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  1. We live in a world in which any mainstream narrative is inverted. Many people understand this in their hearts, yet simply pretend its not happening. We all, most likely talk to such people daily. I know I do. They know that they are being lied to, but pretend that they arent. The question is can we genuinely seek the real truth, and face the consequences of speaking real truth? The answer is that this now depends on me or you or anyone else looking at the horror show we are currently witnessing then facing up to that fact and calling out the liars for who they are. This situation has been created for us, and specifically relates to us.
  2. I get the general impression that the reason events are currently unfolding in front of those of us experiencing this is probably deeply personal. This is based upon my overall understanding that we are all strains of an infinite concsiousness ( creator ) How do you react to a world based on pure deceit? Do you go with the flow- even though you know in your heart that this is wrong, or do you stand for truth, given the consequences in this reality for so many of those choosing the latter option? In short, its probably all about you.
  3. In recent conversations with people, who are clearly and increasingly awake to all this nonsense, the hard part for many to grasp is the idea that the last vaccine will be in and of itsefl the real cause of the sickness and death of the latest fake virus. The key here is understanding the idea that viruses never have caused disease. Rather, they are a vital tool in our immune system. As with almost everything of importance to our understanding of the nature of our reality the idea that viruses cause disease is an inversion. So it is of little surprise to me that the cure for the last virus is the real cause of the next so called disease. They may well have called it monkeypox as a further denegrational insult to all of those of us who fell for the clot shot.
  4. The joke is probably premised on the idea that we all came from Monkeys. As such, we all should be classified as such. The only idiots here for me are those promoting such horseshit. The worst part is that they are our leaders . LOL.
  5. The sooner enough people get their heads around the idea that there are, essentially no "transmissable" diseases - the sooner those promoting such lies will be exposed.
  6. Should that decision be yours or the carrier? . Do you have the right to such decisions? Who are you or I to decide that ?
  7. Thats a scary thing to consider, given that that they already are dying in larger numbers as illustrated by the current and official vaccination death numbers, injuries and side effects (which are a fraction of the true toll ) - and we quite possibly aint seen nothing yet. This vaccination as a patented bioweapon is murdering people and destroying their immune systems on a daily basis. Any subsequent, exponential increase in mortality can then be attributed to a new BS virus.
  8. The idea that someone elses decision in this journey is not, ultimately up to them ? Nah. For me , anyone who understands the true nature of this existence has no right to interfere in the bodily autonomy of another person. Its none of your or my frickin business. If they have screwed up by aborting then they will have to deal with that - not you or me. We have our own screw ups to deal with. Telling others how to live their lives is what Govn'ts do, as dictated to them by the death cult. ( see vaccination , war spending and the banking scam to name but three) These idiots are trying to tell you that they are God and that they rule us all. AFAIC You and I are just as much a part of the infinite creator as anyone else. Indisputable fact. True story. I will make my own decisions and essentially focus on doing no harm. Which isn't easy for sure. How is it for you , lol?
  9. Thanks to all posting on this thread. The fact that we were as humans capable of constructing such magnificence from way back, using human ingenuity and very little by way of modern technology is food for thought for sure. It would appear that not so long ago we humans had not only the capability, but more importantly the time to engage in such stuff. People could make a living doing this and not so long ago. Not so readily available today. This is possibly the real reset ?
  10. stonemasons built them There can be little doubt that stonemasons built them. Ditto as to why ( within reason) However, look at the incredible architecture, size and overall weight of these buildings. Then look at both the populations and technology available to those who are claimed to have built them less than two hundred years ago, given the clearly insufficient resources of both people and technology available to them in order to pull this sfuff off. Anyone with an ounce of intelligence and a cursory look at the claims about the ancient buildings and temples in Egypt, Lebanon, Turkey ( gobekli tepi) etc knows full well that they simply defy the explanations of the mainstream programming narrative. So, when it comes to the more modern stuff Its also surely more a question of when and how, given the modern timeframe and history which almost all of humanity has also been programmed to accept ?
  11. Today's UK column presentation was simply sensational. As usual they provide an in depth analysis of every topic they cover. The presenters all seem to come to the inevitable conclusion that if it comes from official sources then its an inversion of the truth. I think its important that we laugh, rather than cry at the utter , complete inversion of truth in the speeches and documents issued by the lunatics that rule us - for all the serious consequences that their lies are causing in the "real world". For those reading this who truly believe that we are eternal points of infinite consciousness, you cannot help but find these morons funny. I honestly can't remember the last time I laughed as much at these comedians as they spout inversion upon inversion. https://www.ukcolumn.org/ukcolumn-news/uk-column-news-11th-may-2022
  12. Assuming as I do that Brian May did get the jab, then dare I suggest to him that at least he wasn't on AZT like Freddie, who subsequently in quick-time died of A.I.D.S ? Both of these people - very "well educated" and also very gifted musicians. Geniuses in their genre. If only they knew what many on here and increasing millions now know about the true nature of modern alleopathic medicine and the history of those dispensing it? Well, they might not be dead or sick. Then again they probably wouldnt have been as brilliant at what they did. And of course they know some stuff.....
  13. Can I assume , that when it comes to you and I, this is a rhetorical question to which the answer is no ? ;-)
  14. FFS. Hope he recovers. Great player in my eyes. Makes you wonder how long it will be before we could put together a world class football/ cricket/Olympic games/ basketball/ baseball/ you -name-it team who have perished way before their time in the post vax era ?
  15. Thenks for that very considered reply. I willl readlily admit to being clueless with regards to the iintimate details of pregnancy, or the point at which the soul enters. Some argue the Zygot, others offer differing timescales. I do however also fully understand the tranhumanist/ Eugenics agenda which is manifesting in front of everyones eyes. I suppose for myself, this is where the spiritual meets the physical. I remain wholly convinced that we are uniquely created spirits in a material world. That being my given then for me its still up to you so to speak. In many ways your argument makes perfect sense, especially when we both understand the nature of the lunatics currently running the show . I have however personally reached the inescapable conclusion that all of each of our decisions in life will be judged by ourselves in the infinite light of truth, where lying to oneself simply cannot happen. As such I still consider another souls personal choice to be none of my business. Ive got enough problems of my own to think about !
  16. My views on all of this stuff were recently altered by an interview on THC with Marty Leeds ( see link below) . The overall implication is that this is a small group of truly sick people claiming themselves as the divine creator. They make the decisions about how humanity shall live. They have choice over your life. Through transhumanisn, which is part of every agenda currently in play, they plan to replace the divine with a fake imitation of eternity. According to Marty Leeds 666 is a divine number, which is essentially represented as Christ himself. All such other freaky scary numbers and symbols have , not surprisingly been usurped and claimed by a deluded bunch of wealthy and powerful freaks - with all the accompanying suffering and depravity that this involves. Marty Leeds finally asks a very interesting question - to paraphrase 'You have all the wealth and global power you could ever need. What more can you want? How about control of billions of souls of the divine source itself?' It's food for thought for sure !. https://www.thehighersidechats.com/marty-leeds-gnostic-christianity-de-occulting-space-x-the-septenary-cipher/
  17. Indeed . Led by BLM activiists, according to your own very own report. Isn't it obvious to you yet who funds BLM and what their bigger agenda involves? If you don't know, then let me spell it out for you quite simply. They hate black people and they hate you. Thats nothing personal, They hate humanity in gernerall. They have it all and yet they are very sick. They would pay people to post this kind of stuff, indeed they probably do. I am in no way implicating you here since there are many " Mr braindead" type people ( to quote you.) who act as their free and unwitting publicity - Anyone who has been around here as long as you have must surely realize this by now? You even know who they are if your previous posts are anything to go by.
  18. They probably inverted Shakespeare in terms of who this guy really was , just like they inverted covid 19. A natural human defence indicator is now identified as a pathogen. Their cure is a vaccine that will and is doing the very opposite of what their programmed people claim it will. The sooner people begin to understand that absolutely anything you are told by the mainstream media these days is essentially a complete inversion of truth, the faster the psychopaths will fall. And it is happening. And it will happen. I guess the speed of all of that depends on those of us who understand this.
  19. And I don't even know why this deserves a thread on this forum, given that most of us here understand who the real race baiters are. In case you or anyone else missed it. They are Sabbatean Frankists. They are "very rich" and "very powerful" ( LOL) A very sick group of people who invert everything they touch, because essentially, for some strange reason they hate humanity They are the antithesis of human. This mindset results in fellow human beings fighting and killing each other. Talk about a parasitic virus. https://davidicke.com/2022/05/08/peace-love-justice-if-you-want-it/
  20. I might rephrase that slightly by saying that a healthy mind invites not disease into itself, or its body. Especially given the fact that this reality is all the exclusive product of your own beautiful and unique mind. Take control of your own mind and my best guess is your body will take care of itself. And boy do big pharma not want you to understand that along with their wholly indoctrinated dieticians, doctors and other so called health experts.
  21. Sounds to me very much like some script from the globalists' ongoing drive to bring humanity to its knees. More spending on war which inevitably blows humans to bits. More fuel price rises, which inevitably result in inflation across the board. More suffering for humanity overall Putin could have blown Kiev to bits by now, had he chose to. He could have obliterated the entire country. If I know that, then I'm pretty sure that this sabbatean stooge gets it too. Be very afraid of war , having just been frightened to death by covid. Fear is the currency of the sick peoples' control.
  22. Or "Us and them" - potato, potarto. Never quite understood what Pink Floyd were singing about back then. Its only courtesy of tireless researchers such as James Corbett that I fully came to understand how it all really works.
  23. It is my conviction that killing under the cloak of war is nothing but an act of murder.” Albert Einstein.
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