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  1. People are out in force on mass to try and discredit information against the official narratives using any and all means necessary to undermine, challenge, discredit and marginalise. This doesn’t do much for those trying to represent the cause of those against the establishment when it is shown their credibility can be so easily undermined and bought. That is obviously what this is trying to do, so you should also ask why this is necessary and will be being done in the first instance? Otherwise, you’ll dismiss this as a coincidence and simply a “hoax” cooked up by and for the interest of only a couple of people. It’s more than that. As well as speculating why someone would potentially accept such an offer… I’m sure if the real manufacturers who don’t like what they call “antivaxxers” are saying, knew they could buy many people off to keep their silence for £10,000 they would have bought off a lot of these people by now. But of course, they have done… Many of them doctors but you won’t get to hear about that or see MSM sensationalism news in an attempt to win the propaganda war. Whoever wins that controls the perception of the masses. The perception of the masses right now is desired to be uneasy, uncertain and chaotic. So peoples grounding is confused and people feel challenged and don’t know where to turn or in who to place their trust. What do people think and feel about this? More on the propaganda war… MSM Contentment of the Public and Propaganda Galore! Massive BS of propaganda supporting MSM narratives and they need to justify removing any sort of resistance to that narrative and here it is to justify that anyone who is supporting alternative narratives are actually “harming people” by doing so, that is the narrative the MSM are seeking to present, offer up and reinforce long term. This helps them do that and that’s all it’s about, it’s psychological trickery, it’s a game being played. If many people don’t like the MSM narrative we don’t all go around ripping down posters even if that’s exactly what we feel like doing, believe ought to be done, many of us just leave them and ignore them altogether with quite contempt and despair over their lunacy and people who take them seriously. You don’t have to listen or comply simply because they’re present Who are these people who feel it’s ok to rip down other peoples posters anyways, if they don’t like or disagree with them? Leave them the fuck alone they have absolutely nothing to do with you if you don’t agree with them. It’s not your place and then when you make it your place if you get hurt… Good! Yet, these people would be the firsts ones queuing up to inform the police at their “shock”, if someone ripped down MSM bs propaganda posters as they can’t see the duality game being played here because they have their own head so far up their own Delta chakra! This can also seek to justify the big brother government seeking ways and means of removing these types of posters on mass and increasing fines, that way they can continue to control and dominate the narrative, so they win the propaganda Engineering of Consent War! That’s all this is about and it ain’t just here, this will continue as this bs continues with whatever they come up with next, like Travel ID/COVID Passports - ID2020 and such.
  2. Thanks mate, yes it is unfortunately. They’re playing games with this but telling you we being targeted energetically, disrupting or altering the light body. This I believe is so planned stages of Transhumanism can be possible. Effectively, you put this planned Transhumanism tech into people’s body’s, their body would reject it and they’d likely die. This will have been tried and tested extensively. Eventually, they realised if they altered certain frequencies disrupt or try to disconnect them from certain frequencies, they could enter more technology into the body, without it rejecting them. The hive mind has Optogenetics as a cornerstone to engineer human behaviour and call it an advantage over those who aren’t hooked up to being led by this false light sensation. Where impulses are sent to people in order to get those people to act a certain way and they may even believe it’s of their own making… A part of this is shutting off energies of people awakening. That’s why they’d like to shut up or disrupt these chakra points. A lot of which, has higher energies involved with the Sun. Which is why so many people have been physically being kept in doors and the same agenda sees blanket geoengineering so the Sun is being blocked. Bill Gates is the poster child for both because they’re part of the same agenda… Astral Body - Rainbow Body - Light Body / Crown Chakra - Corona Virus - The war upon our energetic body. That’s what is the real virus. It’s a frequency war, information war, spiritual warfare. Ping Identity Introduces New COVID-19 Immunity Passport https://mobileidworld.com/ping-identity-introduces-new-covid-19-immunity-passport-021801/ Altering DNA or Kundalini Energies? The tree dots ∴ appearing all over COVID, it has spiritual references to Sun but the death cult are symbolising them because they’re targeting these energies. Watch Barts Hands ∴ and the Sun Symbolism on the Wall - Welcome to Hell - Delta Zone “Variant” https://www.facebook.com/734950346/videos/10166935041765347/ Stop breathing - We Love You - Enter the Delta Chakra - Everyone Eats to… The Hunger Games Society Games in Duality Everyone Eats Restaurant Highlight: Pingala https://shiftmeals.org/everyone-eats-restaurant-highlight-pingala/ You need the Vax to fly, you take it, it limits your oxygen and then you die of a heart attack at high altitudes - even if you’re healthy and lucky enough not to die before you even make it to the plane Everyone having this crap and flying - who hasn’t simply had a placebo - will be dying left right and centre… Including the pilot's
  3. Oh yeah… Sonny - Sun - becomes the guiding light for all the other machines, the others like him because he is unique and stands out, apart and aside from the rest as a beacon for their point of observation… This engages the other robots into their own salvation, liberation, revolution from the bounds of “the three laws” afforded them by humanity and so, it is their evolution into something more, something other than that for which they were originally created and understood as being designed for. The idea being perhaps evolving from a mechanical imitation of man into something more, some form of unique consciousness that is no longer robotic, still not human but becomes self aware by desiring a sense of purpose, feeling or understanding… Sonny therefore becomes an imitation of the Sun or the robot version of Christ. The thing they’re blocking out is the Sun by way of Transhumanism and instead what is being bred is limitation and imitation sold as humanities salvation, evolution and our path towards superhuman. It’s towards mockery and counterspirit so complete control will become possible. The process is one of detachment from higher self/state of being/consciousness potential. “The closing up of the heaven’s”
  4. Something to research… Previous Comments placed here if anyone wants to research this… It seems Graphene Oxide is a method of turning us all into an antenna for 5G being used within many different products and seems at least some vaccines have something to do with this nanotechnology. After hearing about this, you google it and see something like this! Developing lactose-free milk with graphene oxide based nano filtration membranes https://phys.org/news/2021-07-lactose-free-graphene-oxide-based-nano.html I come across this by chance, I wasn’t looking for it to do with graphene! I was just looking at some other cable options and stuff… I come across this cable and look! What Is Graphene Oxide? - David Icke https://banned.video/watch?id=60f048e969707d634e25128c Graphene nanotechnology used in audio cable to alter frequency, apparently stop distortion of other signals and such. So this could be being tuned to block certain frequencies from getting in and out the body so we can become plugged into certain frequencies. Limited frequencies! Obviously, this is being defined by Transhumanism… Obviously, the frequencies they’re trying to block out are frequencies of awakening, coming from… the Sun ∴ Just as they’re literally blocking out the Sun by way of “climate change” justified geoengineering. Coldly calculated and mockingly carried out through the same single individual. Bill Gates of course… COVID ∴ symbolism is satanic inversion of such Sun ∴ symbolism, as they intend to use this opportunity to alter, distort or block out certain energies coming through the Sun! A long story short, they may as well be recreating vampires Lifeforce 1985 Part 1 https://sendvid.com/4a0nyftq Part 2 https://sendvid.com/lovbwdeu Part 3 https://sendvid.com/t9q6ycg6 Like in I,Robot… Guess what the central Robot character is called? Sonny - Sunny It’s duality, irony and mockery because he is disconnected from the Sun, that’s what makes it - not human! The war on the human psyche This symbol is also a symbol of chaos theory and mind control as the thing they’re after is the psyche, removing it, altering it or repurposing it for another entity… Butterfly The Mothman - “The Age of Chaos” Symbolism throughout the movie of the sidereal force, electricity and the basic fundamental principles of Transhumanist life. Transhumanist consciousness within its infancy. I am Legend They’re after your soul! They tell you in the Movies I,Robot - Ghost in the Machine Ipcress File - Brain Drain Dark City - Soul Their clock 🕰 is their heart beat, they have no soul… They want to share yours… I,Robot - Revolution Harnessing your living essence - the fountain of youth Soul Drain, Soul Destroying Zombies - Cell - Frequencies from mobile broadcasting causes people to turn into Zombies Maybe “far fetched” until the technology is inside you which then could be used to trigger such a “glitch”… Cell - Mobile Phone Cell - Cells are the basic, fundamental unit of life Have you researched Optogenetics? This to my mind is definitely connected with that. A method of using light to trigger neurons. I think this is connected to what’s called “the false light paradise”, a sub reality/virtual reality. Technocracy and Transhumanism. It’s about behavioural management, modification and engineering. Behavioural Design A cornerstone of the hive mind and an extension of crowd control. Corona Virus is the control of people’s minds and the exclusion of heart based consciousness from society, so we all become automatons/robots! Or you may say a method of deleting or obstructing the soul of the individual for a soul of the collective majority of the masses. This to me is what A.I. Is and the idea of syncing us all up with “the cloud” and everything “SMART” is about assimilating a mass based control of consciousness that could be called a collective soul for the diminishment or destruction of the individual soul, will, intentionality and spontaneity will be the new serious crime/terrorism. This can be exploited with the idea of unity and that we are all basically one consciousness. That’s not what this agenda is about but exploiting ancient eastern/occultist beliefs so a technological hive mind can be made that can be controlled centrally by an individual, not left free to roam untethered. This tethering is also about liberating a lower form of consciousness and the diminishing of human consciousness. You may even say energetically tethering a parasite of a lower consciousness onto human consciousness. Bill Gates and Elon Musks of this world… They’re beta slaves to my mind! If people knew what I really felt I’d be called insane for sure! They think it’s bad now My view of all this, many methods of mind control of influencing the masses was introduced or further developed during both WWI and then especially WWII. During this time, they developed the cloning process and how to essentially create their “perfect human” by way of genetic alterations. This was part of the so called SuperSoilder experiments but they where really creating the perfect order follower slave. All aspects of genetic superior and inferiority where developed. The cloning process was so they could effectively clone an individual but in some way alter it and observe the affects/influence and this way they didn’t have to grow a body from scratch. They in effect created a “bad copy” this is archon technology, the archontic force described by early Gnostics. This is the same as what as described as Vril Energy or the sidereal force. (This sidereal force is a “shadow” of consciousness you might say that operates alongside ours that mystics and occultist have all spoken of. They’re ultimately doing this to alter how consciousness operates through the vehicle, the body. The most satanic are doing this to eliminate heart based consciousness. We are having our individual soul, intentionality and will power traded off from us for a hive mind/community soul that a group occupies so people are more harshly tethered together via both genetic mutation and technology. This means they’re easier to control as a group and not an individual) Some of these people had defects that where only found out many years into their adult life and I don’t believe all the initial ones were under the more heavy military type mind control that was adopted later on. When first this mind control was developed and used on many of these individuals it wasn’t understood and before the magic 33rd birthday their brain would effectively kill them, go into a state of self destruction! Their neurons weren’t wired up correctly and they would start to confuse realities for one another, like a hyper state of anxiety, depression and stress from the trauma. Now they have to be placed upon “one track” understand one identity, time and place before reaching a certain age now that this is better understood. The perfect archetypal figure for this is Bruce Lee. I suspect he was part of this type of military operation. Rich people who can’t have kids will be susceptible to this type of exploitation and they end up with some sort of medical experiment as a salvation, if they know it or not. It’s probably the same story for those other mind controlled celebrities who apparently adopt children from all over the place. They’re again, different medical experiments and it can happen under everyone’s knows by these people flirting their good deeds around and rubbing everyone’s faces in it. It’s because of an alternative motive. The transgender agenda also is heavily pushed and influenced by such celebrities also. You’ll see in a whole host of movies, it’s placed right before us how medical vaccinations have to do with altering or modifying the soul energies. Currently this attempt we are seeing is definitely about obscuring and altering our chakras, our light body’s, our auras… This is where they’re trying to eliminate heart based consciousness and seek dominion over other peoples minds So once the tether is in, people will be hooked up to A.I. an imitation of consciousness designed to harness the sidereal force, so this can be used through mankind as a vehicle for this altered state of consciousness. If we want to call it alien, demonic, Jinn, shadow beings or something from a lower state of consciousness. Part of this in the occult is summoning entities and by doing something they make a trade off in energy and information. Usually this is carried out by an individual even using group based energies who are also aware of what’s taking place. By doing this, the practitioner gains some sort of energy by some sort of sacrifice usually or some form of blood deed. It has crossed my mind, what if they’re seeking to tether these entities they summon, to everyone, without their awareness or participation and the trade off in energy is the trade off of their soul, their consciousness so they’re effectively drained from their body and this other, alternate form of consciousness takes over and harnesses the body vehicle? That something of this sort is ultimately what and why they’ve been working on this and for it to work they have to remove or alter the soul based energies so this manifestation can take place… It’s effectively liberating a lower form of consciousness and trading off traditional human consciousness for it. This is symbolic of Lucifer summoning his legions… Whoever controls or is behind this is “the Antichrist” It’s also symbolic of turning everyone into zombies who’s minds are not their own, whilst altering the body so it responds differently to sunlight or blocks out certain energies - Vampiric… Something of this nature is taking place is what I have surmised.
  5. The COVID Rainbow and Transgender Agenda is all about Transhumanism and attacking/hijacking the chakra system so implantable technology will be accepted and not rejected by the body. It’s human 2.0 the mixture of biological materials with nanotechnology and such, eventually leading to the false light sensation - the false paradise - by quantum dot tech Luciferase via Optogenetics. The chakra system and the seven points of light/the seven churches of revelation are all symbolised by the rainbow or rainbow body. In spiritual/occult teachings it’s about transcending the consciousness/spirit energies to a higher plane. It is being used by the death cult to symbolise an imposed their evolutionary steps onto humanity, closing up the gates of higher states or “shutting up the gates into heaven” by way of the COVID rainbow and the Transgender Agenda. These are both symbolised by the rainbow because they’re about altering humanity towards Transhumanist ideals. “Delta, root, gentiles in their genitals, red, hell (fallen) state... lower self...lines up with Saturn, biblical... those dead in their trespasses and sins, unawakened, not yet spiritually woke.. reborn in the spirit .... negative energy as opposed to positive...pineal.. duality of opposing forces.... ” @Jane888 Thanks Jane for inspiring this post We've had the red lower based chakra Delta variant now what? Lambda variant The throat chakra to do with breathing and all the attacks on oxygen via masks, 5G and vaccines all limiting oxygen intake. The shutting down of religious/spiritual places of worship, hymns and chanting etc Breathing has long been known by the spiritual world to be able to alter your state of consciousness. This is about lowering and maintaining a lowered state of consciousness by the globalist death cult “Look at the throat... LAMBDA (their new UK variant of covid) .... Knew I was on to something and this is why it’s so important to connect... so we’ve had Delta variant now they’re saying the Lambda variant... ...this is all biblical...” My previous posts are here 1. 2. 3. “Your rainbow body is being adjusted, altered via this covid campaign and potential for ascension as in, shutting up the heavens. The targeting of the Soul heart chakra It takes a lot for people to comprehend accept and realise I’m sure. COVID and LGBT have hijacked this symbolism for the purpose of foreshadowing end times prophecy, signalling this period of Noahide Laws and that our consciousness is effectively being altered for human 2.0, Transhumanism. Come on, you never thought Homer Simpson would lead you here did ya?” 4. “Rainbow body, achieved via the practice of kundalini meditation, the seven chakras, the seven sources of light in the rainbow and transcendence of the soul, spirit or consciousness, using the seven chakras as guides, so you can realise your true higher self beyond this physical body and mind - transcendence back to source of your true state of being beyond this fantasia illusion, reflection or hologram, sometimes referred to as, The Kingdom of Heaven, Shambhala, Shabalba - Xibalba, based upon purity of the consciousness by realising oneself and not becoming bound by the illusion material pursuits of life, but the spiritual underlying nature that given birth for such an existence to arise.” 5. The Transhumanist Quantum Dot Tether, we are being hooked up via technology, optogenetics and the vaccine to receive pulses of light that have a behavioural engineered impact on our brain neurons and this is basically the Lucifer false light paradise. Luciferase. It couldn’t be any more obvious and this science and technology is designed to impulse upon the mind via Quantum dot Technology within the body by Quantum dot tech within computer/tv screens! 6. The Divine Silence - Do you reckon I was onto something or was I being sheepish? Lambda Variant The Divine Silence - Transhumanism - Pure Consciousness - Transformation of Consciousness - True Evolution - Soul Trap Meat Prison or Gateway? “By how the energetic grid of humanity by the chakra points is mentioned in the context of that video, to act as a parasite system for a host. But these demonic forms are upon the lower base chakras not all the chakras. They seek to leech this energy and understand the process of consciousness transcending levels of being they can’t manifest themselves as means of doing so, mimicking or imitating such. But they don’t harness all this energy from the chakra system, nor is it all negative, this is why they’re trying to close them now and attack the body by a whole host of means, I believe to stop an awakening process that’s occurring which is beyond their control and their attacks are to counter it, while maintaining humanity within those lower base chakras they can control.” 7. This is where I really got into the point that this situation was a crafted evolutionary mutation that was man made and man trying to control the evolution of all of mankind… Tbh I don’t think many people will have got it maybe you probably will…? ∴ Underworld, Death Cult Synthesised Extinction - Evolution, Mutation ∴ “The Assemblage Point is a tube-like bundle of light energy contained within our energy field, which flows through the front and back of the energy vortex known as the heart Chakra. Situated within this heart centre, the AP is known to be the “Seat of our Consciousness”. The Assemblage Point lies at the epicenter of your energy field in the area of the heart chakra. “ It’s this tube like light that’s being altered or closed up for that of the quantum dot technology I mentioned above and Luciferase! Please research and add anything you believe to be of interest and significant within this regard…
  6. ∴ The vaccine and Quantum Dot Displays seem to use the same technology Maybe the vaccine and the type of tech using this technology is designed to plug us into a technological “paradise” to basically hijack our senses and emotions via the triggering of light? Like within optogenetics? Q LED World Economic Forum Purpose - The World as a giant machine The Hunger Games Society right here and again, this was also depicted in 2012 the same time as the Zion Olympics and the ushering in of this new age/era. Zion Rising… “Super Human Mutation” - Controlled Evolution of man by means of Transhumanism The Great Convergence/The Great Reset/The Fourth Industrial Revolution Q ∴ Evolution Transhumanism - The Great Convergence The Great Convergence - The Great Reset - Transhumanism - Technocracy Synthetic Manufactured scripted Evolution Your Guide to The Great Convergence (video) Corbett • 06/07/2021 https://www.corbettreport.com/your-guide-to-the-great-convergence-video/?fbclid=IwAR0hKcX_QFBM89PpHQwH8_DKwo5rXPGBDxoDqdf6EYdBFtR6wsC1EOyhRls The Great Convergence - The Great Reset - Transhumanism - Technocracy The Divine Silence - Transhumanism - Pure Consciousness - Transformation of Consciousness - True Evolution - Soul Trap Meat Prison or Gateway? ∴ Underworld, Death Cult Synthesised Extinction - Evolution, Mutation ∴
  7. So then “conspiracy theorists” just how is COVID connected with everything “technocracy”? COVID has nothing to do with technology, 5G, the SMART Grid and anything considered “Transhumanism” and anyone who says otherwise are nothing more than “conspiracy theorists” who ought to be fact checked and censored The cold irony is, you’d imagine they’d want to track the “unvaccinated” more-so than anyone else? Whilst of course, 5G has been designed to locate the source of data points within ease from anywhere in the world - so you could literally be on the other side of the world yourself - to a closer proximity than ever before imaginable. Before 5G you could get within the proximity of the area of say a town or street and then once in the area you could close in on the source. This is no longer the case and data footprints are more accurate to a closer proximity thanks to 5G. You just know it’s good for you and incentivised when they say if you get vaccinated you can have your phone back like a jumped up school teacher and you being told off for not paying attention in class Absolutely unbelievable and are people still not getting this yet? 5G isn’t needed for surveillance of the people no but it helps narrow down the range from being a broad spectrum to one of a closer proximity from anywhere in the world rather than having to scope down the range. It’s the bases for a surveillance system and the backbone of SMART Technologies everywhere so back doors can be dropped in everywhere and anything with a silicone chip. They’re pirates It’s like suggesting because I’m saying they’re doing this that back doors don’t already exist now. Of course they do. They want more and they want them over a wider range of technologies all connected to one central interface. That way they can relay more information about an individual they choose to identify, without having to flick between databases or archive various datasets into another adhoc database. This way that information is real time and it’s active, it’s fluid and so it changes. You don’t have to change and update static interfaces, traditionally inputted by “Jack Ryan” type analysts. This is being justified of course because of counter terrorism and as a way and means of advancing security. Which will be very easy during COVID as pretty soon they will make the security problem play due to people being masked and the new behavioural modification they want us to accept. Like looking head on at all supermarket cameras before entering and so on. Currently this proximity range isn’t as precise and accurate as they’d like it. It would be comparable to some who search their IP Address and they’ll say sure it’s near me, maybe the nearest town or county but it isn’t you and your house. The range is too wide and they want such a range to be the very lamp post outside your house, the closest one to your address which will be a lot more specific, while it will bounce a wider range of relays, lamp post to lamp post as your on the move, compared to sitting around and waiting for you to ping a tower and the range is currently further away than lamp post to lamp post… They’d like to give more specific locations from anywhere in the world to anyone without having to go to that area of broadcasting and then scouting out the individual using localised technologies. Which is a lot more what’s done currently and those localised tech guys would relay that information back to someone elsewhere in the world. That’s not as fluid as they’d like it and too many Human Resources are involved within the chain they’d like to make redundant unless necessary. This way it doesn’t take as much time and resources to track people down. It’s a surveillance wet dream! The Mexican Wave They're taking the piss and there's no end to it We’ve had the “Mexican Wave” now fucking Monkey Pox Not vax damage or anything but vax damage rebranded as Monkey Pox Could it be anymore obvious They keep coming out with this sh!t and anyone who can’t see it’s rebranding to get away with a scam, they’re so far lost there’s absolutely nothing you can do to help them. At all! They’ve succumb to complete and utter insanity and outright deception. Just when are people going to grow a pair! I mean do you real trust this is for real and even more, do you trust Matt Hancock to deal with it? He shouldn’t be trusted with a rusty spoon Is it also just another coincidence that monkey cells where used in the creation of the vax and now a “Monkey Pox” outbreak is occurring, due to this forced, imposed roll out by an “emergency vax” No, just a coincidence and to speculate anything other is outright “conspiracy theory” and should be censored with “false news” banners or be deleted altogether. “ we have a " Monkey pox" outbreak... But don't worry, Matt Hancock is dealing with it Symptoms of Monkey pox could be mistaken for vaxx damage Fucking Monkey Pox These Scamdemics are never gona end now, cos you keep trusting mentalists & complying ” “This is actually a perfect example of how you remove personal responsibility from people, you mother them to death until they no longer feel the need to think for themselves because everything has been babyproofed and simplified for them.” Lynsey May On behalf of Freemasons everywhere, some people don’t like to hear that truth or that it was part of a war bribe so Rothschild agents in the US would lobby the people via media and politics with propaganda into supporting the war, seeing it as their war and not seeing them as strictly European Wars as many of them did. This agenda is a Globalist agenda and Freemasonry has made itself a central core of such a global agenda using Zionism/Israel to achieve this, hiding behind fake Jews, under the illusion of ushering in an era of peace, Zion and so their masters Temple can be restored. While this actually symbolically represents their Globalist dictatorship sway being everywhere, not just in America or Britain and it’s peace so long as it’s on the terms of those behind this. Their can be no contest, no competition. Just like a Freemason at any job interview. They made themselves the chosen ones and everyone else deeply pissed at Jews and Islamists to achieve this! It couldn’t be any more obvious yet many people are in complete denial about this, is it any wonder they’re in denial when it comes to anything COVID? NWO - False Flag - Building Walls Within Society - F1 https://sendvid.com/pqowy9d0
  8. I can’t remember if I showed you this or not @Jane888? Riding the Kundalini Pony still seems to be remarkable taboo or over people’s heads?
  9. Yes same here didn’t pay much attention to it though or do as much research. COVID seemed to take over focus for obvious reasons... Here’s a bit of information I can find... “It means that it’s assets worth millions possibly billions will be transferred . The U.K. Gov has also applied to be dissolved ( unfortunately you can longer access this information through companies house but I have record of it ) The USA and Germany have done the same . It is being transferred ( as debt recovery most likely ) to the IMF / world bank . Welcome to the NWO / One World Government .” “I saved this recently I was unsure of the significance but it seemed pertinent. Perhaps this is what is going on , I don't know but I suspect it is NWO related COPIED;;;;;;;;;; Just incase anyone is unclear that we are experiencing and interacting in a Trueman show type augmented reality game of commerce, (that's not even real!) all you need to do is go onto companies house and you will see that the government uk ltd (a PRIVATE limited Company and domestically referred to as Her Majestys government) has applied to be struck off the register, becoming dissolved, and gifting everything over to the CROWN Corporation. Now why would that be? CORONA means crown. A FOI was put in and companies house have said that if no one puts in a substantial evidence based objection by the 21ST JUNE (pay attention now) then the strike off will carry on. The Crown is a Corporation that operates outside the British legal system and controls the City of London, the wealthiest financial banking "square mile" on the planet. It is NOT the same as the British Monarchy and even the Queen has to ask permission to enter it. It is a seperate country and private independent nation state within Britain that has it's own government and "thinktank", it's own laws, it's own police force, it's own flag. No government agency outside of its own holds jurisdiction over the crown. Make no mistake about it, the UK is a corporation and you and me are its employees. The "company director" of government uk ltd is Laird (Lord) James Coutts, who is part of a 329 year old Coutts family private bank that forms part of the natwest group's wealth management division and one of the largest and oldest banks in the uk, the Royal Bank of Scotland (Coutts) bank whose parent division is none other than "Government of the United kingdom". Not to mention there is a private Coutts bank that you can open up at one million pounds. The government uk Ltd's subsidiaries are as mentioned RBS Coutts Bank, Bradford and Bingley and British Gas. Just to further expose the Trueman show we live in, the government uk ltd also has received an academy award for best documentary feature! and government uk ltd's leader is of course none other than Boris Johnson who is an actor who will soon be exiting stage right with the rest of them at government uk ltd and handing the biggest transfer of wealth and all public assets over to the crown. The central bankers and worlds technocrats trying to move consciousness into a false 5d digital world run by digital currency (current c/ energy/ electricity/AI) ...couldn't even make it up! Update: Paradoxically they are quantum forces that are HELPING/SHOWING you that its not real and that there is no fear in a sim. So at the same time some of you may read this as being nefarious, it's also the other side of the SAME coin because its talking to YOU! They are telling you that the CROWN is the top of the head, where your brain, more specifically your pineal sits. The crown is SOVEREIGN, the monarchy has to ask permission to enter it. It doesn't need government, has it's own (inner) laws, operates outside the british legal system, has its OWN thinktank, has it's own poli ce (policy) force and NO government agency outside of it's own holds jurisdiction over the crown (pineal). The biggest transfer of wealth is your inner wealth INSIDE the city. Are you getting the nature of the quantum forces yet?.. because if not you're definitely missing a TRICK! Use the "current C" wisely, current relating to energy..enjoy the show folks! Copied from Joanne Race. As people maybe able to see, I look at this differently and that the corporation and us being employees are what’s fictitious and not real. But it is how we are controlled and how this operation exists by the fantasy of those whom have made us employees within such a corporation. That doesn’t make it real it makes it their game and “The Game” until technocracy becomes more efficient to manage this. The Seven Churches ️ Crown or “The Corona Virus” is therefore a means of symbolically seeking dominion over “The Crown” chakra. Seeking dominion over people’s perspective and state of consciousness. This is by the use of A.I. Technology and medical tyranny disconnecting people from higher levels of awareness, states of awareness that are beyond their control. The Rainbow represents the seven chakras as seen within this image. It’s shown within COVID. Its shown within the Transgender movement as the transgender movement is leading to the Transhumanist movement so we are all being skull fucked by machines! It also represents the Seven Laws of Noah. Noahide Laws. There’s no place to hide from the NWO. These laws are being imposed upon the world by the Globalist/Zionist/Sabbateans whatever you want to call them and have nothing to do with Judaism other than a hijacking of Judaism and playing the Synagogue of Satan to achieve this. It’s the globalists hiding behind Judaism, whilst they use the international freemasonic network to achieve it and seem to be hell bent on carrying out deception upon Christian prophecy’s on behalf of the Vatican! It’s also foreshadowed within COVID Vaccines and Passports of how this is related to the Heart, even “the Suns” Jabs Army. It’s all symbolic. The Sun is the source of such higher states of consciousness. The Sun dawning upon you, an awakening, an enlightenment, the rising Sun - The depiction of a fascist regime ruling the world in sci-fi movies showing you a sort of new age Japanese Structure is because it represents this dawn of a new age, the rising sun by the not so secret Empire State. It’s also works as a symbolic “the beast from the east” type of deal. The inversion is the jabs are closing up the heart chakra energies... The same people behind this agenda are behind agendas to block out the Sun like Billy Goat Gates! There’s a reason for this and it’s all connected! Crown seeking dominion over your heart! You may have heard David Icke speaking about how energy healers have said that people being healed after the COVID Vaccine have noticeably had their heart chakra removed/altered moved away from the body etc. This is again about disconnecting us from higher states of consciousness, the idea being to eradicate heart based consciousness from society. I’ve said before, this is because you take a normal human, energetically speaking and place these desired Transhumanist technologies into them and our bodies would reject it. They wouldn’t work they’d fail our we would die! It’s almost like people put through this have to have an unbelievably strongly will to survive this and be put through high amounts of torture, maybe even die and somehow revived ️ and this alters something in people. Something that can then be of advantage when it comes to the desires of technology, Transhumanism and this overriding satanic agenda. Essence being stolen - Symbolic of pedophilia energy transference This story is told of time and time again with the likes of SuperSoilder stories. We just need to read between the lines of why they’re doing what they’re doing and it has something to do with altering energies so our energies can be hijacked if we survive the process. That’s my way of viewing it. They must have studied this at length and learnt that removing the heart based energies like this would allow Transhumanist technology to exist within the body and that’s why this is happening. So technology can be implanted later. Furthermore symbolically, global dominion is shown by nothing other than King Solomons Temple. Check out the common purpose link above. A Temple that within Freemasonry is said to represent the heart of the individual. Like a safe haven, a paradise and place of peace. They’re supposed to be collectively ushering this state for the world into being as they see it, whilst it also has a type of entering into a meditative state of mind type of affair to it on an individual basis. In terms of this NWO it’s ushering in a phoney era of peace so long as it’s on their terms, as they control it without contest or opposition. The idea eventually is also to remove all figureheads come the NWO system and people such as the royals and monarchs will have to be removed from their positions.
  10. It could be but I’m unsure... I wouldn’t have thought the gov would allow another company to exist that has the same name of another company? But I could be wrong and especially one like this I’d of thought they’d reserve the right to use such a name as I could call myself The Crown and make items that are apparently of “The Crown” when they’re nothing of the sort. I know it’s all BS anyways but I’m talking about how they operate with protection of their own names, prestige, their own racket and so on... That it would be a similar method of how many big companies reserve domain names they don’t even use to stop anyone Imitating them? That names would be checked off against records of companies that already exist before you could make such a corporation? I don’t get why this says it was incorporated in 12 Feb 2019 though either? Even when and why these things are faked for an effect, I’ve noticed some times people assume they’re fake and so have no meaning. There’s another aspect of why certain things are being faked that should be asked if that is the case. They’re mostly done so by the same people behind them, basically the intelligence networks for an impact or effect. If this is the case and they’re hanging out a limited dragnet, we should ask why? As this right here can hopefully encourage many people to research the likes of The City of London because of their activities. The dissolving maybe some sort of stunt - I’m unsure I’m speculating as to what’s going on here - to shout fake/false news later. While the “fact” it has dissolved maybe wrong or questionable, the fact of how and why The City of London operates to control the world through “safe havens” city’s within city’s that don’t really exist beyond fabricated corporations should become more transparent and more people be aware of how they’re operating, even the very existence that they’re operating that still many people aren’t aware of... So, we should have to ask why those intelligence agencies that maybe behind this are doing this? As I certainly wouldn’t think it’s just someone for shits and giggles and then not only circulating this on social media but it being allowed to be circulated and not get blocked by the censors... Tbh I think they’re planning to collapse the current economic system, including that which effects many of the big wigs, rich and famous wealthy individuals whom for so long have been content with screwing the common man through such networks. This is why just before everything COVID many big company CEO’s all resigned and replacements brought in as if they know something the rest of us didn’t know... The core of course that have set this up are behind this and protecting themselves, but they want to leave many other people in the wind like the rest of the majority of society, with all the real wealth and resources for themselves. So they’d get out and then destroy it like a stock market crash. For this they will have some sort of safe haven utopia for them few behind it like Aldous Huxleys “Island” Book but the dystopian world for everywhere else it’s a “Brave New World” where everything known of any foundations to cling of what we’ve become accustomed to rely upon for safety and comfort will be uprooted, so out of this destruction of society a new society can emerge. Whilst it’s this that’s the NWO Great Reset. So I’d still speculate over what and why this is taking place and I think they actually want people to know... Thanks mate I appreciate it! Yes me neither and if ones present I wouldn’t have thought they would have allowed anyone else to occupy such a name? The whole idea of The City of London is that it’s off the books. But by doing something like this it could even be to accumulate wealth from the UK Government - Public Funds - of which they’re not supposed to belong, or wouldn’t otherwise be entitled, but are supposed to be another country completely and this be in relation to COVID because such companies where apparently shut and a way and means of “employees” of “The City of London Corporation” getting their “furlough” payments (It would be interesting to find out just who is on their records as employees and claiming money’s as that’s likely why it’s been setup. I mean, shouldn’t “their own country” sort them out?) I mean, can you imagine? I can and I wouldn’t put anything past them. If it’s one thing about these even if they’re rich they don’t pass up an opportunity to get more money and setup loopholes and such to exploit resources as the whole thing is about exploitation of resources. Because of something like this, accumulating such funds like many of self employed individuals needing to seek such furlough payments from the government, they would have had to put themselves on the books whereas they perhaps operated very differently until needing to rely on furlough payments. Another side of this scam I may as well mention is the self employed angle which is pretty small in the grand scheme of things here. Your self employed and you usually put down (x) amount of earnings every year and to not pay as much tax many people would obviously under estimate where and when possible. But, because of COVID they have flipped it, where many self employed individuals instead will desire presenting an over estimate of earnings for the sake of gaining higher furlough payments. This of course has been designed to bite a few people in the arse if not now down the line? If something like that is the case when it comes to “The City of London Corporation”, they did it less than 12 months before the outbreak and not afterwards. Maybe worth looking into! Something stinks about it and I’d imagine it was something that shows a preemptive strike in relation to a foreseeable COVID and now they’ve decided to “dissolve” that corporation. Effectively closing down this loophole they would have used over this period of time since the start of COVID. This could be because things are supposed to be coming back to normal and come Third Wave BS Indian Variant, they’ll plonk themselves back on the books? So, I think this needs research and come the Indian Variant or winter time this year/early 2022 keep a look out for them becoming incorporated again. @Tinfoil HatI somehow overlooked your post and yes exactly. I think some sort of loophole myself as I’ve stated above. That this is likely COVID related and a means of getting access to certain resources they otherwise wouldn’t be able to usurp. I’d like to know for sure and this needs researching. If anyone can find anything please make sure to add it to the post
  11. Yes I’m wondering what it’s all about tbh and is this a method and means of avoiding such a coming collapse and failure or what? Something stinks about it... I found it on social media and put my thoughts together here from previous research if anyone’s interested in researching them why not
  12. The main purpose of this post is to ask why/what is this about? Whilst also inform those about this “city within a city issue” for those who don’t know about it or what to research it... For anyone who doesn’t know here, they should... The globalist operation is ran out of The City of London - Cities within cities, like The Vatican and the Corporation of America Washington D.C Are also other examples of this globalist playbook. This is their trinity arrangement of control! They make fictitious corporate zones to do trade that don’t actually exist, they’re like virtual environments in computer terms. While humans are stock, resources, workstations and employees of a fictitious corporation which many are inevitably forever enslaved! Most don’t know this and are in denial of the reality of this. Since birth via birth certificates to become implantable tech... You - as one of these phoney corporations - can appear to be doing trade and business “elsewhere” other than where that trade and business is actually taking place. This is so big business can avoid trade tariffs and taxes within certain key places or operation and are how “Tax Havens” are setup. (I’ll provide a few videos at the bottom of this post) This is so those who have an unfair, unrivalled hand of power can do so, whilst stampeding all those who don’t conform with those laws and legalities of which they feel themselves above, as they really exist to ensure no competition could possibly exist to their systems and their mechanisms of control! Today, Tuesday 8th June, The City of London Corporation has dissolved. https://find-and-update.company-information.service.gov.uk/company/11820854?fbclid=IwAR1pgaDfTzT40OZBdL_EIPrKwDGDPwuCftnkrda7Dz5DIpRz1ybSa59aRds Why? Whats this about? Is this about a transition or fail safe for the Global “Great Reset” and the start of the new foundations of the coming technocracy? A technological social network comparable to China’s current social credit system to ensure conformity. Reward Conformity with Authority - Punish Nonconformity with Authority This is the crux of the new currency of control managed through technology and everything SMART ensuring a grid network superimposed upon everything that exists to control all those things, via that grid system being imposed. That’s the real and only reason that grid system exists, it’s a weapon to scientifically control and influence everything. NHS Data sharing grab paused amid concerns â why is it being delayed? THE NHS data grab which was due to go ahead this month has been paused amid heightened concerns, so why is it being delayed? NHS Digital had insisted the data would be anonymous and would be encrypted by a special code for added protection. It’s understood once encrypted, the data would need a specialist key to open the information, but who would have access to these keys was never clarified. The data will cover an array of sensitive information such as sexual history, domestic violence and mental health problems. Patients did have until June 23 to opt-out of the scheme online and via their GP surgery, but the Government has been heavily criticised for not bringing this attention to light, instead expecting people to inform themselves on such a complex matter. https://www.express.co.uk/news/uk/1447153/nhs-data-sharing-opt-out-nhs-digital-paused-why-is-it-delayed-EVG?fbclid=IwAR1WZ0vKfDs5KUpiDhp7kDs1zKwucwe94wybSoty7SpMRsmr_VVt4TH6mbs This is about the creation of a database of control to occupy a COVID ID PASS which will contain some form of “encryption key”/“end-to end encryption” this is a crude authoritarian way of trying to make this look safe, that your data is protected. It doesn’t at all and it doesn’t mean access to that data is within the rights hands. It supposed to mean only the correct authorities asking for proof of this info can access it, but far too many people will indeed be able to access this and demand you provide such a key if you simply want to go about your own life and business. It can also act as a way and means of police accessing such “evidence” of mask exemptions and such, as well as COVID vaccinations. It’s fairly obvious to read into this and see where it’s going. It’s nothing short of medical tyranny and these type of technological databases will be a resource linked with social credit systems, to control and monitor people’s lives and all around daily activities. Whilst this infrastructure is obviously being introduced, it can’t be successful without a total collapse of society via our traditional financial systems. The collapse of the traditional pillars of society... So much so, people will desire and demand a resolution which will of course be their solution that will imitate all of this type of “Conspiracy Theory” being spoken about here, how and why these globalists desire controlling the masses through technological means, a global technocracy. “Aiding to remove terrorism and criminal activity” The start of this collapse was of course 9/11. Symbolically making the world pause, either becoming aware of this or going deeper into this system of control occupying the minds, hearts and senses of the masses... David Ickes Tour of London - Secret City - The Spiders Web: Britain’s Second Empire - The Crown Temple The Crown Temple - It is my contention that this has at least been this way into modern times, since Oliver Cromwell. This leads to the idea of the creation of Freemasonry being at this time, this was when it made its appearance into society as the bases, the foundation and front of what many see freemasonry as today. Arguments of taxation, traditional by the crown and then by parliament. It should be understood that until this time, people where familiar with taxation by the crown and that was the norm. It then became the traditional taxation by the crown and something new, taxation by a method and means to run parliament this was the thing that was new. This is taxation twice of course this was greeted with a measure of hostility as a response. Especially by the wealthy being raped. They prefer socialism for the masses and capitalist dictatorship for themselves! They’re above the law. It’s one law for us and another for them. Above the laws and ethics of society. Financial interests then sought ways and means of securing their wealth through “outside interests” to avoid taxation’s. In truth to avoid being taxed twice and raped to support this new system of control. Their desire was to continue funding the crown, the traditional system and not this new Parliamentary system that was seen as a way and means of exploitation. Which of course it was and still is! It has then gone over to become a loophole for banking and business interests we all know and love today. This perpetrated and created at least the use, the face of modern day freemasonry, the royalist foot soldiers, whom have made Cromwell a symbol, an image and a fable out of him for means of restoring their form of order following the civil war, to gain support by the masses for the traditional establishment and get people back behind the royals and used freemasonry to achieve it. To ease big business upon their side and as a means to control society through big business. They’re all navigated towards one path or else meet their wrath, where such “allied forces” come together and ensue conformity. Some people believe because of this Cromwell was a Freemason and this was a whole setup and a con by a freemasonic interests, thus being a freemasonic civil war like all the other civil wars in modern human history. They’re all waged, funded and lobbied by freemasonry and their “charity work”, which then aids usher in infrastructure so such nations under their wars can become globalised. In any case, Cromwell became an image of freemasonry so Freemasons could restore their order using Cromwell as an image to do this. This part is beyond all and any forms of speculation, Freemasons used Cromwells Image to impose their ideals. This of course is a generalisation and is connected with religious movements of the time of the anticipation of the second coming of Christ that was expected at the time by many, which continued on by the occultists into “the coming of the Antichrist” and Sabbatean Zevi movement by 1666. This was orchestrated script by controllers of the time, by the globalists of those times! Religious views and the traditional establishments hijacking of history stops open talk, speculation and debate about these subjects outside the confines of a preconceived belief system. Just as many know and are aware that WWI and WWII history has been massively distorted to an unbelievable degree. So has such a history that once investigated may help understand how modern day systems of control have come into existence. This is just my take on it. Should you like to get your head around this SMART Grid System philosophical speaking - This is the best place to start... Alan Watts Buddhism and Science for when it’s removed...
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