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    Nothing is more ignorant to me, than those who deny the knowledge and credibility of things they've never actually thought about, reasoned with or researched for themselves.
    It has you, sitting comfortably in the place where those who want to control you, want you and all the rest of us to be...
    In the gut.
    The lowest form of energy that represents the bowels of the beast.
    The prison system.
    It's where the survival of the fittest comes from. Survival instincts.
    The animal mind, its primitive and it's at the root, the core of our being when we are triggered into survival mode.
    This animal can be controlled so long as its existence remains within ignorance to every being that is influenced through this mechanism.
    It's the lowest form of you, it's your lowest state of consciousness, you're on autopilot like a carbon copy clone of the person next to you who has had their mind impressed upon them so much, that they also have been left with mental impressions of almost identical beliefs, they may not even see as beliefs.
    They believe these beliefs are their own and of their own making, they may even feel this way...
    They're not. 
    They're a repetitive chatter in the skull of the rabble. Mob rulership.
    Mass manipulation of consciousness.
    It's what we have now.
    The one who control's this, manipulates the mind of the masses down paths of agendas and those who take this course with out question and don't see this agenda, call all those who can see this, "Conspiracy Theorists", "Tinfoil Hats" and "Paranoid 
    Deluded Nut Jobs" and the likes.. 
    This is their state of ignorance and being within denial of their own ignorance.
    So long as we all stay within autopilot like autonomous drones of the robot "radicals".


    We need to wake up to this mechanism of manipulation to no longer be manipulated by it, or to be less likely to be manipulated within this manner.
    Until then, many people will deny that this exists as they'll choose not to see this.
    Your heart and mind are deeply asleep within an almost hypnotic trance.
    I hope for not much longer...




  2. Thanks for the add @Jane888 it was about time you was on here! 😇

    I have a lot of notifications to work through now 😱

    Since everything to do with the house fire I’ve been unable to reply and read through them as much as I’d like or would usually do.

    Sorry to anyone else if I haven’t got back to you yet!

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