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  1. Can I just cut to the quick with you here, as someone who lives in the East, and ask you how freely you believe they would tolerate the transgender nonsense here ? Can I ask you how much they interfere with small businesses and people's lives in general around here? Do you live in the East? What is your personal experience ?
  2. I listen a lot to TNT radio. This is an online radio station where free speech for now is king. When I hear stories from any Western source that China and Russia are bad, knowing how much I can trust from any Western media, I find myself dutybound to listen to evidence from people who actually live in these countries. Its a true eye-opener to me. My conclusion is that I'm genuinely no longer sure, as I have previously suggested around here, that all is black pill territory.
  3. Big thanks to Bamboozka for this. A concise expose of where the true movers and shakers are. https://www.bitchute.com/video/bvAKOPIVkxvz/
  4. Thanks for the truly mindblowing part 27 video, which I will share on my Real Gems thread. If anyone really wishes to cut to the quick as to who the true movers and shakers are in our civilisation, then this is a genuine crash course, which would surely make anyone with ears to listen and eyes to see pay attention I should say however - and feel free to call me a hopeless optimist- that there are forces within this nest of vipers that won't "go with the programme"- Few of which are in the West. I guess we shall see. When asked what he thought of Western civilisation, Ghandi famously replied that he thought it would be a very good idea.
  5. Patrick Henningsen conducting A one hour interview with Steve Falconer with reference to the recent "End of Covid" symposium. https://21stcenturywire.com/2023/08/06/interview-steve-falconer-the-viral-delusion/
  6. When you get right down to it, this is as close to the truth- regarding the nature of our physical reality- that you might ever come across ?
  7. If you ever wish to hear the whole vaccine industry being exposed extremely lucidly for the fraud that it is, not to mention the consequences for every last one of us, then you can do no better in my experience than listen to an interview with Michael Bryant, dated 22nd July at the following link https://tntradio.live/shows/perspective-with-jesse-zurawell/
  8. I agree 100%. Let me repeat again, there is no-one more disappointed than me to watch that video, and watch himself setting himself up for , well, whats just been happening today. As for his defence of the pathogenic virus model. My problem with this, is that someone so smart cannot take the time to listen to serious experts, or evidence out there that clearly illustrates just how fake this whole pathogenic virology crap is. It doesn't even absorb more than 3 hours of your time, given that you understand that just about anything else spoken from "official" sources is a steaming pile of crap. If anyone should understand this, then surely RFK jr should. He wrote a book about Fauci. He is fully aware of Kary Mullis. He is fully aware of the poison that was AZT that murdered people and whose deaths were subsequently attributed to HIV- another fake virus - identified by a PCR test that was never capable of identifying such imaginary pathogens. At the end of the day I guess we are all on our own individual paths to real truth. Being deeply involved in law, politics etc at higher levels that someone like RFK jr is, will doubtless hinder such a path. But only to a point.
  9. Ask me who I would like to see as POTUS 2024? For all of his failings it would be RFK jr. Probably a Trump/RFK jr ticket would be my own best-case scenario. I just simply find the contents of that video simply incredible to anyone who even begins to imagine that speaking such "truth" about the racist preferences of a bioweapon virus released from a lab to be either extremely stupid, or very suspicious Personally I would have preferred if that recorded conversation had honed in on a more serious truth , namely that pathogenic viruses dont even exist, never mind that this "lab produced" lie could determine ethnicity ( although maybe the next vaccine will ,given the ongoing findings from the global PCR testing.) If you're going to effectively surrender any remote hope of support, which to my mind he does in that video, at least go out speaking some real truth. Don't talk a pile of steaming bullcrap.
  10. As we career head on to the neo-feudalism planned by the psyhcopaths, whilst remembering that these "people" plan for decades, perhaps its time for even the most red-pilled in our midst to take another look at some serious, very real facts around nuclear power, along with accompanying radiation issues. In the long term, it would appear that this is as cheap, carbon friendly and safe a form of energy as anyone can imagine. Rather like covid was a deadly pandemic, so is radiation truly a deadly phenomenon? Hiroshima is nowadays a beautiful city ( if you can find photos ). Chernobyl never stopped producing power even after the "disaster". Shouldn't the Pacific ocean be dead by now following Fukishima? Listen to Hugo Kruger on Jerm warfare (14th of July) and think about this https://tntradio.live/shows/jerm-warfare-with-jeremy-nell/
  11. There are two serious flaws in the RFK jr narrative here for me. Firstly the entire idea that there is any such fukn thing as a pathogenic virus, as anyone with half a brain who has truly looked into this should know ( And he should know). Secondly, it doesn't matter what he actually said, even though he actually said it, its the fact that this throws so much suspicion on him. Don't misunderstand me here, Im deeply upset by any suggestion that RFK is part of the problem, so to speak, and I fully understand the need to tread carefully when speaking about anything in any recordable capacity. Which is why, on both counts RFK jr should know a lot better if he truly stands for the truth.
  12. RFK jr. A timely reminder that people should be careful what they wish for. Ive heard a lot of good things, and indeed believed them about RFK But seriously have you ever heard such BS ? Released from a lab , and designed not to target the jews? https://nypost.com/2023/07/15/rfk-jr-says-covid-was-ethnically-targeted-to-spare-jews/
  13. Thanks for your considered reply, Mac. I'm very familiar with the above episode, which certainly pricked up my ears at the time. By and large I can understand all of your arguments, but I feel the interview made some highly pertinent points, not least about Western propoganda that gave me pause for thought. For example. This whole idea that china doesn't have people of sufficient intelligence to create their own technologies, given both the size of its population and the very fact in both my own eyes and experience that these people are generally far more intelligent than their western counterparts. The enormously disproportionate volume of Chinese patent applications compared to those in the west might serve as proof of this. This of course could be a false claim, but it makes sense when you consider where we stand militarily just now I mean ,I certainly wouldnt fancy the chances of the West in any kind of military confrontation with either China or Russia in a global dust up. If the Chinese and the Russians stole western military technology, then where are all the hypersonic weapons stocks in the west? We do know that both the Russians and chinese have those. There were several other points that were made, which escape me now - like you said, it's been a while. There is of course a strong argument to be made that all of this bluster and war rhetoric is simply a diversion, with the added bonus of the fear it creates. I am fairly confident in my own mind for example, that the whole nuclear bomb thing is certainly nothing like the immediate threat to humanity that most perceive it to be. I guess time will tell. Thanks for your interest anyways. The interview certainly gave me pause for thought.
  14. When you have all the money in the world, and you have a collective plan to destroy anyone who doesn't, who the fuck in their midst care about those invested in target or the bud lite company? The vast majority are no longer human according to these monsters. 99.9 % of humanity are, as far as they are concerned, little more than animals. This surely begs the question of exactly who or what the 0.01 % are ?
  15. The very first interview I ever heard that talked about "What really makes us ill", that got me questioning what I now truly understand to be the Covid BS, was shortly after the declared """"pandemic"""" ( triple exclamation marks). Below is a link for anyone interested . https://www.thehighersidechats.com/dawn-lester-david-parker-what-really-makes-us-ill-germ-theory-the-four-factors/?highlight=dawn lester and david parker
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