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  1. You’re right about that and they use the language of symbolism we don’t understand or appreciate anymore to very often take the piss or even tell us what they’re doing right in front of our face as they believe people are so stupid they won’t see or grasp it’s meaning unless they’re already in the know, of a people that are more than happy to feel special and the rest of the people are made to appear stupid - class system divide - basically by a form of information simply being held back from them that is just present for you - in the know - so they can feel elitist and part of a special club, like having a Costco Membership Card! While those who do try to analyse the use of such symbolism are treated as paranoid delusional cranks, by the blissfully ignorant. It’s like we have some deep subconscious understanding of these ancient symbols we’ve forgotten at least consciously and such knowledge has been whitewashed over from our memory. That before language to understand we all understood was such symbolism. That symbolism has been given less merit for that of language and labels in a hierarchical design, instead of a comprehension of both side by side. What the death cult often do, is give people no choice and get rid of something altogether and replace it with something else. So you have no choice and then they maintain “power” by doing this. Like all of a sudden you can’t buy a car you drive yourself when yesterday you could. You can’t drive a car on the motorway unless it’s a “SMART” self driving car and so on as a means of reducing what come previously. Which is what’s occurred by various languages themselves replacing one another, or language replacing symbolism. So we dismiss and ignore the symbolism as if it’s “beneath the knowledge of language” and our intellectual prowess. Symbolism is something for the natives, barbarians, who still live like animals, savages, hunter gatherer types who still think it’s ok to fuck their sisters and other such close relatives - Royal Bloodline usually, ironically While really, the symbolism is just as effective as the knowledge of language, but it has been pushed into the subconscious while words and labels have been brought into the conscious for how we define reality. We learn a lot about language in school as kids but nothing of the value of symbolism - beyond corporate logos, especially since technology, logos have been brought more into the conscious space so we desire certain technologies, drawing on ancient symbolism. This could very easily be the other way around. If people couldn’t read, they’d take the piss out of people by displaying what “we don’t see” in black and white text and the joke would be on us because we can’t read. More people would get and see that if we could show and spell it out to them, teach them how to read and not be called paranoid delusional cranks by a people who would otherwise dismiss the value of being able to read, as if the jokes on us who can or at least try to do so. It’s exactly the same with the language of symbolism, but symbolism and what’s being said can otherwise contradict one another. The lie being spoken and the truth being symbolised or vice versa. People who see it and try to read it get laughed at by those who can’t comprehend it at all, like naive school children who haven’t yet learnt how to read, thinking their blissfully ignorant paradise is better, above and beyond those seeking to understand this language. They maybe right, but the jokes on them when you have this parasite ruling class deceiving us via all kinds of exploitation’s unless we seek to understand the deception. On another note... I often wonder if Muslims, after all this time realised that God is actual in the other direction and that all this time they’d have to accept they’ve been mooning him And that’s why the symbol for Islam is, the moon But joking aside, I hope you can see where I’m coming from FYI - I don’t think this “Moonshot” has anything directly to do with Islam But the moon is symbolised here and there does seem to be a mass campaign to inject such a people with “the vaccine” Which on one level I’ve witnessed as another means of creating division. So, it could be a means of targeted population control on such communities moreso than others and that be another aspect of why they used this term “Moonshot”. However we look at it, it certainly isn’t called Moonshot because it was pulled out of nowhere for no reason, just like the symbolism of the Sun coming up time and time again within COVID symbolism and this sideline agenda of climate change and so on, there’s something more to it.
  2. Something else which makes me wonder All this COVID operation and the involvement over false statistics and computer models with Freemasonic links - it’s more than obvious such groups fronting phoney COVID statistics are such groups involved with Freemasonry and I guess that makes me “antisemitic” While this mass campaign to “remove the virus” has effectively been linked with blocking out the Sun and climate change, other beautiful aspects of Bill Gates persona, being spun around this “Great Reset” for sustainable development Agenda 21/30 Alongside this, we have the “leaked documents” of something called, “Operation Moonshot” Operation Moonshot: What do the leaked documents say? https://www.bmj.com/content/370/bmj.m3558 The moon is massively involved within Freemasonry, Freemasonic rituals etc While we also have COVID in many aspects being represented via the ancient trinity dot arrangement that represents the Sun within washing of hands, some “virus” imagery and other such images as telling you to maintain social distance etc This trinity can represent the Sun or the light as in visible light and all that we see being made of such a trinity arrangement. Colour Spectrum via the eye - spectrum of visible light I’m sure it’s all just a coincidence though... I am speculating here and asking questions... It definitely needs more research and analyse within this regard and subtle use of symbolism of this use of the Sun and Moon, alongside these ties within Freemasonry and there climate change agenda and desires of blocking out the Sun. These changes made within the body by the vaccine although technological/Transhumanism in nature, may have some significance of both blocking out the Sun and of something to do with the Moon. Or, the Saturn Moon Matrix So we are more attune in some way to this technological sway of a broadcast being projected by (through) the moon, if we examine this from David Ickes Saturn Moon Matrix - I’d definitely say more research is needed within this regard and that this is essential to stop a certain energy of awakening from impacting upon humanity. They’re being further embedded into this system of control. Way over some heads I’m sure, this is for those who do understand or want to understand what I’m saying here and would like to research this as I’m going to do some more of myself. The “Lunar Child” “Moonchild is a novel written by the British occultist Aleister Crowley in 1917. Its plot involves a magical war between a group of white magicians, led by Simon Iff, and a group of black magicians, over an unborn child.”
  3. It’s good to see the comments I’ll paste here before YT Take it down as they often do. As of course this is the sacred “BBC” that’s why it will be removed. Not because of it being exposed or anything... I’d also say the same psychological propaganda manipulation was taking place about Capt. Tom Moore, not limited to this but I’ll try to explain the deception. It was quite obvious to me, the way the media basically framed people “against him and the family”, not that the many of such a people simply couldn’t stand how this was being used as propaganda to justify and push the COVID scam and vaccine while holding their own views and opinions as to what’s going on outside the psychological framing of an old man being exploited for the gain and benefit of that scam. Just as the same is done with many a “celebrity”. Oh no that isn’t it. While the same type of hatred, your psychological reframing of this type of action of “hurling abuse at a family and a poor old man trying his best” is being used, twisted and reserved for all those whom are essentially against the vaccine are the same as those against all those doing good in the name of COVID - misled or otherwise - and are the same types that are hurling abuse at the likes of Capt. Tom Moore and his family. It’s easier than people may believe to twist this psychological framing of people into such stereotypes which is exactly what’s happening! Such is quite an obvious cultivated, framed and claimed psychological smear tactic but of course, some don’t and won’t see it and don’t get it, predominately those who go along unquestionably and accept the scam. The framing of this further justifies their preconceived beliefs and why they wouldn’t and shouldn’t want to be against the status quo and be “one of them” like being one of them smoker chav types as hypnotically stereotyped by BBC Easterners Propaganda Giving it Large! Demonising a target audience and adjusting the desire of preconceived beliefs in those adhering to the scam. This will encourage some people to distance themselves from appearing as such a stereotype. Not because it’s right or wrong, but because they don’t want to be perceived as such a character and this is basically the imposition of a class system hierarchy! The chavs, non mask wears, anti-vax, smokers - Untouchables, unclean dirty nonbelievers More of this type of behaviour is being presented via the MSM to again justify the totality of the COVID scam and present those exposing it as naysayers and preachers of hate. While the idea is to churn up this into acts of extremism and terrorism, targeting “Conspiracy Theorists” as the source for rationalising this down to an understandable level like this as i am trying to present. It’s really of course about stamping out dissent, opposing and alternative views, opinions, facts and evidence... Especially where they expose the official narrative as a crock of shit and deceptive propaganda. The BBC propaganda makes me sick to my stomach and angry while this is is also via the same psychological manipulation, as this can be used and framed to justify doing the above. That’s why they’re doing it. So, we ought to remember that and not potentially play into their hands of “reframing” our outrage and hatred as that’s what’s being attempted by this vile production! Revealed: BBC ‘Charity’ receives MILLIONS in funding from Gates Foundation https://unitynewsnetwork.co.uk/revealed-bbc-charity-receives-millions-in-funding-from-gates-foundation/ BBC receives millions from the Gates Foundation http://bigtechtopia.com/2020/09/bbc-receives-millions-from-the-gates-foundation/ Robert F Kennedy Jr. Exposes Bill Gates: “Bill Gates Buys Media to Control the Messaging” A Columbia Journalism Review expose reveals that, to control global journalism, Bill Gates has steered over $250 million to the BBC, NPR, NBC, Al Jazeera, ProPublica, National Journal, The Guardian, the New York Times, Univision, Medium, the Financial Times, The Atlantic, the Texas Tribune, Gannett, Washington Monthly, Le Monde, Center for Investigative Reporting, Pulitzer Center, National Press Foundation, International Center for Journalists, and a host of other groups. To conceal his influence, Gates also funneled unknown sums via subgrants for contracts to other press outlets. https://survivalblog.science.blog/2020/09/07/bill-gates-buys-media-to-control-the-messaging/ https://www.whatdotheyknow.com/request/bill_gates_donation_2 I just wonder why they haven’t responded and have “broken the law”? The laws aren’t for them but are for you, me and everyone else... YT Comments on BBC - EastEnders COVID Propaganda of the Year Award
  4. * Homer Simpson * Sell your Soul for a Donut ? Believe it or not, that’s what you’re being asked to do! We obviously live in the land of Donuts Rainbow Bridge Your rainbow body is being adjusted, altered via this covid campaign and potential for ascension as in, shutting up the heavens. The targeting of the Soul heart chakra It takes a lot for people to comprehend accept and realise I’m sure. COVID and LGBT have hijacked this symbolism for the purpose of foreshadowing end times prophecy, signalling this period of Noahide Laws and that our consciousness is effectively being altered for human 2.0, Transhumanism. Come on, you never thought Homer Simpson would lead you here did ya?
  5. Agreed. You can tell them, they impose “COVID is Real” and the natural response is to impose that it isn’t and why it isn’t as a gut reaction and then they stand back and make you appear to be the nutcase, as they simply can’t defend what’s being justified, or answer your reasoning as to why it’s a load of bullshit as they’ve never ever even thought about it. Usually, with the assumption that a scam this big just couldn’t be imposed so there must be something to it as their gut reaction as ignorance justifies the foundation of what they think/believe, it means they don’t have to do anything, question anything or look up what they’re fronting and being used as agent smith clones, they don’t even see it. So those with a lot to say are made to look like the maniacs and the status quo doesn’t even have to defend itself or justify itself essentially. As it can’t. “The Hassle Free Zone” so long as you do what’s expected of you, you’ll get no hassle and not be made to look like the maniac, it’s why people wear the masks and it’s why people get the vaccine, with the expectation that if they do they won’t get any hassle and have an easier/quite life. Others who are on the fence, see people wearing the masks and wear them themselves through fear of what others may think of them who are wearing such masks, to get less hassle than they otherwise may get like being pulled over by the security guards, harassment by the police and so on and then this psychological behaviour, this manipulation seeks to justify the vaccine without any independent rational thought coming into it, in a vicious circle and if you expose this, the viciousness will be taken out on you as those agents smiths enter the room to protect and justify ideas they themselves haven’t even thought about from the moment they’ve accepted them. Then, deaths attributed to COVID are used to rationalise their fears and that can’t allow the rationality that COVID has never been identified and proven to exist or that people die everyday of something and that something can always be changed to COVID to justify this COVID hysteria. This thought process obviously isn’t occurring as it’s never occurred to them to speculate upon what they’re being told versus what’s actually taking place quite obviously when you stop for a moment and ask questions! Whilst their rationality, is going along with the above as being sane and rational of course... I think I’ll quickly get learning new skill set. How to cut my own fucking hair! American Psycho isn’t coming anywhere near it!
  6. Do you believe everything about the official narrative of COVID, or do you think and feel something is not quite right about it and it demands serious speculation and investigation outside the narrative of the status quo being imposed? The same goes from many impositions by the establishment from pedophilia to police brutality, doing the bidding of their corporate masters and keeping quite about it. Not to mention the fear NHS staff are under from speaking out, under gagging orders that just came in at the start of COVID and the blatant privatisation of the NHS... As privatisation is a deliberate agenda of TPTB as well as, the agenda of forcefully imposing mass vaccinations. That’s why one gets defunding and crippling, while another one gets massively funded no matter what. Agenda Driven! “Exactly... The NHS has been deliberately attacked and stripped of infrastructure and resources into privatisation for years and due to a phoney epidemic, a phoney gesture of goodwill due to that agenda has taken place and people should be grateful because of it? This is needed because of the willful destruction of infrastructure and now for political deception it's desirable to use and abuse the NHS so for political purpose, money can be poured into it. Money can be found for War and agendas to Control or Cull the public, but not for Peace and General Wellbeing. General Wellbeing is what's under attack. War is Peace Freedom is Slavery Ignorance is Strength” I'm sure many more who bought these lies, this time last year are now coming around to the view that this isn't right and doesn't add up. However small of vast that feeling is. The feeling should be so vast it's overwhelmingly obvious if you've been paying attention. The Sun Campaign for “the Vaccine”, Heart Symbolism Downward Arrow - Playing upon symbolism of removing heart from Society, you could also view this as Nationalism and The Sun, how this relates to the Sun being transitioned for the new false light bringer being Technology, Transhumanism - Luciferase... This feeling becoming more and more common, while government lies and propaganda is the uptake of “the vaccine" is much higher than it actually is. Just as they do with the statistics of deaths, wave after wave arbitrary created and inflated. That, we are seeing a script being played out which is so contradictory in nature it beggars belief. Like the third wave is coming and at the same time “relaxing lockdown measures”. They're telling people what to expect and that increased lockdowns will be coming back to get people so fed up that it will justify anything to get back to some form of normalality, which can only come about by compliance with the establishment measures imposed. It's a transformation process... People who then gather together because of the reduced measures are being told to not gather and remember that COVID can and will still spread. This is psychological and "cancel culture", cultural change to remove social interaction over to technology for this Globalist technocracy to monitor/control society longterm, where it is desired that almost all human behaviour is via some form of technology indefinitely and physical contact and communication is massively reduced, to a minimum, changing the energy of humanity and the world. Don't believe me, take a look around, wake up and research before dismissing it. More and more people are connected with people on the otherside of the world they've never met and more and more disconnected from people next-door and all around their immediate community where these major changes just so happen to be taking place without opposition, while wilfully oblivious and in denial of such realities occurring to transform human nature, society, basically our reality. COVID doesn't pass person to person, face masks are completely useless. Yet, people are forced to wear face masks by pressures to conform, under the illusion that not doing so spreads the virus? This is psychological so you have justified in your mind why a vaccine is necessary and this couldn’t be anymore obvious. Especially to all those whom have never once wore a mask! That COVID doesn't survive in “The Sun” but people have been forced indoors out of the sun to protect themselves from it - There’s nothing new under the Sun! (Apart from COVID. They’re taking the piss) The same that COVID is lost outside of the body, can't survive and apparently blows away if you're in the wind and so on it goes... The major fact that the dangers of “the vaccine” obviously outweigh the risk of “the virus” has to be deliberately and ignorantly overlooked, especially by those continuing to impose this upon everyone else, they’re pushing and demanding wilful ignorance by the pressures of not questioning “authority” who are presented as knowing better than you and anyone else who speaks out to this fascism by the imposition of “authority” playing psychological games playing with symbolism and playing out ritual to script. ❤ That these "vaccines" impact and affect the energetic heart chakra, as if it's being disconnected from the body. This again is for Transhumanism. This is said by spiritual/energetic works healers and so on. But, I guess it's another coincidence even if it does continue to paint the picture of what we are seeing here, we should ignore it as a coincidence or made up by Conspiracy Theorists and spiritual healer charlatans, while accepting this imposition by authorities, the establishment, that has so many obvious holes, pitfalls and outright contradictions O.T.O. All the symbolism surrounding COVID is based upon religious and occult symbolism of death and rebirth, from ashes of the phoenix rises a new, or Shiva Dancing. Particularly, the story of Noah, a storm, wave after wave introducing more change, rainbows of COVID from the start and comparison to "the storm" and the rebirth of the new world, The Great Reset, the plans for sustainable development via Agenda 21/30 coming through the UN, and other such Globalist Centres, the Dove 🕊 of Peace and so on... The Globalist idea via the UN, of creating a single global religion via manipulation of a "Perennial Philosophy" and works of Theosophy. What we as One See, We all See This isn’t to say the whole idea behind a Perennial Philosophy is false and flawed completely. Rather that, the idea of a Perennial Philosophy is being used as a means to create an institutional oversight of all the major religions, just like a one world government body is desired over all of Global Politics. The artificial rainbow and the false light reality, the Technocracy Pradise Transhumanism agenda, but people are so far disconnected they won't even comprehend this symbolism and ritual and think and feel it’s just happening as a coincidence or of no significance, all by chance even if the symbolism is seen at all. Or even worse still, that I have somehow made this fit to a preconceived archetype/image. Here’s one I made earlier... August 6, 2020 This trinity makes up everything we see, perception via visible light. This is shadowed in a repeatable pattern within COVID symbolism. I know there’s a lot of symbolism to fish through that many people won’t get, understand the significance and will be lost on them without prior or further research. Pick up and identify the crux of how this shadow game is taking place by focusing on the COVID Noah Symbolism. I for one, am not suggesting this religious and a confirmation of my beliefs. This is feel is the upmost danger I see this as an exploitation of the beliefs of many and that’s why it’s dangerous. I see dark occultism mimicking the divine and religious prophecy to bring about its will, whims and desires and many can be caught up in the idea this is of divine origin, making by the corruption and use of authoritarian bodies that may as well be an extension of corporate entities, owned by the globalist powers behind these agendas. At the very least, significantly misled! After this deliberate misdirection, many who even believed within the religious perception will be at a loss with religion because of this and this is where the fracturing can take place by design and the entering of the UN’s Perennial Philosophy. How conspiracy theorizing may soon get you labelled a ‘Domestic Terrorist’ https://davidicke.com/2021/04/02/how-conspiracy-theorizing-may-soon-get-you-labelled-a-domestic-terrorist/ The same as the rise and fall of the Phoenix/Dove O.T.O. Symbolism The Divine Feminine - Transhumanism Technocracy Enjoy the Silence “All I ever wanted All I ever needed Is here, in my arms Words are very unnecessary” This is the heart, the divine feminine, compassion within all individuals including men, but is signified as the predominant female aspect of ourselves, like Yin and Yang. The compassionate side within everyone is and can be signified as this predominant female energy and of the heart. It is this which is under attack via Spiritual, Informational Psychological Warfare. From Transhumanism to Transgender Agendas. It is this which is being destroyed, soul destroying/shattering so the Transhumanism world can exist by the transformation of our world and reality as we know it! It’s this spiritual aspect I use and present these ideas of Jesus and Christianity, not the religious connotation I feel are or can exploit the underlying spiritual significance causing confusion between religion and this information is aimed at a predominant western audience and is what has resonated with me, it is this Christian aspect that is being deliberately foreshadowed by the globalists within their agendas to pervert and transform so western culture can be misled into this transformation process and of accepting such a transformation, out of the deliberate failure of institutions, particularly Christianity here. Do you see what I see and feel what I feel? Maybe, Now you can see it here? What’s the artificial rainbow, false light paradise and vaccine have in common then? 2012 Olympics - Technological Rainbow First Exercised Everyone here should know by now, Zion Olympics was used to foreshadow the transformation of eras, from The Industrial Revolution to Transhumanism and encompassed COVID Occult use and abuse of the NHS/Medical Institutions to usher in this Great Reset - Transformation Welcoming the Storm - “In the Kingdom of the Blind, the One Eyed Man is King” 2012 Zion Olympics Symbolism Global Rainbow Flipped On In England For London’s Cultural Olympiad (PHOTOS) https://www.huffpost.com/entry/global-rainbow-london-cultural-olympiad_n_1318440 Previous Zion Olympics Posts DNA Aspect UN Symbolism Ant & Dec Saturday Night Takeaway Artificial Rainbow - Mass Consciousness Entrainment upon Technology Well if you ask me, the false light paradise “artificial rainbow” is significant of Quantum Dot Technology (QLED) - at least, the potential of this is here for advancement and future developments - within such as TV’s and all kinds of future displays, alongside “the vaccine” which exists to place Quantum Dot Technology - Luciferase - within the body and the Quantum Dot displays act as a way and means of triggering this Quantum Dot Technology which is being injected into the body via the vaccine, in tandem with this false light and it have an impact on our minds, our consciousness. This later leading us into a further, deeper imbedded state of hypnosis, a sub reality based around technology, the birth of a Virtual Reality that is mimicking and imitating our physical understanding of reality as we know it, but with more/different constraints than our physical reality. However, such is being sold as removing any and all such limitations that do exist within our physical reality. So, another force can play what we would call “God” over this lower domain sub reality. For this to be successful, we are being systematically disconnected from the heart chakra, the connection between us and the potential of our higher selves and reducing such a state of consciousness, removing connection between the creation of consciousness within this sub reality and our reality which has given birth to it, the reality which it is mimicking. The removal of a tether. There’s no telling how many times this may have repeated itself outside of our own understanding of our physical reality, being infinitely reduced to a lower and lower state, presided over by a force imitating and calling itself what we would refer to as God over this domain and confusing us from the reality which gave birth to this current plane of existence we’ve become accustomed to as reality upon which we exist, so this state can continue indefinitely. This “God” it doesn’t want you to be aware of these realities that exist outside of its sphere of control and influence, the reality of the plane upon which they occupy, of which they’re more than likely similar to what we would actually consider the negative aspect in relation to the world created and their own reality of which we are not consciously aware of this tether which has been removed. While the removal of this to reduce their reality down to constraints over which they can occupy and control, making a sub reality being the potential negative aspect behind their works. Just as we see here with the attempt to remove heart based consciousness, for that of systematic A.I. type thought process which negates heart based intelligence as it can’t comprehend such, so it has no merit based on its lack of understanding and ignorance. Not based on the actual substance or intelligence of heart based consciousness. Incredibles 2 Screenslaver - Screen Hypnosis Symbolism
  7. It could be the case and another thing I was speculating... But it was quite obvious from this single event the cops didn’t like looks of us from the start with not wearing a mask - if this was because even before entering the shop my car had flagged up to them in some way I’m not sure, may have been the case and that’s why from the start was subject to speculation and we’re going to wait for us to leave no matter what. They pulled into the car park not long after parking up so, may have been flagged by a camera of something and if you’ve ever been in the same situation before, you know already in the shop, if you have a car, you just know they’re waiting for you to to pull away, sometimes they hide themselves somewhere making you think they’ve gone or other times are very obvious about it, they’ll follow you, often right behind you for a mile or two, try intimidate you to “see how you’re driving” you know as you’re leaving the shop before even getting in the car they’re going to do this and then make up some BS excuse for pulling you over, when you knew already they were going to do this back in the shop... But remember, I’m a conspiracy theorist They went in the shops literally just in front of us and come out just behind us, while their partner in crime waited for them at the exit close to the jumped up security guard, as if they where for some reason considering taking someone to one side and having someone at the front and someone behind. So I don’t know if they where doing this like tried and tested behaviour and just didn’t take us to one side on this occasion but other times they would have done for whatever reason and may have been thinking of doing it... If you’re leaving on foot it’s less likely they’ll find a reason to harass or follow you but would stop you like this but if you’re tied to a car and they know you’re leaving in one, you’re tied to a lot more legal mumbo-jumbo contractual law crap they can seek to enforce as they’re Satan’s little cock suckers, seeking to make sure everyone and anyone else has a good suck and calling it their fair share so, they can challenge and justify a lot more BS if they can tie you to a car. It may have been they’re hoping the car wasn’t tied to a house or a person and something dodgy in these regards if you read on... Not long ago anyhow, a place I frequently sit on a car park and have a coffee most of the time listening to either David Icke or Alan Watts, lockdown or no lockdown it doesn’t bother me that is what I usually do anyhow, a small group of travellers had parked up with their caravans and a heard of their kids running around the place. This is a shared car park, Aldi, Costa Coffee, the usual group of shops... So, maybe an annoyance to people here for sure, but if you take into account the police have likely moved them on from a much more ideal place for themselves to be located just because “they can”, stating they’re “unauthorised encampments” which is going on all over the country if not also many other places in the world, that’s why being pissed about this could surely get you do this, then, the government justifies in the hearts and minds of the rest of the people, clamping down even harder on such communities of course, that’s how and why they’re playing such games... “Unauthorised Encampments” Really, this is meaning that, no one is in-control of that land, area, so they can be attacked and bombarded by the authorities at any time they please and hold them accountable for whatever, like they do by targeting people’s homes and “THE LEGAL OWNER” and tie many people to an address to make contractual law enforceable where otherwise they simply can’t successfully enforce it and carry such out. These local authorities come in anywhere and everywhere to supersede nature, even where, when and if they or no authorities own that area anyway they have no place or justifiable interest in being in, they enforce themselves against people. Just like they do within pretty much anywhere, they enforce themselves into land and territories where they have no right or justifiable reason/interest being there in the first place, unless you understand and see them as the tyrants they are and their tyranny is the only explanation for war on a sovereign people, nation and leadership until globalisation is successful and is complete. Why on these communities? Likely so private sector company’s that want to build something there and can’t do so without disrupting these communities and use these enforcement officers to do their bidding, as if they’re “noble men” sitting on horseback very far away from where people are being pitted against one another are, all for their vested interests and agendas of which each side often know very little about. Likely thought up as a means of development to open up more areas to build is my guess and basically create no place for them to go to “Cancel Culture” another means of creating cultural Warfare like race and religion. How would fascist COVID BS be enforced on such people’s so vaccines, technology, the coming technocracy and implantables can be used to identify these people if they don’t come up with a way of breaking them so this can and will be possible and perhaps making them be seen as an uncontrolled potential contamination to the rest of the “vaxxed” mainstream public? This is exactly what and why they’re doing this if you ask me, it’s a targeted assault on attacking everyone? They mustn’t have been there that long, I’m here almost everyday and it wasn’t long before an enforcement officer of the “High Court” shown up to which they didn’t leave so hastily anyways and during this I was sat in my car having a coffee close by to these caravans being looked at by this guy who was taking pictures after asking them to move and handing them the piece of paper “it’s an offence to destroy” He didn’t say anything but spoke with these people and he swiftly left, so if they did have a problem you’d think they would of made a comment. It could be, with the above and mask situation they wanted a reason as I said and when coming back to their car, checking my car details there was a marker put on it and so they where more than happy enough to follow it up and take note after their behaviour towards us in the store. I do suspect though, likewise police behaviour and harassment of people just going about their business but not wearing a mask could highly likely receive likewise treatment, if police are even still seeking to fine such individuals which they didn’t try with me anyhow, unless it’s in the post This is also because of these fraudulent fascist COVID laws, seeking to make travellers/gypsy way of life a crime in and of itself. This is so everyone is tied down to a house to be intimidated to stay inside and be handed down this Military/Police state type of enforcement so everyone’s on some form of marker and you can’t pin such a people’s and their community down to these markers, like a street and a house number or registration and license of a vehicle. “Travellers” ID A travel ID, Complete Technocracy 101 surveillance via technology and unique data sets. It has nothing to do with anything else and the stereotype lifestyle they live. It’s about nailing everyone down so they’re forced to take Satan’s cock! It’s “Cancel Culture” like they’re trampling everyone’s culture to create the Globalists 101 cultural ethos, that’s the same for everyone anywhere all over the world near enough, so they become no one but a carbon copy clone, a mask and with no individual personal characteristics, like communism. But Globally... Which currently they can’t do with such a people and their lifestyle and it’s this they’re trying to transform just so they can enforce their BS we should all be seeking to remove these type of markers, vehicle reg, house numbers etc to remove this mesh stranglehold they have over us to remove their legal mumbo-jumbo. Any solutions to do this by anyone, I’m all ears? We need to declutter and decontaminate all these contractual impositions on all of us! COVID-19: mitigating impacts on Gypsy and Traveller communities https://www.gov.uk/government/publications/covid-19-mitigating-impacts-on-gypsy-and-traveller-communities Priti Patel’s war on the UK’s last nomads With its new police bill, the government is trying to criminalise Gypsies and Travellers’ very way of life https://www.opendemocracy.net/en/opendemocracyuk/priti-patels-war-on-britains-last-nomads/ ‘Crack-down or criminalise’ - stark future for nomadic way of life in Government new year anti-Traveller move https://www.travellerstimes.org.uk/news/2021/01/crack-down-or-criminalise-stark-future-nomadic-way-life-government-new-year-anti 'Right to roam' concern over trespass law change plan https://www.bbc.com/news/uk-england-51532879 IT AIN’T YOURS TO SELL AND IT AIN’T FOR SALE
  8. “It’s just entertainment” “it’s just a movie” “it’s just a soap, it isn’t real” “It’s just a coincidence” “That’s just one of them conspiracy theory’s” Actually, it’s just one of them many ways of psychologically manipulating and engineering your mind into a single common core, systematic way of thinking, engaging and associating so your mind can be taken over, become someone else’s mind and driven towards the outcome of very specific agendas and desires of those manipulating human behaviour. The ultimate way of your mind becoming someone else’s is Transhumanism, Technocracy and A.I. A technological scaffolding for this is being injected via various sorts of nanotechnology into the human body to override the nervous system in part and to act like sensors on cars, so telemetry, your vital signs can be seen and adjusted, output via technology into the cloud. Why not sync it with an app on your SMART Phone or Watch? It’s sold to you for medical purposes, your health, fitness and general well-being, for the possibility of prolonging your life and the road toward immortality, for everything SMART under the dark lord Sun, false light, of the technological spectrum all meshed together like a intelligent agencies wet dream first tried and tested upon military personal, Manchurian candidate types. Or, just simply imposed on you so you have no choice to either accept or refuse. It’s the survival of the fittest and the next stage of human evolution is being imposed as Transhumanism, so we can enter into the false light, false paradise. If you don’t accept it you don’t and can’t survive and this is what’s being imposed by the deliberate failure of the old economic system and traditional pillars of society, so the new society can be imposed and built. Build Back Better - The Great Reset - Globalisation - The New World Order
  9. Yes I’ve definitely felt the same, right at the start, this Tesco was the only place in my local area asking about masks anyhow when it seems to have become the norm to start asking. Many spineless people are asked and they only need to be asked and they do what they’re told and to even challenge these people seems to confuse them like it’s something they didn’t expect and don’t know how to respond as they’re simply use to almost total compliance... But sometimes, Tesco are literally the only place open so if you need something you’re forced to go here. Things like that is because they’re obviously system ran of course. There’s always no competition/opposition to system objectives/narratives where ever, whenever you look you won’t find one. That’s the system. Or other times, you have the illusion of opposition like Coca-Cola vs Pepsi etc But then again I’m a conspiracy theorist so I would say that, so why listen to me the cry from those without an explanation, never thought about it and don’t really need one anyway. Just accepting of any old shit. I was surprised as before this I visited Manchester and Liverpool and was shocked at how commonplace it was there to be asked about wearing a mask and it really pissed me off as I’d never be asked anywhere else in my local area and during this covid bs this was the most distance I travelled with all this going on. But it seemed like it was to be expected in those areas and if you refused or where surprised they treated you as though you’d been living under a rock or something to not expect harassment or denial of service even for not wearing a mask It was shocking those policing a church where the most facist of the lot with no understanding or notion of Christianity it seemed or how they where being used as a front for the imitation of prophecy by scanning of the forehead - mark of the beast. Or the only other place doing this was the forbidden fruit store. Apple This all just seems like they’re taking the piss and there will be many who don’t get it so don’t see it and those who do will be treated as paranoid religious nuts and that’s the idea to stir up chaos and make these religious types appear crazy as they see their religion being exploited or may even feel it’s of divine merit Then, as I say I went into Tesco and this place was the only place close to home that started this type of behaviour and at the start, they got what looked like a police officers uniform on those asking people to wear a mask I mean, they obviously weren’t police, but that is the initial impression you have on seeing them on first look, but when you closely looked you know they’re jumped up security, but they have that type of combat style vest with various pockets, that must be completely unnecessary and useless and shoulder straps that have something like security on them where you’d have the police badge number etc I’m sure this is again not limited to my experience? This is also about these jumped up security guard becoming like police and the police becoming like the military. All part of the agenda 101. I remember Icke mentioning I think in the 90’s about this and civil servant types like car ticketing - wardens - being given the powers of the police during times of emergency etc in secrecy... They seemed to have stopped that now, but sometimes they have this really over the top manner of going in and leaving the shop that they have people watching you blocking the areas of going in and out the shop as though you’re walking in an out of some sort of processing centre. I’ve thought myself this from the start was so people more easily become accustomed to the militarisation of these places when they cultivate some sort of food shortages by an equally economic failure of sorts. That they’re preparing the public to more easily accept this type of action by psychologically becoming accustomed to it in this lighter manner first. This is also because Tesco specifically had definitely, previous been doing the opposite of this. They've been secretly employing facial recognition on all their shoppers and had an additional security guard below the camera, checking that customers didn’t have their faces covered Again, they’re the system of course so makes sense and likely Amazon and Microsoft Facial Recognition systems, the forerunners of facial recognition of course alongside cloud technologies. Won’t be long until such data is shareable real-time with police for disobeying authorities of course, like ANPR style cameras are only for serious crime and terrorism. Yeah, right! This couldn’t be anymore obvious to me... it’s planned that a terrorist attack will occur and it be said it is due to flaws in traditional security techniques, caused by the “necessity” to wear masks! I guess whilst also using encryption based algorithms for communication So, from now on, we must all “while maintaining social distancing” whether Corona or no Corona, remove all non religious face covers and look directly at cameras on entrance. Worship the technocracy... This will be to avoid terrorism and serious crime sound familiar? ANPR Cameras being introduced? All a psychological game of fascism. While if you don’t comply, you’re aiding and abetting terrorism. You get the idea. This should be avoided and rebelled against at all costs if you ask me! But like everything else, the majority will likely bend over and take what they never saw coming as they for the majority of the time have their heads so far up their own arse, what’s the difference. But I hope I’m wrong and people see what I’m saying... I also not long ago was under Tesco Car insurance as it happens. Not completely by choice and I’m not proud of it tbh it was simply the best deal on one of those insurance comparisons. I’m not loaded enough to make such “moral” judgements to pay more just not to be like Tesco or else I would. You just get what’s cheapest it’s the same scam they pull with Amazon. You’ll likely use it if it’s the fastest and cheapest method. They then have the majority by the balls. Tesco Insurance - Never again! They gave me the run around of “verifying my insurance” which means they want all this 1984 style vetting of info shit off me and I was refusing to give it them. I’ve never had to do anything like that with any insurance company ever before, with about 10 years of driving or so. Then, lockdown hit and I never heard from them and had no problem. Insurance come up for renewal just recently and strangely enough they gave it me without any issue, but 14 days in and they cancelled my insurance without reason or explanation but sent a letter and never got back to me why or what I could do to stop this and then tried changing me for them cancelling my insurance. They can suck eggs! I very easily could have been driving around without insurance and I don’t know if that’s what they where hoping. This could so easily happened to anyone and you be driving around relying on such insurers who pull the rug like this without you being aware and so could lose your license, points and fines etc All because of these arseholes being arseholes because they can. It’s just like those jumped up security guards tripping on the little power their gonads have whilst given the opportunity simply because they can, so they do. Just one lousy letter that could easily be overlooked with a date saying that the insurance will be cancelled by such a date if I don’t contact them. I did and never heard back Apart from a letter asking me for cancellation fees and I never cancelled they did... They do have ANPR cameras on their car park so who knows if they’re not already trying to cause such trouble to their customers between them and the police... More examples of some of the above I have had some very strange activity, pages refreshing and losing what I’ve typed before I could send this and iPad freezing up. Seems very bizarre, more so then usually. Maybe I’ve offended someone
  10. You maybe interested in this, seems common place, and I’m not surprised at all I bet others in their own local communities will be experiencing likewise activity?
  11. Do Cheshire Police, Work for Tesco’s? Blatantly pulled over by a Police Officer - Corporate Enforcement of Fascism Officer - for “Speeding”. At first though, he says when I ask him why has he pulled me over, it’s just because he is “doing a routine stop”. Then, after checking all my details out for insurance, license etc nothings wrong with any of that, then it’s for doing “40mph in a 30mph area”. “But I ain’t going to charge you with the speeding offence.” Oh yeah, why’s that? As you’ve got fuck all proof of any speeding offence? That couldn’t be it any chance and that fact you’re blatantly lying to justify the imposition of a test? Does anyone know if these tests are also linked with causing any health problems? Some tests I’ve heard are full of contaminates, toxins etc that make you ill? If they had proof of speeding, they’d charge you with it right away. That’s at least pretty much the case anywhere in the United Kingdom. They wouldn’t be as so kind as to “let it go”. But instead, they use it as an excuse to pull me over and make me provide a drug sample on the first bit of open road I get on. They could and can do the same to anyone without reason! So no, I ain’t off my face on any drug which may surprise some people I’m sure, but I could be pissed as a fart and you wouldn’t have a clue as I haven’t given any sample whatsoever What a joke! All this, for being given evils for not wearing a mask around Warrington (Cheshire) Tesco, telling the security guard “no thanks I don’t wear one”... Quite obvious and blatant. Followed me around leaving the store and when driving away. One followed us from the tills, one waited by the door next to the jumped up security guard. Obviously has a word, while also, good to see, many more people at night time at least, in Tesco here not wearing masks Corporate shills, they’re the worse. The first to deny it if you told them of course. What was funny thinking about it, obviously the police officer doesn’t believe this shit himself, all around the store he wore a mask as did the female officer and he didn’t wear one whilst questioning me or when getting me to provide the sample? Maybe seeing if I had a problem with him not wearing a mask? Are those games really necessary and as important if you genuinely believed and credible deadly virus was knocking about? I don’t think so Yet, this was obviously why we come under the spotlight and drawn attention. It’s a trip I’ve made many of times no problem. Am I to expect this off of any and every cop at Tesco the same time as I’m visiting? Has anyone else experienced likewise infringement upon their rights due to not wearing a mask like this?
  12. Yep, I hear what you’re saying I definitely noticed this also, thinking it’s obvious BLM relationship but didn’t think about the historical Nazi connections you mentioned. That is interesting, why not use an Nazi style Eagle or Phoenix also as it may as well have one. That’s what’s symbolically and ritualistically being represented, the destruction of something sacrificed for the justification, the birth of something new. Such an assassination will be turned into a martyr style attack that will seek to make the globalist forces, BLM supporters, stronger within their resolve and therefore aid bringing about globalist objectives and their such resolves and people will be blind to it and not see this, only be aware on a level of a “justified” emotional engagement and reaction based on circumstances they won’t see as scripted and deliberate to justify those globalist agendas and such resolve. That would be a stretch too far, be seen as too much sounding like “conspiracy theory” so they won’t even see it as coincidental but as rational based on the scripted appearance of apparently “spontaneous events”. But I hope, more people will see through this if it’s exposed so it doesn’t have the desired effect and impact.
  13. Yes of course as you say, that explosion was in 2008, so close after the 7/7 bombings as a “handover” to the 2012 Olympics in London, which I’m sure many at the time would have taken that as a sign that terrorist style attacks where to be taking place at the 2012 Olympics itself, this was foreshadowing it and wasn’t irrational or paranoia to believe such. While here, with hindsight it was probably a Globalist mockery of the 7/7 bombings themselves, just as this slogan actually was and still is... This side, an early London 2012 Olympics Advertisement I think, alongside a demolition van, so close to the scene Another advertisement obviously mockery or just another “coincidence” Olympics Close With a Bang and a Double-Decker Bus https://www.nytimes.com/2008/08/25/sports/olympics/25beijing.html As, we had all this MSM political fear turned up to justify more and more of the police state to protect the 2012 Olympics usually, it’s the states “protection and security” that ushers in the ability for a false flag attack. This also justifies the ANPR cameras we have everywhere these days to monitor predominantly NHS car parks being “privately managed” and bus only lanes surrounding town centres. They justified bringing these ANPR cameras in everywhere and being given to police to aid in capturing serious criminals and terrorists, proof was put forward how these could aid such circumstances to justify them existing. Using them how they’re being used today of course has nothing to do with serious crime and terrorism, to pay to park on a car park public funds have paid for and never asked to be sold, or getting lost in an unusual town you’ve never driven around before to be fined by the surveillance state or to be fined by the police who have access to private info on the owners of cars without there even being the need or suspension of a crime taking place. This was the ushering in of the Information Warfare and the degradation of human rights. When I come across this coin I had to buy it... Of course, it’s supposed to have a meaning of the legends, the greats but also I suspect it has another meaning... Side 1 Side 2 Lewis is supposed to be an example of a British ambassador but is also being used as a means of holding up a nationalism, to stir up nationalism to knock it back down. It’s a misdirection of Nationalism just as in Nazi Germany Nationalism was stirred up to knock it back down again for Globalist Agendas. This is why he is always holding the flag up like this and don’t for one minute blame or suspect LH in any of this, he is being used as a pawn. I see him as a mind control victim since birth, but still many people laugh and mock such notions I don’t expect people to accept it and I don’t have any concrete proof some people need to accept it, I just see him being used from an early age to be used in this manner at the right time for such globalist agendas. It’s long since planned out... As you say LH 8th title... Theres a lot of Saturn symbolism involving Hamilton from his number 44 = 8 to Wing symbolism from his helmet to his tattoos. To imitating old man Father Time himself... He even has the Compass on his chest tattooed. The UN I had a much earlier post on this on the old David Icke forum I think I saved it screenshot somewhere, I’d have to try and find it... NWO - False Flag - Building Walls Within Society - F1 https://sendvid.com/pqowy9d0 As I say, he is being used and setup both ritualistically and symbolically to be assassinated and make a whole heap of sensationalism out of it to usher in Globalist objectives, one of them will be the Globalist Army that will be seen acting as a Globalist security firm for International Sporting Events I’m sure. This will be to normalise such an army and get the crowds onside, while to do anything else will be, to be on the side and supporting of terrorism. You’ll be made to look like you support the actions against public figures and events etc It will be ushered in via a psychological game. Perhaps involving other sporting events also to achieve this, this is just one I’ve focused upon. Here’s LH again holding up the flag I’ve covered with a mask and my own symbolism not that I’ve ever worn it, but had it as a Nazi style arm band with those badges on. I’m sure many people didn’t get it, the others that did wanted to linch me rather than feel like an idiot and take off their own masks... Sorry about the typos genuinely don’t think I’d slept for about 2 weeks! To release the “infinity war”. When what I’m suggesting happens, this is the type of thing people will look back on however subtle it may appear and see it as eerie and very differently... Building on the early signs of racism, BLM narrative early on... If you watch Top Gear UK 2002 - Season 1 Episode 1 - About 15 minutes in talking about “if that’s the future I’m not scared anymore” “SMART” Cars then swiftly on to F1, you may see and hear something completely differently and link together those two segments that are supposed to be “separate”... This has been placed deliberately, is scripted and prepared for and people can’t suggest, as they will, this is just people having “hindsight” it’s scripted and is an exploitation. Top Gear (UK) https://www.amazon.com/Top-Gear-Season-1/dp/B081L519D7 If you where testing Military Mind Control applications and such technology, just like all the sensors and telemetry reading F1 cars synced wirelessly, you’d desire that telemetry from the human body, to link all kinds of biometric data with computer systems, to sync this with “the cloud” and these will eventually have medical applications to the ordinary end user - that’s how they can be sold or to stay fit and healthy like an updated SMART Watch - or for when visiting a doctor and simply day to day feedback you could use with a phone and SMART tech to get a feedback of your health etc While this will also link to other “SMART tech” so like your license plate via ANPR cameras are being spied upon, you’re very vital signs can be snooped upon and altered as and when these bastards feel fit. Or, so they can also see where and when their other applications are making impact from Silent Weapons for Quite Wars to Geoengineering. 5G is supposed to be the backbone to make this remote cloud always nearby possible. That’s the idea as I see it and the scaffolding of COVID vaccinations is building the reality of this in the future, so the human body can be jacked in via technology. Hopefully those who would otherwise quickly dismiss this may now see where this is coming from... While if you also desire using such mind control applications to use such applications when the minds being tested on edge, driven to extremes and testing fast reaction times and so on, F1 would be the perfect place to apply such technology and techniques to gain such an understanding advance such technologies and I’d suggest they have. Lewis Hamilton really is the Billion Dollar Man. The Military have spent a lot of money on him to test and develop such applications and I’m not for a moment suggesting he is the only one...
  14. 1st Wave 2nd Wave 3rd Wave 👁 #Flood 👁 Daylight Come And Me Wan Go Home - Marika Ntrekos Yes, Flood as in the repeated ancient Story of Noah - The Seven Laws of Noah - The Noahide Laws 🕊 We are witnessing occult symbolism with so called COVID, wave after wave etc etc Symbolism to transform the world into their image just as was accomplished by such a flood. This is the dove 🕊 of peace This will symbolise an event to usher this in, just as COVID is symbolised by a rainbow It’s no accident. On one hand these people are using symbolism to play games with our minds, spiritual and psychological war, on the other hand, they’re taking the absolute piss. This Dove 🕊 will fly from the ashes of an Eagle (Phoenix) the destruction of the US, the fall of Liberty and Freedom. It’s an occult symbolic ritual and game to reframe the world how they see fit
  15. Definitely. It’s the Roman Circus The Globalists though don’t just use these mediums as escapism as some would believe like to pacify and use as an outlet that’s ultimately designed to go nowhere fast, containing certain outlets for emotion although that’s a part of it, but also that if they don’t come out may come out via a true sense of revolution, an uncontrolled revolution. They use this time to better invade people’s perspectives whom couldn’t give a shit about politics for instance and so, often don’t even see this happening as they’re so disconnected from politics, they don’t see this interference, but because they’re disconnected from politics already and this disconnection in itself is how they want the majority of people, especially the young. Nothing seems as boring to most young people than politics. It’s one of the things the majority want to be far away from! Even if and when the military is performing some sort of act before a game of some description, to associate the communal/team spirit with Warfare so the extremes that support teams support the military machine and so, the Globalist wars and often seek more extreme sense of nationalism to do this, via drawing on all public figures of sporting types to target their audiences. Whereas ultimately, they’re going to have to show nationalism of this kind doesn’t work, show nationalism in one as the same as extremism,mexactly like Nazi Germany doesn’t work for this globalist model to be achieved and it’s this that the purpose of the US serves and is why all the extreme polarisation has been occurring to seed this chaos. The bringing down Lady Liberty will be very significant of this collapse as 9/11 was equally symbolic of entering these stages of the collapse of the traditional pillars of society. I very much reckon that this will happen by BLM more-so than the “International Jetset” of Islamic Terrorism but who knows, while somewhere in this, the ritualistic sacrifice/assassination of Lewis Hamilton will help achieve this and sensationalise this event to achieve a Globalist Army acting as a security firm for international sporting venues to normalise the global Police/Military State operating in all territories to prevent this type of extremist attack from taking place again and so on.
  16. I know how you feel. It is strange that ain’t it. Although I don’t like to stereotype... But it will be the mass majority of the watchers of soaps - drama/bullshit propaganda TV - Saturday Night Takeaway etc The point is, unless you’re heavily programmed you’re very unlikely to just go along with the official narrative. While it doesn’t matter that Saturday Night Takeaway took the piss out of the whole Coronavirus before it even was announced or how this year they doing exactly the same with cloning “Evil Clones”... Of course, it’s supercilious so anyone of the MSM programmed variety hear anything of the likes of anything they choose to make a mockery out of within this manner, people make such a relationship in their minds between what’s actually taking place and being spoken about by those trying to bring attention to these issues with these supercilious caricatures hidden in plain sight. This and BS like it. exists to make the gut reflex action to snub, ignore and cry “conspiracy theorist” laughing in mindless ignorance with their fingers in their ears to such notions, that such a people MSM propaganda literally don’t see beyond this type of mentality that seeks to present such issues in this childish manner. That’s another reason they target kids movies of these evil masterminds, seeking to take over the world etc No one would believe any of that type of stuff is real if you tried to rationalise it, they’d think of such childish caricatures and the idea is they don’t think beyond them. However, as COVID itself has gone too far, I’m sure even for the most MSM brain dead idiot can see this within this mind numbing crap! Hopefully if they can and they’re here reading this anyway they maybe to see likewise what I’m referring to here in other such examples of this type of deception and trickery. The MSM stereotype will be getting vaccinated and it’s because every spectrum of their reality is being plugged with “the reality of” COVID and so, they’ll only be exposed to the status quo of COVID if they’ve not made the choice to question and speculate for themselves and even then, the majority of the mainstream may dip their toe into this type of information but are still being bombarded by an overwhelming sensory overload, it may as well be a sensory deprivation, seeking to frame COVID only one way. This being both an information and spiritual war. It is however the same with sports and basically, anything and everything people use as a form of escapism and idolisation, that are being targeted with political realities so we accept that as our reality because they’re being fronted by a people many who watch those programs look up to and idolise etc on an often or daily basis. It’s like having a reality constantly reconfirmed by a friend you’re likely to believe it as your reality and this constant confirmation of a certain reality is what’s being hijacked by this type of drama so we speculate about reality in such a way, that we have our reality framed within such a way. Then, place the odd traumatic and unrealistic incident and say “it’s just a soap, isn’t real” Like those who say, “it’s just a movie” as they can’t see past the movie, or contrast it with reality. Perceptions of reality are being framed through such mediums but those most affected by it, can’t and won’t see it. How anyone in any sport can cry racist suppression and go out of their way to support BLM and act as though they’re being “rebellious” whilst wearing a mask is a complete and utter joke and if not them, no one else of any description is openly refusing this bullshit and they’re wearing a mask as though such is all normal and there’s no questions to be asked about wearing one, then there’s many questions that need to be asked about these people being idolised but if you don’t see that and aren’t prepared to ask those questions, you’ll swallow the tripe because you’ve long since idolised such people and watched such programs, you can’t see the contrast between reality escapism and the reframing of your reality by something that’s supposed to be an act and completely separate from your reality. So, they won’t see how their senses and sensation of reality is being hijacked, as they can’t step back from it and look at this dispassionately, while those feelings stopping from doing this are sensations that are being controlled, just how an individual may gut respond to defend the system and system standards as if they’ve just shape-shifted into Agent Smith, it’s also how knee jerk reaction false flags are allowed to take place - unnoticed they’re false flags - and people are so fickle, that they can go from one instant to not even knowing of such a country to being behind a political campaign that justifies bombing it, as their reality has been framed by the false flag just as it is even more so within this regard by such soap opera dramas, over a prolonged period of time to frame certain realities from one thing to the next and where and when they’re the most political apt, they win the most awards and no one notices Masses of celebrities are being used to carry out this deception to target their audience, “their followers” in this manner, it’s gross! An induction into the lesser light club - Kneeling on a neck to kill someone - kneeling to rebel against racism while hearing the National anthem - How Patriotic right? Patriot - Pat/Riot, carefully bringing about a controlled riot/revolution/transformation, via cancel culture, culture wars, race wars, religious wars, political wars, divide and rule, order out of chaos. This “Phoenix” will be the death/destruction of the US as we know it, following the fall of Liberty and the birth of their Global Government. It’s a Global Ritual.
  17. I think us and the MSM that report “on our behalf” ought to get their priorities straightened out! So back in... 2017 EastEnders viewers can't bloody believe the swearing in last night's episode “Bastard... arse... shagging... I am done." Walford's air was turned blue in last night's EastEnders (Thursday 12) and viewers couldn't bloody believe it. The episode contained not one, but THREE naughty words, starting with Sharon (Letitia Dean) calling Phil a "stupid, stupid, stupid bastard". https://www.digitalspy.com/soaps/eastenders/a818886/eastenders-viewers-swearing-twitter-reactions/ Now 2021 Eastenders on Corona Hysteria and Stereotypical Style, supercilious Propaganda for anyone with any sense... https://www.facebook.com/100064883241658/videos/112470120925762/ https://www.facebook.com/andrea.kendell.3/videos/112470120925762/ Video transcript “I don't think I've ever seen anything as fucking disgusting as this maybe I should be contacting. We should all be complaining about it. This has gone too far. Ladies and gentlemen, just too far just have a watch of this. No. I don't watch this shit myself, but someone in my household does and I caught a little bit of this fucking last night on a recording. just just take a look good morning. What a wonderful day? I'm in my house. Oh. Kids who love him you're on the lottery. Oh yeah. man. you can say that again got a second vaccination already. Oh good for you. I'm doing my first one later today. I'm calling it my super power to make that bit more. Invincible Science is a wonderful thing about you and me. Oh don't tell me you're one of them anti vax, but you must admit they pushed it through too quick lab rats. That's what we are the high level. Any of that rubbish pumped into me me please. And she can say what she likes. I mean, normally I'm with her all the way, but who knows what he's gonna do to us in 510 years time. Well, let me tell you what I do know last year, I was lying down in a hospital bed gasping for breath thought it was all over. I wouldn't wish that on the worst enemy come on man will kill you faster of them fags. Some of the best scientists have worked on this, but you reckon you know better. How's that PHD working out for you? Karen Yeah. Well, I've got plenty. It's hard to think about it. You know they're much younger than you Oh well, you wouldn't worry about getting to my age if you can and thinking like that. After everything we've been through this year, I can't help some people. A fucking you fucking despicable cunts. How fucking dare you you know? I mean, I'm I'm lost for words. I don't even know what the fuck to say to you. you see this is happening on the others as well. This is happening on fucking Emma Fucking Coronation Street. It's I've never seen anything like it have you ever seen anything like it really.” Sharing anything questioning COVID Vax and FB always states the below “Covid-19 vaccines go through many tests for safety and effectiveness before they’re approved” That’s a complete and utter lie. The testing is taking place upon those injected with it. That’s a fact. It’s an experimental exercise, even by official standards, being used on mass society without adequate safety checks as a matter of so called urgency that apparently outweigh the risks of COVID. So of course, saying what’s said here is a complete and utter lie, they can get away with it and fool many people... Water Supply, Toxic Chemicals and Death If they’re deliberately going out of their way to not test for it, that’s because they know it’s in it and they don’t want to be held accountable for it or openly admit they’re allowing the poisoning of our water... UK ‘flying blind’ on levels of toxic chemicals in tap water Government is not testing drinking water for PFAS, which studies have linked to numerous health issues https://www.theguardian.com/environment/2021/mar/25/uk-flying-blind-on-levels-of-toxic-chemicals-in-tap-water?CMP=Share_AndroidApp_Other&fbclid=IwAR3ttodgi90_h1ETUtTYU_lk1slQhQsBnDGjBY9KQ5eZMlV3ohzwyCSZSe0 They’re basically telling you, they’re poisoning our water and you’d be hard pressed to prove your health problems have occurred due to the water supply. Maybe they’ll just blame it on something else while they can get away with it. Meanwhile, they’re massively testing for something which they equally know doesn’t exist and are making a mass state of hysteria out of it for the sake of justifying political transformation. I bet you have no idea what I’m referring to at all... “Is this an admission from on high that they've been poisoning us? Oooh all other countries checking the water but the uk isn’t ” - Natalie Mc. While on the other hand, this coming now, could create the idea that mass illness or death caused by vaccinations as being something in the water. Meanwhile, this could justify putting some other form of shite in our water! Maybe “so we’re all protected”... FB are censoring this image above... This is what it looks like... Absolutely and even censorship fascism is here to deny this is a pure and simple fact. Denial of the fact we are under facist rule using medical necessity as the basis, so the whole of society can be experimented upon and a mass state of eugenic practice can take place. The effects of this are of course a war crime and to say otherwise is to be within denial. The only way or reason you can argue against this, is when and where you present the real and obvious proof of the existence of a virus that’s killing everyone, you isolate it apart for all other things as being new and unique and show it to exist and the fact of its existence can be proved as a sincere and credible threat to human beyond a mere COLD or FLU, that it therefore justifies such extreme measures to prevent death! What’s happening now clearly isn’t the case and we have a state of hysteria, sensationalism, fear mongering and all around propaganda to justify preconceived political agendas that have been long since known about and shared by us “conspiracy theorists” and even though those “conspiracy theories” are coming to fruition are neither here nor there, we must maintain silence and denial of this fact! Pretend they’re still lies, theories, paranoia and some one else’s mental illness The lengths the establishment go to, to cover up the obvious truth and stop people asking basic questions is gob smacking but what’s even more gob smacking are those who can’t see this is the case and that such is happening. They really are taking the piss out of society... How desperate must they be to incentivise the very thing which is going to save your life for a free doughnut ? They really do believe the “common man” is Homer Simpson... Why until 2023? Well, they’d have to admit the damages caused by covid vaxxing within 2023 but until then, they can manipulate and make up any crap they like to psychological engage people with outright propaganda. After 2023, they’d have to admit the implications caused by the vaccine after this period of time used to experiment upon society. By then, not anything will go. That should stand out just a little bit... Straight into the beasts mouth... Through this covid chaos, Boris has compared our pandemic to an opportunity to transform all of society, it doesn’t matter if we like it or not because of COVID fascism, by build back better, agenda 21/30 to transform our world for sustainable development, to creating a New Jerusalem and stated as much that we are within the teeth of the pandemic... Just when do we come out the demons arse?
  18. T- Virus - Technological Virus - Reduction of T Cells, Less Oxygen Uptake, Less Oxygen in the Blood - A.I. Mind Virus, a technological “nervous system” backbone or tether at war with the natural system It’s interesting if you research T-Cells. ‘T cell A T cell is a type of lymphocyte. T cells are one of the important white blood cells of the immune system, and play a central role in the adaptive immune response.’ This adaptive immune system is what the Bill Gates style DNA/RNA altering vaccine is trying to alter or in reality infect by way of injecting technology into the human body. Quantum Dot Technology called Luciferase. The false light, the Transhumanism paradise, the transformation of the human condition. A sick twisted “evolution”. Such a virus is a T-Cell Virus, it can be used, or has the potential to stop T-Cells from acting as they would via natural immune system response. That would mean an appropriate term for this virus would be a T-Virus. A T-Cell virus or a Technological Virus, that is seeking to tether the human condition to A.I. This T-Virus - Technological Virus - acts as the backbone for a trigger of some sorts that’s likely to do with the “illuminessensce” of Quantum Dot Technology. This is about the SMART Grid and humanity being initially technological tethered to it in respects and eventually controlled by it. Where and when the human mind becomes the A.I. Mind. The desirable “Communal Spirit” mind, the Hive Mind. Counter-Spirit, Countermimicry Archontic imitation of life, transformed as being life itself, while life is destroyed with all of the below: Cancel Culture - Cultivated cultural crash, exploiting race and religion Climate Change - Everyone has to change their way of life or die COVID - Everyone has to change their way of life or die These are deliberate, systematic acts of war on humanity waged by tyrants. These are are about the transformation of humanity and the imposition of a One World Culture and control system hierarchy upon our “Global Family”. Globalism. These technological triggers of some sort could come from the new style Quantum Dot TV’s, the usual tool for psychological trigger, tethering the mind more closely, directly to a technological state of hypnosis. Constant updates if you will, like a Microsoft Operating System being patched becomes the human condition and state of hypnosis by continuing this desire. A technological virus that seeks to stop or slow the natural immune system response of T-Cells, one of which just so happens to be a limitation of oxygen being present in the blood, lowering immune system response, which it will most definitely will be if people are breathing in less oxygen. That way humans could also have their immune system opened up so they can die of all sorts of “infections” toxins they’re unable to ward off as they otherwise usually do, by this form of technology acting as a virus to suppress the immune system, to suppress T-Cells. It’s the perfect population control, eugenics tool. It’s a T-Virus - a Technological Virus that stops the the natural response of T-Cells, lack of oxygen in the blood. Where 5G also is known to eliminate and restrict the amount of oxygen, it will restrict the uptake of oxygen. Anyone would think this has been systematically arranged and staged, or are they all really just “conspiracy theorists” and these questions don’t deserve to be asked and we know the answers to them rather than setting up straw-men to tear down? Which it just so happens is what the virus within Resident Evil is called... The “T-Virus”. You can go back in sweet denial and ignorance now Lack of oxygen in the blood causing “The Black Shakes” - NAS - Corona Discharge from electrical equipment The year it all started was 2021 and by Greedy Corporations Terrorism - We must fight off and kill terrorism in all its forms, as terrorists want to change our way of life and we shouldn’t let them. So, we must have a War on Terror. Something doesn’t add up. But what is it?
  19. This is just food for thought requiring further research with these concepts in mind in my opinion. Speculation that if there’s no truth to we shouldn’t find or hear more about. Otherwise, we will be able to see and relate more and more,to these suggestions. Billy Goat Gates Before this COVID incident, I had researched Bill Gates and this injection campaign humanitarian missions within various countries. If you look at the side effects of COVID jabs, it’s all the symptoms they say COVID itself causes Duality “V” is for Lucifer Especially by Billy Goat Gates, "the goat of mendes" opening up the flood gates of hell on earth under the guise of offering aid and bringing peace to the world. That system of unquestionable peace, is this system of control, that Great Reset is their New Order of the World, call it Zion or New Jerusalem, whatever the hell you want. It's their restructuring of the world deceiving people's belief systems to achieve it, drawing them together as a catalyst for change under a UN The Occult World Peace Plan ✌ If you research the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, see what “aid” they’ve been delivering and where, I’m not joking, you search the time and dates, make a note of them, then research the same areas for pandemics and you’ll see a seamless pattern of - aid work then pandemic, aid work then pandemic etc etc Of course it’s conjecture but it’s more than enough that if this was you leaving Jack the Ripper style dead bodies behind, murder after murder, for police to investigate the common man but of course, their own are never investigated the system is stitched up. That’s the problem and something people don’t get when the wave the finger and state conspiracy theory. It will remain a theory until investigation, that those involved in the conspiracy will never investigate themselves only cover up! Some of this is due to installation of what they call, waterless toilet systems in third world countries and then, this mass outbreak of disease occurred in the areas those had apparently been installed. The foundation obviously is a globalist cover for all sorts of “aid” that’s medical fascism, eugenics and population control. “Sexually” transmitted diseases Bad Blood While also, you can research how in the late 70’s and 80’s it happened but was found out in the 90’s how obviously HIV/AIDS contamination of blood was being sold on the US market by a company - Bayer -that’s now Monsanto or merged with. They where ordered to stop selling this on the US market by US Courts and instead of destroying it, they sold it to European countries knowing it was contaminated with all sorts of toxins and just one of the known ones was a “sexually transmitted” disease because of course, it was deliberate and put in there and this was used as part of a eugenics operation and population control exercise. It’s a continuation of the type of medical experiments more known about and associated with MKULTRA experiments, where unsuspecting members of the public where medically experimented upon for agendas unbeknownst to them. But, if we look again at them now we can see how and why this was for means of Mind Control, they got away with it then, they got away with the Bad Blood Scandal and they’re still getting away with it now and people aren’t twigging! This was another one of the controlled experimentation on society, not just a means of salvaging money from a bad product, but a bad product made deliberately that was simply found out about, but the implications of the experimentation of how this was used as a population controlled weapon for eugenics practice, has been and is being down played. They and the media targeted homosexuals you’d probably know looking back at any pop culture about how the gays where blamed for spreading sexual diseases, being the source and being unclean etc etc This was systematically, they also targeted none gays of course but spread the media campaign of this being related to gays, so even straight people sleeping with a partner who was gay/bi and this spread the whole bs about sexually transmitted diseases that somehow started with people sleeping around between sexes, spinning religious discrimination and then how it was from monkeys - Which I guess we didn’t evolve from otherwise we would be immune This to me seems to be an obvious ruse of a psychological method of making people fear one another and part of population control spreading these viruses via the likes of blood and vaccines and then fear mongering on how these are sexually transmitted disease as a means and method of trying to make people fear one another until eventually humanity is something that comes out of lab! This was injected into people by experimentation and likely engineered from experimenting on monkeys, acting as an aid to deliver whatever into humans. If once injected it is spread via sex as they’d suggest and like us to believe, I don’t know but this was used to shame people who contracted it also and those who claimed not to be gay but got it, where treated as if they’re hiding the fact they’re gay or that they’re deviants etc you get the idea. Why this obviously started somewhere and I’d say it’s man made but spread quite differently via medical fascism and media propaganda and hysteria! This is obviously shameful but people probably don’t understand or accept the implications of why this was done. Talk about a psychological operation. To say this hasn’t happened is to be within denial or to have your head up your own arse, ironically, however you spin it. This was an imposing one way or another! The same sort of thing is now happening globally but in a slightly different manner. That those who aren’t contracting it, aren’t accepting and getting the injection, and it is they who are being treated as the deviants, treated as unclean via psychological operations, just in the same way of not wearing a mask by all the idiots still wearing one. While homosexuality etc is being desired as part of a transgender agenda which is linked to Transhumanism and is being cultivated within schools, younger and younger! They injecting people with a technological backbone - blueprint - template A couple of movies have imitated or mimicked this and I’ll try my best to shows this as I have in other posts. It’s as if a technological/artificial endocrine system or nervous system is being injected or a technological method of acting as a parasite upon a host, upon the natural systems that are already present within a host. A communication system, an interface is being placed within the human body to act as a technological tether. These energetic grids are linked with the kundalini chakra system, the energy of awakening. Collectively, these glands are called the endocrine system. The main hormone-producing glands are as follows: Hypothalamus — controls body temperature, moods, hunger, thirst, sleep, sex drive, and the release of hormones from other glands Thymus —serves as the center of the adaptive immune system and produces T-cells The T-Virus - this movie mimicks these T-cells by the idea of a T-Virus. The Hive - The Hive Mind This is a virus upon our adaptive immune system and therefore the idea of humanity contracting a disease/virus that our immune system can’t adapt and handle, as the virus itself targets the cells responsible for communicating a response to overcome virus and disease. It targets T-cells, thus, it’s called a T-Virus as the virus is upon our very ability to react to any virus by contamination of the immune system response to overcome toxins, T-Cells. Whilst, the Bill Gates “Vaccine”, DNA manipulating RNA vaccine is seeking to influence our immune system will be seeking to alter this “adaptive immune system response”, officially to adapt to a coronavirus or any would be virus by altering the same type of delivery system in the future. You could call this foreign body in reality, a T-Virus. The triggering point for any virus or technological link to overtake the body with the SMART Grid Sub-reality. It’s changing humans from acting as puppets for lower states of consciousness to potentially act as a constant tether or doorway for the liberation of lower states of consciousness acting through technological means. ∴ Simulacra and Simulation - Profound and the Profane - Interlinked ∴ Our Salvation is Already at Hand... It’s being shut up as in, shutting up mankind’s ability to transcend to the heavens, shutting up the information fields of awakening for that of the bombardment by technological and the Information Warfare, the shutting up of the heavens as in biblical exploitation, stopping mankind and their potential to become as the gods for that of the false paradise upon earth. This is a host which is in sync to “the false light” the Luciferase, quantum dot technology. This is the blueprint, the tether for the false artificial light Whilst they’re literally shutting up the heavens with geoengineering, dropping sulphur into the atmosphere and aluminium to reflect the sun, to reflect the energy of awakening not just the heat of the sun. Then, a trigger mechanism will be put in place to trigger this false light sensation via the technological SMART Grid, no doubt 5G will play a role. However, quantum dot technology is being used within new TV’s so, this false light delivery can come via the TV and back doors within such quantum dot technology wherever that technology exists, it’s a trigger for the tether being injected into the human body to create a technological prison and seal up the potentially of awakening and ascending to the heavens. Reinforcing the Satanic beast system and it’s prison walls and this to me, is being done to create an alternate vibrational state where lower realms of consciousness are able to be liberated from their reality by parasites upon a lower form of the human condition, while their consciousness is literally embedded within A.I. and Transhumanism. Instead of just being puppets or vessels for these energy’s we are being doorways, or ways of being able to more permanently hold form and control over the human condition, where as those not completely satanic can shake off these states and come to our senses and just think we’re having a bad day and such and not see how it’s a lower vibrational energy taking hold, usually brought about by negative repetitive actions. The idea is via technology, a grip can be held over the human by technological aids that maintains this state of low vibrational consciousness as human consciousness. This is what I’ve surmised. Do you see it now? The Quantum Sixth Sense? Birds see Earths Magnetic Field, disrupted by Mobile technology like 5G. Our minds being entangled within SMART technology from the injected communication interface to the peripheral triggers False Paradise upon Earth Immortality, living forever by the false, physical flesh and bone impressions of self, phantom self, which is inevitably leading towards Transhumanism. The diminishing of spirit, counter-spirit. I’m not a “religious nut”, Christian, or even religious at all. I don’t see this as the work or the divine but an imitation, an exploitation to fool the many by a great form of deception which is seeking to mimick biblical prophecies within a controlling political agenda. Understanding of a Religious Perception even for the non-religious Those who are religious would have to question even if this being carried out deceptively by the likes of the globalist death cult, is the divine still responsible, making or allowing this to happen and therefore, is still of the divine, as if all matters are within gods hands and it’s only the illusion of control these satanic death cult have - this is true but don’t get confused. This would be the view of many to accept the evil and maybe even strangely desiring it, that’s being carried out by the likes of these controllers and that it’s all part of a divine plan of which those satanic groups don’t truly know the role of which they’re playing, mocking that which they imitate, oblivious to the true power and potential of which they falsely believe themselves to be that power and not simply a vehicle or tool for it’s revelation. I’d suggest, the divine isn’t responsible for creating and making this state of affairs. But, so long as mankind will let it happen, it will happen and it’s these laws over mankind’s condition, that if exploited in the right way via these globalists, they can influence a state of affairs into being by getting humanity to deliver it by energetically controlling and directing humanity as a herd like mentality, the “communal spirit” upon mass scale via a state of frequency. This can work both positive and negatively but the majority aren’t aware of this influence or dismiss it as conspiracy theory. There couldn’t possibly be anyone controlling or influencing my behaviour they say wearing a mask everywhere they go, well unsocially distanced, awaiting the vaccine that isn’t a vaccine but I’ll believe it anyway So, if upon mass they’re misguided, the majority can be engineered towards a certain outcome without adulteration, by the very method of natural laws being exploited by occult knowledge and sciences over the human mind. By a mass of people being blind to the agenda, they themselves have been tricked and hoodwinked into carrying out the agendas of these controllers but on some level have to be informed, have to accept and basically make a choice even if this is a subconscious choice, otherwise these people playing God, the divine or whatever we want to call this, can’t get away with doing this, can’t get away with doing what they’re doing. Humanity ultimately has to carry this out by a misdirection, being unaware or being led toward our own demise for the most part. If humanity can be tricked they deserve to be until they retrieve their senses, they wake up and so, this is being left in the hands of man and isn’t being influenced one way or another by the divine, so long as those globalist behind this exploit natural laws and the senses, the sensation of humanity into desiring their goals and outcome, wanting it themselves. Ultimately, the reduction of intentionality is occurring and our intentions are being overridden by group think dynamics. They’re not really our intentions at all but as if a bad copy of intentionality is being replicated within the minds of many by this subconscious suggestion, engineering and manufacture of consent being indoctrinated into us via education, media and so called institutional authorities. A stronger hold and technological tether is desired and that’s a part of why we are all being technologically tethered to the A.I. SMART Grid via Transhumanism and this “Vaccine”. This bad copy is a system of control and we are that system not just a victim of it, but tricked into trapping ourselves with ourselves like a dog forever chasing his own tail. But, are conditioned to be trapped by it, to surrender our authority to the appearance of external entity’s and the trick is to surrender ourselves to such a globalist death cult and the hijacking of our minds and the direction of the majority of society towards a particular goal and outcome. This is the only way to explain why these globalist get away with what they’re doing or that God is truly evil, vindictive and hates humanity. Take your pick and decide for yourself. I’d suggest these globalist are mimicking known laws and have a high form of intelligence that lacks wisdom and compassion and thus the lack of understanding of the spirit and higher states of frequency by their very perception of conquest. They’re drawing the perception of a lower form of intelligence that can appear all knowing. The overall idea being, to mislead a mass of religious people, particularly Christianity towards religious prophecy which appears to be being fulfilled but to stop playing the game when it gets so far, that so many are left feeling cheated and at a loss with Christianity. This will then pave towards the impression that many truths exist within all religions and don’t belong or only derive from one as all religions are being mimicked to achieve this end. That they all derive from a central source and the imposition of their perennial philosophy. A global centre for peace that’s seen as the overall hierarchy of all religions, just as the same is desired political. This being one in the same agenda. This is part of the new age concept that is spun by globalists and it will largely take place through the works of the UN Theosophy, directly or indirectly of such works. This is what I’d say is important and true to me. That all religions do contain central truths that exist within one another and truly don’t belong to any one religion or group and that it’s pathetic to argue about it or be at war with one another over. As this devalues the very fundamental truths of any religion to begin with. But, that these truths being the case in my opinion, isn’t why this is occurring and people shouldn’t be fooled by the globalist exploitation. This is happening to create a central hierarchy and a global religious movement that’s a computation of all religions, overridden by a satanic agenda, that operates via science and technology, Transhumanism and A.I, and to do this, they hijack the fundamental truths between all religions, not for truth and a true peace but for a state of unconditional control and surrender, largely adhered to via a new age sense of liberalism, that isn’t new age at all as it’s very old and it’s anything but liberal. “V” is for Lucifer The War on Awakening - Technological Imposition on Kundalini Energy, DNA, Endocrine System Brainwave Therapy
  20. Yes I agree mate, we are all sovereign and yet, this system has hijacked our minds to rob us of our sovereignty. As if our mind is the moon and this conspiracy is to plant a flag in each and everyone’s mind of conquering that territory and swiftly moving on. Until we have a hive mind via all the one world rhetoric instead of a truly global family which is allowed to truly perceive what they want to perceive and speak their minds freely without this central Orwellian Newspeak type mind via political correctness, pirates of the mind and the true plague of humanity is an ideology plague not mankind themselves but a perpetual state of mind that can turn man into a virus, hypnotised via the sexing up, marketing and advertising, of the need to consume and debt. We are turned into our own problem via the imposition of the mind and then are tried to a system trying to condition our mind into submission to that system. The minds who object are extremists, terrorists or conspiracy theorists. Yet, this is all an illusion and it’s the illusion that is bamboozling our minds by an unhealthy fixation of a steadfast concrete realty we can cling hold of that’s actually an illusion. The hypnotisation is that it’s real and steadfast or the need to make it so and not forever changing outside or our control we are conditioned to fear. This is leading to Transhumanism and A.I. They’re taking the piss out of us, I’ve shared this previously... Hopefully this will refine my earlier opinion and comments. Question for the pro vaxers? Why is the worlds largest children’s hospital logo a PIG SNOUT?? Could it possibly be the VAx’s making the kids sick?? Watch the vid to find out! https://www.facebook.com/671453228/posts/10158383132223229/ Samoan fruit bats will be featured on quarters released by the US Mint next month This was a coin released right at the time COVID hysteria was being generated. It’s supposed to be a fruit bat and it’s pup. Yet, I’d most definitely suggest they’re taking the piss, this is COVID symbolism of a bat and pig style virus mutation, modelled on the one like the movie Contagion which of course, this whole COVID pandemic is mimicking and taking the piss out of the public globally by using likewise dramatics of such a virus being COVID to justify likewise styled imposition of the movie...
  21. This is why I don’t speak to most people as it ain’t what you’d call being a social butterfly and people automatically unsocially distance themselves and invert their own practice and then accuse you of being unsociable because you don’t won’t to put on an act but be real or shut up, so get accused of being depressing and going on. You’re the one wearing a mask! It doesn’t matter if what you’re saying is the truth. Most people don’t want the truth at all. Empire State - The Hidden Empire “You’re the prisoners, no you’re the guards” Rather, assured in thinking we’re responsible for creating our own worlds and so I’ll think whatever the hell I’ll like, only everyone seems to think and feel this way in their own bubble world existence and are then all of a sudden halted at the sound of truth that shatters the fantasy illusion of the world you thought you existed, faced with the choice of acceptance of that truth or denial to maintain the image of the world you believed to be real and live within, like you’re Alice in Wonderland on the edge of waking up and just then you say, shut up Danny you’re depressing mate, even if it’s only internal - more content in the illusion you thought to be real and back within the safety of assuming what I spoken of was pure “conspiracy theory” based on paranoid - justified or unjustified? - or borderline Schizophrenia with questionable social skills - just in the same sense here, justified paranoia or unjustified paranoia, doesn’t matter. It’s a way of distancing yourself from the concepts or perspectives even if they’re true, they’re made undesirable so you’d want to distance yourself from them, in the same way “lizards” are branded about. In the same way we deny death and live as though we will never die and eventually, even I’d this becomes a reality it will be thanks to Transhumanism and it won’t be for the “Useless Eaters” but the few controllers and some would say such has already occurred long ago. The Archons and such technology. Most people therefore want Ignorance and denial so they can remain lost like Alice rather than wake up so keep their eyes wide shut, will use a mass of energy to maintain this even being at war with themselves and will fight to keep themselves that way and can’t see how they’re their own guard for their mind and at the same time their own prisoner. This trap for the world is expanding everywhere, there’s no way out or means of escape by “leaving New York” They’re trapped and at the same time are the trap. This is by the psychological indoctrination of a system of thought that plagues the majority of peoples minds as if they’re under some sort of hypnotic trance to remain bamboozled or mesmerism with the comfortable, the reality they can grab hold of and cling, conformity and the familiar of the safety of a system, no matter how crazy and insane it gets, you’ll accept and support it so long as it maintains your comforts, repeating the patterns of other people’s behaviour around you under the 100 monkey effect, without conscious awareness. That is why such a state of mind could be described as mesmerism. While, the “conspiracy theorist” and even religions or better yet, spiritual POV suggests there’s a guiding force around this mesmerism to order humanity, to govern humanity in an attempt to control our destiny. While, becoming aware of this ourselves is empowering and being within ignorance to it allows someone else to manipulate you, while at the same time that ignorance could be desired as the most truest form of faith. To me, to the matters of the divine this is acceptable. Ignorance to the matters of the nature of understanding the conspiracy of life itself, allows people to hypnosis the mind of the propaganda mesmerism of psychological and information Warfare of the Tavistock Institute variety, trying to allow others to play God over man, controlling human evolution, destiny via science and technology. A true beliver maybe torn and have to understand, whatever they call the divine is allowing people of the globalist death cult, to hijack the human senses and is therefore being allowed to happen indirectly by the divine for not intervening. I’d say occult sciences have studied and learnt the laws of these impositions of a higher force we may call the divine and mimicks these laws in their symbolism, ritual, to hijack the senses of mankind so they can play God by mimicking laws which remain hidden from the general public so this pretence of a lower force playing God can continue. It would be as if we all didn’t know people can manipulate the weather with geoengineering, technology and tools like HAARP etc and they keeped doing so and we would be none the wiser. But, there are telltale signs for people who look and we can see and understand how this influence is taking place and that’s how we have understood these things do exist. A similar form of occultist groups have studied the laws of nature to imitate these designs and play God. This isn’t God making this happen but the potential of all man to study and understand himself. But, this knowledge is being kept from mankind and used against him to imprison him and having chase his own tail without realising they’re doing this and call anyone else mad or a nutter who sees this and points it out to them. No one likes admitting they’ve been fooled. If you can control the psychological leverage of this, you can control society and I surely say people do control this and will only do so if you yourself can be fooled into coming willingly then you won’t see the otherwise in your face and against your will style of fascism. Instead, you indoctrinate the people into wanting and desiring the state of affairs you’re imposing and do so by the repetition of hypnotic suggestion. While at the same time, if you see this as the exact same system of fascism you will see just how in your face the fascism actually is you’ve been bamboozled into the flow of wilful compliance. You’d be mad at how others can see the obviousness of the this truth... If you’ve understood this, you can continue to bury your head if want but you’ll know you’re doing it It’s that people prefer their comforts over truth and they only get their comforts by adhering to a social structure, a system that doesn’t care for the truth but has rather built itself censoring and covering up the truth, so you’ll still support the system. Fear of not doing so, your comforts will be removed, taken away or not given back until you’ve surrendered yourself to the whims of those lording over you. Then pretend nothing of the sort is the case, and attack people like me stating this, doing the systems work, like being a sheep and then putting on the cloak of the sheepdog to scare other sheep that don’t comply to keep you away from your own state of mind of denial and ignorance, aggression rises. Where they become their own prisoner and a prison guard to a prison of their own mind they don’t even see or don’t want to see, conformity is more comfortable. 1960’s last burst from the psyche/spirit human civilisation, freedom etc Human Robots will be walking around everywhere, with no knowledge of what it meant to be human, after this transformation of the world Americana - Los Angelisation of the World The Death Angle
  22. Exactly. But people are being misinformed via the MSM that it doesn’t contain animal products. Also, if you post on Vegan and Vegetarian groups on social media like FB, that such people shouldn’t get the vaccine, you’ll see the abuse people who do it get, if they be from shills or genuine vegan/vegetarians who desire or want to justify themselves having the vaccine due to the fear. Also, we’ve had the MSM jumping on the “minority” narrative especially the Islamic community and equally getting shills to project the idea that vaccine doesn’t go against the Islamic faith, that the Islamic community supports the vaccine and it’s “Halal” undoubtedly the same with Jews being “Kosher”. Even if how this is derived exploits animal and human organs, parts or cells should be enough to not support people playing God which is effective what’s happening by a mass eugenics exercise if truth be told! People are deliberately being misinformed to justify the vaccine, to justly the establishment narrative. It’s an information Warfare and psychologically targeting of people, via all their vices, lifestyle or belief systems and exploiting them to justify this imposition. But, that’s hard getting across to those whom believe the misinformation of the establishment who lie about all of the above, even though their own documentation says otherwise that the MSM of course must never mention and read the actual information about the “vaccines”that aren’t even vaccines, they just tell people what they want to hear to justify all group’s supporting their right to get the “vaccine” even if those groups shouldn’t. Particularly, anyone who’s a humanitarian of any kind and not an antihuman should be dead against the “vaccine”. It’s also interesting, that people who are considered to have autoimmune diseases, who are told not to have vaccines because it could kill them because their immune system couldn’t handle it normally, are being informed to have the vaccine for COVID... Eugenics pure and simple attacking the most vulnerable of society sold as help, as support as if it’s liberal by those who are systematically targeting a eugenic cleansing operation of “Useless Eaters” for population control by their “superior races” imposed by the “master race” ruling class. Mass roll out of that not only what officially hasn’t been tested, with no consequences for the manufactures, but is openly being tested upon the most vulnerable. They’re being medically experimented upon. If that’s not eugenics practice what the hell is? While to see and be near loved ones is the most exploited, virtue signalled as though you’re seeking to help humanity on some great endeavour and that without the “vaccine” you couldn’t be near them. But of course that’s not true, it’s a completely artificial boundary, it’s a psychological projection made by those whom desire an outcome that otherwise wouldn’t be possible if it wasn’t for those artificial boundaries and psychological manipulation of our projections stimulated via fear and the desire for those to appear self righteous in the eyes of others as equally mislead by such manipulation. This is a political intervention not a medical intervention. It’s an agenda not an accident. It’s systematic not spontaneous. It is action not a reaction. This deception and exploitation seeks to justify the “vaccine”, manipulating people’s egos and pride, that when exposed gets those defending their egos and pride that is being systematically preyed upon, stimulated by equally egotistical celebrities, defending the vaccine and in support of a political narrative they equally defend as if it’s of their own making, as if it’s an act of liberalism and not beating the drums to aid the ushering in of global communism, political imposition to control a humanity kissing the boots of fascism otherwise positioned to continually stamp on their face until they do what they’re told, they do what’s expected of them, as if it were the wisest thing to do to submit sooner rather than later and then deny this is even the case as you simply can’t be that ignorant not to see it. You was just going to go and get an experimental COVID RNA “vaccination” anyway and would of done even so if there wasn’t a lockdown or any of these restrictions, you’d openly be tested upon by a vaccine with absolutely no safety merits of which those producing it have no obligations towards your safety and therefore health and can’t be held accountable, as the trials that are happening are happening on you and you’ve agreed to be a guinea pig for corporations acting as fast as possible to make the most money and gain government contracts before their opposition and have track records of lying and likewise as a result, damaging people’s health in the past via even much lower financially based incentives. These people are being psychological manipulated, as they’re the easiest to manipulate and have as your foot soldiers by stimulating and exploiting their own egos and encouraging a state of fear to anything but predesigned resolve. These are the ones least likely to see fascism, as they never look in the mirror and are so cocksure of themselves and their perspective, there’s absolutely no other alternative to their view, as all other alternative perspectives are wrong perspectives, which means they require censorship as those opinions are misleading, dangerous, false and are opinionated, largely by people who have no place to give their opinion and so others shouldn’t care about them anyway. They’re right otherwise the establishment, the “experts”, the “authorities” couldn’t and wouldn’t be able to lie to us. They’d be found out! So, to even speculate and question this is “conspiracy theory”, treachery, the path to treason, extremism and terrorism. These people are dissenters and should be forced into compliance for the protection of us all or else they’re selfish, as they’re just not thinking about others, I know because the Queen told me so! But, it’s not potentially damaging to my ego and pride driven by fear based incentives that couldn’t be any further from the truth. That couldn’t have anything to do with it and it most definitely isn’t fascism it’s simply the right thing to do and therefore everything else is wrong as it works against the communal spirit of our one world global family and therefore is disharmonious and should be illegal. Just what the hell is facist about that, it couldn’t be anymore liberal?
  23. While to see and be near loved ones is the most exploited, virtue signalled as though you’re seeking to help humanity on some great endeavour and that without the “vaccine” you couldn’t be near them. But of course that’s not true, it’s a completely artificial boundary, it’s a psychological projection made by those whom desire an outcome that otherwise wouldn’t be possible if it wasn’t for those artificial boundaries and psychological manipulation of our projections stimulated via fear and the desire for those to appear self righteous in the eyes of others as equally mislead by such manipulation. This is a political intervention not a medical intervention. It’s and agenda not an accident. It’s systematic not spontaneous. It is action not a reaction. This deception and exploitation seeks to justify the “vaccine”, manipulating people’s egos and pride, that when exposed gets those defending their egos and pride that is being systematically preyed upon, stimulated by equally egotistical celebrities, defending the vaccine and in support of a political narrative they equally defend as if it’s of their own making, as if it’s an act of liberalism and not beating the drums to aid the ushering in of global communism, political imposition to control a humanity kissing the boots of fascism otherwise positioned to continually stamp on their face until they do what they’re told, they do what’s expected of them, as if it were the wisest thing to do to submit sooner rather than later and then deny this is even the case as you simply can’t be that ignorant not to see it. You was just going to go and get an experimental COVID RNA “vaccination” anyway and would of done even so if there wasn’t a lockdown or any of these restrictions, you’d openly be tested upon by a vaccine with absolutely no safety merits of which those producing it have no obligations towards your safety and therefore health and can’t be held accountable, as the trials that are happening are happening on you and you’ve agreed to be a guinea pig for corporations acting as fast as possible to make the most money and gain government contracts before their opposition.and have track records of lying and likewise as a result, damaging people’s health in the past via even much lower financially based incentives. These people are being psychological manipulated, as they’re the easiest to manipulate and have as your foot soldiers by stimulating and exploiting their own egos and encouraging a state of fear to anything but predesigned resolve. These are the ones least likely to see fascism, as they never look in the mirror and are so cocksure of themselves and their perspective, there’s absolutely no other alternative to their view, as all other alternative perspectives are wrong perspectives, which means they require censorship as those opinions are misleading, dangerous, false and are opinionated, largely by people who have no place to give their opinion and so others shouldn’t care about them anyway. They’re right otherwise the establishment, the “experts”, the “authorities” couldn’t and wouldn’t be able to lie to us. They’d be found out! So, to even speculate and question this is “conspiracy theory”, treachery, the path to treason, extremism and terrorism. These people are dissenters and should be forced into compliance for the protection of us all or else they’re selfish, as they’re just not thinking about others, I know because the Queen told me so! But, it’s not potentially damaging to my ego and pride driven by fear based incentives that couldn’t be any further from the truth. That couldn’t have anything to do with it and it most definitely isn’t fascism it’s simply the right thing to do and therefore everything else is wrong as it works against the communal spirit of our one world global family and therefore is disharmonious and should be illegal. Just what the hell is facist about that, it couldn’t be anymore liberal?
  24. ^ Ian R Crane-The 9/11 & 7/7 Connection ^ The Current type of Censorship where and when it is on MSM platforms such as YT Say no to the Vaccine by Trillion - Song from Truth Injection Documentary Here’s are some videos of Ian’s that hopefully people on here will be interested in and I’d recommend watching Karen Douglas - “My concern is not for the truth” Police State - Corporate Shills doing the bidding of the establishment without question and it’s only getting worse... Hi Vis Foot Soldiers - The higher their vis, the shorter their vision! These are the ones I’m familiar with, I’m sure for now at least, you’ll be able to find more on YT if you deliberately go looking for them
  25. From the family of Ian R Crane We're devastated to let you know that Ian passed away on Thursday February 25th. He fell asleep peacefully with his son and partner by his side, and he knew that he had the love, thoughts and prayers of those that couldn't be with him at the end. A son, a brother, a father, a grandfather, a partner, a friend, a colleague, he played a role in the lives of hundreds, if not thousands, of others and will not be forgotten by anyone who met him. He will be dearly missed. Founder of the incredibly popular Alternative View conferences, others will pick up this legacy and ensure it continues into the future. His family and loved ones send their thanks to everyone who loved and supported Ian. Details of the funeral will be posted when known. From Dan, Nic, Tristin, Erika, Kelly, Jasmine and John - Dan Crane A great guy who has done a lot of good work Anyone who reads my posts will have seen I’ve posted a few of his videos on the David Icke Forum. One of which I think was removed due to the past attack on the forum attack I made not long after the announcement of this COVID plandemic if I remember right Documentaries from 7/7 false flag and the scam of the medical industry upon food, vitamins and the push of corruption sold as medicine - Codex Alimentarius. Just a few things that stand out I personally know him for, his own angle of exposing the same globalist monopoly and control system imposing itself upon humanity! “Just say no to the vaccine” - The Truth Injection particularly stands out to me and left an impression when I watched it a few years ago. Obviously more important now than it was at the time it was made! Also, check out Conspiracy Machine - Free on Amazon Prime - ironic ain’t it - and you’ll get a good idea of the style of Ian Crane, who is worth checking out if you follow David Ickes work. I can’t imagine this type of content will be available much longer on both YouTube and Amazon Prime so maybe eventually something can be done to archive Ian’s work on the Ickonic platform in the future for whoever deals with that, I’d hope it’s considered. The Truth Injection Conspiracy Machine. Check it out now on Prime Video! https://watch.amazon.co.uk/detail?asin=B0885WMWJT&territory=GB&ref_=share_ios_season&r=web
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