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  1. Same thing in my office. People catching it and having time off yet the only ones who are fine are the four who have not had the jab.
  2. Hmm... wonder if one of the new side effects will be something to do with the immune system becoming weak.....
  3. I keep thinking about this. At the minute I’m avoiding the vaccine. But if it becomes mandatory in my job? I have 5 kids and a mortgage to look after. I’d have to think long and hard if that becomes reality. i keep waiting for the penny to drop with the majority of folk but the MSM seem to have them all hypnotised.
  4. Haha. You should get some Celebrity like James corden to sing it. i has one the other day that my wife wasn’t happy that I sang to the kids... Where have all the young men gone? Vaccinated everyone, when will they ever learn. When will they ever learn... where have all the grandmas gone? Midazalam took everyone, when will they ever learn, when will they ever learn.
  5. T I saw this earlier and thought about it at work. Got me thinking. rumours in the conspiracy links suggest the WEF and gates have all claimed that the world needs to lose 3 to 4 billion people. the current population of the world is near 8 billion. small pox killed one in three people last time. If that happened now we would lose 2.7 billion souls. Disguise the vaccine deaths at the same time. Win win.
  6. Yep. And the fact it’s hard to find if people have had the jab or not. its like there is some programme that deletes or hides old pages when someone dies. Aguero should not have been so hard to find. Astro as well. It just vindicates my decision not to get jabbed. Yet still people don’t see it.
  7. So the guy from UB40 was vaccinated. Like with aguero it took me longer than it should to find it on the internet but it’s there alright. Another short illness indeed. and needles in nightclubs and concerts? What’s going on...
  8. I have no idea what video you are referring to.
  9. Link is here https://today.in-24.com/sport/News/140568.html And also barcelona claim that 99.9% of their team are vaccinated. https://www.football-espana.net/2021/09/12/barcelona-vaccinate-quickly-playing-staff/amp
  10. Well I did a search and found nothing. So I kept on searching. After he left city in May, his father ranted a little about football stuff but did mention that aguero had not been vaccinated. but by September he was involved in encouraging children to get vaccinated. So either he is a hypocrite or he has been jabbed since late May.
  11. Aguero left the pitch for Barcelona today with breathing problems. i know in May he wasn’t vaccinated but last month he was part of a campaign in Catalan to encourage the 12+ year olds to get the jab. “Do it for yourself, for responsibility, for solidarity, for yours, for everyone”,.....
  12. I don’t know. I have a young family and Iv always said if not having the jab means I lose my job and house etc then I will take the vaccine. But for now we are all holding off for as long as we can.
  13. See I just tell people I’m vaccinated. I just don’t specify which vaccination it is. One from school if I recall.... but still... I’m not lying eh
  14. So a quick question (assuming the virus is real). how do we know what variant we may have if we get a positive test? its just presumed it’s delta at the minute but it could be a new one or an older version. And as vaccines are better against certain variants than others how can we be sure it’s the right vaccine for what’s out there? I know with the winter flu they kind of guess which strain will Pop up and set the vaccine for that scenario but with this covid 19 it’s not even guesswork, its just nonsensical. the quick question wasn’t as quick as I intended but hey...
  15. You know this sounds utterly mental. Like unbelievable drivel. so far from rational thinking it hurts my eyes. and yet...... this last 18 months has shown me that even the improbable is more likely than what the government and MSM claim. who knows what’s in this crap they are injecting people with. the endless possibilities of evil are more probable than ever. what a sad world we live in.
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