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  1. Yes same here didn’t pay much attention to it though or do as much research. COVID seemed to take over focus for obvious reasons... Here’s a bit of information I can find... “It means that it’s assets worth millions possibly billions will be transferred . The U.K. Gov has also applied to be dissolved ( unfortunately you can longer access this information through companies house but I have record of it ) The USA and Germany have done the same . It is being transferred ( as debt recovery most likely ) to the IMF / world bank . Welcome to the NWO / One World Government .” “I saved this recently I was unsure of the significance but it seemed pertinent. Perhaps this is what is going on , I don't know but I suspect it is NWO related COPIED;;;;;;;;;; Just incase anyone is unclear that we are experiencing and interacting in a Trueman show type augmented reality game of commerce, (that's not even real!) all you need to do is go onto companies house and you will see that the government uk ltd (a PRIVATE limited Company and domestically referred to as Her Majestys government) has applied to be struck off the register, becoming dissolved, and gifting everything over to the CROWN Corporation. Now why would that be? CORONA means crown. A FOI was put in and companies house have said that if no one puts in a substantial evidence based objection by the 21ST JUNE (pay attention now) then the strike off will carry on. The Crown is a Corporation that operates outside the British legal system and controls the City of London, the wealthiest financial banking "square mile" on the planet. It is NOT the same as the British Monarchy and even the Queen has to ask permission to enter it. It is a seperate country and private independent nation state within Britain that has it's own government and "thinktank", it's own laws, it's own police force, it's own flag. No government agency outside of its own holds jurisdiction over the crown. Make no mistake about it, the UK is a corporation and you and me are its employees. The "company director" of government uk ltd is Laird (Lord) James Coutts, who is part of a 329 year old Coutts family private bank that forms part of the natwest group's wealth management division and one of the largest and oldest banks in the uk, the Royal Bank of Scotland (Coutts) bank whose parent division is none other than "Government of the United kingdom". Not to mention there is a private Coutts bank that you can open up at one million pounds. The government uk Ltd's subsidiaries are as mentioned RBS Coutts Bank, Bradford and Bingley and British Gas. Just to further expose the Trueman show we live in, the government uk ltd also has received an academy award for best documentary feature! and government uk ltd's leader is of course none other than Boris Johnson who is an actor who will soon be exiting stage right with the rest of them at government uk ltd and handing the biggest transfer of wealth and all public assets over to the crown. The central bankers and worlds technocrats trying to move consciousness into a false 5d digital world run by digital currency (current c/ energy/ electricity/AI) ...couldn't even make it up! Update: Paradoxically they are quantum forces that are HELPING/SHOWING you that its not real and that there is no fear in a sim. So at the same time some of you may read this as being nefarious, it's also the other side of the SAME coin because its talking to YOU! They are telling you that the CROWN is the top of the head, where your brain, more specifically your pineal sits. The crown is SOVEREIGN, the monarchy has to ask permission to enter it. It doesn't need government, has it's own (inner) laws, operates outside the british legal system, has its OWN thinktank, has it's own poli ce (policy) force and NO government agency outside of it's own holds jurisdiction over the crown (pineal). The biggest transfer of wealth is your inner wealth INSIDE the city. Are you getting the nature of the quantum forces yet?.. because if not you're definitely missing a TRICK! Use the "current C" wisely, current relating to energy..enjoy the show folks! Copied from Joanne Race. As people maybe able to see, I look at this differently and that the corporation and us being employees are what’s fictitious and not real. But it is how we are controlled and how this operation exists by the fantasy of those whom have made us employees within such a corporation. That doesn’t make it real it makes it their game and “The Game” until technocracy becomes more efficient to manage this. The Seven Churches ️ Crown or “The Corona Virus” is therefore a means of symbolically seeking dominion over “The Crown” chakra. Seeking dominion over people’s perspective and state of consciousness. This is by the use of A.I. Technology and medical tyranny disconnecting people from higher levels of awareness, states of awareness that are beyond their control. The Rainbow represents the seven chakras as seen within this image. It’s shown within COVID. Its shown within the Transgender movement as the transgender movement is leading to the Transhumanist movement so we are all being skull fucked by machines! It also represents the Seven Laws of Noah. Noahide Laws. There’s no place to hide from the NWO. These laws are being imposed upon the world by the Globalist/Zionist/Sabbateans whatever you want to call them and have nothing to do with Judaism other than a hijacking of Judaism and playing the Synagogue of Satan to achieve this. It’s the globalists hiding behind Judaism, whilst they use the international freemasonic network to achieve it and seem to be hell bent on carrying out deception upon Christian prophecy’s on behalf of the Vatican! It’s also foreshadowed within COVID Vaccines and Passports of how this is related to the Heart, even “the Suns” Jabs Army. It’s all symbolic. The Sun is the source of such higher states of consciousness. The Sun dawning upon you, an awakening, an enlightenment, the rising Sun - The depiction of a fascist regime ruling the world in sci-fi movies showing you a sort of new age Japanese Structure is because it represents this dawn of a new age, the rising sun by the not so secret Empire State. It’s also works as a symbolic “the beast from the east” type of deal. The inversion is the jabs are closing up the heart chakra energies... The same people behind this agenda are behind agendas to block out the Sun like Billy Goat Gates! There’s a reason for this and it’s all connected! Crown seeking dominion over your heart! You may have heard David Icke speaking about how energy healers have said that people being healed after the COVID Vaccine have noticeably had their heart chakra removed/altered moved away from the body etc. This is again about disconnecting us from higher states of consciousness, the idea being to eradicate heart based consciousness from society. I’ve said before, this is because you take a normal human, energetically speaking and place these desired Transhumanist technologies into them and our bodies would reject it. They wouldn’t work they’d fail our we would die! It’s almost like people put through this have to have an unbelievably strongly will to survive this and be put through high amounts of torture, maybe even die and somehow revived ️ and this alters something in people. Something that can then be of advantage when it comes to the desires of technology, Transhumanism and this overriding satanic agenda. Essence being stolen - Symbolic of pedophilia energy transference This story is told of time and time again with the likes of SuperSoilder stories. We just need to read between the lines of why they’re doing what they’re doing and it has something to do with altering energies so our energies can be hijacked if we survive the process. That’s my way of viewing it. They must have studied this at length and learnt that removing the heart based energies like this would allow Transhumanist technology to exist within the body and that’s why this is happening. So technology can be implanted later. Furthermore symbolically, global dominion is shown by nothing other than King Solomons Temple. Check out the common purpose link above. A Temple that within Freemasonry is said to represent the heart of the individual. Like a safe haven, a paradise and place of peace. They’re supposed to be collectively ushering this state for the world into being as they see it, whilst it also has a type of entering into a meditative state of mind type of affair to it on an individual basis. In terms of this NWO it’s ushering in a phoney era of peace so long as it’s on their terms, as they control it without contest or opposition. The idea eventually is also to remove all figureheads come the NWO system and people such as the royals and monarchs will have to be removed from their positions.
  2. It could be but I’m unsure... I wouldn’t have thought the gov would allow another company to exist that has the same name of another company? But I could be wrong and especially one like this I’d of thought they’d reserve the right to use such a name as I could call myself The Crown and make items that are apparently of “The Crown” when they’re nothing of the sort. I know it’s all BS anyways but I’m talking about how they operate with protection of their own names, prestige, their own racket and so on... That it would be a similar method of how many big companies reserve domain names they don’t even use to stop anyone Imitating them? That names would be checked off against records of companies that already exist before you could make such a corporation? I don’t get why this says it was incorporated in 12 Feb 2019 though either? Even when and why these things are faked for an effect, I’ve noticed some times people assume they’re fake and so have no meaning. There’s another aspect of why certain things are being faked that should be asked if that is the case. They’re mostly done so by the same people behind them, basically the intelligence networks for an impact or effect. If this is the case and they’re hanging out a limited dragnet, we should ask why? As this right here can hopefully encourage many people to research the likes of The City of London because of their activities. The dissolving maybe some sort of stunt - I’m unsure I’m speculating as to what’s going on here - to shout fake/false news later. While the “fact” it has dissolved maybe wrong or questionable, the fact of how and why The City of London operates to control the world through “safe havens” city’s within city’s that don’t really exist beyond fabricated corporations should become more transparent and more people be aware of how they’re operating, even the very existence that they’re operating that still many people aren’t aware of... So, we should have to ask why those intelligence agencies that maybe behind this are doing this? As I certainly wouldn’t think it’s just someone for shits and giggles and then not only circulating this on social media but it being allowed to be circulated and not get blocked by the censors... Tbh I think they’re planning to collapse the current economic system, including that which effects many of the big wigs, rich and famous wealthy individuals whom for so long have been content with screwing the common man through such networks. This is why just before everything COVID many big company CEO’s all resigned and replacements brought in as if they know something the rest of us didn’t know... The core of course that have set this up are behind this and protecting themselves, but they want to leave many other people in the wind like the rest of the majority of society, with all the real wealth and resources for themselves. So they’d get out and then destroy it like a stock market crash. For this they will have some sort of safe haven utopia for them few behind it like Aldous Huxleys “Island” Book but the dystopian world for everywhere else it’s a “Brave New World” where everything known of any foundations to cling of what we’ve become accustomed to rely upon for safety and comfort will be uprooted, so out of this destruction of society a new society can emerge. Whilst it’s this that’s the NWO Great Reset. So I’d still speculate over what and why this is taking place and I think they actually want people to know... Thanks mate I appreciate it! Yes me neither and if ones present I wouldn’t have thought they would have allowed anyone else to occupy such a name? The whole idea of The City of London is that it’s off the books. But by doing something like this it could even be to accumulate wealth from the UK Government - Public Funds - of which they’re not supposed to belong, or wouldn’t otherwise be entitled, but are supposed to be another country completely and this be in relation to COVID because such companies where apparently shut and a way and means of “employees” of “The City of London Corporation” getting their “furlough” payments (It would be interesting to find out just who is on their records as employees and claiming money’s as that’s likely why it’s been setup. I mean, shouldn’t “their own country” sort them out?) I mean, can you imagine? I can and I wouldn’t put anything past them. If it’s one thing about these even if they’re rich they don’t pass up an opportunity to get more money and setup loopholes and such to exploit resources as the whole thing is about exploitation of resources. Because of something like this, accumulating such funds like many of self employed individuals needing to seek such furlough payments from the government, they would have had to put themselves on the books whereas they perhaps operated very differently until needing to rely on furlough payments. Another side of this scam I may as well mention is the self employed angle which is pretty small in the grand scheme of things here. Your self employed and you usually put down (x) amount of earnings every year and to not pay as much tax many people would obviously under estimate where and when possible. But, because of COVID they have flipped it, where many self employed individuals instead will desire presenting an over estimate of earnings for the sake of gaining higher furlough payments. This of course has been designed to bite a few people in the arse if not now down the line? If something like that is the case when it comes to “The City of London Corporation”, they did it less than 12 months before the outbreak and not afterwards. Maybe worth looking into! Something stinks about it and I’d imagine it was something that shows a preemptive strike in relation to a foreseeable COVID and now they’ve decided to “dissolve” that corporation. Effectively closing down this loophole they would have used over this period of time since the start of COVID. This could be because things are supposed to be coming back to normal and come Third Wave BS Indian Variant, they’ll plonk themselves back on the books? So, I think this needs research and come the Indian Variant or winter time this year/early 2022 keep a look out for them becoming incorporated again. @Tinfoil HatI somehow overlooked your post and yes exactly. I think some sort of loophole myself as I’ve stated above. That this is likely COVID related and a means of getting access to certain resources they otherwise wouldn’t be able to usurp. I’d like to know for sure and this needs researching. If anyone can find anything please make sure to add it to the post
  3. Yes I’m wondering what it’s all about tbh and is this a method and means of avoiding such a coming collapse and failure or what? Something stinks about it... I found it on social media and put my thoughts together here from previous research if anyone’s interested in researching them why not
  4. The main purpose of this post is to ask why/what is this about? Whilst also inform those about this “city within a city issue” for those who don’t know about it or what to research it... For anyone who doesn’t know here, they should... The globalist operation is ran out of The City of London - Cities within cities, like The Vatican and the Corporation of America Washington D.C Are also other examples of this globalist playbook. This is their trinity arrangement of control! They make fictitious corporate zones to do trade that don’t actually exist, they’re like virtual environments in computer terms. While humans are stock, resources, workstations and employees of a fictitious corporation which many are inevitably forever enslaved! Most don’t know this and are in denial of the reality of this. Since birth via birth certificates to become implantable tech... You - as one of these phoney corporations - can appear to be doing trade and business “elsewhere” other than where that trade and business is actually taking place. This is so big business can avoid trade tariffs and taxes within certain key places or operation and are how “Tax Havens” are setup. (I’ll provide a few videos at the bottom of this post) This is so those who have an unfair, unrivalled hand of power can do so, whilst stampeding all those who don’t conform with those laws and legalities of which they feel themselves above, as they really exist to ensure no competition could possibly exist to their systems and their mechanisms of control! Today, Tuesday 8th June, The City of London Corporation has dissolved. https://find-and-update.company-information.service.gov.uk/company/11820854?fbclid=IwAR1pgaDfTzT40OZBdL_EIPrKwDGDPwuCftnkrda7Dz5DIpRz1ybSa59aRds Why? Whats this about? Is this about a transition or fail safe for the Global “Great Reset” and the start of the new foundations of the coming technocracy? A technological social network comparable to China’s current social credit system to ensure conformity. Reward Conformity with Authority - Punish Nonconformity with Authority This is the crux of the new currency of control managed through technology and everything SMART ensuring a grid network superimposed upon everything that exists to control all those things, via that grid system being imposed. That’s the real and only reason that grid system exists, it’s a weapon to scientifically control and influence everything. NHS Data sharing grab paused amid concerns â why is it being delayed? THE NHS data grab which was due to go ahead this month has been paused amid heightened concerns, so why is it being delayed? NHS Digital had insisted the data would be anonymous and would be encrypted by a special code for added protection. It’s understood once encrypted, the data would need a specialist key to open the information, but who would have access to these keys was never clarified. The data will cover an array of sensitive information such as sexual history, domestic violence and mental health problems. Patients did have until June 23 to opt-out of the scheme online and via their GP surgery, but the Government has been heavily criticised for not bringing this attention to light, instead expecting people to inform themselves on such a complex matter. https://www.express.co.uk/news/uk/1447153/nhs-data-sharing-opt-out-nhs-digital-paused-why-is-it-delayed-EVG?fbclid=IwAR1WZ0vKfDs5KUpiDhp7kDs1zKwucwe94wybSoty7SpMRsmr_VVt4TH6mbs This is about the creation of a database of control to occupy a COVID ID PASS which will contain some form of “encryption key”/“end-to end encryption” this is a crude authoritarian way of trying to make this look safe, that your data is protected. It doesn’t at all and it doesn’t mean access to that data is within the rights hands. It supposed to mean only the correct authorities asking for proof of this info can access it, but far too many people will indeed be able to access this and demand you provide such a key if you simply want to go about your own life and business. It can also act as a way and means of police accessing such “evidence” of mask exemptions and such, as well as COVID vaccinations. It’s fairly obvious to read into this and see where it’s going. It’s nothing short of medical tyranny and these type of technological databases will be a resource linked with social credit systems, to control and monitor people’s lives and all around daily activities. Whilst this infrastructure is obviously being introduced, it can’t be successful without a total collapse of society via our traditional financial systems. The collapse of the traditional pillars of society... So much so, people will desire and demand a resolution which will of course be their solution that will imitate all of this type of “Conspiracy Theory” being spoken about here, how and why these globalists desire controlling the masses through technological means, a global technocracy. “Aiding to remove terrorism and criminal activity” The start of this collapse was of course 9/11. Symbolically making the world pause, either becoming aware of this or going deeper into this system of control occupying the minds, hearts and senses of the masses... David Ickes Tour of London - Secret City - The Spiders Web: Britain’s Second Empire - The Crown Temple The Crown Temple - It is my contention that this has at least been this way into modern times, since Oliver Cromwell. This leads to the idea of the creation of Freemasonry being at this time, this was when it made its appearance into society as the bases, the foundation and front of what many see freemasonry as today. Arguments of taxation, traditional by the crown and then by parliament. It should be understood that until this time, people where familiar with taxation by the crown and that was the norm. It then became the traditional taxation by the crown and something new, taxation by a method and means to run parliament this was the thing that was new. This is taxation twice of course this was greeted with a measure of hostility as a response. Especially by the wealthy being raped. They prefer socialism for the masses and capitalist dictatorship for themselves! They’re above the law. It’s one law for us and another for them. Above the laws and ethics of society. Financial interests then sought ways and means of securing their wealth through “outside interests” to avoid taxation’s. In truth to avoid being taxed twice and raped to support this new system of control. Their desire was to continue funding the crown, the traditional system and not this new Parliamentary system that was seen as a way and means of exploitation. Which of course it was and still is! It has then gone over to become a loophole for banking and business interests we all know and love today. This perpetrated and created at least the use, the face of modern day freemasonry, the royalist foot soldiers, whom have made Cromwell a symbol, an image and a fable out of him for means of restoring their form of order following the civil war, to gain support by the masses for the traditional establishment and get people back behind the royals and used freemasonry to achieve it. To ease big business upon their side and as a means to control society through big business. They’re all navigated towards one path or else meet their wrath, where such “allied forces” come together and ensue conformity. Some people believe because of this Cromwell was a Freemason and this was a whole setup and a con by a freemasonic interests, thus being a freemasonic civil war like all the other civil wars in modern human history. They’re all waged, funded and lobbied by freemasonry and their “charity work”, which then aids usher in infrastructure so such nations under their wars can become globalised. In any case, Cromwell became an image of freemasonry so Freemasons could restore their order using Cromwell as an image to do this. This part is beyond all and any forms of speculation, Freemasons used Cromwells Image to impose their ideals. This of course is a generalisation and is connected with religious movements of the time of the anticipation of the second coming of Christ that was expected at the time by many, which continued on by the occultists into “the coming of the Antichrist” and Sabbatean Zevi movement by 1666. This was orchestrated script by controllers of the time, by the globalists of those times! Religious views and the traditional establishments hijacking of history stops open talk, speculation and debate about these subjects outside the confines of a preconceived belief system. Just as many know and are aware that WWI and WWII history has been massively distorted to an unbelievable degree. So has such a history that once investigated may help understand how modern day systems of control have come into existence. This is just my take on it. Should you like to get your head around this SMART Grid System philosophical speaking - This is the best place to start... Alan Watts Buddhism and Science for when it’s removed...
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  6. Does anyone else actually believe this book could be true about a certain Billy Goat Gates? He is the actual reanimated dead corpse using A.I., DNA Technology and all they want to do is transform the rest of society within their image? Using A.I. as their lord and master because it’s A.I. that thinks for them? Not to sound like “the prophet of doom” or anything. But we are being had big time! Whilst actually told the truth as far out ideas within a mass of science fiction. Listen to Intelligent Design by David Spicer on Audible https://www.audible.co.uk/pd?asin=B082DKH13P&source_code=ASSORAP0511160006
  7. ^ After you’ve walked into the supermarket wearing no mask past a jumped up little Hitler... 1. I’ll hear you say the words “I’m exempt”, or else you’ll be out of here or off chilling out in the Gulags! “Heil Hitler!” These people have been indoctrinated to question people and get a rise out of them! That’s right this world has never been closer to a state of fascism. A police military state with “delegated” responsibility of people ensuring compliance, power tripping on their little bit of extra control and influence they have over other people. 2. If you didn’t notice it’s because your compliance is complicity with a state of fascism and that is the problem! It has never been more obvious how the world is run by evil idiots, who are occupying a lot of spineless cowards who herd together like sheep to camouflage their own cowardice in the face of the enemy. To hide this cowardice it’s most effective to pretend no such enemy exists! It’s their own/your own insecurities which stops people from seeing this problem. You could even say that this problem only exists as it does because of a mass state of insecurity. That others are trying to impose a state of mass control and conformity. It’s best to comply than be the nail that stands out... It’s far more convenient to pretend everything is normal by the definition of what is expected of you, which is accumulated by looking at what all those around you are doing and you doing it to “fit in”. To feel accepted without feeling a sense of resentment and hostility towards you. So, people comply for an easy life, then deny to themselves that they’re doing this to deny the reality of their own cowardice that needs to be identified on an individual level and collective! They look towards others and imitate their behaviour. No better or no more sense than the 100 monkey effect. 3. Are we all monkeys? This has many suffering a state of Stockholm syndrome, which was ironically one of the only places in the world - Sweden - who didn’t enter lockdown? I think our handlers are trying to tell everyone something, whilst laughing in the faces of all those who are so naive and dimwitted to notice... "The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is for good men to do nothing." - Edmund Burke. 1. The irony of security guards enforcing masks (Who ironically, was previously tasked with the job of ensuring no face coverings where worn for “security reasons” so their facial recognition cameras could track your face) FYI - Those security guards who previously used to only stand by the door entrance/exit had an additional staff member who used to stand near the front door cameras observing those who entered. If you had your face covered they’d ask you to remove it to shop in the store before this COVID era. The ground has been setup for a crisis event/false flag of security to then usher in a mass state of the acceptance to this facial recognition technology to combat crime and terrorism eventually after some event where traditional security standards weren’t effective because of face coverings. 2. This is what Icke described as The Comning Third World War It’s little Willy syndrome and yes, women have this also. We need more people to say I’m sovereign and no one has responsibility or power over me unless I grant them based upon me accepting their reasoning for having such impositions upon me. If more people did this, their influence would be impossible, their power none existent! I shared this on my wall and I don’t think it was seen or understood by some people “How many times have you heard recently; I know it sounds stupid, I know it is stupid or I know it seems stupid... Usually then followed up by some form of expectation of your unquestionable conformity with something stupid? What was it in relation with? There you go Or is it just me?” My attempt at avoiding the censor either wasn’t successful or people aren’t having the same experience as me? I’ve had doctors, nurses, security guards and the likes say this... While not always, this has definitely increased lately with the COVID scam. From wearing face masks to having your temperature taken. Don’t do it, it’s fucking stupid! Or better put, if you think and feel it’s stupid and doesn’t make any sense, ask yourself and those trying to influence your behaviour why am I and why should I do this and consider not doing it as an option. Then you’ll understand! David Icke The Comning Third World War https://sendvid.com/i4ymsjjs 3. We’re all Monkeys? Come Taste the Rainbow? 🕊 This rainbow symbolism isn’t about pride month this was Introduced last year when they got the ball rolling with the wuhan lie as an excuse to issue martial law! When they had us muzzled outside clapping and children taping rainbows to windows! 6ft apart! This symbology represents evils satanic NWO! It is all ritualistic satanic symbology of our silenced enslavement as we have demonstrated since the cull began. The beast system is the virus with the media at its forefront ! It’s worldwide! We are controlled, enslaved - governed! This is beast system symbology representing satanism! A mockery of the biblical covenant, gods promise! Spirtual warfare! All connected! Schools, hospitals, governments, shops, clothing, gp’s, bbc, media, tabloids, news. All of it! - Jane “They got everyone to book holidays in Portugal, now it looks like it's being moved from Green to Amber on their childish traffic light system which means you've gotta pay for a PCR test, & you're *meant* to quarantine for 10 days when ya get back, even though ya vaxxed, COS YA VAXX AIN'T ABOUT A VIRUS. You've gotta give it to them though, it is funny watching the goal posts get moved every single time, & the masses just keep aiming for the new goal Remember you asked for this clown world when you started complying with things that don't make ANY sense Insanity - Doing the same thing & expecting change.” Emma Norton Ignored by most of the MSM How credible of them. It mustn’t have been important enough or something... The rainbow. COVID, the Vaccine and 5G, it’s all symbolic of attacking the chakra system. The seven colour of the rainbow, chakra system, the “seven churches”. This attack is upon higher states of consciousness possible through the heart. Aka shutting up the gates of heaven. It’s a war upon the heart! The rainbow symbolism represents the chakra system, called rainbow body by a practice of Tibetan Buddhism. The seven chakras, seven wheels of light are the seven colours. Transcending your spirit energies, your vibrational state/shift of consciousness back to source or back to pure light by creating a perception of oneness, purity and unity. Attempting to act as a vessel for this purity to dawn. An altering of your state of consciousness by tuning in your own state of consciousness to receive it which takes such patience and understanding. It’s no easy task which is why this is denied by so many caught up like the rabbit In Alice in Wonderland! This could be said in Christian terms remaining within a state of grace, innocence and purity. This is symbolised by a visible rainbow upon death of an individual. This is like the triangle prism rainbow effect and the creation of the rainbow above the person who has died, is of transcendence back to that pure light source out of this limited frequency shift of visible light we are experiencing as “the physical world” - Which is a distorted shattered form of consciousness which is essentially being filtered to create an illusion/hologram. A bad copy of a former higher state of existence. While of course, this vaccine being rolled out is said by some to be having an impact upon the chakra system, particularly the heart chakra. While even in a physical nature this is symbolised by blood clots occurring, lack of oxygen etc Whilst oxygen is the connection with source/the divine. Altered states of consciousness both higher and lower can be achieved through altering the breathing... Vaccines and tech like 5G are both doing this. Altering our consciousness via targeting oxygen/breathing and our heart. The desired building of King Solomons Temple by the Globalists in Jerusalem also happens to symbolically represent the heart as a temple in Freemasonry of the individual. This is perhaps worth noting considering this “game” is being played out at the same time! This is symbolic of shutting up the gates of heaven, the gates of end times prophecy. Massively being rolled out by Billy Goat Gates. For Transhumanism to be successful, the false paradise upon earth, the gates of heaven are being sealed shut from within the body, DNA, by these methods of disconnection, disassociation via vaccination along with information/spiritual warfare. While after doing this and all the war to get here they’ll be preaching unity and oneness to usher in the NWO global system. All to usher in this new era of chaos...
  8. We being systematically exterminated until the earth is cleansed. The world will then be rebooted within their image. The Great Reset. 🕊 As a retired NHS Sister, I cannot believe that ANY Doctor would even consider going along with the C...virus at the expense of Sentencing so many other patients with pre existing conditions, to extreme suffering and death. I guess people in their twisted righteous logic probably still believe they’re helping people fight an actual virus from a real pandemic and that they will actually die as a result of the virus and not the jab! This is how system logic is working! The media has done a great job in CONvincing people that a virus exists and the jabs are a necessary evil which some ‘unfortunately’ might react to!! So people are gambling their lives and health on this flawed logic because they blindly trust the media and those who enable a corrupt system and believe the Covid might kill them without the jab!! Insanity! When it’s the jabs that are killing them and the virus never existed! - Jane Hells Mouth - In the Mouth of Madness - The sane and the insane flip overnight - You want to hear about my ‘they’ don’t you? “We’re in the teeth of this pandemic” - BJ the Clown
  9. You don’t die from the vaccine is the general MSM consensus but those that do are an “unknown quantity” based upon extremely rare adverse reactions based upon limiting circumstances surrounding only that individual. Nothing to do with any vaccine This is never expressed or in anyway stated about “the virus” which has such a high survival rate and by their own standards, only kills people with other underlying conditions, yet this has justified the whole virus/vaccine agenda? It has justified fear mongering of this is coming to get you and your love ones type narrative, if you don’t do what we say, conform and become open to having your behaviour engineered to adapt, alongside a whole host of cancel culture operations... While a fascist police force will help enforce these standard, driving a bigger wedge and state of bitterness between the majority of society and the police, which is the very thing that will justify the Police/Military State which is just another one of those “conspiracy theories”. This also happening where and when both the police and healthcare have been seriously undermined by cost cutting exercises - here in the UK at least I’m sure it will be the same in many other places - by the same tyrants to make people desire their coldly calculated outcomes. How they can get away with presenting this type of narrative over an emergency vaccine that hasn’t been tested is anyone’s guess but this is what they’re obviously doing. They’re protecting the vaccine because the agenda no matter what is the vaccine and always has been, come what may, hell or high water, the vaccine will continue to roll out and we will be hit wave after wave until we see the need and have been browbeaten into taking their scam/fake vaccine. ️🕊 The Hunger Games Society Touching the Untouchables “The undesirables ermm....we mean the vulnerable, are up first for their Jab! You mean the ones already damaged from childhood government ‘vaccines’?? ” Janie Elizabeth The not so “hidden hand” of the “civilised” system gent who knows all the handshakes in the book Yet he has forgotten, that to enter he had to blind and bind himself not only to a system of slavery that has now occupied his senses, which really doesn’t give a damn about him, but to one that made that system a noose around his own neck and called it a halo The sacrifice of his spirit to be “worldly” while ironically it’s this “worldliness” their very nature is destroying! We’re bringing “democracy everywhere”. It’s called Globalisation and you’ll love it, you’ll have to or else you’ll look like this. ^ Not a pot to piss in! ^ Survival of the fittest, dog eat dog. The Hunger Games Society! Homeless doesn’t exist here, we have posts and sharp surfaces to keep them away, as if they’re “rats with wings” - pigeons If they can’t be seen, they’re no longer an inconvenience to our way of life because what can’t be seen doesn’t exist. They become another war in the Middle East! To some this appears as fascism, tyranny and as all the bad things this civilised world has to say and throw at communism, socialism and basically all it’s phantom enemies it uses to create a menace around the world of which they seek to justify “restoring their version of order” after making the destabilisation in the first place! Which is just another hand of their globalisation operation. It’s all acts of deception and desperation! First they’ll kill you with kindness, perpetuate your own greed and desires and if that doesn’t work, they’ll do so with might is right and via acts of legislation, like a monster from the sea coming ashore, it brings it’s own laws of piracy with it on land and robs the common man of his senses and then brands him, civilised. Well done Then, they’ll try to laugh at you and marginalise you if you express the very notion of a conspiracy So long as they’re happy, they don’t give a damn. Then, they have the audacity to call you selfish for not adhering to their games of conformity so they can stay comfortable! So their system of control can continue to exist Even *IF* the worked (which they don’t), your health is NOT my responsibility. No amount of coercion, blackmail or guilt tripping will ever make me put my children’s health or my own below that of someone else’s. Ellie Grey Is it worse to die with Rona, or from the Vaxx ? only the vaxx deaths are starting to increase now & I don't hear anyone saying "one vaxx death is too many, stop the vaccines" Emma Norton Tom and Jerry - Corona https://www.facebook.com/100052516666416/videos/303275601432993/
  10. If that’s all you see here, you don’t see anything... Furthermore, it doesn’t change anything I’ve stated as nothing what I said rested upon what was said in that post at all. But used as a talking point as it was circling social media. Speculation can never be lies, otherwise we could never have and there never would be speculation. Speculation wouldn’t be a thing and that’s the idea of those behind this agenda to route out speculation as dissent and terrorism. It’s the system which wants one size fits all orderly definitives that way we have their view as the definitive and absolute proof of which they protect, even when and where what is being protected is a bodyguard of lies and they can set about their attacks upon all everything which isn’t definitive as being corrupt, simply because it goes against the perspective they're protecting. This is achieved through Information Warfare and it’s never been as bad as it is right now. This means altering the facts and circulating tainted information to sabotage the whole idea, while not allowing anything else that even comes close, censoring the untainted version from circulation. This is how and why that truth doesn’t get passed their censors but their tainted info used for Informational Warfare does some how manage to slip passed their censors and circulates around MSM like wildfire. It’s deliberate to keep people from finding the untainted versions, by making them themselves desire to not seek it out, where and when this is later pounced upon as always intended, which is usually achieved by people who use a few throw away few lines of comment about a much broader subject matter and change the subject in question and being speculated upon into absolute definitives, their comments are giving the impression of revolving around like the Sun, while that sun is accredited as the tainted information, when in fact, this is not the case at all. But that’s why and how these operations are ran. It’s like an informational sting operation or selling drugs to someone you’ve sold out to be pounced upon somewhere later down the line. It wouldn’t and shouldn’t encourage others to act likewise and this is of course why it’s done and setup. So others will distance themselves from the subject in question. In this case “the opiates of the masses” are turned into “conspiracy theory” and so called “fake news” using limited hangout narratives, tainted/laced information, to obscure and discourage further speculation surrounding that subject matter. This post is speculation based upon this subject not using it or anything else as absolute proof. But a reason and means to think Giving my speculation surrounding the use of; 5G COVID Surveillance, Transhumanism and The Hunger Games Society - Symbolism, the Heart Chakra to “the Temple” So, why don’t we speculate why that post - the one you attempted to use to sabotage the whole post by the very nature of this being a used as a talking point within the post - was created and is being circulated around social media in the first instance? While other speculative narratives upon the same subject are not but are censored? It’s also your attitude seeking to dismiss anything and all that was said based upon your MSM perspective of something called “false news” I call it subversive Informational Warfare. False News is a generated term, an Orwellian buzz word pulled from the pages of Newspeak to stamp out criticism and dissent via cunning acts of sabotage and Warfare to split apart the “truth/alternative/conspiracy theory” community in general from gathering any form of clarity it once had, by essentially dropping truthful information into questionable sources. This was the only reason such a term was generated and is the only reason why we have so much sabotage of truthful narratives by way of military intelligence operations. Their existence is tenfold and this is just one limited example. Which is dominated by intelligence services and those doing their bidding. This way, people won’t believe what was tore down before their eyes, that was only presented before them in a limited fashion anyway, as being in any way true. This is the straw man technique. Like suggesting that those saying 5G is linked with a virus/COVID is suggesting that 5G is spreading a virus. This circulates like wildfire even though it’s not true of equal merit. I hear nothing? 5G being connected with Globalist methods of surveillance and implantable tech I say it absolutely is true and needs more research and it ultimately is a weapon. The reality is, we are desired to be implanted with tech to be tracked and traced real-time and 5G will likely be the most practical tool used to do this to the closest lamppost proximity. What other surveillance tool/piece of technology do you know that could be used to measure your proximity, that’s closer to you than technology already/or planned to exist, to the nearest lamppost? (Theres nothing else that comes close to a beacon to ping than a 5G lamppost, there’s nothing closer thats a man made piece of technology that exists upon every street corner, otherwise they’d use that instead. This is the reality of the situation) When you know this agenda, you know the obvious next step to achieving this is implantable tech in as many people as possible... The bulk of this will be achieved during some later cataclysm that sees the fall of social systems completely, so we are dependent for our survival on limited resources, this is what’s described as “The Hunger Games Society”. This way, their goal and agenda of a tracked population can be implemented at the cost of anyone and everyone’s survival by attacking our necessity of food and water to survive. The rationing of resources and entry into any form of help, care and asylum will be tainted by first the need to have received any and all forms of vaccine and some sort of track and trace tech will be involved within this step that it’s most desired to implant in everyone, rather than wearable tech than can be abandoned. This will also be used as the idea of people having access to more than their fair share of resources, by “unfortunate greedy people, who make this necessary for everyone to survive”. While those who will be attacked more than anyone if those behind this agenda have their way, are “selfish” and “greedy antivaxxers” who are keeping us all at risk by them not becoming a known quantity upon a government ran surveillance operation and entering into a Transhumanist state. Even if and when people see and feel this happening, they will still find a method of ignoring this and justifying what is necessary to survive and will keep telling themselves this was and still is one of those conspiracy theory’s and the likes of information shared around that was called “fake news”, a hoax and/or lies so that way they feel more comfortable complying with it, in denial of the narrative as being a paranoid nut job delusion. I don’t suggest this is being rolled out in any and every vaccine currently, Russian or otherwise as this is no method to target their desired audience which is everyone. But, I do speculate that the Russian vaccine will be set about by way as a form of sabotage, especially to suggest it hasn’t helped the Indian variant for example, has made it worse, more variants etc and eventually will be used as an excuse for the globalists to descend upon it, in some manner and context to further globalist agendas as it will be a script like this whole agenda is complete fabricated to play out a script and create chaos and confusion. Hopefully this has all given people means to think and if so, my intentions served their purpose and I hope yours are served likewise thank you for your input.
  11. Look at this pattern here of... This is from what I understand, but I’m pretty sure these are connected and I’d say you’re better research this and speculate for yourself and don’t leave it up to others to provide, disprove or dismiss... I’m sure truly positive aspects of much if not all of this technology and science exist but I do not see how the globalists death cult agenda method of using these technologies as being positive, but very negative which is the very reason this type of science is being imposed upon society and even being brought to our attention. Optogenetics - Quantum Dot Technologies and Luciferease, the “false light” paradise The crux of the matter is altering the body to react differently based on the “triggering” of light, which impacts upon the neurons causing you to behave a certain way. This is first by genetically modifying the neurons so they can be influenced in the way you’d like them to be influenced. So, behaviour design, modification and behavioural engineering. A way that can be inflicted upon you, like those tests on mice, to achieve a behavioural design. Again - This is shown in small way in The Bourne Legacy, a discussion in the house scene before her gun is found, she’s being interviewed by some crazy bitch, how a whole field of study she later talks about in those above videos, how a virus can be used to trick the body into delivering “enhancements” and is about behaviour design. It’s also shown in the Manchurian Candidate, when Raymond Shaw is triggered on a phone call before his medical procedure, the light changes in his actual perception, everything goes brighter. I think this is symbolic of this type of reaction in the brain, an understanding developed by optogenetics, how light can alter genetically modified neurons, but maybe triggered in a whole host of different ways. The idea for the whole of society I imagine is to create a streamlined approach and a technological tether via implants as the appropriate tool for mass crowd control. Anyone who really doesn’t think this is something that would be desirable by government really don’t understand them, or any of the history exposed from WWII and the engineering/manufacturing of consent in society. This is a natural step continuing from this type of shit if we don’t wake up and acknowledge it is and has been happening for long enough! So, you can effectively tether neurons to some sort of technological mechanism. Which is the crux of Transhumanism and what I suggest is happening on some level via the COVID invasive attitude of “vaccine campaigns” it’s so we will all be tethered and this potential can and will be possible. So we become accustomed to “updates” additional procedures as the agenda rolls out and technological changes update and so on, so it becomes a culture norm of life. As described to target pretty much everyone, the only method to do this is by a complete societal collapse, where the only method to get food and resources is by first submission to this technological tethering agenda in order to get water, food and resources to simply survive - The Hunger Games Society - This is exactly why such would be initiated to enforce control over the masses! This is likely the type of technological understanding of how we can use technology to tether the brain that would have been gathered and generated by “BrainGate”. Brain to computer technology. MADLAB or MILAB - Yes there is a lot of disinformation it doesn’t mean it’s all BS because of that... Whilst how to influence the brain via technology would have been studied by a variety of different scientists trying to understand mental health problems, different altered states of mind from the deeper aspects of the brain POV and behavioural conditions, to see how the brain looks in different ways compared to other states, which a sort of mapping of various brain states will be understood and then it’s how those various brain states can be triggered in people via the technology, by imitating those patterns recorded. Which would have been done in a sort of compartmentalised system of research, no doubt about it. So this is behavioural modification via invasive medical measures that is to allow a technological tether of some sort or another to be possible. So, you could effectively trigger certain states of mind in people, by the nature of tethering people to technology by implantable tech and stimulation in some way. This could be anything on the SMART Grid but the thing that should be put under the spotlight is 5G for obvious reason, as by its very nature it’s planned to be everywhere and makes tracking people to the nearest lamppost very easy, which is what would make it the perfect surveillance tool and is the only reason why you would approve the use of 5G as it is as otherwise it makes absolute no sense using this technology while it needs so much infrastructure for it to be sustainable. It should otherwise cost way too much. Whilst this technological is being sold as preventing illness of all kinds and enhancing brainpower, not sedation and such negative implications that this death cult are actually involved within. While the “ethical” debate it seems that is being had is if or not it’s ethical to “enhance” our brain capacity as the potential long term effects. Rather than the possibility of someone else controlling the masses via such genetically modified designs that would make the world look like Demolition Man. I guess that’s just one of those crazy nut job conspiracy theories so no ethical debate should need to be had beyond your local psychiatrist yeah, that’s how they get around the debate by making no debate and the debater crazy, out of a job and marginalised and there is no conspiracy to see here, move along... From what I can understand Luciferases do not require an external light source to be triggered. While this term is also symbolic, I’m pretty sure this is because it’s linked to “the false light paradise” which in itself is Transhumanism and immortality on earth if you even view these methods as positively treating the body and not as a method of mass control. But - Luciferase - do require certain reaction with enzymes to take place, that effects people’s oxygen. So, something that is consumed in some way that will trigger the reaction. This should stand to reason, if you’re already low on oxygen for some reason or another, wearing masks, exposed to 5G causing reduction in oxygen, you’re going to have problems breathing or stop breathing, while it’s this lack of oxygen that can also produce blood clots and stop organs from getting enough oxygen. You’ve probably seen my three dot symbolism pictures posted throughout the forum, this represents both the Sun and our sight, visible light which is made up of three colours that make up all other colours. This trinity symbolism is used throughout COVID symbolism. Why? Well this is about hijacking our perception of light maybe? By the flick of a “Light Switch”? Who’s controlling it? “The Three Realms by Arnie Kozak, Ph.D. According to Buddhist cosmology, there are threerealms — or types — of existence: the Realm of Desire, the Realm of Form, and the Realm of No-Form. These realms can be understood as the fruits of meditative experiences or the jhanas (meditative states).” So first of all, I’d say this is knowingly being used as a method of population reduction, by a known obvious “naivety” that can be downplayed as ignorance to what they’re doing, to that of the unknown realities of responding to a virus and the need to act fast so population control can be effective through this approach, rather than it being a deliberate act. That it actually is by those behind this global imposition! But the grand design is to actually use this method to achieve a technological tethering, while the oxygen reductions can be overcome with some other sort of modification alongside this, not just the step that is knowingly going to reduce your oxygen as a product of altering the body so it can become technological tethered in some way, even if it did actually work as these people eventually desired it to work. It’s part of a stepping stone to this technological tether but before they get there they don’t care if it does reduce the population by how it’s being played out. Whilst as stated before, I do feel that many Transhumanism aspects would likely be rejected by the body if they didn’t first genetically alter it in some way so it wouldn’t reject it. This is largely by the removal from connections to the heart, both of the physical and spiritual connection/connotations of this design. But again, these are just my thoughts, feelings and summary spoken aloud here I’d encourage others to research along these lines as I intend on doing more myself. While I’m not a scientist and don’t understand these deeper practical applications of this technology/science I’m looking at in a symbolic manner, in how it’s being presented and with a globalist agenda in mind. Here again is this video... and then follow it with the “SuperSoilder” video a guy who had been modified via military intelligence programs, under mind control etc who just so happens to claim he can see various technological emissions just by looking if he focuses his senses upon it in the right way. According to the woman speaking about Optogenetics here, this function could be turned on via alterations made by optogenetics in the brain. The idea she uses, is seeing pollution so we avoid breathing in dirty air and such... Worth thinking about, I think so at least... (((About 6 minutes in)))
  12. Another deeply suspicious aspect of something going on here... The Bullshit Indian Variant that threatens the British population, also seems to be similar speculation in the US, being offered up as the likely reason why we have to have more lockdowns from variant this to variant that - by the way the globalists are playing this game, the whole thing is of course bogus... 1st batch of Russian Sputnik V vaccine arrives in India https://economictimes.indiatimes.com/industry/healthcare/biotech/pharmaceuticals/1st-batch-of-russian-sputnik-v-vaccine-arrives-in-india/videoshow/82343392.cms Sputnik V, Covishield, Covaxin: What we know about India's Covid-19 vaccines https://www.bbc.com/news/world-asia-india-55748124 So, if this fails in India or has some deliberate spurious objective/outcome behind it, I guess it’s “Russia’s” fault for not being effective in halting the spread of the Indian variant? Not the globalists fault or globalist objective which is, what’s running this whole thing, so these games can be played. What is Russia going to be accused of eventually and is it everything that the Global Agenda should be accused of? In other words, the people pointing the finger and doing the accusing eventually, are the ones who are equally guilty of those same accusations which in those terms, those same accusations are dismissed as “Conspiracy Theory”? When they’re in fact just as true! Something stinks of setup about it, while it’s perfect for those wanting to blame otherwise negative political actions and decisions they themselves desire or have to take, while blaming Russia as a scapegoat in a longer planned globalist objective Julian Assange Vault 7, Year Zero and the CIA - “The Nations” https://sendvid.com/lsindaf6 In the Globalist textbook, Iran is allied with Russia, China and this could have something to do with this here and the current Israel - Palestinian situation, where and when Iran become the Zionist scapegoat, aiding, helping and funding supposed Palestinian terrorism and such, said to be prolonging tensions etc which will be necessary to destroy the The Dome of the Rock while engaging some sort of support with the rest of the world behind the Zionist agenda. Come the Temple situation, a War with Iran will become necessary in the Globalist Agenda, the framing of Iran in a negative light to help support those Israeli/Zionist activities that should otherwise be seen for what they actually are. Clear for anyone who still have their own senses, just like the COVID scam! Videos - Watch - Research - Add info Israel in Palestine https://sendvid.com/pg8ibcoe David Icke Dot Connector EP 4 - Dr. Richard Day New World Order - Plans for a New Jerusalem - Zion - Globalists https://sendvid.com/dhbmgzun New Jerusalem Zion 2012 Olympics Symbolism C vid 9teen h oa x ritual with predictive programming at olympics 2012 ORIGINAL https://sendvid.com/3ysbpr3w The Symbolism behind the Olympic Ritual Ceremony London 2012 New Jerusalem Zion https://sendvid.com/curbrusu WWII - Global Zionists - “Freemasonry “ and Palestine - “The Greatest Story Never Told” https://sendvid.com/caz18mn6 Adolf Hitler Against New World Order https://sendvid.com/8v42svqt PNAC https://sendvid.com/paah2gkn PNAC David Icke https://sendvid.com/xhk1j483 David Icke The Comning Third World War https://sendvid.com/i4ymsjjs Icke Intro - Trump is Israels man, a Zionist https://sendvid.com/4hlv84i1
  13. Thanks mate. Yes, was unsure about the Russian link, was sent via a friend but know what’s said is what’s planned so it’s obvious why such “fake news” would be being spread as to draw us “conspiracy theorists” In because we know such is the plan and here is someone sharing that info with the authenticity of that info being up in the air until the intelligence web pulls in its net to make us “conspiracy theorists” appear to be spreading “false news” and not just healthy speculation upon a subject that’s effectively baited, as we know what’s being discussed is exactly what’s planned and that’s the point here, not the authenticity of someone apparently sharing information, how could someone verify something like this? It’s not something I do anyhow. This wasn’t my point or intention, but rather to speculate upon the information and likes of an agenda that is very much true and happening. This type of tagging and tracking exists throughout many pop culture movies... “We’re all Monkeys”/Mice... Look back at Optogenetics Again, these things exist for a reason and not just for shit and giggles or coincidence... Why are we becoming normalised and accustomed to such technology that is only a step away and the idea obviously to anyone with any sense is so we can be more controlled and under some form of surveillance that isn’t limited to a device that can otherwise be removed from our person? World Economic Forum While again, the point is this is being spread around social media. Fake or true, there’s a reason such information will be spread around social media but truth by us “conspiracy theorists” gets censored. But that shouldn’t be looked at and debated? The good news is, people who don’t discuss such in this light get exposed for what they’re @EzebuSwho I would have to question your intentions on this forum? The good news for you is, you’re not on your own it seems. Especially since you don’t discuss such in the open and transparent context here but use it as a tool of sabotage just as would have been desired by those who “faked” the information in the first instance or does such not cross your mind? It sure does us “conspiracy theorists”. What else would someone have to gain over spreading false and misleading rumours? Other than sabotaging theories which us “conspiracy theorists” know to be true? I could fake a lot of information myself I know to be the case, although I couldn’t get it to go viral like the intelligence service use of social media do. Just because I faked the disclosure of information in the way I put it across, that doesn’t mean what I’m putting across is fake, just that it’s sabotage. I hope you understand the difference @EzebuS ? The button being pushed is Censorship I hope now you understand the difference and don’t have your senses clouded by the MSM. For instance, I share a picture of my grass and use it as proof to say my grass is green - because the picture I share shows my grass is green. Later, the MSM intelligence crew come in and say it’s not actually the picture of my grass but it’s a picture of someone else’s grass, so I’ve probably made up the whole thing. Therefore, it’s obvious my grass is not green because I shared a misleading image. If I did so, my intentions where to lie and or mislead in the first instance, it’s that which should be speculated on more heavily than those who share it and speculate. But then you couldn’t justify silencing the masses and rolling out censorship... But of course, that would be a deception to jump from one to the other, yet no one sees such a conspiracy. To jump from the idea the image of my grass shared was fake or misleading somehow disproves my grass is green, as it doesn’t. It’s a jump created by a misleading narrative to sabotage a whole perspective by making some part of that perspective tainted, or at least appear tainted to sabotage the whole context so people won’t look any further and deny the whole premise even where and when it’s seen again and is proven to be true and accurate. By such a time, it has been justified and people have grown to accept it and somehow forget it was dismissed as a mere conspiracy theory earlier as it was sabotaged in such a fashion, so people never speculated upon it and instead, dismissed it instantly. Is that what you’re hoping people like me and others should do upon hearing this? In this circumstance, who would want to do that and taint this information? Unless you’re one of us “Conspiracy Theorists” then we know the difference. If I have misled anyone by the link, this wasn’t my intention. I shared this with my perspective of what I believe to be really taking place alongside it. I couldn’t give a damn about the link, please judge my words as they stand true and they’re my own. Such a link isn’t my own or anything to do with me, but may help people understand the context of the perspective I’m putting across regardless of the intentions of those behind the use of circulating this information which maybe sabotage which is how it can appear within people’s newsfeeds on social media in the first place and not be censored like much else. I believe this to be true and that’s the point isn’t it, regardless of those behind creating a straw-man to knock down. There’s much sabotage and distortion of the truth so no one will believe it. We should ask why this distortion exists if not to create confusion and dismiss whole points of view by their very nature of their existence and if we do this, we will know why such limited hang out information exists, whereas otherwise, if there was no agenda this wouldn’t be the case, no one would care and this information wouldn’t be being shared or speculated upon in the first instance. The problem is, people are speculating upon it and seeking answers, some of them are going to be bait/sabotage. It’s happened before and will happen again.
  14. Thanks mate Well there’s also another aspect of this I have mentioned in other posts but will add another context to it. There’s also of course this layer of technology involved within this RNA altering experiment called Quantum Dot Technologies and Luciferease < They’re basically taking the piss... But anyway, this technology is also being used within TVs and I’m sure other displays. While this is linked to an internal alteration The idea being that quantum dot displays are to do with how light is used in the panel by the TV thanks to certain technology. If this is in us via the quantum dot vaccine, it will be how light can alter our state of mind by triggering of quantum dot displays and such technologies that trigger reactions via light is the theory here. Anyone with any sense then couldn’t help but to speculate that the technology utilised under the skin and the technology within anything with a display, that the Quantum Dot Technology is designed to work together within the internet of things? As such is the whole idea of the so called “SMART Grid”, connecting everything then them becoming “privately managed”, they go into the cloud. You no longer own it. Yeah you’ll have your fucking head in the clouds basically. Yeah we get it and Jesus will be resurrected/return upon the cloud - all symbolism - he will be an A.I. Cyborg or some shit from blood found on an old rag in cave next to the Dead Sea Scrolls and/or a great big mound of Israelite only pornography of the era that no one else could possibly have had and some tissues where found stuck between the pages I mean I joke but this is the Globalist Death Cult scheme of things and although I’m obviously taking the piss, I do think the globalist will try and resurrect some type of technological Jesus said to be historically linked in some manner. Using the type body construct generated from the Shroud of Turin and some apparent blood said to be of Jesus. So we see this cross with the intro of Ghost in the Shell... That the reason they’ve called Luciferase what they have is that they’re telling us it’s the false light paradise. It is to do with light alteration. That this is perhaps supposed to interfere with our minds and mess with our emotions alongside the known mesmerism of the TV we already have. While we also have the moon which whilst it effects the water, female reproductive cycles, blood, it also effects our emotions and if you’ve listened to Ickes theory’s before you’d of heard about the moon and how it’s probably technology and artificial, comparable with that of Star Wars Death Star. What have they called a vaccine campaign roll out in the UK? OPERATION MOONSHOT! Oxygen in the blood leading too blood clots seems to be being caused by both 5G and the Vaccine. To not speculate a link would be to ignore they’re somehow randomly achieving the same goal... This movie does a good job at showing people this type of mesmerism by the TV and use of commercials and technology to understand impacts on our minds and basically engineer/manufacture consent. But of course, many people will just see it as a stand-alone movie and not the crossover narratives I guess which is how they get away with hiding much in plain sight... Then we get to something called Optogentics Light can be used to change behaviour by targeting neurons in mice. What’s not to say, the light alterations within Quantum Dot tech in both the body and the screen tech and perhaps elsewhere, even the artificial lights while just out and about, aren’t about altering human behaviour? Maybe this can also be triggered by 5G directly it is something that needs investigation! This is most definitely about the sub reality, SMART Transhumanism, False Light Paradise where our emotions are being micromanaged by the likes of A.I. other humans and eventually hive or herd like minds between various groups and so on. Also.. How a virus can be used to alter and lock in modifications, so if this is understood even positively, we could alter the human condition for means of evolution. While negatively is a way and means to keep us more sedated and under control. My overall perception anyhow is no matter what, we can’t be sure and won’t know the full implications for a long enough time anyhow to know the long term effects and the price paid for such alterations to make them in anyway practical and the types of people using this science on people are not using it on them for their greater good! The idea being that certain viruses have apparently been the tools that have altered/modified the human condition until it has evolved until we are where we are, here now. A movie that touches on some of these matters is The Bourne Legacy Eugenists want to control and direct human evolution, a part of that is killing off undesirable types but that’s not all. The majority of those undesirable types are those considered to be overpopulating the world and are “useless eaters”. I listened to quite a few interesting talks by Alan Watts on this subject from technology to eugenics that I’d recommend people track down and listen too! Here’s another example of screens mesmerising the minds of the masses... I feel the science and technology of Optogentics is linked with that of the Quantum Dot Technologies - Luciferease We can have our emotions micromanaged by whoever has the remote. SMART Dust/Nanoparticles/Nanotechnology is said to currently already being used to modify people’s behaviour. But I guess it’s not as steadfast as that of Optogentics and Quantum Dot Technologies. Nanotechnology if understood could also help understand shapeshifting and this type of shit and giggles sold as sci-fi. I think not... No reptilian symbolism here of course Death and Rebirth - Black Goo Terminator movies is awash with foreshadowing and how A.I. SMART Grid grows a mind of its own and destroys the world as we know it, transforming the world into an archontic paradise...
  15. Yes I agree. Total real-time surveillance is the desired new normal. While there’s an agenda alongside this to effectively recalibrate the human condition for human 2.0 which is everything Transhumanism, which is where it’s much more than surveillance. But is about also the creation of a sub reality, while that sub reality exists so total surveillance can be possible. Total control. 5G is the aspect of total surveillance within our traditional physical existence, day to day life and potential for being weaponised against our current human condition. While the solution could literally be offered up as Transhumanist alterations so we’re not affected by the otherwise current negative implications of 5G on our body and part of this is about altering our auric field, which is likewise being rolled out under COVID vaccines. The vaccine has varying aspects from technological surveillance to Transhumanism. More than one method is being run, this is why so many vaccines are desirable and the idea of variants/mutations. So all these goals and agendas can go under the radar of slightly varied issues without notice as being a variety of agendas being rolled out, it’s pretence is a variety of variants. Really, it’s many agendas being covered up and ran out under one idea, a virus. I’m quite confident that if those people doing this, tried to use some of these Transhumanist technologies on humanity, many peoples bodies if not all would reject the technology and they’d probably die or at least the tech not work as desired. After trial and error they’ve found this is overcome by altering heart based energies, altering auric fields/energetic body and this is why this is being altered first by medial and technological fascism.
  16. URGENT NEWS; PEOPLE WHO HAVE RECIEVED THE VAXX ARE NOW BEING TRACTED IN REAL TIME BY THE 5 GEE SYSTEM, RUSSIAN HACKER EXPOSES INFO https://odysee.com/@OffGridDesertFarmingwithPaulandAdrienne:9/BREAKING-NEWS-COMPUTER-CHIP-IN-VACCINE-NOW-BEING-TRACTED-IN-REAL-TIME,-BILL-GATES-ID2020-HAS-COME-TO-LIFE:9?fbclid=IwAR1pxeL-n7RC2YtUciL8O6B1BWscRkYi1tNIqcmTF0PXa7K2_u9rm3sJZqk It seems like to me, they want as many people as possible initially under the thumb of direct implantable surveillance and they know they won’t and can’t get everyone. From the start, mass lockdowns seen 5G towers rolled out by stealth under the cover of those lockdowns by design from empty schools to hospitals. To get much of the base infrastructure installed as possible, that can be then used to bounce signals from those locations over a wider area, stretching the coverage between one major broadcaster tower to the next, on little more than hubs/repeaters, like an extension for WiFi over your house. Only this is over the world and these towers have the ability to operate upon dangerous frequencies that are hazardous to human health and can be used as a weapon, limiting the oxygen in the blood. Potential causing blood clots where exposure is long enough or operation upon those higher frequencies. Does it sound familiar? This technology penetrates and transforms our auric field similar to if we had an internal illness and it was being examined using our auric field as the ancients used to examine and treat illnesses, this damage would be viable in our energetic field. Transhumanism is seeking to alter our energetic field so we accept future plans of Transhumanism. Such as, if you was given an organ transplant, your body may reject it. It’s the same with much Transhumanism agendas. So, we first have to be disconnected or have our auric field/energetic body altered so our body will accept the technological. What we are having altered or disconnected is heart energies. While this technological/medial tyranny is seeking to mark dominion over our sovereignty, conquest of our hearts like the conquest of territory. Planting it’s flag of ownership as we are likewise branded like cattle! This conquest of these globalists will then be openly symbolised by the construction of King Solomons Temple. The start of the collapse of the traditional pillars of society which is the scene that is the entrance, the bulldozers path towards the Temple, society are set on an alignment, a collision course of assured mutual self destruction as part of a grand plan, a wicked webbed agenda. But, even though this grand plan very much exists, no conspiracy exists amongst influential people who desire the fruition of that grand plan and aiding bringing it about that’s crazy talk... The transformation of society via destruction ️ Chaos Magic ️ The Great Reset. “An Angel that rides the storm/whirlwind”🕊 The artificial rainbow representative of the false light quantum dot paradise we are entering into and the dove of peace will be offered up as the path toward our only salvation. The resurrection of the Phoenix the old society thought destroyed after the great collapse... Really the total control of society, largely via technological means, Noah symbolism is being foreshadowed within the web of Noahide laws, the death cult/new age Path of Peace is the only path, it is the path of Globalisation. Global Government/Religion and so on. It’s a path of mutual failure, assured to create a central archetypal figure, the saviour of humanity. Or, is it more like the Jinn have returned and are being used via technological means to aid in the rebuilding of King Solomons Temple, for the ideals of Freemasonic Globalists, which is all done on behalf of Jews and to say otherwise and be against the plan which is therefore antisemitic, for the fulfilment of biblical prophecy, but is actually being carried out by Satanists? (If you’re confused it’s why you don’t see the conspiracy! This should make total sense ) We are having our auric field altered so it’s more in attune to what would be technological radiation to how the body currently exists, while this can also be used as a tool for immortality or population control, termination. It’s all about control! Prior EU Project Prior Foreshadowing - Johnny Mnemonic Intro Text to the Black Shakes, Bad Tech implantables - Too Much Tech causing illness... You don’t have to be technically minded to understand this... Technological surveillance works just fine right now. From all your technologies, you can be traced to a limited area based off the mobile towers or computer servers. This scope maybe based within a mile or so, while this can be traced to and even smaller scope narrowing down to a closer source of the broadcast. The scope is too wide for these control freaks and they want to make all daily activities of everyone be linked to technological surveillance real-time so you can’t move or operate without leaving a technological data trail, so the ping rate is higher as there’s more towers to ping based on your location moving only a few yards up the street instead miles between traditional mobile towers. To anyone who can’t see the invasiveness of this must be a idiot is all I can say. It’s very existence tramples on human rights and simply what it means to be a human and have free choice. Otherwise, you have to accept what this is. A technological dictatorship and fascism! When you couple this with the medical tyranny it doesn’t paint a pretty picture for anyone even “remotely” awake to what is happening! While much of our privacy has been justifiable removed thanks to COVID measures and such crap as track and trace which is the beta version of what’s here to stay and it was rolled out as a deliberate failure so people won’t feel or understand where this is at and where it’s planned to go since that limited hang out beta version, where a mass amount of money was just lost btw, in actuality going to fund this long since planned technological surveillance. This beta version track and trace was presented as a gut reaction as though it hasn’t and isn’t seriously been thought out before it’s initial inception, which was why “it failed and was poorly managed”. “If only there was a better more sustainable solution for the future?” That way it didn’t appear like this was a long planned agenda up an working fast that should make people ask questions over how long this has been planned. Like a vaccine that was made in like a month instead of the usual 10 years say This technological snooping already exists in China so don’t tell me this is a conspiracy theory. They trialed this in China, the perfect dictatorship testing ground and it’s planned to be copied here and many people are oblivious to it, deny it’s happening and then they go right into accepting it because of how it’s being justified in the limited moment, as if a spontaneous reaction to any would be crisis. Not that those crises have been deliberately cultivated to justify what otherwise couldn’t and wouldn’t be justified People are just so naive it’s unbelievable. It’s what us conspiracy theorists traditionally call false flag operations, which almost always follow on from a drill, a test of some sort... Like say, Event201 to COVID-19 Breakout/Lockdowns! They want a 5G broadcaster outside the homes of every individual, this way you can be tracked down to a closer proximity as you go about your daily business, the closest lamppost outside your home whilst under lockdown to tracing familiar routes you travel to and from your home to shops, work, friends homes etc etc This is creating a data map of daily activities of everyone and marking such relationships for use by those who govern this surveillance tool! While these will be placed alongside the data that already exists of individuals where and when they know they’re online like social media and such activities and this is being achieved for everyone without exception. This is really the idea of “the cloud”. It’s a cloud hoovering over everyone of data collection, like a technological auric field. The very notion of this technology should be seen and treated as an act of tyranny, treason and terrorism by any and all those who implement it! A conspiracy against humanity to cause harm and terror! Those who say who cares if you’re not a terrorist or not up to anything, really don’t get it at all and that’s the type of BS used to justify this once it’s at least being discussed in public and not being rolled out by stealth in shadows and darkness being dismissed as mere conspiracy theorists wetdream from their parents basement/bedroom. The technology itself and how this is being used is an act of terrorism. The terrorism doesn’t come later with the actions and ethics of this technological surveillance been given a pass, the green light and all those who oppose it are therefore terrorists. The technology itself is a form of terrorism, against the common public good of the majority of humanity and only exists to snoop, violate human rights and cause harm. It’s that simple! I don’t get or see why and how people don’t get that? It’s real and it’s happening and people not so fixated on traditional patterns of life are the actual people who have sat down, studied and researched this, that’s how and why they know and you don’t, while being prepared to challenge them from a state of the upmost ignorance as you’ve never even thought about or discussed most of this until now, where you gut react to protect the system, the agenda behind this, as you feel you can’t live without it’s “divine guidance”. I’ve studied and worked in IT and seen this type of technological fascism coming for a long time, seeing this get worse and worse and it’s never sat comfortably with me, in where it’s going and from where it already exists! It eventually made me reassess my views on the use of technological and not always be seeking the next new thing as our salvation of something. I personally have never been that bad, but like many, hadn’t assessed the negative implications of much new tech which almost always overlooked and deliberately ignored, like those who deliberately ignore this control system from the obvious nature of how it exists. More and more as technology rolls out and we become more accustomed to this or that, you can see the price being paid for them and how they come with more strings attached. You have to ask yourself, where do we draw the line? As the mass of humanity aren’t even asking or being asked this question? Big business never carry out ethical practices on their own and they always need to be held accountable by the public for the public. Instead, we have political systems monopolised by big business working for them how, where and when they see fit. More foreshadowing/taking the piss of this Politics should exist to keep the shackles on big business for the people, not on the people for big business practices. As a whole host of this globalist agenda is pushed out through international businesses. It’s an arm of Globalisation, tethers of which are then made possible via “trade deals” really ensuring a monopoly by those globalist agendas seeking to take over nation after nation of one “zone” to the next. If this situation wasn’t the case, we wouldn't have 5G being rolled out without first examination of how this technology may impact upon human health, especially in the long term and we equally wouldn’t be having mass roll out of “vaccines”, again without acknowledging long term health impacts. This being the case, coming through the spectre of big business making a profit and politicians in their back pockets and vice versa. It’s quite obvious to anyone with a mind of their own prepared to question and challenge these realities. Many are oblivious to the fact these circumstances exist because those telling them the lies aren’t engaging them into debate or speculation such as this. People need to do this for themselves! If many people did actually know this was happening that’s going on right now, they’d not only draw the line but have done it a hell of a long time ago! That’s why it’s not being discussed and openly debated! It’s not hard to understand the technological surveillance aspect. The way 5G will operate, when you travel you are constantly pinging on a smaller and smaller radius of mobile/cell towers because there’s more of them. Otherwise, 5G is completely hopeless and makes no rational sense to fund such a technology that is so crap as it has a limited broadcast range and it’s infrastructure should be so costly to implement it, it would make no rational sense to use this a technological medium that its being propped up into supporting. It needs so much mass infrastructure for the signal to work properly because it’s such a poor broadcaster, by the very nature of the limited spectrum of coverage from each tower, so many towers are needed for it to work. The cost benefit ratio just doesn’t make sense until you accept this is a surveillance tool and is actually in fact a weapon against the mass public. That so many towers and so much infrastructure is actually desirable so the ping ratio factor is reduced to a tower that’s closer and closer to your real-time location. While currently, this would work likewise with technology you carry about your person. Yet, you can dump that technology and then not be being tracked but only your tech is being tracked... This is why from wearable to more invasive implantable technologies are desirable so you either forget you have them on your person as you have so many or they’re under the skin and you can’t just dump them, as total surveillance is the thing which is desirable. This is fascism, this is tyrannical. Anyone who says otherwise, justifies what’s happening or dismisses all of this as pure conspiracy theory really do have their head up their own arse I’m afraid and very often it’s because they haven’t questioned or researched the likes of what’s being stated here for themselves, or would prefer not to believe it, feel a little more comfortable in the same way people may know full well what’s happening but still wear a mask for an easier life After as many people as possible are tagged, under the current limited roll out, this is when the direct systematic system failure will take place. From the start it’s been obvious to anyone who has been researching and expecting this type of stuff to be taking place, that the vaccine has to do with technological surveillance, Transhumanism and that this event is being used to strip physical currency from circulation. This has all been shown to be the case since COVID, lockdown to lockdown. It’s a state of fascism and that can’t be stressed enough! Once this crisis point is implemented, this will see cash as we know it become worthless and the hunger games society take place. Which, while it may sound contradictory to suggest, will at some point see the collapse of electricity and the internet as we know it. At least in the mass public domain means of accessing such. Which will make a bigger and better resurrection desirable and many will even demand their own enslavement. Equivalent to pre-Nazi Germany wheelbarrows to go and buy a loaf of bread, to plastering your living room with notes because it’s cheaper than wallpaper! Where people need to go to the sports stadiums for mere survival, water, food and blankets etc As the infrastructure has fallen, petrol is gone and delivery’s are no longer sustainable to shopping centres and so on. We will have no where to go but only rely upon military handouts here to help humanity and not implement a military police state Again, another conspiracy theory While again, this has already been trial ran in many areas and is what the likes of an EU-NATO Army is likely to be used to implement foreign military powers within other nations “that have fallen, to keep order and stability”. But, to do this, for you to get your food and resources, you will need to comply with vaccination policies and some sort of technological surveillance to monitor who has had their fair share of limited resources that are available. This will be and is the only method to technological parasite upon all human beings successfully and if they want to do this no matter what, this is the only way for them to get the majority that survive, while killing off the rest and home door to door searching for what they would term an “unknown quantity” where these people who don’t appear upon any technological blueprint will in all likelihood be treated as the terrorists and serious criminals of such an era! So you tell me this is not happening and then when it happens, what? Comply out of fear for your own survival anyway and pretend this wasn’t part of the plan? Pretend this wasn’t foreshadowed by so many and is just a coincidence? Well, if you think and feel like this I hope you continue to sleep easy until it’s happening. Sit back and don’t research and speculate. Just accept “The Great Reset”. Like the ashes from the Phoenix, will be destroyed and then resurrect. “Hey Mr. Music Ya sure sound good to me I can't refuse it What have we got to be Feel like dancing Dance cause we are free I got my own In the promise land But I feel at home Can you overstand Until the road is rocky Sure feels good to me And if your lucky Together we'd always be I will ride it The sun is a risin The sun is a risin Zion is arising!” - Rainbow Country - Bob Marley Everyday was like a war zone but these hero's still had time and just enough energy to sing and dance! https://www.facebook.com/100060492883067/videos/179657804060648/
  17. Why this medical form of Transhumanism? Think differently about the self, self identify “God love all the people who trust the same psychopaths that dim the sun... They be thinking this is normal ” - Emma Norton We are an Organism-Environment. This is why the same people want to block out our Sun with all methods of geoengineering (altering our apparent sensation of our “external” Environment) as well as our internal physical body (Organism) with the likes of “V”/Vaccine. Humanity as we know it! These are both the exact same agenda not just parallels to be drawn to understand the madness of these psychopaths who are obviously dimming the Sun, seeding the sky with the above poison whilst if you can see and don’t trust this, why would you trust the poison being injected Under the Skin? As Above, So Below! The blocking out of the Sun and the injecting of Quantum Dot Technology, Luciferase, is the exchange of one light to the other. Sun light for their technological light ️ A change in energies attempting to alter the human condition so it’s threatened by the Sun and so will seek solace elsewhere, we will seek out comfort and escape within their new technological sub reality. Witnessed as, Revolutionary. One spectrum of light being traded for another, one realm for another or one state of frequency for another. Limitations sold as Limitless. Our sensation of visible light eventually changed for a technological Fantasia. A bridge between worlds. As symbolised, COVID instead of ascension it is a descendancy... While this will create a distinct split, a divide within humanity, as showed within pop culture like “The Time Machine” and such, which is mimicking other similar stories of species on the surface of the earth and one beneath. Or within Transhumanism predictive programming, scraps left in the ashes of the old world and such, a people who are rebels against the imposed tyranny treated with hostility by the state and so on. Many movies show this in various ways of foreshadowing this... Maybe such has happened in the past to create the schism the ancients speak of and the movement of Saturn Such a schism is happening again with the likes of this Transhumanism sub reality. Such is what is being attempted... Agendas 21/30 - Police State Altering the human condition, our body and our environment, so these are more easily controlled and managed by those behind this imposition. The body simply won’t accept this agenda, this invasion head on and some will reject it meaning death Or to put it another way... Others will have their higher self or heart energies altered and removed so their body will more easily accept this Transhumanism transition, otherwise before any such alteration as this, almost everyone’s body would just reject the future planned technological intervention. As the higher self energies of the body would seek to stop this destructive transformation process, destroying the body before creating a zombie like state, wherein a higher state of consciousness exists and would otherwise become trapped, it fails to be able to operate upon such frequency, which is the walking dead, a vehicle that is counterproductive to the higher self, it’s like having the wrong hardware to be able to compute with it. This right now is like a hack, a work around to do this as if we are a computer system being hacked to stop the bodies response so it will be accepting of Transhumanism intervention. It’s a Trojan Horse under the skin. That’s why they’re engaging with this as they’re now. This is my understanding from research I hope others will or have done their own and will contribute to what they think and feel about this along these lines if they’ve thought about it? So this early invasion is so, later our body will accept more Transhumanism alterations that if they tried intervening into many of us now, today, our body would reject them and they not take hold, so either the technology wouldn’t work as planned, as desired or the individual would just die. So, this is fine within the survival of the fittest mentality, those who die deserve to die as their body can’t adapt, can’t accept the next stage in human evolution and this is great for a Population Control tool/weapon while also trial running how to hack the body for Transhumanism. Checking for anomalies encountered under the cover of a virus for anything not encountered until this reaches the type of mass roll out we have right now! Those who do adapt and accept these changes do so as a means and mechanism of entering into this subhuman fallen reality/realm state, this Transhumanism paradise, where their body can be further invaded into and the body be able to take hold of certain technologies that would otherwise be automatically rejected without having previously disconnecting the higher self, the heart from society and the individual. With the idea that this also has greater potential for having a less creative society which is seen as chaotic, a more robotic society which is seen as practical, less free thinking and more like subservient automatons, where they can be more easily managed and controlled with a “communal mindset” more like a program that can’t be accepted or rejected, it just is, it just acts out, a hive mind for a lower state of consciousness to play out. This state of distorted consciousness may even see our state of consciousness as a distortion, a fragmented state of consciousness that needs to be pieced back together via creating this hive mind, while exploitation’s of spiritual oneness can be used and abused to create this dystopia, between both religion and political agendas, that will manifest as our salvation through technology, technocracy and transhumanism. The “shits and giggles” version... The human mind is being colonised by this destructive force to act as a stepping stone for it’s distorted state of consciousness to more easily manifest through the human condition via archontic technologies. You could also consider this “Vril”, the Coming Race, energy brought through wires intervening into the human condition, whilst our environment is likewise being altered like a subtle form of terraforming energies ever so slight or vast as they maybe, necessary to make the manifestation of this force more easier, manageable and sustainable. Operation Moonshot could be a parallel for Aleister Crowley’s Moonchild, see the post below on the Coming Race. Whilst this maybe less noticeable by those expecting to see the physical appearance of individuals to drastically change, while really it’s a conscious state being drawn by the human physical body vehicle, that will have changed to draw into them as a vessel that can hold this distorted state of consciousness energies. Again, this is how I see it and would like to hear what anyone else on the forum may think along these lines if they have anything? Bill Gates - Sun Block - Globalist, Greta Thunberg “Climate Change” spin type solution The electromagnetic field is 5G and such technologies... A COVID archetypal Fallen Society - Total control over resources = total control over humanity... Hunger Games Society... Subservience... ∴ Operation Moonshot - Moonchild? Controlled Manufactured Evolution - Mutation
  18. Good. Hopefully also the interconnected messages... Almost everything you think you know... ??? ??? ? Meme Me Me Me. So many Memes The Selfish Gene The Hunger Games Society - Memetics Witnessing a pattern is the revelation of conspiracy, an underlying intelligence trying to sway your state of mind, perception and psychologically which can largely go on unseen or be assumed an act of chaos, subconscious, when and where this is happening without your informed consent, without your observation, your conscious awareness. This is the basis of all propaganda to sway perception and who can impose the greater sway, controls the masses. This is the MSM. This is why we have so much censorship. To all those that deny the existence of any pattern, any synchronicity it’s a “Conspiracy Theory” without basis, it’s crazy, it’s chaos and a bunch of random images without sense nor meaning. No interconnection. No witnessing of any consciousness tether between them. Unless, an established authority tells them what to connect and what to denounce, by say an image and a story. This is based on the observer more than the information that’s in front of them. This is where authority resides, the observer, which is more than often hijacked by unseen forces, which so long as this remains unseen, people remain “unconscious” or better yet, hypnotised/mesmerised in predictable patterns of behaviour, control and these people remain asleep to even the possibility of that control existing because of the state of mind they’re experiencing spellbound. The Eagle Has Landed
  19. As you can’t demand a “Free” Tibet without a Free Palestine To not see the exact same situation in both places is to be within ignorance, denial and is about politics. In reality, they’re both about Globalisation and carried out for such globalist agendas! A year apart from one another no less. The fact is, Israel was turned into Air Strip One for waging war in the Middle East which has obviously been more than successful and Tibet was otherwise, likewise Air Strip One for invasion of China if what we know to have happened didn’t. This isn’t about pro west, pro China rhetoric. That’s to be in ignorance that this was coldly calculated by a bunch of control freaks! The globalists squeeze the middle ground and ensure you pick sides. Largely, when the western world trendily support a “Free” Tibet, they’re requesting a westernised occupation of Tibet as opposed to a China/Communist one which is used to advance political agendas of such globalists and these people often ignore the issue of Palestine altogether. As ones politically correct and desirable you support it in the western world, the other is politically incorrect and gets you accused of hatred and antisemitism by the core of Freemasons pretending to be Jews Zionist/Globalist/Sabbatean Frankist, take your pick but not Jewish! But those who have platformed these fake Jews to play the role of the synagogue of Satan. Those are the inner core of Freemasons, to say otherwise is to be within complete denial or ignorance of what’s happening! King Solomons Temple is core to Freemasonic desires and beliefs and the same globalists whom seek to use such a temple to symbolise their global empire dominance. Those at the core of Freemasonry behind this are globalists, but not all Freemasons are Globalists just as not all Jews are Zionist/Globalist/Sabbatean Frankist. But their “leaders” who seek to impose roles, perceptions and agendas upon them to sway their decisions are most definitely! This is why such institutions are so dangerous and can’t be trusted. Oh yeah, I can see it now... 80 years of human development and evolution Maybe not https://www.facebook.com/passthefeather/photos/a.1600784220194520/1663271347279140/?type=3
  20. The short story... Yes it certainly has. Usually people clap and make loud noises to drive evil spirits away not so they can swiftly enter! Shills R Us Pots, pans, passion: Britons clap their support for NHS workers again People up and down the country unite in applause for second week in a row https://www.theguardian.com/world/2020/apr/02/pots-pans-passion-britons-clap-their-support-for-nhs-workers-again It has created a potential state where people will desire the removal of the NHS just as those in power desire via means of privatisation. Where people want to tear it down for obvious reason thanks to this COVID HOAX and NHS staff compliance with it of which there should be no loved lost with an awake general public. “ARE YOU REALLY JUST SAT WATCHING THIS SHIT HAPPEN LIKE IT'S ACCEPTABLE?! In which world is it OK or 'normal' to use children as guinea pigs I despair. So does this DOCTOR” - Emma Norton I know when I visited the hospital with my Dad during this bollocks I wanted to smack a few people around their heads at how pathetic they where being. For example, to avoid spreading COVID I was advised to go and wait in a freezing cold car for hours on end as a solution so I could potentially catch a cold and they could call it COVID if you’re even more gullible enough than that. This was practical advice by the NHS and you could see the deep fake insincerity of the BS oozing from these power mad freaks! Where you can’t even wait with someone ill to offer them emotional support, so they can be browbeaten into submission or subject to being guilt tripped, gang stalked and bullied by the all high and mighty NHS staff who have strength in numbers while the patients do not, while security guards are circling around supposedly infested areas like sharks for anyone not immediately leaving the premises if waiting to be picked up, being stopped quizzed and demanded to justify themselves to remove anyone from the premises for potentially video filming an empty building rather than catching anything COVID it couldn’t be any more obvious otherwise people with medical knowledge would police this not the brute force of Rent-a-cops, saying who can’t and can come in or out stopping people from catching the wrong type of dancing taking place by the NHS staff that wasn’t meant as a PR stunt, but rather slacking off because they’ve got nothing better to do and so much time on their hands. During a real pandemic, such would be seen as insensitive to say the least and as an absolute farce while patients can’t be accompanied by a chaperone. They simply wouldn’t have time for this or even feel it be dignified or gracious to carry out such an act if mass deaths where occurring by all those killed. It would seem like what it is, a mockery. It only shows how far this psychological shadow game of those behind this are going to laugh in the face of those who can see this and make idiots out of those who are supporting it, while they fail to even see it because of a false sense of pride that’s been granted them by an extension of politics presenting pseudoscience and pure bullshit as unquestionable truth and that of medical science of which you can’t and should not contest without the appropriate credentials after your name. You don’t need credentials to know what absolute bullshit looks and smells like. Everyone knows and we didn’t need to visit any college or fear the condemnation of “higher powers” suggesting we’re mistaken further justifying the browbeating from authorities until we accept the shit they’re coming out with, ain’t shit at all. It’s nothing short of bullying and narcissistic behaviour. All those who adhere to this system and psychological degradation have the most narcissistic behavioural traits due to the system characteristics they’ve adopted and so can’t see what’s taking place in the name of COVID is narcissism that most of us with any sense can see and call tyranny, fascism and the removal of our most basic human rights to live and simply exist. That is considered potentially causing someone else harm of which you can now be treated as criminal and have your human rights trampled on! However, society need a free practice for health care for accident or injuries that are completely getting overlooked and neglected so the NHS can be stripped out and sold off while people will accept it, due to the depletion taking place because of COVID. This makes the transition easier as so many people are at a loss and will have grown to despise those maintaining these lies, working for this corrupt system! TPTB ain’t going to strip back the NHS to “Build Back Better” a better system for us the people but for themselves as the mass conglomerate organisations. Privatisation. Just as the deliberate collapse of the economic system to build their new world order technocracy is equally not for our own good but a cold and calculated design. The deliberate collapse of the economy, after destabilisation via COVID, being pushed over the edge beyond all hope of retrieval by way of cyberwarfare to blame a fictitious enemy. Transformation through destruction - Creative destruction - Chaos Magic. Make no mistake, it will be said that a lot of COVID related data - proof of corruption justifying the cover up - will be said to lost, damaged or stolen by way of some form of cyberattack! This is so predictable! Drill False Flag 101 - Fire Sale Event NATO prepares for world's largest cyber war game - with focus on grey zone The Locked Shields exercise will place as much focus on grey zone activities as it will on the technical aspects of cyber defence. Military cyber security specialists are preparing for the largest cyber war game in the world, which kicks off tomorrow as the fictional NATO member state of Berylia comes under attack. The real-time NATO exercise will include defenders practising the protection of critical civilian and military infrastructure, including water treatment facilities and energy plants. Amid the increasing risk of real international conflict, the exercise will also include legal teams who will need to figure out if and when a particular action is acceptable under international law, as well as strategic communications experts to handle disinformation. https://news.sky.com/story/nato-prepares-for-worlds-largest-cyber-war-game-with-focus-on-grey-zone-12274488 Why and what would a cyberattack do? It would seek to present means of a lack of updated technological methods of protecting and securing our systems and how we can’t and should not allow this to take place again. Just as WannaCry justified such to implement Microsoft based cyber security cloud technologies so older computers can’t be hacked. Justifying everything advancing within and of the Technocracy and Transhumanism Agendas, while it will seek to present how the old system is beyond all hope of reviving, so the new system is justified and blamed upon a foreign entity. This can also justify the advancement of Internet tyranny, the linking of all individuals online activities with a social credit score and further attacks on encryption based communications within the public domain. A cyber false flag just as a physical false flag seeks “security” that reduces our privacy and freedoms, this can likewise be used to achieve limitations of the same freedoms via Internet activities eventually. The overall idea of no Internet access without unique IDs being attached to the activities another Bill Gates wet dream! “New figures from our health service show that over 387,000 people have been waiting for hospital treatment for more than a year - the longest waiting list on record. Where's the outrage? It will take years for that number to decline. And I will just add this- if shared before many times.. According to kingsfund.org website total number of NHS hospital beds in England has more than halved over past 30 years.. 299k 1987/88 141k 2018/9. Number of patients increased” - Natalie McDonagh One in 10 patients face at least year’s wait for hospital care Health Service data reveals that 387,885 people had been waiting for hospital treatment for more than a year in February https://www.telegraph.co.uk/news/2021/04/15/nhs-treatment-waiting-list-hits-record-high-47-million/?fbclid=IwAR17wGIp8Mcf6u36p7wZ2TEwIGgeuceoDMg24FxYl4WGJqfA6AWEPLyaMAg Debt slavery cycle designed to torture? The number of deaths in the world in the last two months of 2020 14,687 : Corona virus - Really quite obviously taken from annual flu, cold, pneumonia statistics and elderly alignments reclassified! 69,602 : Common cold - Why aren’t we doing all this shit to prevent us from dying of the common cold? Asking for a friend 140,584 : Malaria 153,696 : Suicide - Will very likely obviously increase due to COVID BS 193,479 : Road Accidents 240,950 : HIV loss 358,471 : Alcohol 716,498 : Smoking 1,177,141 : Cancer Then do you think Corona is dangerous? Or is the purpose of the media campaign to settle the trade war between China and America or to reduce financial markets to prepare the stage of financial markets for mergers and acquisitions or to sell US Treasury bonds to cover the fiscal deficit in them Or Is it a Panic created by Pharma companies to sell their products like sanitizer, masks, medicine etc. Do not Panic & don't kill urself with unecessary fear:I am posting this to balance your newsfeed from posts that caused fear and panic. 338,724 People are sick with Coronavirus at the moment, of which 81,093 are in China. With a population of over 1.1 billion. This means that if you are not in or haven't recently visited China, this should eliminate 94% of your concern. If you do contract Coronavirus, this still is not a cause for panic because: 81% of the Cases are MILD 14% of the Cases are MODERATE Only 5% of the Cases are CRITICAL Which means that even if you do get the virus, you are most likely to recover from it. Some have said, “but this is worse than SARS!”. SARS had a fatality rate of 10% while COVID-19 has a fatality rate of 2% Moreover, looking at the ages of those who are dying of this virus, the death rate for the people UNDER 50 years of age is only 0.2% This means that: if you are under 50 years of age and don't live in China - you are more likely to win the lottery (which has a 1 in 45,000,000 chance) Sunday 22nd March in Italy 793 died. Let’s take one of the worst days so far, the 10th of February, when 108 people in CHINA died of Coronavirus. On the same day: 26,283 people died of Cancer 24,641 people died of Heart Disease 4,300 people died of Diabetes Suicide took 28 times more lives than the virus did. Mosquitoes kill 2,740 people every day, HUMANS kill 1,300 fellow humans every day, and Snakes kill 137 people every day. (Sharks kill 2 people a year) TAKE MULTI VITAMINS AND DO THE DAILY THINGS TO SUPPORT YOUR IMMUNE SYSTEM , PROPER HYGIENE AND DO NOT LIVE IN FEAR. Join Me to Spread Hope instead of Fear. The Biggest Virus is not Corona Virus but Fear! By Anthony Harden They’re above the law. One rule us and another rule for them! Sounds like polarisation division but this is true and they’ve made it so!
  21. Talk about a conflict of interests! This man should have been sacked along time ago and he probably can’t be in the position he is in anymore because so many see him for what he is, so have to come up with a reason, a method and mechanism to get rid of him without casting a light on the COVID HOAX as the reason, so they have to come up something and so they’ve come up with the likes of this to act as another mechanism of “rational” cannon fodder for Labour so politics at least appears to be talking place. By that I mean opposition between the parties seems to be talking place without including the issue of COVID of which they’re completely agreed as there is no actually no opposition, the apparent truth of COVID’s existence means there’s absolutely no opposition In any case... SACK THIS MAN! A complete an utter disgrace without shame, a severe lack of empathy and emotion without appearing disingenuous and insincere. Matt Hancock owns shares in NHS-approved firm Health Secretary Matt Hancock owns shares in a company which was approved as a potential supplier for NHS trusts in England, it has emerged. https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-politics-56768601?fbclid=IwAR2W4irRNN0GVg_0WrySgEk-i6xdR9whcKIfiBCwVsZ-kjZHcG_oTKLhdAs This is a stepping stone. Normalisation of the use of technology and medical care, replacing doctors with A.I, and such technologies. This is designed to eventually be hooked up with the cloud infrastructure of both Microsoft and Amazon within the NHS and patient personal information, with implantable chips (RFID) for fast track access to doctors and such. Sold as an ideal ID type bracelet to quickly confirm health conditions in anyone, but specifically sold at those who may become unconscious and need quick medical attention if found, quickly knowing their medical status. While this will also exist to suggest a lack of redundancy as a means to remove the potential of losing paperwork and medical history and so on throughout the lifetime of individuals and so the list goes on. In short, the medical system is seeking various means of implementing both the Technocracy and Transhumanism. So obvious these contradictions a child should be able to figure it out and good on them who do! Youngsters go back to school due to government, impose mass self testing with a test not testing for COVID and then government complain about the increase of cases and blame youngsters and not see the obvious and blatant scam, the deception that’s taking place with this fake test and “cases” being misrepresented! This can justify government coming down hard on youngsters by the likes of police and so on. Normalisation of this tyranny and technocracy! Anyone at school during all this should be telling them to take those daily COVID self tests and shove em up their arse! Friends and family should be encouraging youngsters to act likewise if they themselves aren’t at school and so on. They need to be informed! Get friends together and stand against this bollocks. If you’re largely seen as a “tinfoil hat” or feel you have little support simply leave, explaining you’re not prepared to accept the current circumstances of face masks, being scanned on the forehead and self COVID tests - that don’t even test for the virus - and you suggest this goes against your most basic human rights and you’d be completely within your rights to do so and vindicated eventually if not immediately accepted. Tell them to exempt you from all this bollocks immediately or else you refuse to attend until you have it in writing of your exemption from this imposition, you’ll fail to comply with this as it goes against your human rights until they accept it and if they don’t agree, simply say you’ll happily leave and do so until they see sense. Enjoy your time off until they inevitably come to their senses and don’t worry you ain’t missing anything trust me! The more people that do this, the less they’re able to enforce it so try and get others to act likewise. Hand something in, in writing and keep a record of it explaining this and supporting your position and then even if they don’t accept it, you don’t show up and you’ve backed yourself up and can provide this information you’ve put forward previously and been denied of your basic human rights and you’re not prepared to exist within such a place of such impositions until such a people adhere to your basic human rights and accept your permanent removal from any temperature scanning, mask impositions and daily testing without receiving further harassment. That so long as such a deadly virus exists you’ll only enter school when it’s safe to do so without otherwise having to wear a mask and carry out daily testing and such paraphernalia carry on’s and so on. That this also goes against your rights as you simply fear not being able to breath properly and absolutely anyone can say this and not be forced to wear a mask. People are even having this mask BS imposed on them at colleges and not being allowed access on campus without wearing one and so on. How anyone can accept this is absolutely ludicrous and the sooner you reject it the better. Lead by example.
  22. 77 Brigade - Disinformation “Experts” - Advertising themselves as Globalists? On one level in the paper ad we can see how desperate they’re. Yet, when those people that are being paid are “debunking” basically marginalising posts online or adding censorship and such of posts they don’t want people to see or accept through some sort of analytical management process, people then won’t see those people are being paid to do this, so the same obvious psychological sway isn’t here that they’re obviously bought and paid for shills! At least to the uninitiated While this type of ad can also seek to justify fake military accounts campaigns and such, where organisations like 77 Brigade can operate as if they’re people engaged with this type of ad as general public, hiding behind such campaigns taking place across the country no doubt and there really be only very few members of the public involved as a cloak, a cover a smokescreen for military psyops I reckon is most reasonable explanation of what’s taking place here! “Covid Community Ambassadors” are acting like outreach programs and private disconnected assets that are really in common accord with groups like 77 Brigade and Common Purpose type groups, similar to now alphabet agencies operate. Just a thought, maybe worth more research within this regard!
  23. China’s Tiered Social Credit System “Another conspiracy coming true. Chinese social credit system Incoming... Rockefeller TV interview circa 1974 "What's your favorite Governmental system?" "China, you can get things done." Not like they didn't tell us.” Natalie McDonagh Ushered in via a Universal Income after crashing the old economy and deliberately destroying many jobs beyond all hope of return, appease the public in accepting total technocracy via such universal incomes, base vaccines and implantable technologies (Chip) around such dependency and they’ve got what they want! You’d basically be a fool not to accept money if you need it and can’t survive without it and it’s this situation, The Hunger Games Society they’re putting everyone within so they’ll accept this. This I reckon will be trialed the easy way, which is a smoother transition and if that doesn’t work things would have to get much worse before they get better and people basically have no choice. If you can’t see this coming you have no idea what’s going on! The UK’s COVID Tiered System - Preparing us for Technocracy, Total Technological state surveillance, Exploited via means of Security, reality it’s about Control! UK Social Credit System/Global Social Credit System Social Credit System, Life becomes a lot more like a game of Monopoly! Credit scores may soon be based on your web history — is that a good thing? - Erm, well let me think ... Fuck No! Totalitarian Technocracy, alongside Transhumanism, what could go wrong? Everything! https://guce.yahoo.com/consent?brandType=nonEu&gcrumb=M4bYPTI&done=https%3A%2F%2Ffinance.yahoo.com%2Fnews%2Fcredit-score-based-history-183000645.html%3Fguce_referrer%3DaHR0cDovL20uZmFjZWJvb2suY29tLw%26guce_referrer_sig%3DAQAAAGJOEEPHfWpP6C_MUwc7fG7HHQCSeuMVq7gnr1suNkp4bqir_v2HsUXjoKS5dYs7Efqlgb8CyxMtdyOyK-M3D09egvv1BWNZAZ93Nw8Rvs33cSDaU8tyWXGQyOovDCjQWVEk3hsXcAr-pJ33I-_qKBwKaEvRk8xl9KSCXmm2OVjh%26_guc_consent_skip%3D1618421271 Alan Watts describing a Bilderberg type meeting he eventually came to the conclusion of if what they where suggesting was the case, the best thing to do was nothing through the potential of causing more damage. Mans arrogance of believing he knows best, knows no bounds and to leave well enough alone. Of course, that’s not the idea of control behind this deceptive agenda being rolled out by the Globalists which is why these deceptions exist to demand they do something and justify their actions of doing so. Shortly after this Alan Watts was dead Suicide/Suicided Movie version of the above from 9 minutes The Day the Earth Stood Still 2008 for when YT removes it!
  24. Unless of course, you’ve been suckered into the contractual system to rob you of you soul. Then of course, this would seem like madness While I tend to agree, so long as you’re on the middle path, “the enemy of my enemy is my friend”, that means that both sides of the polarised are at war with you and will squeeze you, they have a mutual enemy they counter attack to transform society. Seeking extreme to extreme until you do pick a side. That’s what this current period of time is exactly about. This is the very thing which creates perpetual war as described in 1984 by George Orwell. Destruction/Transformation of the Middle Path To give an example, so long as Satanism is on the rise, Christianity - as a corrupt institution not simply the belief system - is vindicated, a mass amount of people are misled, so society can be like a ping pong ball bounced back and forth by the hands of Christianity and the hands of the Satanists. Just as they are within Warfare, this is a spiritual and information Warfare. If you control both groups you can shape society. Christianity is being used by this satanic death cult to transform society. This is what the globalist death cult do, transformation through death, they see it as necessary an inevitable change if it be by their hands, anyone/anything else. They may as well seek to control the storm, this feeds their insecurity of having to be within control of everything. Mass migration of Muslims to give the impression of being out bred, their religion, culture and all around way of life becoming a minority within their own lands and the idea of Islamic rulership seeding dominion over wherever they find themselves, the mark of the beast in the hand or being scanned on the forehead before entering church, if you’re lucky enough to get in, the whole idea of a globalist empire taking over the world by way of a new world order, WWIII with China and Nuclear/Dirty Bomb in the US in-line with Agenda 21/30... The list goes on. While on one hand this is obviously the Globalist Death Cult hidden empire and to my mind, the last part is an occult ritual of the fall of Babylon, the collapse of their own system to give the illusion of the birth of a new and that is the New World Order. This also feeds the illusion that their is no going back to the old system, the old way of life their is nothing here to cling ahold of, there’s nothing here to resurrect. While that system is so corrupt anyway why would you want to? This feeling however true it maybe, also helps aid such an impression and then what is offered up to cling a hold of with our own insecurities of this failure of society, this Hunger Games Society Survival of the Fittest is their New World Order, as if by loving hands when it’s by the very hands used to create such destabilisation and uncertainty so society could be transformed. Just like COVID many will be so easily misled by this if not even more out of their will to simply survive and get out of the chaos. This collapse is of the US, Liberty has fallen being a central symbolic image of this and this economic collapse will see the collapse of the EU. Whilst on the other hand, although this is most definitely being engineered into the plans of this globalist death cult, these events are prophecy or at least imitations of prophecy by this globalist death cult seeking deliberately to mimick this belief system into their agenda. This seeks to pedestalise Christianity in the long run by the very same globalist death cult. While the middle ground is where you want to be, you don’t want to be caught between this gap of transformation through this process of creative destruction, anymore than you’d want to aid it by being deceived about sides within this game. Why did Britain Invade Tibet in 1904? 1949, China start the agenda to Invade Tibet (1 year after the British openly “Officially” are seen as stealing Palestine for Israel - Zionists Globalist Agenda) There are no sides and even such polarisation is an illusion, both forces are mutually necessary, yet both want to destroy one another. All these illusions of sides exist upon the same middle ground. While birth of Transhumanism is to create a lower sub reality which is a distortion of consciousness lower than what we are currently experiencing, where destruction or the negative supersedes the positive. An imbalance which will see the desolate dystopian destruction of this reality as we know it because of such an imbalance and distorted state of consciousness, potentially dominating the lands via dominating our minds, transforming the human condition of our physical state and our environment, as they’re are also the same. We are, an Organism-Environment. Just like the Transhumanism elements under the skin, the same transformation of our environment via geoengineering, chemtrails, climate change and blocking out the Sun it’s all a single objective to transform the human condition...
  25. Us “Conspiracy Theorists” are so god damn crazy, condemned and marginalised, then a year or so passes, proved right and treated like we never said anything and we was never being condemned or marginalised at all. That just didn’t happen... How can you disproportionately separate these things without clearly having an agenda to promote contradictory images as though they’re not connected? Being that, you deliberately want to attack a group of people for an agenda you’re trying to push so those people need to be ignored, then, you have to promote the very thing you was attacking that group of people for even suggesting or contemplating because it’s now those behind that agendas designs and priority to push that what was all along being prepared in the background when you attacked all those people suggesting it was - “and still is” - a mere “conspiracy theory”... “How many more times do us “conspiracy theorists” be proven right for people to wake up and see there’s a coldly calculated agenda and we are being lied to on a massive scale? April 2020 "Bizarre theories" April 2021 "Scientists reveal microchip" *Dons full tin foil armour* (You have to laugh at the fact the "Anti vaxxers" even saw the vaccine coming before it existed, but still. You carry on in your land of delusion)” -Emma Norton
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