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  1. I must check this out. I appreciate that Greer was heavily involved in the 2001 disclosure hearings but all his retreat/make direct contact with ET stuff, I am very sceptical about..
  2. Just something I thought was a little interesting. Luis Elizondo (former DOD employee and major figure in the unfolding UFO/UAP story). Around 19mins 45, he starts talking about the nature of reality and the limitations of the 5 senses. Very David Icke and refreshing to hear. Also touched upon (paraphrasing) the arrogance of science on the issue (individuals such as Neil De Grasse Tyson spring to my mind!)
  3. OK, so just a bit of a rant this one, I am getting so irked by the BBC insistence of having a weekly 'Vaccine refuser' story (usually extremely prominent on their website) in which they set out a cautionary tale of some poor individual who has died and did not want/ take the vaccine. As you would expect a full picture/full facts are rarely given. They have definitely stepped up their fear porn game with covid.
  4. David's predictions (way back last year) about issues with the food supply seem to be coming to pass. There is a BBC headline today regarding production issues following a 'pingdemic' (track and trace app reference- why anyone would want it I don't know but hey ho)
  5. I was listening to radio ulster's Stephen Nolan show today. I would invite anyone interested in hearing cult propaganda in its most blatant form to please check out today's show. The push back on Facebook (especially) and twitter has been very encouraging and strengthens my resolve. People are waking up its just that those that are have ZERO platform on mainstream news outlets.
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