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  1. Hi no problem. I think some of the videos on you tube have been edited & the original audios are better. If there are any subjects you are particularly interested in let me know & i will find the most relevant audio file
  2. My definition of an anti Christ is anyone who blocks the free flow of spiritual knowledge for whatever reason. Therefore there are lots of anti Christ's - many are religious and spiritual leaders. I have encountered a few Gurus who are more conscious than most people & I am sure they have had a few experiences of self realisation like me but they are not actually self realised fully. My analogy is that you may be close to self realisation but not actually there. To get there you need to slip under something rather than raise over it. Most people who are close don't actually want you to get there because of their ego & that's what hold them back. They want to be seen as a select bunch & know something you don't In my view Christs message was that we are all the son / daughter of god (prefer the word divinity or consciousness). Its been twisted by anti christ's over time as that is what they do not want you to realise. So we are all consciousness & its the same consciousness inside everyone. Anyone who knows this but blocks others from finding it is an anti christ. I have only ever come across one person in this lifetime who is fully self realised & they told me this about anti christs
  3. Hi just came across the forum section on the website and I don't want to but in where I am not required. So I am going to make a few points and if there is any interest in me backing up any of this with more info then let me know: There are only 25 words in the Bible directly attributable to Jesus. All religions are intertwined & Jesus is intertwined with Buddhism & Hinduism (some of the Hindu texts were written by Jesus) as well as Judaism (which he didn't like very much as it is & was a closed religion) Jesus message has been distorted - he was amongst other things trying to tell people they were all the son/daughter of god & warned about following religion. Occasionally God or consciousness pops up on earth in Human form: previous but by no means an exclusive list of what some might refer to as Avatars: Krishna, Buddha, Jesus - different physical person but same consciousness & same message ie your divinity itself. Last avatar in my view was Gururaj Ananda Yogi who died in 1988. This makes him interesting as he would be the only one we have a record of what he actually said as all his talks were recorded. I have over 1000 of these where he covers all subjects. I can post some on here if there is an interest - he talks quite a bit about Jesus & gives a good explanation of why Avatars come. I have attached a picture of the spiritual emblem Gururaj created. It depicts the interlinking of all the major religions & faiths. The flame inside represents the illuminated inner consciousness inside everyone. He also gave some pretty stark warnings about the time we are now in and indicated the only way through it was humans realising who they are (consciousness) Cheers - hope this helps
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