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  1. 10 minutes ago, DaleP said:


    May be the Captain is jabbed and had a heart attack? I mean, how could he have misssed the bridge??

    I think it’s down to the two watchmen in the CrowsNest not having any binoculars. 
    And with the river being so calm it was hard to see the bridge.


    Apparently the missing people were fixing potholes. The concept of ‘fixing potholes’ is alien to me. The roads near me have potholes so large that the only missing people around here are the ones who have fallen down them.

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  2. I do hope when people start queuing up on April 1st that the Boots staff member offering the vaccine informs the customer that the vaccine doesn’t stop you from catching it or spreading it and it also gives you nasty side effects. And then reminds them of the price, £99.

    And then just slaps them around the face and shouts “April Fools you sucker!”



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  3. 5 hours ago, Mr Crabtree said:

    Playing into the Govt's hands by pushing up the non existent amount of 'cases' of the imaginary illness 'convid'!

    True…. Although the “died within 28 days of a positive test” scam was also incredible.

    Do they do that with the normal flu each winter? “Frank died 28 days after having the flu so it must be the flu” type reporting? 
    Maybe they do, but if they don’t the normal flu would also claim far more deaths than is reported?

    And wasn’t it “60 days after a test” at one point? 

    Anyway, I think if people want to believe that narrative there is no helping them. I don’t think they even want the truth.


    As for Kate and The King, they did this with people collapsing during the vaccine roll out. They normalise It and let the masses just accept it as the new normal.


    Like somebody else just mentioned…. I smell a rat.

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  4. 17 hours ago, LastOneLeftInTheCounty said:

    ‘Damn it Maureen, that’s the fifth test I’ve done today and the thing keeps saying I’m Covid negative! 
    The neighbours are on their 2nd positive in three days, what are we doing wrong?’

    ‘Don’t worry dear, keep trying, I’ll get the pots and pans out ready for this evening.’ 

    Amazing really. The other thing that I remember is when people would get a negative test and say “It says it’s not covid but it must be wrong. I feel terrible.”


    Basically they would either wait for the result they wanted or simply ignore the result and claim otherwise.



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  5. On 3/9/2024 at 12:16 AM, Mr Crabtree said:

    Sussex police are now using this bit of AI tech at Handcross on the A23 near Brighton. It's being trialed with infrastructure firm Aecom until March 2025 and if successful, then they are being mounted on gantries all along the Nation's highways!




    Apparently it can see into any vehicle, scan face, see if you're on the phone, and even see

    if you are wearing your seatbelt!

    Well, I'm gonna fuck them up!



    Looks like something else I can practice my catapult accuracy on.


    Although I do not believe that TPTB have only just come up with that kind of technology. Basically a camera on a pole on top of a van? Sounds like Brave New World Poundland style.

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  6. 1 hour ago, Mr H said:

    New term to me. Not just a conspiracy theorist, but "conspiracy theory SUPER SPREADER.


    Normies will soon abbreviate to just CTSS'



    would rather be part of that club than the ‘Official Narrative Super Sheeple’


    The Official Narrative - for people who can’t face the truth.



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  7. 8 minutes ago, Grumpy Owl said:


    Maybe this is why so many local authorities in the UK are keen to "take back control of our buses" with their franchising plans, as has already happened in Manchester.




    Best to keep a good old fashioned push bike or two and spare tyres just so you can get about.

    It seems the local councils are already neglecting the roads.

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  8. From not being seen in months, to then being caught out faking photos, to then being seen in a blurry video, to now having cancer.


    Personally, I think one possibility is to shut down freedom of speech on the internet again. Just like the uproar with Philip schofield. These ‘crazy conspiracies’ that have added to her stress must be shut down. 
    Even now, some people are apologising online for questioning the narrative. 

    I read somewhere (probably bbc) that ‘conspiracy sleuths’ are too blame for Kate rushing forward her announcement.



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  9. Whenever I see anything like this, or the London shootings a few years back, I just think that these people who are walking around like the Terminator killing indiscriminately must be mind controlled somehow, or at the very least programmed to feel no emotions.

    Now wether that is through terror groups or shady government puppet masters is another question, but there is something non human about these actions.


    Even the way they walk. As if they are taking a stroll down the beach skimming stones on the waves, I dunno, it just doesn’t look natural.

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  10. 1 hour ago, LastOneLeftInTheCounty said:


    You’re both correct I reckon.


    Remember William and harry doing work on the train tracks for some photo shoot? They were caught on camera replacing the real William with a double/clone. Real William walks off while harry beckons the clone to carry on working with the shovel for the photoshoot. 

    In this grainy photo of william and Kate we see two people in their twenties, they both do NOT look like that anymore. Williams jawline is that of a 25 yr old and Kate just isn’t Kate. 

    The clones of famous people are always seen hanging around in public, usually no protection, no one’s ever bothered about them and they’re always surprised if people try to talk to them or recognise them.

    It’s like they know they’re clones, and have no aura or charisma, like blank slates. I’ve read about some celebrity  ‘clone’ encounters in America and they always say the same thing- they’re literally ‘not there’, non people. 

     I’d actually forgotten about that incident on the train tracks (or wherever it was.)

    And I swear sometimes the lovely Queen Elizabeth looked different from one day to the next..
    I suppose body doubles aren’t exactly a new thing but something is really off with this latest royal mystery.


  11. Questions I have about that picture..


    1.) why is someone using a Nokia 3310 to take a photo in 2024.


    2.) How come nobody else saw them?


    3.) why are all other grainy, blurry pictures of ufos or Bigfoot dismissed when this picture is somehow considered solid proof?


    My theory is this… they cloned Kate And have released her from her cryotube. But sadly the clone was from 15 years ago so hasn’t aged as the real Kate has. Happy days for William. 

  12. Years ago I watched a video on The Internet of David Icke.

    He was in either South America or Africa and was talking to a tribe who remember a time “before the moon.”

    The Guy he was talking to was called something like Asasi or similar ish…


    Does anyone remember this or have a link to it now. I can find lots of videos with Credo Mutwa but I’m sure it wasn’t him in the video I watched originally.


    It may even have had a scene where they have a sculpture of what looks like a dinosaur but I could be getting mixed with a different video…



  13. So HIV is back in the news.

    According to SKY news (BBC also have a similar report) the cases of HIV is going up in heterosexuals since 2020 despite less people being tested now than before the pandemic.


    They want it to be routinely checked when anyone gets a blood test.


    So, if my maths is correct, since the pandemic less people are being tested yet more cases are being found.


    I can only imagine it’s a symptom of Long Covid.



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  14. 12 minutes ago, HAARPING_On said:

    OK, I’ve been watching this story quite closely since it broke and despite the mass hysteria from the press, media and fans, NO ONE seems to have analysed in depth Klopp’s reasons for leaving.


    As has been stated at the top of this thread, this was a man who came out publicly and vocally in 2020 denouncing “anti-vaxxers” and then once the vaccine rollout started, proudly announced that 99% of his squad were fully vaccinated. I presume that included him.


    We also know that one of his squad, Croatian Dejan Lovren had publicly stated that he didn’t believe the government narrative and wouldn’t be getting vaccinated. He didn’t play for Liverpool again and was promptly moved on to Zenit St Petersburg in Russia.




    Coming back to Klopp, this whole thing seems to have been orchestrated very well. He told the owners FSG in November, he produced a “heartfelt leaving speech” for social media explaining his reasons for leaving and it all seems a bit too stage managed for me.


    My own opinion matches others on here who believe Klopp is VACCINE DAMAGED and has developed some sort of heart issue which given the stress of his current job makes him highly susceptible to an episode which may cost him his life. I know this because a friend of mine got myocarditis after a Moderna booster and basically had to give up everything until he could get a couple of operations to sort it out...


    So, let’s look at the reasons for leaving, He’s “Tired all the time” and can’t give 100%. He’s being honest with the fans and the club.


    I’m not buying that.


    He’d fairly recently signed a 4 year extension his contract, ending in 2026, the team is doing really well in all domestic and European competitions and he’s got a bunch of exciting young players just breaking through into the team... For any Premier League football manager they would be brimming with excitement at the potential.




    In my opinion Klopp is not being honest, he’s been told what to say, its' a controlled exit.


    Let’s get one thing straight, if Klopp IS vaccine damaged and he publicly admits it, THE WHOLE GOVERNMENT COVID NARRATIVE GETS DESTROYED in the blink of an eye.


    I’ll be watching closely for developments on this in the coming months and years to see what happens, but if my gut instinct is correct, which it normally is, then I’m right on this.

    Hmm, I wasn’t aware Lovren had that view on vaccines.


    As for Klopp, time will tell.

    There certainly have been quite a few players retire early since the jabs.

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  15. Don’t know any of your questions.

    just reading it though…


    apparently the ‘enemy’ drone managed to hit its target because the US base defence system was not working because a US ‘friendly’ drone was returning to base at the same time.


    what an unlucky coincidence. Again.


    as for it leading to a bigger conflict, I think it’s another FEAR propaganda incident. More peppers in the stew and it’s gonna get hotter.


    I dread to think what the doomsday clock says now. 

  16. I don’t think all Liverpool fans are obnoxious.

    every club in the world has a percentage of fans who are paedophiles, rapists, murderers, thugs, drug dealers, pharmaceuticals, terrorists and general low life.


    Football is actually a good way of looking at how tribalism works. The ‘Us’ and ‘them’ mentality. How wearing a different coloured shirt can make you look at them as sub human.


    Patriotism and Religion have also mastered this well.



  17. 6 hours ago, Avoiceinthecrowd said:



    I 'got it' alright and acted like it.

    So basically I got to whinge a lot and moan at how I can’t shift this ‘cold’ but then imagine how bad I would be feeling if I hadn’t been jabbed 8 times.


    How does one act to having myocarditis? Do I just collapse on the floor like a footballer looking for a free kick?


    Anyone else have any acting tips?

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  18. 12 hours ago, Seconal said:

    We'll see who is and who isn't a lost cause the next time there's some globalist bullshit.


    After 911 I said to myself, 'the next time there's some bs, I won't believe the hype. I will see it clearly'.


    911 woke the world up. How many more do you think Convid not only woke up, but pissed off as well?

    I’ll never put on a life jacket again.

  19. 10 minutes ago, Grumpy Owl said:

    They're really ramping up the fear rhetoric now...


    Britain must train citizen army, military chief warns

    from https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-68086188


    I'm pretty sure we have enough armed forces to defend our little island, if they weren't all deployed all over the world fighting other peoples' battles.


    Of course it can be argued that our country is already being invaded, yet the invaders are being welcomed in.


    I'm reminded of when I was at secondary school, and the Gulf War broke out, there was a lot of fear and worry among my classmates, as the suggestion was being mooted that we were all of an age where we could end up getting 'called up'.


    Thankfully that never happened, but they were nervous times.

    Can’t see many of the youth signing up. I don’t think enough people care really.


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