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  1. I trust in my God given immune system and choose to follow the ‘signs’ not their science.
  2. With the travel industry so hard hit by this nonsense. I can’t help but think that Thomas Crook must have had inside information about this plandemic. Maybe that is why they went into liquidation a year before this COVID nonsense came about. Makes me think!
  3. I have lost four people close to my heart this year. My mother’s sister passed on New Year’s Day, so I consider that an omen to the year. I will take the Chinese New Year (February 11) as the beginning of this year. My point is of the four people I have lost, none of my them died of ‘convid’ they died from neglect from the NHS, as access to their services was denied to us sheeple under the mask of a plandemc. From now on I shall do any work off the books. (Cash in hand) I don’t particularly like paying taxes but why should I pay National Insurance to a health service that has blood on its hands. Even if the doctors are hiding. I’d rather shit in my hands and clap, whilst raising a glass to William Beverage
  4. You couldn't make this sh*t up! They had a 'Cock' in charge of the Health Service, and a 'Dick' is in charge of the Metropolitan police. What a complete and utter shit show.
  5. I didn’t get far in life but I think a lot
  6. My view of all this nonsense
  7. Here is my take on the world: Economies of scale therein lies a tale, For a greater game is played, In the name of trade Supply and demand Chain of Command The Hidden Hand Hidden force, took its course Between super powers and the Twin Towers Done and dusted in a couple of hours 9/11 was the date sealed mankind's fate Supply and demand The chain of command and from above came a velvet glove A velvet revolution to aide distribution Let's give the masses a new revolution This will be the final solutioQn And so came the orders to open the borders For we were doomed to be consumed This was our fate 9/11 marked the date For I am certain the Iron Curtain gave the call for the fall of the Berlin Wall The chain of command A Hidden Hand In supply and demand from above a velvet glove Revolution was the solution But it came with a twist It was clothed in an Iron Fist and Military Forces Took such courses Guided by reputable sources For the truth shall unfold, and it will be told In the War of the Cold, the World was sold. Yes, the World was sold, in the War of the Cold 9/11 was the date Sealed mankind's fate The Cold War Shall be no more As a new millennia did dawn A New War on Terror was born 9/11 was the date sealed Mankind's fate For you shall learn That the clock doth turn And that time again did come To begin again on 9/11 For a natives tongue Is a smoking gun And oral tradition Is live ammunition There is no mystery Tis written in our history
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