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  1. Spiritual Warfare - Mask of the Red Death  For the purpose of perspective here people maybe interested within this… “The Cloned King” “KING CHARLES” PORTRAIT: MASK of the RED DEATH! Some notes made from the above… Coat of Arms - Heraldic Achievement  King Charles Coat of Arms Death of Elizabeth II; Accession of Charles III https://exarandorum.com/2022/09/08/death-of-elizabeth-ii-accession-of-charles-iii/ Angels don’t Play this HAARP!! Northern Lights Visible Across the UK? - HAARP Research May 8th to May 10th Bill suggests… The Great Whore is the Vatican - Catholicism a church on a haunted hill But could also be the British Empire - United Kingdom - Wales - Prince of Wales connections… Or Vatican - the Whore British Empire - is the Beast? I haven’t watched this yet but intend to when I can… The Church On Haunted Hill Trailer - DVD by Bill Schnoebelen - Part 1 of 'Mother of Harlots' Series Red (Edom) - Blood, Mars, War, Conflict - Edomites/Idumeans Edom - Rome colour scarlet Tree of life - Kabbalah and Freemasonry World of Gevurah - Right Shoulder ? 5. Strength/Judgement/Restraint / Gevurah – Red and Gold. Mars Dimension of motion which also implies time…️ https://www.blog.private-universe.net/2005/09/15/gevurah/ Seems to be associated with some symbolism noted described from this event recently…  Spiritual Experience of Gevurah is the vision of power. Genurah is the principle of negative ethics: The prohibitions. Thou shalt not!" The Tarot The fives of the minor arcana are assigned to Gevurah. Standing for difficulties and trials… However as Gevurah represents Mars, this means Gevurah can also be associated with The Tower card within tarot as The Tower card is associated with Mars. As you will see from my original post here that I have associated earlier comments from St George’s Day - Nationalism Vs Globalist Death Cult? The tower tarot card has been associated recently along with the monarchy… I feel this is all symbolic of a loss of power and relinquishing control from Charles supposed to symbolise the passing on of his soul as he goes through this “metamorphoses” which is being described. This is being symbolically represented and associated with demonic figures… I would look back at… Lucifuge Rofocale’s - “The Red Dragon” The Grand Grimoire - The Gospel of Satan He who flees from the light of God - the Red Dragon movie also symbolically associates and describes this quite well and does seem to have reference to Baal through Baltimore, where other references have been drawn recently through the Baltimore Bridge Collapse… Northern Lights Visible Across the UK? - HAARP Research May 8th to May 10th Out of curiosity Gevurah reminded me of the name “Dvorak” which maybe a play on words and this is also associated with computer “towers”? With very obvious connections to today’s geopolitics and the likes of “Leave the World Behind (2023)” so called computer hacks and such Along with the likes of Live Free or Die Hard - Die Hard 4.0 (2007) - Fire Sale  Splinter Cell - Chaos Theory - Dvorak You may want to view this… Transhumanism - A.I. - Freedom, Free Will? - Free Your Mind – Danny Boyle’s Matrix Reboot “Shock to the System” - Manchester Red Horse - Revelation 6 Check out Operation Crimson Mist - Rwanda Ebola-Poe: A Modern-Day Parallel of the Red Death? https://www.researchgate.net/publication/10967165_Ebola-Poe_A_Modern-Day_Parallel_of_the_Red_Death The Masque of the Red Death - Edgar Allan Poe   The Masque of the Red Death - Vincent Price (1964) - Official Trailer Ebola-Poe - Disease X THE NEXT PANDEMIC SPARS 2025 - 2028 BY JOHNS HOPKINS COVID Revival Tour - Barbenheimer “Cultural Phenomenon” - Otherwise known as behavioural engineering? - Babalon Working  The account that posted the Royal Convoy Imagery 28th December 2023… Showing what looks like Kate Middleton being taken to hospital and such… This has also been talked about elsewhere. See here… The Antichrist and a Cup of Tea It’s recommended you see this which has been shared previously, although some imagery people may find offensive within the video if I remember correctly although if you can’t see past this you probably won’t be able to see any of this anyway. The same imagery comes up a few times. In many forms it seems to be censored from the likes of YouTube. Notice “The Lion King” in this video… ”The Zion King”…  Enter… The Bullshit… The real voice of Charles is back again… The Lion King is towards the end of the propaganda montage video… #TheGreatReset “Although Sith seek dominion, Sith philosophy stresses that power belongs only to those with the strength, cunning, and ruthlessness to maintain it, and thus "betrayal" among the Sith is not a vice but an endorsed norm.“ https://www.reddit.com/r/PrequelMemes/comments/1csl52p/his_majestys_first_official_portrait/
  2. Thanks Dale Yes it is playing upon the abyss of the nature of reality which people are usually in but not aware and they ignore. Usually to ignore the reality of death, preferring the illusion. Especially if they’re made comfortable by this illusory state. As opposed to… Reflection… COVID Revival Tour - Barbenheimer “Cultural Phenomenon” - Otherwise known as behavioural engineering? - Babalon Working The movie uses drugs as a medium to understand these unexplored natures of reality in between every day states of consciousness. Drugs have likewise been used as a basis to explore the nature of consciousness in exactly the same way, not just to ignore or escape the nature of everyday consciousness. As usual such is associated by those who want to condition us to a limited concept of reality in an attempt to control through the imposition of various “authorities”. This undermines personal liberty, freedom and self constraint, in an attempt to hold and impose a common limited perception of what reality actually is. Self control is relinquished so long as people are made to feel comfortable if they do, this is why so many people cooperate with their own enslavement and build smaller prison cells within other prison cells relentlessly… That and DMT is released naturally within the body at death where and when people who have NDEs have experiences similar to those who take DMT. So, it makes sense even if it upsets certain peoples sensibilities. Just as “original sin” is the what makes the whole of physical life possible even though people are as much equally in denial of this. This is why such is traditionally covered up, by society to enslave them whilst “authorities” seem to be associated with mass orgies and such… Caligula (1979) ORIGINAL TRAILER At least until we are all clones unable to sexually reproduce, outside the tank, devoid of spiritual experience and sensation that are considered to pollute the mind. If this is true, this means a greater reality exists outside of what is otherwise considered “original sin” which is connected to higher states of consciousness outside the physical body, our physical reality which is considered sinful. You don’t and won’t see this unless you see the abyss, you’ll just be in the abyss but not aware of it or in denial. You don’t avoid the abyss or escape it by not looking at it, it can mean the emptiness of reality or the space between worlds “The Void” being used as a reference here of physically being and non physically being, until the cycle repeats itself, rebirth. Samsara. This is portrayed in a limited way within the movie focusing more upon physical reality as the basis of all of this. “It’s definitely not for everyone… Yet at the same time, it is… “ Death and facing this nature of reality is for everyone even if they choose to ignore it for now, until their sensibilities are torn apart like an atom bomb going off and they forget and repeat the pattern all over again relentlessly. Or so it seems… Iran fires missiles at Israel… What is being prepared for?
  3. Yes I reckon so… Some symbolic reference to it here it seems… Bill Clinton - Mind Control The Crystal Method $ THE AMERICAN WAY $ - feat. Rahzel - *un official music video Yes, I can see what you mean. I took it to mean, don’t forget about the technology as it will be used for the purpose of deception… Either the same or something very similar, so if you accept the illusion/deception it is because you have chosen to forget about such technology. Wilfully. As you say, they could be suggesting this whilst subconsciously telling people to actually forget about it through NLP so they’ll accept the deception as they commonly do place the truth right under our nose if cryptically or symbolically, usually in a way we disregard it at the same time like a magician performing a trick as they believe they have to tell us, then if we accept it we are participating within our own deception, our own demise and basically doing it to ourselves “because they did tell you first” and so on. Note: This being the voice of the real Charles not the clone stooge we have in his place… Highlights: Environmental Moment at the Coronation Concert 2023 | BBC Studios The Crimson King - Red Dragon The Cloned King The Red Dragon bathed in blood King Charles - Lucifuge Rofocale’s I reckon this mirrored imagery is a “play” upon the “Red Dragon” whilst also looking like a demonic bunny. “Run Rabbit Run…” Lucifuge Rofocale’s - “The Red Dragon” The Grand Grimoire - The Gospel of Satan “He who flees from the light of God” A Total Eclipse of the Heart - This has Mark of the Beast Symbolism all over it, connected with Transhumanism. Sign in Blood - Leader of the Infernal Monarchy… Pandemonium Northern Lights Visible Across the UK? - HAARP Research May 8th to May 10th Dark Forces (2017 Remastered)
  4. This information here is most definitely relevant and symbolic here… Baltimore Bridge Collapse: State of Emergency Declared Amid “Mass Casualty Event”… You will want to see how this factors in here also… Crazy Wisdom: The Life & Times of Chogyam Trungpa Rinpoche -Trailer -Shambhala Crazy Wisdom: The Life and Times of Chogyam Trungpa Rinpoche (Full Documentary) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=M76ChDJamDw Matthew Perry - Friends - Ritual Sacrifice to “Lady Liberty” - Moon Goddess Queen Semiramis, the Whore of Babylon - Energy Harvesting? Doom Eternal OST - The Only Thing They Fear Is You (Mick Gordon) [Doom Eternal Theme]
  5. Thanks and no worries. Yes it looks like the development of a backstory for all of this… Another thing worthy of note, although I haven’t found anything that directly connects the two issues at all other than this symbolism here… I looked more into that lion and sun symbolism, I know a lot of cultures associate the lion and the sun so just wanted to reference this above, as this to me is exactly and entirely why he is wearing yellow, this represents the Sun just as the Lion does. However, that particular Lion and Sun represents Persia or modern day Iran which can be traced back to Babylon and Zoroastrianism. This logo is being used within protest against the Iranian government… Referencing an older flag of Iran… It looks to me with the Lion symbolism above… This is being imitated here in front of doorbell camera - exactly as if he is mockingly trying to “cloak” himself like a “ninja” or something… It’s all rather odd 2024 Hainault sword attack On 30 April 2024 “The legendary hero Hercules was famous for slaying the powerful Nemean lion, whose magical skin could not be pierced by any weapon. In many works of art, Hercules is shown wearing the lion's skin like a cloak, using its head as a hood.” And just recently… What looks like under very suspect and suspicious circumstances… Iranian President Ebrahim Raisi died in a helicopter crash 19 May 2024 (age 63 years) Make of it what you will, I’m sure there’s something more to it all and just shows the level of mockery to me in my opinion thats actually taking place. @xpwales ^^ Looks sort of familiar… The Lion is supposed to be protecting the entrance/gateway to the Sun from evil through many cultures for anyone interested. Sometimes it looks more like a dragon or a mixture of the two, part dragon part lion. Just as it is appearing to do here. Some more material referenced here… “He who flees from the light of God” Matthew Perry - Friends - Ritual Sacrifice to “Lady Liberty” - Moon Goddess Queen Semiramis, the Whore of Babylon - Energy Harvesting?
  6. Well, I wouldn’t hold my breath… Why would this take so long to be triggered? Matthew Perry’s fatal ketamine use under criminal investigation by LAPD, DEA ‘Matthew Perry’s death from acute effects of the prescription drug ketamine is the source of a criminal investigation, with authorities examining where the actor got the medication, LAPD officials told The Times. Perry was found dead Oct. 28 in the hot tub of his swimming pool at his Pacific Palisades home. Trace amounts of ketamine — which is sometimes used to treat depression — were found in Perry’s stomach, according to the Los Angeles County medical examiner. But the level found in his blood was about the same quantity as would be used during general anesthesia, his autopsy showed. How Perry came to have so much ketamine is now the subject of a probe by the Los Angeles Police Department with the assistance of the Drug Enforcement Administration and the U.S. Postal Service, Robbery-Homicide Division Capt. Scot Williams told The Times on Tuesday. TMZ first reported the investigation. The ketamine in Perry’s system caused cardiovascular overstimulation and respiratory depression, the medical examiner reported. Other contributing factors in the actor’s death included drowning, coronary artery disease and the effects of buprenorphine, a medication used to treat opioid-use disorder.’ https://www.latimes.com/california/story/2024-05-21/matthew-perrys-fatal-ketamine-dose-is-under-criminal-investigation A Series of Interconnected Posts The Question is… Prey (2022) Bear vs Predator Fight Scene | 4K HDR "Massive Attack - Inertia Creeps" - American Psycho New World Order ∴ Covid-19 Noahide Laws - A Story of Peace ∴ What Now?
  7. All these things of environmental technological fuckery to mind control technological fuckery meet. Through a technological bridge… They’re interconnected where and when this is played out upon a mass scale as is desired by this “Global Death Cult”. “After a long talk with ChatGPT4 about google patent US4686605A this is the image it gave me”  Simulating Daylight?  It doesn’t half sound like to me that such tech has had its field test, seeing if such were possible… Of course the reason peoples DNA is modified, is due to being exposed to the experience. It has nothing to do with why it happened in the first place that would be just crazy. Here’s an expert to help explain (justify) this inconsistency… https://www.sciencedaily.com/releases/2022/01/220111112012.htm Definitely needs more research on my part anyhow for sure… Operation Crimson Mist, Electronic Slaughter in Rwanda Spooks now use technology in Baghdad that was "proven" on one-million dead Africans in Rwanda https://educate-yourself.org/cn/americanmcinbaghdad29may03.shtml?fbclid=IwZXh0bgNhZW0CMTEAAR3TTJJME1LSHuT8sXY0hQ8kNcMKjaqsRimTUveYDmGN46up47GpEiCN4Lc_aem_ZmFrZWR1bW15MTZieXRlcw Listen here instead or alongside the above link… “Operation Crimson Mist… mind control through mandatory vaccination forming crystals in the brain to act as micro receivers for radio waves” CIAs "Operation Crimson Mist" (Rwanda) ELF Microwave Weapons T.I. (Targeted Individual) Gangstalking Just know that when you ask Google if 5G was ever a military weapon it says this… “If you ask Google "when" 5G was rolled out it says….” I reckon this is what they’re “getting at…” In other words putting right under our nose to tell us, whilst not actually telling the majority of people who won’t see this, understand or accept that this is what was symbolically being got at through this scene and likewise with most of the movie. ^^ It is certainly what I was getting at above ^^ 5G COVID Surveillance, Transhumanism and The Hunger Games Society - Symbolism, the Heart Chakra to “the Temple” Leave The World Behind | Exclusive Clip | Netflix Do you become a better antenna for something perhaps? It’s all to do with transhumanism and phasing this mind control parasitical technology into society.   Some most definite suspect themes here… Strange Hainault sword attack anomalies
  8. Yes many people have spoken about astral projection and such and I don’t doubt it has been studied from a technological POV. Especially by these mind control parasites seeking to understand and exploit this… But, this is supposed to stay chained to the body until death in most people. That’s the natural state/experience. After death the same principle is released from the body through the crown chakra and everything these people are doing is related to the crown chakra “CORONA” virus. This in turn is connected with the Sun as this is essentially energy that works through the kundalini through the “solar plexus”. Transhumanists and these much older examples of such seem to be disconnected from this, this is why they parasite off children to get energy… This is energy that appears to have an impression of “you” upon it. This leaves the body and goes through an experience at death. Which is where and when you see and understand what’s going on here and usually have a deep urge to come back and explain to people exactly what’s going on here as its very different than what most people think. Then you go through a traumatic experience that essentially scares the past life out of you as if wiping the slate clean. You don’t remember what you’ve now understood and want to explain… This is by being exposed to those astral realm forces and beings David Icke always speaks about. Demons, as you pass through the underworld at death… This experience has likewise been understood and exploited through trauma based mind control. You’re exposed to the same principle that alters the mind probably because these “people” doing this are such demonic beings working through such “people” within the physical world, rather than where they should be… This is explained through The Tibetan Book of the Dead. This is also shared through a visual interpretation of what someone believes this to be anyway, using that as a basis within Enter the Void but the experience is far from complete but gives a more relatable basic understanding of this… It’s definitely not for everyone… Yet at the same time, it is… Enter The Void - Official Trailer 2010 [HD] You can look back over this post but it’s perhaps best starting from here… Enter the Void - The Bardo Life and Death - Tibetan Book of the Dead - The Fantasia Reality - The Battle of Evermore - Intermediary Beings - Psychedelics - Who am I?
  9. Free King Mark - “Mark of the Beast/Our Little Red Dragon” Those who have already made their minds up, or who are easily offended probably won’t like this very much. So if thats you, this information probably isn’t for you and you won’t be able to receive it and will likely anger you with the emotion usually involved with such events. So don’t read it unless you can look at it dispassionately enough… I know it’s far from exact but WTF does this drawing look more like this Charun depiction than it does actual look like the guy this drawing is supposed to actually represent? Or is it just me since bringing it up…? A little more protruding brow, slight kink in the nose, get the bling on him and he’s there… I mean it ain’t exactly a million miles away… But it is a lot different than he actually looks in real life which is another oddity here ain’t it…? Maybe it means something symbolically in all of this as previously suggested in relation to Charun… Some politics come into play here and games of deception I’m sure… But I know some people upon the forum likely harbour such feeling and political ambition themselves so likewise will want to deny this even though they can see it because it doesn’t fit with preconceived political ideals and beliefs and they have some grievances with immigration and this event was hyped up from the start around this issue, so people want to vent such issues through it. I’d would suggest from the start it was a design and catalyst for such, to actually be flipped later as I have stated. Many of these people will likely only see what I’m suggesting if such actually takes place and not before…   I do suspect that once these things have become noticed the link will all of a sudden stop working so I have done some print screens here… Heres a few things I noticed searching his Pinterest Account… First off, what stinks right away is when these images have been uploaded or these folders have been created anyways by this account that such images have been associated with… The oldest is 5 months old, the majority had been made in the past month… The ones including swords and knives and such being the most recent. Sorry all the print screens aren’t pretty best I can do with the way the pictures are laid out disjointed…  Many of them look like cartoon/anime and the product of artificial intelligence design… He has a lot of images to do with swords and knives… Also guns and bow and arrows… These seem to be crossing from Japanese to Western themes and some fringing upon Native American styles and Shamanic type culture, which will become more obvious within ArtWomen… Some of these style of images include the Sun and Water which seems to be a narrative that keeps coming up… You should be able to see what’s being suggested and designed here a sword representing a phallus. Ultimately meaning this event could be said to be mental health issues due to some form of sexual frustration/desires and such, which manifested through such uncontrollable rage/anger etc etc It looks like these are the seeds being planted through all of this… Perhaps of interest here upon reflection… Not that I support any of it this is just for context of a bigger picture here…  These themes crossover into more lustful themes… Which I’m sure this being wrapped up within mental health, such themes will be drawn upon and again this is within the past month… Ranging from Asian to Native American/Shamanic themes including some “spirit animal” type designs I guess (Tiger, Bear & Dragon) and we have what looks like an Egyptian type figure similar to “King Tut” style head frame with markings that look small type cow's horns shape that would usually hold a solar disk with some type of urn Bow and arrows, sword, spear and such…  ArtNature - Animals The most common theme amongst them seems to be water… Again with the common theme of flooding which seems to be foreshadowed for the USA that keeps coming up and we have an eagle flying over rough seas A few various birds, most notably another Eagle or Phoenix type mystical bird - death and resurrection Many tigers, horses, wolf, lion and a dragon…? This deer symbolism also comes up through “Leave the World Behind” and was discussed through the Baltimore Bridge Collapse Post Here alongside Wendigo here and elsewhere I believe… Wendigo… This being a variety of usually thin skulls with deer antler on them a state of distorted consciousness similar of the themes of djinn and such.   Harmony Mayan/Aztec Shamanic theme continues Personally discussed Elvis themes with @xpwales this theme has come up recently here which includes other posts and the Phoenix symbolism also… St George’s Day - Nationalism Vs Globalist Death Cult?  Dragons What’s interesting here is that these images of dragons start off with a horse? Is it just me…? As I have just associated above “St George’s Day - Nationalism Vs Globalist Death Cult?” Quite a lot of comments have been made upon that which starts with St George Slaying of the Dragon and such, leading into the stunt of horses set loose within London. Again, the first camera man on the scene of both events (this event and the horses on the run waiting all random like at the side of the road) was the same guy… It sure seems strange that a horse be at the start of an album on Dragons unless someones playing games and taking the piss… Likewise we have had this Red Dragon Symbolism released recently… Red Dragon - You’ll see other imagery expressed here also… The Death of King Charles III “Martyrdom” and Monopolise - Globalise Also Leviathan… Landscape The same Asian meets Western styles continue along with water and Sun subtle themes…  Tattoo Lions head over a man… “The legendary hero Hercules was famous for slaying the powerful Nemean lion” This likewise seems reminiscent of the Merlion theme I feel should be mentioned, that again came up through the Baltimore Bridge research alongside Salvador Dali artwork of something similar…  “The legendary hero Hercules was famous for slaying the powerful Nemean lion, whose magical skin could not be pierced by any weapon. In many works of art, Hercules is shown wearing the lion's skin like a cloak, using its head as a hood.” Lion and the Sun can be symbolic for one another… Sunrise - This happened in the early hours of the morning did it not? Before some people had even got up out of bed…  All Pins Variation’s upon Wolverine type characters comes up here which I didn’t notice elsewhere… Along with some more Aztec and warrior type imagery… Manly Man Man More Manly Man Man  If we look at this as an archetypal setup and structure to see what could have been built up to knock down… Strawman… He is associated with the Sun - “Block it out” Masculinity aka “Toxic Masculinity” - “Threat to mankind’s survival” we need to neuter that/sterilisation… “Far Right Conspiracy Theorist/Extremist through Online Indoctrination” - “should be in prison or heavily medicated”  Not at all things that are desired to be pulled down, rearranged so we can start over at all by the scum bag powers that be… If I didn’t know better I’d be sure someone is entering shit into a computer, asking it what to do and these scenarios come out and some mad fucks are just doing whatever the Artificial Intelligence/Computer tells them without question… Something like this, as it is too synthesised I guess you could say… https://www.pinterest.es/FreeKingMark/ This is the link associated with the bottom picture shown above on “Mark FreeKing”/FreeKingMark Pinterest “All Pins”…  https://www.artofmanliness.com/health-fitness/fitness/why-every-man-should-be-strong/?utm_content=buffer96244&utm_medium=social&utm_source=pinterest&utm_campaign=buffer Yeah… That’s the rather suspect face I’d make as well about all of this… Do you feel me… Genes - “The Future Man?” Cloned - Lobotomised Alien Creature… I don't think so... This reflects upon the “Genes” issue here and shares similar sentiments - It also has USA, New York as its central theme which seems fitting here… Solid Snake's Speech (MGS2 Ending) Metal Gear Solid 2: Sons of Liberty HD Cutscenes - Ending See here… Metal Gear Archons - A.I. Technocracy - Bill Gates Brave New Virtual World The Internet - Cloud “Jesus” is the Ghost in the Machine Killing Joke The Great Cull( Lyrics) Northern Lights Visible Across the UK? - HAARP Research May 8th to May 10th Sorry if this ended up rather long the information kind of spiralled…
  10. Interesting Conversation… You may wish to factor some of the above information discussed with this talk… Are We In A Technologically Generated Simulation? - David Icke https://banned.video/watch?id=664b1c537277f037e11b28a6 From the above… See here… David Icke Explains The Protocols of the Learned Elders of Zion https://www.altcensored.com/watch?v=0bUMVLHbRfs See here… Impermanence… COVID Revival Tour - Barbenheimer “Cultural Phenomenon” - Otherwise known as behavioural engineering? - Babalon Working Biig Piig - Kerosene Isn’t it rather strange all these phenomena are happening all at once? Which appears to coincide with the potential of seeing demonic faces during or following the eclipse etc This means, the “Northern Lights”, what looks like either spirit beings or projections within the sky and the coming deception through such technology it seems, strange rainbow light phenomena including these Cloud Iridescence and such… This death cult have been shadowing the rainbow into their designs, with what looks like a mockery of both the story/symbolism of Noah and the chakras/kundalini energy of awakening. This looks to be associated with the seven churches of revelation/Synagogue of Satan which is ultimately Transhumanism and the invasion of the body to stop this awakening and summon djinn/distorted states of consciousness into this reality, suppressing ours and turning the world into a technological desert wasteland essentially… Symbolism - Either predicting his own death or the coming flood of the USA earlier on the post… From “Face Blindness” to Demonic Faces… Brad Pitt Suicided - I have a Rendezvous with Death ? - Revolutionary or Reactionary Suicide? “Angels don’t play this HAARP”
  11. Some things to take into consideration here with all of this… Keep in mind and research further… White Noise 2: The Light Official Trailer #1 - Nathan Fillion Movie (2007) HD BIOPHOTONS - THE LIGHT IN OUR CELLS "Biophotons are a radiant source of information designed to submerge our DNA in light." It is imperative to feed ourselves on positive thoughts in order to evolve consciousness. The new domain of information biology is based on the belief that cells are guided by an external field of information and that they are not solely regulated by molecular charges. The rhythm of this interaction means that it is a quantum phenomenon. We know that our cells emit light and that light is constantly sending and receiving information. The symphony of our body cells sends and receives messages faster than the speed of light. We also know that at least we have some ability to influence that light. If this is true, then we have access to the control center of our mind and body. And if we have access and influence, we have the ability to change ourselves at the most fundamental level by increasing our light. Dr Fritz-Albert Popp: "Today we know that man is essentially a being of light." "... "I knew from the start that they shouldn’t be very intense, but it was clear that these photons were in every internal cell." Molecules can't regulate themselves, they must have a field, so photons should be the carrier of information, necessary to regulate metabolism. " When it comes to healing, the implications are huge. For example, we now know that amounts of light can trigger or stop cascading reactions in cells, and that cellular genetic damage can be virtually repaired in a few hours with weak s rays of light. Scientists discover biophotons in the brain that could suggest our consciousness is directly related to light. Scientists have an interesting suspicion that our brain's neurons could be able to communicate through light. They claim that if there was optical communication, biophotons produced by our brain could be influenced by quantum intricacies, meaning there may be a strong link between these photons, our consciousness and prob clearly what many cultures and religions describe as "THE SPIRIT" ". One of the most interesting implications of the discovery that our brains can produce light is that our consciousness and spirit might not be contained in our bodies. Maybe our minds and consciousness communicate with our bodies thru these biophotons. And the more light we produce the more important the awakening will be and we will embody the totality of our consciousness. “There are about 100,000 chemical reactions in every cell per second." The chemical reaction can only occur if the reacting molecule has been stimulated by a photon. Once the photon has triggered a reaction, it returns to the magnetic field and remains available for other reactions. We swim in an ocean of light. " It sure is strange we are having this phenomenon being predicted now… Who knew a phenomenon could be so predictable? Essentially hologram radiation beams being projected into the sky for really God knows what floated as… https://patents.google.com/patent/US4214807A/en I feel with the nutters we seem to have in science these-days we should all be praying this actually never happens. It seems the overall interest and intent within the manufacturer of science and technology is by military intelligence for the use of one form of a weapon or another… DEW Surveillance and Electromagnetic Weapon… aka “2025 Is Closer Than You Think” Looker (1981) ORIGINAL TRAILER [HD 1080p] Transhumanism and Mind Control Type Tech Corona Mind Virus - Optogenetics seems likely to factor into this… “How can you see into my eyes Like open doors? Leading you down into my core Where I've become so numb” Bring Me To Life Technological hypnosis to trigger sleep or stop people from being able to sleep/make them wake up Images like this will become troublesome. Where and when if things like this are actually seen they become hard to verify later and much easier to be dismissed as computer trickery that never actually took place beyond the computer screen. Which is right now what I’d suggest is the case for many of such images. I’d suggest as this pattern of phenomenon and the likes of lights being seen in the sky continue, these images will start to become more commonplace. As more people start to see such it will undoubtedly become harder to ignore, which it appears something like this it is intended to deceive by one way or another and this is what’s being prepared for. So I can’t confirm or deny these images in any way or context other than to say be aware of this and see what you make of it all and how this factors in here with what’s happening here in the overall bigger picture… “You don't want to be at war with that thing. He's a trick of the light, Something dark that doesn't always look like one until you look into those eyes, those reptile eyes that look like two big holes where the person ought to be.” Rosewood Lane - Official Trailer (2011) HD Unless someone tries to disconnect you from your higher self through a war upon the heavens and fixates/entrains you upon a world of illusion… It looks as though this event was symbolic and foreshadowing such… “It Looks Like A War Upon The Heavens Turning the Whole World Upside Down” Prince Harry Living Legend of Aviation Award… WTF? Image/Mask/Front Vs Soul/Energy/Substance DORIAN GRAY (2009) | Movie Trailer | Full HD | 1080p Immortality Transhumanism - A.I. - Freedom, Free Will? - Free Your Mind
  12. Thanks mate no worries I’m still getting my head around all of this myself only that I know something ain’t right and is going on. I do believe this quote very much applies here… Then when doing research finding these inconsistencies or synchronicities I know somethings going on so will post on it to see what anyone else makes of it. Ultimately to see where it appears to be going or is designed around and such… As it happens… This got me thinking about something mate and I just done a few searches on it to jog my memory… The idea I thought initially was to do with the Ferryman, Charon who guides the departed souls from the living to the next life, out of the space between worlds. This being associated with “chariots’ and here we have a vehicle that is aiding depart the dead with a horse on it. Which could be symbolic of such… So I usually think of this as a boat but thought something is connected to this that is to do with horses also so need to check this out… But this is actually to do with Charun and something else of note exists here with Charun that appears to be connected with all of this… https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Charun Charun guided souls on horseback to the underworld - symbolically the hearse That he is apparently associated with a sword which he slices souls with - the victim was apparently attacked with a sword… This maybe worth looking into as part of symbolism and mockery in play as the whole thing does appear to be ritual mockery to me. They likewise refer to HAARP as a universal tool and “hammer” if you watch Masters of the Ionosphere which I viewed again as a symbolic mockery of Thors Hammer with their ability to manipulate and control the lightning ️ and such… See Here… For an Idea on this, the movie Dead Man… I personally don’t believe it’s a great film that most people will actually like as a form of entertainment tbh I can see why people wouldn’t like it at all but I do think the deeper symbolism is very good but it doesn’t explain things to you, it leaves you to make sense of everything… Johnny Depp… he is already dead and is within the space between worlds struggling to move on to his next life. Right from the start symbolised through the tunnel and the train. He has died but doesn’t know it or doesn’t want to accept it yet… To make sense of this he is on the way to a new job in the middle of nowhere, the back and beyond “hell” which is associated with machinery just like it is within Metropolis and no one has ever heard of him and he feels stranded or at a loss. The story doesn’t tell you this but I would suggest very much this is what’s being depicted and is why so much bizarre happenings occur. “Nobody” represents his spirit guide or helper and is likewise “mocking” symbolic of Johnny Depp’s character, becoming nobody… His next life, starting again… Going back to Zero… Dead Man 1995 | part 1 | First train scene If you’re interested in this you may want to look here… Enter the Void - The Bardo Life and Death - Tibetan Book of the Dead - The Fantasia Reality - The Battle of Evermore - Intermediary Beings - Psychedelics - Who am I? The Sword Man - Orion’s Gate protecting the Tree of Life with the flaming sword likewise may want to be reflected upon here. Ensuring unworthy souls do not pass through who would otherwise destroy the Tree of Life. Symbolic of the continuation of the wheel of life itself, that if this is destroyed the circle of life itself would collapse I reckon is the overall idea and that this can’t be allowed to happen… This collapse would occur when transhumanism is absolute, the world will become “Babylon” a fallen kingdom that will look like a djinns paradise as the world will appear lifeless and like a desert, as depicted within movies like Bladerunner and such. This I believe is very apt. @xpwales you maybe interested in relation to all of this as we had discussed this previously in relation to something else… Metallica: Master of Puppets (Official Lyric Video) Puppet Master… Northern Lights Visible Across the UK? - HAARP Research May 8th to May 10th
  13. This likewise seems why King “Charles” - who I suggest the person we are seeing act out in public display isn’t legitimate but I will just say King “Charles” playing the part acting the role - was so quick to get involved and make a statement about this event… Even to make a statement at all seems unusual. Sure it is horrific and say everything is aboveboard here and everything the media has stated is genuine and has no agenda to it at all and is just a random act for one reason or another and no one is trying to manipulate and exploit through symbolism and ritual… Incidents as tragic or worse than this don’t result in the involvement of King “Charles” or the release of any official statements and such… This incident has… Why? Just random because something “Charles” has felt/been “touched” by or what? Somehow I don’t think so myself… It could be that something involved within all of this has earned a D - Notice/DSMA-Notices https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/D-Notice Or something similar although I wouldn’t know what unless a court can issue a similar type of gag order until after the trial…? Yet, this hardly seems fair and reasonable and seems the outcome has therefore already been decided and they’re stacking the deck don’t it. That it ain’t innocent until proven guilty. But a scapegoating. Which is exactly what all this event has looked like from the start… It’s a stunt. Yet, its clear to see he has already been found guilty by the presentation of this within the media, that interviewing friends or any associates who usually say “we would never have suspected anything, he seemed like such a lovely man. Kept himself to himself, never bothered or asked anyone for anything.” So on a so forth and all the usual rhetoric, hardly seems like it would sway public opinion which has already been achieved anyhow. So it just doesn’t make sense…? Nothing seems to justify not doing more background work like this, unless it is some form of stunt to crackdown of “extremism” through the use of the internet and such. The idea of peoples extremism online transforming to physical action within reality. Something like this… I guarantee you, this guy is a “far right extremist”, “conspiracy theorist” and all that jazz they say about us lot on here… The same people who are already crying for his blood and using this event politically to suggest we need to crackdown of foreigners, migrants/immigration and all that jazz since the day this incident took place, which was already strange how politically charged this event was right from the start, will be the same people this “killer” is associated with at the end of all this. Which is why they won’t do such background checks and make them public so people don’t get wind of what’s going on here and where this is leading. Which means a certain level of choreography is taking place… So the D - Notice… Since “Charles” got involved, or could be why he got involved in the first instance, which if so, again adds suspicion to whole event as to why the wilful ignorance…. I’m not sure if this could be researched and checked in any way to see if any such restrictions are in place or not? But I’m sure journalists, a legitimate one must still exist somewhere, must be aware of them from somewhere and somehow where and when they try to do these things just like any of us without knowing and then get shutdown and told to stop in some way and must be told why? Or most of them already know upfront to leave it alone, so they must be told… So this must be listed somewhere you would imagine anyway… The fact the King had got involved in itself you would assume would make it more newsworthy from a journalists POV to do more on such a story but as you say, it looks as if its been killed in its tracks to stop the cat from getting out the bag I would assume anyways… The whole BS about an ongoing investigation and such just wouldn’t cut it about not speaking with anyone he is associated with. But I guess if he is a Lee Harvey Oswald we can expect nothing less and especially that he has the online presence of a conspiracy theorist, he must be an even bigger loaner than me, or any of us on here… The whole scenario is suspect and is suggestive of something is being played through this… Aid in understanding the traditional model of such choreographed/scripted stunts… Then when you have, you’ll be told you watch too many movies
  14. Yes they’re fucking with us mate most definitely. The pyramid and the doorway look. This is a symbol for the Sun just like the suspected killer in yellow representing the Sun, I’d suggest is what is being symbolised. The same with the horse symbolism which seems to be associated here… So this can be implied as closing the gateway of the Sun and again more of a war upon the heavens. This both ritual/symbolically and actuality… This appears to be taking place in different ways is what I’m trying to say. This being my interpretation anyhow, as it looks like this war upon the heavens is being associated through many events that are of ritualistic merit by this death cult. The Horses of Neptune, illustration by Walter Crane, 1893. All of this to me seems to be interconnected ritual. Either agendas due to natural occurrences or a response to them, preparation and such. The death cults chaos is within full swing. So much so it would be difficult for anyone to keep up with all of it for sure… Northern Lights Visible Across the UK? - HAARP Research May 8th to May 10 Something else which is definitely of note, is that Prince Harry through Invictus Games and such imagery, he is being associated with Sun Set/Seth and Tsunamis through symbolism. We also have this symbolism here and the theme of Dragons, particularly the Red Dragon associated with King Charles here and “The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo” aka the Girl Marked by the Beast/Dragon, which is associated with Diana through a Documentary of the Prince’s which I’ve mentioned here you maybe interested in… Red Dragon - You’ll see other imagery expressed here also… The Death of King Charles III “Martyrdom” and Monopolise - Globalise Such imagery here likewise which all seems to be interconnected which is too much to be accepted as coincidence from my POV. Prince Harry and Prince William We also have this imagery of… Diana Princess of Wales 1961-1997 Medallion St George Slays the Dragon https://www.britishmuseum.org/collection/object/C_2006-1101-292 It all seems rather much to me… You may like to see how all of this factors into what’s taking place. I hope this helps, even though I know most people may not be immediately to see these interconnections at least upon the surface. It all seems rather symbolic to me… Chariots of Fire - Movie Trailer Prince Harry Living Legend of Aviation Award… WTF?
  15. The sound could be better but obviously this is relevant here… The War is upon the Higher Self - The War upon the Heavens DAVID ICKE - THE COSMIC GAME Seems to be an alternative version… David Icke - The Truth Vibrations - The Unstoppable Force The Death of King Charles III “Martyrdom” and Monopolise - Globalise Just ask STEVE… We don’t know what to call this universal imposition upon the environment and people may notice and start asking what it is and why it’s occurring now, it’s happening everywhere and that it is different from how such phenomena is usually perceived… So we will call it Steve… Sound reasonable? So, normal aurora light has to be generated by radiation apparently. Not that it also can’t be faked or exploited by technology, so watch this space for where this is going… Which seems to be why people seem to doubt it could be caused by HAARP or something similar having any involvement in this. Not so for Steve, it can be generated within the ionosphere which means HAARP or something like it can cause the phenomenon because its to do with artificially fucking with the environment and it doesn’t have to be caused by the Sun or the dropping of nuclear bombs in the sky like these nutters have done previously. The whole point of this should be for people to be aware that our environment is being manipulated for sinister intent, by psychopaths with the overall agenda of deceiving the masses. Scientists either don’t know what this is or don’t want to suggest what it is for what should be obvious reasoning… Which is why this otherwise background noise associated to the appearance of more commonly experienced phenomena has become widespread, noticeable and brought to the surface as the dominant factor so much so, it requires its own name for it to be accepted and this has only occurred within recent times because it’s perceived without the usually traits of what would otherwise be called the Aurora Lights/Northern Lights etc and their usually appearance. The reason this wasn’t separated previously is due to the fact if this is true, the experience wasn’t separate from another and as such the visual appearance was minute or almost no observable difference to separate the phenomenon from one another. Now it is. That’s due to artificial manipulation. Scientists are ignoring the elephant in the living room and are resorting to children’s movies to explain what they don’t want to see and would have to be very careful about what they say on the issue I’d imagine otherwise they’d be shutdown quicker than any “conspiracy theorist”. Change my mind? I’m just saying this is what it looks like to me and I’m prepared to be wrong…? But want to know and personally I’m sick of peoples egos on the subject. Research for yourself and question everything. STEVE (Strong Thermal Emission Velocity Enhancement) In August 2018, researchers determined that the skyglow of the phenomenon was not associated with particle precipitation (electrons or ions) and, as a result, could be generated in the ionosphere.[20] One proposed mechanism for the glow is that excited nitrogen breaks apart and interacts with oxygen to form glowing nitric oxide.[21] https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/STEVE#2018 All based on this. And no one has any questions…? This is honestly why they called this alternate phenomenon Steve simply to give it a name… Similar to giving freak weather yet another name… Let's call it Steve - Over The Hedge We Are All Actors - Alan Watts On The Game We Play April the 8th the eclipse in the USA David Bowie - Quicksand ““ Prince Harry Living Legend of Aviation Award… WTF? Alan Watts - Escaping the Matrix
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