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  1. It was utter madness. I always like the rule where you had to wear a mask in a restaurant unless you were drinking or eating. Always made me think of a completely made up conversation between NASA and Neil Armstrong. Armstrong: So I have to keep this helmet on or I will die? NASA: Yes. Keep it on at all times to protect you from the vacuum of space. Unless you want a drink or a bite to eat then you can take it off. I think the one thing that came from Covid was that the PTB were probably shocked at just how much waffle the majority of people not only believed in but also what they were willing to give up. Complete and utter drivel and nonsensical inconsistencies which the media forced fed the public and the majority didn’t even question.
  2. All of these people U turning and apologising. Makes me glad I read sites like this for the crazy alternative media conspiracy nut job views. It’s why I think David Icke is different. He had his theories which people mock but his premise that the elitist are up to no good is proven right time and time again. There are others of course but they change their minds and views more than I change my pants. Also the fact that Alex Jones, Russel Brand and Rogan are rarely banned and appear on the news every other day shows that the powers that be don’t like Icke at all. For that reason alone is enough to listen to what he has to say.
  3. Problem with John Campbell for me is that he wound me up so much during the lockdown and time he spent promoting the vaccine… That being said I do believe a lot of people were duped. I’m sure a lot of people genuinely believed they were doing the ‘right’ thing. So whilst I appreciate all of the criticism of the vaccine now, I’m still skeptical of the intentions of people who have changed their views so drastically. I guess the anger I felt is hard to shift. Maybe I’ll give him a second chance. Forgiveness is good for the soul and all that…..
  4. I think you’re right… but empty promises could convince them that help is just around the corner. A few weeks of civil unrest. Stock up on supplies either way!
  5. I think before the final phase begins they will need something to either distract people or convince people that it’s actually for the best. A huge financial crash again or relentless cyber attacks on finances. Perhaps a worldwide food shortage or something similar. It would only take a month or so of internet blackout and no electricity (so shops couldn’t open etc) for a lot of people to become desperate. I think 5 years. Things are still brewing.
  6. It’s not a good thing… I keep saying that supermarkets are only the start. Eventually it will be all shops and venues. public transport will follow suit and then, along with private cars becoming too expensive for the ordinary family, you will find that not only is food and necessities behind a locked door, but even getting about will be limited. I think boycotting supermarkets now will do little. Sadly, I think too many people are still blind to what is happening and by the time the masses wake up it could be too late.
  7. Or just wait until one of the sheep walks out of the shop with their shopping bags and then rob them. Will save you money as well. And because the sheep has most likely had the jab and altered their DNA, technically you’re not robbing a human. You may get a strong worded letter from the RSPCA but that’s it.
  8. UN warning that Israel may target Iran’s nuclear facilities. That’s fine by me. Israel has to defend itself. They have done nothing wrong, ever, and anybody on here who disagrees with me is a Nazi. Israel’s weapons are designed for peace. If you don’t believe me ask the media.
  9. More likely a lower profile fixture that still features a big team. Liverpool go to Atalanta and West Ham entertain Leverkusen and Villa go to Lille. Will still have big attendances and world media. Maybe even like the Manchester Attack where a gunman waits outside for the game/concert to finish. With every evil doer seemingly owning a drone im surprised they don’t just fly them in.
  10. Reading a bit more about it today and I still think it’s all a crock. I mean Iran basically retaliated with the slowest attack in the history of mankind. Gave enough notice for Team America to save the day and then claimed success as their drones slowly fell to pieces in the night sky. I reckon some of the street gangs of Bradford could attack with more malice and intent. So clearly part of a bigger picture. Weapons of Mass Instruction more like. And now Israel says it wants peace but not until they think of a way to settle the score. If innocent people weren’t dying I’d stick up on popcorn.
  11. The script is terrible. The acting is cringeworthy. The action scenes are predictable. And I’m not talking about Meg 2.
  12. That storm would even get a speed ticket in a 40 zone.
  13. Hmm… Link don’t work but during covid he tweeted that we should listen to a particular fellow who was suggesting we all act quickly to defeat the virus.
  14. True. Royal Mail shares have plummeted since they got taken over. Under £3 now I think. Money men usually put money first. Profits are everything so if this proposal that supposedly saves Royal Mail £300m a year is put forward, the majority share holders will be licking their lips. CWU need to assess this problem properly as they have lost a lot of credibility since the last dispute.
  15. English, midlander with welsh ancestry. Non practicing atheist lol. I do have some beliefs actually, but not specific to anything…
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