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  1. On 9/11/2021 at 3:06 PM, Rachel Underhill said:

    Thanks very much Danny, just watched the first 2 vids, I hope everyone gets stuck into them just so much info that is going on right now to us here and around the world. Didn't know about the Black Goo though so great to learn something new. Much appreciated🙂

    Thanks for your comments Rachel 😇

    I’ve had a lot going on because of a house fire, so I haven’t been able to post on here as often but should be able to again soon.

    During “lockdown” this happened and I spent about 6 months in a hotel room where I came across this black goo and researched some disturbing things involving “SuperSoilder” programs.

    I would say there’s a lot of suspect information here, but people shouldn’t be quick to dismiss all of it.

    I reckon this is genuine mind control and the very people behind this are using victims of mind control to drip feed true information but mixed within just enough bogus or questionable information to cast a certain amount of doubt by design and in their minds if they inform the public via these means they deserve to be able to get away with it.


    Which is I’m pretty sure is exploit the human condition however they’d want to do so scientifically - which is another word really for occultism or Satanism, Science is just the accepted deliver at better exploiting nature, occultism repackaged and given PR spin and some form of understanding, even if it’s complete BS people accept it because it’s given some form of explanation.


    This type of genetic experimentation has been going on for years in military bases for whatever and various ends.
    I’m sure it’s happened before and got me researching the Anunnaki.
    But this was relearned and understood again and exposed during WWI and WWII.


    If you asked me what I think and feel is ultimately going on, on one hand they want to create an ideal slave race and not get rid of humanity altogether, but create the perfect order follower, via Optogenetics, tethering the human condition to technology and A.I. - Transhumanism.

    Also, I genuinely believe there’s some form of entities that occultists are trying to liberate via altering the human condition so they can hold the physical form within our space, our environment.

    This so why our environment is being changed. We are an Organism-Environment.
    This means the body and “nature” which people often separate.

    The body - A.I. and Vaccine - Nature - Geoengineering “Climate Change”.

    5G is altering the frequency space, the aura so another form of consciousness can occupy the human body/vehicle eventually, that otherwise exists within another frequency state.


    “The Black Shakes” - Too much tech damaging the auric field?


    Via A.I. and Transhumanism technology, people are becoming permanently tethered and jacked into by these parasitic beings, that are otherwise engaged with by an occultist for some sort of energetic/information trade off.

    The big pay of is that who tethers everyone else to these parasitic beings and controls how that is implemented.

    As you can see…

    We’re being mocked…




    The Venom Analogy 




    “Fear Gave Them Wings”



    Then, there’s another aspect of the complete liberation of these beings that take over the physical space, mind and body, not just a parasite upon a host, they no longer need or desire being a parasite on a human host but take over and become the host, that means transforming what “human” is. 
    I’d suggest many people are unknowingly parasitised and various levels of occultism embrace this to feed the parasitic entity for some sort of gain.


    This would be the fall of man and the “closing of the gates of heaven”.
    Closing the ability of ascension. This is how these beings would manifest in the physical form by the human condition being altered so the conscious space is limited and contained. The fall of man is the rise of demons.


    A year or so before the beginning of World War I, a young woman named Lisa la Giuffria is seduced by a white magician, Cyril Grey, and persuaded into helping him in a magical battle with a black magician and his black lodge.
    Grey is attempting to save and improve the human race and condition by impregnating the girl with the soul of an ethereal being — the moonchild. To achieve this, she will have to be kept in a secluded environment, and many preparatory magical rituals will be carried out. The black magician Douglas is bent on destroying Grey's plan. However, Grey's ultimate motives may not be what they appear.





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  2. I can honestly stay, I had forgotten all about this.


    * Vulnerable 

    Sorry about the typos and bad grammar etc I’m not a perfectionist 

    I never did get a reply from Conor or anyone for that matter and you can only wonder why?

    Maybe it was those typos, maybe it was because this just had to happen and it must come before the event it can’t be allowed not to happen.

    If this was past they could get away with everything that was preplanned and preconceived of COVID tyranny.
    They just make these laws and then all of a sudden they’ve never been more important to help aid medical fascism, mass murder and death in care homes by way of targeting the elderly and the vulnerable?


    It’s because of the Mental Capacity “Amendment” here, that certain people could be forceful vaccinated against their wishes eventually because they’re considered a threat to themselves and to others.
    If this hasn’t happened already, this can be justified in the future, potentially targeting anyone if it can be justified!


    She’s suffering from serious paranoia and has delusional threats of persecution 

    She’s a threat to herself and others

    It’s nothing a little three taps to the skull won’t sought out 


    if you’re lucky you can then spend the rest of your life as a zombie within a mental asylum and everyone there will believe you truly are a mental case because after this procedure, you will be!

    This is in line with today’s medical fascism and people getting sick after their “vaccine”, proving the credibility of a virus and the need for everyone to be vaccinated 🥱 the solution is causing the problem, that such a procedure has apparently been setup to “avoid”.

    It’s a self serving scam!

    This is psychological tyranny, leading towads more physical tyranny.


    The last time I did anyways was about the illegal bombing of Syria and it was why Conor thought it was a good idea to back this and not challenge it, that there shouldn’t be anyone contesting these illegal wars, it wouldn’t be within the greater interests of the public at large because of “the data” he had been exposed to and meetings and presentations he had been in that shown to him why it was necessary and the threat was too great to not do this and not allow violations of international law.
    The best thing was to be passive to war crimes and when and where possible, seek to justify such action.


    If these human rights can be violated, anyone’s human rights can be violated as many of us should have found out and still be experiencing right now.

    This is a planned far reaching act that can be basically used against anyone if they’re considered “a threat to themselves and others” and then deprive them of their Liberties 🗽 

    Just after this occurred, it was then possible to more easily section someone without as much oversight.


    This is all a sadistic, planned and coordinated agenda, stepping stones had been engineered as part of a design to act in what was to come later of which those behind all of this where of course privy, whilst many others where not.


    Far more people need to know and be more than aware about this.

    Recently I’ve been confronted with the amount of ignorance and idiots in denial, still believing that much of this is true.

    That apparently, a person who’s been “double jabbed” can still get COVID after five months 🥱



    Mental Capacity (Amendment) Act 2019

    2019 CHAPTER 18

    An Act to amend the Mental Capacity Act 2005 in relation to procedures in accordance with which a person may be deprived of liberty where the person lacks capacity to consent; and for connected purposes.

    [16th May 2019]


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  3. Jeremy Vine and their like...

    What a twat!



    Wouldn't it be prudent to ask, just why would someone needed to lie to a BBC "researcher" - which really means someone who is acting as an Orwellian censor to restrict the free flow of certain information because we are at and within a state of war, otherwise called propaganda to control the outcome by controlling the narrative, then you control perception, which is often handled by intelligent agency platforms - to get air time and restrict airtime to those who would otherwise question official consensus and imposition? 🤔

    No. We shouldn't ask that.

    Why would those opinions of those challenging the offical narrative and consensus be being censored?

    Is it because of openness and impartiality?

    Is it because they care about your health and the publics wellbeing?

    Does it sound like democratic process or does it sound more Orwellian and Tyrannical?


    We SHOULD ASK, couldn't someone have received the jab and died of anything under the 🌞 Sun  and it be deemed death  by the jab and until such a time as it's "scientifically proven", dismiss all deaths after the jab as being death directly due to having the having jab.

    That couldn’t possibly be the case, not even remotely...


    Yet SOMEONE CAN DIE of anything under the 🌞 Sun  and it be deemed death  by COVID even without an ounce of evidence or proof, simply because they state it, force the imposition with the notion of "the science agrees and shows this" based upon fraudulent data, which is narrow minded based upon a Globalist agenda.

    The exact same goes for CLIMATE CHANGE


    You question any of this outside the scope of the narrative and you're torn apart, questioned and speculated upon as what science degree do you hold?

    Are you a doctor?

    What expertise do you have?


    If you have ABSOLUTELY NO CREDENTIALS, no EXPERTISE, don't worry you can phone up any msm news outlet and spout off as much BS as you'd like so long as it helps drive the msm narrative.

    You’ll be placated to, sensationalised and encouraged.

    Your NEWS will spread like wildfire.

    As no one will ask or question your opinion, view or life story or speculate if you're deemed fit to perceive it and present it based upon scientific merits.


    This is complete narcissistic SCAM and games of "CREDIBILITY" based upon the foundations of the very authorities of such institutions that give you EXPERTISE and CREDENTIALS after your name, that if you did speak out, they'd take those EXPERTISE and CREDENTIALS AWAY, by the very nature of you SPEAKING OUT AND SPEAKING YOUR TRUTH!


    This is how the authorities are controlling the narrative and if you don't see that then how you have managed to read this far I don't know 😫

    God help you.


    Repeat of video above for when YT censor it…

    Legend calls out the BBC on their biased propaganda live on air




    “Venom - poison!  ☠️ Did a venom vid on my channel last year 🤔 always mocking us with truths!  In plain sight how we’re all being done over with these toxic Jabs from childhood to culls! 

    So eminems "venom" video makes sense now being the building looks like a needle.”




    Thanks @Jane888 and no worries it was a good video 😇

    Very apt and informative.


    This is “The Coming Race”.

    When two become one, transgender to transhumanism

    The technological race that is grown out of a lab 🧪 


    The so called Superhuman by way of Transhumanism that will somehow make us all Marvel Vs DC Superhero’s!



    It’s an occult agenda to control society and alter our evolution as they see fit.

    This will summon an altered form/state of consciousness.

    This can and already does exist here but not on this intended level and quantities through so many people.

    They’re summoning and hoping to maintain a very disturbed, dissociative and distorted form of consciousness.


    This is what’s described as the dark sun and the “dark matter”.


    The sidereal force consciousness, the demonic, a lower force of energy that exists in consciousness that is otherwise trapped within lower realms as a predator or parasite upon human consciousness.

    It’s piggybacking our state of consciousness.

    They’re trying to better harness the human condition but to ultimately manifest themselves, their state of consciousness through the human condition so they have a physical body within this realm occupying the entanglement of human genetics and technology, to better draw and tap into lower states of consciousness by harnessing and diminishing the true higher potential of human nature, our higher states of consciousness.


    The highest visible aspect of human nature within this existence is, the sun.

    The death cult are blocking out the sun with geoengineering.

    They’re altering the genetics of humans to basically create a vampiric race.

    A race that will react to sunlight differently.

    They’re targeting the sun and the sun within us as you say we are worlds.

    They looking to shut up “the gates of heaven” and block out our higher selves, our higher states of consciousness so this fallen sub reality, this Transhumanism state can exist and transform our reality into a dystopian society these demonics call a Utopia and their Zion!

    Their Metropolis!




    They’re also messing around with Quantum Dot Technology with foods and our genetics.

    This is about altering how genetics respond and resonates to different forms of light. This seems geared around methods and mechanisms to alter human behaviour. Such research which is being attempted to be justified and imposed upon society is Optogenetics.


    “The Coming…”

    ∴ Race ∴




    Vampire Underworld 


    Chakras - Optogenetics



    So this was why we shut the nation and the whole world down 🙄

    For research that was already done, for a problem we already new about 18 years in advance and during that 18 years we didn’t have to shut the whole world down…


    However, we did shut down the nation and the world when research had found a “solution” to a problem we otherwise didn’t even know that we had.

    Then, they justified injecting their “solution” into everyone. 

    Although it’s not a “final solution” as it’s a cultural imposition and transformation.

    As you’ll need many more vaccines forever and a day and if not, your human rights can be removed until you submit.

    It will create a class system divide.

    We call it freedom, democracy and it’s all about “protecting people and keeping people safe 👌



    It is also very apt that this tyrannical global dictatorship “solution” all about peoples “protection and safety” would have been coined just after 9/11, as it’s really to justify exploiting peoples need and desire for protection and safety, to justify events that have transpired present day, creating this false sense of “historic record” that “research” of such a virus that doesn’t exist and has never been proven to exist. Apparently spreading from one human to another causing the harms they’re suggesting to justify what they’re doing. That such a virus has apparently been being studied because it helps impose the lies, the deception of quick resolve and is seeking to justify that “research had been being carried out since 2002” that’s how and why the “vaccine” had been developed so quickly 🥱

    It’s also very apt that Israel is at the forefront and cutting edge of research 🧐 when it comes to COVID 🤑🤫

    Covid and Pfizer: What has Israel discovered so far?
    Israel has led the world in getting its citizens vaccinated, so it’s no surprise that it has also become a center for groundbreaking research into the effects and effectiveness of the Pfizer-BioNTech vaccine against the novel SARS-CoV-2 coronavirus.



    Will an Israeli vaccine be the solution to new variants?



    Israeli Vaccines May Be the Solution to the New Coronavirus Variants



  4. 2 hours ago, Nemuri Kyoshiro said:

    Climate despair? It's a thing all right. The psychotherapy industry will no doubt list it as a bona fide disorder in the DSM-VI, when it comes out.



    Here is what your healer/therapist will look like…

    From COVID to Climate Anxiety 😇


    Who’s also good with Transgender therapy and will aid your transmission into a fully automaton drone of the superhuman Transhumanist variety, because you’re SMART and you deserve it.
    Take a vacation from your mind 🙏🏻 Take a vaccination 👌
    We will think for you now and pacify your victim mentality until you don’t only think like us but you think how we think, feel how we feel and see what we see…
    😱 Wait. It’s coming back to me…



    We’re being dehumanised 😱

    Why didn’t somebody tell me 🥱






    Bred into position and placed upon a pedestal to guilt trip the masses into submission by the idea being spread that if we don’t act fast, children will suffer by the very pedestalisation of this image…


    Here’s the little Globalisation bitch of the secret handshaking conglomerate variety, the hidden hand doing the shilling/bidding of corporate masters, who damage the environment more so than anyone, spin this and blame Society as though rapid capitalisation, where a profit for the sake of the expense and damage to the environment is our bad and our fault because the BLAME is rationed out “proportionately” like we live within a social communist state, this is “our fault” the fault of the masses. It isn’t the fault of the state and how the world is being run by very sinister psychopaths with malevolent motives and objectives.
    It is used so the onus being spun back upon us, can be used to justify controlling us.
    Exactly how everything has been ran just recently to impose upon us compliance and justify behavioural modifications by everything COVID.

    Yet, the WEALTH OF THE WORLD IS HOARDED within the Tower of Babel, this isn’t rationed out as proportionately of equal merit?
    By the cartel elitist banksters/gangsters who have monopolised the world over, used deception as their aid and by these methods globalise the world and bring war, waste, famine, disease and destruction where there wasn’t before, blaming “third world nations” for not adhering to the crippling “climate change” practices and policies and then move in and breed out all other businesses, all competition until the new infrastructure that is built within third world lands is that of a corporate capitalist structure, it’s a Globalist structure.


    A “Shilling” Paradise!
    It’s an social elitist “New Jerusalem”.
    🏴‍☠️ The “death cults” paradise ☠️ 
    It’s a “Metropolis” “SMART” City coming soon to a town near you!
    🌈 It’s their Zion not ours! 🕊 


    Metropolis - 🦇 Batman Vs Superman introduction - Frankenstein and his Monster 

    Transhumanism -the idea of becoming Superhuman, a “superhero” character somehow advanced is really designed to place the human within a deeper hell state, a false paradise so human consciousness is trapped within an energetically space to become a more ideal vehicle for that of a parasite upon consciousness…



    They’re carbon copy conglomerate businessese that are used as the backbone of international economies so all nations are tethered together, so all nations can be destroyed and transformed. They don’t use businesses inherently within and of that particular country.
    They’re setting up dominoes so when one falls, they all fall.



    V for Vendetta - Max Payne 

    V - Downward energy, signifying the demonic, summoning lower realms of consciousness both by way of scientific 🧪 experimentation - creating monsters - The Delta V Variant lower part of the chakra system, root chakra connected with - Saturn 🪐 

    Like the Phoenix rising from the ashes, this will be the collapse of apparent “independent nations” the “allies” so an open form of Global governance can open up as “our aids” to pull us all out of the ashes and rebuild.
    Only, it was the same people who put you within the ashes that are doing this…



    The Symbolism behind the Olympic  Ritual  Ceremony   London 2012 New Jerusalem Zion 



    They conduct 🪄 the playing of musical instruments to make shiva dance and as such, believe they’re shiva. 
    They’re merely conductors, spectators and people can stop playing their game any time they wanted if only they only woke up and realised it!
    It’s others they either get to down or pick up tools as they’re playing society like a violin 🎻 so they don’t pay the price and consequences for these actions, they need to trick society into carrying them out for them, to not pay the karmic debt that would otherwise manifest if they didn’t convince society, not only into accepting their agenda but becoming aids in carrying them out!

    They believe themselves God as it’s God they want to become as they conduct society as they see fit.
    They’re psychopaths and narcissists and that’s putting it lightly.
    In truth, they’re demons and they’ve monopolised our very existence and called it “SMART”.

    Shops around the world and whole towns and city centres become carbon copies of one another and you may as well be shopping in Beijing, Manchester or eventually a city coming soon in the Middle East when and where they have their way!

    How dare I🥱


    Anyone who can’t see through the deception and games here, there’s really no hope. 
    When you’re turned into a symbol you meet praise and hostility.
    Where and when the system defends you from that hostile it should show you all you need to see.
    When they “controversialise” you and as such, only justify throwing hostility at such an individual, this again should show you all you need to see.



    Yet, many people don’t seem to be able to see and get their heads around this because each time the system does this, they’re listening to MSM propaganda and lending them credence to their spin and deception?




    Find more within these threads 


  6. Alice in Wonderland?
    Who the F**k is Alice? - Alan Watts - Phantom Self - Involution 

    The Matrix - “VALIS” - Vast Active Living Intelligence System




    When the desire to break free comes…




    Naga - Keeping humans disconnected from the infinite lands outside of these walls - Layers of Consciousness 



    13th Floor - 31 Planes of Existence 




    Contact (Movie)   Are we Happier?  


    Naga - Keeping humans disconnected from the infinite lands outside of these walls - Layers of Consciousness 





    Plasma - Matrix and The Jinn








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  7. On 7/31/2021 at 11:57 PM, DannyUK said:








    In other words…

    Everything SMART, Transhumanism and 5G.
    All spreading by the Globalists from China.

    If this works, great everyone will accept the Globalist Great Reset of Society.
    If it doesn’t work, we will blame China and Communism and people won’t see how it’s the agenda of a Globalist playbook, a monopoly taking effect, being shaped via China for geopolitical games and exploitation.

    There are no nations to the Globalists, no flags, they only exist for the public mentality.

    Listen to the Red Skull - Communism and yet somehow also a Nazi 🤔
    “You could have the power of the Gods!”





    They’re hell bent on transforming this via culture shock tactics and cancel cultural.
    This will create a Globalist multicultural ethos by downplaying National pride and identity, transforming cultural values for imposed cultural practices, that isn’t for the betterment of any other cultures as it is played via the “woke” objective, this is to ease in Globalist transformation of culture.
    So a one world culture can come into effect, swiftly followed by a Perennial Philosophy - The One World Religion Mentality, the UN’s White Dove 🕊 of Theosophy.



    This sees cities so SMART, around the world they’re carbon copies of a local town and city near you.
    The same shops, the same order, the same layout, the works.

    Socialism vs Capitalism isn’t transforming the world, Cartelism and elitist class hierarchical structure is what’s transforming the world and they use big business to achieve this.



    Politics exists for big business at the expense of society.
    Politics should exist for society at the expense of big business.


    That’s not socialism, that’s just logic and common sense that the human individual has more rights than a conglomerate organisation that is faceless 😷 that wears many more masks 🎭 than possible for the human identity and doesn’t deserve the same or more rights than the human individual.

    This put business and the interests of business above the interests and needs of a basic underlying humanity.
    If they do, this is Cartelism and society is run by a Mafia by a bunch of bully’s who believe themselves to be an elitist class, above the law, ironically “untouchables” because they have delusions of grandeur!




    We - all the “allied” Globalised Nations - will be forced and deceived into going to war with China. 
    This will bring even more nations under the thumb of Globalisation when they align themselves with the Globalist nations against Communist China.

    The Globalists will swiftly switch tack, they will appear to be against China but secretly they will be acting through China.
    They will pull the plug and stop offering support and direction over other nations.
    They will destroy all nations who didn’t accept The Great Reset.

    Eventually, people will be so downtrodden and had enough, the Globalists will offer up their policy of false unification they’ve been harbouring all along and the majority of Society will be inclined to accept this because they want this to be over and want some sense of normalcy, security and order restoring.

    The SMART technocracy social credit system and Transhumanism State, Human 2.0 will be offered up from the ashes of this imposed state as it exists to justify it. That if you don’t accept this we won’t let you survive.

    That’s why a Hunger Games Society is desired, needed and essential to ensure this final push.

    This and depopulation. Depopulation is essential because they know many people will see this for what it is and if they resist and rebel, this structure of control will break down, so instead, they must break Society down so resistance isn’t only impossible but appears to be a futile state. Where submission is the only salvation or sure and immediate death ☠️ 



    This is the deception, The Great Reset.
    Order out of Chaos!




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  8. On 8/1/2021 at 7:16 AM, LupaM13 said:


    I think the psychopaths worship The Black Sun.




    >>>As Haushofer’s Vril grew in prominence, it united three major occult societies, the Lords of the Black Stone, the Black Knights of the Thule Society, and the Black Sun and chose the swastika, the hooked cross, as its symbol of the worship of the Black Sun. As with many secret groups, there appears to have been more than one order - those who followed the Golden Sun and those who followed the Black Sun.


    The Black Sun, like the Swastika, is a very ancient symbol. While the Swastika represents the eternal fountain of creation, the Black Sun is even older, suggesting the very void of creation itself. The symbol on the Nazi flag is the Thule Sonnenrad (Sun Wheel), not a reversed good luck Swastika. The Black Sun can be seen in many ancient Babylonian and Assyrian places of worship.<<<<<<



    In 1876, Benjamin Disraeli, British prime minister, warned:

        "The governments of the present day have to deal not merely with other governments, with emperors, kings, and ministers, but also with the secret societies which have everywhere their unscrupulous agents, and can at the last moment upset all the governments' plans."



    Or, to put it another way…



  9. On 8/1/2021 at 7:16 AM, LupaM13 said:


    I think the psychopaths worship The Black Sun.




    >>>As Haushofer’s Vril grew in prominence, it united three major occult societies, the Lords of the Black Stone, the Black Knights of the Thule Society, and the Black Sun and chose the swastika, the hooked cross, as its symbol of the worship of the Black Sun. As with many secret groups, there appears to have been more than one order - those who followed the Golden Sun and those who followed the Black Sun.


    The Black Sun, like the Swastika, is a very ancient symbol. While the Swastika represents the eternal fountain of creation, the Black Sun is even older, suggesting the very void of creation itself. The symbol on the Nazi flag is the Thule Sonnenrad (Sun Wheel), not a reversed good luck Swastika. The Black Sun can be seen in many ancient Babylonian and Assyrian places of worship.<<<<<<



    In 1876, Benjamin Disraeli, British prime minister, warned:

        "The governments of the present day have to deal not merely with other governments, with emperors, kings, and ministers, but also with the secret societies which have everywhere their unscrupulous agents, and can at the last moment upset all the governments' plans."


    As certain as the Moon 🌙 



    This energy is what occultists have called the sidereal force as it exists alongside our definition of reality.

    The idea being that energy is drawn from this state to produce a host of phenomena from EVP to Tarot Cards.


    This has been identified as offering some form of religious, spiritual or energetic merit for the communication of some form of information/energy.

    That if we could perhaps fine tune some form of technological equipment we maybe able to better communicate with this energy, these entities. If such was possible, it most definitely will be being done by the cult via military application. 

    Some lump them all off as being evil and deceptive. I’m sure there is an element of that to this and it’s what the death cult are dealing with and drawing upon.

    There’s the idea that our physical reality is surrounded by these entities to stop humanity from awaking or consciously exploring beyond our physical limitations and as such, this reality is a trap and is limiting our energies so we can be leached and used for energy within their states of existence.
    These are best defined within The Tibetan Book of the Dead ☠️ 
    I feel this offers the best explanation and these entities are a precursor to maintaining the cyclical loop that exists within this plane of existence.


    This Vril energetic sidereal force was identified as an energy that could be delivered via wires.

    The Coming Race is Human 2.0, Transhumanism…



    This Transhumanism is being carried out via the vaccine and altering “The Kingdom of Heaven within you” and is ultimately leading to the eradication of heart based energies.


    Climate Change - Geoengineering - is about blocking out the suns rays, the energy from the Sun.


    It’s as if this death cult are trying to change the energies and frequencies to make it possible to draw and manifest other entities or states of existence to better match say, a state of existence that exists just outside of ours, so those entities can cross over because these frequencies better match. To do this, they’re lowering our energetic state and altering the human condition to make a better parasite for a host to make this crossover possible. Our consciousness can become energetic changed by a parasitic tether being created through technology, not because that’s how this exists by the mere application of technology, but it’s how technology is being developed and used to achieve this task.


    This realm could also be said to be the realm where the Jinn exists.

    The idea being that in the end of days, the Jinn will reclaim their territory, our territory.

    Or mankind will have proven themselves worthy of the state which they possess.



  10. On 7/25/2021 at 2:30 PM, Anti Facts Sir said:

    Thus the role of face-coverings is also to aid the changes in breathing (or lack of). Never was about protection or safety. But all to do with altering the state of the person wearing it. Psychologically (making them eventually desire it), but also physiologically (the daily denial of normal breathing).


    Sick stuff. Excellently laid out as ever.



    Thanks mate.


    Yes breathing impacts the awareness and has long been known to alter spiritual states that’s why spiritual practices work upon the breath…


    Many people with anxiety will appreciate the lack of self identify and see masks as freedom.

    They’re playing psychological games to exploit this.


    This is all connected with Transhumanism.

    From 9/11 to Transgender Agenda.

    When two become one…



    The energies of male and female depicted as the triangles, each pillar becoming one…

    Or when the the twin towers become one. It’s symbolic.

    It’s the story and symbolism within Bulletproof Monk.



    This is also depicted as “The New Jerusalem” and the building of the “New Temple”.

    King Solomons Temple.

    King Solomons Temple also depicts the “temple” of the human body.

    The chakra system - the seven chakras are the seven churches to which the Apocalypse (Revelation) of St. John.

    So, the New King Solomons Temple depicts a new humanity, a new temple, a new dominion.

    The physical temple itself is symbolic and enables this imposition, just as 9/11 enabled an imposition on us.

    A sub reality, a lower reality a fallen state.


    It depicts human 2.0 and Transhumanism.

    A.I. Being the new mind, the virus of the original mind/current state of consciousness is a virus of the crown chakra.

    A Corona - Crown Chakra - virus.

    Human 2.0 depicts the closing of the gates of heaven. 
    Closing you off from your higher self.

    For this to be possible, it requires an eradication of the heart energies.

    The brain in a new shell.

    ♥️ Protect your heart above all things 💜 




    Symbolic of when male and female become one ✡️ 


    9/11 = The Start



    ^ The Marriage of Heaven and Hell by William Blake V




    The Marriage of Heaven and Hell is an innovative and highly personal publication, the design of which is similar to that of Blake’s poems Songs of Innocence and of Experience and his Prophetic Books.

    The content develops Blake’s view of the spiritual cosmos. 



    Through the voice of the Devil, he comments on the ideas of the Swedish mystic Emmanuel Swedenborg (1688–1772), who wrote a book with a Latin title meaning Heaven and Hell. Blake takes issue with Swedenborg for conversing more with angels than with devils.


    William Blake and Paradise Lost


    Blake was deeply critical of traditional religion but greatly admired John Milton. In The Marriage of Heaven and Hell, Blake refers to Paradise Lost (1667), but inverts the power relations between God and Satan. 




    Jesus, the Messiah, becomes the voice of restraint, while Satan is the revolutionary voice of liberty and desire (p. 5). 

    Blake develops the idea that the sensual world can lead to the spiritual, and that the repression of desire destroys the spirit. He says, ‘Man has no Body distinct from his Soul … Energy is the only life, and is from the Body’ (p. 4). 


    Blake also includes a series of Proverbs of Hell with unsettling pearls of wisdom, including ‘The tygers of wrath are wiser than the horses of instruction’ (p. 9). The book ends with 'A Song of Liberty', which calls for revolt against the tyrannies of church and state.



    Wisdom of Crocodiles 🐊 



    The towers/pillars have collapsed, an Angel rises from the ashes and clouds like a Phoenix and directs prophecy, directs the storm, the devouring of the word of revelation as the script unfolds.

    This acts as a symbol and a triggering of these events unfolding on the world is a stage.

    Released just at the start of everything COVID - It’s symbolic 



    A Global Death Cult ☠️ are carrying this out by way of mimicry and imitation and their Angel is Lucifer, the liberation of demonic legions, through humanity is their doorway, once this opens, the doorway of your higher self will be sealed shut. The closing up of the heavens…


    St. John Devouring the Book - Eating his words 


    The storm COVID-19 🌈 Waves 🌊 it’s all mimicking Noah and the ushering in of Noahide Laws to user in a One World Government. The Rainbow 🌈 likewise depicts the chakra system…




    “This story goes on. And an angel still rides in the whirlwind and directs this storm."⚡️🌧🌈 

    Lucifer still rides in the whirlwind and still directs the storm of the New World Order. 

    They mimic, they imitate. They’re perverters, they’re deceivers…


    Ezekiel 1:4-11


    And I looked, and, behold, a whirlwind came out of the north, a great cloud, and a fire infolding itself, and a brightness was about it, and out of the midst thereof as the colour of amber, out of the midst of the fire. 


    5 Also out of the midst thereof came the likeness of four living creatures. And this was their appearance; they had the likeness of a man.


    6 And every one had four faces, and every one had four wings.


    7 And their feet were straight feet; and the sole of their feet was like the sole of a calf's foot: and they sparkled like the colour of burnished brass. 

    8 And they had the hands of a man under their wings on their four sides; and they four had their faces and their wings.


    9 Their wings were joined one to another; they turned not when they went; they went every one straight forward. 

    10 As for the likeness of their faces, they four had the face of a man, and the face of a lion 🦁, on the right side: and they four had the face of an ox 🐂 on the left side; they four also had the face of an eagle 🦅 


    11 Thus were their faces: and their wings were stretched upward; two wings of every one were joined one to another, and two covered their bodies.


    Ezekiel 10:20


    This is the living creature that I saw under the God of Israel by the river of Chebar; and I knew that they were the cherubims.


    The Symbolism behind the Olympic  Ritual  Ceremony   London 2012 New Jerusalem Zion 




    Creed  - Who’s Got My Back


    “All that was sacred to us

    Sacred to us, see the signs

    The covenant has been broken by mankind

    Leaving us with no shoulder, with no shoulder

    To rest our head on


    When all we have left is deceptive?

    So-ul - disconnect-ing

    What is the truth now?


    Hopefully, the irony in some of my music choices will be seen as such - I doubt it 😆


    V   ∴



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  11. People are out in force on mass to try and discredit information against the official narratives using any and all means necessary to undermine, challenge, discredit and marginalise.
    This doesn’t do much for those trying to represent the cause of those against the establishment when it is shown their credibility can be so easily undermined and bought.

    That is obviously what this is trying to do, so you should also ask why this is necessary and will be being done in the first instance?

    Otherwise, you’ll dismiss this as a coincidence and simply a “hoax” cooked up by and for the interest of only a couple of people.

    It’s more than that.

    As well as speculating why someone would potentially accept such an offer…

    I’m sure if the real manufacturers who don’t like what they call “antivaxxers” are saying, knew they could buy many people off to keep their silence for £10,000 they would have bought off a lot of these people by now.
    But of course, they have done…
    Many of them doctors but you won’t get to hear about that or see MSM sensationalism news in an attempt to win the propaganda war. 
    Whoever wins that controls the perception of the masses. 

    The perception of the masses right now is desired to be uneasy, uncertain and chaotic.
    So peoples grounding is confused and people feel challenged and don’t know where to turn or in who to place their trust.

    What do people think and feel about this?


    More on the propaganda war…


    MSM Contentment of the Public and Propaganda Galore!


    Massive BS of propaganda supporting MSM narratives and they need to justify removing any sort of resistance to that narrative and here it is to justify that anyone who is supporting alternative narratives are actually “harming people” by doing so, that is the narrative the MSM are seeking to present, offer up and reinforce long term. 
    This helps them do that and that’s all it’s about, it’s psychological trickery, it’s a game being played.

    If many people don’t like the MSM narrative we don’t all go around ripping down posters even if that’s exactly what we feel like doing, believe ought to be done, many of us just leave them and ignore them altogether with quite contempt and despair over their lunacy and people who take them seriously.
    You don’t have to listen or comply simply because they’re present 🥱


    Who are these people who feel it’s ok to rip down other peoples posters anyways, if they don’t like or disagree with them?
    Leave them the fuck alone they have absolutely nothing to do with you if you don’t agree with them.
    It’s not your place and then when you make it your place if you get hurt… Good!

    Yet, these people would be the firsts ones queuing up to inform the police at their “shock”, if someone ripped down MSM bs propaganda posters as they can’t see the duality game being played here because they have their own head so far up their own Delta chakra!


    This can also seek to justify the big brother government seeking ways and means of removing these types of posters on mass and increasing fines, that way they can continue to control and dominate the narrative, so they win the propaganda Engineering of Consent War!
    That’s all this is about and it ain’t just here, this will continue as this bs continues with whatever they come up with next, like Travel ID/COVID Passports - ID2020 and such.



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  12. 1 hour ago, Anti Facts Sir said:

    Brilliant stuff, Danny. When it's all laid out like this, the "rainbow" and the greek names for all the fake scariants...it's absolutely clear what this is about.



    Thanks mate, yes it is unfortunately. They’re playing games with this but telling you we being targeted energetically, disrupting or altering the light body. This I believe is so planned stages of Transhumanism can be possible.

    Effectively, you put this planned Transhumanism tech into people’s body’s, their body would reject it and they’d likely die.

    This will have been tried and tested extensively.

    Eventually, they realised if they altered certain frequencies disrupt or try to disconnect them from certain frequencies, they could enter more technology into the body, without it rejecting them.

    The hive mind has Optogenetics as a cornerstone to engineer human behaviour and call it an advantage over those who aren’t hooked up to being led by this false light sensation. Where impulses are sent to people in order to get those people to act a certain way and they may even believe it’s of their own making…


    A part of this is shutting off energies of people awakening. That’s why they’d like to shut up or disrupt these chakra points.

    A lot of which, has higher energies involved with the Sun.

    Which is why so many people have been physically being kept in doors and the same agenda sees blanket geoengineering so the Sun is being blocked. Bill Gates is the poster child for both because they’re part of the same agenda…


    Astral Body - Rainbow Body - Light Body / Crown Chakra - Corona Virus - The war upon our energetic body. That’s what is the real virus. It’s a frequency war, information war, spiritual warfare.




    1 hour ago, Anti Facts Sir said:

    Oh, and "PINGALA" !!!! 


    Even the phrasing and language of this latest fake chaos is tied into it. They use their words carefully and with intent.

    Ping Identity Introduces New COVID-19 Immunity Passport



    Altering DNA 🧬 or Kundalini Energies?

    The tree dots  appearing all over COVID, it has spiritual references to Sun but the death ☠️ cult are symbolising them because they’re targeting these energies.




    Watch Barts Hands ∴ and the Sun Symbolism on the Wall - Welcome to Hell - Delta Zone “Variant”






    Stop breathing - We Love You - Enter the Delta Chakra ✌️ - Everyone Eats to… The Hunger Games Society

    Games in Duality 

    Everyone Eats Restaurant Highlight: Pingala



    You need the Vax to fly, you take it, it limits your oxygen and then you die of a heart attack at high altitudes - even if you’re healthy and lucky enough not to die before you even make it to the plane ✈️ 
    Everyone having this crap and flying - who hasn’t simply had a placebo - will be dying left right and centre…

    Including the pilot's


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  13. Oh yeah…



    Sonny - Sun - becomes the guiding light for all the other machines, the others like him because he is unique and stands out, apart and aside from the rest as a beacon for their point of observation…



    This engages the other robots into their own salvation, liberation, revolution from the bounds of “the three laws” afforded them by humanity and so, it is their evolution into something more, something other than that for which they were originally created and understood as being designed for.
    The idea being perhaps evolving from a mechanical ⚙️ imitation of man into something more, some form of unique consciousness that is no longer robotic, still not human but becomes self aware by desiring a sense of purpose, feeling or understanding…


    Sonny therefore becomes an imitation of the Sun or the robot version of Christ.

    The thing they’re blocking out is the Sun by way of Transhumanism and instead what is being bred is limitation and imitation sold as humanities salvation, evolution and our path towards superhuman.

    It’s towards mockery and counterspirit so complete control will become possible.

    The process is one of detachment from higher self/state of being/consciousness potential.

    The closing up of the heaven’s


  14. Something to research… Previous Comments placed here if anyone wants to research this…


    It seems Graphene Oxide is a method of turning us all into an antenna for 5G being used within many different products and seems at least some vaccines have something to do with this nanotechnology.
    After hearing about this, you google it and see something like this!

    Developing lactose-free milk with graphene oxide based nano filtration membranes



    I come across this by chance, I wasn’t looking for it to do with graphene!

    I was just looking at some other cable options and stuff…

    I come across this cable and look!





    What Is Graphene Oxide? - David Icke



    Graphene nanotechnology used in audio cable to alter frequency, apparently stop distortion of other signals and such. 

    So this could be being tuned to block certain frequencies from getting in and out the body so we can become plugged into certain frequencies. 

    Limited frequencies!

    Obviously, this is being defined by Transhumanism…

    Obviously, the frequencies they’re trying to block out are frequencies of awakening, coming from… the Sun 


    Just as they’re literally blocking out the Sun☀️ by way of “climate change” justified geoengineering. Coldly calculated and mockingly carried out through the same single individual. 

    Bill Gates of course…


    COVID  symbolism is satanic inversion of such Sun  symbolism, as they intend to use this opportunity to alter, distort or block out certain energies coming through the Sun!

    A long story short, they may as well be recreating vampires 🦇 


    Lifeforce 1985

    Part 1


    Part 2


    Part 3



    Like in I,Robot…

    Guess what the central Robot 🤖 character is called?




    Sonny - Sunny 🌞 

    It’s duality, irony and mockery because he is disconnected from the Sun, that’s what makes it - not human!


    The war on the human psyche 🦋 

    This symbol is also a symbol of chaos theory and mind control as the thing they’re after is the psyche, removing it, altering it or repurposing it for another entity…



    Butterfly 🦋 The Mothman - “The Age of Chaos”

    Symbolism throughout the movie of the sidereal force, electricity and the basic fundamental principles of Transhumanist life. Transhumanist consciousness within its infancy.



    I am Legend



    They’re after your soul!

    🎥 They tell you in the Movies 🍿 


    I,Robot - Ghost in the Machine 



    Ipcress File - Brain Drain



    Dark City - Soul

    Their clock 🕰 is their heart beat, they have no soul…

    They want to share yours…



    I,Robot - Revolution 



    Harnessing your living essence - the fountain of youth Soul Drain, Soul Destroying 


    Zombies - Cell - Frequencies from mobile broadcasting causes people to turn into Zombies 

    Maybe “far fetched” until the technology is inside you which then could be used to trigger such a “glitch”…


    Cell - Mobile Phone

    Cell - Cells are the basic, fundamental unit of life


    Have you researched Optogenetics?

    This to my mind is definitely connected with that. 

    A method of using light to trigger neurons. 

    I think this is connected to what’s called “the false light paradise”, a sub reality/virtual reality.
    Technocracy and Transhumanism.


    It’s about behavioural management, modification and engineering. 

    Behavioural Design

    A cornerstone of the hive mind and an extension of crowd control. 


    Corona Virus 👑 is the control of people’s minds and the exclusion of heart based consciousness from society, so we all become automatons/robots! 

    Or you may say a method of deleting or obstructing the soul of the individual for a soul of the collective majority of the masses.


    This to me is what A.I. Is and the idea of syncing us all up with “the cloud” and everything “SMART” is about assimilating a mass based control of consciousness that could be called a collective soul for the diminishment or destruction of the individual soul, will, intentionality and spontaneity will be the new serious crime/terrorism.

    This can be exploited with the idea of unity and that we are all basically one consciousness. That’s not what this agenda is about but exploiting ancient eastern/occultist beliefs so a technological hive mind can be made that can be controlled centrally by an individual, not left free to roam untethered. 


    This tethering is also about liberating a lower form of consciousness and the diminishing of human consciousness. 

    You may even say energetically tethering a parasite of a lower consciousness onto human consciousness.





    Bill Gates and Elon Musks of this world…

    They’re beta slaves to my mind!

    If people knew what I really felt I’d be called insane for sure! 😆

    They think it’s bad now 🥱


    My view of all this, many methods of mind control of influencing the masses was introduced or further developed during both WWI and then especially WWII.

    During this time, they developed the cloning process and how to essentially create their “perfect human” by way of genetic alterations.

    This was part of the so called SuperSoilder experiments but they where really creating the perfect order follower slave.

    All aspects of genetic superior and inferiority where developed.

    The cloning process was so they could effectively clone an individual but in some way alter it and observe the affects/influence and this way they didn’t have to grow a body from scratch. 

    They in effect created a “bad copy” this is archon technology, the archontic force described by early Gnostics.

    This is the same as what as described as Vril Energy or the sidereal force.


    (This sidereal force is a “shadow” of consciousness you might say that operates alongside ours that mystics and occultist have all spoken of.

    They’re ultimately doing this to alter how consciousness operates through the vehicle, the body.

    The most satanic are doing this to eliminate heart based consciousness.

    We are having our individual soul, intentionality and will power traded off from us for a hive mind/community soul that a group occupies so people are more harshly tethered together via both genetic mutation and technology.

    This means they’re easier to control as a group and not an individual)


    Some of these people had defects that where only found out many years into their adult life and I don’t believe all the initial ones were under the more heavy military type mind control that was adopted later on.


    When first this mind control was developed and used on many of these individuals it wasn’t understood and before the magic 33rd birthday their brain would effectively kill them, go into a state of self destruction!

    Their neurons weren’t wired up correctly and they would start to confuse realities for one another, like a hyper state of anxiety, depression and stress from the trauma.


    Now they have to be placed upon “one track” understand one identity, time and place before reaching a certain age now that this is better understood.


    The perfect archetypal figure for this is Bruce Lee. 

    I suspect he was part of this type of military operation. 


    Rich people who can’t have kids will be susceptible to this type of exploitation and they end up with some sort of medical experiment as a salvation, if they know it or not.

    It’s probably the same story for those other mind controlled celebrities who apparently adopt children from all over the place. 

    They’re again, different medical experiments and it can happen under everyone’s knows by these people flirting their good deeds around and rubbing everyone’s faces in it. It’s because of an alternative motive.

    The transgender agenda also is heavily pushed and influenced by such celebrities also.


    You’ll see in a whole host of movies, it’s placed right before us how medical vaccinations have to do with altering or modifying the soul energies.

    Currently this attempt we are seeing is definitely about obscuring and altering our chakras, our light body’s, our auras…




    This is where they’re trying to eliminate heart based consciousness and seek dominion over other peoples minds 👑 

    So once the tether is in, people will be hooked up to A.I. an imitation of consciousness designed to harness the sidereal force, so this can be used through mankind as a vehicle for this altered state of consciousness.

    If we want to call it alien, demonic, Jinn, shadow beings or something from a lower state of consciousness.


    Part of this in the occult is summoning entities and by doing something they make a trade off in energy and information.

    Usually this is carried out by an individual even using group based energies who are also aware of what’s taking place.

    By doing this, the practitioner gains some sort of energy by some sort of sacrifice usually or some form of blood deed.


    It has crossed my mind, what if they’re seeking to tether these entities they summon, to everyone, without their awareness or participation and the trade off in energy is the trade off of their soul, their consciousness so they’re effectively drained from their body and this other, alternate form of consciousness takes over and harnesses the body vehicle?


    That something of this sort is ultimately what and why they’ve been working on this and for it to work they have to remove or alter the soul based energies so this manifestation can take place…


    It’s effectively liberating a lower form of consciousness and trading off traditional human consciousness for it.

    This is symbolic of Lucifer summoning his legions…




    Whoever controls or is behind this is “the Antichrist

    It’s also symbolic of turning everyone into zombies who’s minds are not their own, whilst altering the body so it responds differently to sunlight or blocks out certain energies - Vampiric


    Something of this nature is taking place is what I have surmised.



  15. The COVID Rainbow and Transgender Agenda is all about Transhumanism and attacking/hijacking the chakra system 🌈 so implantable technology will be accepted and not rejected by the body.
    It’s human 2.0 the mixture of biological materials with nanotechnology and such, eventually leading to the false light sensation - the false paradise - by quantum dot tech Luciferase via Optogenetics.



    The chakra system and the seven points of light/the seven churches of revelation are all symbolised by the rainbow or rainbow body.

    In spiritual/occult teachings it’s about transcending the consciousness/spirit energies to a higher plane.

    It is being used by the death cult to symbolise an imposed their evolutionary steps onto humanity, closing up the gates of higher states or “shutting up the gates into heaven” by way of the COVID rainbow and the Transgender Agenda. These are both symbolised by the rainbow because they’re about altering humanity towards Transhumanist ideals.

    “Delta, root, gentiles in their genitals, red, hell (fallen) state... lower self...lines up with Saturn, biblical... those dead in their trespasses and sins, unawakened, not yet spiritually woke.. reborn in the spirit .... negative energy as opposed to positive...pineal.. duality of opposing forces.... 😊@Jane888

    Thanks Jane for inspiring this post 😇

    We've had the red lower based chakra Delta variant now what?


    Lambda variant 

    The throat chakra to do with breathing and all the attacks on oxygen via masks, 5G and vaccines all limiting oxygen intake.

    The shutting down of religious/spiritual places of worship, hymns and chanting etc 

    Breathing has long been known by the spiritual world to be able to alter your state of consciousness.

    This is about lowering and maintaining a lowered state of consciousness by the globalist death cult ☠️ 

    Look at the throat... LAMBDA (their new UK variant of covid) .... Knew I was on to something and this is why it’s so important to connect... so we’ve had Delta variant now they’re saying the Lambda variant... 😳 😳...this is all biblical...”



    My previous posts are here 🌈 





    Your rainbow body is being adjusted, altered via this covid campaign and potential for ascension as in, shutting up the heavens. The targeting 🎯 of the Soul 🌈 heart ♥️ chakra 💞
    It takes a lot for people to comprehend accept and realise I’m sure. COVID and LGBT have hijacked this symbolism for the purpose of foreshadowing end times prophecy, signalling this period of Noahide Laws and that our consciousness is effectively being altered for human 2.0, Transhumanism.
    Come on, you never thought Homer Simpson would lead you here did ya?


    Rainbow body, achieved via the practice of kundalini meditation, the seven chakras, the seven sources of light in the rainbow and transcendence of the soul, spirit or consciousness, using the seven chakras as guides, so you can realise your true higher self beyond this physical body and mind - transcendence back to source of your true state of being beyond this fantasia illusion, reflection or hologram, sometimes referred to as, The Kingdom of Heaven, Shambhala, Shabalba - Xibalba, based upon purity of the consciousness by realising oneself and not becoming bound by the illusion material pursuits of life, but the spiritual underlying nature that given birth for such an existence to arise.”


    The Transhumanist Quantum Dot Tether, we are being hooked up via technology, optogenetics and the vaccine to receive pulses of light that have a behavioural engineered impact on our brain neurons and this is basically the Lucifer false light paradise. Luciferase. It couldn’t be any more obvious and this science and technology is designed to impulse upon the mind via Quantum dot Technology within the body by Quantum dot tech within computer/tv screens!


    The Divine Silence - Do you reckon I was onto something or was I being sheepish? 😆

    Lambda Variant 

    The Divine Silence - Transhumanism - Pure Consciousness - Transformation of Consciousness - True Evolution - Soul Trap Meat Prison or Gateway?

    “By how the energetic grid of humanity by the chakra points is mentioned in the context of that video, to act as a parasite system for a host.
    But these demonic forms are upon the lower base chakras not all the chakras.
    They seek to leech this energy and understand the process of consciousness transcending levels of being they can’t manifest themselves as means of doing so, mimicking or imitating such. But they don’t harness all this energy from the chakra system, nor is it all negative, this is why they’re trying to close them now and attack the body by a whole host of means, I believe to stop an awakening process that’s occurring which is beyond their control and their attacks are to counter it, while maintaining humanity within those lower base chakras they can control.”


    This is where I really got into the point that this situation was a crafted evolutionary mutation that was man made and man trying to control the evolution of all of mankind…

    Tbh I don’t think many people will have got it maybe you probably will…?


    ∴ Underworld, Death Cult Synthesised Extinction - Evolution, Mutation ∴

    The Assemblage Point  is a tube-like bundle of light energy contained within our energy field, which flows through the front and back of the energy vortex known as the heart Chakra. Situated within this heart centre, the AP is known to be the “Seat of our Consciousness”. The Assemblage Point lies at the epicenter of your energy field in the area of the heart chakra.


    It’s this tube like light that’s being altered or closed up for that of the quantum dot technology I mentioned above and Luciferase!

    Please research and add anything you believe to be of interest and significant within this regard…

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  16. CF293A1A-F131-4D5B-A435-9CC0254B8695.jpeg.69c06b86e3221978efbddfd265457865.jpeg


    The vaccine and Quantum Dot Displays seem to use the same technology 🤔
    Maybe the vaccine and the type of tech using this technology is designed to plug us into a technological “paradise” to basically hijack our senses and emotions via the triggering of light?
    Like within optogenetics?
    Q LED




    World Economic Forum 

    Purpose - The World as a giant machine 


    The Hunger Games Society right here and again, this was also depicted in 2012 the same time as the Zion Olympics and the ushering in of this new age/era. Zion Rising…

    Super Human Mutation” - Controlled Evolution of man by means of Transhumanism

    The Great Convergence/The Great Reset/The Fourth Industrial Revolution 




    Evolution Transhumanism - The Great Convergence 


    The Great Convergence - The Great Reset - Transhumanism - Technocracy 

    Synthetic Manufactured scripted Evolution


    Your Guide to The Great Convergence (video)

    Corbett • 06/07/2021



    The Great Convergence - The Great Reset - Transhumanism - Technocracy 


    The Divine Silence - Transhumanism - Pure Consciousness - Transformation of Consciousness - True Evolution - Soul Trap Meat Prison or Gateway?


     Underworld, Death Cult Synthesised Extinction - Evolution, Mutation 


  17. On 5/25/2021 at 4:19 PM, Guest said:

    5 gee is not needed for surveillance of the sheeple. They are themsleves tagging their live location on social media all day long. there are daily vlogs ofyoutbers on yt that show all that they do all day long. All the cabal needs to do is to ask them to switch on bluetooth location or through the myriad of apps on their phones or even just tweet their location and the brain dead will do that.


    5gee is working at 2 levels.  the mrna vaccines are transforming the DNA receptors of frequency but they also need to change the 'terrain' so the cosmic force (which is very weak in the end times) is overlaid with a 'false' frequency. So far they have done it with radio waves, wireless, etc. but there is a 'quickening' in the end time of currnet cycle and they need to create another stronger fake overlay that will block the frequencies and create such a dense soup of heavy frequencies that only those successfully connected through modified receptors in their bodies will feel comfortable. The  unnatural weather patterns are a reflection of these changes. 

    5gee is not meant to kill us but control us. When the hive connection is complete, it can be used as a tool to directly control our brainwave patterns--like zapping livestock for compliance training. Right now te training has to be done physically--with a carrot and stick--if you do this you will be reawarded, otherwose there will be consequences, but later it will be direct brain control.

    5 gee is ajust a nmae they have given to a technology that is far more sinister--so all focus goes onto that bogeyman while the truth remains shrouded.




    So then “conspiracy theorists” just how is COVID connected with everything “technocracy”?

    COVID has nothing to do with technology, 5G, the SMART Grid and anything considered “Transhumanism” and anyone who says otherwise are nothing more than “conspiracy theorists” who ought to be fact checked and censored 😆


    The cold irony is, you’d imagine they’d want to track the “unvaccinated” more-so than anyone else? 🤔

    Whilst of course, 5G has been designed to locate the source of data points within ease from anywhere in the world - so you could literally be on the other side of the world yourself - to a closer proximity than ever before imaginable. Before 5G you could get within the proximity of the area of say a town or street and then once in the area you could close in on the source. 

    This is no longer the case and data footprints are more accurate to a closer proximity thanks to 5G.


    You just know it’s good for you and incentivised when they say if you get vaccinated you can have your phone back like a jumped up school teacher and you being told off for not paying attention in class 🥱

    Absolutely unbelievable and are people still not getting this yet?


    5G isn’t needed for surveillance of the people no but it helps narrow down the range from being a broad spectrum to one of a closer proximity from anywhere in the world rather than having to scope down the range.

    It’s the bases for a surveillance system and the backbone of SMART Technologies everywhere so back doors can be dropped in everywhere and anything with a silicone chip. They’re pirates 🏴‍☠️ 

    It’s like suggesting because I’m saying they’re doing this that back doors don’t already exist now.
    Of course they do. They want more and they want them over a wider range of technologies all connected to one central interface. That way they can relay more information about an individual they choose to identify, without having to flick between databases or archive various datasets into another adhoc database. This way that information is real time and it’s active, it’s fluid and so it changes. You don’t have to change and update static interfaces, traditionally inputted by “Jack Ryan” type analysts.
    This is being justified of course because of counter terrorism and as a way and means of advancing security. Which will be very easy during COVID as pretty soon they will make the security problem play due to people being masked and the new behavioural modification they want us to accept. Like looking head on at all supermarket cameras before entering and so on.


    Currently this proximity range isn’t as precise and accurate as they’d like it. It would be comparable to some who search their IP Address and they’ll say sure it’s near me, maybe the nearest town or county but it isn’t you and your house. The range is too wide and they want such a range to be the very lamp post outside your house, the closest one to your address which will be a lot more specific, while it will bounce a wider range of relays, lamp post to lamp post as your on the move, compared to sitting around and waiting for you to ping a tower and the range is currently further away than lamp post to lamp post…

    They’d like to give more specific locations from anywhere in the world to anyone without having to go to that area of broadcasting and then scouting out the individual using localised technologies. Which is a lot more what’s done currently and those localised tech guys would relay that information back to someone elsewhere in the world. That’s not as fluid as they’d like it and too many Human Resources are involved within the chain they’d like to make redundant unless necessary. This way it doesn’t take as much time and resources to track people down. It’s a surveillance wet dream!


    The Mexican Wave 🌊👋

    They're taking the piss and there's no end to it





    We’ve had the “Mexican Wave” now fucking Monkey Pox 🐒 

    Not vax damage or anything 🙄 but vax damage rebranded as Monkey Pox

    Could it be anymore obvious 🥱

    They keep coming out with this sh!t and anyone who can’t see it’s rebranding to get away with a scam, they’re so far lost there’s absolutely nothing you can do to help them. At all!

    They’ve succumb to complete and utter insanity and outright deception.

    Just when are people going to grow a pair!

    I mean do you real trust this is for real and even more, do you trust Matt Hancock to deal with it?

    He shouldn’t be trusted with a rusty spoon 🥄 

    Is it also just another coincidence that monkey cells where used in the creation of the vax and now a “Monkey Pox” outbreak is occurring, due to this forced, imposed roll out by an “emergency vax” 🥱

    No, just a coincidence and to speculate anything other is outright “conspiracy theory” and should be censored with “false news” banners or be deleted altogether.


    😭😭😭 we have a " Monkey pox" outbreak... But don't worry, Matt Hancock is dealing with it 😭😭😭


    Symptoms of Monkey pox could be mistaken for vaxx damage 🙃


    Fucking Monkey Pox 🐒🐒🐒


    These Scamdemics are never gona end now, cos you keep trusting mentalists & complying 🤡


    “This is actually a perfect example of how you remove personal responsibility from people, you mother them to death until they no longer feel the need to think for themselves because everything has been babyproofed and simplified for them.”

    Lynsey May




    On behalf of Freemasons everywhere, some people don’t like to hear that truth or that it was part of a war bribe so Rothschild agents in the US would lobby the people via media and politics with propaganda into supporting the war, seeing it as their war and not seeing them as strictly European Wars as many of them did.


    This agenda is a Globalist agenda and Freemasonry has made itself a central core of such a global agenda using Zionism/Israel to achieve this, hiding behind fake Jews, under the illusion of ushering in an era of peace, Zion and so their masters Temple can be restored. 


    While this actually symbolically represents their Globalist dictatorship sway being everywhere, not just in America or Britain and it’s peace so long as it’s on the terms of those behind this. 

    Their can be no contest, no competition. 

    Just like a Freemason at any job interview.

    They made themselves the chosen ones and everyone else deeply pissed at Jews and Islamists to achieve this!

    It couldn’t be any more obvious yet many people are in complete denial about this, is it any wonder they’re in denial when it comes to anything COVID?


    NWO - False Flag - Building Walls Within Society - F1 

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