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  1. Maybe see you in court. When this shit show unfolds. Derived from Sanskrit, Nirvana is a Buddhist term meaning extinguishing the flame. Call in the fire brigade
  2. Her name sounds awfully like the Iraqi born education minister Nadhim Zahawi
  3. 68 upside down = 89 I’m sure 9/11/89 (9th November 1989) is the day the Berlin Wall came down.
  4. Tested positive by lateral flow and pcr test
  5. She's not well. Bad cough, chest etc. Sounds like she has the flu.
  6. My next door neighbour who is a health care worker informed me yesterday,(as she stood at the top of my path), that she has tested positive for covid. She's had both jabs and has been boosted. NHS Wales confirmed the fact via txt msg today after taking a PCR. Wtf? I have never taken the jab and although have mingled with her for many months and all over the Christmas period am feeling fine. I'm sure these jabs are interfering with peoples immune systems.
  7. Thankyou. I can't help where I was born, but I assure you I am not one of the sheeple. I have my own mind
  8. The Lord's my Shepherd. I am not a sheep. (I may be Welsh, but I am not a sheep)
  9. This nonsense gets more bizarre by the day, and the longer it continues the more ludicrous it gets, for those who see. Omicrom (now called Opticrom) used to be a product in the form of eye drops, used to treat eye infections. I really is having a laugh now.
  10. He, he. The Archbishops first name happens to be Justin. Aka just in Jesus, me thinks not. He can go do one.
  11. Tis easier to get a camel through the eye of a needle, than a rich man (Big pharma) into the Kingdom of Heaven (my arm) They can all do one
  12. I'm loving the Fez hat. Tommy Cooper would conjure it up just like that.
  13. On hearing that MPs of the opposition backed the government only confirms to me, what I already knew, i.e. that democracy really is an illusion. Both the Left wing, and the Right wing belong to the same bird. This game is fixed.
  14. Liz Truss, more like Liz Trust. The name gives it away and says it all, as for those who choose to see it's quite easy to read between the lines. I wouldn't trust Liz Trust, or any of them sold out politicians. Nothing but an orchestrated shit show this is. It's becoming quite farcical now.
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