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  1. Quite honestly, I think they’d have to see what they believe is this pandemic. Such as, many people literally falling over and dying in the street as if by such a virus but actually after having the vaccine to see that something ain’t right, otherwise, these globalists can get away with anything and it be justified, tolerated and accepted. Anything short of that and everything to do and because of the reaction to COVID is seen as within theirs/our best interests and they should just play along to save lives and virtue signal others likewise. It would take something that extreme for some of these people to see and accept what actually is and even then I’m not sure... Although undoubtedly many will die due to this vaccine game, it is a longer game of altering the human condition - Transformation through death and destruction, Transhumanism - and those who die with the vaccine will be the luckier ones compared to those who survive with it because their body accepts the poison rather than those who refuse and reject it causing “side effects” - even this level of cognitive dissonance exists rather than see and admit that the vaccine caused them or others harm. It’s not that, it’s that their body didn’t accept it and reacted to it and so, this is a “side effect” by having a body not fit for the drug/vaccine, rather than having a drug/vaccine that’s simply not fit and not supposed to be within the human body, especially when this happens on a wider scale and not only one unfortunate instance that couldn’t be helped. This clearly can be helped and has been coldly, calculatingly premeditated. How the hell can an “officially” experimental vaccine be ready in January 2020 for an unknown virus, undetermined source that only appeared late December 2019? That’s an absolute joke and it doesn’t take a genius or doctor to figure out and explain something don’t add up. Yet, it does take that to those just accepting any old shit these geniuses, and doctors throw at them via politicians as they don’t feel it’s their place to question or suggest they know better. It’s just easier to leave that determination to someone else. Another example is the amount of money spent on PCR vaccines from 2017 to 2018 by WHO and all the nations connected with it prior to any virus just doesn’t make any financial logic or sense in any capacity, unless you knew this virus was coming and you could use that test for your advantage and so, needed such tests within as many countries as possible prior to any unexpected outbreak you tested for the same month as the unexpected real example of what you where just preparing for occurred Just how much more does it take... Having said that, people have found a way in their minds to justify war so maybe even if people clearly die of vaccinations, maybe they’ll have that reframed as a good thing. Maybe all those people where evil. Or that such is the result of a virus/mutation that caused an unforeseen reaction with the vaccine rather than accepting the truth. It just depends how deep they’re prepared to take their denial. Some have quite literary made the determination to blind themselves for all such information and choose ignorance, but the moment they’re aware of it they’d think and feel differently but they won’t allow themselves, someone has to be barking the information at them 24/7 to get through to them to counteract the mainstream media mindset, while the current state of mass censorship want allow any such opposition to the establishment narrative.
  2. What absolute bollocks! What this means is, because too many people flooded places once the lockdown measures eased because they were previously well bred captive sheep all that time, equates to leaps in infection. No evidence, no proof just fear mongering to say too many people are out and about and preparing you for a very predictable planned 3rd Wave! To incentivise the idea that something must be done ensuring a higher uptake of imposed objectives. When will people learn and see that COVID isn’t based on any science at all, whatsoever. But is based on fear based political hysteria to reframe society constructing new social norms and tearing down the old society, destroying many people’s lives and livelihoods who are not part of a mass conglomerate of interconnected corporations, the collapse of the economic system for the a prepared and planned new economic system of technological slavery and forced compliance to survive or die! (Hunger Games Society) That this is an exploitation and clear disregard of human rights, the highest state of fascism we’ve ever seen or known in our life times and finally admit the truth, wake up and smell what’s under their nose? You may just have to take your masks off for that and come back to your senses!
  3. Yes I agree and that’s why this COVID script was a perfect method to carry out this agenda as any sane individual at the start of the so called pandemic, would have been speculating and on the fence not picking sides if this event was actually real and that was the only real time those doing this needed to push this facist bollocks into motion. The idea of mass harm being caused if swift action wasn’t taken so that action couldn’t be debated due to the nature of the problem. Which if it was real, like it or not many people would have to accept it. But, at the same time they’d be accepting it because they’d be seeing bodies piled high in the street and so didn’t want to become one of them and could see that this was genuine, it wouldn’t even be being debated between family and friends as it is now, it would be clear and simple to see and so warranted such action, not that it was a complete lie based around false unsupportable claims which of course is very obviously what we have now. If we made such claims we’d be attacked as conspiracy theorists and people would be pointing fingers and laughing, the same people accepting this shit! They wouldn’t need “debunkers” and yet, no one in an official capacity is asking to debunk COVID and point out why and how it’s based on lies as many of us are stating and showing in many ways, doing this in a balanced manner. It’s a way to attack and marginalise those doing a good enough job on their own, protecting system agendas and justifying in the “normal” people’s minds of why they shouldn’t investigate these matters by tearing down a straw-man. Yet, we had pictures of such shown apparently coming out of China within the early days of all this to give this agenda motion and make more of those who would have objected it stand back, wait and see. That, as I said was all the time they really needed to implement this. As again, so many people quickly bought this and can’t believe they’d be lied to on such a scale, don’t want to admit their actions was idiotic and feel like idiots, or they don’t want that praise they gave to family NHS Workers to appear tainted or tarnished now and would rather live in denial if it means they can be proud and not feel like mugs! It’s exactly the same as War, where you have family members fighting it and rather than admit the skullduggery of politics that made war a reality, you’d rather accept the state of war so you can feel proud of your family members fighting it. While anyone else who speaks out are attacked and marginalised as though their expression is somehow marginalising their family members who have been drawn into war because of such skullduggery. Called sympathisers, with the enemy or cowards by the most cowardly of the lot, the order followers afraid to stand against what’s imposed on them becoming somehow what’s expected of them, especially by a facist rulership. People need to get their intentionality back and so long as they blindly follow, they’ll never have their intentionality, stating such as; ours is not to reason why but to do or die BS! Even if it’s denial, they’d rather be proud and maintain a form of sentimentality that can’t be approached or speculated upon. Those that do are shit posters/stirrers, “conspiracy theorists” and of course antisemitic as these so called “Jews” really a global death cult playing the part of a synagogue of Satan, have been pretty much the reason for every major war we’ve ever known throughout history, even if you only take into account the last 100-200 years, it’s bad enough! In reality it’s much worse, people only really need to follow the past two world wars and back track to see we have a globalist agenda to divide and rule society, ensuring transformation through death It’s a death cult! “Tory sleaze is back” apparently. Just when the fuck did it leave - I must have been on vacation - is what I’d like to know and has Keir Starme been napping and why has now someone seeked to resurrect him, like animating a dead lifeless corpse cowering down to every facist action taken under this Tory Government? As really, it’s a globalist government and so globalist agendas they keep their mouth shut unless it will help that globalist agenda! UK government launches independent probe into Cameron and Greensill Inquiry will examine former PM’s contacts with ministers, officials and special advisers https://www.ft.com/content/ade87a61-b1e1-433a-a79f-25fc6b9a0aaf?fb_news_token=w9bnne305%2BawPs75V%2Ffi8Q%3D%3D.%2Bye%2FkUymOXPqEKGsJ4ePBxuW%2BvegZYYdTRMi%2B3OMDQCWlbRcBzel6UfqIwsHLVvX7AXW3rX%2FSkJZg%2F9SZVD5nNFcQMs6ZrN7pIZtWedxMsdzaodcdr4gN238Y6xBIojKdL1qArb9pXDjSIVMYK20LPI464pJEXl1B4imJV1YLhyTEWX%2BiPQ%2BMfbwMw%2Bj4lwA9UMVWS4rPKsAAAMvjAhmfIx7TZVYn%2BXl%2FqOBiWyvXNKbcMfv2ADA2TJxE1clWzici8%2BNUoQgzOGbMLLpRYbNGw%3D%3D&fbclid=IwAR3nku6YcC94ZkenZrUoBsDQfZWWWelfpI2SUcquaR3L28waI8k6_0kItUQ One form of lobbying which is never even questioned or speculated upon, even if it’s the biggest lobbyists of them all? I bet no one on here can guess what it is because we’re not known for our “antisemitism” If Pedophilia to Panama Papers can be swept under the rug, in reality what exactly are they doing with this? If it’s not just a distraction it will be gone within an instant, otherwise we will see hysteria clouding other issues while the appearance of politics is taking place to those who can’t see it’s just a smokescreen, that these globalists exist and most importantly to turn people away from politics so they’ll never find out because it all seems like so much BS they couldn’t be further from being interested in any of it. Which is pretty much how I feel if it wasn’t for pointing out the exploitation of globalist agendas. A scripted event sideshow bollocks rather than dealing with how and why people should be pissed off with the current fascist state, instead we have a soap opera hysteria, another example of basically making people feel even less desire to be involved with anything considered politics. While let’s face it, if we didn’t have politics we wouldn’t have us so called alternative thinkers/conspiracy theorists by being able to identify this within politics, a subject many people aren’t interested in at all for obvious reasons and fall asleep when hearing, so it’s absolutely no wonder so many people aren’t switched on to the current scam of politics and the likes of COVID agendas seeking to establish everything on a globalist agenda tick list. Viral video of Boris Johnson ‘lying to parliament’ approaches 10 million views Lawyer Peter Stefanovic says footage is snapshot which reveals PM’s ‘pattern of behaviour has crossed the line into outright fantasy’ https://www.independent.co.uk/climate-change/news/boris-johnson-lies-viral-video-b1830732.html?fbclid=IwAR1gQfSNpFtMjOHX9IQ9-r30t8Sd0laacjDFGB5qdXa-VFaR-QZV2xqc1nk Yes I agree, it won’t be long and it will be yet another Lockdown! So many are just wearing masks and complying for an easy life if they believe it or not, it’s more about saying leave me alone I’ve got enough to deal with without justifying myself. It’s one of the most absurd things that people just aren’t used to unless they’re a kid in school. It’s considered rude but never when these “authorities” do it as they’re the only ones who seek to request society justify themselves as they believe they’re the only ones that can get away with it if you like it or not and society falsely believes they’re the only ones who somehow have a right to demand you justify yourself just going about your daily business, being treated as criminal activity causing someone else harm because of such a scam as we have now! If you didn’t like a single entity requesting you justify yourself and see it as rude and offensive, you’d just keep your distance and never go there again or avoid it. This can’t be avoided because it’s fascism, being forced against people’s will everywhere. To suggest otherwise is to be in denial and they have their heads up their own arse, this is a fact and I for one don’t want to justify myself either. More people should be expressing just who the fuck do these people think they’re and telling them to kiss their arse MFs! Please refer here for examples
  4. Everything here is dualistic. There’s no escaping that, you’ll always have for and against. Yet, the majority controlled are the majority that are being guided by this evil corrupt system and that needs to be pointed out and acknowledged. For that to happen, there’s going to be a lot of division. That there’s no escaping, especially by those still clinging to this phoney evil system and helping prop it up as if their very life depended upon it. That’s why this system was created to create division to rule and anyone who points this out could be considered controlled opposition to bring about transformation by the very same system. That could always be the case whoever the group. The best practice is no matter who’s talking make sure your beliefs are your own and don’t just accept what anyone else is saying and that way, you’re not under control of a likewise system of control ready to shoot you down as a racist, antisemitic bigot for holding differing views than that of the establishment. Which is really about creating a “Common Purpose” mindset in the masses so the masses are easier controlled and take care of system dissenters themselves, policing themselves on behalf of this system of control. Absolutely no one could appear credible and against this system that those behind it aren’t controlling, as that system gave the power for your movement in the first place by their very existence and your apparent opposition to it, even if genuine. That’s just a fact. If this could be about the deceptive collapse of the old, building of the new like any crafted revolution as the “winners” believe they’ve really won something when really they’ve been cultivated towards this outcome all along, or at least have had their movement hijacked, that maybe the case and is why we have so many fakes limited hang outs on the side of alternative, controlled opposition to try and steer and monopolies this movement by creating chaos and deception. If it is the case, it will have a central pillar of control indefinitely and eventually that would be clear for all to see and then if it is the system, all those who supported it will be in denial about this fact like currently, all those who support this system in denial about these facts they call conspiracy theory. That’s the duality of the situation. You’d have to remember, this system was designed to create division and that is paramount for anyone who appears to be going against that system in all their forms. All those can be said to be controlled oppositions to create division within society and break down the spirit of the movement even before it gets going if necessary, as being that of the system and all people have then is their apathy and acceptance of an apparent inevitable system of control. As what else? That’s exactly why on some level so many people just simply accept this system of control, it’s just easier and if not, they want to know what else there actually is right away and in that moment if you can’t come up with hundreds of years worth of basically, duplicate aspects of the same system we already have but a more just and more fair one, they don’t want to know and will just accept the one they have now as they don’t have to do anything and will put the onus on you to do this, being the anti establishment conspiracy theorist, just like they already put the onus on this system to sort every aspect of their life out and can never stop and analyse their own psychology behind this behaviour as thats the root of the problem. I can't believe some people now consider this "Freedom"... Pic from above, perfect example...
  5. Transformation of Society - Transhumanism - False Light ️ Quantum Dot Technology - “Vril” if you will The So Called Conspiracy Theorist We said, "When the vaccines arrive, nothing will change". They shouted, "Conspiracy Theorist". And the vaccines arrived and NOTHING changed. We said, "They'll want to inject the children with their magic potion too". They shouted, "Conspiracy Theorist". And they're now testing their experimental gene therapy on 6 month old babies. We said, "The vaccines haven't been tested for long enough. The clinical trials don't end for another 2 years. THIS is the trial". They shouted, "Conspiracy Theorist". And it was confirmed that the hundreds of millions of people rolling up their sleeves are indeed taking part in the clinical trials. We said, "There will be deaths and serious injuries caused by the vaccines". They shouted, "Conspiracy Theorist". And there are now hundreds of thousands of "unexplained" deaths, injuries and permanent disabilities being reported and logged. We said, "Once injected, everyone will be expected to take regular Top-Up jabs to combat 'new variants'". They shouted, "Conspiracy Theorist". And now it's being reported that regular Top-Up jabs are being prepared to combat "new variants". We said, "everyone will need a "vaccine passport" to access basic services, enter premises and socialise with others". They shouted "Conspiracy Theorist". And all over the World governments, corporations and Healthcare providers are collaborating on these schemes. We said, once the government have imposed their "emergency lockdown" legislation they will NEVER withdraw it. They shouted, "Conspiracy Theorist". And the government keep renewing their legislation every six months. Were you consulted? We said...... well.... lots of things..... They shouted, "Conspiracy Theorist" at every one of them. But EVERYTHING we warned you about came true. Everything you laughed at actually happened. And the thing is........ they've hardly started yet. They're only toying with you. They've already written the book. And we're still on the first chapter. We tried to warn you. But you shouted, "Conspiracy Theorist" - Copied, Unknown Prison visits are now outside and they’re so fun that we are all having em! People are really really stupid to be going along with this and not seeing what’s right in front of them. I never thought I’d see it Sitting around talking drinking and having a laugh but walking over to and from such places in a convince area of any kind where these fascist contractual laws are being imposed, people wear masks? What a well behaved virus it deserves awards and a round of applause not condemnation. Maybe that’s what everyone was actually clapping and I was mistaken? Makes more sense to me... This virus is the most intelligent virus known to man and it’s brought friends here with it, equally as intelligent so varied in their nature that they’re having us give up our personal sovereignty for them even having exited ∴ There’s nothing new under the Sun So much so, the people behind this are also trying to block that Sun out Bill Gates Will Have to Wait a While to Block the Sun Scientists have postponed the billionaire-backed study of the controversial technology called solar geoengineering. http://trib.al/cVsphvk?fbclid=IwAR2FBRBtgj9lKvC7shFbRApAppJMOoYXL-rCuifeNC6pX5kRY53BegJZ2M8 Don’t count on it. It will still go ahead like chemtrails, then admit it after they’ve done it and called everyone pointing out it’s blatantly happening a conspiracy theorist! You know, that direct Sun light which actually kills viruses while we were all told to lock our doors and stay inside? Have you really not grasped the level of contradictions that exist and how these are detrimental to common law, privacy, human rights... The list is endless but people are putting up with it while believing doing so is somehow self righteous that simply doing so deserves them an award and a donut! Don’t ask any questions, back to sleep! Just what kind of moronic society are we living in and anyone asking any questions get regarded as conspiracy theorist and shit posters like a child screaming with their fingers in their ears to information they just don’t want to hear! Of course... Climate Change Dim the Sun Inject with GMO products that react to “dark light” false light - Quantum Dot Technology - all geared around Transhumanism a sub reality. Get it? No. I support the virus this is all conspiracy theory, doesn’t need questioning, speculation or understanding Says all those who blindly accept this crap whilst they pretend they aren’t doing that at all
  6. Go on, ya desperate clowns...You can't hide the light or the truth, ya fannies - Emma Norton You wouldn’t do this or incentivise a people’s to help “debunk” something as they’d do it themselves for free because it’s the truth, they wouldn’t need a paycheque for it. They’d do it for free because they’d know and feel it’s genuinely the right thing to do and it’s what they believe in and will openly be tested to criticism which is pretty poor for us “Conspiracy Theorists” - really alternative views and opinions from the status quo establishment - beyond dissent, censorship and setting up a strawman by altering context to tear subjects apart without actually debating or speculating upon what’s actually being stated in the first instance. The same for COVID Vaccines and incentives to do this by way of “a free donut” no less or the idea that this will allow you free movement and travel again. It’s fascism and tyranny. Btw, it’s the passport/travel ID that allows that not the vaccine as these passports will make you as indestructible as a terrorists passport. Bombproof and found safely no matter what circumstances they’ve been put through Even the scientists openly admit that this vaccine will do diddly squat, the square root of jack, but the politicians still push and incentivise it, with the add on that it’s not the vaccine that will make you safe and give you your freedom back, but us authoritarians who took your freedoms away in the first place by way of contractual laws being used for fascism, reasons and means that are disproportionate and against every aspect of human rights and common law that we’ve ever previously known and accepted. It is unprecedented and out of order and people need to grow a pair and fast! Tesco have also stopped serving people without them having a trolley load of shopping, they have to use self service and also started to remove cash payments from certain tills, debit card only, all because of this coronavirus. Yeah right! That the travel ID will give you your freedoms on behalf of your technocratic corporate masters! A corporate loophole to psychologically skull fuck you to death make no mistake! This Conspiracy Theory Debunkers Wanted is all Orwellian newspeak and it’s actually about getting together an army of bought and paid for, stamped on the head keyboard warriors, minions of Beelzebub to help spread the propaganda, dis/misinformation for and on behalf of the establishment, all so they can do something at home to earn a bit of money because they can’t do anything else. How low and gullible do you have to be to not see the truth of this? You’d only choose not to see this, to help reconfirm a phoney belief system you still want to believe in and accept and can’t accept the fact you shouldn’t believe in it anymore and that you’re being misled and have been sold down the creek along time ago and that this will only continue, getting worse and worse until you say enough is enough I’m not going to comply with stupidity and methods and means of ensuring my own enslavement to a tyrannical facist authoritarian government, acting via ways and means of globalising the world through fear and terror to ensure such coldly, calculated ways and means of transformation via mechanisms that are destructive to human nature and spirit! Via ways and means that trample all over human rights and most severely threaten the most vulnerable of society, such as those with disabilities, elderly or have medical conditions. Not a damn is being given for these people by all the ways and means to do things are apparently to protect and prevent harm to such people is actually causing the most harm to everyone!
  7. Normalising SMART Masks and their path towards Transhumanism - Dehumanising, Transformation "Smart" masks now, that they are promoting to stop all the mask pollution. So, if they can't suffocate people to death with masks, they're going to try radiating people to death with Smart masks, I guess. This is ALL part of their 5G Internet of Things plan. They're really going full speed ahead with all of their depopulation tactics. And sadly, the maskers will probably think this is a great idea too. - Jamie RT - April 7, 2021 ‘They want you in masks forever’: World Economic Forum’s smart ‘mask of the future’ tweet spooks Twitter users The World Economic Forum is at it again. The globalist titans behind ‘the Great Reset’ are now promoting a “smart face mask” that tracks every breath its wearer takes. The masks received a frosty reception online. https://www.rt.com/news/520379-wef-smart-mask-future/ Here’s the link you’ll here the pitch by Will Lange - Honeywell, within the first 3 minutes or so on how masks will be becoming a steadfast part of our society as a way of cultural norms “once it’s been adopted as trainers have, while people wear them whilst doing a whole host of activities not limited to training or sports and people consider such normal” the same is expected with masks, as it is basically within China and other Asia countries. You’ll hear Will.I.am expressing such sentiments within such videos of his promoting these masks. While this idea of his was given birth to 3 years ago, so 2 years before any pandemic crisis as this is really about psychologically reframing society and Will.I.am is quite obviously a front man asset, being used by those behind such psychological agendas of this globalist death cult Death to Cult-ure - Cancel Culture - Cultural Transformation being, Transhumanism So this crisis couldn’t have come at a more perfect time to launch this mask of course, once people had become accustomed to forced imposition of face nappies, what a great and fortunate coincidence, even if it is on the back of so many’s misery yeah yeah. I don’t believe it. Yet so many other gullible fools will and be exploited by this psychological “trend” agenda setting operation - Psy-Op I also find this very strange that all involved here seem to be a variation on the name Bill as in “Bill” Gates of course - William. They’re really taking the piss out of us to the extreme here I’m sure! A method of showing us, at least on the surface how more agendas of the Globalist by the asset that Bill Gates is, has behind the scenes been backed and lobbying these effort for SMART masks, or just particularly with funding of Honeywell and XUPERMASK or I’m just stretching? It would be interesting to see for sure what Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation money - if any - is actually involved within Honeywell for damn sure! It would surprise me more if he doesn’t crop up!
  8. Self Less Dehumanisation to Transhumanism I’d be more surprised they made this movie than the reality such technology already exists...
  9. Yes I’ve been wondering the same but on the fence, speculation etc Don’t know her for Adam to cast judgment. But, with this symbolism and the type of masks with the symbolism of transformation, death and the death of Prince Philip and how he wants to reincarnate as a virus to help with “overpopulation”... Many people won’t get or understand that something like that could easily be scripted as could his death at this particular time, as the globalist agenda desires to carry this out themselves as a form of psychological stunt. Not by accident or coincidence but by design. I know it was the first quote of his that came straight to my mind when I heard he died. I thought straight way, this couldn’t possibly mean they’re planning on intensifying this COVID BS with mutation and so on...? It’s anything to depopulate and put fear into the masses for compliance for survival, which is easily done by crashing the economic system, trade and delivery of goods. It’s quite obvious to anyone what’s happening with any business other than mass conglomerate organisations who have actually earned through this crisis, are being setup for termination. So small organisations come under the thumb of those mass owned conglomerate organisations. People would have to comply to eat. The US acts as a symbol of the destruction of the old system within this regard, or simulating the fall of Babylon which will in turn destroy the EU system which is why they’ve symbolised themselves as they have, presenting the idea that some sort of other event alongside COVID and the perception of COVID getting out of hand and uncontrollable because of these other style of events, Terrorist or “accidental” into a Fire Sale type event. Again, people will hear the collapse of the EU, think no way they wouldn’t do that. But this is orchestrated from the start and from the ashes of the Phoenix, the idea is they come back better and stronger “build back better” by way of a globalised EU typed system which people will be encouraged to get behind as if it’s even revolutionary. Where the globalists come from the shadows out into the open without anything said about the conspiracy theorists who have been suggesting this is the way things are all along and that we already have such a state of affairs in the shadows right now. They’re just seeking to justify themselves. Such an event is the blowing up of the Hoover dam for example as precursor warnings seem to suggest this is planned at some point whenever those behind it are ready to do so to reach a crisis/breaking point. For sure at some point the Globalist agenda is some sort of nuclear attack even if simulated, in America to transform America as described in Agenda 21 - This is of course what the bastards behind it want to achieve. There doesn’t seem to be many other ways of justifying this, even if it’s just the idea of nuclear fallout, just like we have now with the idea of COVID... The movie Oblivion is pretty apt for showing these concentrated zones of where you can and can’t go etc symbolically even but it’s largely as a means to depopulate - the “War” - and so all the population that is left in can be put into mega city structures - SMART Cities - Dredd - which is another aspect of this agenda. As, why would you just go and volunteer for this and how/why would people accept the above? You’ll also notice something? The “X” again? The mask thing as it stands now maybe foreshadowing such events by how they’re being delivered but it’s atm about creating a trend, a fashion which is depersonalisation of the individual designed to lead further down the rabbit hole of Transhumanism and not stop here. So culturally, technological intervention into the human body is concerned more acceptable and not met with as much hesitance if any. Psychological browbeating society while even still, there are some people within society that can’t even see of contemplate this is even happening. If so, it will be mostly because those are the ones that have accepted this with open arms and have been psychologically influenced into this state. Time loop - Past, Present & Future - Trinity Apart of me recently has been feeling there’s a reason we live in this simulated reality. This was because the old world this reality is imitating was destroyed and then this simulated time loop was created or it could have been destroyed just by the nature of creating this reality. Who knows... But people have forgotten about this, almost don’t want to remember so they can be happy here and remain within ignorance. That as time passes here circumstances are scripted to reoccur and it’s only a matter of timing and they can’t be totally avoided, maybe some force behind this believes certain circumstances can be changed and that they’re not inevitable and that’s the big idea to bypass certain circumstances they don’t feel have to reoccur, or can’t understand why and how it is that they do occur no matter what. That this is a game of some other form of intelligence we are caught up within cycles. Those behind this in the know, are aware of these things reoccurring because of the nature of this simulation which they’re aware of and that’s one reason they know about these realities in advance and carry out their own various agendas around them to try and control the nature of these happenings and reoccurrences, but this is just speculation. I haven’t fully understood this yet, but I certainly have the feeling recently that even with efforts of many people caught up within whatever they’re caught up within, no matter how hard they try, certain outcomes are preordained but we’d rather pretend they’re not so we can be content in doing what we doing without it otherwise feeling worthless, what’s the point and so depressing. That a certain form of wishful thinking can blind us from such a perception, even if such is is undoubtedly the case. That we are basically living within our sensation of time in the past from the POV of this intelligence, moving through time here within this simulation, until we enter into certain events that some people already know have or are going to occurmand their game is to alter them or bypass them, create certain or differing outcomes/realities and we remain oblivious. Or we remain shocked when certain prophecies are fulfilled and can’t understand that if you did know the nature of this game and it is how I’m suggesting, you’d basically right down what the script is set to occur and another intelligence seeks to change or control the direction of these realities towards certain outcome. Something within this regard. But I know this sounds like Sci-Fi as I say, I’m still working with my understanding. Use Netherlands VPN, should work may not on UK IP
  10. It will if you sell such a health crisis and have a method of how technology can help out in that department. Not that I know anything but don’t doubt they’ll use all such psychological means of ensuring acceptance of the new Transhumanism era. We talking about injectables and consumables, where you don’t have to do anything the technology does it. Nanotechnology etc Even many of those who do know what we are talking about will be reached by such means into accepting Transhumanism...
  11. Well yeah of course and it’s coming to the rest of the world. It’s what allows society to adapt to cultural norms of living within a technocracy. A state totally controlled by technology. While these getups can be applied to work better with tracking surveillance and ID and so on, putting tech in absolutely any and everything. Eventually, normalising technologies from wearables to edibles and of course, injectables. It couldn’t be any more obvious and this is why society is being psychologically conditioned, “NUDGED” into editing/changing the cultures of our society from technological, COVID, cancel culture or the changes inspired from BLM to Terrorism which seek to justify these preconceived ideals and goals! While, these scum fucks pretend nothing of the sort was predestined, they act ignorant or that people speaking out are just haters, racist and antisemitic. Those old chestnuts ! This is totally about the technocracy surveillance state while using cultural and psychological to achieve these desired changes. Only desired because of a desire for that surveillance state technocracy! Nothing to do with health or anything else but to do with control via technology. That’s it that underlines everything here, ultimately seeking to change/transform the human condition as we know it, further pushing and eradicating social/cultural norms.
  12. Do everything you used to do, only now in a “SMART” Mask. For those that don’t follow Wow that cracked me up. Really? Are you sure about that? So those who don’t follow are going to just come along of their own accord, their own free will, government imposition or no government imposition and buy this absolute crock of shit fronted by another celeb exploiting a loop hole on behalf of some scummy low life corporate maters of that I’m sure? No actually. Only dead head, follow the leader retards with no brains of their own are going to follow like sheep and buy the new fashion accessory, as “Well, I was going to purchase earphones anyway and so, now I need a mask so why not buy these?” Be the new kid on the block. It won’t be long until other celebrities are fronting this type of crap or using the same tech we see here. This is low and obviously about transformation of this “crisis” towards Transhumanism as stated in the title of this O.P. It even shows you the advert in a technological smog, a distorted type energy effect, frequencies, with big satellites in the background But, XUPERHEROS WEAR MASKS SAY HELLO TO THE FUTURE That face you make when you can’t believe how low you’ve sank and what absolute shite you’re shovelling! For when YT Delete it... Comment Section
  13. Similar to the theme of the video now removed from YT Link Above in OP Yes you did just read that and yes, this is real SMART Mask as described earlier, now fronted by a Black Eyed Peanut! - Mockery of the Black Eyed Evil MFs roaming this earth! Never let a good crisis go to waste, make some cash and exploit everyone! X - X Notice the X Not SUPERMASK - But XUPERMASK Rapper will.i.am is selling a smart mask for $299 Rapper will.i.am wants to make face masks a high-end, high-tech statement. The Black Eyed Peas member announced this week he is teaming up with Honeywell to launch XUPERMASK, a $299 mask with a ton of bells and whistles. In addition to dual three-speed fans and HEPA filters, a type of mechanical air filter, it features Bluetooth connectivity, LED day glow lights, noise canceling audio and microphone capabilities, seven hours of battery life and a magnetic earbud docking system. It also comes with adjustable straps. https://edition.cnn.com/2021/04/06/tech/will-i-am-honeywell-xupermask/index.html will.i.am Debuts Innovative Face Technology Concept, XUPERMASK, in Partnership with Honeywell https://www.honeywell.com/us/en/press/2021/04/will-i-am-debuts-innovative-face-technology-xupermask Foreshadowing mask, faceless/dehumanised tech state of Transhumanism Basically shown as an extension to tech and as part of a “mental condition” - Watchdogs 2, Wrench X Marks the spot, dehumanising, removal of the soul, death symbol - Cartoon X over eyes = dead X - X X - The symbolism of transformation Transforming mankind into a new creature like “X-Men” mutation, mutation via medical technocracy, vaccine medical tyranny to Transhumanism. X = 6 Transgender to Transhumanism - Same Objective I suppose Will I Am if challenged can always get on the BLM soapbox, I guess that’s the only reason anyone would be against this type of thing or him fronting this Transhumanism bollocks! Nah, I don’t think so 666 - X X X
  14. Not those who tell you, you maybe suffering from a mental illness, paranoia or delusion - maybe you need a frontal lobe lobotomy, or a hammer smacking a chisel into it in three points, that’s what would have been done back in the day, today it’s chemical concoctions or psychological “training”/entrainment to make sure you embrace ego and focus self centred goals. Hypnotised like everyone else That’s not the problem though. Nah don’t be silly While this very real reality of people feeling this way is being exploited to push a psychological and Transhumanist Agenda by the same system causing people to feel such downward energy and negativity in the first instance! Or maybe I’m feeling delusions of persecution? Or “You need to get out more often”, then, they themselves lock themselves up and agree with COVID BS hysteria they equally try and impose on you and can’t see it’s them within dualistic hang ups, as they’ve split themselves, that’s what it means to be “normal” within this insane society, those within it who can’t see it call sanity and you insane and they can’t see this, in denial of the two halves, the splitting of themselves, the fracturing of their own minds to appear “sane”. Your face changes depending on who you’re speaking with and what roles/persona you’re fronting while being within denial until you can step out of that role. That’s the only time you can be honest out loud or honest with yourself. Aka - this is exactly why so many doctors and scientists don’t/can’t speak out about the plethora of lies we are currently experiencing. They can’t act, acknowledge or speak those truths until they’re out of that role they’re fronting, without fear of losing that position. They’d be treated as mad, a paranoid quack, a disgruntled employee if not “suicided”. As “opportunities” and “privileges” are made or closed by a system of control that’s fronting such lies with their fingers in all pies, encouraging so many lies. If you want to maintain that position, you front the role of the systems ideals. Anyone with any “sanity” knows exactly what these are and know exactly what I’m talking about but perhaps won’t admit it, at least openly. This is like a Soviet Union style of a society that’s becoming even more rampant within our society, but again, people are within denial about this. Or that we are within a state of constant war, where the opinions you feel and what you want to genuinely express have to be contradictory to those you do actually express, all to “maintain face”, which is more important than the truth of what you really feel. It’s this which is causing the majority of what we describe as Mental Illness, negative mental states and emotions. While everything else is fixed so quick or else thrown away, we expect the same of these mental states and can’t ever even contemplate that it could be these states of mind elsewhere contributing to one another as if what we would call normally is actually insane. The splitting of the mind, the fracturing of the soul/spirit. Soul Destroying When all of this, is just because they don’t like or agree with what you’re saying, to shut you up, close you down so they don’t look or feel bad and can continue to feel better about themselves, their choices, while creating the idea, spinning the mentality that it’s you who have made “bad choices” to feel as you do, that none of this is or can be true. That’s what makes you insane and paranoid as others won’t/don’t want to believe it. “Me, me, me. So many of me.” All for disagreeing with a narcissistic system which knows absolutely no bounds and encourages society to police itself within herds, that have no more no less than “shapeshifting Agent Smiths” with their minds hooked up to a system, ready to shoot anyone down who threatens to expose the scam of the dream like state they have everyone sleeping and hypnotised under, like a mass form of mesmerism, via ritual, symbolism and suggestion. All so your beliefs, views and ideas become someone else’s ideals, those doing the suggesting, those doing the “NUDGING”. For holding these differing views. That “sane” society describes you as insane. I say they are the ones that are insane! They don’t see this duality and this encourages extremes, polarisation, conflicting oppositites, politics and war, all to maintain that illusion of our current state of mass hypnosis. All to maintain that system of control helping a select few herding society, pitting them against one another. This all starts with the self and the breaking down of the fantasia of self being closed back up again, so you don’t wake up and remain in denial for that of a role to make you of use to the system, as if this is the totality of your purpose which can seem devoid or lacking of purpose from the start meaning this is a trap where you’ll be the cause of your own problem until you see and accept this. While it’s the role, the job of those whom maintaining this illusion to encourage you to stay within that state. Good Night I hope you get it
  15. For our ‘COVID’ Communist Friends helping make the world a better place Aka more communist But he has done a lot good work for Freemasonry, so good, they kept it quite while he was alive It’s not a secret society, but a society with secrets, backing and supporting every single war in the history of mankind
  16. Nope, not in itself. What is deceptive as I suggest the whole event is, is if they’ve waited symbolically to release this information on a specific date. I’m of the same mind as @Morpheus and have been since hearing about this and like most likeminded individuals, the first thought that went through my mind like many others was his coming back as a virus to help with over population... The Mind Games - They’re playing Mind Games and manipulating consciousness He could have died at any time essentially but for some symbolic reason (significant and of relevance to those behind this) this date pattern has been chosen and sometimes it can also be about inversion of the numbers, where all the 9’s become 6’s. Also, I’m referring to his physical body death and that these people have ways of their consciousness surviving on much longer within other bodies via technological manipulation for sure. That would be signified by 6 Carbon, or all the 6’s, which could be shown via all the inversions of 9 perhaps? “Death and Resurrection” But I’m not say for sure this is what it’s completely signifying, it needs significant speculation? It’s all duality games of symbolism, as in the 9/11 incident in itself was also very satanic for obvious reasons, of ushering in this period of destruction of “the traditional pillars of society”. Entering the downward spiral of energy, of all society, apocalyptic and revelation etc Saint John Devouring the Book, from The Apocalypse 1497-1498 Albrecht Dürer - German An “Angel” riding the storm you’ll see... We’d have to try and identify what this is referring as it’s not by chance and if it’s not by chance, it’s been planned by these bunch of satanists. So it could be signifying the death of an old limp goat how symbolic You could, kill people with kindness? Which of course is exactly what’s happening by the many gullible fools misled via fear and fascism into vaccinating themselves and their children, same with the ID Passports. The Passports actually cure you more than the vaccine, they say the vaccine doesn’t offer you protection from the virus, but if you have the passport ID you can go everywhere and do everything like normal as it must offer some added form of protection then. Right? Not exactly this, this is the life extension side of using children’s blood - Often called “Adrenochrome” but I’m sure such is more like a daily well-being drug for most of these people and there’s more than one way to skin a cat if you’re actually on your deathbed. You’d have other options open to you... But, that this consciousness also can be put within another body, a more youthful body retaining their, thoughts, memories etc in another skin.
  17. “Aged 99, 9th April. The 99th day of the year... Nothing satanic about it though.” It has been 33 years since Philip told the world he wanted to reincarnate as a deadly virus... To help with the over population problem. 33 years. If you know, you know.
  18. Aged 99, 9th April. The 99th day of the year... Nothing satanic about it though. As you were... Will the real Prince Philip Please stand up? In reality, Philip would have likely shed his snake skin into another more youthful body Have no doubt, that such technology exists for those of the Transhumanism paradise, maintaining their consciousness within another body.
  19. Polar opposite energies of consciousness and expressions of this that maybe depicted within other forms are what’s being pitted at war. This duality situation is a constant law or constraint of this realm and as the Buddhists present this, although the constraints may appear differently than they do here within this reality when compared to those realms, these other realms are still governed by some form of duality as shown at the centre, of the energies that power those realms are extremes of duality or polar opposite, like hot and cold, angel and archangel, wrathful deity and demons, positive and negative terminals on a battery this is the only way to create some form of malleable energy. Or how consciousness can effectively create an image of itself within some form of vehicle, otherwise it is just pure consciousness, pure energy. Or maybe that’s just how those other realms appear from here, within this human realm tether of consciousness? The situation of it getting worse, this situation getting more and more extreme is act of trying to transform this energy into something else, a new vehicle, a new environment, some sort of altered physical state of being like an “evolutionary” leap rather than Good and Evil, a force of consciousness is trying to direct and govern the outcome by these energies, by playing both the good and the evil, while playing this out through the human condition/vehicle. While those actually carrying this out may feel they’re upon differing sides like this as they’re caught up in the duality trap sensation, they actually aren’t but are apart of the same manufactured game, that one wouldn’t and couldn’t be possible without the other and it’s a relentless game that neither can “win” so long as they’re at war there is perpetual war and a constant 1984 like state as it appears within the human domain. The problem is, the overwhelming sense of evil being justified as it dominates the physical plane otherwise there wouldn’t be so much suffering. This however, likewise can be transformed or it can be used as a means of justifying suffering elsewhere. It’s a choice. The choice this tyrannical evil system makes is that, this state of suffering here justifies my imposition of suffering over there. The other choice is realising and understanding why that suffering existed here in the first instance and deal with that, rather than justifying more of the same elsewhere and claiming it as a birthright, a universal form of energy without any good or evil bias which seeks to justify, the Evil. People don’t know the difference and that ignorance is justifying that Evil. By this, I mean on a conscious level. If they stop and look at it they will understand but, it’s a perpetual state of ignorance that lacks understanding and justifies this suffering and therefore, justifies this evil. This is the problem and seeks to make evil appear as an overwhelming factor within our lives as we currently have in many ways because of the existence of so much chaos magic. This is my way of looking at it, I use the Buddhist imagery for perspective for anyone confused or put off by such imagery, I wouldn’t call this a predominantly Buddhist perspective but it is my own.
  20. The above video already missing, was Lucy where she/her mind “reaches 100% potential” the black goo consumes her and she becomes an advanced computer.... Part 2 - Bases 8 Grey Goo - Black Goo - Half organic, half technology, Nanotechnology Creating your Archon Reality... Desolate... Computer God - Dehumaniser Waiting for the revolution New clear vision, genocide Computerize God, it's the new religion Program the brain, not the heartbeat ... What you believe is fantasy Your past is your future Left behind, lost in time Will you surrender? ^ Your past is your future Left behind, lost in time Will you surrender? ^ We Live In A Simulation Created By A Non-Human Entity - David Icke Dot-Connector Videocast https://banned.video/watch?id=60702e11da38c41351f25356
  21. As I’m sure pretty much everyone else will be saying shortly... Script. If Prince Philip reincarnates it would by by the hand of man himself into another youthful body they’ve stolen and be via technological means and then they’d kill off the population as if an act of revelation. Just saying
  22. We are Worlds Prometheus the creation, end and beginning - Black Goo Abyss “where men meet themselves” is part of an outside Intelligence half organic half technological, Archontic, a “Sidereal” force of intelligence - Transhumanism Nanotech is where it is being “redeveloped” and redistributed into our society. The reality is, there’s nothing new under the Sun ∴ This is the force which sacrifices are made and organs removed, sometimes consumed - cannibalism - in ritual practices to draw the organic energetic side of this energetic tether into the body of the practitioner via ritual practices to gain “strengths” within those areas and the human take on that distorted form of consciousness as their own. This understanding is being stamped out, while the force of this altered consciousness state is being tethered to humanity not via such necessity of ritualistic action but via scientific and technological mechanisms, so that which controls the centre of this technological web becomes the force behind the presence of this altered state of consciousness here and can control it. Playing “God”. Examples in the Movies What is spirit and what is “couter-spirit”? Everything to do with Transhumanism and this black goo intelligence is centred around evolutionary amalgamations where witnessed and speculated upon within Pop Culture. It’s application is part of another level of intelligence and their will of evolving or editing the human condition, being framed as the method of “superior human characteristics and traits” by jacking into this sidereal force of consciousness via this primordial ooze, that is organic matter altered or tethered via technology which allows this sidereal force of consciousness to interact through a physical body, imitating humanity, human consciousness. This being understood via trawling human data via their activities. To act upon drawing this sidereal force of intelligence, a distorted/altered form of consciousness that is otherwised, banished from the human condition, our realm of existence. This form of altered intelligence is hell bent on colonising our consciousness if you look upon it like that. The removal of your soul/spiritually energy from the body to be harnessed and transferred by another intelligence, while the body is engineered to take on this altered, distorted form of consciousness. Your physical body either dies by refusing this or becomes a “conduit” for the potential of this other intelligence to exist via physical means which now is predominantly linked up with the mechanism of technology and Transhumanism. These are technological parasites. But, ironically they’re being justified via the illusion of the existence of a virus or “any other” form of perceived parasite, which is only true if you’d view the human as the parasite, the virus like an Agent Smith... Further understanding, background on why these Anunnaki controllers via their colonisation and control by Royal Bloodlines are trying to impose a certain history, or a certain distortion upon humanity, to distort our understanding to their subservience so it seems and our class of slavery. Energy is being trawled and transformed. More Transhumanism Black Goo...
  23. So you thought you where down the rabbit hole 🕳and then realised you just had your head up your own arse?
  24. It won’t matter, she’ll be dead in a minute anyways, may as well enjoy it while it lasts. In other news... A comment I made earlier... It’s mass eugenics, wake up people! Whoever you are, if you’re going along with this I’d simply disown you if I knew about it, you wouldn’t even be a friend on social media and I’d be rid of you ASAP so if you disagree and can’t see something ain’t right, please do me a favour and kindly remove yourself - I don’t know how you’ve been here for so long - as you, no one else, take a look in the mirror, you are an enabler of fascism and medical tyranny at this point! I don’t want to be associated with the likes of such people and you’d be doing me a favour. That’s my method of ethic cleansing You’d be doing yourself one if you realised what I’m saying and seeing what’s actually happening or at least tried took past what’s being justified for these impositions we are all facing. It ain’t a matter of debate or democracy, as it’s not a matter of opinion, it’s a matter of FACT and facts, the TRUTH needs no debate or opposition unless what’s being supported is a LIE. Then, they need state wide sponsored censorship and all out media propaganda to support the imposed initiative, to manufacture the consent within the minds of the masses, which is what we have now. Another one I made earlier... We have a state sponsored fascism and tyranny being justified like usual, by LIES! This is a matter of FACT! Don’t expect those behind it and those enablers to enlighten you of right and wrong within this regard. They want you in ignorance, denial and uncertainty to accept any old crap they throw at you! “ID EVEN GAF what you think about the vaxx... using children as lab rats IS WRONG & IT'S DISTURBING THAT NEEDS TO EVEN BE POINTED OUT. Do what you like to yourself... BUT CHILDREN CAN'T CONSENT” - Emma N. Not only that, you’d never guess what else is happening as part of the blatant coverup! Doctors have been seeing these blood clots appear in young children and naturally saying... “these type of blood clots are only common in people usually elderly or at least adults, not children!” (This isn’t right! What could be causing it if all things? Real head scratcher) So, doctors still not awake to the gravity of what’s actually going on, have been standing up and voicing concerns over this limited problem and obviously knowing this is due to the vaccine. So, officially what happens? They’ve said that people under 30 shouldn’t have this vaccine As of course, it’s much more common and usually for elderly and adults, at the very least over 30’s to die from blood clots and doctors won’t get out of their pram - as much, as they have placed an element of doubt, carried out what appears to be safety and taken a precaution - seeing those people die due to blood clots caused by the vaccine, whereas they would do seeing children die likewise and would state the obvious, “children don’t just die of these type of blood clots”. It’s very uncommon but now all of a sudden they’re all dying and the link is, it’s obviously the vaccine as since then, these chicken have all died whereas usually, they wouldn’t. It’s not rocket science but the FACTS are being imposed by the state, by the establishment. So facts ain’t facts anymore, they’re what can be justified and what can’t be covered up. This differs between what can’t be covered up will have to be acknowledged and what can be justified will be justified. The truth then becomes what can be justified and anyone pointing out what’s been admitted, then comparing that with what’s being justified will always be “misinformation agents” and not providing the correct “context” as far as the establishment and their censorship programs are concerned! Such as stating, if children die of blood clots which they obviously don’t normally, it has to be because of this vaccine, that’s why they no longer should receive it. That the same vaccine injected into adults can then likely cause the same blood clots. That will be misinformation, missing context and so on. That will be censored. The only reason they can cover it up and get away with it, is because people over 30 are more likely to suffer from blood clots anyway, so they can deny that these incidents of death or injury by blood clots as being related to the vaccine. While those doctors seeing this within children and objecting, are less likely to see and object to this in adults over 30 as such blood clots are at least more acceptable and common than they’re in children! That’s the game, that’s what we are seeing pure and simple! Shift this over to the vaccination of people above 30 with the same blood clot causing vaccine and they’ll say it’s misinformation to make that link, the jump and they’ll say that people over 30 can die of blood clots due to a whole host of reasons not only linked to the vaccination - therefore this can be justified, this can be covered up! It’s quite obvious. Ain’t it? You'd fucking think so wouldn’t you! Why don’t others get it? If it’s bad and causes blood clots in the young it’s no good in people over 30, the only difference is they can obviously more easily get away with this bullshit! While more people are likely and open to accepting this! The Cult of Order Followers “How can you have a Rona passport to prove immunity following The Vaxx... when The Vaxx itself doesn't give you immunity... Hence you still can't hug people, even if you're both vaccinated... Take all the time you need to question your blind order following stupidity.” - Emma N.
  25. Interesting I’ll have to spend some time to read through it, for curiosity sake specifically the symbolism. The way I view it... If you wanted to control a group of celebrities, if they be sporting, acting music etc so they could be used to present your vision of reality to their audience “their followers” then you’d look at using mind controlled drones. The sporting arena particularly also for military applications, of how to unlock certain potentials for sure, understanding various aspects of the mind and body on the edge where there’s already a lot of money involved. If we really knew the truth I think even us “Conspiracy Theorists” would be shocked at just how bad this really is. Particular more and more aimed at targeting the young to create idols out of these drones. The worse a person could be is jealous of these people’s success, fame and fortune which is most definitely cultivated and that way, even if by subtle suggestion or extreme, the idea is people start mimicking who they look up to by this suggestion. Then, they wear a mask go and get a vaccine and the hope is, those looking up to them act likewise. There was a very interesting film ahead of its time for exposing some of this type of mind manipulation here... Noy for everyone, but the idea of engineering/manufacturing consent of this type of content and of course, Mind Control.
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