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  1. The script is terrible. The acting is cringeworthy. The action scenes are predictable. And I’m not talking about Meg 2.
  2. That storm would even get a speed ticket in a 40 zone.
  3. Hmm… Link don’t work but during covid he tweeted that we should listen to a particular fellow who was suggesting we all act quickly to defeat the virus.
  4. True. Royal Mail shares have plummeted since they got taken over. Under £3 now I think. Money men usually put money first. Profits are everything so if this proposal that supposedly saves Royal Mail £300m a year is put forward, the majority share holders will be licking their lips. CWU need to assess this problem properly as they have lost a lot of credibility since the last dispute.
  5. English, midlander with welsh ancestry. Non practicing atheist lol. I do have some beliefs actually, but not specific to anything…
  6. One event which was swept under the carpet which I think was perhaps a big piece in this jigsaw was that train derailment in the US when all those chemicals were leaked.
  7. Its that mindset that divides people across the planet. Im an Earthling, well, European, well, British, well, English, well, Scouse. Im also a black homosexual but most importantly I’m a Jew. From being part of the seven billion club you have taken yourself into the one in a half a dozen club. Apologies if you are a black homosexual Jewish scouser. As for Klopp, I don’t mind the chap. His passion is there for all to see. To suggest not taking the jab was the same as drink driving was ridiculous though, especially as Firmino had been caught drink driving a year or so earlier. But I have no problem with the club or city or people in it. You get your fair share of knob heads wherever you go.
  8. Well the farmfoods junk and letters are all part of the USO. The commitment to deliver 6 days a week regardless of the importance of the mail. Parcels are where the money is at. My postman gets to my house at 10am pretty much every day. Parcels can arrive anytime throughout the day. What this proposal does is puts the first class stamped letters with the parcels. No doubt job losses. But that’s what shareholders do. They take the money.
  9. Actually, I have… Coventry city away in the 90s. On the train back I felt something in my pocket and some local had his hand in! Growing up I always found the worse fans were at Leeds. Never had a problem at Maine Road or most the London clubs. I dunno. I guess the only group of people that are always scumbags are politicians!
  10. I don’t think you can tarnish everyone with the same brush. I bet Liverpool, Manchester United, Chelsea etc all have a proportion of fans who are hooligans, rapists, paedophiles, murderers. Most are probably sound. David Icke followers are no different. it’s just humans and their nature. Some are vile. Most are not. Police Officers, royal family, doctors, teachers, priests. It doesn’t matter what club you support, or person you follow or even your profession. There’s a percentage of scumbags in all of them.
  11. I have read and seen the videos you linked and it does fascinate me. It reminds me of that movie (Jim Carrey I think but I can’t remember the name) with all the numbers and stuff. It was just a curiosity regarding Matt Perry. Although like you said, maybe he was a lot more popular than I thought he was. I guess the eclipse will reveal more. What I would like to ask you is that obviously you have the eye to dot the dots but what is the final picture? What comes next. What is your hunch for the next big event or death? And this isn’t to catch you out at a later date, again im just curious.
  12. The Russian concert attack was a FALSE FLAG! - Sky News Website… Because it took longer than normal to mobilise the armed response and the time it took to get there, Sky News believe that because of the apartment block bombings in 1999, killing 300, was possibly also a false flag event then it only makes sense that the concert was also. Also worth noting that in 1999 some Russian agents were arrested but planted very similar bombs elsewhere, around the same time, but were later released because it was apparently a ‘Terror Attack Drill.’ Now, sure, it could be a False Flag…. but to come to that conclusion based on the response time of the armed units then you would have to question the Hamas attacks last October as well. And of course the 9/11 attacks. But to do that labels you a crazy conspiracist. And the Russian agents happening to play fake bombs on the same day? Well, just days before the London 7/7 attacks the police were staging a terror attack drill regarding London transport. A while before the Boston Marathon Bombings pile were preparing for a terrier attack at a marathon in Boston. Even in 9/11 when the US fighter jets were told to go the wrong way. And of course the Covid Event plan the year before it happened. So question everything or accept everything. But the media won’t do that.
  13. Why Mathew Perry? I enjoy reading the numbers and symbology theories that people post. I appreciate the efforts made. But I don’t get why Mathew Perry is so relevant. He was hardly an ‘A’ list actor anymore. Anton Yelchin died not so long back. Other actors as well. I remember being a kid when I heard that Bill Bixby and Christopher Reeve died. I just don’t know why Mathew Perry would have been chosen to be sacrificed? Was he part of something sinister? And I don’t mean to undermine anyones work… I just don’t get why the PTB would decide on him.
  14. Police saying that ‘wild conspiracy theories’ are hampering police investigations and putting innocents people in ‘harms way.’ QUICK! Suppress online freedoms of speech NOW! Perhaps if the media didn’t hype up certain cases of people falling into rivers, or fake royal photos or any of the other usually mundane stories, people wouldn’t think there was a hidden motive or distraction technique in place.
  15. Gareth did a video last year (or year before) where he was walking through the woods and came across an abandoned building (maybe train station?). I’m sure it was Teversal or near Tibshelf. Iv tried looking back in search engine but can’t find it. any helpers?
  16. What next? The SUPER vaccine. Coming to save the day like a caped crusader. When people were warned that covid vaccines damage the immune system and then warned that 5G towers can cause cancer and other illnesses, they laughed and scoffed. The fact that both were rolled out at the same time was a mere coincidence to these folks. They followed the science and it lead then right over the cliff. So Super cancer, Super aids, super whatever will be followed by the greatest SUPER vaccine ever invented. A miracle of science. The deaths that will follow will be blamed on the non compliant. (I apologise, I doubt this reply would fit on a paper rizla.)
  17. Well, if you believe that she has body doubles and some interviews/photos are deepfaked or tampered with, I guess anything is possible. Didn’t Bin Laden keep appearing in videos of him in random caves where he seemed to look younger or way older or even have a different nose? Even when a photo does exist it doesn’t mean it’s real. Look at Prince Andrew. Clear picture of him with his arm around a girl but if you look deeper into the facts it’s obvious that on that random day 53 years ago he was out getting pizza. Undeniable. Reality ain’t what it used to be.
  18. I think it’s down to the two watchmen in the CrowsNest not having any binoculars. And with the river being so calm it was hard to see the bridge. Apparently the missing people were fixing potholes. The concept of ‘fixing potholes’ is alien to me. The roads near me have potholes so large that the only missing people around here are the ones who have fallen down them.
  19. I do hope when people start queuing up on April 1st that the Boots staff member offering the vaccine informs the customer that the vaccine doesn’t stop you from catching it or spreading it and it also gives you nasty side effects. And then reminds them of the price, £99. And then just slaps them around the face and shouts “April Fools you sucker!”
  20. True…. Although the “died within 28 days of a positive test” scam was also incredible. Do they do that with the normal flu each winter? “Frank died 28 days after having the flu so it must be the flu” type reporting? Maybe they do, but if they don’t the normal flu would also claim far more deaths than is reported? And wasn’t it “60 days after a test” at one point? Anyway, I think if people want to believe that narrative there is no helping them. I don’t think they even want the truth. As for Kate and The King, they did this with people collapsing during the vaccine roll out. They normalise It and let the masses just accept it as the new normal. Like somebody else just mentioned…. I smell a rat.
  21. Amazing really. The other thing that I remember is when people would get a negative test and say “It says it’s not covid but it must be wrong. I feel terrible.” Basically they would either wait for the result they wanted or simply ignore the result and claim otherwise.
  22. Looks like something else I can practice my catapult accuracy on. Although I do not believe that TPTB have only just come up with that kind of technology. Basically a camera on a pole on top of a van? Sounds like Brave New World Poundland style.
  23. would rather be part of that club than the ‘Official Narrative Super Sheeple’ The Official Narrative - for people who can’t face the truth.
  24. Probably. Best to keep a good old fashioned push bike or two and spare tyres just so you can get about. It seems the local councils are already neglecting the roads.
  25. Iv said before that once planes are outlawed, and cars become too expensive to run, the only mode of transport will be the public transport and to board them you will need an app. And that app will show your social credit score and vaccine status. non compliant will be housebound.
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