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  1. Yes I agree mate, we are all sovereign and yet, this system has hijacked our minds to rob us of our sovereignty. As if our mind is the moon and this conspiracy is to plant a flag in each and everyone’s mind of conquering that territory and swiftly moving on. Until we have a hive mind via all the one world rhetoric instead of a truly global family which is allowed to truly perceive what they want to perceive and speak their minds freely without this central Orwellian Newspeak type mind via political correctness, pirates of the mind and the true plague of humanity is an ideology plague not ma
  2. This is why I don’t speak to most people as it ain’t what you’d call being a social butterfly and people automatically unsocially distance themselves and invert their own practice and then accuse you of being unsociable because you don’t won’t to put on an act but be real or shut up, so get accused of being depressing and going on. You’re the one wearing a mask! It doesn’t matter if what you’re saying is the truth. Most people don’t want the truth at all. Empire State - The Hidden Empire “You’re the prisoners, no you’re the guards”
  3. Exactly. But people are being misinformed via the MSM that it doesn’t contain animal products. Also, if you post on Vegan and Vegetarian groups on social media like FB, that such people shouldn’t get the vaccine, you’ll see the abuse people who do it get, if they be from shills or genuine vegan/vegetarians who desire or want to justify themselves having the vaccine due to the fear. Also, we’ve had the MSM jumping on the “minority” narrative especially the Islamic community and equally getting shills to project the idea that vaccine doesn’t go against the Islamic faith, that the Islam
  4. While to see and be near loved ones is the most exploited, virtue signalled as though you’re seeking to help humanity on some great endeavour and that without the “vaccine” you couldn’t be near them. But of course that’s not true, it’s a completely artificial boundary, it’s a psychological projection made by those whom desire an outcome that otherwise wouldn’t be possible if it wasn’t for those artificial boundaries and psychological manipulation of our projections stimulated via fear and the desire for those to appear self righteous in the eyes of others as equally mislead by such manipula
  5. ^ Ian R Crane-The 9/11 & 7/7 Connection ^ The Current type of Censorship where and when it is on MSM platforms such as YT Say no to the Vaccine by Trillion - Song from Truth Injection Documentary Here’s are some videos of Ian’s that hopefully people on here will be interested in and I’d recommend watching Karen Douglas - “My concern is not for the truth” Police State - Corporate Shills doing the bidding of the establishment without question and it
  6. From the family of Ian R Crane We're devastated to let you know that Ian passed away on Thursday February 25th. He fell asleep peacefully with his son and partner by his side, and he knew that he had the love, thoughts and prayers of those that couldn't be with him at the end. A son, a brother, a father, a grandfather, a partner, a friend, a colleague, he played a role in the lives of hundreds, if not thousands, of others and will not be forgotten by anyone who met him. He will be dearly missed. Founder of the incredibly popular Alternative View conferences, others will pick up
  7. Thanks Yasmina I appreciate your comments. These are just some of my surmises and of course open to interpretation as they’re more of the spiritual and I don’t profess I know everything but these are just my understandings. These problems can only be truly understood from a spiritual POV and a spiritual transformation, otherwise that’s part of the physical construct problem. You may even describe this as upon a deep psychological aspect of seeing and perceiving this by simply the desire and will to understand rather than ignore. Or we will be focused on the idea of a game of musical
  8. Yep most definitely. On the above, how you can tell it isn’t really the Queen but a deep fake exercise, is she’s smiling... Unless she’s thinking about all the sacrifices to Moloch In any case, it’s all absolute bullshit and the spin is, the coming together, working together as one, believing in COVID and implementing the vaccine is all heart warming and therefore anyone against this propaganda exercise to cultivate this deceptive perception and feeling is disharmonious, lacking of heart and is therefore selfish and self-centred. It’s a psychological manipulation
  9. Pick ‘n Mix Vaccines Absolute confusion “you probably shouldn’t for now” but tests are being carried out. ”There are decades of development unpinning - Wink - these new types of vaccines” - how vague and tongue twisting can you get, while deceptively trying to suggest these vaccines are safe and there’s nothing to worry about. So, there’s decades of development underpinning these types of vaccines, so I’ll go in my kitchen and mix up any old ingredients and call it an RNA vaccine of which there’s no safety tests, no trials or study, I’ll do it to make a fortune for passing off any
  10. Exactly Check this video out (does it sound like the Queen's voice to you? And the dubbing is out of sync also when she speaks) - Tasha https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-56203768?fbclid=IwAR2rbcIqund2gy3JVCXc9-SQ7Lk42OCkDKiCTSvhMKbQV4H-wRxY7GmBjsg Yep, exactly. Technology puppet. A front and this basically shows it... I’m sure the Queen would have the most super duper fastest internet speeds known to man, not ADSL so it’s BS to obscure deep fake activities no doubt. A more perfect Globalist Puppet is a deep fake Globalist Puppet I’m remi
  11. Now this old wind bags getting in on the action! The Queen: people who refuse vaccine should think of others, rather than themselves https://www.telegraph.co.uk/news/2021/02/25/queen-people-refuse-vaccine-should-think-others-rather/?fbclid=IwAR3us4E0RQrk3CYmAWf8w-b3Q0fjnlbc1zivGkCR0qOYrDRp1xes0Y4i7mY When we have tyranny and fascism, obedience isn’t a virtue, it’s cowardice in the face of the enemy. We are being psychologically browbeaten into submission and subjugation by someone who calls you her subject, maintaining a family monopoly, sits on a thr
  12. Now this old wind bags getting in on the action! The Queen: people who refuse vaccine should think of others, rather than themselves https://www.telegraph.co.uk/news/2021/02/25/queen-people-refuse-vaccine-should-think-others-rather/?fbclid=IwAR3us4E0RQrk3CYmAWf8w-b3Q0fjnlbc1zivGkCR0qOYrDRp1xes0Y4i7mY When we have tyranny and fascism, obedience isn’t a virtue, it’s cowardice in the face of the enemy. We are being psychologically browbeaten into submission and subjugation by someone who calls you her subject, maintaining a family monopoly, sits on a thr
  13. Yeah Peter, that’s the whole idea in the long run, as all of this is leading towards Transhumanism. Our patent number is our barcode number, the implantable ID being branded like cattle and this will be associated with the DNA altering vaccine, sold as keeping tabs and safety on our health but it’s to keep tabs on humans like cattle owned by a farmer - Animal Farm I like your idea your pointed out also how once something is genetically altered, that patient becomes owned and we can become owned and the cult own this through Bill Gates - Luciferase 060606 So, symbolically all tho
  14. Look at this antihuman, inhumane bullshit! This is the whole Transgender/Transhumanism agenda, until the idea of parenting is removed altogether, where the whole community is your mother, father, brother and sister, where the state brings up and owns children, half made in a medical lab the other half, technical lab. It’s dehumanisation and anyone who can’t see that, please remove yourself from the friends list ASAP and save me from doing it (Picture deleted by FB - New terms in the newspaper to call mother, father, he and she is they and them based on how men can be mothers
  15. Yeah, exactly. It doesn’t make sense from the narrative being pushed at all. Which is why they try and spin herd immunity. But, it still doesn’t stack up if those vaccinated are supposed to be protected then as you say, it should be those not vaccinated that are affected and that be their decision, but it seems they’re targeted as being more so guilty of spreading it, rather than dying of it, so people with no sense fear them and fear themselves becoming such a person, so they themselves get vaccinated. It’s exploiting groupthink psychology, making people fear a state of mind and a form o
  16. This can help explain the reptilian narrative. Such as the negative energy associated, drawn, by those practicing and carrying out certain ritual action, mimicking a certain procedure drawing up of energies which seems to draw up reptilian form that is intensely fearful and menacing, which seems to generate or give off a certain form of incitement to sheer terror, that makes you - as an observer of this in someone else - at least for some time, forget you’ve had this exact experience and the detail, it can be blanked out but if you remember anything from it, it will be the unparalleled sense
  17. IT'S AN EXPERIMENTAL VACCINE - HERE'S THE EVIDENCE (INCLUDING DEATHS) https://www.bitchute.com/video/xZIJ99fr16Ow/?fbclid=IwAR0bqHjFO8i0eRvPq-CCu8TVoyqCOpcIa-5GrDiSE57c76UqxSsjQylDyXs
  18. I reckon someone here will be interested in this... It’s recently appeared in my newsfeed, of course following certain research You can now buy legal tender with the Queen on one side and a Dinosaur on the other... Must be someone’s idea of taking this piss in more way than one, what do you think? Start collecting our brand-new Age of Dinosaurs Legal Tender Coin Collection today, featuring 12 of the most iconic dinosaurs that once roamed our planet! Every coin is silver plated and in full colour. Plus, £99 worth of free gifts along the way! Visit
  19. For those who don’t know the reference and so probably haven’t seen this within my earlier posts... Before the lockdowns where initially triggered, this was a skit within last years Saturday Night Takeaways called Mr. Brown. It’s a skit at many things, occult symbolism and of course even COVID itself, laughing in your face and then basically telling you to shut up and take it, what you going to do about it anyway, if you speak of it everyone’s just going to call you crazy... Vow of Silence - Occultism, to not share knowledge or secrets, or else face shunning,
  20. is there anyone who can’t see and doesn’t get this? Or does anyone know someone stupid enough to agree with this official narrative and not see through it for what it is? Dr JOHN LEE: Why should the whole country be held hostage by the one in five who refuse a vaccine? https://mol.im/a/9293147?fbclid=IwAR27NZ0GeJvrL1aS1H8aNlo2ZJDfcX-h-slwId279q3CvKY6ssDbiNiSrOE Can you see the shameless psychological spin being created by the likes of this headline and those successful targeted - Brainwashed - by it? This is alphabet agency media spin in all its glory. Deli
  21. As I’ve said from the start before the Icke Forum Attack, this whole COVID scenario will be used to exploit Climate Change due to less travel etc Look at these unexpected affects, the positives of this virus? Get the new age community in on it chopping down Bills new meat that ain’t meat That, we should learn from this and so manage our day to day lives differently to protect the planet, one nation one family rhetoric to justify the one control system, one culture imposed after all this cancel culture. Even though of course, it’s all BS preordained Well, I’ve got anot
  22. ‘Children as young as 8 are being brought to A&E for self harm’ https://www.thetelegraphandargus.co.uk/news/19073491.dr-zak-children-forgotten-casualties-pandemic/?fbclid=IwAR05U2SUNp-THD6bl4x5_EkBCQsg72V2lF-WCPilR8M2hyO2UMQEAO0mePg Lack of feeling, lack of touch, is it any wonder? Extremes drive extremes. Maybe Bill has a long lasting epigenetic editing cure so you won’t ever have to worry again, as all sense of touch and feeling will be locked up disabled indefinitely. As A.I. just doesn’t understand it and it’s to be your knew all knowing God. Why and how the guy wh
  23. The above is also very interesting. But from the time I’ve embedded this video at, listen to touch and how essentially, touch is what’s being thought up to eliminate “COVID” but what other effects this may actually be intended to have upon society. Which of course is the real reason behind it, to counteract a mental health pandemic with both technology and SOMA. It’s seeking to justify intervention, all thanks to problems that wouldn’t exist if they hadn’t of intervened within the first instance. So, a world like Demolition Man controlled births, levels of touch and fascist te
  24. Yes exactly. It was a complete scam, just like the transfer from many benefits over to Universal Credit which is a complete an utter joke on it’s own, during this change it was PIP for disabled. This scammed, deliberately as usual, disabled people into travelling to and from a place of the government’s choosing, it doesn’t matter if it’s far out of the way and sometimes this would be used to penalise the disabled that if they could get there, it could be used against them. But, if they didn’t show up they could refuse their benefit altogether and told you’ll have to reapply and all that BS whi
  25. Eugenics, just as us “conspiracy theorists” have been saying for how long? Fury at ‘do not resuscitate’ notices given to Covid patients with learning disabilities Vulnerable people have encountered ‘shocking discrimination’ during pandemic, says Mencap charity https://www.theguardian.com/world/2021/feb/13/new-do-not-resuscitate-orders-imposed-on-covid-19-patients-with-learning-difficulties?CMP=fb_gu&utm_medium=Social&utm_source=Facebook&fbclid=IwAR2QTb2CBYflYkhG67iZaEN-N_UhSaPBpkaYTytk_3u9UcWrAdhCIGedKZI#Echobox=1613225062
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