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  1. So HIV is back in the news.

    According to SKY news (BBC also have a similar report) the cases of HIV is going up in heterosexuals since 2020 despite less people being tested now than before the pandemic.


    They want it to be routinely checked when anyone gets a blood test.


    So, if my maths is correct, since the pandemic less people are being tested yet more cases are being found.


    I can only imagine it’s a symptom of Long Covid.



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  2. 12 minutes ago, HAARPING_On said:

    OK, I’ve been watching this story quite closely since it broke and despite the mass hysteria from the press, media and fans, NO ONE seems to have analysed in depth Klopp’s reasons for leaving.


    As has been stated at the top of this thread, this was a man who came out publicly and vocally in 2020 denouncing “anti-vaxxers” and then once the vaccine rollout started, proudly announced that 99% of his squad were fully vaccinated. I presume that included him.


    We also know that one of his squad, Croatian Dejan Lovren had publicly stated that he didn’t believe the government narrative and wouldn’t be getting vaccinated. He didn’t play for Liverpool again and was promptly moved on to Zenit St Petersburg in Russia.




    Coming back to Klopp, this whole thing seems to have been orchestrated very well. He told the owners FSG in November, he produced a “heartfelt leaving speech” for social media explaining his reasons for leaving and it all seems a bit too stage managed for me.


    My own opinion matches others on here who believe Klopp is VACCINE DAMAGED and has developed some sort of heart issue which given the stress of his current job makes him highly susceptible to an episode which may cost him his life. I know this because a friend of mine got myocarditis after a Moderna booster and basically had to give up everything until he could get a couple of operations to sort it out...


    So, let’s look at the reasons for leaving, He’s “Tired all the time” and can’t give 100%. He’s being honest with the fans and the club.


    I’m not buying that.


    He’d fairly recently signed a 4 year extension his contract, ending in 2026, the team is doing really well in all domestic and European competitions and he’s got a bunch of exciting young players just breaking through into the team... For any Premier League football manager they would be brimming with excitement at the potential.




    In my opinion Klopp is not being honest, he’s been told what to say, its' a controlled exit.


    Let’s get one thing straight, if Klopp IS vaccine damaged and he publicly admits it, THE WHOLE GOVERNMENT COVID NARRATIVE GETS DESTROYED in the blink of an eye.


    I’ll be watching closely for developments on this in the coming months and years to see what happens, but if my gut instinct is correct, which it normally is, then I’m right on this.

    Hmm, I wasn’t aware Lovren had that view on vaccines.


    As for Klopp, time will tell.

    There certainly have been quite a few players retire early since the jabs.

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  3. Don’t know any of your questions.

    just reading it though…


    apparently the ‘enemy’ drone managed to hit its target because the US base defence system was not working because a US ‘friendly’ drone was returning to base at the same time.


    what an unlucky coincidence. Again.


    as for it leading to a bigger conflict, I think it’s another FEAR propaganda incident. More peppers in the stew and it’s gonna get hotter.


    I dread to think what the doomsday clock says now. 

  4. I don’t think all Liverpool fans are obnoxious.

    every club in the world has a percentage of fans who are paedophiles, rapists, murderers, thugs, drug dealers, pharmaceuticals, terrorists and general low life.


    Football is actually a good way of looking at how tribalism works. The ‘Us’ and ‘them’ mentality. How wearing a different coloured shirt can make you look at them as sub human.


    Patriotism and Religion have also mastered this well.



  5. 6 hours ago, Avoiceinthecrowd said:



    I 'got it' alright and acted like it.

    So basically I got to whinge a lot and moan at how I can’t shift this ‘cold’ but then imagine how bad I would be feeling if I hadn’t been jabbed 8 times.


    How does one act to having myocarditis? Do I just collapse on the floor like a footballer looking for a free kick?


    Anyone else have any acting tips?

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  6. 12 hours ago, Seconal said:

    We'll see who is and who isn't a lost cause the next time there's some globalist bullshit.


    After 911 I said to myself, 'the next time there's some bs, I won't believe the hype. I will see it clearly'.


    911 woke the world up. How many more do you think Convid not only woke up, but pissed off as well?

    I’ll never put on a life jacket again.

  7. 10 minutes ago, Grumpy Owl said:

    They're really ramping up the fear rhetoric now...


    Britain must train citizen army, military chief warns

    from https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-68086188


    I'm pretty sure we have enough armed forces to defend our little island, if they weren't all deployed all over the world fighting other peoples' battles.


    Of course it can be argued that our country is already being invaded, yet the invaders are being welcomed in.


    I'm reminded of when I was at secondary school, and the Gulf War broke out, there was a lot of fear and worry among my classmates, as the suggestion was being mooted that we were all of an age where we could end up getting 'called up'.


    Thankfully that never happened, but they were nervous times.

    Can’t see many of the youth signing up. I don’t think enough people care really.


  8. 5 minutes ago, Nip said:


    China records population decline for second straight year




    Coincidence ?


    I'd suggest that was always the plan anyway. Will several other nations with similar percentage declines be following soon ?

    what’s interesting in that link from the bbc is the graph. The BBC show that it started in 1979 the same year the one child policy was introduced…

    But doesn’t mention the 1978 mass vaccination policy introduced.

    The image below is the vaccines introduced in China…

    notice the 2015/2016 drop..


  9. 10 hours ago, RobinJ said:

    Well if viruses existed that would be a fine theory. Perhaps more likely is a bioweapon that connects with the nano particles to create a perfect storm within.


    I suspect that the constant state of fear they try to keep everyone in will also play a big part in rapid health decline.

    Another possibility is that they only need to conquer the soul and not physically kill people per se. By removing the soul they do effectively kill folks. 

    Yes, I will lean towards that theory instead.

    a quick bio weapon and bang. They will need to hide the facts though so that could be where we have media blackout / cyber attack…


    As for your comment regarding fear and declining health, I have said for years that stress and anxiety is the leading cause for the immunity to lessen….turn off the tv and feel good is my motto!

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  10. What I keep thinking about is the depopulation method.

    The Deagel prediction says something like ‘by 2025 uk will be 75% less population than it is now…’


    But how could they do that? 
    population is 70m (almost) and to knock it down to 17.5m would take some doing…


    Then I saw on BBC that 52m have been vaccinated. Maybe up to 55m. That leaves between 15m and 18m unvaccinated…


    It would only take a modified virus to attack the weakened immunity of the vaccinated and all of a sudden you are at that 17.5m figure.


    The vaccine opens the door for the next virus to terminate you.


    Anyway, I’m just typing my thoughts waiting for my eldest to get out of the bathroom. But it’s the only ‘mega death’ that makes sense to me.


    nuclear war is too messy. Killer vaccines that are too obvious would deter anyone from getting jabbed again…

    but a killer virus? Of course the news would not mention if the dead had been vaccinated but we will know…..



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  11. 5 hours ago, Nemo said:

    Don't watch TV, use websites for your favourite movies and shows (PC HDMI to TV) and avoid Adverts and News like a propaganda plague.


    In fact, after a while when you by chance glimpse some normal TV, you will find it nauseating, loud and quite honestly patronising. It really is the 'Idiot Box'.


    There's a reason why they call it 'Television Programming'.


    As for the media making people feel self-conscious, well, I've very little sympathy, its like saying 'don't shame me', the shame and self consciousness already exist. Yes, the media exploits it but if it already exists then the problem really is already yours, it is your vanity and your shame, so deal with it and don't blame others as the cause of your shame when they mearly exploited your vanity.


    It's the equivalent of blaming the mirror for making you feel ugly. Trust me, your insecurities exist no matter how much you avoid them.

    what’s interesting is that I don’t have a tv license and so don’t watch tv or the news but whenever I stay at a hotel or holiday somewhere me and my missus are amazed at just how much propaganda and narrative pushing there is.


    And as for the mirror making you ugly, again it’s surreal really. I was speaking to this female customer the other day and she was holding her head funny and I asked if she was ok. Anyway, she was just trying to hide a spot on her chin. I told her I hadn’t even noticed it until she pointed it out but trying to hide it made me question if she was ok….


    Funny old world.

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  12. 11 hours ago, Anti Facts Sir said:

    Apparently FIFA are going to investigate the period in the 90s when I took a rubbish Manchester City team to the PC Championship Manager league title and won the FA Cup as well.  Retrospective punishment is a possibility.

    I shudder to think what sentence I will be given when all my crimes committed on GTA come to light.


    I remember on one occasion I robbed a bank, killed about 30 cops and then ran over loads of people to ensure I escaped. 

    I’m sure I also stole a tank once and blew up everything in sight. Might get away with that one though.


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  13. 3 minutes ago, wagdog19 said:

    False Flag impending. Perfect atmosphere created. 

    I was thinking something similar…

    if all the police are protecting the armistice parade then it means other locations may have less security than normal….

    Or…it’s too obvious. They will drum up the fear so the nation holds its breath waiting for something to happen… and then sigh a breath of relief as the day passes relatively peacefully…… only for BANG a few days or a week or two later.

    suck us in….

  14. 6 minutes ago, 2020member said:

    I think you’re absolutely bang on the money. 

    Because terrorism essentially took a 3 year hiatus during the scamdemic. To coin your analogy - people have come out of hiding now from behind the back of the sofa, having been lulled into a false sense of security that particular threat was seemingly over. 

    Yes i know almost all terror attacks are state sponsored. But that doesn’t take away the fact there is real collateral damage. 

    I always wondered what the tiered terror alert threats were really about post 9/11 & 7/7 which were always posted outside my local army barracks. Maybe they’ll use multiple grizzly active shooter scenarios to enforce some kind of terror based lockdowns. Using the terror severity rating system, similar to how the covid tiered lockdown system worked. Somehow using the emergency alert system to coordinate the fearmongering levels. 


    The sad thing is. They’ve imported that many sleeper cells now. They’ve wound them all up with the palestine situation. They can pretty much just unleash them to cause untold carnage without the planning I believe was required for 7/7. 

    I have many loved ones who refuse to wake up. I just hope they’re not dawdling around the city centre when some nutcase opens fire with an AK-47. 

    They also need a mass terror alert to come down hard on any indigenous people who hold gun licenses. In order to round up the last remaining firearms people own in this country. 

    Aye, was strange. The terrorists and climate change seem to all take a rest during the pandemic.

    Iv just actually said what you said in a different thread…..Sleeper cells ready to do whatever bidding the PTB want. 
    I’d be surprised if England doesn’t have a terror attack before Christmas. 

    No doubt they will bring in climate lockdowns …. The emergency alert app will be another nail in the coffin.



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  15. The idea of welcoming immigrants is something I have no problem with…


    But, like other posters point out, when they all seem to be young men then alarm bells start to ring.


    Doesn’t help that thousand seem to go ‘missing’ and can’t be accounted for. 

    Now what if some of these missing are actually being trained up, maybe even Guantanamo bay type torture, to program these people to act when called upon. 

    Peaceful protest when all of a sudden a half dozen men appear from the crowd with machine guns (nobody will be bothered to ask where they got them from) and hey presto. 

    Of course they will be killed. No prisoners. The PTB will use whatever narrative they decide. 

    Maybe I’m overthinking it. Just seems odd that we are allowing men only (mostly men I should say) that come from countries that generally detest the west at a time when the west is backing wars in the migrants homelands…..

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  16. On 10/12/2023 at 8:49 PM, 2020member said:

    In your opinion why do you think they gave us a year’s reprieve between covid and now the lid blowing off ukraine/russia israel/palestine? 

    they had all their ducks in a row. They should have pulled the trigger before so many people began questioning these world events 

    I think it’s a case of “Look behind you, a three headed monkey!” scenario at the minute. Constant distractions and fear. 
    War. Pandemic. Climate Change. War….


    I think for any fear to work you need a period of ‘reprieve’. If you watch a horror movie and every scene someone shouts ‘Boo!’ you will get tired of it. So they lure the masses into a false sense of security and BANG. 

    I mentioned in a different thread a while back that I think a terrorist attack is the most likely way to fast track the Emergency Alert App. “So many lives would have been saved if they had had the app…” etc. 

    And then, of course, they need a lot of deaths to happen to disguise the excess vaccine deaths right now. 

    There are lots of things at play at the minute and it’s going to paint a picture of tyranny one way or another. Voices and protests are being silenced. 

    If you’re asking what’s going to happen next, I would guess a series of high end terror attacks in major cities in the run up to Christmas. I think guns will be involved as opposed to driving lorries into crowds of people (though that’s an easy attack to carry out) and I think because of it more rights will be taken away in the name of ‘safety’. 

    But first, Israel will invade Palestine. The world isn’t angry enough yet for scene 2.

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  17. 4 minutes ago, 2020member said:

    Are we thinking this is another flare up between israel and palestine. Or is this going to be one of many battles that potentially ‘wins the war’? 

    I just feel like the whole world is a tinder box right now. And this has got potential to tip people over the edge…

    The End is Nigh. It has been for centuries.


    it’s the hypocrisy that gets me. 

  18. 12 minutes ago, octoplex said:

    This would not be a win for the elites.

    The only reason Brand was positioned as an "anti vaccine" mouthpiece is so that he can later be used by the pedo-elite to mislead his 'followers'. The elites position people like Brand as controlled-opposition, to function as a fail-safe in the event of failure. Brand was one such fail-safe.


    The Covid hoax was, ultimately, a failure.

    As a failsafe-measure-"guru-of-the-people" devised by the establishment, Brand has the trust of millions and will lead his "followers" astray in the next major 'event'. Unless, of course, his 'followers' realize why Brand is positioned where he is.


    Brand has abused the trust of millions. Denial in his followers is a natural response. Then anger. Then acceptance.


    Call it 'rehab', if you like.


    If that was their plan then fair enough. 
    I just think that a lot of these ‘anti msm’ mouthpieces are being silenced at the minute. 

    They seem to all be getting dragged through the mud at the same time. For me, it’s to quicken the online regulations and also to ridicule anyone by default who happens to share any views that these people have claimed.


    Oh you sound like that rapist Russel Brand!

    Oh you sound like that human trafficker Andrew Tate!

    Oh you sound like that Alex Jones who said that dead shot school children were fake.

    Oh you sound like David Icke. You believe in reptilians do you! Scoff.


    Even low end mouth pieces like Alex Belfield and Le Tissier have been silenced one way or another.



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