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  1. Maybe see you in court. When this shit show unfolds. Derived from Sanskrit, Nirvana is a Buddhist term meaning extinguishing the flame. Call in the fire brigade
  2. Her name sounds awfully like the Iraqi born education minister Nadhim Zahawi
  3. 68 upside down = 89 I’m sure 9/11/89 (9th November 1989) is the day the Berlin Wall came down.
  4. Tested positive by lateral flow and pcr test
  5. She's not well. Bad cough, chest etc. Sounds like she has the flu.
  6. My next door neighbour who is a health care worker informed me yesterday,(as she stood at the top of my path), that she has tested positive for covid. She's had both jabs and has been boosted. NHS Wales confirmed the fact via txt msg today after taking a PCR. Wtf? I have never taken the jab and although have mingled with her for many months and all over the Christmas period am feeling fine. I'm sure these jabs are interfering with peoples immune systems.
  7. Thankyou. I can't help where I was born, but I assure you I am not one of the sheeple. I have my own mind
  8. The Lord's my Shepherd. I am not a sheep. (I may be Welsh, but I am not a sheep)
  9. This nonsense gets more bizarre by the day, and the longer it continues the more ludicrous it gets, for those who see. Omicrom (now called Opticrom) used to be a product in the form of eye drops, used to treat eye infections. I really is having a laugh now.
  10. He, he. The Archbishops first name happens to be Justin. Aka just in Jesus, me thinks not. He can go do one.
  11. Tis easier to get a camel through the eye of a needle, than a rich man (Big pharma) into the Kingdom of Heaven (my arm) They can all do one
  12. I'm loving the Fez hat. Tommy Cooper would conjure it up just like that.
  13. On hearing that MPs of the opposition backed the government only confirms to me, what I already knew, i.e. that democracy really is an illusion. Both the Left wing, and the Right wing belong to the same bird. This game is fixed.
  14. Liz Truss, more like Liz Trust. The name gives it away and says it all, as for those who choose to see it's quite easy to read between the lines. I wouldn't trust Liz Trust, or any of them sold out politicians. Nothing but an orchestrated shit show this is. It's becoming quite farcical now.
  15. Robert Maxwell was also known as "Cap'n Bob" and the "bouncing Czech" (Check/Cheque) Follow the Shekels (money I say)
  16. 'Cruel and inhuman' That was the major story that featured in todays Daily Mail, with the latest headline to distract us from the real goings on. The case, which I have never heard of, until the past few days focused upon the appalling treatment of abuse that lead to the subsequent death of a six year old child. Whilst I do not condone the actions of his caregivers, and my heart absolutely breaks for the child, I cannot help but think the Government are the real culprits in situations like this and they should be in the dock. Their forced lockdowns have exacerbated the fragility of the mental health of the nation, almost to a breaking point. I know of elderly persons who were full 'compos mentis', but due to Government actions had their health deteriorate and died during lockdown. Mainly due to not being able to socialise etc. How many lives have been ruined by this government, and how much more will we take.
  17. Didn't turn up for work yesterday as I am an agency worker in a factory and am treated like a second class citizen. I absolutely hate the place. Whilst working everyone wears masks, to which I will not wear outside but in order to provide for my kids I am forced to. (Sorry for going against my beliefs, but I have Christmas coming and kids to think of) Anyways, during my absence, yesterday, the manager called a briefing on the latest Covid H & S regulations. I heard that a Polish guy called him out when on his informative talk, saying "Come on, stop your nonsense. We all know this is a load of bollocks" Apparently the Manager, (who was obviously taking orders from above) got very irate by the comments made, and it got a bit heated. I so do wish I was there. What was conferred during the talk was that employees should keep a metre distance at all times (not the 2 metre rule) However, I did notice at the end of work today that rule was clearly broken. You should've seen all the workers huddled round the clocking out machine. 8 - 10 people within a metre I'd say. I couldn't help but laugh at the hypocrisy of it all. It really is a shit show.
  18. Yep I personally believe they are nothing but drug pushers, with an allegiance to 'Big Pharma' So sad
  19. My mother's one of those. She's just had her forth jab. Loves her weekly visit up the doctors for more tests. She practically has more drugs in her cupboard than a pharmacy. She had an anaphylactic reaction and was rushed to A & E 10 years ago and carries an Epi-pen around, then in 2019 she went into kidney failure with sepsis. She nearly died, but does not see the link between her health conditions and the amount of prescription pills she is on. It started with the HRT then she'd put on weight and had high blood pressure (more pills again) then she was diagnosed with type 2 Diabetes. She takes a concoction of 10+ pills a day, but cannot see that the medical profession overprescribing pills has actually caused her such problems. Thankfully my reluctance to take the vaccine hasn't affected our relationship. She knows my views on the medical profession.
  20. Off topic but another staged one IMO was the officer who killed George Floyd, Chauvin. Look it up in a dictionary a 'chauvinism' pertains to; 1. Militant devotion to and glorification of one's country; fanatical patriotism 2. Prejudiced belief in the superiority of one's own gender, group, or kind: Couldn't make it up
  21. Just a thought but Omega Ω also happens to be the symbol of OHM. And, OHM Ω when rotated at 180 degrees (turned upside down) spells WHO. So that's when they run out of Greek alphabet letters and, hopefully their game is up
  22. Considering London Bridge Down is a code phrase for the planning for what will happen after the death of Queen Elizabeth II, (announcements of the fact, state funeral etc) It wouldn’t surprise me if this is already true. Especially with the London Bridge Attack that took place in 2017 and the London Bridge Stabbing in 2019. I'd rather enjoy another cup of coffee (Maxwell House, preferably)
  23. Just a correction to the above, Bill Gates was born in 1955, therefore he is 66 not 64.
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