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  1. I’ve mentioned this before but incase you’ve missed it, I want to create a post explaining and expanding this here for those concerned and will take the time to read and get their head around this occult symbolism and ritual of Covid-19 with spiritual connotations which are used, twisted and inverted for perverse ends by those behind this. Covid-19 is an agenda of the Globalist Death Cult to initiate a phoney world peace initiative, movement, even if it is led via a counterculture movement, people believe is working against the Globalist Agenda. I'm sure even the less researched "Conspiracy Theorists" know full well that this is the case with Covid-19. I'd consider this, a soft sale. These scenarios set, especially three religious groups at odds with one another about what is positive and negative surrounding these Global events, their holy trinity to transform the globe into their New World Order; Judaism, Christianity and Islam. This has been created both symbolic and ritualistic, in the way which it has been played out by the hidden rulers of society, this Globalist Death Cult. These religious and spiritual connotations for this phoney world peace initiative is what I want to focus on with Covid-19, as to why things have been depicted as they have and this significance. This was obvious at the start of the scam of Covid-19, it should be ever more obvious now. However, I’m sure not for those whom still cry conspiracy theorist and so obviously, they haven’t had a grounding in the perception of perceived attempts of Global Order they, via knee jerk reaction, denounce as hocus pocus by; paranoid, troubled souls with deluded minds. Such maybe true, but we have realised this deception and we have reason to be paranoid and troubled, as we have witnessed a well maintained delusion, consistently imposed to create a perverse deceptive reality - a perception deception which many believe to be real, which is why any such notions of a conspiracy are denounced, by those under the spell, hypnosis, a mind virus. This being so perverse, they believe a fake, "physical" virus to be real and the only real virus that exists is that of the mind via these mind invaders... ∴ ^ Forgive me for using PBS So the question is, are you enslaved or cooperating? What happens when you no longer wish to cooperate? Icke Intro - Trump is Israels man, a Zionist https://sendvid.com/4hlv84i1 Is it only then you begin to see this deception and a people yet, just haven't seen or had good enough reason for them not to cooperate yet? Who are you doing all the work for, who is really doing it all and whom are knowingly pretending? Opening Ceremony - London 2012 Olympics | Industrial Revolution Performance https://youtu.be/7QL_uG2GSZo When does that cooperating become enough is enough, because of being ruled by delusional, psychopaths, parasites, which become a parasite of the mind and collective consciousness, as you repeat patterns of their behaviour as being normal, that which is imposed cradle to grave, you no longer see that subjugation and enslavement anymore, but call your cooperation, peace, normal or, "the new normal"? If we cooperate with states of perpetual war, is this peace? Or would peace be to be against such wars? There are constant wars on society, Covid-19 is one of them, not by accident but by design, deceptively and well coordinated. The wars on terrorism and drugs, are wars on freedoms, choice and designed to divide society and ensure you uphold the pretence of this phoney system of reality, their matrix. Only evolving the mind and physical body their way via technology, to remove mankind from their sensation of spirit which is seen as, a nonsense and unnecessary experience like using "drugs" to perceive the world from an entirely different POV. Such, can't be controlled by those behind this system. Only, where and when it can be controlled to dumb and numb our senses with a misuse of SOMAR. Who the F**k is Alice? - Alan Watts - Phantom Self - Involution https://sendvid.com/qy1is33h If you don’t or can’t acknowledge this state of affairs, that we are being controlled and influenced by psychopaths capable of the greatest deception and forms of psychological experimentation known to man, you would believe those whom speak of such, as being the delusional ones. That’s the nature of the great irony of this dualistic affair we find ourselves within. It is the nature of division and bamboozling by duality that we are confused and easily deceived by these Great Deceivers controlling society and putting us all into boxes. There’s a subtle form ritual and symbolism being followed throughout the above and Covid-19. I hope some people will be able to see this for themselves. I’m not going to pretend I’m aware of the full extent of this, but present what I know and as I see it. More people maybe able to fill in the gaps and see this playing out elsewhere if it's true, otherwise, it will be limited to what I have here... The Trigger - I plan to make a full post more dedicated within the respects of 9/11 and this below... ST. JOHN DEVOURING THE BOOK FROM THE 'APOCALYPSE' Twin Towers - Occult - Pillars of Establishment Destroyed - Sign of the coming Apocalyptic Event St. John consumes the book or is it he whom is consumed by the book? On Amsterdam Avenue in Manhattan, etched into the exterior stonework of the landmarked Cathedral of St. John the Divine, you'll find a scene that depicts the End of Days. The backdrop to this apocalypse is NYC, and features the Twin Towers toppling, the Brooklyn Bridge breaking in half, and a series of mushroom clouds above it all. There are skulls, snakes, and people running, as chaos reigns and the four horsemen trot in. This is presumably a depiction of NYC as "Babylon the Great," as mentioned in the Book of Revelation. In other words, the city that suffers destruction at the hands of God. "Fallen is Babylon the Great! She has become a home for demons." The pieces can be found on what the church calls their Portal of Paradise, located on the western facade, and it's been there since the late 1980s (though the church itself was conceived in the late 1800s, finally fully opening in 1941). This current state of affairs is the apocalypse of our social infrastructure, the destruction of the old Babylonian system - The appearance on the surface - for that of the New World System of Order, by technological mechanisms. Their Global Technocracy. The start, or trigger event for this slow but sure deconstruction of the old systems of society, was 9/11. It set into motion, the planned demise. destruction a reformation of our social systems and order. The Trigger of entering into the hunger games society, slowly but surely, piece by piece. Covid-19 is one more stepping stone. This has been crafted surrounding religious ideology, so people accept these revelations and prophecy and ultimately, to not carry the roles out to the end of fulfilment and thus, destroy those religions which are made of no practical use anymore, but only serve to be as destructive as Nationalism, working to divide and isolate us from the bigger picture. This is just a continuation of that agenda appearing via another form via well thought out mechanisms to transform society. The first Globalist/Universal Laws will be ushered in under Noahide Laws, the Seven Laws of Noah - The Seven Churches - The Seven Chakras - these are essentially supposed to represent seven ideals in Judaism and Christianity, presented as a convenient that would be well adopted by all and so it should be, as it is imposed via kindness for our greater good. The first steps of Global Government. This could be translated as a means or mechanism as to live ones life by to be able to enter within the kingdom of heaven, transcendence of spirit/soul, although I’m sure it it’s looked at differently by many whom wouldn’t necessarily make such an association as I am here, this is an interpretation. This is an imposition of something which is good and not evil in and of itself as some christians I'm sure attribute to chakra points. It's pushing of a narrative you can't seem to argue with without appearing as though you don't want global peace to ride ride roughshod over everyone and maintain the balance of peace, ensuring they and they alone maintain control over society. Kabbalah Tree of life - St. John the Divine - On a Christian place of worship or Occults, both? Which is therefore being imposed via the Globalists for perverse means and I'm sure many people that will seek to expose this will blame all the Jews collectively and not the "fake Jews, whom are a Synagogue of Satan." It's important to remember, the Globalist Death Cult deliberately created this state of affairs to perverse many religions and to not get caught in the trap of actually blaming other religious groups as this is designed to be used as such a mechanism to mutually destroy one another. That helps the occultists and that's their plan. The fake Jews, whom are a Synagogue of Satan, where created by the Death Cult deliberately to present this view and exploitation of Christianity, as being Israel and those Zionist "Jews" come this long planned deception. These may seem harmless in nature, maybe even something we should embrace and accept like the wearing of masks, “what’s the harm it’s easy and makes sense”- if you believe the lies - but they’re the first steps on the road towards Global Government and Global Laws, that’s what this is really all about. This is the use of Christianity and Judaism, to manipulate and introduce a far greater perverse system more closely associated with satanism, or better put, the exact opposite and inversion of Christianity. While using a common goal and enemy, being Islam. I'm not a christian and I believe christianity itself has been used perversely to present all other religions other than itself as being "Satanic" as a means to attack, destroy them and impose christianity as a solution and in doing so, destroys any and all good christianity itself may actual otherwise represent. It has gone around the world morally seeking to ethnically cleanse the world for colonisation and reeducation by the likes of these early day Globalists being exposed here. It’s the use of Christian ideals to achieve a certain end of control, much like in the respects of how Zionism use Judaism, Israel and manipulate many other political powers in the interests of representing Jews. The same is being achieved via globalism with a predominant use of Christianity, while drawing on underlying prophecy of many other religions and spiritual groups by deception. So they believe certain circumstances to be real and spontaneous, divine in nature and origin, not being played out as a great deception via these great deceivers. Their One World Government, which issues these laws and therefore, controls the world and will streamline this process via technology, a Global Technocracy. Just look at China, a carbon copy of such technological tools to control society in the most tyrannical manner, it is expected we become accustomed to such as “the new normal”. It’s not always the said technology that is negative in and of itself. This isn’t a pro-technology, anti-technology affair. It’s the reason for it’s being and how it is to be used to control, influence and manipulate society in most respects of the technological debate. Contact (Movie) Are we Happier? https://sendvid.com/shgbmslj The warning of Covid-19 back in 1995? The Second decade of the 21st Century - 2020 - The Info Wars - Corporations Rule - Lethal Virus Technology transplanted into brains? A virus which is spread via technological exposure causing nerve damage... 5G, Technological SMART GRID? Who knew? Unlike 5G, this is negative in all regards, it’s use, the technological exposure itself and how it is intended to be used, mimicking the cosmic web, ether, indras net, a technological duplication, to string all parts of our existence into the dependence on technological aids as a matter of convenience and being the most comfortable. This is for control via the use of such technological tools. http://cosmicweb.kimalbrecht.com/ 5G, Technological SMART GRID? Who knew? I hope you can see what I’m getting at... This Occult Symbolic and Ritualistic Agenda follows or mimics the story of Noah Noah with his Covid-19 travel pass After the flood, Noah witnessed a great rainbow, a sign and symbol from God associated spiritually and as a sign of higher intelligence, communication, a higher path, dimension or symbolic of spiritual transcendence back to pure light, back to the source, pure consciousness, and so on, an it is the same within many cultures, the story is the same when it comes to the rainbow, it’s the interpretation which is different and the story behind it, to the story of Christianity, that the wrath of God was over and everything was coming to a calm. Rainbow body, achieved via the practice of kundalini meditation, the seven chakras, the seven sources of light in the rainbow and transcendence of the soul, spirit or consciousness, using the seven chakras as guides, so you can realise your true higher self beyond this physical body and mind - transcendence back to source of your true state of being beyond this fantasia illusion, reflection or hologram, sometimes referred to as, The Kingdom of Heaven, Shambhala, Shabalba - Xibalba, based upon purity of the consciousness by realising oneself and not becoming bound by the illusion material pursuits of life, but the spiritual underlying nature that given birth for such an existence to arise. Noah witnessed a white dove which led them back to a new world cleansed of sin, which they will now inherit and spread fourth. This is symbolic in the Globalist plan, even if they invert such symbolism. Right at the start of this phoney pandemic, Covid-19 was always associated with the rainbow and analogies, slogans and terms around the world as... ‘After every storm comes a rainbow’ ‘Sometimes the greatest storm bringst out the greatest beauty or how Vincent Van Gogh once said "There is still peace, even in the Storm".’ ‘Stronger together’ - Global Order ‘We Race as One’ - - F1 Globalist rhetoric to achieve Global Order, with use of BLM ‘For staying home, raising our spirits and making us smile.‘ - Nothing could be further from the truth, this arbitrary situation is designed to destroy and trample the human spirit! These are all psychological, newspeak terms, likely conjured up via the source, the Tavistock Institute to manipulate individuals into perceiving a global sense of unity, when and how they're associated with this great deception. Just like building a mountain out of frontline NHS staff so the Globalist deception can't be questioned, without appearing to undermine and marginalise these dancing heros, used to make fools out of all involved! This may sound positive, but it’s deeply deceptive. This is about that Global Government being introduced out of the ashes of the old Babylonian System. So, the storm, Covid-19 and we have been shown the calm before the actual storm as it’s inversion and the Global World Peace plan, the Noahide Laws, will be symbolised globally by the Dove of Peace. This is to seek a path to inherit a New World Order. The Dome of the Rock has to be destroyed, symbolically within the game these Globalists are playing. It will of course be by these Globalists. It will be said to have been destroyed, attacked by UFO's, possibly alien in origin, as it is unknown. Think of how that can be used deceptively for a moment... You'll see how and why it is likely, even if many will perceive this as unexpected. This is to divide people, separate those whom "want to believe from the nonbelievers." Yet, this paradigm will be flipped on it's head, when the controlled MSM are the ones advocating - of sorts - UFO's are responsible for an attack on the temple mount, Al Aqsa, removing The Dome of the Rock, making way for King Solomon's Temple. I won't go into this here but create another post about this. I have many posts to catch up on, I was unable to posts due to the previous forum attacks. We are all starseeds, star people, or starborn meaning we are not created in physical reality. Our souls experience simultaneously in many realities, timelines, and realms. We are souls sparks of light having one or more experiences in physical reality about to remember that it is all a consciousness hologram. https://www.crystalinks.com/starseeds.html This pretty much sums up what a Bilderberg meeting must have recently looked like and is what's happening and being attempted upon our systems. The hard sale is triggering our survival instincts, so we will comply with anything to simply survive and go with their flow of things. Using as Globalist Transformation trigger mechanisms; Virus and Disease, Terrorism, Climate Change, Over Population, Wars from traditional physical wars to Nuclear Wars, designed specifically to target certain areas for mass genocide of certain groups, Population Control and Eugenics justified via war which should be made criminal, not accepted and carried out via society. Notice any patterns?
  2. What a really bummer that is! They’ve been successful at removing what undoubtedly is a platform where people are able to see and research a resource of what’s happening now due to this whole false flag scam of Covid-19, what’s led us here and what it’s all about... As I’m sure you could quite easily reflect on many posts on here where people have pointed out and had concerns about things and see them coming to fruition, while now they’re being justified because of Covid-19. Less people will be able to see this because of such an attack and that’s what all the censorship is about if you ask me. As we should know, many things marginalised and overlooked in the past are being designed and justified because of Covid-19. It’s a tool for achieving preconceived ends, which unless you researched them before Covid-19 many people still a sleep won’t understand the significance and the deception... I’m sure this is the real risk for those minions behind this deception, as even the most asleep have the opportunity to see what likeminded people have been suggesting in the past on here and being discredited and attacked as mentally ill idiots, then they see those things actually happening, something isn’t right and maybe those people need to reconsider what’s going on. I don’t know about you, but I’ve had what I’d of considered life long friends be this way and hostile towards me due to expressing my views on the existence of a Global Conspiracy essentially, over say the past 10 years or so on or off and now, they’ve gone quite silent ? That’s why I research and use the forum. I often try to make posts as if I was trying to get through to such a people because of it indirectly, while a part of me is definitely bitter about it and the arrogance of some people, especially those who where once close friends. The greatest fear is of losing control of people manipulated by the system I’m sure. So they’ve had to show their hand with the likes of this forum attack, they had the most to gain by doing it and the most to lose if the forum wasn’t attacked, just in the same way they’re censoring and deplatforming others all at the same time, big coincidence I’m sure.. That alone is a good means for attacking this forum, as like minded people, brought here because of the covid-19 attack, can quite easily come here to communicate and understand what’s going on. They don’t want people to understand other than accept what they’re told and so we’ve been stopped from communicating with those potentially new people coming here. I’m sure, every false flag attack, many people whom otherwise wouldn’t be on this forum, come here to see what’s going on. I’ve notice it happen before. That’s a threat and serious fear for those behind this manipulation. It’s something we should watch for if it happens again, as for some of us, such a forum attack around what we say is a False Flag Event gives the game away doesn’t it as we will all know, it most definitely is a false flag event if we were otherwise under any doubt, often times there’s little anyway when we understand why such a thing has occurred, that’s exactly why the forum is being attacked. These tactics of the system can be exposed via this attack, hopefully that’s enough for a certain amount of people to understand something isn’t right - you’d hope and imagine anyway. The forum collectively must have been making an impression and impact to have received such an attack. Thanks again, I’ve missed making them, it provides an outlet I’ve not been getting my fix of tbh they give me clarity and in the past I researched and made notes to myself which is what I then go one and expand into the forum posts. I haven’t left the forum that’s for sure! Just waiting it to be functional. The idea I’m sure is to inspire fear also in the people who share information on here and stop them from doing so. If you haven’t, I recommend watching this movie, it was going to be at the end of the post i was working on. The post is about the use of technology to interfere with our minds and control our perspectives, MKULTRA type stuff and this movie is very ahead of its time where technology is concerned, while it gives a great impression of how such technologies have and are being applied via the Military, which is what’s happening for certain technologies to go on and then control us after that technology has been developed, even if it’s marketed as something else. BrainStorm For now it’s all on YT Good Quality.
  3. ^ Bit of predictive programming in that game. It works but I had a really short time to edit the content before it was locked. Short than usual it seems or it maybe because it’s a comment and not OP. It definitely won’t be enough time for me to make my posts. I’ll wait. Thanks again anyways ?
  4. Thanks for the quick replies. I may give it ago plain text then altering or wait until the 10th. It can be a bit of a pain, I remember trying this not long after the forum was attacked and it was hit and miss, sometimes content was still blocked for me when editing, where as some would slip through. It was quite a job they did then and turned out far too successful! I’ve been keeping away from the forum due to the attack until it was fixed and checking back periodically. So all the previous posts are now lost and have gone down the ether? Or, have they some how been saved and will be migrated over to the new forum? If so, hopefully the new forum will allow blogs to be pulled into posts, that way so long as the blogs are preserved the content may have a chance of surviving. I tried this once before and the blog provided deleted everything also... It certainly is an Information Warfare! (I’ll test a link edit on this post)
  5. I have content I’d like to post... Anything and everything I post with a hyperlink or image, gets automatically blocked by Cloudfare... Is there a way to get around this by certain users requesting this? Is it being fixed or is there a new forum I don’t know about yet? ? I’ve made several posts over this lockdown, I hope will be of interest to people in the forum, but currently have no way of posting them on the David Icke Forum and have come back a few times hoping we will have resurrected from this DOS attack but still seems the forum is knackered. Hopefully, someone can provide me some guidance on this? Thanks ✌
  6. Yes, I’ve been having this problem since the forum attack! I've written a couple of posts I’ve given up all hope of posting until the forum is eventually fixed, if it ever will be or we have a new one in place. It’s really been pissing me off and has meant I’ve been distancing myself from posting - I guess they where successful in their mission, those whom attacked the forum. But, you simply can’t post content on this forum atm, at least the last time I tried. You can only really post clear text, it’s hit and miss on images and hyperlinks. It’s really nothing to do with your content at this stage, it’s just blanket banning and restrictions on posting until normal service is restored. Please, for the love of God don’t tell me this is the “New Normal”?
  7. I would suggest, people here keep a close eye on the Venezuela situation as it's connected with the Iran and China narrative of a Globalist Warfare initiative. As is, the grounds of this Covid-19 Pandemic, to justify the tentacles of many Death Cult Agencies, polluting the masses. Pitting the world at war against the enemies of International Zionism - The Key Central to the Globalist Objectives This can also be triggered, by the clashing of Pakistan and India, this opens up another front agaisnt China via India and Nepal, as of course, the Globalists will move in and support India after a number of them have been "cleansed" from the land. China will be accused of exploiting the opportunity by militarization in Nepal, which the "Good Guys" need to contain, which therefore, justifies the militarization of Nepal and India by us instead, which ever aspect of the Global Cabal fill this role - US or UK likely - sound familiar, should do? It's a win win, the Globalists via The British Empire, whom created this state of affairs, this division between India - Hindus and Islamists - to do this, creating Pakistan to be used as a catalyst against dividing India and out of the Assassination of Gandhi. This was designed to create division and create a scapegoat enemy out of collective Islam, Pakistan. Just like the JFK Assassination, we designed to pit the world against Communism... This all happened as a result of WWII at the same time of the creation of Israel and the attack upon Tibet. These where actions of efforts by the Globalist Death Cult, they're not separate incidents or scenarios. Like within the context of Tibet, this is far removed from the context of WWII in many aspects, or western involvement, it's all Chinas fault, as is the ignorance towards the previous war waged on Tibet by the British Empire. The same Globalist Cabal armed and trained rebels like they do in the Middle East! Purely because of Geopolitical interests, in the west, Tibet is the victim and in the interests of Palestine, Israel is the victim... Their individual situations have little to do with this, it is Geopolitics and Globalism. The PTB don't give a sh!t about either! They're part of the same agenda of the One World Government, in creating the appropriate world stage, no matter how hypocritical certain situations may appear, which is why their historical context is often removed from the story... These are Globalist initiatives which have been long since primed for their Thrid World War. The World has been made a stage to do this. The same with the division in Korea. This was to create an airstrip one into China and use North Korea, a hidden hand dictator as justification to surround China... It's like a revival of the Cold War and Venezuela is Cuba. China is the Old Soviet Union and Iran is Vietnam. The New Space Race is the Race towards the Technotronic Era - A Globalist Dictatorship via Technology This needs to cultivate National Extremism upon many fronts, to create war and pit Nationalism towards it's own demise. The same goes for the framing of how religion paved way to needless wars to remove religion, after the Globalists have used religion and Nationalism, to achieve their Globalist goals. The Solution - Globalism. This situation is being fabricated by the Globalist Death Cult to engineer war, divide and rule. Central to this, is the destruction of The Dome of the Rock for King Solomon's Temple - it has to be built atop the ashes of The Dome of the Rock for the Globalist Death Cult... If stepping stones for this all start to commence shortly, we can understand what this sustained attack upon the Icke platforms are all about! No matter how minor the early stages of what is being suggested here, it's important people don't get a feel for the bigger picture early on. As so much is going to be justified because of these events whenever they occur, at some point out of this Covid-19 Plandemic and the Depression which is being systematically created. This historically means war to restore order. The likelihood is, this will be marked by phoney False Flag attacks to keep people in fear across Europe and the US. Using the idea that masks helped aid the terrorists, so we need facial recognition technology everywhere and we all need to look at the camera, face uncovered when in public spaces from now on when entering areas. This is about us wilfully surrendering to the Technological infrastructure and thus the new Globalist State and infrastructure. So we have to openly accept it! This will then be associated with the False Flag Attacks in Jerusalem that will inevitably lead to the destruction of The Dome of the Rock. This is about creating a situation of empathy towards the common enemy that's desired by the Zionists, so we view our enemy as theirs and we view our problems one in the same. A False Unification. When this happens, wheels will be set into motion. This is what the Pivot to Asia and the "perfect noose" is all about. It's long since in preparation for this event to occur, as the Globalists have been creating a World Stage to do and justify this. We don't have to go into the obvious reality of China and this Covid-19 situation and why shallow and phoney alternative MSM outlets have been pushing the idea of a Biological Warfare as Covid-19. It will be said, Iran accuses Israel "the Jews" of carrying out a biological attack within Iran by the way of their circumstances relating to Covid-19. MSM will frame this and undermine the reality of this but justify this is why Iran thinks this and has justified an antisemitic attack upon Israel, of no basis. This will be used to frame the idea in peoples minds, that Iran are behind some form of attack on Israel by armed trained rebels no doubt. Along with justifying Israel attacking strategic locations in the Middle East. This is obviously the Alphabet Agencies carrying out such skullduggery, whatever form these circumstances I'm referring to, take. As something of the sort will follow, it's just anyone's guess how they actually play it. They definitely want to create empathy for Israel, they want to justify this facial recognition technology etc etc They want the mass public to be entrained upon this event when it takes place, which is what the whole lockdown situation is about if you ask me. So many people looking towards the authorities to for guidance and the creation of all this uncertainty, this energy being entrained upon a desirable terrorist event, a new trigger event designed to manipulate and guide society a certain way, then introduce this Technocracy! I wouldn't be surprised if this sliding scale of danger due to Covid-19 is used during a terrorist event and it start to encompass terrorism! This would make sense of the sustained attempt of silencing Icke and this research across as many means of communication as possible.
  8. A solution to minimise some damage could be - although some may not like it - keep this current amount of security we have now for all free users on a setup that’s like guest users with no reputation. So, new users can’t post links or attachments. But, if you’re a member of David Icke dot com or Ickonic you’re allowed full access and can post links and images by inputting a code or something you get for signing up just for a month and then once you’ve done this, you’re allowed full access to the forum indefinitely just for paying one month, as you’ll have their details. Not fool proof but it minimises some risk. Other than that, you have to earn a certain amount of reputation until you’re allowed full access even on free user accounts. This can also remove shills whom are just hear to undermine individuals. But, if they get a password for admins the problem will still exist. Plus if they steal someone’s credit card... We don’t want a 1984 style system here because of them but something to deter the majority of idiots whom aren’t serious about being here and what they’re doing, other than deliberately trying to cause some form of trouble.
  9. It was doing the same thing to me earlier. if you have links or images in the post, this will likely be why it’s doing it. I think a higher level of security has been implemented for the time being while the fix takes place that stops hyperlinks being inserted and attachments to prevent the hackers redirecting people until they’ve been rooted out etc. I hope they are also able to recover previous posts? I know it may take some time, but I hope it’s recoverable or attempted from backups, as a use for a resource to people. We don’t want these bastards to win by their attacks and they be made to appear successful!
  10. Yep, I agree with you Oz and Fluke, the general consensus here... I do hope the other posts on this forum are backed up and will eventually be restored if anyone knows this is or will eventually be possible? Just that they won’t be dumped or be irretrievable. As it’s best this forum is used as a resource, one which is respected, due to the people whom have spent a lot of time, researching, complying and sharing information on here. Otherwise these parasites attacking the forum and stopping this information getting out win and are successful in what they’re attempting to do! I’m going to look for a way of possibly using an embedded like blog post, where I can make a post on another blog page and then embed it into the forum to be protected from this kind of BS again then it’s at least retrievable and the threads can at least be restarted and do the same for reply’s that contains a lot of content. Other people may want to consider this also or have another suggestion to prevent this kind malicious attack on alternative opinion, freedom of speech and the free flow of information...?
  11. Disgusting, obviously a systematic effort of the PTB to undermine alternative sources of information which undermines the official narrative. This group is a shell organisation of this “effort” which they could easily fake with numerous bot accounts and a few convinced idiots whom buy the official narrative of course after the psychological sway of figures is amounted by the circulation on social media. This is an arm of the Globalists Death Cult. They will use their other alphabet agencies to do their bidding with attacks like this. They’re ultimately in bed together. I do hope the other posts on this forum are backed up and will eventually be restored if anyone knows this is or will eventually be possible?
  12. Yes they can already do this... Also in regards to your last part, yes I suspect they can and do have more advanced technology as you suggest. It's not about this though... It's about making society subservient to technology. It's a Transhumanism perspective and engaging/engineering society to accept this as normal an rational and get the public to wilfully surrender their rights to the imposed of technological surveillance! It's about society accepting this technology as a possible means of surveillance that we could otherwise refute as being an imposition and removal of our human rights, which it is! So, they need to make Technological surveillance a justified means of law against individuals and the masses within their everyday life and not just because they're suspect in something or other, which can equally be conjured up out of nowhere already, so this is genuinely an attack on everyone and justifying this being legal and acceptable! They can do all they're doing as you say now, cloak and dagger and at a prosecution level, be denied under many circumstances for the unjustified removal of any "ordinary citizen" the general public without just cause. They want to justify making this unjustified technique, justified and so we surrender our human rights by accepting and not resisting this. So, they're manufacturing an event to achieve this so if you resist, it is you whom looks like the Extremist or the Terrorist! The IP BIll - Snoopers Charter - drastically increased this danger of justified surveillance against the "ordinary citizens". As you may have seen and heard, many shopping centres over the country and indeed, the world, have been holding hosting events for the public to willful be scanned by facial recognition technology! This is clearly to engage society so we will accept this trojan horse of the deep state by the morons whom don't understand these dangers of their surveillance... It's about engineering our consent, not about the fact they already have technology more advanced to do this. It's about us accepting Technological surveillance and more and more Technological imposition upon a daily basis! Terrorism will help achieve this! Along with the current mask issue being said to be an aid, so we have to accept the cameras and show our faces to it. This is subservience, acquiescence as Icke says a lot. It's about making society submissive to the beast system! Denial of Service - Ransomware The majority of this attack is to remove the resource of providing information about what is really going on, Global Events. This will be about exposing Covid-19 on one I'm sure as these PTB are trying their best to smear and censor as much alternative data they can on this issue - this is the greatest deception of the 21st Century, since WMD in Iraq and 9/11! Like I've mentioned previously, they don't like the fact that both DavidIcke dot com and the forum act as a third party like a Torrent website and information that's otherwise being successfully censored, is being successfully circulated via these means. This is why they've recently removed Icke from so much of social media. This also means something crucial, is likely coming by this amount of censorship and sabotage! I suspect a False Flag Attack is planned that the PTB immediately want to exploit and to do this, they need to minimise immediate response of speculation of what is a clear deception. Ickes Webpage and Forum is obviously why they would do this and is what should make any incident stink of being Alphabet Agencies involvement - hint: not Islamist Extremists, not Iran who will likely be accused of supporting such terrorists, as if they carried out this attack beforehand, as that is what we would have to believe when we know this s Globalist Zionist exploitation and objective by them being the ones whom gain the most... As per usual! The question being, who within the Intelligence Apparatus knew and as such a False Flag was impending, they obviously desired such an attack to exploit so the whole narrative shouldn't be believed from start to finish. So everyone should be deeply suspicious if something like I suggest is happening and not susceptible as they want people! This could come in the form of a "Second Wave" either an equivalent lie or it be the genuine biological warfare attack this time! Which, many of us will therefore believe is an equal exploitation as this original fake Pandemic! I believe they're mad enough to do this! The alternative... As I shared on Social Media when I found out about this... David Icke Forum and Website down due to a DOS Ransomware Attack... The PTB are definitely advancing their Censorship Agenda to a deplatform alternative perspectives that expose the MSM as a massive crock! One can only imagine what they're planning to happen asap, that's already under the microscope they don't want people to understand the obvious nature of the False Flag Scenario and how they're going to continue to exploit it? Will it be further Coronavirus exploitation? Second Wave? (I'd like to believe more people are becoming wise to the level of deception of this situation...) It speaks volumes in itself that this level of censorship is taking place! Just a guess of something that has been on the cards for sometime now... How many others have or will be hacked by DOS/Ransomware Attacks? Images of Attack on The Dome of the Rock - Phoney ISIS Vs Hamas Situation - Iran Blamed... In terms of the forum it's a double whammy. You can deny service, delete content, sabotage - stopping other people from becoming aware of certain things and research and archive a collection of individuals accounts, IP Addresses and some of this information you can be after originally while the forum was still active, you get the information you want and then you sabotage and do the denial of service attack. Which is what I'd suggest is what happened and in doing so, you cover up your tracks of what you're really after and where really doing here before that sabotage occured, which is what you do when you've finished. While also looking for patterns and trends within the archived data. Links between individuals accounts or create patterns that don't really exist at all - like Terrorists Passports type scenario, you can create phoney trends of data and accuse people of having relationships they don't have or you could set out to make them by communicating with them via a certain means you come across -- and suggest that accounts of "Conspiracy Theorists" are connected with known Islamic Extremists and shit like this. To create this idea of Extremism linking between Conspiracy Theorists and terrorists. They want to create this scenario, big time to justify coming down hard on "Conspiracy Theorists" and treating them like terrorists, far right wing, White Supremacists, racist extremists and all that jazz etc If people do use a VPN say, they'd compare those IP Addresses gathered, used to search other IP Addresses across a range of Social Media accounts, they can also look for patterns such as, someone sharing a forum post on their social media accounts until they track down individuals and create a list of such individuals they'd like to identify their online finger prints - activities and their various relationships by looking through the form data for any relationships they don't currently know via the FBI Wetdream of FB example. While also finding relationships between datasets. This I don't doubt, if it was the PTB, they would do this and then sabotage data, denial of service and in doing so covering up their tracks and it's hidden behind a denial of service attack. Probably scoping on certain individuals sharing data they most detest for example... The question would be, how did they get access? Was it bruteforce attack on an account? This, I think would be difficult because the account goes inactive after so many attempts have been incorrectly made, unless there is a way around this? Was an administrators password gained by the admin using the same password on another site and it was phished? Or did the hacker create a fake front webpage - Phishing Again - that looked like David Ickes Forum or Webpage and when entering their password they gave the information to the hacker and was redirected to the real page? Other than that, an admin gave their details away to someone and they've recently fallen out or left DavidIcke dot com But, people involved within this will probably have a better guess at how this was achieved, unless they've really done a number on their sabotage... Sorry, won't let me add images currently... Link via alternative host, nor directly via attachments link. If you do, you'll get You've been block due to hacking. This will probably be that Admins have increased the threat of security level until they've fixed it. As such, will only accept clear text so no redirection links can occur by hackers, it won't allow any until the damage of the hack is rooted out. Hopefully this is all it is and not further damage...
  13. Yes the new version, incorporating the Technocracy Aspect... It's basically incorporating and telling people about the A.I. total control objectives, 5G SMART Grid, the world once it has already been introduced. The burning of books being so all info available will be delivered via the medium of the Internet! So, total control can take place, so censorship of alternative content and the pushers of alternative content - everyone here pretty much, be considered terrorists, outcasts. Like what's happening now, we are all dangerous, extremists and the preachers of hate, which is going to drive or fuel Terrorism ? Alternative opinions and the truth is going to drive a revolution/Involution - they fear losing control and they want their control total! The medium of Amazon - The Kindle If it ain't on their or you don't get it from their, it being contraband effectively! It's about reducing the spiritual and artistic expression of individuals, so the complete governor is the system to the reduction of the other. It's about pitting humanity at war against the other half of themselves... Along with the same idea as Brave New World SOMA - Eye drops in this film - Fahrenheit 451 - appropriately for All-Seeing eye of Big Brother changing the perspectives of the masses, by the deep state perspectives becoming our perspectives. Total Control! Currently, SOMA is the Opiate Epidemic... The epidemic exists because people don't want to become guilty of being "sense offenders" feeling and thinking for themselves. Face Crime - Think of the analysis via facial recognition, so called automated A.I. - they've already secretly been using this Technology in places like tesco - mentioned earlier in this post and the abuse that this could entail by use of the system and their psychoanalysis. They never analyse themselves and their own totalitarian behaviour ? So, we are led to numb the pain via medication. Via the fear of what others would think of us if we do think and feel for ourselves, by doing so, we lose a grounding within the comfortable normality of a reality we have become accustomed to... This is happening, within these movies even if not very good - which I don't particularly like them apart from V for Vendetta ? personally - they're an extreme artistic presentation of what's actually happening. A genuine deception which exists within reality... It's actually hidden out in open where no one looks for it but simply accepts as a reality, instead of a fantasia, a self imposed illusion which is fed via the bamboozlment of an external independent authority, which exists of itself, mutually exclusive and not the authority you have previously given it... People need to remember that authority starts and ends with themselves, no external authority! That's the greatest Fantasia! Which allows these tyrants to impose upon the masses... Covid-19 - The Beast System Conjuring up the Pefect Storm The greatest Rainbows follow the biggest storms - Research Noahidism - Noahide Laws and their use/exploitation by the One World Globalist Government, their peace initiative to conjure up a Globalist Dictatorship... They're playing both sides of this game... The conjuring up of the storm and the light bearers - the bringers of the light...
  14. Yes I agree, hopefully if anyone is contacted suspiciously in regards to this or are attempted to be questioned by "Police" as they suspected of having Covid-19, they think about it very carefully and take note of the situation. This attack can be used to filter through surveillance, connecting content between users across various media platforms etc On another note, I've suggested they will carry out a False Flag Attack and suggest traditional surveillance techniques where undermined due to people being able to wear masks. This is a perfect ploy for the Alphabet Agencies. They can have a perfect cover. Carry out a terrorist attack and suggest, facial recognition cameras will need to be widespread! That, if you eneter public spaces from now on, large shopping centres, public transport, you have to remove your mask briefly and show your face directly to the front facing cameras and make everyone comply or else they're suspected terrorists! This facial recognition database will be synced with DVLA, Passport Office and Social Media! Also, don't doubt for a minute a database hasn't been created for all those individuals whom use their cameras to unlock their phones, both Android and Apple! That information will be gathered into the Alphabet Agencies and used for "security"... I suspect they want to keep a tighter monitor on people and their postings, for those whom hide who they're and may often use VPNs etc I'd suggest those who can be open who they're on the forum do so with nothing to hide. This is where we need to get to as to have an impact! My initial thoughts exactly. I mean, are these agencies educated and groomed into Israel by any chance? Talk about stamped on the head morons!
  15. Good luck getting it fixed ? I hope it can be exposed how and who attacked the forum? Was it DOS/Ransomware attack? Hopefully the content can be retrieved from backups in time? There's been a lot of information exposing the obvious scam of Covid-19, censorship and their Psyop mentality driving changes to society. 77th Brigade may not like being exposed for what they're doing ? as they pull the zip! Nor the obvious exposure of people celebrating VE Day while being under a state of their own tyranny! A lot of the people being censored on other platforms are being reposted by some upon the forum and using the forum to circulate that content which is otherwise being effectively censored. So, they're treating the Icke forum like a torrent platform and attacking the source of being able to provide that content to others, that they otherwise can censor by attacking the mainstream platforms. It only shows the threat and possible effectiveness of the forum! So people should keep it up This attack exposes the obvious attempt to deny alternative opinions from being made available to an audience, as more and more people will suss the mass hypnotic deception they've been put under! They're obviously piling the pressure on! I recommend anyone whom hasn't watched these watch them... THEY HAVE TO LIE AND CENSOR - THE TRUTH WOULD DESTROY THEM (AND WILL EVENTUALLY) - DAVID ICKE https://www.bitchute.com/video/OkjxFkti6cqU/
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