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  1. Reading a lot on here and other sites about price increases and such and it got me thinking. And then some work colleague said he could no longer afford milk as it’s £1.80 for 4 pints but he had found some oat milk which was 60p cheaper. So he’s opted for that. He’s also cut back to one meat meal a week. 

    So in a blink of an eye he’s bascially turned vegan. 


    The plan which David Icke has been saying for decades is becoming more obvious by the day. 


    I keep telling people about things such as why there are barely any football matches stopped for ‘medical emergencies’ at the minute but come the next vaccine roll out they will start again.

    and why folk keep suddenly dying with SADS or why old viruses have made a come back since covid.

    and why lockdown never really ended with the limits on public transport through strikes or the sheer cost of a ticket. This includes flights. And petrol for your own car. Or how half the shops and pubs simply haven’t reopened and are still closing.

    christmas lights will be discouraged this year. Pets will be discouraged or simply to expensive to keep.


    its all beginning to unfold and it’s now almost impossible to deny yet people still can’t see. 


    But yeah, it all got me thinking.



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  2. The way I see it is that people like Alex Jones and David Icke and others will always be mocked and ridiculed no matter what they say.

    it doesn’t matter if 90% of what they have said is groundbreaking hot news that smashes the official narrative.

    the media will concentrate on the 10% that they got wrong. 


    If I tell someone that I have just seen something interesting on the Alex Jones show or David Icke interview they will come back straight away with “oh that guy who claims sandy hook is a hoax / the guy who thinks he’s the son of god?


    they dismiss it straight away. Even if their own criticisms are wide of the mark.


    personally I read most Ickes/Jones/Hugo talks etc because I like to hear other people’s views. For a laugh I even listen to the bbc.


    whats interesting though is if someone says they saw some pro vaccine stuff on the bbc which was good I never respond with “oh the guys who framed Diana or the company with a paedo statue on their walls?” Maybe I should start that.

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  3. What a crock the whole covid episode was.

    i was talking to someone at work the other day and they were worried about the report that half a million new cases since the jubilee could cause a new wave....

    i asked them if they had heard of the Chernobyl scientists who have to wear full body protective gear to stay safe who can only take off their masks if they are eating or drinking. 

    They just walked away.

    because it’s that absurd.

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  4. 3 hours ago, Grumpy Owl said:


    The £150 is a one-off 'rebate'; it is not a reduction of your council tax bill, it is paid direct to you. If you pay your council tax via direct debit (as I do) then the money will be paid straight into your bank account. If you pay your council tax manually, then you'll be contacted by the council to provide bank details.


    If you don't pay council tax, or don't have a bank account, then of course you don't get your 'rebate'.


    This one is laughable really, you get a one-off £200 credit on your energy account, but it is just a 'loan' which has to be paid back... in the form of increased monthly payments. So it is utterly pointless and doesn't really benefit anybody.


    And there's no way of 'opting-out' either. I'm not in any financial hardship, I earn a decent salary and live fairly modestly. My energy bills are affordable, I don't really need this £200 'loan'. I don't really need the council tax rebate either.

    Yeah I was comparing the £150 one off payment is basically what most people pay on council tax each month. 


    But that £200 loan.. is that the first time a debt has been forced upon people without any opt out option?


    its crazy. 

  5. Going back to the Great Reset how would you describe it?

    basically to me it’s a centralised world government where all money is digital. 


    Own nothing etc and all that stuff is that part of it? Iv read through the beginning of this thread but a lot of the videos linked are no longer available.


    just wondered what everyone’s take on it is.

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  6. On 3/22/2022 at 1:49 PM, zArk said:

    so the UK has

    5p funding from government to pay for fuel

    £200 funding from government to pay for electricity and gas

    £150 funding from government to pay for council tax


    a list is forming and will the amounts go higher ?


    But you have to pay back the £200 electric and gas amount.


    the 5p in fuel will help but not when you consider fuel has gone up 40% in last year.


    and the £150 is basically a free month of council tax. Once that month has passed the average joe public will have to deal with the price increases head on.

  7. 2 minutes ago, truepositive said:

    Im sure you can fit more virtue in! If the nappy is large enough there should be space for a rainbow too.. what else..


    How about you have the Ukrainian face mask with rainbow letters for NHS and you take a knee every time a man of colour walks past.

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  8. I’m still trying to work out what’s going on right now.

    part of me think it’s some kind of master plan where the U.K. government (and slowly all governments) will back down and admit that the vaccine push has been dire as more deaths start to roll in. As people revolt, new governments will come in and The WHO will be drafted in as some kind of ‘neutral’ overseer of national vaccines (as governments clearly can’t be responsible for it). The WHO will show evidence that nations continually ignored their advice during the ‘pandemic’. As governments and nations struggle with financial debt the notion of a one world government (UN maybe) will act as umbrella to the world with The WHO as it’s right hand man.

    People will rejoice!

    So not only will they get mega death and depopulation points, they will also swoon in one government and The WHO.


    my champagne is on ice.



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  9. Well I have the dreaded line. I feel pretty lousy.

    Apart from full body aches, dodgy stomach, head aches and no appetite it hasn’t stopped me doing stuff. 

    Iv had worse.

    personally I believe it’s a typical virus you would catch this time of year (namely the flu) but it isn’t something I would want to pass on. 


    I’m just glad I didn’t have my vaccine or it could have been a lot worse.

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  10. Personally I check Alex belfield and Hugo talks in the morning. Not every video but the ones that sound like something I could have missed the day before.

    some of it is interesting.

    Some make me look into it a bit more.

    i don’t buy merchandise so they don’t take money out of my pocket.

    most of it is news clips that I may have missed....


    i guess each to their own. I don’t particularly trust them but I’m sure there are a lot who don’t trust icke or Alex Jones or the bbc or even The Sun newspaper.



  11. So my missus works at a nursery. One of the kids gets covid.

    all staff gets tested but only missus has to self isolate even though it’s a negative test...

    the only other unvaccinated member of staff doesn’t have to self isolate because she is 17 and all the other kids that were mingling with the covid kid can still come in.

    So, in real numbers, 16 people in a room. One gets covid and goes home. The rest are all negative but only one can’t come in because she’s unvaccinated.

    thats why I know it’s a hoax. No top scientists could come up with that solution.

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  12. 7 minutes ago, webtrekker said:



    This 'Pandemic' will never end unless WE end it. Too much money and power is at stake here as well as the reputations of the pseudoscientists.




    What’s the game plan? Apart from not complying and marches/demonstrations I can’t see much else we can do. Apart from violence. But that will be used as a stick to beat us with....

  13. 2 minutes ago, SoundOfSilence said:



    Gerald Celente is of the same view. He thinks the narrative will have collapsed in a few months. Too many people are starting to see through it. And once the genie is out of the bottle.


    I suspect the Kung Flu believers have heard rumors about Moronic being the way out of it, being benign and giving everyone natural immunity.


    Be interested to know their views after the next variant. And the one after that ...

    Yeah they did say omicron was a blessing...

    i just found it odd. Like driftwood being carried on a current but then they just all changed direction at once. 

    I had a quick search after on bbc and it’s still doom and gloom and even talks about the French dictator “harassing” the unvaccinated until the end...


    I didn’t argue with them. I just ate my dinner and tried not to look baffled.


  14. A few covid believers came round my house for dinner tonight and they all believe the pandemic is near its end.

    for once I listened to them (as they weren’t trying to convince me to get the jab etc) but I wasn’t buying it.

    i dunno, it didn’t seem right. For two years they have trusted only the MSM and such and Iv heard nothing to suggest it’s coming to an end.


  15. 17 minutes ago, Looney tune said:

    Yeah I won't be giving him a lift. Think he has been trying desperately to get a positive to teach us a lesson. He was positive on the third, we see him on the first. He didnt tell us till today, after he got me to do some shopping for them.

    Just carry on as normal. You don’t recall seeing him and have no recollection of him telling you he had covid. 


    And next time he wants a lift to the airport take him to the wrong airport.

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  16. 2 hours ago, Human10 said:

    Resources - Coronavirus Resource centre Take your black goo now! 😆

    Thing is I don’t get with this campaign is that clearly the vaccine (double or triple boost) doesn’t stop it from spreading.

    you only have to look at Gibraltar or even Liverpool F.C. (all players double jabbed apparently yet missing several players due to positive test) to see that this is the new normal. 

    People got jabbed to go on holidays yet going abroad isn’t guaranteed now. Get jabbed to get schools open yet more teachers and pupils are forced to self isolate. Same as workplaces. Same as sports stars being forced to sit out even though they have no symptoms.

    it isn’t going away. 

    This is the new normal. No amount of boosters will bring the old normal back. 


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  17. One thing I do miss is actually being able to talk face to face about it all.

    this forum is great, don’t get me wrong, but quite often when I am socialising and covid comes up in conversation I either have to leave the conversation or just switch off and stare into oblivion.

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  18. 14 minutes ago, zArk said:

    the cult is in total control of the shepherds and the sheep



    i think a big hit is coming after new year .. probably economic

    There are lots of things being mentioned atm. Economic is the favourite for me.

    people will be squeezed financially like never before.

    David keeps saying that it all leads up to 2030 so big changes need to happen fast...

  19. 6 minutes ago, Fluke said:

    Can't believe what I'm hearing this tosh about a "great awakening". Living in absolute fantasy lands the lot of ya who subscribe to this idea.


    Have you had a fucking look around lately? Are you that deluded or can you not handle the truth that the majority don't WANT to wake up. Let the fuckers vaccinate themselves.



    Yeah I don’t see it. Iv stopped talking to family members now. I just go about my business unmasked and unbothered. But sometimes I see the news and think wow, this must surely wake people up!! But no. They just ignore it and carry on queuing for the next jab.

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  20. 6 minutes ago, SoundOfSilence said:

    I suspect that someone who has so little respect for their body that they would ingest McDonald's is likely to be jabbed up already.


    If the globalists expect this to have any impact on the clot shot rate they are really running out of ideas and getting desperate.

    I dunno/ the packaging looks lovely. I might try it. 

    But if I die within 28 days will it be classed as vaccine related death or McDonald related death?


    (I would love to see a death certificate with ‘died within 28 days of a bigmac’)

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