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  1. Clif High, who often sounds as nutty as a fruitcake, has spoken recently about how people will need to go through a period of initiation, where they have to look the reality of our current human situation directly in the eye in order for us to progress. He says that true horrors are about to be revealed. In ancient cultures initiations have traditionally been incredibly painful and shit - scary, but entirely neccessary in order to evolve further. Peoplle will have to come to understand and accept for themselves the true horrors that are happening as I type, and stop pretending this isnt going on. Having watched the recent Jeanette archer video and having watched similarly deeply disturbing accounts over the years, I believe that ignoring such testimony is no longer an option if our civilization is to truly defeat such inhuman evil. I wouldnt be at all surprised if this is the kind of initiation that clif is talking about.. Like David says, we will win. And like he also says, this current covid/ climate change horseshit agenda is all about absolute inhumanity. But the longer we prolong this collective refusal to see things as they truly are , beyond the covid crap and climate change crap , the longer we will have to suffer , prior to inevitable victory.
  2. Because he's pulling your chain. Geoff agrees that this death jab rollout is essentially a crime against humanity. A rollout brought to you by the very same cult that defined a vital part of your immune system ( virus) as a poison. I suppose its a waste of time asking him for a more fitting name for the term virus. Whatever we chose, virus is certainly a very poisonous term.
  3. Having read pages and pages of this back and forth stuff, It is clear to me that viruses do exist. If only iInsofaras that is their mainstream label How do we better describe a biological defence system which the psychopathic, lying, mass murdering pharmaceutical industry define as a poison in order to give you very real poisons in the name of a cure ?
  4. Ink, seriously, thanks for your considered reply. I don't know what information has been removed from the old forum, though much of this would be undboubtably be related to the Saville stuff. I just fell that if the elites are abducting and murdering young kids by the hundreds of thousands ( 10, 000 were apparently taken from Denmark recently ), I cannot conceive of anything more imprortant. So, given my own thoughts, relative or not to this post, do you consider this real or fake ?
  5. How about cutting to the quick here? The following link is not pretty. Its incredibly sensational. Is this real testimony or is it fake ? Whatever we decide, it does cut to the quick. Have a look ink and I would be interested in your thoughts. https://davidicke.com/2021/10/17/satanic-ritual-abuse-survivor-jeanette-archer-exposing-the-satanic-queen-at-windsor-castle-they-are-reptilians/
  6. Let's remind ourselves of some facts here. This is a so called virus whose average age of fatality is above the average age of life expectancy. That is an indisputable fact. Almost the entirety of the "infected " usually have a host of co-morbities, ranging from cancer to heart disease, diabetes etc. Should it therefore surprise you, or anyone who can think logically that a biomorphic exosome, conveniently labelled as a killer virus should be found within those who perish?? Or, given their true function as a signalling defence for our immune system, might that be better explained by biomorphic exosomes being present at the site of such diseases ?
  7. That would be an interesting thought experiment around here and elsewhere. Replace the word virus with the term biomorphic exosome. Trying to explain what a "virus" really is - a biomorphic exosome - is the hard bit
  8. Well here is where we need to go biomorphic, so to speak. As such we need to define a virus as what it really is. As I understand it, that which mass murdering big pharma label a virus ( or strain thereof ) is actually a biomorphic exosome,.. This is a warning frequency issued to those cells at risk of infections caused by real-world toxins in our food, water, atmosphere et cetera. They subsequently show up in and around the cells that are in danger of exposure to such threats. According to Dr Bruce Lipton, they actually do this in advance of the problem manifesting itself. Dr Lipton explains this in far more detail than my summary here. Whats more this requires people who are prepared to accept, as I am, that we are far more than just our physical boides. This is cutting edge science, the understanding of which is very dangerous to the existing sickos.
  9. Viruses are an integral part of our immune system. Which is why every last human on earth has trilliions of them in their bodies. They are our first line of defence against disease. They show up in those areas of our bodies which are infected , thereby informing the heavy artillery of our immune system where the problem is. The heavy artillery ( t-cells etc) then deal with the problem. Blaming a virus for being at the site of a diseased part of the body and thus the cause, is like blaming a fireman for being at the site of a fire.
  10. Dare I suggest that you can only begin to understand the true extent of the inhuman nature of this agenda when you understand that that which they used to call the common cold, which was then relabelled the flu, and has subsequently been designated covid 19 is actually our own immune sytems attempt to clear the shit out of our bodies caused by stress, garbage food, EMF, et cetera. Germ theory is a big fuk off lie. Watch their house of cards fall down as soon as enough people get their heads around that.
  11. Youre starting to sound like BLM now. This is a war on hunanity, regardless of race creed or colour. Did you not get that yet as you merrily go around parading the programmed kapos
  12. Well blow me over, that sounds exactly like you
  13. Indeed it does. The essential extermination or at least transformation of the human race So , based upon what we are currently witnessing , is their any particular race you consider exempt. And if you believe there is , then can you point out who and why ?
  14. Thanks enormously for this . I will be looking for sure.
  15. Currently listening to 21st century wire. The death cult certainly appear to have all bases covered when it comes to murdering us through medical interventions and lockdowns on a global scale. All paid for by us. Now they are ramping up the war activity, as supposedly opposed national leaderships threaten each other with their murderous weaponry All paid for by us Never mind that most humans simply want to live their lives and love, get along and interact with each other. The western peoples will say the Eastern peoples dunnit. The various religions will say the other religion dunnit. The vaxxers will say the antivaxxers dunnit. I say the death cult dunnit, I say that their operatives , be they aware or unaware, control all nations globallly and I suggest that it's important that we understand this fact sooner rather than later. Chine did this, America did that , you need to get vaccinated , the world is heating up, BLAH BLAH BLAH.
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