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  1. No Problem One is Order the other Chaos. Or, ones your friend, the other your enemy. These are extreme illusions, we need something between them, but, the control system never allows any middle ground. It will give their game away. Their control will be lost As for them, extremes of Order and Chaos how they see it, are mutually necessary for their illusion of control to continue to exist. That's why we ought to see through that illusion. Otherwise, our persona will become the expression of a barcode, a number, or else sure starvation. But if people identify with self differently and seek to understand for themselves and on their own terms, I'm sure this couldn't happen. It only can happen because so many are indoctrinated to maintain the same or similar beliefs and fear what other's who have been through the same process will think of them if they express themselves differently to the crowd. The "Normal". That should have well and truly gone out the window of people's minds by now but still, it hasn't for some people.
  2. I like the way this one thinks I've always said, you Polish are welcome here any time Going to Warrington was a culture shock for me in my early teens, I thought why did they need a special shop for shoe polish Something tells me a deceptions a foot, I feel it in my waters? The contradictions are to divide and rule and simulate a cultural warfare, via many different divisions, so we can be catalysed to a phoney unification of "we are one" rhetoric. The contradictions are planned and deliberate to create division and confusion, Order out of Chaos - Same old tiered rhetoric. We are one but these people are seeking to control and manipulate us as one via the cultivation of these divisions, it's a state of perception deception. That stimulated cultural warfare, becomes a genuine cultural warfare by people not seeing these shadow games and false flag exercises, as exactly that but believing them to be real and taking them seriously. They control jack shit! It's about time people witnessed these shadow games. The ones caught up with them are the ones least likely to do so and fighting them ain't going to change anything but pave way to their desire of conflict to induce a state of transformation. You may as well bang your head against a brick wall! Toilet rolls becoming a highly priced commodity. However, don't worry, I'm working on patenting three seashells. All will finally be revealed Behavioral Engineering - The Wicked Web We Weave When police come trying to hit people everyone protesting should immediately sit on the floor and try to record what's going on, they'll back off Some incentives - let's not debate that Gandhi is or isn't a Saint, focus on the strength and intentionality Enthusiastic Corruption of the Public Good People use to hang for this back in day under "The Law" you know? It simply can mean absolutely anything TPTB want it to mean so they can use the law to hang anyone they want. That's the legal system, in a nutshell! It's not been designed to protect people but control people. These people behind Global affairs consider themselves above the law. Laws are for everyone else... What's a Sign of Fascism? NWO - False Flag - Building Walls Within Society - F1 https://sendvid.com/pqowy9d0 Sleep Easy
  3. Our identity via the flesh is fleeting and limited. It's designed to be a limited trap via the cultivation of ego until eventually you die and so, what was that all about? By that time, if we go with it, we don't realise or see that this is an illusion... Our true identity can only be experienced individually by choosing to see past this limitation, this illusion. This revolution is a revolution of perception, an Involution - Internal. The Awakening. This is the closest I've come to assimilating it so far, but don't confuse this with any absolutes, this is only supposed to trigger something, you either see and feel it or you don't... Who the F**k is Alice? - Alan Watts - Phantom Self - Involution https://sendvid.com/qy1is33h It starts with synchronicity Our true identity can't really be spoken only potentially perceived. Language is an attempt to assimilate something, like you could argue our ego is attempt to assimilate us, but it does a poor job as it always inevitably leaves something out and so, we confuse labels and language with what we are trying to symbolise. That's where the confusion is. Like confusing the menu with the food. It's in this sense religion is defunct in many ways when we perceive it incorrectly or it is used against us as a control system. True religion is an attempt to assimilate spiritual revelation into a system in which others can potentially understand something significant that can't always be put into logical terms, but are supposed to show patterns or trigger a revelation in perspective so you see something differently than you did previously and lead you to the door of that spiritual essence. As religion inevitably leaves out the essence of spirituality by it's very conversion to religion. Just as our ego leaves out the true essence of ourselves. Religion is a system of thought. Thats like trying to turn spontaneity into a rigid structure. It should only be a guide to the spiritual revelation, yet, instead it has been designed to keep people going around within circles and never achieving that insight because our power has been taken away from us, to be trawled as energy. This is our true purpose to the system if we are trapped by our egos pedestalising a system of thought in our minds chasing the illusion fleeting nature we strive to get ahold of, without realising we can't get ahold of it, that's the trap, the scam, the bamboozlment. Our energy is being misdirected instead of our energy being directed by ourselves. This is because we have devalued intentionality and have become very close to automatons. We need to understand the nature of this trap and why and how we should wake up to it, to even start to perceive our true nature. Start by acknowledging the illusion To confront the image you mistaken, that will send you on the internal search for understanding. Our illusive reality, confusing people between what's what, is just like this hall of mirrors, for our minds. How do you inform someone how to recover their senses? You need to recover them for yourself. Then you can see what is you and what is an illusion, a projection, of the mind.
  4. That look you make after some great deception. Or anal sex - according to Sigmund Freud I reckon this is a cover to try and explain and overlook the fact some form of genetic engineering has taken place. How can it be explained that all of a sudden humans lost so much hair all over their body and had to start wearing clothes? That's like a step backwards. If we evolved passed the need for so much hair, we wouldn't need to wear clothes and thus should still have the hair or not need the clothes because we had evolved passed the need for it. But, it's like because of this genetic tinkering a part of us is devoid from nature because a part of us is artificial, while apart of us is from nature. This genetic engineering can be seen to have taken place in ancient history from Egypt to Sumeria. Yet, no one seems to identify with it beyond myth apart from the occult groups and secret societys etc Don't tell Bill Gates! RNA-DNA Manipulation? The Elites Age of the Great Work...
  5. Of course, seriousness is necessary. Just as anger is and any emotion. Yet, if we go around angry all of the time, we would know this is no good... Listen to Yoda It's the same with seriousness. The reason this is a problem is because people go around in fear all the time, that's why we comply to stupid shit we don't want to comply with. It may only be subtle but it's there, as is the subtle form of suffering people often confuse with absolute torment and purgatory and that if you're not in that absolute form of pain, you're apparently not suffering... This would be like suggesting to someone who feels anxious, stressed and or depressed, doesn't really, unless they constantly feel like committing suicide. Come back later when you feel like doing so, then we may say you have any or all of these issues... This is because a certain form of existence has become so normal it is ignored as though it doesn't exist. Like a hidden drive to our being, or subconscious drives that have been stimulated and conditioned into us that they almost become reflex action. We become mindless to their existence like we confuse the word tree with being the actual tree and so on with anything you can name of label consciousness, like confusing the a computer interface, an operating system with all the parts that make up the computer for that interface to exist. The interface is just in the surface a method for observation and interaction, not the real crux of the matter. We shouldn't get rid of fear as we shouldn't get rid of seriousness. The issue of fear and seriousness being a problem all of the time if an when it is, instead of running away from it or allowing it to be the unseen dominant factor in decision making as it often is, making it a problem, we should seek to change this way of thinking all of the time, as this form of seriousness has been conditioned since you were told you're going to be a person, you're going to pick a role and you're going to play this role as if it was you and take it seriously because everyone else must believe in the part you're playing, or else you'll be a failure, a laughing stock and not the success you ought and need to be to survive and be accepted... It starts with fancy dress at reception/primary school etc, you're told to play a character and it's just for a Christmas play or something, Halloween and so on. Then that act is to be played as though it isn't an act anymore but the role you're playing, is you. You're to take it seriously! If you was on the stage playing a character at school and someone all of a sudden told you that character is now you, or they said themselves they're now Joseph of Mary, or heaven forbid , they're now Jesus Christ , you'd say they're fucking insane and they've lost it, now take off those pyjamas and put your proper clothes back on ! You was playing a role in a game and you now believe yourself to be the actor and not simply playing the part. They had taken their acting too serious and in doing so, thought themselves the character they were playing. Or, if they take their reality too seriously, they can be made to believe the imposition, the interface of this artificial control system really impacts upon them and not that it's merely a web placed upon the surface because the forces behind it can't control whats beyond their shrink-wrapped vision of the world. They don't want people to see this web, let alone beyond it, but be caught up within it. Instead, play the part sincerely true to the role that feels right for you, but don't take it seriously or else you'll lose your nut! This is why so many people wear a mask, this is why so many people feel they can only be themselves when they get back home through the front door. People being good at acting anyone except themselves. We live in a world of complete fakes a complete front. Which is more exhausting than if we didn't! While we should also note, instead of just fancy dress at Christmas becoming the order of the day, we have the added confusion of at this time we are all groomed into becoming people, genuine fakes, we now have drag queens entering the schools and via encouraging and stimulating creativity in children a certain way, towards a certain goal - while it should be noted so much other creativity in schools has become seriously limited - systematically engineering a Transgender agenda, which is a path towards a Transhumanism agenda. Changing humans from genuine fakes to the robots they ought to be if we are to continue playing this game. Or, we can sincerely think about changing the game for something else? Seriousness and the red pill is necessary to wake up. You should feel angry and pissed off initially. That will drive you to find out. But at a certain point, you should realise the reason this fantasia exists, is a serious mentality is being imposed upon a reality that should be like play, not hard work as though great works come through perpetuating this suffering. That's the deception that leads us to miss everything and perpetuate more suffering for ourselves and for others that needn't be. But, it's easier said than done. That's the nature of this suffering. It should be sought to be limited not prolonged or induced through a false sense of pride and sincerity made out of our seriousness we need not have in the first instance - that's what makes it insane. Like being put within a chastity device without the pay off Cuckold Consciousness! It's seriously overrated!
  6. No worries mate If you can't laugh at madness the madness consumes you. Although don't use the Joker as an example, as within this great Inversion we are living within, a schizophrenic person smiles and laughs, so obviously something's is deeply psychologically wrong with them to not be taking the world seriously There's no longer a place for the fool, the joker, philosophy is dead. Reality can't be fun, games and a big smile on your face. It is and has to be serious... The system makes reality serious and browbeats this into you so you play the systems games of it's version of reality or starve! If you don't accept their version of reality, you're mad and suffering some sort of mental illness that keeps you outside the collective world game everyone else has been fooled into playing and we need to seek to convince you to play the game with us, or else, that you're mad so no one else goes getting any wild ideas and thinks about joining you The difference between seriousness and sincerity is a bigger one than what many may assume. Or assume they're the same thing. You can be sincere about your intent and desire of resolve of this madness that's taking place today but if you're deadly serious about it, you can't laugh at it. As your desire for resolution rests upon the serious nature of things not being allowed to remain the way and how they're right now and that you can't laugh at, as it lacks the need for change, it can almost feel as if it is undermining that need for change and this can make you feel deeply uncomfortable as you can't accept it and pretty soon, you can't laugh at yourself... If you can't laugh, seriousness is what will drive everyone to the brink of insanity, depression, which is what is desired to transform society, taking us to the brink of destruction and insanity before tipping the balance of the scales that have been waiting to be pushed the moment society have been taken to a certain state, place and time...
  7. Thanks mate I'll check it out, just started listening to the first few minutes of this one and it contains the same central theme of the trinity and how it relates Plus I like the Chakra system crossover. It's very telling the construct of language is woven around these deeper esoteric understandings which many of us don't see past the initial use of the limitation of any given label. Not that I still want to get bogged down in labels. Ultimately a trap leading to more traps if we only identify with the interchangeable label construct. I'll definitely continue to check out what this guy has to say, thanks ✌
  8. Ha He He Hu Hu Ha Ha I suppose that rainbow is just another accident coming out of the pyramid - Rainbow Consciousness - The Illusion, Construct Hijacking of our Reality - It is actually what we understand and experience as our physical reality, it's why the pyramid is central, key and worshipped via the occult forces, particularly the Globalist Death Cult behind this. ∴ The Prism Reality = The Matrix ∴
  9. Received this letter for a flu vaccine for my 8yr old son this morning! Note: it says “it’s time” for his annual flu vaccination! My eldest son is 25 and I never used to get any letters for an annual flu vaccine but here they state it like it’s a compulsory annual event! . The letter is heavy on the emphasis of the vaccine being FREE another way they like to motivate us to have it by seeming we are being given something! Believe me nothing FREE is beneficial if this were beneficial to our health it would cost a fortune! Can't find the energy saving lightbulb, this one will do They have also worked the COVID angle into the letter to further try to manipulate and scare monger naive peoples into accepting a jab/spray containing God only knows what! The same as with the Heatlh Visitors safe guarding angle they play this under the guise of being for our own protection and if that doesn’t work they then back this up with the guilt line we ‘need to help protect the NHS’. To cover the need for this being an annual event they say that types of flu now vary every year?? Oh so suddenly they are flu strain experts too! Never has a flu jab/spray been more threatening, apparently if your child doesn’t attend a school where the government can gain easier access to vaccinate some poisonous shit in them, they will now ‘INVITE’ your child to a local venue!! Now is the time to exit Government schools, teach your child to say ‘I do not consent' use your social media to report on these events to expose abusers! Stand up to authority! They can’t incarcerate us all! Not if we stand together! Learn to see through the enslavement of the beast system! Don’t be afraid of what the majority think! Do what’s right! Janey Fear Based incentives for security, protection, via guilt tripping and a false sense of pride in our hero's - take the knee and clap or else you're a problem driving white privilege and your not diverse because your ain't black divide and rule BS, cultivated via ego, while those whom see this, object and don't go along with it are the ones turned into the ego driven narcissists Quite a deception and Inversion but it's blatantly obvious to anyone who can see for themselves. It's the same story for those whom refuse to wear a mask. It's because we are the ego maniacs etc etc As ever, the place where this is being rolled out is driven through like a war campaign and the support of the military the Globalists traditional use to drive such campaigns. It's exactly the same behind public based conditioning, led via "spontaneous action" to support that which the government has placed on a pedestal, on our path to glory out of a situation. Exactly the same bogus mentality that seeks to undermine, marginalise and ridicule anyone else whom is against the gross actions of War, as being against the country and against the people whom have been falsely incentivised and indoctrinated into fighting wars that are in no way or means within their best interests, but have been orchestrated to pit a people towards their own demise by a people whom don't give a shit about those "heros" simply using them and cultivating a false sense of pride in their being, purpose and belonging! This can simply be by providing meaning and purpose where there wasn't any before! Such a people would desire a never ending state of war! Perpetuatal War!
  10. So deadly, you won’t know you have it until you've been tested and you'll have absolutely no symptoms and feel completely normal It may have absolutely no affect or impact upon you whatsoever... How Deadly. A virus so deadly, it's the first time in human history, not only do those apparently affected by a virus have to be isolated, but the entire populace. While the entire population must take the precautions as if they themselves had a virus. That's like checking the entire world into rehab or a lunatic asylum because some of us maybe addicts or maybe nuts. Ironically, those whom consent to this, are fucking nuts! Based on WHOs assumption is the question? The simple solution to understand why this exists, is because a virus doesn't exist and what's happening has nothing to do with any virus but about the transformation of society via the idea of a Bogeyman monster that maybe hidden around any and every corner, just like the use of terrorism. Only, we have all become potential suicide bombers to one another by the exploitation of so called "Silent Carriers". Wake up whenever you're ready This is behavioural modification and ensuring your complicity via fear based mechanisms and group based control incentivisation. No different to MOB rule, controlled via such a Mafia. Fear is confused with Respect Guilt is confused with Pride. Ideology is confused with Faith. War is made Heroic. Ego, the governor. Solutions are demanded for problems you never knew you had before, like your place of business being destoryed and then the Mafia that destoryed it come around and demand protection money to stop it from being destoyed in the future, ensuring your security, protection and peace of mind Respect Yes, you've been had massively and it's about Time if you don't understand, you start asking why?
  11. Copy of a comment maybe relevant to other people here within the same situation, consider sharing it amongst those "friends" if you come across them. Feel free to copy and paste! Window and frame have long since gone! I've had an old friend I used to work with remove me for challenging the fact 'they know people who have died of Covid-19' and believe we should take it seriously. I did it tactfully and simply asked... "How was Covid-19 tested for and determined as the cause of death?" Simple question... Shame because we got on well during that time in my life. It only goes on to show how this can be used to divide and rule people via fear and emotional entanglement over something to engage them into a mindset that isn't deserved if you sat down and rationally thought this over for yourself! This form of emotional entanglement, psychological games have never been played upon people since the Engineering of Consent during WWII. I would never ignore, remove or block anyone for having an alternative opinion because I'm an Extremist I guess Even you Trump supporters! You know who you are! I'll argue with you and debate. The Don be like... It's healthy to not agree on everything it doesn't mean you always have to throw the monopoly board across the table if other people don't instantly accept or agree with what you're saying. Even if or when it's handed down by an apparent authority... These people are self serving, they very often don't have people's best interests at heart but their own and their own agendas. It's about time more people understand this and quickly! I challenge people on their views and I expect no less than for people to challenge me and my views. If you don't like it, you don't like freedom and you're an enemy of freedom everywhere while you call it, security. I call it an insecurity. A major insecurity is to not want to be challenged on your beliefs... That simply means you're unsure yourself but don't want to be questioned on it, you refuse to be questioned on it and brush it off with one word responses denial and dismiss the subject! This shouldn't be personal, this should be about impositions that are impacting anyone and everyone if we like it or not. People get trapped in the personal because they've bought it as them, their idea or principles. So, they believe you're challenging them personally. It's OK to be unsure, it's OK to be insecure about something but don't use it to attack someone else who's challenging your beliefs. It doesn't wash! Ultimately, I call what's going on what it is. Fascism, and I think more people need to critically think for themselves and not simply accept as a reality what's handed down to them and presented in MSM! It's not factual, it's not debated, it's not played out for balance and justice, it's driven, its scripted and designed! Long planned for! It has been this way for awhile. More people have only just started to notice. It needs challenging now more than ever and many people need holding to account for their crimes against humanity, only comparable to that of the crimes previously committed by Tony Blair of all people, of which still, that cretin hasn't been held accountable for his crimes and we are very likely to allow and see the similar deliberate crimes take place again and the people behind the deception, remain unchallenged and uncontested! Geopolitics to Religion often reveals hypocrisy. Yet, no one who has faith in whatever they've previously believed beforehand, wants to hear it. The plan was better! The plan was a foundation stone for our mind, what else are we to cling to? If you don't necessarily agree with me or don't know, don't gut react to this. Look at it, take bits away and research yourself what I'm saying here, come back to me. Ask me for sources to prove anything I'm saying here you don't feel can be backed up... I have "slightly" edited it for onlookers here. Please research and engage. Thanks. "You may not like this argument but look at it ****. This virus is so well behaved, it only attacks you when you're having fun... It doesn't bother you when you're eating or drinking though. It knows how to live outside the body unlike any other virus known to man. It travels on cash but not any other form of material, like the shit people buy in stores or their receipt for purchases. It knows when you're in groups of more than 6 ∴ Six, Sick, Six ∴ ∴ PRE-CRIME ∴ SOMETHING MUST BE DONE! https://www.bitchute.com/video/XDZZmbnuFYp5/ I know someone who has died because of Covid-19. We need to take the restrictions seriously, we need a vaccine. I know someone who's life was saved because of Pre-Crime. We need to accept the imposition of the Police State, we need security and reassurance. It knows when you're working and can tell the difference, unlike before the need for lockdown which was supposed to be limited and prevent the continuation of what's still happening now by way of all restrictions, loss of business, destruction of the economy, loss of jobs and basically, the transformation of society. It knows dates and time of when the latest restrictions are due to come up. It knows when you should be home after 10pm as it gets really serious at night, it turns into the Covid-19 Bogeyman - that's exactly what it is within it's totality. It's tested for via a test which was never used to test for any virus. Covid-19 has never been isolated and proven to exist - FACT - Why? These tests where bought for way in advance, $476 Billion Spent Globally on COVID-19 Test Kits in 2017-2018 WHO knew? See what I did there Those nations involved, didn't spend that much collectively on any other form of tests, not on bog roll, but this PCR test that would go on to be used to test for a virus it was never designed to test for, that was a novel virus we never knew existed or never knew was coming? An exercise called Event 201 was carried out just before the "real" outbreak of this new Novel Virus... WHO knew? No test has been made to determine that Covid-19 does exist as no test can be created as Covid-19 itself can't scientifically be proven beyond fear mongering! All the amplification of genetic materials have such amplification, that almost anyone who has genetic material tested will have some form of coronavirus or another present and could be the result of a much older bug you don't even have now. Yet, that can determine your cause of death upto a month afterwards from anything that was actually a car crash to cancer? Why would that be necessary? If not to bump the figures, surely enough people will be dying already due to this virus? ∴ Six, Sick, Six ∴ Why does Bill Gates have a lot invested within a new vaccination delivery called RNA Vaccination, which have never been used before which specifically can be used to modify DNA? While at the same time, this virus comes along and all of a sudden we are automatically testing genetic material that is potentially looking to allow a way of introduction of a new RNA Vaccination, to the detriment of standard practice of testing for such a virus? Coronavirus is a wide range of different Coronaviruses. Not specific for Covid-19. While the creator of these PCR tests themselves said this test should never be used to determine if or not someone does or doesn't have a virus because it isn't designed for that and it isn't accurate for doing so. So, why are they using it? Why are the statistics so off? Why have so many other causes of death drastically reduced around the world? Ordinary flu, cold and pneumonia don't exist anymore. Why have so many doctors spoken out against this? Why have NHS staff opinions been gagged from the press right at the start of lockdown? Why so much censorship of alternative opinions from these people and control over narrative of which we can have no debate? Why has cancer testing and treatment stopped and other such serious health conditions? How about all those who die as a result of this? Covid-19 or the impact due to the restrictions designed by the idea of Covid-19? Why has this been used to transform the NHS and society via behavioral modification, rolled out via psychologists? Why did the Tories plan of stripping and selling the NHS out from under us, and can and are doing now because of Covid-19? Do you not feel this is at least being exploited even a little bit? Do you not think people are being emotionally engaged for a reason? Do you not see any purpose of divide and rule out of this? Why are there so many contradictions? Why are the government testing more than ever, then getting out their pram because there's more cases? Of course there's more cases, you're testing more people... Why where deaths switched and replaced with cases during a time of year when fewer people die of of flu and cold like related symptoms anyway? I just wonder... Couldn't be for purposes of deception could it?" If I have to wear a mask so you can pretend their is a Covid-19 virus, you can pretend I'm eating while I'm not wearing one! There's an Art of War which is engulfing the World. A Perception Deception, a collective summoning of the forces of Darkness, via Witchcraft and Skullduggery called Covid-19. It is the Bogeyman, a Mind Virus is what's opening the Gates of Hell, via Great Deception and behavioural modification to induce a collective state of depression - The Hunger Games Society! It's about Control Particularly, Global Control, the Centralisation of Power. Anyone with any reasonable discernment should be able to watch even that short clip of Event 201 above and see how it's engineered to create a Global Coordinaton via us "Global Citizens" to the reduction of Country's being selfish and not balancing their assets and resources. That's ultimately what this pandemic has been concocted to achieve. It's blatantly obvious how anyone can be in such denial at this point has to be because they haven't examined the information beyond the flow of mainstream.
  12. You know I was actually going to post that song at the bottom but forgotten but couldn't remember what I had forgotten I've posted it in another thread with the same intention in mind... Alternative Version... Theologia Mystica Discourses on the Treatise of St. Dionysius THOU TRINITY BEYOND BEING, DIRECT US TO THE HEIGHT OF MYSTICAL REVELATION, SUBLIME BEYOND ALL THOUGHT AND LIGHT; WHEREIN THE SIMPLE, ABSOLUTE AND IMMUTABLE MYSTERIES OF DIVINE TRUTH ARE HIDDEN IN THE TRANSLUCENT DARKNESS OF THAT SILENCE WHICH REVEALETH IN SECRET. FOR THIS DARKNESS, THOUGH OF DEEPEST OBSCURITY, IS YET RADIANTLY CLEAR, AND, THOUGH BEYOND TOUCH AND SIGHT, IT OVERFILLS OUR UNSEEING MINDS WITH SPLENDORS OF TRANSCENDENT BEAUTY. THIS IS MY PRAYER. AS YOU , BELOVED TIMOTHY, EXERTING YOURSELF SINCERELY IN MYSTICAL CONTEMPLATION, QUIT THE SENSES, THE WORKINGS OF THE INTELLECT, AND ALL THAT MAY BE SENSED AND KNOWN, AND ALL THAT IS NOT AND IS. FOR BY THIS YOU MAY UNKNOWINGLY ATTAIN, IN AS FAR AS IT IS POSSIBLE, TO THE ONENESS OF HIM WHO IS BEYOND ALL BEING AND KNOWLEDGE. THUS THROUGH INDOMITABLE, ABSOLUTE AND PURE DETACHMENT OF YOUR SELF FROM ALL THINGS, YOU WILL BE LIFTED UP TO THAT RADIANCE OF THE DIVINE DARKNESS WHICH IS BEYOND BEING, SURPASSING ALL AND FREE FROM ALL. Man up to now has lived in a very schizophrenic way. The reason why he has become divided is not very difficult to understand. For centuries he has been told that the world consists not of one world but of two worlds: the world of matter and the world of the spirit. This is absolute nonsense. The world consists only of one truth. Of course, that truth has two aspects to it, but those aspects are indivisible. The outer aspect appears as matter and the inner as spirit. It is lie a center and its circumference. This division has penetrated human mind in a thousand and one ways. The Lesser Lights - As above, so below concept is being discussed here openly, yet no one knows WTF he is talking about. The Lesser Lights are the outer limits of this reality you can't go beyond without dying. The Occultists use this as their scope for the Universe, our realm of existence within its totality and seek to reproduce it as above so below, within their system of things to replicate and for energetic means and manipulation. I don't know how they do this only the theory of it and that they obviously do seek to replicate what they know for purposes of energetic manipulation, in some cases creating distortions, but can't and won't see beyond those Lesser Light's as if the forces behind this does go beyond them, no doubt they lose control. That can't be allowed and that's what all their pursuits are about, total control but it only runs surface deep. It only becomes control because everyone is falsely fixated on their control as the foundations of our reality. Not being seen as a fantasia of the mind to maintain control. While at the same time, they have artificially hijacked our reality to maintain a loop in which the artificial construct is Time. Or at least their "boss" has. It has become the separation between the body and the soul. It has become the separation between the lower and the higher. It has become the separation between the sin and the virtue. It has become the separation between the East and the West. Man stands today so fragmented, so divided, that it is almost a miracle how we are managing to keep ourselves together. The whole energy is exhausted in just keeping ourselves together, because we are constantly falling apart... https://www.google.com/url?sa=t&source=web&rct=j&url=http://www.alaalsayid.com/ebooks/OSHO%20pdf/Theologia%20Mystica.pdf&ved=2ahUKEwjSt8Xd3YLsAhUGYsAKHYs4DyMQFjAFegQIBRAB&usg=AOvVaw31sTR0ibotf5NRN_adTF-1&cshid=1600982825317 Think of the Inner and Outer schools of the Occult. This is based upon the same understanding. They have the Outer college which is the front, like a sales pitch or a show room, like the first three degrees of Freemasonry say, or the Public Political Arena. These are the "Outer College" in the seen upon public display, the World Stage, with all the Neon Lights, like label consciousness to distract people from seeing beyond it. The Inner sanctum of control, is never on public display. It's the Green Room! Or, the Rainbow Room if you will Yet, they're of course not mutually exclusive but dependent upon one anothers survival. Like cops need robbers. Have you ever watched Dirty Harry? I'm sure it was a similar idea of what this scene is getting at the Neon God - Lights. If you haven't I'd recommend watching the film before watching this Somewhere, Over the Rainbow This is from Dirty Harry. This is symbolic of transformation, a journey or a bridge between two worlds. It's also linked with Child Abuse in the Globalist Great Inversion. While we have a bus of kidnapped children in this scene. It's symbolic. So Covid-19, A Bridge between Two Worlds? As is this supposed to signify a bridge between two worlds and ascension... From this which is a communication of peace from God. If you view this as energy, you're seeking to reverse the polarity, ascension. If communication can come one way, it can go the other. This is the same understanding in Buddhism and the Rainbow Body. Transcendence of the mind from the illusive fantasia back to the pure realm via becoming pure of mind. This has also been assimilated via Scientology and the idea of becoming "Clear", a transformational state of mind that invokes a certain level of clarity. It's the same concept but not necessarily inferring transcendence but it's where it comes from. Covid-19, A Bridge between Two Worlds? The Old World Order and the New World Order? As does this scene within Eyes Wide Shut signify, Child Abuse. Just like the Teddy Bears, a symbolic image of innocence is turned into evil, sinful and corruption. Have you ever seen Brainstorm? A Bridge between worlds? A Bridge between minds? An Energetic shift in awareness of consciousness - perspective. The movie is about being able to experience someone else's conscious via technology. So you can experience just as someone else's is experiencing now or recorded. You could record someone's death and relive it via the technology and not actually die yourself. A Bridge between worlds, consciousness experience. This could also infer the possibility of the Hive Mind. But its the symbolism of the Rainbow we are looking at and the bridge between two worlds that seems to be a repeating pattern... The Covid-19 symbolism is symbolic of an abuse of us all. A transformation. Yet, part of the great plan is to come after food and the children... Children are a "danger" right now to the elderly? DAVID ICKE - BABYLONIAN PATH - EU - NEW WORLD ORDER - BANKING SYSTEM - MINISTRIES OF CONTROL - 9/11 https://www.bitchute.com/video/YwwaWymCNekm/ I wonder what can be done? If only someone could think of something to save us? Nothing to see here. Move along now... I should clarify, Covid-19 isn't a bridge between two worlds in and of itself, it's being used this way by the occult and the symbolic representation and exploitation of such symbolism, that's why the Rainbow symbolism has been used to represent, Covid-19. It has been systematically crafted and repeated throughout society like a mass symbolic ritual to induce or invoke a certain state of change, or transformation. Noahide Laws are the foundation stones of this Global Government Transformation. UN "Peace" 🕊 Initiatives will help achieve this.
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