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  1. Christmas will be epic. No commercial nonsense and all my money will be spent locally. New ideas will evolve and free from vaccination and mask wearers will culture-rise. This is an opportunity to blow the brains out of the elites. 

    1. DannyUK


      This maybe so for now, but come the complete destruction of the economy and the limbo state of Germany post WWI pre-WWII will be equally as devastating and there’s not much we can do about it and it’s all about the transformation of our culture by destruction and transformation, limited to cancel culture so people don’t really see or understand what’s taking place.

      Just like Germany’s resolve was the Nazis and everyone loved it and Hitler not because of his fascist policies and practices but because he restored Order and a system from the ashes and stability to live. This is natural human behaviour no propaganda necessarily on that level. It’s the same with the transformation of society that’s taking place now and people can be led to praise their fascist master of which they’re captive and held ransom for a fee, human life force, their spirit.

      As it’s this human behaviour which is being exploited by one in the same force behind the destruction and transformation process and people’s naivety to understand and comprehend how this is being employed.

      The whole occult ritual of the death and resurrection of a Phoenix to transform society.




      The only thing we can do is be informed and not deceived come that attempts of transformation and people just want to come out the other side, whatever the other side is. That’s the idea.

      We shouldn’t want whatever to come out the other side just for it to be over, but see this as a whole exploitation to achieve certain resolve and long term goals.



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