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  1. Kia ora and Hi - I'm from Aotearoa/NZ. I am of both: Maori/English/French ancestory - bit of a bitch in all area's really :) - still deciding which part of me loves to swear! Perhaps all of that ancestory combined........ I've been ~ most interested and have never been let down by/in what David Icke has been presenting for well on a Decade+ now. I chose: Genome Xploitz as a user name after David first brought to the attention, for us all and throughout this manic world way back when and especially through to the earliest signs of this covid b.s - bringing to light what has underpinned all of these tests via: Kary Mullis - which was: The PCR test does not test for any infectious diseases/virus - it cannot and todate will never. In essence ~ David's announcement of this - has bought many people around this globe - into, what I can only determine with great clarity as: *A Great Awakening* the - something just doesn't bloody add up - and in whole with all that we know today - Never Bloody Has (Davids words)!lol Hence forth - as lockdowns turned into a week and a month....then the obvious was going to happen - that bloody *Jab* aka *Poison* which will change our DNA and so much more: I knew that: Genome Xploitz was appropriate. Touche' David and all who are on here with getting to grips with what will eventually be: The Ultimate: War upon which all Wars before this we are facing - will pale in comparison. My ~ Deepest: Respect to David and his Family ~ Cheerz & Good Journey to US ALL..
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