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  1. ? Cobalt Magnet 22 Exercise/Simulation/Drill - The Cobalt Wars - Sound/Frequency Bombs “When truth gets buried deep Beneath a thousand years of sleep Time demands a turn-around And once again the truth is found.”
  2. Thanks for your response and all the info. sorry I've overlooked your reply for so long was meaning to reply at the time but this flu I had came back with a vengeance and I've kind of had a butterfly mind just recently tbh it still hasn't completely gone, nothing like it was but cough and phlegm still present. In the past I've had headaches quite bad on and off but thankfully for a long while they'd disappeared. This flu I had was unbelievable cluster headaches - worst I've ever had - and just wanting to sleep all day because of the symptoms and doing much at all feeling very fatigued fast. After so much sleep headaches where sometimes made worse with headaches you get when sleeping too much or not enough... It wasn't pleasant someone with this couldn't just carry on as normal and if they had the fear of COVID put in them and such without understanding whats occurring I can easily see why someone would believe this exists and it's real, especially if they experienced these symptoms at the start of COVID Lockdown etc Throughout everything COVID I have seen some people suggesting COVID is real as no flu before that they or someone they know, has been like this and described some if not all the symptoms I had experienced. For me personally I believe I picked this up in hospital, I visited one with my dad just before getting this and feeling it start to come on, so I'm 100% sure that's where I picked it up. At the time I noticed when entering the hospital, excessive heat being blown when entering until actually getting in the hospital area where people are, this was from a car parking area along a lot of stairs and not actually in the hospital but before the doors so there was really no need for this amount of heat and fans it was excessive to say the least, I wonder if something is being circulated this way? You'd want to take any jacket off before even entering the hospital, so if anyone else experiences something like this shortly followed by a flu, they should take note! I obviously haven't had any vaccines or gone along with any of this COVID BS but something strange is obviously occurring here and who knows how it's spread. Even if dust builds up I these fans being switched off for a long time, filters not being changed then blowing a lot of dust around in peoples face under the pretext of "heat" I'm sure would cause many people a lot of symptoms, or be a way of circulating something and if found out, its because of lack of such maintenance as a convenient cover. I'm not sure about all the symptoms I've had though, I've never had anything like it before but if something like smart dust is put in these filters and then circulated... Like I said at the time just before this happened I do remember a lot of BS on the radio about a hay fever being mentioned and these zombies obviously just speak about this set apart from anything COVID as it's script, pure theatre so when hearing it I'm wondering what they're really saying? I'll have to get some Vitamin C I do take a lot of herbal supplements as it is on a regular basis as it happens even before getting this cold. I'll look it up I started taking some colloidal silver even before signs of this came about, which does seem to help me but didn't stop this from occurring and whatever it was getting past my immune system... Tbh for a long time I didn't think a lot about WIFI and electrical interfece with the body and even worked/studied in IT. But in recent years I've definitely become more sensitive to it and can pick up on the energy impacting me from electricity - at least in some ways. I've stocked up on shungite and orgone placing them around critical areas which has helped and going to attempt to install an extractor fan in the loft space of my office where I've defiantly been able to pick up on this negative energy and sometimes heat around technology. This energy is interfering with the Kundalini energy of the body because it feels almost identical, although when it's brought on by negative impacts of technology you feel unbelievably drained of energy, like you want to lay down or just get out of the room/place you're in where this is occurring. It's like its draining this energy rather than the positive which charges the energy and you can feel similar sensations. The Seven Men - Seven Chakras - Splitting of the Soul Seven Times - Seven Chakras... I'm sure people who don't pick up on this it can lead to panic attacks and such stress related illnesses. This is basically the "black shakes" of Johnny Mnemonic, it very much is real these flu and cold like symptoms being brought on by technology and if this SMART Grid IoT keeps growing this is only going to get worse. So, we're being adapted to it rather than technology being adapted to us, draining us of our light-body/auric field disconnection from the sun. This is how I view it and what links COVID, Transhumanism with everything to do with blocking out the sun disconnecting people from the highest form of consciousness responsible for everything so a surreality simulation can be created... The sun for the shadow, the light for the darkness, the conscious for the unconscious/subconscious... It feels to me like this COVID event was primed to cry wolf before such symptoms are genuinely felt as a result of the SMART Grid and then a majority of people who can hopefully see what COVID is, won't believe it because of the "overreaction" of COVID. This is part of their psychological game and was even shown in the movie Contagion which COVID was compared with as people are "softened up". It is like a drill before the real thing, sometimes the drill is sold as the real thing or the real thing follows the drill/training exercise. If and when it does it's likely for a while the same parasites would actually pretend its not happening like they pretend no harms exist from all their technological tools of control as they'll justify any amount of death, illness and injury to control more things... You've probably seen it a thousand times but I'll put it here again anyways... Hopefully everyone reading this can understand why I've put this here - feel free to discuss - Necromancy imbue cadavers with energy/life-force the "walking undead" idea of technology/electricity/transhumanism designed to reframe man as a machine. Now, we are like hostages. We've had the shit kicked out of us and been brutalised, the psychopath then left the room... It looks the same guy has come back in but they're being nice to us now giving us food, drink and letting us listen to music again, we can stay up past 10pm with no curfew whilst at any time they can flip and start beating the shit out of us again to break our will/spirit... Through these methods we are all being Jackal and Hyde'd, experimented upon, the splitting of the "soul" and turned into frankenstein's monster, the "walking undead"... The whole concept of us being two wolves and which one wins is "the one we feed the most" I would suggest is what Jackal and Hyde is based upon and this cabal agenda is to remove and attack the the positive side of ourselves by breaking our spirit by their "hunger games" society exercise and turning people into beasts by placing people within low vibrational survival emotions/states of fear - creating a bridge an energetic boundary/gateway where these parasitic entities can more easily manifest and take over - possession - with the overall idea being to take over the body vehicle - transhumanism - so we have to be weakened energetically, this is whats happening... Liberating these seven "heads"... Perversion/Exploitation of Human Desire - On Mass Should only need to watch 30 sec in context here but with these things in mind, the full movie maybe worth watching... The Seven
  3. Will Smith believes HIV virus was created by US Government https://www.brighteon.com/9ce82e1a-81b0-4e1b-8627-17c59619ecda In truth, more than likely people being killed by the medicine after a false test not testing for HIV because HIV has never been proven to exist -just a bunch of other illnesses/symptoms lumped together called and treated as HIV - but says you have HIV is where the weaponisation of biological agents made by Big Pharma the world over exists and is where, when and how Big Pharma can spread contained biological weapons to target the population through treatment - the targeting of the individual and their immune system so they die of the "treatment" where and when the death is conveniently labelled as death by the fictitious illness/disease etc etc and this in turn lends credence to the said problem existing and being real if it's HIV or COVID - That's the scam! Tests for HIV and for COVID are about as fraudulent as a test for any psychiatric patient and an "expert" stating who's "Sane" and who's "Insane"! - Don't get diagnosed is the key to health! Their "delusions of persecution" seeing shape shifting high profile public figures carrying out all kinds of unspeakable perversions or suggesting theirs a global conspiracy to enslave every man, woman and child, control every resource and kill off a mass amount of the global population. That's crazy talk and as such, you could be diagnosed as being insane as likely as testing positive for COVID/HIV based upon fraudulent testing of equal "merit". The test is governed by a faulty test carried out by "experts" like Dr. Decker Still don't understand? Here's a couple of videos to help you get the idea... It's about dehumanisation so you'll surrender your power, will, authority away to the appearance of an external individual or institution. If and when you succumb to that, you'll be considered sane, healthy and a model citizen - even if it kills you! From Hell - Can't find clip on YT - "Delusions of Persecution" = three strikes to the brain carried out by a professional/expert - Don't worry you're in safe hands if you submit to it, you're insane that's the irony... Of course it is it's all about inversion and control, the system is setup to ensure your absolute conformity/subservience and anyone against that, can see this and point it out are insane, deluded conspiracy theorists nut jobs - we're not exactly what you'd call... "model citizens" BTW you're not supposed to ask who's modelling us, if you do that's what gets you branded insane for noticing, so ... Or... Does a slap appear worse to you? Where's the sensation, the outrage? WILL SMITH TELLING YOU HOW THE ENEMY WORKS https://www.brighteon.com/ce19ae50-b30a-40ab-aed2-6470c68da3f5 Phantom Self/Pain - There's no telling what the unconscious is capable of. So many are sleep walking... The game of who can be the most offended and outraged is pedestalised over the idea that US Departments maybe somewhere in the world making biological weapons because that's a "conspiracy theory". Mass weaponisation of Big Pharma is a passive affair, instead we have woke sensational madness we all need to submit ourselves and such a people won't even be able to see what I'm getting at here so we're alright for now. For God sakes, don't wake them up! We'd all be doomed
  4. During the worst aspects of COVID (previously that is, it's obviously not over yet) something inside me must have made me determined not to get a cold or any flu like symptoms. It was probably one of the longest periods about 2 years or more that I didn't even get a cold... I never kept to any of the regulations because I was never ill. If someone told me COVID was happening only now and I felt like this I'd be more incline to believe them as it's incapacitating which has been building up over the past few days. I still know everything COVID is a convenient BS but would still like to know what's going on... It does feel like to me, exposure to some sort of technology, headaches cough that makes your head hurt more, shivering and just wanting to sleep... If you look around now the only people keeping up appearances when it comes to COVID is authorities, all wearing masks even if not properly atm. Making them faceless so they can undoubtedly be dehumanised to carry out inhumane orders, as well as making them ill and being unable to breathe properly. Who else has been feeling ill just recently? I noticed on the radio a few days ago, they where pushing a story on hay fever going around, I never get hay fever, but it is interesting they're pushing this. Whats obviously bizarre is if this happened a few months ago it would automatically be considered "COVID" so this seems like a cover to explain cold and flu like symptoms now in a way of dismissing it - perhaps while a said technology is being tried and tested or something else... COVID the evil spirit which passes through touch... ^ 15:15 to 19:10 ^
  5. It seems quite clear to me what is happening... Like Islamic Extremism "ISIS" the US through its intelligence agencies CIA and their cut out groups etc they go into countries, arm and train rebels and then usually themselves turn on the rebels to justify war in the region. They done exactly this with Syria, arming and training rebels, using them as their excuse to be within the region and wage an undeclared war against international law - many war crimes, crimes against humanity = but actually used the rebels as a tool to wage war against Assad and where very obviously at war with Assad/a Sovereign nation. ISIS was just a smokescreen, a cover and a complete lie for the CIA to operate. I'm pretty sure anyone with any sense knows this but not many people, especially in western nations think about this and theres absolutely no moral outrage. Especially when these actions where aided by false flag attacks in many western countries, these just helped fuel a far right/"nazi" extremist sentiment here, of good kill all the rag heads but no one is supposed to openly say it and if you do, the false virtue signalling woke mentality stops you from stating the obvious so people can't openly identify and speak about what is happening here. This is then used to breed this national extremism here at home and then stamp it out through this guilt tripping woke liberalism. These PTB create this sentiment and then go to war with it, stand apart from it and reshape society... They have done this throughout the Middle East, they did similar in Tibet, they went into Tibet, milked their minds as usual, stirred up a hornets nest, gave weapons and training to Tibetans basically no more than a rebel army rather than a national army, got China to attack, stood back, took pictures offered absolutely no support and presented these crimes to the world as a foundation stone for WWIII against China. Tibet historically had no National Flag until after the British invaded Tibet which many in the western nations seem to forget or are ignorant of, after Britain invaded Tibet and done exactly what China ended up doing extending their colonisation, Tibet become part of the British Empire paying taxes and was becoming westernised, then a flag came just as everywhere else giving the illusion of autonomy and you better accept democracy everywhere or else we will shoot you mentality, then came China waging war on a "sovereign nation" that had been created for the whole of two minutes thanks to the war earlier by the British, the foundation of said colony as a"nation"... The same over years has been done throughout the Middle East through many tinpot dictators to split the Islamic communities as a method of control through the British Empire. Afterwards, they then wage war on nations and tinpot dictators they armed, trained and so on... Divide and Rule - Order out of Chaos - Population Control Globalisation They went back home and made Hollywood movies, reframing the whole situation taking away the missing link of the CIA and the hands of this globalist death cult. They setup "Free Tibet" foundations which really means create a westernised Tibet which is completely used for geopolitical leverage, exploiting the issue to justify a war on China. At the same time as this, Palestine was destroyed and stolen, again, no moral outrage in western nations, no Free Palestine charity groups backed by the freemasons exist to the same level, extent of exposure and moral outrage as "Free Tibet" because the masons where at the core of the theft of Palestine and such isn't geopolitically advantageous, they don't want people to know and understand the true roots of Israel and the theft of Palestine. They need to maintain a grip on Israel and Zionism for these geopolitical needs of exploiting biblical prophecy, exploiting peoples minds and beliefs so we all manifest their world view, ushering in their Zion and giving the world back to the "jinny jinn jinn" whom embody them. Aka, the archons, the reptilians, demons etc which essentially means we need to enter into a state of transhumanism, globally. Israel is the A.I. Central core of removing mankinds "stariway to heaven" destroying the bridge between worlds. This liberates the jinn and gives them back this realm of reality, fleecing mankind of their light body, "their armor of God"... Israel in Palestine https://sendvid.com/pg8ibcoe TGSNTtvPart04 - WWII - Palestine https://sendvid.com/caz18mn6 The CIA and FBI very obviously do this sort of thing in their own country with Nazi Skinheads and then use these "nazis" to aid and justify a more and more growing police state. These have very little to do with Nazis or German Nationalism, or such historical roots it just aids perpetuate a myth of what Nazi Germany is supposed to represent in many respects but is used as a tool to erode any real sense of national pride and sentiment wherever this exists and then push a woke/Marxist Globalism agenda, whilst associating all forms of nationalism with right wing extremism and us nut job conspiracy theorist types, through reframing, NLP and psychological manipulation so the masses perceive how this death cult want them to perceive... History Of The Frankfurt School - Political Correctness and Cultural Marxism https://www.brighteon.com/00000000-0000-0000-0005-822305669001 The US have very obviously done the same again here, they've armed and back Ukrainian Far Right Wing Extremists - Many of whom may genuinely want a national Ukraine, not the stooge operation backed by the globalists or be a part of Putin's Russia backed by the Globalists. These people are being squeezed mercilessly and it is these people we should actually feel sorry for because they're never going to be allowed to get what they want, this is likewise similar to Ireland and the IRA. These practices are very similar to undermine any real sense of freedom everywhere to then justify their control and their imposition. I find it very strange that so many more people can't relate to this deception? To push and play upon National values to drive the war against Russia, using this as a tool to manufacture consent/a reason to exercise their force in the region. For this, such a neonazi group has been cultivated by these globalists, who first developed the idea of national freedom within such a people, didn't allow them to have it, they get frustrated through this exercise and become extreme and get the likes of extreme representation which is all managed through western intelligence, who then use this to spin their web of influence... This is also being used to fabricate a push within the COVID agenda of biolabs in Ukraine as a possible method of creating a COVID/EBOLA/HIV Mark ii event to spin global lockdowns yet again and push war against Russia and China. It's pure script and Globalist Agenda. Like the Trump lie, we have these so called "alternation media groups" pushing the same intelligence agencies disinformation campaigns as part of an information war! If i had to speculate further, I will suggest that Iran will be claimed to have provided biological weapons to "Islamic Extremists" that could have only come from the Ukraine, this way you tie an agenda on Russia, Iran which also leads towards China eventually... Retaliations can then aid The Dome of the Rock/King Solomons Temple Agenda. This temple signifies and personifies, transhumanism a transhumanist temple and a war upon the seven seals, the chakras through transhumanism. Which comes at us through these vaccination campaigns to get this black goo shit inside us as microchip us to electronically tether us and drain us of our light body, "remove our armor of god"... This would make those whom comply, property of the beast system to eventually be governed by a single mind no different than "myths" of Dracula master of all the undead...
  6. ^ Full movie ^ Strange how it’s available on YT in full
  7. Exactly and I would say their resources are absolute, they're into everything and have no costs to worry about or consider it's just about control. Mostly through Freemasonry to Common Purpose they will have education all stitched up preaching their type of sentiment and philosophy to create this discord. So, the likes of Just Stop Oil, they - the death cult - will want these types of stunts to feed their crisis and will have groomed genuine people into believing it or use crisis actors for this type of thing. The way the media act is telling also, they didn't remove cameras and act as if a streaker had come on and then the commentators on sports many of them played dumb and ignored stating the obvious, "they didn't know what he was protesting" for instance and not mentioning what it stated on his top... Either show and tell or don't. This is all psychological as I see it so people will go off themselves and research what this is all about or these events will linger in the background as "we tried to warn you" come the time the plug is pulled and their type of global crisis is made to happen. Seeding the memories of the ignorant to spin lies at a later date. Sport is already a massive political tool and co opted in these things like BLM on one knee and the BS the commentators come out with and such things, this type of event is of exactly the same quality and co opting, just it's played out and staged as being a "rebellious act". If it truly was, we wouldn't be here discussing it, just another sad individual spoiling everyone eases entertainment and who do they think they are and we need to do something to stop these types of people from imposing themselves on everyone else... So on and so on usual rhetoric which is all very telling. It is quite sad and very obvious how this works. But, too many people are numb in the head to be able to perceive this and will even defend the status quo, like going down on one knee and belittling those who don't - actually creating a race war - and the popular thing to do here would be to speculate what these stunts are aimed at, call them an idiot and want to throw something at them and dismiss them. Then, later after peoples emotions have been engaged in this way and these people are perceived as being "right", "we should have listened" and then peoples guilt is exploited, used against them and they accept the next stage of the bullshit which is the technocracy transition which is "rebellious" and the way out of the hunger games society of the fallen previous petrodollar system. Emotional entanglement, it is a psychological warfare. We are effectively being told to just stop oil which is the petrodollar economy go get a shit electric car that costs a fortune and only travels within a limited range because they want you to only be able to travel within a limited range that's plugged into the SMART Grid 24/7 just like you and is the real reason electric engines had been restricted and we had to make do with petrol. The technology hadn't yet been implemented of the SMART Grid infrastructure, the technological evolution as it was deployed quicker and quicker had to run its course now it has everyone can and should have an electric car - actually it's the only "option" - because it ain't about the environment but about total control. Otherwise we would have had such engines sooner... When that SMART Grid control system wasn't present, it wasn't possible it didn't make sense damaging the petrodollar economy with such electric cars now it does because everything is being totally transitioned all at once - which shows a level of control an manipulation even on the surface that this was actually held back - in a way that the old system means less control than the new system. The new system is desirable and a complete ditching of the old system because this is about control, if there's more control to be had through these means they'll seek out implementing it. We are now at that transition stage and we have these lunatics begging for their own demise... So instead we can have black goo backed/tethered human life force PetroDollar to GooCrypt - Black Goo and Crypto Currency - The Digital Technocracy Just as this change is desirable and ready it is only now we have people demanding a change that this system wants to spin and justify, at a time a mass of people have already been injected with this Black Goo Nanotech BS and it is desirable that everyone else is made to receive this. Which is where resource management comes in if and when a total collapse of the old economy is initiated by design. You'll need to comply with the foundations of this new system to receive emergency resources to ensure resources are managed fairly, spreading into sustainable development to ensure this can never happen again etc etc It's also perhaps worth noting that at a time where the next gen technology is being rolled out 5G and people look towards way and means of reducing the harms, people who have looked will come across Shungite. It will be interesting to see if this all but disappears from sale... The only place this is found on mass is Russia. Very little seems to come from anywhere else... Not to be fooled that Putin isn't in the fold on this but it's perhaps worth noting and speculating could this situation with Russia also have something to do with Black Goo? Perhaps shungite itself can be used to remove this from the body or shut it down if used in a certain way as it certainly helps reduce the electromagnetic impacts and I would suggest this agenda is about removing our light body/aura - we are being "fleeced" of... It's difficult finding information on this but from what I remember, another undeclared war the Falklands War which is said to have involved securing this black goo but as usual was completely covered up. The black goo apparently went to Marconi a wireless radio communication company used as basically the death cults military contract. This black goo situation definitely plays a part in whats happening today with the wars to remove the old economy and push the issue of introducing the technocracy. Some people suggest this goo is sentient/aware and this is part of the nanotech and connecting everyones mind to A.I. I would strongly suggest it also has something to do with optogenetics/luciferase it seems to be about creating a "better vehicle" for this consciousness to occupy, so we are physically better suited to this "foreign" state of otherwise exiled consciousness, we become a vehicle it can inhabit or something of this nature... It definitely needs more research but obviously, this history has been covered up, perhaps it is a former example of this technology that has destroyed another civilisation being used as a tool to reimplement it into us and reintroduce a form of consciousness through it that has otherwise already been suppressed from our reality. It isn't good whatever it is, as this death cult are obviously trying to introduce it through the medium of it being "technology" getting "SMART"er... BLACK GOO AND THE DEMONIC REALM. https://www.brighteon.com/6e8b6d13-6cf0-46ef-893f-be59bd474d98
  8. Yes I know what you’re saying. 2008 was definitely a cooked up event and these problems have very genuinely shown themselves through the petrodollar but that’s just a manifestation or a tool used to actually drive the agenda, the end goal isn’t to do with oil and dollars, that’s why what represents this could be transitioned to digital currency. It isn’t rebellious but something that is being planned and will be presented as it is here, as an act of rebellion to the former system that’s already been sent on a path to ruin since The Trigger event of 9/11. Since then, this fascist system has been being imposed more and more as it literally was the trigger event in the human psyche of destroying the traditional pillars of society, dismantling it and building the new… Heres what was being simulated by the trigger… For me, the solution that would create a better world will begin when people turn themselves on to the scam, how they’re scammed as the solution to this is more to do with understanding their own psychological and their own consciousness, not about producing a better system but untangling from the system as so much of what exists and is justified is just not necessary and is fabricated. As fabricated as the likes of COVID, it exists to do something else which if people knew would most definitely see that it isn’t necessary but an imposition! We are being “fleeced” by Transhumanism - A war on Chakras Removing Auraic field… This is what I see is the problem and the grounds of the fabrication for that reality coming into existence needs to be identified and if it is done so by the many and not the few, that scammed reality can’t be brought into existence. Or a lot more people won’t enter into it willingly but see it for what it is. This is where I’m coming from… Such a system can’t be produced until people understand that we are collectively producing what happens and those behind this aren’t creating it but exploiting us into entering into this on a conscious level, they just open the door to it, engaging us with the mentality that we should enter it or that we have to enter it. As this will ultimately end up creating another system of control, even if it’s produced by well meaning individuals the wrong type of people seeking power will still be attracted to taking control of that system… These people have the system by the balls so long as they have the masses by the balls and they don’t even know it. Where and when they’re triggered into desiring what the agenda desires without being aware this is the case and they believe such feeling and thoughts within them is what they want. This link has to be broken so we have a complete inversion to what we have today with only a relative few are engaged on a conscious level with this we call “Conspiracy Theorists” and the masses indoctrinated into believing and accepting the bullshit and desires of the agenda. You can’t even start to a have a conversation with someone like this on the same conscious level if they’re not aware of how they’re being exploited and are prepared to dismiss it and protect it with their own ego because they think and feel it’s them and their thoughts. So long as this is the case with the masses, the collective world will be dragged into this imposition of control and there’s nothing anyone can do about it. Their control is influence and deception, they don’t directly control many things at the core, that’s what Transhumanism and A.I. Is all about so that control is central to everyone and everything at their core… We don’t have to do or plan much beyond this, we will inevitably end up reproducing the same system we have now but we couldn’t have so many of the same problems we have now if people become aware of how they’re being exploited, so this is what we should all be focused upon if you ask me. The true world is organic and would produce itself. The reality of this system of control now is inorganic, designed around control being uncomfortable to go with the flow of what happens happens. People need to see how they’re scammed and the likes of what we are seeing will still occur just people will be awake to it and this form of control wouldn’t exist. The drastic change to the system of control we have should be the level of influence and manipulation on people should be used on big business. Practically no system of control should exist on people beyond cause no harm or loss to anyone else. But, that’s a long way off. We need to start by seeing the exploitation for what it is so we don’t unknowingly enter into it which is what’s happening now to so many. The Astroworld event works to symbolically represent this, so many people unknowingly or desire to go willingly into hell without understanding this is actually what they’re doing. The way the current system is, it doesn’t matter what anyone else does, we will be dragged into it by the hypnotised majority.
  9. Agenda 21/2030 Anyone who doesn’t get this already these aren’t just “random students” and such individuals acting of their own volition and free will, these are scripted events funded and imposed by the establishment powers that be. It is nothing “rebellious” but establishment 101 to get people to pay attention to the agenda, at a time war is waging with Russia and fuel prices are rising. This in part is in preparation for the economic collapse to the implementation of the new economic system, digital currency breaking away from the petrodollar. These are stooges, scripted events so those who aren’t turned into politics at all will have to see these things and they can be related to at a later date. Whilst those “conspiracy theorists” amongst us should be able to see the playing out of planned script and using such events so the government/death cult powers than he can demand what they want and make it appear that people are actually demanding such. These people and groups are owed/controlled by the same people behind the agenda. It’s that simple and that obvious. “Hunger Games” Speech - He must have made it up by himself all random like and coincidental It’s THE SCRIPT - STAGED - The performance artists carrying it, do they know it? No probably not, they’re tools and pawns in a game they don’t understand and someone has guided them into * righteous action * They’re a lower form of false flag scenarios that aren’t organic and spontaneous but completely setup and staged. This BS is of course global and these things are happening to make sure, if you’re not turned onto politics and have no idea what’s going on - these are the majority of people being targeted by these stunts - you’ll be forced to pay attention, whilst not seeing that this is actually a contrick or you maybe suckered into supporting the movement because of being outraged/pissed off by the fuel prices and the likes. People are being psychologically targeted, triggered and exploited. So, the questions TPTB want to ask can be asked. It’s as obnoxious as cutting oil ties with Russia because of how evil they’re and then going to make deals with Saudi Arabia The hypocrisy just doesn’t matter, they must enjoy rubbing peoples faces in their hypocrisy at this point. Explanation of “Just Stop Oil” Stunts All these stunts like the above are planned to not make “the change” they’re actually preaching about but piss people off and say “we told you so” when shit really hits the fan later, as shit is planned to hit the fan and being made to happen, not because of prophecy or climate change predictions and we can be reframed into accepting these “sustainable development” initiatives that otherwise couldn’t be brought about and maybe genuinely resisted if it wasn’t for creating this atmosphere previously and the manipulation of this imposed hunger games society, to then justify the new SMART Technological Economy and the scrapping of the traditional petrodollar corruption we have today that will be framed as being the cause of modern warfare. Which is obviously somewhat true but it’s so this global system can come into existence this what is being requested or demanded is what this system has been working toward and it is being demanded via these stunts at a time that is convenient for this agenda. So, something obviously stinks. But I guess that’s just because I’m one of those “conspiracy theorists” This will signify the global system coming to fruition and the scrapping of war, only when their influence is absolute, so no one can contest this system of control who isn’t a terrorist responsible for warfare and by their very existence should be shutdown… THE FOUNDATIONS OF THE PLAN/DECEPTIVE AGENDA Russia/Ukraine, and Agenda 21 - David Icke Talking In 2014 https://banned.video/watch?id=622f12fd02877971c7727e3a DAVID ICKE - BABYLONIAN PATH - EU - NEW WORLD ORDER - BANKING SYSTEM - MINISTRIES OF CONTROL - 9/11 https://www.bitchute.com/video/YwwaWymCNekm/ DAVID ICKE SATANIC REPTILIAN SOCIETY - ROTHSCHILD ZIONISM https://www.bitchute.com/video/ShqefiumEl28/ David Icke Dot Connector EP 4 - Dr. Richard Day New World Order - Plans for a New Jerusalem - Zion - Globalists https://sendvid.com/dhbmgzun
  10. Never broadcast Channel 4 News report from 1998 challenges existence of HIV 'virus' and highlights anomalies between different HIV test kits. SOUND FAMILIAR?? https://banned.video/watch?id=6233b1c604367f030b729fd6 I've posted most of these videos elsewhere on the forum previously, so I won't repeat it all here... This whole concept is a War on Humanity. Listening to MGS Game videos, you'll hopefully see and appreciate that on one level this is all very real and we can see this playing out today. The idea to put nanotechnology in the body to sync people technologically to an A.I. Central Core. This is whats shown in those videos under the context of War and it's what's actually happening in reality. TPTB have used the likes of these fraudulent illnesses that symptoms cover a wide range of different illnesses on one level to be able to research/implement this type of technology and to be able to justify placing this type of tech within the body for various reasons. On another level, this smokescreen illnesses such as HIV are a cover for big pharma related deaths, that without the likes of HIV or COVID as it is playing out in exactly the same way today, people would start to suggest, see and say that these deaths are actually caused by various manmade impositions for one reason or another - Mostly the "Vaccine" or by the Testing itself, if you hadn't have been "tested' you wouldn't/couldn't have been imposed upon - that come through big pharma and chemicals in food and drink that wouldn't be possible if it wasn't for big pharma in the first place. , This is all so humanity will transition more easily to transhumanism to escape these attacks viewed as illnesses, flaws and disease when really it is an all out war on the human condition including chemtrails and energetic weapons. The result of all this is the fabrication of some "mysterious illness" that covers the symptoms of a wide range of other illnesses but it is suggested officially that it's something else and given another label, pushed scientifically even though it can't be viewed/isolated under the same scientific scrutiny that all other such materials undergo to perform diagnosis and then treatment. The science/scientists which then make such observations are censored, isolated, discredited, removed from employment or suicided. That is because it is fraudulent, a lie and a 'Scam Pandemic/Plandemic" so the true Pandemic can be justified by way of big pharma's imposition of transhumanism technologies being placed in the body through the procedure of administering the cure, even if it is actually a disease and a medical experiment on society. HIV was a systematic operation to swing more big pharma impositions, then more people died due to various treatments because of fraudulent tests and contaminated blood/big pharma drugs to swing the pendulum. It was also used as a cultural imposition and culture warfare, everything that has then bred into what has become transgender as that agenda has continued and the transgender agenda as it grows is planned to justify the transhumanist agenda because that's what this is all about... It maybe important to note, just prior to the big COVID we're all going to die roll out, mass blood donations campaigns rolled out to help save people from COVID and help retain blood plasma etc this was part and parcel of COVID an agenda existed alongside this to collect a mass amount of blood either untainted by the vaccine or to mix some shit back in it, some sort of similar blood chemical concoctions to give back to people and inject them with it at a later date - on mass! How Freemasonic “Charities” operate to disguise the evil they’re involved with at the core. No one would/could suspect them of the things that they’re actually doing. It’s why people generally aren’t prepared to accept they actually are doing the things they’re actually doing. It’s a front, a disguise a cover for many of them. It’s a similar situation for “medical research” and such “charities”. They’re all a front, a cover for a war on humanity and you’re funding the continuation of that war.
  11. Exactly. How these people maintain such perceptions is unbelievable. They simply mustn't be able to look at things objectively. They look at things subjectively as in (Covid) (Ukraine) they’re boxed off and isolated from one another. They can’t look at both for inconsistencies because they’re not the same thing and rely upon an external authority to tell them the difference. This to me all comes down to authority and how people view authority. Do they see and feel that true authority actually starts and ends with them? Or do they believe that authority is an imposition external to them? This difference will change peoples perception about everything as it’s fundamental. True authority starts and ends with each and every individual but the delusion is that it doesn’t and that it’s embodied within some figurehead or institution external to them because they don’t see that it is them who gives that institution, that figure head it’s power. Or not! For all those unsure, under any doubt or would simply like go take this line of perspective further to see what I’m getting at, start here…
  12. “To allow all the unvaccinated Ukrainians in you could not write this shit, but they did & you stupid people still don't question ANY of it ” Emma N. The situation and propaganda all about the Ukraine situation is completely to do with the Zionist/Global Death Cults agenda of their “New Jerusalem”. Within their “Pivot to Asia” this centres on The Dome of the Rock. Ukraine Prime Minster has requested peace talks to be held in Jerusalem Wake Up. We are being played by Freemasonic parasites who see people no and more no less than people on a checkered play board in a game. As expendable as dog sh!t! If that offends you, good. You either have no clue what’s going on or you’ve picked the wrong side involved in something you can’t possibly comprehend how evil it is. The situation in the Ukraine is an extension of the war on the world via COVID - This is no exaggeration. Notice how the pivot, the pendulum swung so easy between the two… All those virtue signalling dancing clowns have now turned into war lobbyists via Freemasonic “aids/charity”. They maybe evil, but they do do a hell of a lot of charity work. Jimmy Savile did a lot of good charity work, as did John Wayne Gacy a mass serial killer who buried “33” men under the foundations of his own home, he got away with it so long because he was considered untouchable and a “respectable member of the community”. They always are aren’t they… C vid 9teen h oa x ritual with predictive programming at olympics 2012 ORIGINAL https://sendvid.com/3ysbpr3w The Symbolism behind the Olympic Ritual Ceremony London 2012 New Jerusalem Zion https://sendvid.com/curbrusu It is no nation we inhabit, but an idea. Ideas can govern our minds down to arbitrary limitations to restrict freedom of thought, ideas placed within borders and boundaries, a prison for your mind. Or this maybe identified as a method of freeing your mind, by letting go of your ideas that place borders, boundaries and limitations instead of clinging to those ideas and superimposing them upon a world stage, to divide it and rule it and yourself, out of which a parasite becomes the ruling class within a social hierarchy based upon a delusional world view imposed by ones ideas... The world stage doesn’t exist “as it is,” it’s your idea. Why are the same ideas all too common? Is there a state of mass hypnotisation? How could you tell?
  13. Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky suggested on Saturday that negotiations between Ukraine and Russia to end the war could be held in occupied Jerusalem. Jerusalem - that place which the “rebel leader” Donald Trump helped secure for Israel - The Globalists - that was exactly what the Global Death Cult wanted. Thank God we had the “rebel leader” and plan in place, otherwise we’d be fucked and have something to worry about We are seeing these agendas continue, just as we always have president to president, puppet to puppet… The Ukrainian leader who seems to be obsessed with Israel also told media he believed Israel could provide Security Guarantees for his country, and said he hoped Prime Minister Naftali Bennett would have a positive influence on negotiations. FUCKING LISTEN! If you haven’t already… I’ve been sharing this foreshadowing over the forum previously but no one seems to have paid attention to the significance of this. This is the nanotechnology, black goo vaccine campaign in conjunction with 5G and this state of perpetual war in order to achieve it, where this type of technology seems normal. This also suppresses peoples freedom of speech, where words and phrases can’t even be spoken! “Security Guarantee?” Nanotechnology already injected - Frequency Technology “Activation” Unleashing Suppressed Emotions that the nanotechnology is otherwise holding back so people can commit war atrocities without Empathy - This is Archontic I would argue and I’m sure many other people would, such technology is already in use and massively so when it comes to Israel and everything Zionism! Zelensky spoke at a special briefing for reporters from Kyiv, under heavy guard. “We generally support mediation by anyone,” he said in an answer to a question about Israel’s “potential role” , posed by a reporter for Haaretz. “But I wouldn’t call Prime Minister Bennett ‘anyone.’ You can play an important role because Israel is a country with a rich history.” Zelensky added that Ukrainian immigrants were among Israel’s founders, “who brought with them their history and their desire to build a great country, as it is now. So it’s not bad at all for us to have such mediation.” He said he told Bennett he did not believe negotiations could take place in Russia, Ukraine, or Belarus. “These are not places where we can come to any understandings on ending the war — I’m not talking about technical meetings but meetings between leaders. I believe Israel can be such a place, especially Jerusalem. I think so, and I said this to Bennett.” Is it all starting to make sense? Zelensky suggests Jerusalem host negotiations between Ukraine, Russia At briefing to reporters, Ukrainian president says Israeli PM can play ‘an important role’ in efforts to end war https://www.timesofisrael.com/zelensky-suggests-jerusalem-host-negotiations-between-ukraine-russia/ Roots of Freemasonic/Zionist Global Death Cult David Icke: Who Did 9/11 and Why? https://www.brighteon.com/09234fb9-b960-40d3-a111-53ff6ec52695 Israel In Palestine https://sendvid.com/pg8ibcoe Israeli airstrikes kill pregnant mother, toddler in Gaza http://www.maannews.com/Content.aspx?id=780651 NWO - False Flag - Building Walls Within Society - F1 https://sendvid.com/pqowy9d0 Icke Intro - Trump is Israels man, a Zionist https://sendvid.com/4hlv84i1
  14. I totally forgot I made this post. I’m only just reading this back sorry for all the typos I should take more care, I’m no wordsmith just trying to get the message across. Definitely. This pretty much sums it up perfectly. Some people may just feel this is some sort of gimmick to get a point across in this image and not actuality within its most simplistic form. But it is actuality, this is exactly what’s happening and why it’s happening, if people keep this in mind, think about it this way and do even a moments research they will see it is so and that it only makes sense that it’s this way and that so long as it is, things can never change. Things are this way because the world is upside down… Not all the people involved know or believe this is actually what they’re doing by being complicit in this but it is and it’s their unwillingness to confront that they could even be doing this that’s a problem on one level. The greater problem are those impacted by the likes of this and their denial to confront there is an actual conspiracy - that dirty word because officially no conspiracies exist - to make sure things are kept this way so long as it benefits these people, so long as people are stuck within this negative feedback loop it will relentlessly feed them, what it is feeding is an illusion of power so nothing will change. Nothing will change if it’s power over other people that is the thing what is sought after, this cycle will just be perpetuated as it is doing. The likes of Piers above is someone who lurks over all this and gets off and he gets fed for perpetuating the cycle, so he is going to do all he can to keep people locked in to that perception deception. If he consciously fully knows the implications of doing this however, I don’t give him that much credit. People who do this become victims to it themselves chasing a Fantasia. Just that he knows he is manipulating the truth to push an agenda, that much is definitely the truth and his actions are actually inspiring hatred, even by people who can see this, it makes me want to hate him which means he is doing his job right and he will get a pat on the back and well done by his “superiors”. His face would fit perfectly well on a punchbag which you would never get tired of hitting. Those who can’t see this and just hear what the likes of Piers is saying, they’ll help circulate this sentiment in the belief it aids their perception and not see they’re perpetuating a relentless cycle setup to deceive an individual from their own senses. This is the mind virus They’re pretty much spellbound. That is they’re incapable of thinking anything else outside the cycle of conformity with this relentless cycle maintained by these linguistic magicians, psychologically framing peoples minds. I’m not saying the likes of Piers is exactly one of these, but he is definitely an aid of such, a brown nosed tool, a Mr. Smithers. This is a good example even if a pretty crap film in my opinion… Authority To me, the ultimate deception in all this and why it’s kept this way and the one thing that would change everything overnight if a majority of people realised this and changed the way they perceived it is, Authority. People need to change how they view authority and where they believe it comes from. The perception deception as it exists now is that authority exists outside of themselves, outside the individual and that such is embodied within various or collective institutions working together. It doesn’t, authority starts and ends with the individual, with who and how they give their authority. If they do at all or just instead stand their ground and say I’m my own authority I’ll be responsible for myself thank you very much but no thanks. This isn’t an acceptable response in a fascist society and a fascist system and we live under a fascist system where your complicity has to be that of a brown nose of this perpetual system or else you’ll get nowhere and be browbeaten into a rut of one form or another. This perception deception has been created by having authority literally beaten into them. If you don’t accept this external authority you’ll be framed for causing perpetuatal war by not submitting. That’s the overall end goal of this three step plan to change society by three world wars to then create a society of no war, which basically means no one could remove this power base without being accused of being a terrorist which as history has shown us will inevitably lead to war so they need to be stopped etc etc The likes of the Catholic Church have helped massively perpetuate this lie by going around the world and killing anyone and everyone who wouldn’t submit to their will. This was then taken over by the US who goes around the world saying you better accept democracy or else we will shoot you! It’s a con trick and a complete lie. The US has made itself the instrument of the “Firestarter” of war, of pretty much every conflict around the world since it’s inception. Order out of Chaos or Problem - Reaction - Solution. From underground bases/systems that are largely not always perceived on the surface. If the masses stated that a system no longer has control over them, that system loses its power and it’s unable to act. It only maintains its power by deceiving the masses that such authority exists outside of themselves. With this change, people wouldn’t be within this default mode to seek out “what authority tells them” and just doing it because authority tells them. They would actually process the information differently, in an entirely different way and decide if they’re going to suspend their rights or beliefs for a moment based upon certain circumstances that it would actually be the right thing to do or not. This shift has to happen to change anything. People have to suspend their beliefs in this current feedback loop in order to actually even see this. But people are caught up in the relentless cycle… The only way I can perceive this has happened by those who do it, is by them understanding the laws of nature and our world more than we do and they have used that very system and those understandings against us so this form of order almost appears natural because it is exploiting natural laws that we just aren’t aware of, otherwise this what is happening wouldn’t be possible, they wouldn’t be able to get away with it and people would see it for what it is. This is how I tried to show it once by putting this video together, I really should upload it to another platform… Who the F**k is Alice? - Alan Watts - Phantom Self - Involution https://sendvid.com/qy1is33h
  15. * The Hunger Games Society * Do YOU Acquiesce? "The Great Reset" - Chaos Theory The reality of the conspiracy, the distorted projection is based upon measurements and degrees. Where the tools of measurement become more important than the foundation, the underlying reality being measured. The only reason these tools take priority over the underlying reality is because through these tools is a desire to control, manipulate and exploit that underlying reality, so it is important you're entrained upon projection and not that underlying reality, as these tools can be changed and with it, the apparent perception of your reality along with it. This isn't the case but a hijacking of the senses creating a "Perception Deception" so we will project their idealised reality. Often without even consciously being aware we are doing it and that this is happening. This is a state of chronic hypnosis by thought patterns blinding people to everything beyond isolated label consciousness. This is what will lead to Transhumanism if this deception be carried out to it's extreme. America is the tool used as... I'm the trouble starter, punkin' instigator I'm the fear addicted, a danger illustrated I'm a firestarter, twisted firestarter You're a firestarter, twisted firestarter I'm a firestarter, twisted firestarter I'm the bitch you hated, filth infatuated, yeah I'm the pain you tasted, fell intoxicated I'm a firestarter, twisted firestarter You're the firestarter, twisted firestarter I'm the self inflicted, mind detonator, yeah I'm the one infected, twisted animator I'm a firestarter, twisted firestarter You're the firestarter, twisted firestarter I'm a firestarter, twisted firestarter starter You do not want to continue manifesting this destiny. The only reason it will/can continue to manifest is by people manifesting it, JUST GIVING IN - Acquiescence. First people need to become aware they're projecting this to be able to stop projecting it from within their state of complacency. If they don't want to see it they won't see it and there's absolutely no point in trying to convince anyone. They need to become aware of it.
  16. What absolute bullshit preparing us for more of the same! COVID-19: Millions in China face shutdowns as coronavirus cases surge and Shanghai access restricted https://consent.yahoo.com/v2/collectConsent?sessionId=3_cc-session_50c4c931-327a-42a7-a74e-d5a47b893d1b I’m pretty sure this is what they’ve been testing at sporting venues around the world. This crap is already in them and through some form of wireless technology, designed to be (the number of elements) ️ followed by gee (5G) to trigger this to become active in people, to see if they can target one person in a whole group without impacting others next to them who also have this shit in them. They could have got all the sport idols like celebrities/actors did, to encourage everyone to get jabbed but they didn’t play that card and then throughout sport we are seeing what’s playing out… If they had used these sport figures to represent “get your jabs” far more people would be questioning and seeing what’s going on. It shows how under the thumb these sporting figures are, with what’s going on and almost none of them are speaking out… I guess not one sporting figure “is a conspiracy theory” when it comes to this? That is obviously a conspiracy in itself. Everyone of them fall in line to the status quo… Instead, this tech and sporting events where mass people congregate, was planned to be used as such a testing ground for applying the technology. The likes of Astroworld was an event designed to plan how devastating this crap could be, a stage and was symbolised as literary, entering hell so people had entered into this testing ground voluntarily. This is how I believe it’s being played. Black Goo - “The Scariest Movie Ever” https://www.brighteon.com/52f6aa12-93c4-4f5c-8bc5-2e9859aff78c No… Not what us “conspiracy theorists” had been saying all along… That was just one of those “theories” completely made up and being censored across all social media by “independent fact checkers”. Now the mainstream can say it and be entirely the same and it not be censored and held back because now it’s more convenient than ut was then as back then, the lie had to be held up on a pedestal to ensure your absolute complacency. What utter gullible fools and tools all you are who complied with this and dismissed us “conspiracy theorists” yet again. Put your Ukrainian flag down and do some soul searching… Whilst you still can! The Schism…
  17. Thanks mate. I didn’t notice your response for some reason. Only come here to post Ickes talk about this. I haven’t listened to it yet but it is obviously about this… What the Climate Hoax has really been about - David Icke Dot Connector Videocast https://banned.video/watch?id=622b7f1a36dc59686cc9ebd3
  18. I presume Z for Zionism? David Icke: Exposing Rothschild Zionism https://www.brighteon.com/a2488ce8-f6cf-4fef-9937-910c1c384523 Or full the thing… Particularly relevant to here is Part 3 - 3h25m41s Better Quality The Lion Sleeps No More - David Icke - Brixton Academy 2010 Once again Live from Brixton Academy in London, after an extensive Tour of the USA and Australia he returns to London. https://www.ickonic.com/Dashboard/SeriesFilm/16 Doorways open in one copy, bricked up in another… Giving/Taking Away Opportunities/Privileges - Gatekeepers of these doors, Masonry. Matrix Gatekeepers - Holding All The Keys ∴ It sure does Why are you wearing your mask other than to waste oxygen? Why did so many people wear them for so long and will do the same again tomorrow if the government declared it was to be necessary? “Round and round the garden” - David Icke JUST ‘BREATHE’ “Make her… one of..us!” Not a fan of the background music but hopefully people will get the idea.
  19. Perhaps it can be thought of as that. The soul is impermanent but does leave impressions upon spirit energy of this life. The idea of self is illusory bound by this body that dissolves as the body is lost. As fear is impressed upon this lifeforce energy so you forget and repress the memories of this former existence and is then recycled back into another body. The soul is bound by the clock. They all worship the clock, this is symbolic of the governor, the master here and this death cult want to extend their clock as they worship the soul more than spirit. This is to the detriment of spirit. Spirt energy is infinite and timeless, trapped in a prison of flesh until it’s release, with the highest hopes and potential here is to higher their state of consciousness as to not be bound by the time loop of birth, death and rebirth and enter into a higher state of consciousness not bound by these cycles where spirit is rung through a sponge and recycled. The force behind this is reducing such spirt energy.
  20. Gold Lion V - Fearful Valley/Valley of the Shadow of Death - The Void - Earth “First comes a leopard, that, while not really frightening him, does block his path. Then comes a ferocious, ravenous lion followed by a she-wolf. Dante is terrified and is losing all hope of climbing the hill when a man appears. It is Virgil, the Roman epic poet. He has been sent by Beatrice (the woman Dante loved and who inspired him to write) to lead him on a journey of discovery through Hell, Purgatory and Paradise.”
  21. 4 years ago I stated the following “WWIII has already begun, your lack of compassion and not bringing the attention of these wrongs doings and just accepting them without any empathy or questioning will create the cause for such a suffering to find its way to you. It’s not unfortunate, it’s the natural law and you should naturally feel concerned. Propaganda has you not concerned and accepting this as an acceptable reality, as something you’re ok with so long as it’s not happening to you...” All those doing the Ukrainian virtue signalling want to think about this. Where were you then? Where was the mainstream media and it’s outrage? They where backing that war and beating the drums of war. What’s different this time? Ask yourselves? I can’t believe this piece of news passed me by * The Hunger Games Society * If you go into say a petrol station...the hand sanitizer stands for COVID are same colour as Ukraine flag ... It could not be more obvious… - Natalie M.
  22. It is a projection of their angers and fears. You can see this most clearly when say, a serial killer is on trial and then those who have lost their loved ones vent their spleen and evil is coming out of them but it is applauded as some form of victory and justice. This is how evil is summoned in people and they don’t even know it. Wetiko begetting Wetiko - Consciousness becoming distorted One evil person can summon the evil of masses of people and it be seen externally but not through themselves and if this was pointed out, they’d justify it because of some sort of external evil entity. Hitler - Putin - “Islamic Extremist” It is understandable but it is still them and not someone else. It has nothing to do with them and if it does, they’ve been triggered and allowing someone/something else to control their mind. Know one notices this when caught up in it but should always remember. This is how a system of control takes peoples power away, their ignorance. I see it mostly as peoples desire to ignore their ignorance and what they’re ignorant of is the spiritual world. Their own spirit which is all but completely reduced for material fantasia/hypnotic trance. This type of crap was even peddled with the likes of “The Ice Bucket Challenge” which Bill Gates participated in and people usually outside, no matter the weather through a bucket of ice water over themselves and suggested some other idiot did it as well. Next year is petrol and a match. Bill Gates can go first. Set the trend Bill Independent Fact Checkers say he survived and went on to live a long and healthy life after symbolising his frustrations of what people are doing, being at war with themselves but believing they’re firing at someone else.
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