc such can be imitations of someone’s impressions upon consciousness mimicked by a lower form of consciousness. As a means to try and monopolise, be able to create or imitate spirit because this force doesn’t fully understand spirit yet, but can harnesses it as an energy source through death and suffering but can’t create it in and of itself. This to me is also where the Saturn-Moon Matrix plays a part of harnessing spirit energy through technological means, as if the spirit is drawn a certain way through magnetism based upon the energetic frequency of that individuals spirit, which is dictated by the impressions left upon that spirit energy by an individuals soul, their intentionality within this physical life can seek to devolve spirit or evolve it. The hope of this death cult is obviously the devolve of spirit so it can become harnessed by their intention for these demonic forces playing God. Everything is systematically inverted here to feed this beast energy by a people mindlessly involved and living this life here and that’s why it exists to act as a scavenger for this energy, bamboozling humanity to achieve this. This also explains sacrifices being made to “the gods”, this is giving that spirit, that energy specifically directed to the gods. While giving that person performing the ritual, power and energy. This transcends to the people controlling society, the hidden hand and their gaining of power by mass ritual Warfare or eugenics, culling of the population, sending energy to this force for a trade off in energy of more power etc These sacrifices are to a force which isn’t God, it isn’t the source that created this life being sacrificed, as that makes absolutely no sense does it, but it’s to a force which has hijacked what many people call God and wishes to harness this energy through misery, suffering and death, which dominates this realm of physical existence but isn’t the source of life/spirit and when this is understood it makes more sense even if we don’t fully comprehend it, like it and still don’t agree with it. It maybe once understanding spirit it can be seeked as a means to overthrow and control the realm where this source originates as it currently can’t operate on these higher realms, this force doesn’t understand these higher frequencies. Everything it understands is control and what it wants to control and influence over spirit energy will be for a means to produce a life of it’s own that completely mimics this higher potentiality so, these lower forms of being can transcend to a higher state of consciousness. But, they’re their own problem, their own mindset. Just as we are our own. This is why some people say the body is of sin and the spirit of a higher source or there’s higher potential of being here and of God, the body is of sin, the devils work and the spirit is of God etc We are on the cusp of hell all the time within this reality. A force is trying to subdue our reality into a greater hell state than it already is as a means to act as a steppingstone of evolving lower states or consciousness, our state of consciousness is essentially being devolved by a consumption, acting as a means to transform lower realm states of consciousness into our physical existence and for this to happen it seems our state of consciousness must go willingly and on some level people need to be informed and told rather than completely deceived for this trade off of energy to be more successful. It’s our intention which is being undervalued and taken away from us if we focus upon our intent and why we do or should not do a thing we can’t as easily be deceived and stop simply complying with authority because they say so, but remember the power of your own intentionality rather than have it exploited for groupthink psychological manipulation. In my mind, these people are working with lower realm beings and work within a give and take relationship, that if the people doing this do what these lower realm beings want them to do, they’ll get more power, in a sense they can rationally relate and feel directly in their senses. Not just external power and influence but a surge of power, that operates through them like jacking into a electrical current, which connects them more to these lower realm beings, by a trade off of energy. They get off on this and can put this energy to practical uses within the physical. This is what’s called the SideReal force or has been called Vril. Transhumanism is a way and means of invoking all of these lower realm beings through humanity, by creating a sort of technological tethering, without humanity being aware. I’d say this is like a state that, if we as individuals operated with these beings energetically as the occultists do, they’d become somewhat tethered to them. This is a way and means to tether humanity to these lower realm beings without us all having to become involved with their occult aspects of initiation and invocations and so on and those doing this are doing it for a greater trade off in energy by tethering as much of humanity as possible. This is one way of looking at it anyways. It’s another form of energy that exists alongside our understanding of energy that’s tapped into by these occultists through techniques involving symbolism and ritual. Which is more than just ceremonial or for shit and giggles like some people believe due to those doing this who really don’t know what they’re doing etc Those whom don’t really know their intentions and just repeat certain practice may not have a clue why they’re doing them and do them out of ceremony but others do them for energetic effect. This eventually is what leads to the full black eyes of an individual doing this and working with these dark energy’s. However, I’d personally say it isn’t always evil people doing this but can be by a people doing this to protect humanity from these evil realms and this is why a good aspect of this knowledge has been kept secret, occult, as in the wrong hands this knowledge is dangerous and can be used to initiate evil rather than prevent it. But of course, the Globalists Death Cult don’t fall into the protection category, it’s control always presented as protection. inversion. These ancient techniques have been hijacked and monopolised by Satanic Groups, which operate predominantly through Christian groups or at least of Christian background religious or culturally. No matter how hard we try we will never truly transform the world the way we want as it’s forever changing. The biggest problem being, we want to transform the world to a steadfast reality which will inevitably produce more suffering, as it’s an ideology which is built around a concept that’s not based upon the flow of nature. It will only produce a sub reality, Transhumanism and a virtual world which isn’t connected to the spirit of the world in which it exists and so, could destroy the world by way of its counter-spirit nature. This is where the whole transformational strategies involved with climate change and COVID are leading towards the same place of Transhumanism and is a war upon the very nature in which it exists and is about transforming the world to a more counter-spirit existence. These problems and solutions need to be examined on an individual and personal level. We need an involution of perception not a revolution of projection. A revolution of projection is like having a fight with a mirror, a reflection of yourself. An involution of perception is identifying and understanding yourself and altering this and so perceiving the change within the reflection, instead of relentlessly banging our heads against a brick wall and expecting a different result beyond another headache. Some Videos that once this nature is understood you’ll perceive them differently. Being at war with yourself is no different than this... Who the F**k is Alice? - Alan Watts - Phantom Self - Involution https://sendvid.com/qy1is33h
  2. Yep most definitely. On the above, how you can tell it isn’t really the Queen but a deep fake exercise, is she’s smiling... Unless she’s thinking about all the sacrifices to Moloch In any case, it’s all absolute bullshit and the spin is, the coming together, working together as one, believing in COVID and implementing the vaccine is all heart warming and therefore anyone against this propaganda exercise to cultivate this deceptive perception and feeling is disharmonious, lacking of heart and is therefore selfish and self-centred. It’s a psychological manipulation and complete inversion but of course, those who it fools, they won’t see this psychological game taking place to attack, undermine and marginalise all those who oppose the establishment which is what it’s all about and not about truly creating a harmonious heart warming environment, but attacking those who don’t accept what they’re told and doing so under the pretence of being against our harmonious environment because they lack heart and are selfish, to justify these actions. While these sentiments are leading towards a pedestalisation of a Communist ideology, that everyone must perceive the same and that last happened on such a scale during the wartime, although even more people don’t like to hear that, because of the same type of psychological manipulation tactics so everyone would support the war effort and worked together for war or found themselves being rationed and cut of from everything in all ways, until they did what was expected of them and what was imposed on them to come out of that state that was blamed due to war, due to the enemy and not carried out systematically for psychological reasoning to psychologically manipulate people into supporting the War.
  3. Pick ‘n Mix Vaccines Absolute confusion “you probably shouldn’t for now” but tests are being carried out. ”There are decades of development unpinning - Wink - these new types of vaccines” - how vague and tongue twisting can you get, while deceptively trying to suggest these vaccines are safe and there’s nothing to worry about. So, there’s decades of development underpinning these types of vaccines, so I’ll go in my kitchen and mix up any old ingredients and call it an RNA vaccine of which there’s no safety tests, no trials or study, I’ll do it to make a fortune for passing off any old shite as an RNA vaccine and I’ll say... ”There are decades of development unpinning - wink - these new types of vaccines” 👁 Those who don’t or didn’t get it hopefully they do now... It’s a scam a massive sham and these fucktards choosing their words ever so carefully to try and catch people out and confuse people, they know dam well what they’re doing otherwise they wouldn’t be doing it and would be upfront but of course, they can’t be upfront so that’s why they have this game of linguistics, with Orwellian Deception! It’s obscurity, deceit and bullshit! It’s exactly how they go away with confusing the public that Iraq was somehow involved with 9/11 and used language to combine a war on terrorism with a war on any state the necons wanted to go to war with and regime change. Then they say, we never said or tried to suggest Iraq had anything to do with 9/11 or aiding terrorist etc etc Whilst in fact, they used word games to allure to that fact and then they can turn around and say, they never stated what everyone was deceptively made to be believe with these word games, just how they can say, we never said the vaccines where safer as how could we, we stated no trials where carried out before delivering it to the public so anyone making such claims shouldn’t have been listened to as officially, we were very open about the fact these vaccines had no long term testing etc etc After the damage has already been done Right from the start of this “pandemic” everything was geared around delivering these RNA Vaccines and not traditional methods of combating a virus as this was never about a virus or using traditional methods of science to deal with it, it was about injecting people with these RNA Vaccines which they otherwise couldn’t justify. They never even tried traditional vaccines or methods as there is no virus to treat and those traditional virus standards would have fallen apart and exposed the reality of there is no virus. So instead, we have the introduction of these new procedures, obscurity and confusion around the whole issue for a deliberate reason.
  4. Exactly Check this video out (does it sound like the Queen's voice to you? And the dubbing is out of sync also when she speaks) - Tasha https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-56203768?fbclid=IwAR2rbcIqund2gy3JVCXc9-SQ7Lk42OCkDKiCTSvhMKbQV4H-wRxY7GmBjsg Yep, exactly. Technology puppet. A front and this basically shows it... I’m sure the Queen would have the most super duper fastest internet speeds known to man, not ADSL so it’s BS to obscure deep fake activities no doubt. A more perfect Globalist Puppet is a deep fake Globalist Puppet I’m reminded of the time BBC announced WT7 had collapsed while it was still standing behind her and very quickly to cover up their mistake and why they had to pull the broadcast they jammed the communication signal to suggest that was why they couldn’t continue to report on it it’s obscurity, deception around an agenda. Israel has now introduced vaccinations that must be displayed at the entrance to shops, cinemas, theaters, restaurants, etc. Those who have the certificate get a yellow mark on their chest and are allowed to enter. Those who do not have the certificate are rejected and treated as second-class citizens. The EU and other countries are discussing introducing the same system. A Liberty Pass. Those who have a pass are entitled to take Liberty’s and those without a pass have their Liberty’s taken away and every man and his dog can take Liberties against them! Tier Class System! Covid: vaccinated Israelis to enjoy bars and hotels with ‘green pass’ https://www.theguardian.com/world/2021/feb/19/covid-vaccinated-israelis-to-enjoy-bars-and-hotels-with-green-pass Why do this sound familiar? "Vaccines are safe path to freedom" Get the Fascist Experience
  5. Now this old wind bags getting in on the action! The Queen: people who refuse vaccine should think of others, rather than themselves https://www.telegraph.co.uk/news/2021/02/25/queen-people-refuse-vaccine-should-think-others-rather/?fbclid=IwAR3us4E0RQrk3CYmAWf8w-b3Q0fjnlbc1zivGkCR0qOYrDRp1xes0Y4i7mY When we have tyranny and fascism, obedience isn’t a virtue, it’s cowardice in the face of the enemy. We are being psychologically browbeaten into submission and subjugation by someone who calls you her subject, maintaining a family monopoly, sits on a throne with the apparent divine right to rule over you and rape you finically indefinitely for the rest of their lives living off of stolen ill gotten gains, now it appears also this rape can also be both via medicine and technology. They’re like a parasite upon the whole of the human race as if they are the master race, so they can be the most dominant company “the firm” with an unrivalled sense of power, control and influence. Then, even with this being the case, the audacity to say, do what we say, we should just do what they say, what’s expected of us and do it based on thinking about others and not ourselves, while it’s themselves and their agendas that is all they’re thinking about. It’s a grotesque attempt at appearing liberal. It really must be a last resort when our imaginations have to stretch to that and they call me a conspiracy theorist? It’s even obnoxious to call this a democracy or capitalism. It isn’t. It’s cartelism and it’s maintaining a monopoly, which unless you’re in their special club of the master race, you have absolutely no chance and will be impacted by a shakedown of society that’s currently taking place via the fraudulent COVID hysteria. It’s hysterical for a reason and it ain’t an accident or an overreaction but coldly calculated and deliberate. What we are seeing is eugenics, death and sterilisation being performed upon the most vulnerable by our master race and unfortunately, all those so stupid enough to accept it and demand the “vaccine” themselves and go to get it, deserve all they get and perhaps ought to be wiped off the face of the earth if not only do they go willingly, but demand it. Unfortunately, some of these individuals are so vulnerable they can’t think for themselves and actually feel these people behind this scam are doing what’s best for them while in fact they’re being medically experimented upon with an unproven, untested form of medical treatment and they’re guinea pigs, of which we have no repercussions or accountability by those manufacturing or so heavily pushing the so called “vaccine” and it’s those people I’m most thinking about whilst being against this so you can kiss my arse with your jumped up propaganda bullshit! Same goes for all those who accept it and can’t see it for what it is. “Gawd they must be getting desperate! As they've wheeled out the old reptile now to push the depop shots! The Queen: ''people who refuse vaccine should think of others, rather than themselves'' [translation: don't be so selfish in holding up our mass depopulation plan - don't you know we have our depop targets that need to be met by 2025! now chop chop peasants, don't you know time is money!]” - Tasha Why The Cult Agenda Is So Anti-Human - David Icke Dot-Connector Videocast https://banned.video/watch?id=602fafb97049330f1de6f05f
  6. Now this old wind bags getting in on the action! The Queen: people who refuse vaccine should think of others, rather than themselves https://www.telegraph.co.uk/news/2021/02/25/queen-people-refuse-vaccine-should-think-others-rather/?fbclid=IwAR3us4E0RQrk3CYmAWf8w-b3Q0fjnlbc1zivGkCR0qOYrDRp1xes0Y4i7mY When we have tyranny and fascism, obedience isn’t a virtue, it’s cowardice in the face of the enemy. We are being psychologically browbeaten into submission and subjugation by someone who calls you her subject, maintaining a family monopoly, sits on a throne with the apparent divine right to rule over you and rape you finically indefinitely for the rest of their lives living off of stolen ill gotten gains, now it appears also this rape can also be both via medicine and technology. They’re like a parasite upon the whole of the human race as if they are the master race, so they can be the most dominant company “the firm” with an unrivalled sense of power, control and influence. Then, even with this being the case, the audacity to say, do what we say, we should just do what they say, what’s expected of us and do it based on thinking about others and not ourselves, while it’s themselves and their agendas that is all they’re thinking about. It’s a grotesque attempt at appearing liberal. It really must be a last resort when our imaginations have to stretch to that and they call me a conspiracy theorist? It’s even obnoxious to call this a democracy or capitalism. It isn’t. It’s cartelism and it’s maintaining a monopoly, which unless you’re in their special club of the master race, you have absolutely no chance and will be impacted by a shakedown of society that’s currently taking place via the fraudulent COVID hysteria. It’s hysterical for a reason and it ain’t an accident or an overreaction but coldly calculated and deliberate. What we are seeing is eugenics, death and sterilisation being performed upon the most vulnerable by our master race and unfortunately, all those so stupid enough to accept it and demand the “vaccine” themselves and go to get it, deserve all they get and perhaps ought to be wiped off the face of the earth if not only do they go willingly, but demand it. Unfortunately, some of these individuals are so vulnerable they can’t think for themselves and actually feel these people behind this scam are doing what’s best for them while in fact they’re being medically experimented upon with an unproven, untested form of medical treatment and they’re guinea pigs, of which we have no repercussions or accountability by those manufacturing or so heavily pushing the so called “vaccine” and it’s those people I’m most thinking about whilst being against this so you can kiss my arse with your jumped up propaganda bullshit! Same goes for all those who accept it and can’t see it for what it is. “Gawd they must be getting desperate! As they've wheeled out the old reptile now to push the depop shots! The Queen: ''people who refuse vaccine should think of others, rather than themselves'' [translation: don't be so selfish in holding up our mass depopulation plan - don't you know we have our depop targets that need to be met by 2025! now chop chop peasants, don't you know time is money!]” - Tasha Why The Cult Agenda Is So Anti-Human - David Icke Dot-Connector Videocast https://banned.video/watch?id=602fafb97049330f1de6f05f
  7. Yeah Peter, that’s the whole idea in the long run, as all of this is leading towards Transhumanism. Our patent number is our barcode number, the implantable ID being branded like cattle and this will be associated with the DNA altering vaccine, sold as keeping tabs and safety on our health but it’s to keep tabs on humans like cattle owned by a farmer - Animal Farm I like your idea your pointed out also how once something is genetically altered, that patient becomes owned and we can become owned and the cult own this through Bill Gates - Luciferase 060606 So, symbolically all those whom surrender to it, surrender to the Antichrist and become their property, their followers. It’s all symbolic and exploitation of religion, mimicking and taking the piss! That’s why such has been arranged. While those blind to it are so because they don’t believe or see the worth in the symbolic and ritual aspect like those behind it do, they worship and control via symbolism and ritual and desire we confuse our senses of reality with them. Like the mark of the beast on the forehead and being scanned on the forehead before entering church or an apple store by something which looks like a gun being put to your head and is “testing your temperature” for yours and everyone’s safety. Eyes Wide Shut and desensitisation, symbolically and voluntary putting a gun to your head to be allowed in somewhere for your own safety and scanning of the forehead. I guess on the Antichrist would refuse to participate or something We are already “subjects” as if we are robots who have owners, our “master” race of which we are subjugated. But, the idea seems to be to create some sort of hybrid human-robot that at first will appear to be superhuman and be given more rights and flexibility than ordinary humans to make such a state desirable and then later, these will be second rate or second class humans etc If they’re anything like the defects in Microsoft Operating Systems, you can see this second rate human approaching faster and faster and lack of support being offered for the previous edition when that occurs that’s dropped like a hot potato... And by this, they can eradicate and erode human rights by changing the idea of human. Changing the idea of what it is and means to be human, while we can be sold the idea of a class of Transhumanists have no consciousness or soul and therefore can be “the workers” but in actuality, could be as conscious as anyone else who doesn’t fall under this category of slaves by its masters, artificially engineering humanity however the hell it likes and then selling a story to justify it. While this can justify changing longstanding human rights that already exist under the pretence of modernising but this is really to undermine and devalue human rights and so on. The whole nature of what’s taking place via “vaccination” and passport ID is a scheme to inherit ownership/control over society and direct humanity towards Transhumanism. This hybrid medical lab, technological lab human and it be sold as a matter of safety and not control. While this would also aid climate change and their reality of us all having to change the way we live in order to survive in their idea or image of the world etc
  8. Look at this antihuman, inhumane bullshit! This is the whole Transgender/Transhumanism agenda, until the idea of parenting is removed altogether, where the whole community is your mother, father, brother and sister, where the state brings up and owns children, half made in a medical lab the other half, technical lab. It’s dehumanisation and anyone who can’t see that, please remove yourself from the friends list ASAP and save me from doing it (Picture deleted by FB - New terms in the newspaper to call mother, father, he and she is they and them based on how men can be mothers and all that Transgender Agenda narrative, it’s actually so the state can reshape them idea of family and remove parents, they become the mother and father etc) The climate change agenda that doesn’t exit, like the big pharma agenda that doesn’t exist, like the transgender agenda that doesn’t exist, like the Transhumanism agenda that doesn’t exist... All designed around Population Control All designed around handing over more and more powers and influence over to the state until families don’t even exist anymore and children are bred and raised via the state due to psychological manipulation to change language via Orwellian newspeak, so not even the words mother and father can exist anymore as the norm and all we have are test tubed babies and state sanctioned birth control with a sterlisised population aka sterilised working class. Ensuring natural births don’t continue and a virus creating mutations can be blamed and not a “vaccine” used to accomplish this task, under the pretence of a virus. These are very SMART Intelligent people we are talking about here which as a direct result of what they’re justifying, would allow many thousands of people to die. Sounds like a good idea. This is where all that intelligence leads you. This isn’t and wasn’t a 2018 thing, geoengineering has been going on far longer than that and being marginalised and dismissed as the stuff of cranks and paranoia. Not actually happening. Although, in the same breathe all this is uttered as acceptable, it’s never once stated that all of this has been being exposed, while being dismissed and marginalised as being “conspiracy theorist” rhetoric that just isn’t occurring, could not and would not ever occur Why do you think that is? Climate Change and Global Warming models on the effects and impacts of “human caused changes” within temperatures, ironically never involves the sun. They leave increases in heat and temperature changes within sun activity out of the equation and so surmise a conspiracy theory that the temperature must be changing due to human activity while ignoring the sun? They actually have computer models as phoney as all the latest COVID computer models, that measure human caused global warming aka climate change that doesn’t account for changes in the sun. That’s no joke and these are SMART people, they don’t think the sun has anything to do with temperature increases so I know, it is easy to overlook That would give the game away so just avoid it altogether? Instead, wage a Warfare, like a “A War on” Crime, Drugs Terrorism etc You wage a war on CO2, the gas of life. This is a war waged on all life, the Organism-Environment. It’s a war waged by a death cult, a people who worship as it sounds, death and everything they say and justify is a complete inversion that they indoctrinate cult followers into believing that’s no different than brainwashing and absolutely nothing is better for this than so called education. While the dumping of aluminium, sulphuric acid and DNA/Human Blood sounds like like something from a horror movie, but this is just some of the stuff being dumped in the sky to reflect the rays of the sun - which again, just so happens isn’t officially included in human caused climate change models - which is all about reflecting energetic changes, energetic fields of energy away from the earth more than the idea of simply reflecting heat, but the reflection of information fields and creating a lower level, distorted electric fields here on earth by these actions, along with the low level vibration distortion of technology and the confusion of their sidereal force electric fields created by the new SMART roll outs to create the technocracy SMART Grid to keep everyone under the thumb, under control, with nature itself, it’s a war on nature for complete control. Anyone who can’t see this from a technological/scientific point of view is fine. But, to not even being open to idea such is in fact systematically being made to happen is to be blatantly within denial, not just ostrich syndrome but your head up your own arse, you don’t know when this started and your knee jerk reaction denial began before even contemplating it, let alone actually researching any of it. It is biblical that’s why sulphuric acid of all things is being dropped in the sky and why energy’s are being lowered. Prophecy is being deliberately and systematically mimicked, carried out by a people who are “mimicking” it and intending to mislead a mass of people by deception, of the days that the sun will burn the wicked and this is feeding such a narrative deliberately and that’s a part of why this deception is happening. Without mentioning all the other aspects being carried out. But, just ignore it, believe it’s all a coincidence, conspiracy theory or pretend that it just isn’t happening and these are bold claims as they’re claims you can’t understand and never even perceived before within such a context, yet in the same breath have the audacity to outright deny them, more than likely because some cult owned educational establishment has informed you to a level of knowledge and understanding it desires - not its occult sciences, unless you’re “one of them” and more in the know - for you to know an aspects of their agenda to actually seek in justifying all these things that are taking place today just how within the same respect, big pharma owns a monopoly upon the medical educational establishment is really going to be “unbiased” and not dismiss the naysayers because you have a certificate granted to you by the very systems of power justifying this, that has conditioned your brain to never question beyond the well defined standards of your education and to see those who do so as loons - more like indoctrination and brainwashing, you’d never of had such a perspective if you had an open mind to see what’s going on here isn’t scientific but couldn’t be more mad if it tried, that’s why it needs so much bullshit and lies to deny it’s being actually going on for so long before many had been groomed into accepting it as a necessity and so it manifests as a largely unseen reality and where it is seen, it’s justified as being essential, one way or another for the “greater good”.
  9. Yeah, exactly. It doesn’t make sense from the narrative being pushed at all. Which is why they try and spin herd immunity. But, it still doesn’t stack up if those vaccinated are supposed to be protected then as you say, it should be those not vaccinated that are affected and that be their decision, but it seems they’re targeted as being more so guilty of spreading it, rather than dying of it, so people with no sense fear them and fear themselves becoming such a person, so they themselves get vaccinated. It’s exploiting groupthink psychology, making people fear a state of mind and a form of identity and when they do, they’ll hate who the system want them to hate and basically do the systems work for them where and when this brainwashing takes hold, While if we did genuinely say no we will wait until after the vaccine safety study has been completed before having the vaccine which is by 2024, we are all being tested and experimented upon until that time, of course, you’d be guaranteed to see the failures of the so called vaccine and all the stories of how it wasn’t known previously because the vaccines had to be rushed and all that bs, so later it most definitely will be removed from use on the public when TPTB have no other choice but have to openly admit the vaccine is no good and justify themselves, their position, when really those behind it have known all along just as us “conspiracy theorists” have been saying who will be ignored and removed from the picture altogether, as there’s no other way of dealing with us type of people questioning their lies and bullshit other than by censorship and denial, or obscuring their narrative to setup straw-man to take down. While those being tested upon during these trials are the elderly and the vulnerable for their safety along with DNR orders. It’s an absolute joke... All adults with learning disability to be offered Covid vaccine in priority u-turn Decision could mean 150,000 more people will be prioritised for the vaccination https://www.independent.co.uk/news/health/covid-vaccine-adults-learning-disabilities-b1806604.html?utm_content=Echobox&utm_medium=Social&utm_source=Facebook&fbclid=IwAR1iH3b7i4szw0pXCCv6caVapVyAHf3BAsChwef2ZSpLl0EeThV6ctNxm6Y#Echobox=1614163392 More obvious and blatant eugenic practices, or a virus that systematically targets individuals with discrimination “Quote from article - “All adults with a learning disability will be offered the vaccine against coronavirus after new advice from government experts warned they were at greater risk from the virus”..... Soooo this must be an extremely intelligent virus to be able to discern those with learning difficulties?? No mention of wether they’ve lifted the DNR order on SEN people. As usual the Government are about to commit atrocities in the guise of our own ‘protection’ when many if not the majority of issues are already being caused by their unnecessary injections!” -Jane Fallon
  10. This can help explain the reptilian narrative. Such as the negative energy associated, drawn, by those practicing and carrying out certain ritual action, mimicking a certain procedure drawing up of energies which seems to draw up reptilian form that is intensely fearful and menacing, which seems to generate or give off a certain form of incitement to sheer terror, that makes you - as an observer of this in someone else - at least for some time, forget you’ve had this exact experience and the detail, it can be blanked out but if you remember anything from it, it will be the unparalleled sense of fear which seems to block out anything else and so you lose control, you lose the memory which instead becomes occupied by this fear used as a weapon, against their own mind of the observer, as if this can be trigger and cultivated. The idea of meditation being employed is that such a state of fear can’t be triggered to turn the mind against itself, allowing the appearance of the negative, the external to have dominion over the mind, fear can’t be incited as a weapon of which you’re no longer in control over like someone may flip a switch. They’re using humans as doorways and taking hold, form over the humans energetic grid or body. They’ve granted permission for “demonic” lower realm forces to occupy their “soul” or “spirit” by a trade off in energy that has been made by replicating certain ritual procedure of varying degrees, creating and drawing energy via various amounts of suffering, pain, negativity in someone else, such as sacrifice, that opens up these doorways in the individual performing them, where at leased until death, the human nature appears to still be in control and gaining a sense of power and greed but humans are essentially being consumed and experimented upon to create a better doorway and vehicle for these other dimensional beings to take hold but still remain hidden behind the mask of human and fears more than anything being found out, being identified for what they’re behind their mask, their facade. As one of these many inverted jokes played upon society, it may indeed be why so many people are made to play the game of role play with absolutely no sincerity in order to simply survive from behind a mask as an all too common norm within society. So this evil can more easily fit in, without being seen as the facade, the front and mask that it is, it needs to survive. Humans can give up the system of control it has been deceived into as reality anytime they want if they just see it. The positive must also be true but I’m sure this is more relatable via the negative, even if people don’t necessarily agree or understand, they’ll know something of this sort is taking place and may have alternative views, if for a moment it’s been openly considered as a possibility to be thought about and studied without simple dismissal.
  11. IT'S AN EXPERIMENTAL VACCINE - HERE'S THE EVIDENCE (INCLUDING DEATHS) https://www.bitchute.com/video/xZIJ99fr16Ow/?fbclid=IwAR0bqHjFO8i0eRvPq-CCu8TVoyqCOpcIa-5GrDiSE57c76UqxSsjQylDyXs
  12. I reckon someone here will be interested in this... It’s recently appeared in my newsfeed, of course following certain research You can now buy legal tender with the Queen on one side and a Dinosaur on the other... Must be someone’s idea of taking this piss in more way than one, what do you think? Start collecting our brand-new Age of Dinosaurs Legal Tender Coin Collection today, featuring 12 of the most iconic dinosaurs that once roamed our planet! Every coin is silver plated and in full colour. Plus, £99 worth of free gifts along the way! Visit our website to find out more. A PREHISTORIC COLLECTING OPPORTUNITY THAT YOU DO NOT WANT TO MISS!! https://www.promotion109.thekoinclub.com/sub?utm_source=Facebook&utm_channel=Paid&utm_objective=Conversions&utm_campaign=AgeOfDinosaursAcquisition&campaign_code=promotion109&utm_country=UK&utm_medium=Paid-Social&utm_content=Open_VideoAnimated30Sec&fbclid=IwAR3X2KsBZfx2tyrpVwPh-7opmvx87_-DZXbQRKLMSSHU1hejYencH-CTSBM_aem_AZEnnTD9sxqtrTCn9DTMJkJgqOp-Oz66hb53HMwfnaEnbauP3zqPdV83nSmiZlL4B4DQJgsidzClyABnnV5H9I68uS2LTxKTgeMZ16s1UfcpTGD3BrsofPAWQhxnDWdwlx4 I dunno about you but i think I’ll pass. I’d rather not have a New Age of Dinosaurs as they’ve had far too much of an impact dominating the Old Age! But, this has a certain research value to it I’m sure. Maybe it just pops up on everyone’s social media to take the piss after they’ve been researching along certain lines...
  13. For those who don’t know the reference and so probably haven’t seen this within my earlier posts... Before the lockdowns where initially triggered, this was a skit within last years Saturday Night Takeaways called Mr. Brown. It’s a skit at many things, occult symbolism and of course even COVID itself, laughing in your face and then basically telling you to shut up and take it, what you going to do about it anyway, if you speak of it everyone’s just going to call you crazy... Vow of Silence - Occultism, to not share knowledge or secrets, or else face shunning, alienation or death
  14. is there anyone who can’t see and doesn’t get this? Or does anyone know someone stupid enough to agree with this official narrative and not see through it for what it is? Dr JOHN LEE: Why should the whole country be held hostage by the one in five who refuse a vaccine? https://mol.im/a/9293147?fbclid=IwAR27NZ0GeJvrL1aS1H8aNlo2ZJDfcX-h-slwId279q3CvKY6ssDbiNiSrOE Can you see the shameless psychological spin being created by the likes of this headline and those successful targeted - Brainwashed - by it? This is alphabet agency media spin in all its glory. Delivered through a chump fucktard “expert” a “doctor” so they must know what they’re talking about and who am I to say otherwise You just swallow it keep your mouth shut! Inverters of truth and spin that if successful, gets you aligned with the tyrants, in this case the establishment narrative. We will be under lockdown conditions until everyone has been vaccinated That lockdown measures can be continued and successful justified so long as there’s simply one person, or a group of people are said to be refusing vaccination. It’s generating support for the idea that mass vaccination should be mandatory and not by choice, as a means of successfully ending lockdowns. That those refusing vaccinations “antivaxxers” as they’re stupidly called, should be blamed for the imposition of lockdown measures being necessary and not the tyrants that are actually behind imposing the measures, while they’re saying, do this if you ever want lockdowns to end or else we will maintain the restrictions until you comply. Its proposing the image that one in five people are terrorists holding the rest of the country ransom indefinitely and not suggesting this is the excuse by the real tyrants who are using these people to hold the whole country and the world ransom until their demands have been met. Anyone who can’t see that is a fucking idiot or has simply made a choice to deliberately be this stupid and so still, they’re fucking idiots! It’s absolutely no different to the mindset behind torturing someone until they act the way you want and they become compliant with your demands. This is just an attempt at a mass version of it, with fluctuating implications. Its not the “anti- vaxxers” making this happen, but it is them who are the ones being directly targeted more so than anyone else by this imposition and abuse and TPTB need to break down the social barriers that can allow individuals to say no to the vaccine, so they’re being turned into the enemy, that so long as they exist, lockdowns can continue. It’s shameful and gross beyond to put it mildly! Dr. John Lee if he really does exist must have his head up his own arse! Only, we the victims of this abuse - those who refuse to comply and abide by all that is being justified and pressured upon us in the name of COVID - are being accused of perpetuating the need and reality for more torturing and more suffering being necessary against us because we won’t do what we are told and won’t act the way our abusers want. That’s what the lockdowns are all about, the delivery of a long since planned vaccine and not because of any virus that’s being used to justify its imposition, while it’s also being used to divide and rule society, rather than a society seeing what’s actually being perpetuated here and seeing the true cause and problem that’s making them suffer or not having the balls to confront it and so instead blame the patsy that’s being used to justify tyranny. As they can’t see their own stupidity, they’ve given in to group think mentality, which is dominated by the true plague, a tyrannical ideology that manipulates a group mind of society and discouraging all those who are against or outside the bounds of this mindset. We are told we must have a war on terrorism as those terrorist threaten our very way of life as we know it. We are told we must fight against climate change, to reduce our carbon footprint and to do so, we must pretty much change our whole way of life or else our life as we know it will be ended... Nothing has changed our whole way of life more than these so called temporary COVID restrictions and preventative measures which make up “lockdown”. Which wouldn’t have been possible if they where justified to “safeguard the planet” by a war against anything climate related but would have more likely be seen by the many as a tyrannical control system, perhaps Socialist or Communist which threatens Commerce, Capitalism, Democracy and freedom of choice. We’re all being deceived to arrange an outcome that wouldn’t be successful without this mass hysteria and deception, justified by a virus, justified by the best means of simulating fear and anger and turning it towards those whom don’t comply with those behind this fascism. People needed to feel a sense of fear and urgency to carry these changes out that otherwise wouldn’t have been immediately possible and those even fooled into complying with it would very likely have been the first ones objecting to what’s taking place and being justified, while they attack those whom don’t comply as being a threat to their own existence and can’t wake up, come to their senses and smell what’s taking place Just when you think you’ve seen it all from the moronic media – flu disappears because of ‘Covid rules’ and so maybe they should continue. They are shockingly incapable of seeing the obvious that an alleged ‘virus’ with ‘flu-like symptoms’ has replaced the flu with its ‘flu-like symptoms’ through RE-DIAGNOSIS to create the illusion of ‘Covid-19’. Jeeez, there’s more intelligence in a pre-school class https://davidicke.com/2021/02/24/just-when-you-think-youve-seen-it-all-from-the-moronic-media-flu-disappears-because-of-covid-rules-and-so-maybe-they-should-continue-they-are-shockingly-incapable-of-seeing-the-obvious-that-a/
  15. As I’ve said from the start before the Icke Forum Attack, this whole COVID scenario will be used to exploit Climate Change due to less travel etc Look at these unexpected affects, the positives of this virus? Get the new age community in on it chopping down Bills new meat that ain’t meat That, we should learn from this and so manage our day to day lives differently to protect the planet, one nation one family rhetoric to justify the one control system, one culture imposed after all this cancel culture. Even though of course, it’s all BS preordained Well, I’ve got another angle. What if they eventually say, COVID and her “variants” are caused by extremes of climate, from the wild forrest fires to the Dark Winter? They also use the climate change fungus to justify chopping down a load of trees for all kinds of projects, not least 5G and this is all too obvious for us keeping a close eye on this. This climate change rhetoric bs is actually a technological war on nature, by seeking scientific means of interfering upon nature, to control nature. From human beings Modification to the Environment. That trees/plants are causing this, justify knocking them all down for 5G and we can only really get back to “normal” once climate change is under control and a foolproof plan is rolled out to combat this, thus taking globalist to the world stage it seeks. Have you ever wondered why covid "photos" are made to look like FAT HAIRY BOLLOX? New ‘Finnish’ Covid strain discovered may not show up in tests - and could be spreading undetected Drivers could be fined for not washing car enough in lockdown https://www.birminghammail.co.uk/news/midlands-news/drivers-could-fined-not-washing-19854428?fbclid=IwAR3QOr8nKrQkw-JhlycoXEs30-z7RrrejKvMufU6IfVy4QvJ983MXuRGD7o What absolute bullshit, are we really prepared to tolerate this and why? Don’t ask questions of all the shit in the fuel causing more dust on cars over past few years though. Instead, use it as an opportunity a means to fine drivers yet again, into ensuring the cover that shit is obviously being put in the fuel to begin with. Obviously to “prevent climate change”. Or is it just me? This anti-human, attack upon human rights continues and no one bats an eyelid or, they actually seek to do what’s being imposed upon them without admitting it or within denial of the imposition. (I suppose you where going to do it anyway) If it’s being imposed by governments, globalist institutions, authorities, corporations, big business, “IT’S FREE“ and media reporting are behind imposing something on you, as a tool of all of the above, if it’s another war or a medical procedure sold as a vaccine, I can tell you, it’s no good. I can tell you it’s propaganda and justification to get involved within something that wouldn’t be within your best interests by corporate agendas, greed and control freaks. Or, call me paranoid why don’t you What was the last thing imposed on you for free that wasn’t a flu jab while entering a doctors surgery to all the advertising, marketing and having it imposed upon you regardless of why you’re visiting the doctors? Nope. Nothing. In fact the only other thing maybe a Phillips energy saving lightbulb, that’ was also full of mercury The “Summer Variant”. This one thrives in the sun. Spreading through all hot climates. Can’t go abroad on holiday, introduce COVID Passport when people have had enough and just want to function as a human being again, roll out Bill Gates new book on how it’s all connected to climate change, extremes within weather conditions and how only combating climate change will get rid of the virus this will mean globalism is the solution and all nations against this model for the world are a threat to humanity and that means War! You can’t make it up. Well actually, they did COVID Medical Procedure It should also be made clear, COVID passports aren’t only for foreign nation travel but are going to be designed for domestic travel to police the vaccine procedures. Work, Pubs, Clubs, Hotels, Shopping etc etc if they have their way there’s no end to it, finally ending up something unique, digital hooked into the body. During war the first things to go are, the free flow of information and travel, creating an impact on food and resources, while this can be achieved to assure control over all of them and therefore society at your whim, control over society. We the people state - rhetoric Allow all Emergency workers to be vaccinated within the next month at the latest https://www.change.org/p/we-the-people-state-that-all-emergency-service-personnel-are-vaccinated-within-the-next-month-at-the-latest/sign?cs_tk=As2oTQcUNNTCM83fOGAAAXicyyvNyQEABF8BvP-K3rEI7-eWqBmTpy_rxUI%3D&utm_campaign=30b10afa83bb4b7aa77a3f24d8ffdf94&utm_content=initial_v0_1_1&utm_medium=email&utm_source=aa_sign_ask&utm_term=cs&fbclid=IwAR0GRACRNBR4hASXu8tWJ7gXuVci8k_x67PnotEMPOdPC3_0xfV_LuysspI I say all those stupid enough to enforce fascism, ensuring and bullying the rules of tyrants, preying for their own demise sooner rather than later, should all be lined up against a wall and vaccinated first as a top priority, along with all of those whom demand that they themselves should be considered a priority, but without making such mandatory for all of those generalised by the illusory category you believe yourself to fall under. You’ve all got my vote With guns, that tyranny right there is a lot more obvious, via the stealth of a needle and all the propaganda feeding into the narrative to justify it, it seems more people are less likely to notice it as fascism, perhaps ironically, because it kills them later via the needle, rather than sooner by the bullet, this is why they don’t see it or grasp this reality. Failing to see our own state of duality means we fail to see the state of reality. So much so, we can be begging for our demise as a solution to all our problems, not seeing how such has been cultivated and crafted, that this mindset must be maintained otherwise you couldn’t do what you do, rather than questioning that mindset that has had you doing what you do up until this point in time and questioning the very nature of doing rather than saying, I simply must continue doing what I’ve always done and to make sure I can, it means I have to have (this) whatever (this) is and in this case, it’s a medical procedure, under the propaganda being sold as vaccine. That way, instead of the having “suspected criminals” potentially harming you when you get into their personal space breaching COVID regulations you’re seeking to enforce on everyone else, this sort of tyranny is nothing new, police often are arresting “criminals” for that which they themselves are equally guilty and so, they fail to see this for what it is when it takes place time and time again systematically, or get off on it because this mentality feeds towards narcissists which dominate these systems of control, seeking authority. You can be assured, instead, you meet the definitive reality of the criminals with sinister intentions behind the needle. They’ve become accustomed to it, as have an obedient public whom have have been brainwashed into surrendering their rights at the discretion and shallow whims of institutions seeking to exercise authority over the people for which their can be no contest, question or objection to the whims or their practitioners, the brainwashed and the enforcers of fascism! When in reality, these people legally run office by the consent of the public. Ruling or Policing by consent The perception deception is even the heading and those ventures which the system controllers want will circulate like wildfire and ensure they get the outcome they desire and have engineered the target audience into desiring. This, the call ruling via consent. It’s a blatant deception. You don’t have my consent Everyone could say this and we will see just how much of a sham it all is and now in fact, we have fascism no different to Nazi Germany or Communist China! This is why the consent of the public is manipulated by those whom want society, to desire what those authorities desire and so, actually get a manipulated society to demanded it themselves, rather than more obviously and openly impose against the will of the population. Instead, their will is cultivated first. The only way you may see this is if vaccinations become mandatory, as enough people are awake to what’s taking place here to be against it and this is a time such propaganda simply won’t work. This is the manufacturer/engineering of consent and its no different than marketing and advertising, of which it so happens, monopolises our capitalist society. It is simply dictatorship by another means and the public don’t have a say in the matter and maybe even so brainwashed they believe it revolutionary, like the collapse of the old economy and the foundations of the new technocracy - All Heil Zion! So they don’t see this as fascism, as those people are manipulated in a much more subtle manner, that if they don’t question their own beliefs, opinions and ideas and believe inherently, those beliefs, opinions and ideas are of their own making and take speculation upon them personally, they won’t even challenge themselves and attack all those who do as they’re protecting a system and a big idea if only they knew it but are deceived into believing that they’re protecting themselves. This is how world wars have been fought! This system has become confused as reality by many people. Thus, fail to see the deception, as our minds are being molded as we believe this is of and from ourselves and our own making, not that of indoctrination of the majority whom look towards one another for vindication of the common core of their beliefs, while they’re ready to tear all those down whom oppose those central core of beliefs, that type of bullying is acceptable. Where you’re accused of being against those central core of beliefs, you’re categoriesed as a bully yourself and that type of bullying isn’t desirable and so you’re made an example of to the herd so you don’t follow likewise. Or you’re turned into someone crazy, extreme, a terrorist or criminal which justifies the bullying of establishment figureheads against all those whom oppose this monopoly and form of tyranny that in reality, very much exists. It’s people’s own insecurities and what do we rely upon and cling a hold of now If we examine our own beliefs and come to the conclusion of something of the sort I’m stating here is very much happening and yet in denial that their is any such insecurity at all that this is the case and so blame and attack all those encouraging you to question those beliefs and making such statements Seems rational The perception deception of tyrants Do what I preach not what I do Bill is a front man for a globalist agenda. He doesn’t give a shit about Climate Change, Vegans or Virus’s. He is fronting what he is used to front and he isn’t actually behind these ventures but he is a tool. Like using Bill Gates affiliated corporations to buy up farm land. That’s not Bill Gates but Bill is being used to front a globalist agenda and buy up all the farm land across the US, India and Africa. Buying out traditional farmers which government are systematically seeking to make such unsustainable and then use Bill as the cut out to go and buy out farmers when they’re at rock bottom. Then, they come along and spread their GMO shite everywhere until almost all food production is GMO and becomes a necessity to consume to survive for the mass population. It’s a take over, a hijack. Just as his homes. They’re all for show to suggest this is all Bill Gates profiting from these ventures and not actually a globalist spin behind it. These massive homes of his are as I’ve suggested, are effectively showroom homes and they aren’t actually lived in. They’re to give this false perception that Bill isn’t a money machine tool for globalist interests that he is actually used for. But that he is profiting from so much he is said to be involved within and with Climate Change spin, this setup backfires and exposes the lies, until some PR spin to rectify it sees him sell off his homes in the aid of x,y,z most predominantly Climate Change. Most of which, are orchestrated around editing the human condition with technological aids as being revolutionary and evolutionary, after a systematic and deliberately cultivated, extinction level event that it’s planned to be! Technocracy - Transhumanism to the recuse, to fix problems we wouldn’t have, if it wasn’t for those behind this revolution and technocracy level event causing issue to actually justify the transition we otherwise wouldn’t take if it wasn’t for those cultivated problems The Truth About Bill Goat Gates https://banthis.tv/watch?id=603142caa806a510f714f73d&fbclid=IwAR06CEcsz7a3f7VbZwjQB_Cm7Eiz5b3DRcVNuLLi3ddcKxU8VZ1X_C2M5S8 Why The Cult Agenda Is So Anti-Human - David Icke Dot-Connector Videocast https://banthis.tv/watch?id=602fafb97049330f1de6f05f Do the red letters make up an anagram or some kind? Someone may want to check that out Bill unfortunately has had unrivalled levels of publicity for this book, especially by “conspiracy theorists” we should be charging him. Probably aid fund some other globalist venture!
  16. ‘Children as young as 8 are being brought to A&E for self harm’ https://www.thetelegraphandargus.co.uk/news/19073491.dr-zak-children-forgotten-casualties-pandemic/?fbclid=IwAR05U2SUNp-THD6bl4x5_EkBCQsg72V2lF-WCPilR8M2hyO2UMQEAO0mePg Lack of feeling, lack of touch, is it any wonder? Extremes drive extremes. Maybe Bill has a long lasting epigenetic editing cure so you won’t ever have to worry again, as all sense of touch and feeling will be locked up disabled indefinitely. As A.I. just doesn’t understand it and it’s to be your knew all knowing God. Why and how the guy who deliberately made software filled with bugs and viruses to then sell you his antivirus products to cure problems he had made and shouldn’t have been in there in the first place could get to the stage of doing the same to the human body, being allowed and given a global pedestal “We Don’t Debate With Anti-Vaxxers, Whether They’re Right or Wrong” – Says BBC https://richieallen.co.uk/we-dont-debate-with-anti-vaxxers-whether-theyre-right-or-wrong-says-bbc/?fbclid=IwAR3L9YisccLL_2_gTzS0tVhL5QzYRiWYSgFVM-Wc2eUxbXcF4bfXaBu4V6s Seeing the blatant fascism yet? Even the obvious of not debating someone, “even if they’re right or wrong”. No. You don’t want to debate those who will show you for what you’re and you’d not have a leg to stand on as your arguments are baseless and you’re an extension of the establishment narrative itself, working as an arm of government itself. They’re saying they know these people “anti-vaxxers” - stupid name - are right sometimes and their opinions should still be censored from an “unbiased media” attacked, marginalised and the narrative which justifies the lie, the negative should still be sought after anyway and any alternative narrative that would cast light on this maintain a lid on it so such is silenced. Says it all. Covid-related deaths in care homes in England jump by 46% Number of deaths at highest level since mid-May and UK toll at more than 25,000, figures show https://www.theguardian.com/world/2021/jan/19/covid-related-deaths-in-care-homes-in-england-jump?fbclid=IwAR36LY6mT7qRiHF9N0hYResHvgxI3db6x-tJIIT8XFlfq0E3afs3DNsSAFQ Oh yeah, just at the time of the delivery of vaccinations and deaths jump, blame COVID and ignore the mass vaccination roll out. Unbelievable this is happening but also unbelievable how naive many people are to how we are being played and think it’s a leap of faith they’d call conspiracy theory to link together the idea of apparent increase in deaths following vaccination, as being death by vaccination and not COVID, while also equally accepting tested positive for COVID and died, they must of died of COVID. Coronavirus cases need to plummet before lockdown can be eased, Johnson warned https://www.msn.com/en-gb/news/uknews/coronavirus-cases-need-to-plummet-before-lockdown-can-be-eased-johnson-warned/ar-BB1dKyd9?ocid=Aloha&fbclid=IwAR1m5uMf1Ep2WGNmRw36JP-3OM5hWAnbbXrhSLgwmmD96JFlHtSo58H7D40 BS informing you of more of the same indefinitely prolonging this, until whenever then say basically as all these figures are arbitrary and meaningless, so they can make them fit whatever patterned they’d like and use these false figures and statistics to determine whatever outcome they’d like. Or, the one who refuse in the case of an attempt to create a controlled evolutionary step, dictated by man himself and the use of science and technology so this step can seek to control humanity by those imposing such a directed leap for mankind. So some form of mankind can play G-d while presenting this as “revolutionary” and mankind really first taking control of his own destiny, within his own hands. Really, mankind is being sought after to be imposed upon by an unprecedented level of control that has ever been imaginable or previously possible before by some other form of mankind playing G-d over man and this isn’t really mankind on an individual basis, self empowering or themselves taking control of their own destiny as will be presented as the scam to justify this imposition. 'Disgust' as people with learning disabilities put under ‘do not resuscitate’ orders https://www.ipswichstar.co.uk/news/ipswich-mencap-petition-launched-dnacpr-notices-7326106?fbclid=IwAR2v6rSubtjZ4huW8tfYrGDefltSpD-wbWw9VPeBmk1F7V5B6DGwarB0D8I About COVID is it or does it sound more like eugenics practice, survival of the fittest ? More and more stories of the same... More and more denial and ignorance! German Nursing Home Whistleblower: ‘Elderly Dying After COVID Vaccine’ ''For the first time, there is an eyewitness report from a Berlin nursing home on the situation after the vaccination. It comes from the AGAPLESION Bethanien Havelgarten retirement home in Berlin-Spandau. There, within four weeks after the first vaccination with the BioNTech/Pfizer vaccine Comirnaty, eight of 31 seniors, who suffered from dementia but were in good physical condition according to their age before the vaccination, died. The first death occurred after only six days, and five other seniors died approximately 14 days after vaccination. The first symptoms of the disease had already appeared shortly after the vaccination. From information available to 2020News the patients have not been duly informed about the risks of this vaccine. One reason being that no detailed information about the novelty of this mRNA vaccine which has only conditionally been certified in the European Union have been provided. Attorney at Law Viviane Fischer and Attorney at Law Dr. Reiner Füllmich of the Corona Committee spoke in a video interview with the whistleblower about the closer circumstances of the vaccination, the symptoms that occurred and the different nature of the deaths in temporal connection with the vaccination. On January 3, 2021, 31 female and male residents of the dementia ward “ground floor/protected area” had been vaccinated with Comirnaty. Relatives of another three seniors had objected to vaccination, and two residents were in terminal care, so no vaccination was given. The residents of this ward are very active, “self defending” dementia patients who are physically in good condition. They are allowed to move around the ward all day without restriction. The day before the vaccination, the 31 vaccinated persons were all in good health. A few days earlier, all had tested negative for Corona, according to the whistleblower report. According to the whistleblower, the first vaccination event with Comirnaty on January 3, 2021, took place in such a way that all residents were gathered in the recreation room of the first floor area. A vaccination team consisting of an aged vaccinator, three aides and two federal soldiers in camouflage uniforms performed the vaccinations. The home staff as well as the home physician assisted in the process. The role of the soldiers, who at no time moved away from the vaccine, has not been conclusively determined. What the whistleblower was able to establish, however, was that the presence of the uniformed men greatly intimidated the seniors. The group, which normally shows a “strong defensive behavior” in the case of unfamiliar treatments, was hardly recognizable, so predominantly “lamblike” they had let the vaccination with Comirnaty pass over them. The whistleblower suspects that this could also be related to the fact that the elderly seniors, who had still experienced the war, could not properly assess the role of the soldiers and possibly felt reminded of war-traumatic circumstances. During the first vaccination, a resisting senior citizen was detained by a nurse under the watchful eyes of the German soldiers, the eyewitness reported. A judicial decision for the detention, which as such represents a coercion and therefore requires in principle a judicial evaluation in the individual case, had not been issued.'' https://21stcenturywire.com/2021/02/14/germany-whistleblower-in-nursing-home-says-elderly-dying-after-covid-vaccine/?fbclid=IwAR0svPd5b_UNAxGaOzaPluBR9mvzWxVO-gkfhJUBZ8PmNZHdV2duzueEZ_0 Wake up and smell the Eugenics! Covid: Disabled people account for six in 10 deaths in England last year - ONS https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-56033813?fbclid=IwAR2uqbe1m9LuY0BIirjYJSEQFV6pOCGOE_aV14o4unzYRrrQn0lu9lt-7mw Do Not Resuscitate Orders were placed on this group of people. Protecting the vulnerable eh! - Sarah Judd Exactly! Inversion is the Order of the day. It wasn’t about “protecting old people and the vulnerable”. What it was, was the start of a massive eugenics operation to kill off old people and the most vulnerable, as a starting point on the road of the hunger games society. Survival of the fittest, removing “passengers” and “useless eaters” as those behind this agenda see them. Those consuming too many global resources, in an effort to “save the world” as they see it by killing off a large portion of the population. An agenda that they’d be hard pressed to fool and convince even the most asleep into openly justifying. Global Death Cult Unlike Climate Change, which is seeking to do more of the same which more people are easily fooled into believing and accepting. “Dark Winter” https://davidicke.com/2021/02/16/texas-freezes-in-record-low-temperatures-as-global-warming-strikes-again-power-goes-off-the-wind-farms-froze-because-americas-home-of-oil-and-gas-sources-transferred-to-green-energy-which-ca/ These protections/restrictions for the old and vulnerable put right in at the start of COVID where systematically put into place to feed the narrative of the majority of deaths attributed to COVID that they otherwise wouldn’t have as successfully generated. Those fake deaths attributed to COVID wouldn’t have couldn’t have been created if it wasn’t for the inversion of safety and protection which justified the restrictions in the first instance, that accumulated deaths to lend credence to the existence of COVID, ignorant to those restrictions and measures such as no contact, isolation, lack of food, carers, medical aid, DNR Orders as being causes, just as the ignorance of vaccines in the elderly contributing to increased deaths equally now attributed to COVID and definitely not the vax. Those who think this is wrong are those who don’t want to believe it, rather than not being able to clearly see this is taking place. They’d call it a “conspiracy theory” as it’s not officially sanctified theory. Yet, if you’ve actually stopped, questioned and researched you’ll see this madness is the only theory that makes any sense and is in keeping with longstanding exposed agendas of these globalist, long since denounced and attacked by others as being conspiracy theory when you’d have to be very ignorant to not see that it’s actually happening under the false pretence of a pandemic which is the perfect storm to carry out systematic eugenic practices on the population. That also makes absolute sense why a parasite like Bill Gates would be leading such a storm and not a would be genuine pandemic. As you’ll see from my feed, I only post for all the likes and to feel accepted by the majority Lowered emotional effects trigger wars in all countries and you'd find that those wars fought within third world countries are done so by the greed, monopoly and effect of the First World nations whom are now fighting their ‘Third World’ style warfare on nations closer to home and the so called First World nations. So we have emotional and psychological warfare upon the human psyche. Those wars fought against many Third World nations are done so to intermingle cultures alongside cancel culture. By doing so, creating a one world culture and thus one level of control over all society’s, creating carbon copies across the globe, when you look at these scenarios as a whole and not defragmented within games of one-upmanship as the whole globalist game and system that derives the likes of third world first world terms. Those terms are pure terms of globalisation and before globalisation we didn't have such terms and thus didn't have such Globalist warfares on third world countries until they become a repetition of all other countries, global. When it came desirable all nations should feel the desire and success of progression from their own nations, in comparison with western cultures, using our corporate greed, monopolies and enslavement of a working class, as goal posts to make sure people’s of their own nations, desired the creation of these very monopolies by the globalists. A Global Order By way of IMF, World Bank, Mcdonalds vs Burger King, Pepsi vs Coca-Cola. They exist to create a monopoly of control out of the illusion of competition, which is paving the idea of strategies for sustainable development. It's all about control and people have to take the SOMA to accept it as normal and not resist it. Which is why our emotions are being browbeaten via psychological warfare in western countries so we don't even think about laying down our own comforts to not conform and contest what's taking place. As we’ve been bred to desire the necessity of our own comforts, consumption, consumerism and greed. Not only that but we’ve become dependent and within expectation of these comforts. We will comply with anything so long as our own personal comforts aren't hindered. This is the philosophy for the majority and is what has many whom can see this, want to do something and see that others can’t see this and don’t seem to want you do anything and still can’t seem to understand why others don’t get it or don’t seem to feel the need to do anything about it, even if it’s discussion of these things openly would be a start. But, people are within denial and ignorant. 1 In 7 Brits Believe There Is A Huge Coronavirus Cover-Up Involving Politicians, Scientists And Journalists https://www.msn.com/en-gb/news/uknews/1-in-7-brits-believe-there-is-a-huge-coronavirus-cover-up-involving-politicians-scientists-and-journalists/ar-BB1dfKfc?fbclid=IwAR14lKpV2Mz_-oDwPqw5uw8xl4IsScCYQJh5RaiO0ly_DeISee65igmMC0g When the MSM are forced to admit this, you know the figures are actually much higher than that but, the alternative narrative must be portrayed as being that of an outcast minority “scraps” of which you wouldn’t necessarily want to identify or associate yourself with. Bottom line, it’s psychological manipulation, while the only reason it exists at all is because people like me exist, to the establishment it’s an unfortunate growing number of people and those even thinking about questioning in a like minded manner must be fed a narrative of one sort or another to explain this, while in doing so, it’s seeking to undermine, marginalise and overall downplay this so you can still sleep comfortably in your beds still believing what you’ve always believed and in accepting official hogwash, not questioning anything and most importantly, you know your place so you’ll continue to be browbeaten by any and all demands of authority, no matter how tyrannical or insane those implications are for others, not just yourself, but from another’s POV which an alternative view is being turned into something evil and sinister so you don’t even have to contemplate it. Encouragement of survival of the fittest is being systematically cultivated!
  17. The above is also very interesting. But from the time I’ve embedded this video at, listen to touch and how essentially, touch is what’s being thought up to eliminate “COVID” but what other effects this may actually be intended to have upon society. Which of course is the real reason behind it, to counteract a mental health pandemic with both technology and SOMA. It’s seeking to justify intervention, all thanks to problems that wouldn’t exist if they hadn’t of intervened within the first instance. So, a world like Demolition Man controlled births, levels of touch and fascist technology called utopian society can exist, by the exploitation of the skin of eastern philosophy and the underlying veins of technology. Or a more clinical style of THX 1138 by the scientific procession of police state fascism and The Power of the Coming Race, Transhumanism and the new A.I. God. A system built all knowing but lacks the ability and concept of feeling. Side Note Is this a person or a robot? I’d suggest both of the above movies and of their like may have seemed stupid or have been massively misunderstood and misinterpreted but now can be seen to what was being got at. More in a contemplative watching of these movies rather than “just the movie” level of perception. The reality is more a blending of the above and all religions into a form of leadership via a perennial philosophy, using the works and understanding of research carried out via Theosophy that’s dominated via the UN, that may actually manifest outwardly to the public as a more eastern derived belief system, new age, with scientific technological vices in the mind and manner that spirituality and science are one in the same and can aid one another which of course they’re, which is more understood and accepted by the occultist. But this will be done in a manner to make individuals feel a level of comfort and conformity within their servitude, like taking the pill of SOMA which will be more technological driven for the comfort, thus conformity with this level of dictatorship on a world stage with what it’s rulers mesh together as spiritual, preaching to a combination of religions as one. Not a question of if all religions are derived from a single origin and should come together, but more those who are playing the role of leader/ruler of this perennial institution for globalist conformity. Anyone against these grass roots needs medical or spiritual help, are a danger and are single handedly the cause for the likes of all the major wars of the past and will be of our present and future if we don’t seek to put a stop this, which is why the effects of a nuclear type war is desirable so people can be made to feel this - this mindset we are already seeing with the likes of equating conspiracy theorist as extremist and terrorist which is just anyone with another opinion that isn’t official sanction or goes against the establishment - while all other religious concepts can be accepted but not where they differ from the new central pillars of society geared around this Grand Architectural technological design, an all knowing God of A.I. and the reasoning of those whomever front this campaign. As the idea is this will and can be run by exactly the same people/force whom manipulate our society via people, but this new puppet be A.I. instead of other human puppets, not that this will genuinely be left to chance, A.I. and an unbiased level of reasoning that already from the start, lacks feeling, just as society’s feeling is being reduced if not attempted to be removed and irradiated by altering/deleting genes that would start these types of questioning and speculation within the first instance. The irony being, those whom line up to allow this level of gene altering experiments, already show a tremendous lack of though and feeling, otherwise, they wouldn’t be there. As it was seen symbolically and ritually performed at Zion 2012 Olympics The 4th Industrial revolution. https://www.gov.uk/government/publications/regulation-for-the-fourth-industrial-revolution/regulation-for-the-fourth-industrial-revolution Their long planned massive global cull (especially in the Western world) also explains why they're in the process of automating so many jobs/industries (at least those big corps such as Amazion and the major supermarkets and Starbucks etc that survive the planned demolition of so many businesses and of the economy, and also may partly explains why they plan to reduce the UK army by 10,000 according to this article by the Fail (also presumably due to the increased use of AI controlled drones and robotics by the military as part of the 4IR/Great Reset agenda. Army 'faces cuts of 10,000 soldiers' in audit next month... but will pay serving squaddies up to £12,000 each in 'finders' fee' to hire musicians https://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-9155897/Army-faces-cuts-10-000-soldiers-audit-month.html This one even gets the year right of COVID puts it down to an attack upon our central nervous system, our kundalini energy, by technological smog, a technological virus. While this exists because of corporate domination and greed, as is described within Demolition Man the corporate wars leading to only Pizza Hut or Taco Bell restaurants depending on your region. This is the apparent cyber world of the internet, A.I. and Virtual Reality etc which is being blended together with reality with implantable/wearable technologies, in real life what 5G plays an important role within which is what is being described in the film as cause nerve damage epidemic. Like Corona Discharge - 5G damages our auras, our Corona they even call one of their EU projects, Aura, basically taking the piss of course. 5G Aura https://explore.openaire.eu/search/project?projectId=corda__h2020::8b2c88b0e0808542acdde4eb551275e5 This is in the movie - Johnny Mnemonic - within Beijing, where crowds are all wearing masks protesting in the street, fighting against the police state... Those are just some of my nitpicking above that simulates in a movie from 1995 is depicting of today. While this part effectively shows the damages of technology upon our nervous system, our spine, kundalini energy, which venerates our aura. This is within a manner of the like described by “The Invisible Rainbow” by Arthur Firstenberg and the damages of 5G and other electronic equipment which dangers leading to this have been neglected and overlooked, accepted largely because of seeking the benefits and comforts, so we are deliberately ignorant of the potential impacts to just have these comforts. While this comforts are simply imposed as the norm so are never questioned, such as all Silent Weapons for Quite Wars. I’d say quite systematically and deliberately. This is all part of A.I. and Transhumanism. This is a foreshadowing of damage caused by technological overload or, trying to jump over the human condition by intermingling technology, the likes of which 5G plays an important role within developing this reality. This is “Vril”, the sidereal force, the coming race that will be powered by wires and an untapped force which has been known about by the occult for thousands of years. This is from Helena Blavatsky, Theosophy. These concepts have been fulled by occultists from both previous world wars and this is continuing by a people trying to bring their ideas into reality. So of course these agendas manifest within movies and our currently reality. The only way none of these reality’s makes sense is if you’re one of those people whom assume all these things and what’s happening today is real - happening now they say it’s happening - and just coincidental, “it’s just a movie”. That’s why it’s so shocking to ignore what’s going on a people have to be deliberately ignorant to my mind. Maybe we all can be ignorant as to intentions and the greater picture in the minds of those actually doing this but people need to understand and accept it’s being done systematically and deliberately, not by accident or spontaneously. There is an overriding reasoning and agenda which seeks to justify this otherwise madness that just makes no sense without seeing that there’s actually a hidden agenda taking place, the reason it’s desired more people don’t see it, is to reduce the potential of resisting it. While the assumption is anyway, so many people desire their comforts that even if they did know this, they’d desire those comforts more than resisting, so fall in line and comply. it’s even explained here. Thank God they’re just movies. Thank God they’re only fiction
  18. Yes exactly. It was a complete scam, just like the transfer from many benefits over to Universal Credit which is a complete an utter joke on it’s own, during this change it was PIP for disabled. This scammed, deliberately as usual, disabled people into travelling to and from a place of the government’s choosing, it doesn’t matter if it’s far out of the way and sometimes this would be used to penalise the disabled that if they could get there, it could be used against them. But, if they didn’t show up they could refuse their benefit altogether and told you’ll have to reapply and all that BS which shouldn’t be necessary at all. It was the same with carers and Universal Credit interviews, you had to show up to their original times, place and choosing and if you didn’t, you had to reapply. All to be faced with what you’re told is a doctor in what looks like a doctor’s surgery, when in fact these people are as much doctors as Bill Gates. They’re very often Atos and other such underhanded third party corporations that haven’t heard of the terms morals, ethics or just humane decorum. They’re working on KPIs (Key Performance Indicators) privately managed just like the NHS BS to take the onus of decision making off of government, even though it’s very obvious government have given and monopolised their decision making practices. These type of KPIs like is shown within The Dirty War on the NHS above is what’s actually leading to patient dumping. Where contacts are made to get rid of as many patients as quick as possible as an incentive to make more money. This is encouraged under the pretext of patients getting quick and faster care when in reality, this is leading to slapdash sloppy care for financial incentives that sees the most vulnerable of people dropped off practically naked in the freezing cold at bus stops. While within the NHS they’re stripped of staff and resources to manage and out under more and more intense press to meet nonsensical targets to then usher in this “Age of Enlightenment” called Privatisation. The whole privatisation bs is just a way of removing liability from government when it’s really them, their agenda string pullers, still running the show, just officially out of their hands like the whole EU BS. The EU had no real control over our country or government, it was just an easy target to blame when government decision making met objections and hostility from the public, to make the problem appear to be out of their hands, which is why to anyone with any sense would want to remove this mechanism of apparent loss of control over our own political decision making, really removing the ability to blame the EU for decisions really made at home and hiding behind EU Regulation. Just as they hide behind apparent private companies, if it be NHS Car Parks to eventually, the NHS itself and this scam on the disabled. Anything government truly wants themselves to duck out of they can manage it without blaming any apparent third party which is what they do when they don’t want to change anything. These disability focused interviews, where obviously designed to get as many people off benefits as possible, it doesn’t matter if they should be on the benefit. While the hole process is setup to demean the disabled and cause unnecessary, unwarranted stress every few years as if the whole process is designed to kill them and make them feel uncomfortable, doubt and uncertainty. To listen to them asking undermining questions that very often has nothing to do with individuals disabilities but seek to skirt around as many issues as possible, walking a fine line, while the ones they touch up on means an individual basically has to be bed bound for the rest of their days to be considered disabled or they could just state they have a mental health condition and be granted more points simply for this, as the disability system seemed to seek to priorities mental health conditions in terms of seeking benefit and undermined physical disabilities. This must be a means of hooking up as many individuals as possible upon mental health drugs or else they’re not entitled to the benefit or claim they have a mental condition. This obviously feeds into the whole, you need the vaccination, ID Travel Pass, Chip or Electronic Tattoo or else you can’t claim (X,Y,Z) They don’t even listen to your answers and it’s a longwinded box ticking exercise, which if you get the forms back when contesting their decisions, as pretty much anyone would want to do when finished with these spineless cretins, you can often find the answers they put down and ticked doesn’t match up with what you told them at all. As they LIE on these forms deliberately to get as many people off these benefits as possible and do so in self motivated goals and targets, nothing at all to do with the individual in question. During this time, they forced carers also to convert over to Universal Credit without any choice and you couldn’t legally say you was a carer before getting Universal Credit and where actually told to lie on these forms to be allowed to get Universal Credit otherwise carers where basically stranded without nothing and they still had them all jumping through hoops. Completely unbelievable and not justified. This - Universal Credit - also set into motion, what allowed the big alphabet agencies, the legal right to access both your benefits and working details without you informing them and this had to be agreed from a certain date of applying. If you don’t agree for this invasion of privacy that agrees basically for all the agencies within the IP BILL to share details about you without the need of any wrong doing, your future consent/acknowledgement/agreement, or a warrant, between all agencies as a standard. This sets into motion an unrivalled level of control over individuals privacy and their technological footprint, than ever before which is the foundation stone of this coming Technocracy. These steps can be seen as making and taking us there as part of a long-standing desire and agenda. These measures from the IP Bill to government snooping via these contractual agreements otherwise you’re denied your human rights, right to privacy and right to receive benefits without obstructions set up to make you denounce and remove you’re human rights or else you can’t be granted them, should be seen as the terror, tyranny, scam and exploitation that they’re already, without the added need to say, you also need vaccinations say, or else you’re not going to be granted certain benefits. All because of phoney contractual agreements that work around and seek to reduce or rob everyone of their human rights and common law. They also used this setup, this system so they could scan people’s previous work, bank accounts and benefit history to catch people out who may have done the odd bit of work here and there, using these regulations that weren’t put in effect during those times of work history etc being scanned by using these agreements to scan up to six years of previous work, bank accounts and benefit history. This to anyone with any sense is unlawful, as how can you be held under the obligations of an agreement you’ve just made say now, up to six years ago when you may have been on another benefit and income? That’s what’s been happening so a war could be waged on society by the politician's whom set this system up and never go after the bankers and big businesses which of course they’re in bed with and there’s much more people on lower incomes to attack and exploit to ensure they keep within their place or face being raped. This would have caught loads of people out and was used to target pretty much as many people within society as possible. It’s completely designed to attack those on the lowest incomes trying to make ends meet and exploit them or else they can’t get benefits. Then sanctioning people, as if they’re a foreign country under trade warfare attacks, before actually physical war, if they don’t jump through hoops whenever it is expected they do so by those managing these various benefit systems. Benefits should be made around human rights and not contractual law that can shift and change whenever the hell these people like at their decision and have you over a barrel whenever they’d like it. They’d never make it that easy for people. They’ll always make you pick your human rights or benefit? There’s no way to have both essentially in legal terms, while in reality these implications impact everyone but in legal terms need to be granted and are arranged by these types of exploitation’s via the benefit systems. This is to spill over to everyone and anyone come the stroke of genius to setup a universal income for everyone. This is so everyone will surrender over into a contract that legally allows the right of the snoopers charter IP Bill to invade everyone’s rights and privacy via a whole host of means going into this Technocracy, contractual agreements they otherwise couldn’t and wouldn’t legally get everyone to surrender to if they didn’t financially cripple the system previously so pretty much everyone would have to seek some form of benefit or if they’re basically told you can receive this benefit no matter what and get X amount more money every month within your bank, you’d be considered a fool for not doing it, even those other spineless cretins whom look down their noses at other individuals on certain forms of benefits etc Clones of Agent Smith! Think I’ve said enough now, this was supposed to be a short reply
  19. Eugenics, just as us “conspiracy theorists” have been saying for how long? Fury at ‘do not resuscitate’ notices given to Covid patients with learning disabilities Vulnerable people have encountered ‘shocking discrimination’ during pandemic, says Mencap charity https://www.theguardian.com/world/2021/feb/13/new-do-not-resuscitate-orders-imposed-on-covid-19-patients-with-learning-difficulties?CMP=fb_gu&utm_medium=Social&utm_source=Facebook&fbclid=IwAR2QTb2CBYflYkhG67iZaEN-N_UhSaPBpkaYTytk_3u9UcWrAdhCIGedKZI#Echobox=1613225062
  20. Bill Gates says bioterrorism and climate change are the next biggest threats after pandemic Years before the coronavirus battered the globe, Bill Gates warned that governments weren’t prepared for a pandemic. Now, he’s calling out the threats of bioterrorism and climate change. “The number of deaths with the right system should be a 10th of what we see here,” Gates said. https://www.cnbc.com/2021/02/11/bill-gates-says-bioterrorism-climate-change-are-the-next-big-threats.html?fbclid=IwAR3edhOkufXZkYjfAfeOdns3hTqJ96-p7ehep_SUmPRnL8jO4tLmlz1w9zI I wonder what the “right” system is? Global Technocracy? Psychopath Gates now pushing the ‘climate change’ route to the ‘Great Reset’ – if you have even the most basic knowledge of the Cult agenda for the world this man is so transparent it borders on the Comedy Club. The hands are all over the place as usual and when he says ‘cooperation’ he means ‘control’ – global control Saving the world or killing it? So much inversion in the business of control. This Solar Power Plant Accidentally Incinerates Over 6,000 Birds A solar power plant in California is accidentally killing as many as 6,000 birds per year thanks to its concentrated beams of sunlight. https://www.deadbeatspanel.com/this-solar-power-plant-accidentally-incinerates-over-6000-birds/?fbclid=IwAR0wbP6nOif8_dceehtJXGOCSS_WoPEJ17Fmfov7-nrbUOtkJOysR0EvQho Now, 5G and artificial lights that make it look and feel as though all town areas are now concentration camps under eerie floodlights aren’t helping either. Anyone would think this has all been planned and has some sort of sinister motive behind it. Not me though - This level of ostrich syndrome these days, really means you have to have your head up your own arse.
  21. https://www.theguardian.com/society/2021/feb/11/matt-hancock-lays-out-his-plan-for-wholesale-reorganisation-of-nhs?fbclid=IwAR1iBfRN-508v2Miu0GkdpOINOrDi53KCNgdRXhXLBjz4hrb0s_uYZ_mlQY“Its been about this all along. “Medical matters are matters for ministers,” Hancock told MPs. And there was me thinking medical matters were for Drs. How silly am i Heglan dialect Create problem Offer solution This is 'the ministers solution' for us all. Terrible” Matt Hancock lays out plan for reorganisation of NHS in England Latest shake-up, centralising power in minister’s hands, undoes much put in place under David Cameron https://www.theguardian.com/society/2021/feb/11/matt-hancock-lays-out-his-plan-for-wholesale-reorganisation-of-nhs?fbclid=IwAR1iBfRN-508v2Miu0GkdpOINOrDi53KCNgdRXhXLBjz4hrb0s_uYZ_mlQY The Dirty War on the NHS The Dirty War on the NHS was first broadcast in Britain on the ITV Network on 17 December, 2019. It was shown following the general election that saw Boris Johnson become prime minister - even though the future of the NHS was a major issue in the campaign. The remarkable prescience of the film became clear when the COVID pandemic struck, and the NHS, crippled by bed shortages, the starvation of resources and accelerating privatisation, could not cope. This was the film's warning - a warning also delivered in 2016 when a full 'drill' for a pandemic showed the NHS would barely survive such an emergency. The politicians and managers did nothing; the report of the results of the drill was suppressed. The ideological assault on the world's first public health service continued at the height of the COVID crisis with inept private firms given lucrative contracts for PPE and mass testing. The Health Secretary, Matt Hancock, an arch privatiser, announced in August 2020 that in future most GP consultations would be be online. Hancock's association with the tech company, Babylon Health, is dealt with in The Dirty War. The film's website is www.thedirtywaronnhs.com http://johnpilger.com/videos/the-dirty-war-on-the-nhs Labour leak raises questions over 'free NHS' https://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-98960/Labour-leak-raises-questions-free-NHS.html Leaked NHS papers 'put online by posters using Russian methods' Questions about dissemination of documents do not mean they are fake, but pose new puzzle https://www.theguardian.com/politics/2019/dec/02/nhs-cache-leak-first-circulated-online-by-group-similar-to-russian-operation Labour’s NHS leak story explained https://www.channel4.com/news/factcheck/factcheck-labours-nhs-leak-story-explained ‘High-value' business travellers to be exempt from quarantine in England From Saturday some performing arts professionals, TV staff and elite sportspersons will also be exempt https://www.theguardian.com/world/2020/dec/03/high-value-business-travellers-to-be-exempt-from-quarantine-in-england?fbclid=IwAR3aItQl2IbIYa5TNtZA8u7yHeZBfJHVhirXIoAzmyrkdktnTqU9zpThMc4 Even the mainstream thinkers are starting to see the lunacy of this crazy pantomime (oh yes they are!!) When will everyone else see it?! https://www.facebook.com/513634127/videos/10160582594399128/ https://www.facebook.com/paul.stubbs.395/videos/10160582594399128/ Not that I agree with this man, there is no virus, there is no vaccine. But, the MSM are starting to get people questioning the official narrative by actually holding them to the official narrative for once and finally seeing, this doesn’t stand up to scrutiny - logic or reason for that matter either.
  22. I can’t be sure of this information/individual situation but it’s from a friend on social media but I don’t doubt this is going on across the country and variations across the world, due to so many stories like them and my own experience when dealing with NHS staff and security. I’ve been on the receiving end of this type of forceful treatment and abuse from NHS Staff enforcing these draconian measures with advanced security to make medical treatment now prisons. One reason is to stop anyone in going and filming what’s actually being lied about in hospitals and two, so those ill don’t have support to fight back resist or leave as they have to be alone. So they can be bullied into submission and made to feel alone at the hands of authorities they should others be able to rely upon, which is obviously being made to happen deliberately and systematically. So vaccinations - if we call them that - can become forced at the point of medical contact and out of a medical necessity rather than by government themselves, based on a phoney test not testing for a virus and is used to treat/exploit long standing medial health conditions of which people know full well the problem and cure and it has nothing to do with any virus, “COVID” or it’s “variants” as this problem existed long before any such virus came into existence via media hysteria, driving medical fascism. You can’t accompany a friend, family member or even have someone cares for you with you, even if that’s official or unofficial, unless it’s a mental condition that means they lose their memory forgetting where they’re etc or the other is needing help to get around and even that last part is down to the staff discretion it seems! All of this while you and whoever is accompanying you is waiting around already and talking to these NHS staff in the very room you’re not supposed to be in. Yet, if you also booked yourself in to see the doctor, you could sit right next to them. It’s absolutely absurd. My Dad who I do care for, was put under similar conditions from the start, at the point of being refused treatment for a rash unless he complied with COVID BS which he didn’t want to comply with knowing it’s bullshit and due to suffering with breathing problems already and asthma, not wanting to further restrict his breathing by wearing masks etc. Only a fucking bread dead idiot or at best, someone who is severely ignorant would comply with such an expectation to restrict their breathing. Expectations These expectations are being put on the public big time for anyone working within certain sectors, they’re expected to comply with forced vaccinations, face losing their jobs or care what others think about them more so then the potential damages caused to their health from everything of the COVID Final Solution related. The badge of merit gained through virtue signalling is more than enough for some people to ensure their wilful compliance and obedient consent. The term Expectation is now an Orwellian Newspeak Buzzword used to psychologically put the onus on each and every individual themselves by the delivery of this information via the MSM and their agents. It’s that (this group of people) are expected to have received the vaccination by (date) rather than using the idea of mandatory vaccination, whilst also via these means, politicians delivering these methods are putting the onus on society and off themselves and their solutions, via a globalist solidarity campaign through their various vast networks. Facebook Bans - Censorship When one or more of your posts must be hitting a nerve and rather than pointing them out directly, indirect means are sought after to justify silencing and censoring you by pulling out posts you can’t even confirm or verify because they’re unavailable for you to see what you’re contesting against, let alone the fact they don’t present what their community standards are or what actually is the supposed “misinformation” which they’re referring actually is? Obviously, this almost always has more to do with more recent posts you’re sharing and the opinions they’d like censored or shadow banned. That’s why usually around this time it seems your posts aren’t being noticed by anyone as they’re not present in people’s newsfeeds, they have to specifically go on your wall. This is their excuse for backdated posts coming under scrutiny now, as though it’s nothing to do with people continuing to post these things now, more and more people have had enough and can see through this and we are supposed to be coming to end of - in reality a never ending - lockdown - at least until they get everything they want from it, which they’re by no means where they desire. So, it’s important people back the continuation of lockdowns, so the suppression of alternatives views via social media narratives is of the upmost importance. This while weather gets colder and it’s suggested more snow is on the way so people will feel the need and desire to continue further lockdowns rather than challenge them. Weather manipulation must have absolutely nothing to do with it. When alternatives social networking starts making a difference and impacting more people, it won’t be long until they start pulling the plug on the internet itself to create a state of hysteria and dependency, rather than just sabotaging individuals or companies via censorship and denial of service type attacks. This will be to eventually rebuild the Internet around this new technocratic society. Facebook bans misinformation about all vaccines after years of controversy Company will remove posts with false claims and groups with repeated violations will be shut down https://www.theguardian.com/technology/2021/feb/08/facebook-bans-vaccine-misinformation?CMP=fb_gu&utm_medium=Social&utm_source=Facebook&fbclid=IwAR3D80NjgxxaM0fcp30Rz2hnymCPXYYBsvJfdiTrouMMxLFOK28P5bA4JEM#Echobox=1612828317 A Medical Tyranny, Fascism Example Please also note that; According to kingsfund.org website total number of NHS hospital beds in Englandto has more than halved over past 30 years.. 299k 1987/88 141k 2018/9. The Number of patients has increased, with increased population. "Apparently we had lockdown so we didn't overwhelm the nhs" remember..... (Copied) If anyone's still in any doubt about the end game here, please pay close attention to this extraordinary ordeal just experienced by a friend. "Joe" is an otherwise fit and healthy 34-year-old, who has asthma. At the weekend, he had an asthma attack, and checked himself into hospital - something he had done on many occasions in the past, knowing all he needed was a nebuliser and steroids. As soon as he got to hospital, the nurses forcefully insisted he had a COVID test. When it returned positive, they refrained from offering him asthma treatment, and instead presented him with the COVID vaccine, an Epi-pen, and adrenaline shot. Let's just be very clear here that they wanted to vaccinate him against a condition he was already testing positive for, thereby verifying beyond any reasonable doubt that this "injection", whatever it actually is, has nothing whatever to do with preventing contraction or transmission of any disease. Joe asked why there was an Epi-pen and shot of adrenaline with the vaccine. The nurse casually replied, "in case you have a bad reaction to the vaccine and develop heart problems." Joe declined the vaccine, and asked again for a nebuliser and steroids, to treat the actual health problem he had, rather than one he had no symptoms for. The nurses refused, and said that as he had tested positive for COVID, he had to be treated as a COVID patient. They then asked him to sign a waiver saying if his oxygen levels dropped further, they could put him on a ventilator. The extremely invasive and aggressive nature of the ventilation process is profoundly traumatic to the body and would kill about 30% of even completely healthy people were they to endure it. If someone's health is already compromised, their chances of surviving it are minimal Approximately 90% of COVID patients placed on ventilators die (https://www.webmd.com/lung/news/20200422/most-covid-19-patients-placed-on-ventilators-died-new-york-study-shows#1). At that point, realising his life was in imminent danger, Joe told the nurses he wished to leave the hospital. They wouldn't let him. He was informed if he tried to leave, the hospital would call the police. The nurses even accompanied him to the toilet to make sure he didn't try to escape out of a window. Eventually, when they weren't looking, he managed to get out of a back entrance and jump straight into a taxi that was serendipitously waiting outside, and is now treating his asthma at home with support from various natural protocols. I'm going to make very clear, one more time, exactly what is going on here. The billionaire ruling classes who control our world have decided there are too many of us, consuming "their" resources and putting huge strain on the public purse with all our pesky ageing and illness. So, they have launched a mass global depopulation campaign to dramatically reduce our numbers, going for the "easy pickings" - the old and the sick - first. Why are these people easy pickings? Because they have a lot of contact with health services, and medical professionals have always been the favoured foot soldiers of genocidal maniacs, because they are given such esteemed positions in society, and people trust them so implicitly and unquestioningly. You probably wouldn't let a council worker or even a policeman inject you with an unknown cocktail of drugs - but you'd trust a nurse, wouldn't you? Oh, but holy saint nurses would never do that, huh? Would never abuse their positions and sacrifice their integrity? Well, first of all, nurses aren't generally very bright. No offence intended to any, and naturally there will be some nurses out there with shimmering and advanced intellects - but on the whole, they're not, and thus it is incredibly easy to draft them unknowingly into all sorts of acts of barbarism by massaging their egos and telling them how wonderful they are (maybe via a nationwide clap, or something like that?), and how they have special knowledge and understanding of super scientific processes that the stupid plebs and conspiracy theorists are far too dim to understand... Once you've made someone feel special and superior in that way, you can easily induct them into committing all sorts of atrocities, something that despotic dictators have always understood all too well, and yes, most certainly including the one you're thinking of (watch this chilling documentary, "Caring Corrupted: The Killing Nurses of the Third Reich" - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Rz8ge4aw8Ws. There's nothing new under the sun). You've been warned that this is what is happening inside our hospitals, all fully endorsed and supported by the government (why do you think the NHS has slapped a gagging order on all its staff regarding speaking out about what's really going on? https://www.theguardian.com/society/2020/apr/09/nhs-staff-forbidden-speaking-out-publicly-about-coronavirus) Of course, you can choose to look away. But you can never again say that you did not know. Censorship of our Heroes? NHS staff forbidden from speaking out publicly about coronavirus Draconian measures prevent some healthcare professions discussing their work during pandemic This article is more than 9 months old https://www.theguardian.com/society/2020/apr/09/nhs-staff-forbidden-speaking-out-publicly-about-coronavirus?fbclid=IwAR34fSzqFU6fuJHPUqHBOMrtfKV6D_vLUtVF2bCJWSfOFRs4g9LELYL-8oE These COVID measures have impacted disabled people more so than anyone else and it’s a complete violation of everyone’s human rights. It’s bad enough on those not disabled and everyone’s human rights have been violated due to measures introduced since everything COVID. Almost all disabled access and facilities of places I’ve been at any rate, are all but nonexistent. One way in, one way out and nowhere to sit down in between walking around out and about, often times either there’s only a disabled toilet and other toilets shut so everyone have to use the disabled toilet, or the disabled toilet is shut due to COVID and they’re expected either to not be there or be using the ordinary toilets. Even disabled parking in town centres are blocked off in many cases, due to one way traffic systems to prevent COVID, so you can’t get close enough to town to park on disabled spaces This is clearly to deter disabled individuals from going out and about or if they do, they run the risk of being another hospital candidate/statistic of dying due to COVID and forcefully vaccinated at a hospital when they’re inevitably taken there, as they can’t manage whilst out and about! People need to be held accountable for all these crimes but unfortunately, far too many people are involved within the power trips they get, now finally having more power over other individuals are more content maintaining their sense of power over other individuals rather than to wanting to do anything about it. Doing anything about this to them would seem like the mad thing. Autistic activist tells MPs of ‘brutal… aggressive… sink or swim’ support system https://www.disabilitynewsservice.com/autistic-activist-tells-mps-of-brutal-aggressive-sink-or-swim-support-system/?fbclid=IwAR1PyVdRGruXWFfqqRpow7Sw9aL-qS4KAX8Em41OW9XCcqrghbB-0XxEvEk In the Mouth of Madness - Teeth of the Pandemic, New Jerusalem The Master Plan - The Guy who really did write the book on COVID before COVID was ever even heard of Is Boris really a Bull or just full of Bullshit? Boris Johnson insisted there was no alternative to the coronavirus restrictions he has been forced to introduce as he promised to forge a New Britain “in the teeth of this pandemic”. Comparatively towards, a vision of a New Jerusalem. Boris really does believe he is Winston Churchill, but even he thus far, still can’t quite seem to get that drunk. All this comparison between WWII and COVID Globally, really is just informing us we are within WWIII and the war is against and on us, specifically upon the weakest of society who are seen as dead weight passengers to those behind this agenda. Oh, he is just full of Bullshit. This type of symbolism is deliberate alongside their Global agenda and deception upon religious beliefs, particularly Christianity. The logic of those whom support their own governments warmongering, doesn’t hold them to account but calls the other side facist for using psychological manipulation and propaganda to confuse the masses into supporting tyrants. Yes it’s true, but the same goes for our governments and that’s where the brain dead who believe one and not the other shake heads and point fingers calling you a conspiracy theorist Go figure! In the teeth of the pandemic - Hellmouth, Jaws of Hell - The Sane becomes Insane and Vice Versa
  23. Yes, that’s the usual game being played but it seems Labour are backing all this facist shit and not even giving any face value to the idea of being opposed as they usually do. This would obviously be the time to strike, not just now but way before during the earlier days of this COVID BS even if it was a disingenuous play, if both parties weren’t in bed together, you’d make a play at how this is an abuse of power and use it to gain credit yourself, but of course, this just shows how in reality, just how much of a unity exists on both sides. How much both sides have the strings pulled by the same people, by the same lobbyists so ensuring the same ends. Before any of this COVID crap, information was leaked about how the Tories planned to destroy and sell out the NHS and this was said largely by Tory spin to be a dubious source from within the Labour Party spreading false or misinformation to undermine the Tories. Yet, thanks to COVID they seem to be well on their way to achieving this, the NHS now has been all but dismantled to deal only with COVID and it’s very difficult for anyone to even get a doctors appointments. But of course, none of this is brought up in opposition to what’s currently taking place, no speculation at all about those “phoney leaks” and what’s now being justified thanks to COVID no one’s asking do they tally up in anyway and if so, why? Of course, the Tories can simply state they didn’t foresee this COVID situation which changes everything, so, none of this should tally up with those “phoney leaks” made earlier should they? It’s with situations involving Zionism, Israel and Middle Eastern Wars, no matter which party is in office, there’s no credible opposition against those crimes and they all come together to justify and show why such a war effort is needed and necessary. This is the same with the likes of COVID. There’s no credible opposition or even the appearance of opposition as the agenda is so heavily desired. Where and when we do have true opposition and information shared out about these things, they’re never by public official, and they’re heavily censored and such a people often attacked, targeted and condemned rather than openly having these debates, false information is spread about them and what they’re saying to misframe what’s being said as lies and false, even though that’s not what they’re saying at all, just so it can be framed as lies or hate speech etc The lobbyists framing the movement of all involved within COVID politics won’t allow any opposition within this regard only solidarity and unity. I don’t doubt this will be played when the public have openly had enough of all this shit and this has been made to be seen on a world stage, if those protests be credible and true or completely faked, this will happen. But, most likely they’ll be genuine movements exploited or framed in a limited manner to marginalise the whole issue for the framing of political ideology, rather than identity what the whole protesting is about. Such as say, BLM, Climate Change, Small Business protests on the news and is justified for political transformation by combining these issues. While protests by those against COVID Fascism in general impacting everyone and this is ignored or is used to justify more police action, laws/restrictions and is shown as an unruly mob needlessly and recklessly harming others, promoted by dangerous extremist and conspiracy theorists, so these are inevitably turned into the same thing etc If this does occur, it will likely be shown via the MSM as protests on how COVID regulations have either unfairly impacted small local businesses for the favour of mass conglomerate business interests and how COVID has disproportionately effected minority groups, but Climate Change will have to be thrown in here for good measure, with the idea that due to the pandemic, some positive news is how much of an impact this has had on human caused climate change and this can be used to reframe our lifestyles in this process of transformation, the great reset and cancel culture. A new culture will be proposed (imposed) in keeping with protecting the climate and sold to use to transition out of COVID into the new world. A combination of these two, minorities and small business is likely, this be turned into showing a Tory track record whilst further exploitation of the Windrush scandal for political end, all completely disingenuous for gaining support in opposition against the Tories whom will be framed as seeking to carry out these actions as a matter of supporting their own big business bedfellows and unfair acts against minorities, again all disingenuous, whilst this is really just a transfer of power to appease a mindless dumb public audience whom can’t see what’s taking place here by the same hands of office, just offering the appearance of opposition while they will carry on this facist crap and globalist agendas, which of course should be the elephant in the living room as to why the obvious has been evaded for that of picking an angle that will allow and support much of what facist already exists, so it can continue. But all of this is preselected and carried out like a play and so the public will just accept his transition of power rather than see through the charade like always. The genuine opposition of this whole COVID Plandemic and Tory fascism otherwise being why is there so much proof this whom thing has been faked, no virus has ever been proven let alone variant so how could an antidote to it exist and this is just an opportunity to seize power based upon fraudulent statistics which is working in conjunction with obvious preconceived political agendas that can be followed like a script being played out None of this will be played for beyond seeking it out of some kind of divide, to speak out for the unheard against the majority whom will have to accept this or they will also somehow be blamed and guilt tripped. That’s why some minority play in combination with some truths surrounding small businesses will likely be played to gain some support for an opposition. It’s all BS and more people should be aware of this and see the likes of what I’ve put here as being an exploitation of those groups and nothing more than that. They won’t really care about minority groups anymore than small local businesses whom will likely suck this up because they simply want their businesses back up and running and may feel a sense of justice instead of exploitation which all of this from start to “resolve” actually is. But they will use the damage done to them to gain political leverage during political pantomime that places the hand in one puppet into the hand - same hand - of another puppet, but it’s the same people pulling their strings nevertheless and this is just a controlled theatre that’s allowed to be carried out and indeed needs to be carried out and in no way is genuine to hold any people to account for the crimes they have committed against everyone. This only takes place to appease those desiring some sort of change, Revolution or resolve and once that’s felt, rather than feeling or admitting they’ve been fooled and the Revolution is just another lie to maintain power by the very same people you believe you’ve taken the power away from, very few people would be open to admitting that when it happens and it’s them who will be shunned and ignored as a minority or lunatic, just as all those were originally treated and not listened to for so long by people under the previous political powers they deemed fascists and couldn’t understand why no one else could see it and instead seen them as the nut jobs they’d rather ignore so they don’t have to potential face uncomfortable truths. No one likes admitting they’ve been made fools of, even if they have, they’d rather be content with lies to pacify their egos, wearing it as a badge of pride and support of our heroes whom are otherwise being exploited themselves or are complete fucking idiots. This is the foundation for the whole problem of politics we have today I feel, mostly due to believing in frauds of wars of the past that no one likes admitting, so the same type of deception can continue, until we identify the deceptions of the past, they’ll forever repeat themselves.
  24. Yes exactly, it’s a psychological manipulation as to say, you’ve spread the virus by travelling between these countries and we are doing all we can to stop it, by doing so putting the onus on society, so society will be at war with one another. So Society won’t blame these facist wind bags in public office, as those behind this agenda know damn well that more is to come and they don’t want to be asked or blamed for these procedures not working. They’re not designed to work in the very way they’re justified and imposed, as I’ve tried to identify above. So, it’s by implication in advance of this, putting the blame on society and eliminating blame by those who are imposing these fraudulent acts of tyranny. So they can say, the reason this didn’t work is due to those bad actors of the public. This can then justify more police state tyranny and travel ID, Agenda 2020 as mentioned above. Without any proof that such a person has spread any virus between one country or another, but by the act of noncompliance with these protocols, you will be treated as if you yourself have allowed the spread of this virus as though your failure to comply, meets the criteria of if we are unable to determine this by the very act of your noncompliance, you’re thereby guilty of doing this and this means you have allowed the spread of the virus, should be named and shamed, as though this means you’re causing harm to yourself and others, using it as a means to take individual freedoms away, whilst seeking to intimidate those who are thinking about travelling so they don’t have to go through this. That’s until, this travel ID and vaccination becomes combined and that way, no matter what, you can travel without hinderance so long as you have a travel ID and can prove vaccinations. So, it’s being proven guilty by the lack of evidence rather than by way of any evidence, as of course this has to work this way, as there is no virus, no virus has ever been proven to exist that’s why it’s working this way. The psychological manipulation and use of travel between countries being used as evidence and your lack of compliance with these protocols simply from being from a red list country to here. These laws and procedures as you have mentioned, should only be enforceable if those behind them can prove by noncompliance you would cause harm to others, otherwise absolutely no crime has been committed and you shouldn’t face jail or fine, otherwise this is tyranny if people don’t stand up and reject this they’re allowing tyranny which has been designed by these very actions to only get worse and by its very nature of it being designed not to work, to get worse and justify more fascism. These policies are self serving and not designed to help the public but enable the interests of tyrants, whilst psychological manipulating the people into wilful ignorance of this and therefore, blind obedience and compliance. While if this is also allowed here, it won’t be long until many other laws of its type can exist where no proof of any wrongdoing, no proof of “a crime” exists, there is no victim and even more people can be treated as a criminal, as lack of proof becomes proof itself when we live under tyranny of comply or else. Where those behind tyrannical protocols can say, comply with these demands, or the very lack of compliance becomes criminal as in doing so, the tyrants say you’re most definitely going to cause harm to yourself or others, even if there’s absolutely no proof or evidence of that, that’s enough and we do already have this throughout society, where society already comply willingly with these demands. TV, Driving, Licensing, Tax and Insurance being the most obvious examples of failure to comply meets enforcement, as everyone else may get the same idea if such is left unchallenged. The only people who disagree with this would be those whom assume those things mentioned here are a good idea and make sense, whereas, that should be down to each and every individual - to make contractual agreements, only if they want them and no contract should even exist to refuse contract like it does with a TV License as that’s still a contractual agreement that shouldn’t be imposed on anyone! - otherwise we have the imposition of fascism by any way or means it maybe described, even though there’s no victim, you can be treated like a criminal and meet some level of enforcement for noncompliance... Unless I’m mistaken? But I don’t think so. You can be put in prison for failure to pay a fine for not having a TV License... The same with a driving license and nonpayment of a driving related fine, simply of not having a valid driving license. Throw all the statistics out at people how those whom don’t have a license are 99.999% more likely to cause harm simply by not having a license and are a danger to themselves and others etc etc Easy to fool with a driving license perhaps but not with a TV, but by either means it’s a fraud to justify treating contractual agreements as those whom don’t comply voluntarily as being equal to criminal or thieves whom endanger the safety and well-being of any and everyone. Just like the COVID BS statistics. What else will they say? We have had good Information that terrorists are planning on using COVID to spread the virus globally against its enemies, by becoming infected and using themselves similar to a suicide bomber and travelling around. Due to this, we needed to take swift action and therefore, all of the above is justified. That’s until terrorists start getting “SMART” and travelling from places not red listed. Then, the same type of tyranny can take place travelling too and from anywhere. It’s a scam, a fraud committed by, or at least through the usual alphabet agencies. It’s a war on people and it’s being waged by the true terrorists, those behind the implication of these phoney protocols to put the onus on society, so society will blame one another, divided and ruled instead of blaming those whom are dividing and ruling over them. They’ve got away with this for far too long for more people to not twig what’s taking place.
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