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  1. Why this medical form of Transhumanism? Think differently about the self, self identify “God love all the people who trust the same psychopaths that dim the sun... They be thinking this is normal ” - Emma Norton We are an Organism-Environment. This is why the same people want to block out our Sun with all methods of geoengineering (altering our apparent sensation of our “external” Environment) as well as our internal physical body (Organism) with the likes of “V”/Vaccine. Humanity as we know it! These are both the exact same agenda
  2. Good. Hopefully also the interconnected messages... Almost everything you think you know... ??? ??? ? Meme Me Me Me. So many Memes The Selfish Gene The Hunger Games Society - Memetics Witnessing a pattern is the revelation of conspiracy, an underlying intelligence trying to sway your state of mind, perception and psychologically which can largely go on unseen or be assumed an act of chaos, subconscious, when and where this is happening without your informed consent, without your observation, your conscious aw
  3. As you can’t demand a “Free” Tibet without a Free Palestine To not see the exact same situation in both places is to be within ignorance, denial and is about politics. In reality, they’re both about Globalisation and carried out for such globalist agendas! A year apart from one another no less. The fact is, Israel was turned into Air Strip One for waging war in the Middle East which has obviously been more than successful and Tibet was otherwise, likewise Air Strip One for invasion of China if what we know to have happened didn’t. This isn’t about pro west, pro China rhetoric.
  4. The short story... Yes it certainly has. Usually people clap and make loud noises to drive evil spirits away not so they can swiftly enter! Shills R Us Pots, pans, passion: Britons clap their support for NHS workers again People up and down the country unite in applause for second week in a row https://www.theguardian.com/world/2020/apr/02/pots-pans-passion-britons-clap-their-support-for-nhs-workers-again It has created a potential state where people will desire the removal of the NHS just as those in power desire via means of privatisation.
  5. Talk about a conflict of interests! This man should have been sacked along time ago and he probably can’t be in the position he is in anymore because so many see him for what he is, so have to come up with a reason, a method and mechanism to get rid of him without casting a light on the COVID HOAX as the reason, so they have to come up something and so they’ve come up with the likes of this to act as another mechanism of “rational” cannon fodder for Labour so politics at least appears to be talking place. By that I mean opposition between the parties seems to be talking place without includi
  6. 77 Brigade - Disinformation “Experts” - Advertising themselves as Globalists? On one level in the paper ad we can see how desperate they’re. Yet, when those people that are being paid are “debunking” basically marginalising posts online or adding censorship and such of posts they don’t want people to see or accept through some sort of analytical management process, people then won’t see those people are being paid to do this, so the same obvious psychological sway isn’t here that they’re obviously bought and paid for shills! At least to the uninitiated W
  7. China’s Tiered Social Credit System “Another conspiracy coming true. Chinese social credit system Incoming... Rockefeller TV interview circa 1974 "What's your favorite Governmental system?" "China, you can get things done." Not like they didn't tell us.” Natalie McDonagh Ushered in via a Universal Income after crashing the old economy and deliberately destroying many jobs beyond all hope of return, appease the public in accepting total technocracy via such universal incomes, base vaccines and implantable technologies (Chip) around such dependency and they’ve g
  8. Unless of course, you’ve been suckered into the contractual system to rob you of you soul. Then of course, this would seem like madness While I tend to agree, so long as you’re on the middle path, “the enemy of my enemy is my friend”, that means that both sides of the polarised are at war with you and will squeeze you, they have a mutual enemy they counter attack to transform society. Seeking extreme to extreme until you do pick a side. That’s what this current period of time is exactly about. This is the very thing which creates perpetual war as described in 1984 by George Orwel
  9. Us “Conspiracy Theorists” are so god damn crazy, condemned and marginalised, then a year or so passes, proved right and treated like we never said anything and we was never being condemned or marginalised at all. That just didn’t happen... How can you disproportionately separate these things without clearly having an agenda to promote contradictory images as though they’re not connected? Being that, you deliberately want to attack a group of people for an agenda you’re trying to push so those people need to be ignored, then, you have to promote the very thing you was attacking that group o
  10. Quite honestly, I think they’d have to see what they believe is this pandemic. Such as, many people literally falling over and dying in the street as if by such a virus but actually after having the vaccine to see that something ain’t right, otherwise, these globalists can get away with anything and it be justified, tolerated and accepted. Anything short of that and everything to do and because of the reaction to COVID is seen as within theirs/our best interests and they should just play along to save lives and virtue signal others likewise. It would take something that extreme for s
  11. What absolute bollocks! What this means is, because too many people flooded places once the lockdown measures eased because they were previously well bred captive sheep all that time, equates to leaps in infection. No evidence, no proof just fear mongering to say too many people are out and about and preparing you for a very predictable planned 3rd Wave! To incentivise the idea that something must be done ensuring a higher uptake of imposed objectives. When will people learn and see that COVID isn’t based on any science at all, whatsoever. But is based on fear based political hysteria
  12. Yes I agree and that’s why this COVID script was a perfect method to carry out this agenda as any sane individual at the start of the so called pandemic, would have been speculating and on the fence not picking sides if this event was actually real and that was the only real time those doing this needed to push this facist bollocks into motion. The idea of mass harm being caused if swift action wasn’t taken so that action couldn’t be debated due to the nature of the problem. Which if it was real, like it or not many people would have to accept it. But, at the same time they’d be accepting it
  13. Everything here is dualistic. There’s no escaping that, you’ll always have for and against. Yet, the majority controlled are the majority that are being guided by this evil corrupt system and that needs to be pointed out and acknowledged. For that to happen, there’s going to be a lot of division. That there’s no escaping, especially by those still clinging to this phoney evil system and helping prop it up as if their very life depended upon it. That’s why this system was created to create division to rule and anyone who points this out could be considered controlled opposition to bri
  14. Transformation of Society - Transhumanism - False Light ️ Quantum Dot Technology - “Vril” if you will The So Called Conspiracy Theorist We said, "When the vaccines arrive, nothing will change". They shouted, "Conspiracy Theorist". And the vaccines arrived and NOTHING changed. We said, "They'll want to inject the children with their magic potion too". They shouted, "Conspiracy Theorist". And they're now testing their experimental gene therapy on 6 month old babies. We said, "The vaccines haven't been tested for long enough. The clinical trials do
  15. Go on, ya desperate clowns...You can't hide the light or the truth, ya fannies - Emma Norton You wouldn’t do this or incentivise a people’s to help “debunk” something as they’d do it themselves for free because it’s the truth, they wouldn’t need a paycheque for it. They’d do it for free because they’d know and feel it’s genuinely the right thing to do and it’s what they believe in and will openly be tested to criticism which is pretty poor for us “Conspiracy Theorists” - really alternative views and opinions from the status quo establishment - beyond dissent,
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